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REVIEWS OF Alia's Coffee House IN Idaho

William Stein III

Nice spacipus coffee shop with bagels, cookies and the best muffins anywhere! Coffee is very good and prices are not out of line. Quiet enough ti work or read for awhile. Nice shop.

Christopher Crisman

Friendly staff, good food and good coffee. I stop in nearly every morning on my way to work, and occasionally drop by for lunch.

Josh Olswanger

Best bagel shop in downtown Boise, hand's down. The atmosphere, food, coffee & staff has made Alia's a frequent stop for us over the years!

Mark Pemble

One time, the barista was a little curt when she told me she was closing in ten minutes and I couldn't sit down, but other than that, this place is the spot.

jim Barclay

Friendly, uncrowded and good coffee. Construction on Main Street makes getting there interesting.

Gage Hamilton

Solid coffee shop, lots of comfortable tables and chairs. Good bagel sandwiches as well.

Kimberly Boothby

They have fancier foods than I am used to at coffee shops. They also have two distinct counters to order from, making it difficult to know where to go. They had very few foods that children would like.

Gerald Sullivan

This is the very first coffee house I visited in Boise. It's still my favorite. The room is large with lots of tables and sofas. They are spaced far enough apart for private conversations. Coffee and breakfast menu items are all first rate. The pastries are great as well.

Holly Johnson-Wallace

Alia's is one of the perfect places around downtown to get a good cup of coffee along with a delicious pastry, bagel, yogurt, quiche, or soup. The pastries there are always a real treat! The peanut butter and jelly bars, cheesecake bars, no bake cookies, rocky road bars and smores bars are all so delicious! I recommend sharing it with someone if you hit the sugar limit by the middle of your sweet of choice. The Greek bagel is my personal favorite egg bagel sandwich option.

Trom Dillinger

This place had some good products the service was ehhhhhh.......

Sean McNearney

Any place that quotes Monty Python in my general direction is a place I am going to return to, quite often. Just a very cool place, exactly what a downtown coffee house should be.

Andrew Malakoff

Best coffee in town, the ladies that work here are awesome! Tip them well.

Regina Craven Reiter

This was our first is great and so were the bund

Christine H

Best lox bagel in town!

Brianna Eickhoff

Nice, relaxing coffee shop. I ordered a white mocha and a lemon poppyseed muffin, and both were excellent!

John Whitehead

This place has amazing pastries get the cookie dough brownie you won't regret it. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, good folks

Cindy Cooperrider

Cute downtown coffee, bagels and eats. My favorite is the cardamom lavender latte...or maybe the dark chocolate and cayenne mocha. The baked goods are hard to avoid. A unique setting with outdoor seating on Main St when the weather permits.

Maya Sofia

I absolutely loved this place before it got a new owner. It used to be such a nice atmosphere with giant plants everywhere and beatiful art. Now whenever I go there the atmosphere make me feel so rushed and stressed. The staff are friendly, the coffee is eh, but the bagels.... Mmmmm.... Those are delicious.... Especially with their Honey Raisin Walnut Cream Cheese.

Dakota Robbins

Great bagel breakfast sandwiches!


I am a huge hot chocolate fan and Sri has developed what is the best hot chocolate I've ever had! Get the death by hot chocolate is you are a hot chocolate fan!

Kim Sherman-Labrum

Their baked goods are out of this world!

Luke Hindman

This is a favorite place of mine in Boise to grab a cup of coffee and write code for an hour or two.

Timber VanLom

Our only and favorite Coffee and bagel stop. Try the dark and Spicy!

Thom George

Great coffee, friendly staff, terrific space.

Eric Johnson

they know us and treat us well here.

Jeff Kruger

It's a warm place to come to early in the morning, just until the library opens? a very comfortable and relaxing place.

Kathy Peter

Good soup, great atmosphere, excellent price.

Zachary Bullock

Great food and friendly employees. I ate here several times a week for the past year & they make an effort to get to know you. My favorite is the TBLT on a Parmesan bagel!

Byron Allgood

Love the bagels and the people are awesome

Victor Mazo

Great coffee and friendly staff made my quick visit very pleasant.

Shelby Speegle

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent mochas!

Diego Hilleary

I was drawn in by a sign that spoke of a spicy cinnamon latte, and I was definitely not dissappointed there. It was a very tasty and very different taste than you'd usually find at cafes, with the ceyenne pepper. I'm curious to try other menu items. I had a bagel there as well. Everything was very yummy, and the establishment was clean and cool. However, it's a bit out of my price range to go regularly, thus I knocked off a star for affordability. It's a bit pricey, but many would find it worthwhile I imagine.

John Rood

Great atmosphere and super friendly service

Adrianna Anderson

Has potential The up side: - Tons of space! This is a great place to bring a study group because they offer large tables and comfortable couches. - Beautiful environment. I appreciate the wooden beams wrapped in Christmas lights, brick wall and hanging lights. Truly beautiful when you walk in. The down side: - Pastries are mediocre. - Every time I have gone in the music has been awful. They tend to choose hard rock or otherwise very loud music. I don't mind this music most of the time, but its hard to study or have a normal conversation while this is going on in the background. - Bathrooms need a lot of work, they don't seem kept up and feel dirty. - Inconsistent experience with employees. Some of them are perfectly happy and nice to talk with. Others seem to be upset or put off consistently.

Madyson Morton

Love the bagels and hot chocolate; plus the crew that works there is phenomenal

Derek DeWitt

Sandwich was great, but a bit pricey.

Kevin Chajka

Nice and friendly place with plenty of seating

Bethany Johnson

Friendly staff, decent coffee and a good atmosphere to visit or work in.

Sydney Goodman

Great coffee shop! They have good snacks and good coffee, plus comfy places to study.

Kenneth McAllister

One 9f my favorites in downtown Boise

Tito Hunter

Coffee is good (not as good as Dutch Bros), but the bagels are not. Probably the least tasty bagels I have had - they seem undercooked and not fully developed/soft, like bagels at other shops. Also, the owners and employees are quite liberal and have made various comments to customers showing their hatred of Reagan, Bush, Trump. I know at least 5 friends who will no longer go there because of this; we have never heard political commentary from owners or employees at Dutch Bros, Dawsons, Andy's Deli, which are all close by.

Neysa Jensen

Been going here for years. Live them.

Kimberlee Bratcher-Lafferty

Always genuinely friendly, always delicious.

Jared Morrison

Always delicious, alwayd friendly. My favorite downtown spot.

Leta Berg

Lovely place and good coffee

James Williamson

Big space and big tables. The ultimate study/hw spot. Good coffee as well!

Tyler Harris

Alia's Coffee House is amazing. They have the best barista's in town. Their quiche and baked goods are delicious and the staff are some of the nicest people you will meet in Boise. I highly recommend them.

Todd Alan

Outstanding food.. coffee.. outstanding service..... delicious in every way possible ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lorraine Cook

This is our sundate spot. Atmosphere is so peaceful and love the french toast bagel with mixed berry cream cheese

Thom Ives

Good food with some temperamental service.

Greg Dennler

Everybody likes to have a place to think, to meditate, to eat a burrito -- Sherman Alexie In Downtown Boise you will find this magical place. 163rd person to review Alias. This is my 449th review. Ever feel like Pretty woman walking into the store on Rodeo drive, albeit more masculine, it's Boise, you can afford it, they're going to be slightly nicer? Well, that's how I felt walking in... the place is full of nice looking items to appease my belly and my tongue budz. Alia's is nice in size with ample seating. The noise carries very well which makes this place a good option to work from and has many places to charge your devices and spread out. You get much more than pastries here-- they have many food items including breakfast burritos and quiche. Speaking of quiche, I ordered the WO-man, which was sausage, and potato. It was super good with just a little too much salt. The don't have sweet n low-- a deal breaker for me. I ordered some sugar free skinny something or rather and it didn't do it for me. I like Iced American with cream and sweet n low. I suppose I should carry some with me! The service was okay, nothing special, no suggestive selling at all. I tried to ask questions, but there was lots of "I don't know" and back and forth communication that it was hard to order. They have newspapers for you to read and some other publications. I saw chess and checkers there, too, so I am sure they have other games, and if not-- bring your own-- Scatagories or Win Lose or Dray anyone? Dani, Yulia, Chanda? I really liked this place all-in-all and will visit again! OPEN SUNDAY'S!

Bo Rupert

Went in here a week ago to kill time on waiting for my Greyhound bus. People were very friendly, polite, and nice atomosphere.

Debi K

Me and a few friends went for coffee and breakfast. On the way out I asked my server for the bathroom key. She told me I needed to wait in line and ask the man at the register to get the bathroom key. As I waited in line another female worker who had heard me ask my server for the key rolled her eyes at me asked me if I was going to order food or drink. They are very concerned that you order and are a certified customer. No problem with that; I just felt like the wait in line with a three step confirmation/interview procedure to get the key was too much. I called the owner, he defended their strict key after you wait in line and get asked if you ordered food policy. Muffins and coffee were great just over the top bathroom policy. Sounds like they have been too generous with the key in the past and have had problems. I hope they find a happy medium.

mike herbert

Always feel welcome, and also feel at home. The staff are always upbeat and create a positive atmosphere.They have both kinds of food, healthy and a window case of delishous ly sweet treats, made from scratch.

Michael Davidson

Bagels are stupendously delicious and the service whimsically wonderful. The ambiance is amazingly understated allowing you to focus on the splendor of the supercalifragilicious treats.

Paige Smith

A great place for coffee and bagels with friends! Great employees too, they're always so kind and happy.

Will McKee

Amazing coffee and food! Atmosphere is great & lovely people!


Great selection for a quick in and out breakfast. Great coffee. Environment in quiet and laid back with mid century lounge music.

John Russell Seal

Amazing service, good coffee and even better food

Davalee Davis

Food is priced reasonable with a big variety and the staff super friendly

Wesley Hipke

Awesome place with great coffee, yummy food, and a wonderful staff.

Kirk Pickett

+Great Food, Good Coffee... - Have to get key for restroom - Only one Coffee refill - Lox & bagel is traditionally served with a pickle. Not here!


Great atmosphere. Got a blended mocha (the frozen kind) and it was good. I'd much rather come here than Starbucks! :)


Came here on a trip to Boise and it’s absolutely amazing.. dark&spicy mocha is delicious, so are the bagels

Dawn Hunter

BEST bagels in Boise!! Just like NYC!! The customer service is impeccable. We go weekly to pick up our dozen.

Robert Spencer


paul corsi

Nice place. Reasonable prices. Open Sunday morning

Teresa Crawford

Great place to work for the day with lots of outlets. Coffee and tea are delicious with a very friendly staff.

Lisa Mcclanahan

Free wifi smooth cooffee yummu goodies

Chuck Hersey

Named after the proprietor's daughter, this fine breakfast eatery offers Quiche, Bagels Coffee & more. Come for the good food & customer service. Stay awhile in the eclectic dining area , furniahed with retro couches & chairs. Also with plenty of tables and seats for more formal meetings.

Rebecca DelliCarpini

Awesome vibe

Gary Allen

Always a great spot to grab coffee and meet. Amazing baked goodies a too.

Chelsea Downey

Wonderful shop, amazing food and coffee?

Ty Harris

Great Turkey sandwich in a combo for a reasonable price. Lots of choices for the bread or bagel which is awesome.

Kris Peacock

Love this place. Small town feel in the middle of downtown. Bagels and coffee both great

Karen N

Excellent place to sit and meet or get some work done. Excellent coffee and nibblies and the music volume is perfect Goldilocks (not too loud, not to quiet). The staff is awesome!

Andrea Woodyard

Very friendly


Coffee, homemade food and large selection of bagles

John N Ursula Ford

Alia's workers showed me true kindness when I was dealing with one of my lowest days, over a year ago. Being in a much better point in my life I go here a few times a week. It's also where I do much of my homework there's lots of room with cozy furniture and tables. Nestled right in downtown. Everyone is so kind, and friendly and the coffee is amazing. I don't go anywhere else for coffee. I don't think Alia's truly understands what their coffee shop means to me. Thank you all for everything you do.

Jim Staab

Good coffee, relaxed and fun space.

Skyler Bragg

This place has a lot of potential. Coffee was great, music was popping. The one downside was that I had to spend more than $3 for them to run my card. Maybe purchase a square?

Clyde Valentine

The food and beverages here are well worth it and the pricing of their prices are not too high. They're more than reasonable. While this place sports a lovely atmosphere and good food, the staff there make it an exceptional place to go.

Katie Larson

One of my very favorite places to go in Boise. They make the best bagel sandwiches!

Allison Maroun

The best coffee shop in town! Friendly service, delicious food and cozy atmosphere. I recommend the scramble breakfast sandwich or any of the baked goods. High quality but not pretenous - all are welcome!

Natalya Brown

I had no idea this place existed! I love the made in house bagels and cream cheese, and the espresso is delicious! The atmosphere is so cozy and comfortable - great ambience. Definitely up there on my list of favorite coffee shops.


Fantastic product and fantastic people. I love starting my day with an ooh la la and smiles from the Alia's people. Thanks guys!

jordan collins

Love this place. Best bagels and best service ever!

Maria O.

I randomly saw this place on google maps and went in. I legit fell in love, with the food, the atmosphere, and workers. They are all so nice. I would love to work here. I’m recommending to all my friends.

Michael O'Bleness

One of my favorite places

Mike Paananen

Best #bagels in #boise. Always a good soup, too.

Noah Kelley

I always bring people here, and their response is always "Wow, how have I never been here before?" Delicious food, friendly service, great atmosphere, and hands down the best coffee in town.

Pam Smart

Absolutely the best bagels in town. Everything I've eaten there has been great. Staff is wonderful and friendly, and make a great cappuccino.

golden lace

I'm new to down town but I've gone here every day this week. The cookie dough brownie was great, i loved the cesaer salad, blueberry french toast bagel with wildberry cream cheese, and cheese steak bafel sandwich! I look forward to trying the coffee

Ben Voris

Good coffee. "Dark & spicy" mocha was not oversweet and was excellent. Friendly and helpful service Sat through the beginning of morning rush and enjoyed the increasing level of energy. Lox bagel had an embarrassment of lox. Bagels lack the chew to be excellent, which is a shame because the bagel sandwhiches were otherwise excellent.

Eugene Boyle

If you gave ever had real bagels from New York, you'll be comforted to know that you can get an east coast style bagle at Alia's. Coffee and atmosphere is also top notch.

Adam Cecil

Favorite coffee!

Kurtiz Wallin

Alia's is an awesome bagel shop. Homemade fresh bagels with a variety of toppings. Great tasting coffee beverages and other drinks. Great taste. Great atmosphere. Worth the stop by. Gotta grab a bagel!

Brian Avila

My favorite coffee place (and the bagels.....dude....). Great people, coffee and food. Love this place!

Michelle Fretwell

Not great. Service was poor - employees very short, bordering rude.

Josie Hubble

Cute little coffee house with delicious bagels, the price is great!

Keegan Bean

Wonderful employees, great coffe, and amazing food. One of my favorite places in Boise.

Brendy McConnaughey

Great location, good bagel sandwiches... What more could you ask for?

Ebin Barnett

Everyone here has worked here for nearly 10 years. That tell you anything? If it doesn't then you're an idiot. Oh yeah, the coffee is awesome, the bagels are amazing, and they know your kid's names. Plus it has the cool factor. Enough said.

Timothy Walsh

Asked for bagel with butter-pretty simply. Bagel seemed good but it wasn't butter. Come on.

Ashley Heckathorn

Love this place! Friendly service and good food!

Brian Olson

Great coffee and breakfast items

Tony Heimann

Friendly, good coffee

Ken Willis

Place is trash. Poor customer service, watery coffee, dirty bathrooms, even worse food. Save your money and go elsewhere.


