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59-024 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ted's Bakery IN Hawaii

Jacob Larsen

I wish I could give this place 6/5 stars. My wife and I visited Hawaii for our honeymoon and asked every local where to eat and EVERYONE we talked to said Ted's. We ended up going twice in one day. We had 3 different flavors of pie and they were all good. I can only imagine every flavor is great. We also had their hot food, which was honestly just as good. We had the garlic shrimp, coconut shrimp, and BBQ chicken. The garlic shrimp was to die for!

Upper Left Media

Should you go here? Yes! What should you get? Also yes! Found this place on accident and couldn't be more pleased with out decision to go. Went a second time as well. Don't be deceived by a long line, they're fast, very friendly, military discounts, the whole package.

Kinsey Brown

This is the best place to eat on the entire island! I’ve been coming here for years and whenever i have friends or family visiting, this is our first stop. Everything on the menu is delicious (and addicting once you leave), but the garlic shrimp plate with chocolate haupia pie is our favorite. The wait is long but well worth it! And they FINALLY offer Kama’aina discounts (but only certain days of the week).

Emmy Caraveo

Great, fresh food. Friendly staff. Can get a little busy and packed, but food comes out pretty quickly.

Scott Thurgood

You must try their haupia pie. It is one-of-a-kind delicious that you will not find anywhere else.

Christa Windsor

Great way to start the day. The malasadas were amazing!!

Martha s

Their food is awesome and so is the chocolate haupia pie!! Much love to Ted's from Texas.

Shannon Topham

Nice place, mostly good food, but not so great customer service. Really enjoyed our pie and sandwiches. However the rice that came with the shrimp meal was old, dry and crunchy. Then when the cashier got confused, she forgot what industry she is in and blamed her mistake on the customer and then made a big deal about it. Oops.

Tetiana Kotsehub

Love their food! Always very fresh and delicious. The best Loco Moco on the island and if course pies.

Kayla Hokanson

Famous for their chocolate haupia pie, which is absolutely delicious. Their garlic shrimp is so yummy too, they shell the shrimp first for more flavor and easy eating. They also have the best mac salad. Everything is a fair price. Their cakes are scrumptious too. Everything they make is tasty. Highly recommend.

Mr Prick

Packed but good food and desserts, mainly desserts.

Tommy Carron

Lovely bakery with delicious delights. However the excessive use of plastic disposable packaging when eating there leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It’s popularity is its curse with long wait times and limited seating.


Breakfast was great. Busy. Lunch was ok. Has a different flavor that you have to want

Mike Lautar

Value is unbelievable. Food is awesome.

Isaac Medina

Chocolate Haupia pie. Freaking amazing. Mahalo nui!

Hailey Jones

Ok! So I've had the pie 100 times but today I tried the coconut half moon. And I probably should move to the North Shore, just for that! The teriyaki chicken sandwich was great and the service is always awesome. Thank you for making our experience so great.

Shevlin Pierce

The line has been out the door all 10+ times we've driven by. We stopped for breakfast but weren't super hungry so we left but everyone there seemed satisfied and it smelled delicious. We noticed the majority of people were ordering pies so we stopped by later in the day for a piece of kaupia * & chocolate pie and splurged for burger & fries too. The pie was great (light, sweet, fluffy) and the burger was good (has big onion chunks in the party which I don't like) but I know for next time. Either go starving for breakfast or go for a slice of pie.

Evelyn Rubi

Local, small business, great food! Must stop if you're in the area.

Amy Timmins

How have I lived my life without pineapple cheese pie? This place is amazing. It’s a little chaotic but well worth the wait.

Pacific Drift

We all know you can't go wrong with anything from Ted's. I always get the pies from a store in town. But, sitting in Ted's eating breakfast is a winning morning forsure. Check it out

T Rogers

Gets crowded at times however when we went today after 11 no lines. The Carrot Cake was delicious. Best I've had honestly. The pipeline peanut butter smoothie was really good.

Warren Hoo

Their selection of pies. Many tourist stop by for lunch. Buses stop in front of the shop coming from both directions.

