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REVIEWS OF Otto Cake IN Hawaii

James Gardner

Saw some reviews for this bakery and was intrigued. The cheesecake here is pretty remarkable. So smooth, perfect amount of sweet and sour, and delicious and fun flavor combinations. I wish I could have tried all of them. We got the coconut and new York style. The service was excellent and the desserts sooo good. Definitely go try. It took a bit of finding anf parking is not easy but it was definitely worth the effort. Can't wait to go back to Oahu so I can get some more. :)

Camden Mullenaux

Hands down the most tasty and creative cake shop I’ve ever encountered! Bonus points because Otto is super cool

Michelle Funai

Shiho K

I love plain !!

Daniel Yau

Good taste but expensive. Service is ok

Carmen San Diego

Hitty Taka

(Translated by Google) Recommended if you like cheesecake. There are a wide variety of flavors so you can enjoy a different taste each time. There is also an eat-in corner where you can take a break. But isn't the decoration calm down? The clerk is handsome. (Original) チーズケーキが好きな方ならお勧めです。種類も豊富で、毎回違った味が楽しめます。イートインコーナーもあり、一休みもできます。でも飾り付けが落ち着かないかな?店員さんはイケメンです。

Billy Janssen

Custom orders make for great birthday cakes. Choco coconut cheesecake is amazing

Miklos Hargitay

Walden Au

Small but decadent

tolucky hanshin

(Translated by Google) Personally I love it I like lemon and lemon lime. Among sweet cakes OttoCake cheese cake A place that is rich but not too sweet It is a favorite. