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REVIEWS OF Paalaa Kai Bakery IN Hawaii

Ronald Domenden

It's a hole in the wall establishment with just a few parking stalls but the pastries are heaven too your taste buds. And the snow puffies............ a combination of Puff pastry filled with custard topped with a chocolate drizzle and dusted with powdered sugar is just amazing. Gotta try.

Chantel SsSs

Love this place! Gotta try there Puffy. Its a must!

Tamra Castro

Pastries are good..however they're known for creme puffs

mike marckx

I'm a snow puffy junkie

Georg S

Go for the Snow Puffies!

Ian Miller

This place was the sweets highlight of our trip. The snow puffies are incredible. It's like creme brulee custard stuffed in a puff pastry. Going to miss these treats. If you show up near closing they'll usually give you a half off discount which is dangerous!

Nathaniel Weaver

Good donuts

Trevor Lulker

Best fried chicken on the island!!

Heather Harcourtentotstone

Old school and delightful. So many options. The kids loved it.

Blaine Kahaewai


Alison Mitchell

Good croisants.

Conrad McCleary

The snow puffy is awesome! Hole in the wall spot for great pastries and donuts.

Patty Hartmann

We randomly stopped here on our way North and sooooo happy we did! We were just looking for sandwiches for our hike, but then discovered all the other goodies. Snow puffies are possibly the best thing ever! Butter roles are heavenly, and their donuts and bear claws are also absolutely delicious! The ladies working at the store were so nice and kind, we can’t wait to go back!

Patrick Zabinski

Fantastic, someone brings these into our office every week or so. Consistently good. I love chocolate so I wish the snowy puff had more on top.

Nevin Weaver

Really cool Bakery. Genuine staff. Great selection of delicious donuts

12th_inspection allday

Yes saah

Chris Ballesteros

Great place for some fry chicken, musubi, cold drinks and also pastries next door and don't forget the snow puffies

Anthony Harding

A smaller local Town Market on the North Shore they have beverages in hot more so take out type food it's a go to for many of us around here

Kimberly kim

Wonderful pastries. Must go to if on that side of the island.

Summer D

Broke da mouth so good! Translation...the doughnuts and Malasada's were delicious!!

Kealahou Hakuole

Awesome food. GREAT customer service. A first hand experience of Hawaii's aloha.

Warren Hoo

The bakery has good choices and on Wednesday butter top bread which I've not tasted but others tell us about that bread : )

Lawrence Griffin III

Best puffed pastry on Oahu. Crazy line, fast service

Keffen J

Must have specialty. Well worth the drive out to the north shore!

Angel Bunch

This place is amazing!!!! Yummy!! Yummy!!

Leann P

You have to go here and get the snow puffies and butter rolls... They make the BEST! The line can get long but the aunties are really fast and it's worth the wait. Once I get pics, I will post. I normally just eat it once I get That's how delicious they are!

Krystin Martin

Great bakery but with some not so great options. However, just because we didn't like everything doesn't mean it's not a great bakery. We bought 4 items and loved 2 of them. This place seems like a legit bakery and its the only one we found near downtown Haleiwa. We bought a sausage roll pocket thing that was terrible. There should be cheese in it or something, all it had in it was a sausage and a lot of air space around it enclosed in bread. Hawaiian salt water taffy- self-explanatory. It was delicious. A chocolate croissant- was just okay. Kind of dry. Powdered sugar long John- filled with a pudding type creme and it was the best thing we had of the pastries. Give it a try, just pick wisely

Cody Navarro

A great local bakery that is a closely kept secret by the locals. They have a wide range baked goods and pies. Their specialty is their Naples, my favorite is the Apple napple. It's a small hole in the wall bakery and you can miss it if you are driving too fast through the waialua area.

Melanie Martinez

Can't go wrong with the 50% off pastries once the clock hits 6PM.

Bronson Yamanuha

Only ordered the ensemada pastry and I thought zippys bakery was better and much cheaper. However, this is probably the closest bakery for people in the area and this might be one of the pastries they aren't known for. Would probably always choose zippys over this bakery, at least for ensemadas.

Karen Morihara

Snow Puffies so worth the calories. Generously covered in powdered sugar, with a flourish of chocolate, yummy layers of puff pastry and the thick creamy custard filling. I think I need to go back soon.

Douglas Pedro

I love this place so much that i want to go back. The snow puffys are awesome! I highly recommend this.

Steve Molin

I didn't realize what puff pastry could be until I tried their Snow Puffies - delicious! Worth the drive over there. Very friendly people, too.

John Debnam

If you try to scoop up the 6pm 50% off select items, be there just before or right on the dot. The snow puffies will go quick. They do sell other items that taste great, but you definitely have to try at least one snow puffy.

Desiree Rumbawa

Everything is so good...especially their snow puffies

Dianne Bugarin

The snow puff was delish!

Scott Hotchkiss

Was looking for a dessert that they only make on Sundays.

Debbi Fabiani

Small, friendly Portuguese bakery with many filled & topped dessert pastries plus malasadas. They also have a few meat filled choices. Cold drinks, coffee & some pre-made sandwiches in containers round out what's available

Tyler Murray

Snow puffys are great and original pastry. Bakery's a bit out of the way though

Michael Shaw

This bakery has the world famous snow puffins. Every thing is baked fresh daily. After 6 pm all donuts and pastry go on sell at 50% off. It's a small place very good food!!!

Kelly Kawaoka

Yay for snow puffies!

tasha teixeira

Super awesome. SNOW PUFFIES you just have to try.

Catalina Aulaumea

Hard to beat their incredible Puffs and variety of desserts

Leonard Keao

Can not go wrong with butter rolls and glaze donuts...

Travis Carwyle

Super friendly and fantastic pasteries

Hannah T

First time here. Always have seen pictures of their snow puffies but never tried them. Took the chance after seeing the sunflower field close by. When we parked it was clear it was good because there was a line. Small bakery basically it was kind of a pickup window where you could see what they had but not enough room to linger everyone in line managed to squeeze into the shop but told they had ran out of snow puffies and it would take 30 minutes. I don't think it was normal for them to run out of snow puffies but we waited along with maybe thirty other people it was very hot but you could buy cups of Jell-O and some drinks from the refrigerator or water from the store next door. The snow puffies took a while for them to make but they were worth it and delicious.

Faith Ariel

Tried the snow puffs and it was delish! It's kinda pricy.. $60 for 2 dozen. But, that didn't stop me from buying more the next time!

Jacque Gulia

I love the coconut turnovers

Sharla Laga

Da best chop chae, korean veggie pancake, and mostly fried chicken

Deniece Smith, Realtor

Delicious old school bakery with malasadas and Lilikoi butter, mango butter, and more.

William Boreczky

Too expensive.

Sandy De Soto

Love love love the snow pups.

Melissa Tuazon

So yummy! Snow puffy was so good I ate 2 in a row

Karisma Alama Mokofisi

Lilikoi Butter and Guava Butter with the Butter you see the pattern

Nancy Nguyen

Always a fantsatic idea to stop in and get snow puffies while on this side of the island. My family also loves their coconut turnovers.

steven perreira

They have some amazing pastries

Matthew Shimada

Their pastries are amazing and worth the drive and the traffic. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Definitely stop by along the way to your destination.

Joan Allas

I just love the puppies. Gotta have it when you're in Haleiwa. The best ever!!!

Marie Faatuala

The staff greeted us (friendly ladies) and were showing us that there were more pastries on the side. Many selection of oh so yummy pastries. Affordable too. They accept cash, credit/debit cards. The space inside is a bit small but you can move around easily in there. I've seen people order up to dozen pastries. It's very popular amongst the locals and seen some tourist in the area. The bakery is attached to a convenience store. Stop by and see for your self. Support local.

DirtyBoyz Whitmore

Good pastries

Lyle Shimazu

Snow puffies are the best!

Tatiana Batluk

Snow puffs are the best The best pastry’s ever, that anyone should try ❤️❤️❤️

Deloris Hairston

Oh, my goodness!! My must "go to place" when going North Shore or doing "circle island tour." The best bakery on the island for "snow" die for. The bakery closes at 7:00P, and between 6:00P and 7:00P all pastries are half-priced...if any thing is left. Also, if your birth day matches the second on your receipt, then you get a dozen snow puffies free. I won one time!!! Mmmm good...shared them with my friends!!

Russell Transfiguracion

Awesome Snow Puffies

amanda crowley


Nikki Tui

Cute little bakery known for their snow puffies.. Also have mango, and lilikoi butter.

Annette Kanaulu

Just love this bakery, the pastries the puffies, the mini hot dog etc.

Erik Shimabuku

Snow puffies over coco puffs all day

Benjamin Jr. Ballesteros

Popular with locals and visitors alike. Donuts, butter rolls, malasadas (plain and cream filled), coco puffs, danishes, cakes, many baked goods choices. Small shop, large clientele, parking a little challenging when busy.

Davina Florentin

Love this place!

Roxy Alameda

Chicken chicken chicken need I say more

Ben Texeira

The greatest Bakery shop on the north shore for 25 years and still going strong Family owned and run business. Mahalo

Ann M

sno puffies! need i say more? always gotta stop by when in the area for their pastries.

Ceecee B.B.B

My favorite place to go an get some snow puppys

Jimmy Swanson

Very good sweets especially the snow puffy gota try before you die

Donna Fong

Great little bakery known for custard filled puffy pastries topped with a switl of chocolate and powdered sugar. Light, creamy and sweet. Other offerings also nice treats like li hing pits coated in tumeric and then into a hard candy. Coffee crisps are light and yes, good with a hot drink.

Josh Ellamar

Try the Snow Puffies! Check in on Yelp for 10% discount. Also aunties were very friendly

Jerome Abad

Best Bakery in Hawaii Good/Best Costumer Services

Patricia C

Love the snow puffies. Service is slow and none too friendly.

Nick LoCicero

Real deal

Timothy Carwyle

Just make sure when you say half dozen you get half dozen ! They like to just give you prepackaged stuff that's a full dozen

Boun Pheng

Bake goods has no price tags or labels it's hard to buy something that you want if you if you don't know what they are or how much. Counter person did tell me what they were and how much but it's really inconvenience to keep asking.

Anthony Sexton

Live the cool treats

missy borreta

Okazu near bakery awsome prices n ono fast food.

Laurie Kim

My kids loved them!! Snow puff!must have in north shore

Betty Quach

Line looked long but customers were quickly helped. Of course we went for the snow puffies which were delicious. We also got malasadas too.

jerry cutshaw

Wasn't impressed with the food or prices

Ashley Adams

Snow Puffies was bomb as usual! Took my sister to get her first ever One!! She loved it and shes not even a sweets girl! Yummy!

3rdJen Adventures

If you’re looking for a sweet this place is for you!!!!

Sharon Barringer

Amazing malasadas and snow puffies. Worth the trip for sure.

Enrique H.

Super tasty pastries! A little unorganized but worth the wait and hassle lol!! Nice people too!

Olive 5

The pastry’s that we purchased we’re really delicious. The malasadas are better than you can imagine! I would really recommend this bakery if you’re looking for a sweet treat!

Tony Smith

You have to stop by and try the snow puffs. The bakery is easy to find in North shore. There is a large selection of donuts, but the snow puffs and the buttered roll was the family favorites. Almost had to go back for more. There is easy parking and the staff is very helpful and patient even though it was packed at the time. It is worth the drive to North shore for this and the sights.

Jeanna Flores

Amazing bakery. Had all the sweets you could ever want. A popular place on the Island at North shores. Definitely will bring visitors here to try there good pastries.

Bill Wilson

A most wonderful bakery and their donuts, rolls and breads are Ono!!! Don't lea e without a dozen of their baked Lil Smokies wrapped in delicate dough and some of their famous fruit turnovers will definitely hit the spot!!!

Hawaiian steel

Forget about watching what u eat here, just enjoy it. OMG Chocolate hony moon, snow puffies, just about everything is so good.

Steven Perreira

Super good, wow maybe the best ive ever had

ADU Aquascaping

Very cool bakery, and you need to get some Malassadas! Pretty damn good. Decent coffee as well, and prices are low. Highly recommend.

Travis Odgers

I am still dreaming about the Ham buns.

Scott Cadwell

Great bakery. Loved the baked good. Lots of good selection and everything look great. Service was fantastic. Had the danish and it was great.