Kevin Ludford

Wrong items in our order but we enjoyed eating them

Jansen Abarabar

Delicious food and awesome tasting coconut pie. Worth the wait in line. Hearty portions.

William Ruggles

Their chocolate Haupia cream pie is bananas! Seriously one of a kind!

RajandMegha Shah

Right by Sunset beach, this place is a great local eat! We got the Hawaiian BBQ chicken plate , fries, and the chocolate Haupia cream pie. Great portions and good prices. Be ready for a bit of a line and about 20-30 mins for your food.

Andrew Stunich

Good food and lots of little birds running around.

Erica Egbert

Staff was incredible, we went there with a large group and they got all of our orders right which is impressive. The pie was great! I got the garlic shrimp and although it was good I didn't understand the hype. Very nice people though. Mahalo!

Anthony Pemberton

Nice and quick place to get some pie and desserts. It's a long ways from Honolulu, so be prepared if your stuff needs to stay cold. Check all the coolers when your there. Small parking lot but some space in the road. Dream cake was my favorite they had available.

Anthony Casias

Really good food and not bad prices. Desserts were amazing! Wouldn't drive up there JUST for Ted's, but worth stopping in if you're in the area.

Christian Espana

Pretty good place overal. The breakfast is very good. I tried the omelette and it was enough for 2 people. They made some good bread as well. It's close to my air bnb. We come everyday for desert.

Steve Baker

Delicious food. Garlic shrimp is amazing, no shell, full flavor, and the combo includes a piece of pie. Definitely cannot go wrong here. Highly recommend. Everything we have had here has been delicious.

Lachlan Holland

It's been two years since I last visited Ted's Bakery, it's gotten 'busier' than before, and by that I mean us being the only people to now maybe having two other tables. Highly recommend to visit, surprised to see their pies available in Waikiki now! The food is amazing!

Lilly Beth

First time to Hawai'i and Ted's. There was quite a line but well worth the wait. Went twice during our visit & loved it both times!

Brian Fox

Not as good of food as was rated by others. HI BBQ Chicken Sandwich was just okay. Hamburgers were NOT real hamburger, but were a meatloaf like consistency, texture and taste. HI BBQ Short ribs were fatty and tasted only of teriyaki sauce. Mac salad sucked. Cream cheese frosted cinnamon roll was good.

Ladi A

Food is soooo good. My favorite time to eat here is either going from or to sunset beach. Just cant beat all their good variety from drinks to dessert. Breakfast lunch or dinner this place is always a great idea.

Scott Fleming

Great food. Tried chicken,beef, and shrimp. Whole family enjoyed it. Pie was excellent. We had chocolate and strawberry.

Owen Crake

Very busy, no surprise as the food is fantastic Ordered the cheeseburger and fries... The burger sauce was so good! My favourite was the lemon pie, amazing.

Jared Rich

I know the pies here are their thing but I’m a donut guy so I tried their glazers. Surprised how much I enjoyed them. They put some spice in their dough that makes them uniquely delicious (maybe nutmeg?). So good I ate six of them before I can to my senses. Wife said the pie was good too.

Dennis Ogata

If you have a sweet tooth, the pies are number one. They also have sandwiches and meals. If you're going around the island, good place for lunch break about half way around the island.

Pat Neher

Very good food but a bit of a wait

Shannon Zook


Rebecca Warnock

Delicious pie. Stopped in to try the famous chocolate coconut pie and i did not disappoint. Was full of flavor, and the pie filling was nice and smooth. Very delicious

Rian Clinton

It was ok. Our family wasn't too impressed by anything and we got a wide selection of donuts in the morning including a muffin. The muffin was interesting as it has a pound cake consistency.

Ace-1 Warrior

Excellent place to visit at North Shore. The cinnamon rolls are massive!

kirk anderton

We went to Ted's tonight! We all had the garlic shrimp plate. As always, it was fabulous! One of my favorite places on the North Shore.

Diane Schlicht

Always great food even though the wait can be long.

Ramon Meleka

Beautiful place to eat great service.

Logan Tueller

Great breakfast plates, donuts, and coffee! However nothing compares to the chocolate haupia pie, it is a life changing experience

Family Fan

Absolutely delicious deserts. Their chocolate coconut pie (forgot the name) was awesome. Their pineapple sponge cake thing (forgot the name for this too) was so good. Hope to come back again for more.