Can never go wrong by stopping in. The coffee, food, as well as the staff are awesome.

Jeff Parnett

Wonderful, a taste of the East!

Heather Cooper

The bagel breakfast sandwiches are so good! Cute and comfortable coffee house, with outdoor sitting that is fine for dogs.

Carl Quash

Super open spaced coffeeshop with a brick architecture and spaced seating for more of a secluded feel the coffee was nice as well. Lol

Jeff Dahl

Top notch large selection of bagels and spreads along with many other goodies!

Shura Krechetov

Absolutely beautiful place. Great coffee. Design of the walls and overall ambience is unmatched.

Thrash Ashleigh

Used to come here a couple times a week. Service was good. Food and drinks very pricey and not even that great.Had an experience a few months ago where the women co owner was very rude. Talked down on me and made me feel stupid for not correctly ordering a drink. I tried to disregard it and kept ordering. It rubbed me the wrong way and I stopped going up until today when I decided to try it again. Well same thing happened. Tried ordering a frappe. The women co owner looked at me like I was stupid and said you mean an iced drink and rolled her eyes just like she did a few months ago. I said never mind and continued ordering with another employee to get a bagel. Went to pay and the male co owner said no because they have a $3 card minimum. Go figure, I said screw the whole thing and walked out. After spending hundreds of dollars at this establishment over the years I will never step foot in there again unless I have to take a fat dookie and there’s no where else to go.

William Powers

The only place I’ve been to so far that makes a perfect bagel and lox combination. Great location, friendly staff, and atmosphere that is perfect.

Alex L

So friendly!

Monica McKee

I’m super excited to post my review on this wonderful little gem of a coffee house in downtown Boise. If you haven’t been here yet, you have to put it on your bucket list. I LOVE this place!!! For anyone who loves a friendly, cool vibe atmosphere, where you actually feel like family and your money is well spent, Alia’s is your place. The owners and staff always welcome you with a genuine, friendly smile and before you know it, they’re already making your favorite drink and asking how your day is going. How refreshing is that? I love the custom artwork on the walls and the restaurant is always super clean. You have to try one their creative breakfast bagels....divine! I absolutely love their light and fluffy pastries, decadent desserts and a generous slice of their “one-of-a-kind” hearty man quiche. Oh man is right!!! Any one of these choices will make your taste buds dance with glee and you’ll already be planning your next visit before you leave. Kudos to their dream team of magicians in the kitchen. Last, but certainly not least, is their tasty coffee drinks and fun artistry that’s become their signature to adding something special to your experience at Alia’s. The Owners and Team Members really go out of their way to ensure excellent service, high quality food and drinks and that you always leave with a smile. You’d have to be crazy to not love this place. The reasonably priced menu is the icing that makes a visit to this unique little find, completely worth it. I give this “home away from home” FIVE STARS!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chooch11 Boss

This place is amazing. Unlike other restaurants in Boise and around the local area, this place welcomes everyone and with excitement and joy. This diner's design gives it a Western look with a twist of city life. It is a calm place to relax and take a breathe. I had a delicious cinnamon role that was heated topped off with icing and a white chocolate mocha. Both were delicious. I would recommend this to even some of my finer friends. -Thankyou

Windi Morton

Never disappointed


Very friendly atmosphere, great coffee & bagels.

Bonnie Bell

Had THE MOST AMAZING vanilla latte here, had to hold back each morning I was in Boise. The quiche was excellent as well. Great atmosphere and super friendly staff.

Tim Arnold

I got an early riser on a Tomato Parmesan Bagel and it was amazing! Very tasty for the price, about $7 for breakfast sandwich and a drink.

Marlene MW

Friendly staff & delicious coffee!

Emily Burke

Delicious coffee and food, chill environment, and fantastic staff and service!

Jeff T

Home made goodness. Fresh coffee. Delicious cookies. Try the quiche for a great meal anytime, too. Local art on the walls is cool, and it looks like you can buy them if you like them. Like local supporting local. Extra great.