Amanda L

We went out of our way to get to this bakery because we looked up the Google reviews. We went with the snow puffies and they didn't disappoint. The custard is tasty, pastry nice and flaky, and the drizzled chocolate and powdered sugar brought it all together. It was good enough that we went back on our way out of North shore and got lucky that it was close to the 6pm half price deal! Score! The customer service was lacking though. Our first time in there we asked about the snow puffies and she just pointed her finger to our right but there were a few different items in the glass case and we didn't know what exactly everyone was referring to in their reviews. She didn't smile, didn't give an explanation of what a snow puffy is. I had to ask again which one it was. They rang up our order and threw the bag on top of the counter. Wish the customer service was a little better. I would give 3 stars for the lack of service.

rg civilian

Typical COSTLY Hawaii. Very very expensive for bakery. Best to eat on site as staff just wants your money and cares less about quality of service. The staff only smile when they take your money then your baked goods are thrown on counter. Good luck, they have what they wanted, your money.

beeg puppy

real island style always been since I can remember

Mercedes Fagundes

Love their yummy baked goods!!!

Marissa Myers

Gotta get the snow puffs! I tried them the first visit, and had to come back the next day for round 2. Very small receiving area, but service is fast and friendly. The lady even had the puffs in the box as I came in the door the second day. If you check in with Yelp, the first 1/2 dozen of these delectable delights is 10% off.


Love it

Rhomel Aquino

Snow puffies are the best

Titi Kau'ilani Ricafort

Chicken is fresh made and always great tasting. Cant NOT stop when you're in Hale'iwa

Christina R

Came for the snow puffies and was not disappointed! The gal who helped us was very friendly, and we enjoyed our treat!

George Matsumoto

Snow Puffies. If you know, you know...

Dan Donahue

Wow! The malasadas and snow puffies were out of this world. Get there early to avoid long lines.

Galen Rea

Black bean doughnuts and snow puffies so good kine. Sweet people, too.

Natalia Kalama

Snow puffies. .

Doreen Kahalewai

Hush puppies

Frank R


Paul Pollock

Pastries here are excellent and This place is a little far from town, but we'll worth the drive!


Learn to count! Or at least pay more attention when someone is making an order, jeez!

Gypsy Russ

Staff very unfriendly, good for a sweet tooth though. Fresh

Lea Freer

Local place on the North Shore. Snow Puffies totally rock!! Deliciousness to the Nth degree!!!

Eric Baird

The best chocolate eclairs I've ever had! If I lived near this place I would be broke and about 300 lbs if I ever go back to Ohau this place will be my first stop! So if your looking for that out of the way experience that you just won't find anywhere else this one is a diamond!

David Lunasco

Another past time favorite. Always order a dozen malasadas for my time on the island. Speedy service and quality bakery items.

Aristlecat Gonsalves

No#1 bakery I love their custard pie!

Charity Baldugo

Gotta have their puffys

Brad Aki

Snow puffies... Nothing else needs to be said. Ha!

alex hutagalung

Must eat their snow puffs.

Katie Bird

Tasty pastry - we had coconut pastry - and malasada (soft but not warm sadly!) but keep in mind everything is sweet so this is not a great place to try and get something savoury for lunch, for example.

Denise Franks

Best snow puffies! I freeze them so when I want one I just take 1 out of the freezer!

Contessa Allsop

Great pastry shop!! So many options and I came specifically for the pastry in the picture but couldn't find them and almost walked out, but the ladies working made sure I found it. Make sure you check all the cases, even in the corner!

Great Potoo

The drive out to Paalaa Kai is totally worth a box full of snow puffies! There are many other baked goods to try at this bakery other than their famous snow puffies. The service is fast and friendly! Definitely stop by here on your way to the north shore.

Benson Dumlao

A must stop if you have a craving for sweets.

joe bloe

Very good bakery!! Service is good and polite. Turnovers are the best, much better than the “famous snow puffies”. I don’t know why they are not known for their turnovers. Pineapple and coconut were our favourites !!!Order them, you will not be disappointed. Yes, it is expensive, but you are in Oahu on the north shore,of course it is expensive. People don’t come here to save money on a holiday. I would recommend the French bread as well, very good!!

Audra Hampe

A must stop for baked goods on this side of the island. The puffy pastry are what they are known for.