Carol Walzer

Oh my the chocolate pie awesome....

Robert Meyer

Stick to the baked goods, the rest you can find better quality and price elsewhere. Breakfast : eggs over cooked, potatoes still frozen in the middle, ham burnt.... Pankakes were... Pankakes. ..nothing special. ..

Hannah Highfill

Very fun & classic local experience. Can't go wrong on the donuts. The wait isn't as long as it seems it will be.

Ryan B

Got two pieces of pie and they were pretty good! We came to find out that they actually sell these pies all over the island so you don’t have to drive too far to try them. Thanks for the tasty pies!

Julie Kikla

Best donut I’ve had.

Dave Bender

The best kept secret on the North Shore. We had a great time exploring the North Shore and came across Ted's Bakery where we decided to have lunch. The food was delicious and if you have a sweet tooth this is the place for you with all their delicious baked goods. We'll be sure to stop again when visiting the North Shore.

Priscilla Mei

You can't go wrong with any of the cream pies! So good!

Ida Suod

Everything is great. But there are no poached eggs

Chad Gronewold

Loved this place, came back for more the next day. Kids loved it too.

aaron prather

Ted's has been one of my favorites for 20 years. I always make a stop when I'm on Oahu. They've done some remodeling since I was there last. It looks great and seems to make the ordering process and food delivery more efficient. It gets very crowded, hot and loud in there. Be patient, it's worth it. Friendly and helpful employees. Parking can also be difficult. Park down the street and walk over.


DELICIOUS pie! Chocolate hapua is the best! It is definitely worth the drive! Plus the scenery is amazing!

Tyler Anneliese Moselle

Yes, there will most likely be a line. Sure, frenzied patrons may coffee may spill on you. But, my oh my, you don’t want to miss the freshly baked pastries and the breakfast sandwich’s fluffy buns at Teds. Banana, blueberry, and pineapple muffins are a must. Super friendly staff.

Sue N. Mike

Great eats and even better people.

Kim Jorgenson

We had the garlic shrimp and the blueberry pie and the chocolate/haupia pie. The shrimp was awesome but the pie was amazing!! Staff was very friendly too!! If you are close I would definitely go.

Gilbert Cummins

Chocolate custard pie is my favorite.

Callie Friesenhahn

We came here for breakfast during our honeymoon while we were on the north shore. I ordered a potato egg and cheese sandwich with spam, and a latte. For the latte I had to chose between soy or almond milk which is odd because how do you operate a bakery without regular milk. I also asked for a cup of tap water and was told that their sink was broken. This was even more shocking to me because how do you run a food business without running water. I can only assume this place must be hoarding their tap water and milk in a vault at the back of the kitchen. The food was great! Customer service was off..

Tara Price

My hubby and I had this for breakfast... so yummy! We got a huge cinnamon roll to share, it was warm and fresh! I had to get a macadamia nut waffle...I am in Hawaii! The waffle was warm, light, buttery, crunchy, and the option to use a warm coconut syrup or original. I tried both warm syrups...and they were wonderful. My husband got a breakfast sandwich that he really enjoyed! It is a must and a stop always when I go!

roni oneil

Amazing food friendliest people in town. Mahalo

Landon Southwick

If you are on the North Shore you MUST stop by Ted’s and grab some food. I normally get the hamburger and fries and then some pie to finish it off. Totally worth it. I have never had breakfast here but I hear it is awesome as well. Do yourself a fair go watch the sunset at Sunset beach then grab some food at Ted’s afterwards.

Julia A. Melzer

I had been to Ted’s eight years ago and it was soo much better. They update their store and it’s lost its charm. Plus the pies weren’t just as good as I remember. They certainly changed. Nice to stop in if your visiting but won’t be a place I’ll stop by again.

Derrick Judge

So good, pies to die for. Apparently they only make banana cream.on Sunday nights but not always so call ahead. Also get there when they open as lines can form quickly and the kitchen can be a little slow. Spam masubi and loco Moco are also delicious

Ed Carpio

I would give it 5 stars for service alone. Unfortunately, the food is overrated. The chocolate haupia is meh. I think people are just swayed to eat there because of previous reviews but the pies are mediocre at best.

Theresa Matthews

Famous Haupia pie lived up to its glory, absolutely delicious. BBQ Lunch plates are tasty and prices are cheap. Would have given 5 stars but we visited on a Sat and it was insanely busy - The store was jam packed with people who had already ordered so made ordering and getting drinks/pies out of the fridges a struggle. Need to rethink your ordering system for busy days, and have people wait outside and call orders out over a loud speaker. Also my daughter and partner spent over $60usd in your store only for her lunch plate order to be forgotten and when it was finally made an hour later food was not hot. Didn't have time to return and wait another 45mins for the reorder.


There is nothing better than local, hole-in-the-wall places like this. Of course, they are famous for their pies, and they are amazing. My favorite is the blueberry cream pie - it's to die for! But the dinner food is awesome too. The loco moco was the best I've ever had and so so good. It's a must-try place for amazing desserts and authentic plate lunches.

Jason Cook

We were staying at a place close by and basing our choice on the great reviews. We weren't disappointed. Great portions at decent prices for some breakfast. We will be back for some pie.

Alexander Pauwelyn

Ted’s Bakery is a must do when you visit the North Shore of Oahu. A wide variation of lunch plates and desserts. I would personally recommend the delicious steak hamburger. Also be sure to try their famous pies. To eat there or just as a take away. Delicious food ald a great staff! Enjoy!

Hawaiian steel

The desserts are probably the best thing, the pies cakes, donuts. The breakfast is good, lunch is good not great, I think it's overpriced for what you get but I think they're playing into the tourists of course. The barbecue chicken is not bad rice was a little dry, The chicken katsu is overbreaded and some pieces didn't have chicken. Plus I guess you're on the north shore so not much food spots around so this is the best you probably going to get in the area. Plenty of different drink choices.

Elaine T

Delicious chocolate cream pie!!! Went on a Monday morning and it was still busy there. Didn't have to wait. Also ordered a glazed donut which looks great as well. So many pies to choose from. I wish could try them all!

Technical Tactical

Best bakery (best treat) on North shore, a must stop when in the area

Forrest Smith

Our favorite place to grab a snack or dessert on the North Shore! My mouth is watering thinking about it.

Sandy Corsi

OMG! Just GO here! Everything we tried (macadamia nut pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, several different cheesecakes) were to die for! Looking forward to going back again!

Brynn Barleen

Good baked goods, best to go early for breakfast to get stuff before it runs out. There were lots of birds outside where you eat, including chickens

Johnny Delgado

One place where you can find ALL the Hawaii best food! Few notes: The omelete and pancakes > Can feed two people, maybe won’t be super full but it’s definitely way too much for one person! So better to order one and dessert (: Save space for cake and donuts! They are superb and worth every penny! There will be always a line no matter what day or time you go. It’s Hawaii so there is no such things as weekend or holidays. So come with open mind to be in line and relax while wait. Probably 10-15 parking spots, so you most likely will have to hunt for parking. My family 4(people) país $48, we each order a plate and donuts. We left at least 1/3 of our food on the plates(lesson learned) Ps. They stop serving breakfast at 10:30 AM One more thing they sell a lot of fun stuff there too, like necklaces, trinkets and other gifts!

Hannah Dog

It's a small bakery. But very good. Worth the drive.

Michael Dorsey

Went here twice during our time in O'ahu. Enjoyed their loco Moco, their chocolate croissant, and their pie (really good!). That being said, the front counter staff lets food from the kitchen sit in the window for WAY too long while you're literally standing there waiting for your food. It was the only downside to an otherwise great eating experience.

Stephanie May

Garlic shrimp was pretty good, little heavy on the butter, but flavor was spot on. Reasonable price compared to other locations, but the real reason for going was the cakes and pies. Sweets were definitely worth the visit, pie was one of the best I've had in a long time! Nice location, spend a little time at the beach, grab lunch or dinner, and still have time to enjoy the water.

Steven Kolden

Great chocolate pie. Possibly the best I've ever had.

Julia Ivanova

If you visit sunset beach you should make a spot at Ted's bakery. I took the slice of chocolate cake and cappuccino. Cake was very tasty, fresh and homemade. Cappuccino was as strong as it should be.

Nan Whybark

Similar menu to L&L but I liked it better. Food seemed more fresh and not over cooked or dry. More selection, burgers, steaks, seafood, plus cake and pie in assorted flavors. Come for a snack or a meal. Seating area on the highway is noisy but cooling breezes make up for that. Quick, courteous service. Extra sauces are free.

TheShaw Man

Really good food on the north shore! I got the Hawaiian bbq chicken.

Christopher Levengood

Great Dobash cake. Sister in law was happy to get it for her birthday

Andrea Chen

Although they're known for their pies, I love the mini loco moco plate! This mini plate was enough to be shared by 2 people.

Chris Whipple

They carry the best blueberry muffins I've ever had! I tried just about everything they have and loved it all. I highly recommend the macadamia nut danish and their malsadas. The sweet rolls were a little dry. Did I mention I had muffins from here every day I was on the island... Wow!!

Joshua Nomura

The wait was really long but the food was worth the wait

Marshall Lawrence

Great tasting shrimp. Got the lemon garlic. They gave me a good portion of rice and macaroni. They let you pick a slice of pie out of the fridge too as included with the meal. My brother got some pork ribs which he said was delicious. Only thing I can't complain about here is if you're looking for a lot of shrimp you'd have to double down what they normally portion you. Excellent thing about here is that they take the shell off of the shrimp. That's why I loved the flavor so much was because I don't have to remove the shell which takes the flavoring away with it.

Juan Herrera

Food was decent. I had a Bacon cheeseburger with fries,(combo) for $10 and a drink, which doesn't come with the combo by the way, it's an extra 1.50 or so. So, 12$ for a meal, it's small inside so hanging out for your order is kind of not a good idea, because you'll be moving around all over for other people waiting to order and make room for others... And if you go outside your just kind of standing there... Waiting for the cashier to yell out your number from the inside of the restaurant, so... Just a tip, Make sure your ears are clean before coming here. There's outside seating, right next to Kamehameha highway, so there are cars and noise while u enjoy your meal, and there's also a fly problem, so you will swat and eat, constantly. So if you eat outside which you kind of have to, unless your taking it home or wherever you eat, just know that this is how it is. Besides that. Nice service. Decent food.


Best Hawaiian bbq chicken sandwich on the north shore. The choc mousse pie is too die for as well. Teds rock!

alessandro navotti

If you are coming from Italy or France don’t waste your time... low level food for low level mouths...

Ron G

The family and I went to Ted's atleast 4 to 5 times while we were at the North Shore. There was a wait everytime we went. Let men tell, it's well worth the wait. I cant begin to tell you how great the food is here. The Dever Omelet was super delicious and the kids love the sugary pastries. I highly recommend Ted's while on the North Shore!

Jacob Webb

Out of all the small places to eat on the north shore we enjoyed this one the most. Food was good, coffee was good, and the pie was good. Pricing was shockingly fair. We went back multiple times and were not disappointed. It can get a very busy at lunch, so don’t get too shocked to see a line out the door.

KC Tyler

Personally I love the food, the combo #2 is my favorite with a guava smoothie. As for the pie my favorite is the chocolate haupia. The only downside of it is that it’s busy everyday. The other thing is that for some people who don’t like greasy food don’t go, my wife isn’t a big fan, but I love it.

mike gallo

Might be the best the best breakfast on Oahu!

Sim Firp

So delicious!!a lot of food for a great price! And the pie is perfection

Felipe Landa

Somewhat disappointed. Ordered waffles and they were nothing special. Expected fresh strawberries and got jam instead. Banana muffins were great but the $5 capuccino wasn't worth it. Also, the place is pretty chaotic. You order and then wait for your number to be called but they gave out duplicate numbers and you don't get your full order from the same place. It was hard to meander with the place fully packed.

Aidan Mark

Staff are super nice and helpful! Even 15 minutes before close!