Brenden Kaschmitter

Their Early Riser on blueberry french toast bagel is my favorite breakfast sandwich! Always friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere.

Rick Ritter

Great atmosphere for downtown meeting.

Pete Jacobs

Veggie breakfast burrito was really delicious and not overwhelming. Steve makes a great cappuccino!

Clay Landry

Great bagel sandwiches

Mackinzie Spaziano

Best food and Coffee--Savannah makes the best breakfast sandwiches in the world!

Alek Konkol

Delicious bagels and coffee. The treats are quite good too. The interior is very cozy as well. Great for quick eats or a long visit with a friend.


Staff is super friendly, music isn't too loud, coffee and food are suberb.

Susan MacGregor

Amazing coffee! The food incredible! The service - personable and friendly! I am not a mocha person, however ALIA'S mocha is unmatched -- bittersweet chocolate with a slightly spicy wave of cayenne pepper, hello, can you say "CHOCOLAT?" The space is large and cozy, one of the best coffee places next to Cafe Lalo (NYC) and Gypsey Den (OC, California).

Conner Mowbray

Always a great place for breakfast or just hang out with a book and a cup of coffee

Alex Beck

Great spot for lunch!

Desiree Zuvela

Service was not what I expected. They could definitely use an ‘order here’ sign or some other way for new customers to know the system. The staff was not friendly or helpful in explaining the process. They just made us feel stupid. Also, please offer almond, oat or coconut milk. Not everyone can have cow or soy milk.

Haley Dudley

Nice cozy place to have a cup of coffee

David Thompson

Nice place to go and relax for a bit.

Hayley Peterson

I wish they stored their bagels differently so they didn't go stale half way throughout the day

Kevin Headings

This is a great place to go for scratch made soups and sandwiches.

Bailey DeBates

Came in with my sister, one lady seemed uninterested and short. The service was not welcoming, but the soup was good though. Probs wont be coming back.

J.J. Davis

Great bagel sandwich and soup for lunch!

Jim Heiberg

Miss this place since I have moved away.. Sri makes the best coffee drinks and they have a wonderful pastry chef. The morning staff are pretty awesome. Also they have some nice paintings on the wall done by local artist.

David Schmidt

Wow, more than just coffee. Great sandwiches and bagels and pasties too. Nice atmosphere, relaxed and room to spread out.

Orion Della Silva

Good coffee and sandwiches, friendly staff, prompt service

Jacqi Inouye

Very cute cafe, good coffee and good hot cocoa!

Eli Conlee

A good spot downtown for a coffee, tea, or bagel/sandwich that's not overrun by BSU students or people hogging tables all day. Lots of room & tables to hang out, get work done, study, etc. Staff were incredibly happy, attentive, and communicated to folks when the line got long.

Darren Andree

Best Coffee and Staff! I have been coming to Alia's since they opened and rarely miss a chance at their amazing cold brew. My favorite bagel is the Power Bagel with peanut butter!

Anna Rigas

Love this place! Staff is always super friendly and makes amazing coffee and wonderful bagel sandwiches! Try the dark and spicy mocha you won't be disappointed.

David Waterman

Good coffee, really friendly staff, nice environment to study or get work done!

Grant Nieddu

Super friendly partners. Quality, tasty options for breakfast and lunch. Their patties are unique and delectable. Try the Early Riser and the Dark and Spicy Mocha.

Parker Butler

A downtown Boise staple, Alia's makes one of the best lattes in the area and has beautiful bagels! Large and roomy, go alone or bring your whole team. Rustic mismatched wooden tables and chairs set the stage. Within walking distance of everything downtown.

Stephanie Rogers

First time visit, drink was amazing, customer service was excellent#

Brian Tuttle

Really great place for a conversation and a cup of coffee in downtown Boise.

Rayyan Khan

Good coffee options, they had my fav Sumatra origin, the place also has Wi-Fi

Darrin Woods

Mellow atmosphere, locally owned, reasonable prices, and quality coffee, that gets a 5-star review out of me.

Cece C.

Great place. Always a great latte everytime. Friendly staff too.

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