Gayle Newcomer

Pasteries are out of the world! So good. The puff snowflake (?) are to "die for". Chocolate chip cookies are nice and crispy. You need another store in town!


Omg!!! The fluffys are sooo good!! Loved the cream filling and flaky dough. The Portuguese donut were so good I believe they're called malasadas.

jimmy swanson

They have the best puffys (called snow puffy) there addicting

Sher O

Fried chicken is awesome and then stop for snow puffies!

JHatfield 1972

Friendly staff. Tasty goodies!

Dan Yamane

Love those puffy’s and the turnovers are terrific. A bit of a drive but it is a must stop when going to the north shore. The donuts are always the perfect dessert after a day on the beach.


So delicious! Gotta make a stop or two every time I come to Oahu.

Shane Barger

Best hidden gem we found

Aka Rivers

You have not lived until you have eat a snow puffy that's all I have to say. Oh and I suggest you try not to eat it in your car because I'll care who you are or how tidy you are...they are messy, deal with it.... They are worth it.

Kimberly Bryant

I always loved their bakery goods, butter rolls in the mornings. And recently added lady fingers and a couple of other tasty things. The store next door is where I get my chicken and rice, fried noodles and slushy drinks. Great place.

Lani Duke

Their snow puffies are worth the drive. If you are heading towards the North Shore this place is only a few minutes away. They are crispy and flaky with a delicious custard filling. Not too sweet but satifies the sweet tooth. Definetly a must try when in the area.

Genevieve Easterling

Mala Sadas with a line out the door!

Tom Owings

The very best in Hawaiian and Filipino baked goods. Famous for Snow Puffies and malasadas. They also have Chantilly Cake!!!

Khoa Vo

Its off the beaten path but I was told to stop at Paalaa Kai bakery by a friend and try their Snow Puffies whenever in the North Shore. So glad that I did because the snow puffies are amazingly good. These things are puff pastries filled with custard and topped with powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle. Each snow puffie is about 2.90$ each, a bit pricy but they’re so delicious. They are perfectly sweetened and light that I ended up eating 5 of them in one sitting. I just couldn’t get enough of them. Besides the snow puffies, Paalaa Kai also make tons of other sweet and savory bake goods. They also have a mini-mart locates next door that I heard was excellent. The two ladies in the bakery is pleasant and so nice. I would make a trip back just to see them. If you are new to the North Shore, you have to try a snow puffie to see what I am talking about.

Jeremy Campos

Snow puff is really good! Haven't tried everything, but I'm sure they're all great quality!

david yee

Best Snow Puppies! DELICIOUS!

Michael Ching

The best advice I can give is call ahead and place you order ahead of time. They have been known to run out. So instead of driving all the way out and be disappointed if they are sold out take my advice and call ahead. [FOOD] SNOW PUFFIES!! [PARKING] While the lot is pretty decent size just be warned that it can get crowded since it’s pretty common to see people eating in the car. Rest assured it is definitely worth the wait. [SERVICE] No complaints here.

Kia Niko

The snow puffie was delicious, light and fluffy.

Z Hill

The best pastry in town, and extremely lots of aloha

adnan albeitawi

This bakery is definitely a hidden gem. The snow puffies are a must if it's available, and are worth every penny. It is a popular item, so it tends to sell out fast. Everything is freshly made, and the owners are just as sweet at the treats!

Zoe Williams

Excellent baked goods. Great price for what you get. Wish I had a bakery like this back home where I live.

R. Lee Donaldson

This place is very out of the way and if you don't have GPS, you will probably never get there, but the Snow Puffies are well worth the effort. They are a bakery that offer a wide assortment of treats, but it is all about the Snow Puffies. Get them and eat them fresh. It is an amazing food coma experience. They are light, yet sweet, and the different layers of textures are a foodies delight. Remember, it is all about the Snow Puffies!

w t

Great customer service and pastries. The store is closed on Tuesdays, but the bakery is open.

Stella Luecke

Gotta love the snow puffys and lilikoi butter!

Maurana Brush

Delicious breads, awesome treats (like the coconut bear claw and peanut butter twists, not to mention their famous snowballs) at very reasonable prices. Would definitely visit again!

rowena bacarro

Expensive but worth it

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