World Wide Ed

Heard from the inner circles that the Garlic Shrimp from Ted's was the best on the North Shore. It was a little hard to believe at first because everybody knows about the others like Romy's, Fumi's and Giovanni's and Ted's is best known for their pies. Well, I finally got to get out there to try it for myself and can confirm that they were right! The shrimp itself was large and shell-less (besides the tail) and crusted with like a mochiko or flour coating. The sauce had italian dressing notes and the garlic was there but not overpowering like the other places. And yes they topped it off cheese. It came with 7 pieces compared to the 9 at the others, but as I mentioned, these pieces were big. Bonus was that the regular sized plate came with a slice of one of their popular pie options. Not sure if it was the time of day (we were there about 3pm) or a regular offering, but what a pleasant surprise! Get out there and try it!

andrew Flaxman

The breakfast and plate lunch are some of the best prices to find on the North shore for food, it's a cool location with lots of locals. Prepare for a line but it moves fast. outdoor seating available

Tom Vespa

Really good. Had lofty expectations based on reviews and blogs. Wish I could give it 5 stars, but I feel I was so pumped up, it fell just a little short, possibly due to the fact it was so hyped. Take nothing away, it was really good. The shrimp were definitely the highlight.

S. J.

Look, don't even come to Oahu if you aren't planning to stop at Ted's. Just make it the focal point of your trip ok? Get some pie, come back later and get more pie because you are hooked, and then maybe one more time before you go just to remember it by. Ted's pies are that good for real. All of them are amazing. The food is super good too, can't go wrong with Ted's.

Robert Fath

If you are looking for an escape from the exorbitant food prices at the Turtle Bay Resort, I recommend coming to Ted’s for breakfast. We are able to get an omelette and breakfast sandwich for the same cost of one main breakfast dish at the resort. The food was okay (nothing extraordinary) and the servings were huge. Coffee and lattes were average as well.

Skyler Parker

Wow. Everything here is good. Can't go wrong with this one.

Thomas Svava Nielsen

This place is excellent and the staff is super friendly. It can get quite busy at times, but be patient - it's definitely worth the wait. The blueberry cream pie and the croissants are absolutely delicious. Highly recommended!

James Slye

Best Bakery ive been too in my life. Thank you teddy.

Gerald Zydek

best home made tasting pies anywhere. always a must stop here when you drive around the island. Used to enjoy this pie in Waikiki where you could get it at the Pantry store on Kuhio. But they tore the pantry store down.

James Park

I order garlic shrimp platter... shrimp was tender and garlic sauce was creamy and lots of garlic... macaroni salad was decent.... glaze donut was good but the rice was hard and dry

Charles Sekafetz

Stopped for some loco moco and pie. One of us got a Ted's favorite. It was good, but I would go with a full loco moco next time for the price. Pie was nice. Busy place so you might have to wait for a parking spot.

Samantha Newman

Iced coffee and donuts holes were really really good.

Vio Stan

Best garlic shrimps in Oahu so far. Also lots of food for a very decent price. If you're in the area and like shrimps and pies, don't miss this place.


Donuts and pastries are to die for. The lunch is delicious aswell

Joyce Dewitt

Love the food here from the doughnuts to Pineapple Cheese pie. We had lunch was amazing shrimp or mahi mahi sandwich! 5 stars

Gary B

You should go. We had breakfast, brunch, and lunch there. Perfect little spot for great food, better pies, and delicious treats. Don’t just take my word for it, stop by for yourself, relax and enjoy.

Karla Miller

Great variety of food choices and sweet treats

Darren Eyring

Excellent food. But they need to improve the facility and expand.

Laurel Sinclair

Definitely recommend trying their pies. I had the pumpkin while my husband had the chocolate one. Both were delicious!

Cathy Chew

This is just a rating for their well known chocolate cream pie which was delicious. My family of four got a whole pie and we ate half of it just in one sitting. Next time we go we will try the hot food which also looked really good.

William Jager

Pies here are amazing; but be prepared to fight for your spot in line, and for available pie slices. Otherwise it is located in a fun area and offers real food in addition to baked goods. The coconut creams are the best

Evan Iveson

The plates here are great. They taste great and their portions are Hawaiian sized. I was a little disappointed by the cashiers negative attitude, but I think she was having a bad day. We had 5 ppl in our party and half of our party didn't speak english, so some translation was needed mid transaction. The cashier seemed annoyed. She kept trying to rush us, each time she asked "is there anything else?", it seemed a bit louder and more aggressive. There wasnt anyone behind us in line. We asked how big a medium fountain drink was and she slammed it on the counter and gave us a dirty look. We drove 45 minutes out of the way just to come here - as such, we were disappointed in the service. Otherwise, great place to grab a bite to eat.

Scott Pessetto

Big plate meals are available for dinner. I wasn't able to finish my Bento plate, food was super good. Pastries were great too.


I am from Oahu, but live on mainland due to Army. I return home several times a year, to Kahuku. Ted's is a must stop at least 6 times, breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets you name it. They appreciate Military on Tuesdays and Kama'aina on Wednesdays which is great. Mahalo for the good eats each and every time, see you again in Sept!!

Alex Steavenson

Yum! Pricing not bad. Sandwiches and pies delicious...

Chris McClain

Literally the best bakery items I’ve ever had in any island or mainland. We went back 4 times! I was talking to a guy in line saying thank god they don’t have a “Ted’s” in Denver or I would weight 743 Lbs..

Terry T

Pretty good shoyu chicken and rice. Nice local vibe. Great huapia pie, we had guava and another chocolate. Some people near us just came for dinner and ate pie. It's always busy and very popular.

Jason Miller

An absolute "must stop" when I'm on the North Shore of O'ahu. I seriously dream of their pies...

Rob Rsl

Ended up coming here 3 days of my 7 day trip because it was so good. Loved the baked treats and the cooked food was awesome. Next time I'm in Hawaii, I'll be making multiple trips here!

Michelle Lawson

Great place to stop on the North Shore for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Parking is limited, there are shaded tables outdoors and across the parking lot and restrooms are available (which is rare around here). Pretty crowded but service is usually quick!

Patricia Nunes

Good food, a bit overpriced for breakfast. We had the banana pancakes (which are huge, worth sharing) and a cafe latte. Pancakes were good, but very simple for the price. Had 5 slices of banana at the top and nothing else.

Jacob Hass

Spam breakfast sandwich is amazing. If you don't like spam, don't worry. You can get sausage or bacon. Everything is delicious here, always fresh. I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

Andrew T.

Had the 3 item lunch plate. WOW! Easily the best lunch plate on the island. I probably should have asked what the mini plate was because my plate overfloweth with deliciousness.

Jarrod Clarkson

Great food and the burger just melted in your mouth.

Chris Guibord

I've been eating Ted's since day one,,been a huge staple in my ohana's life love this place,,,

Kris Maduro

Absolute yummy deliciousness! The bakery is small, and there is not a lot of room inside but there is lots of seating outside. All the pastries and all the breads that you could possibly buy here are amazingly delicious! Don't forget to grab your chocolate pie before you leave! Is nobody has ever been to a Ted's Bakery before then jumping here and don't miss out! They literally have the best butter rolls I have ever tasted in my life!

Shurlana Hansen

They have some awesome food and pastries. We stop by here at least twice every time we are on the island.

William Smith

Good plate lunches with a meat selection, two scoops rice, macaroni salad and a piece of pie. Fits the bill after an active beach day or hike. This place is always busy but they have a lot of outdoor seating. I never tried breakfast here but heard it was good.

Alan Rondinelli

I literally love their chocolate haupia cake!

Geers Ohana

They have the best CHOCOLATE HAUPIA CREME PIE! You can also buy these pies at Safeway.

Khoa Tran

The choc pie is what you should try

Jake Etzel

Food was good but the building needs to be updated with a entree and a exit instead of one door. The ice tea was good

Kenny Lau

Tried out a slice of their chocolate haupia cream pie. It was very tasty. Also had an omelette and a loco moco breakfast plates. The plates themselves were quite large. However, the food was really just average tasting. Get there early if you can because the lines begin building up after 9AM. Also, there is no inside seating so you have to sit in their outside covered bench area. There are a good number of birds and flying insects, so if you don't like that, get your food to go and have at everything where you will.

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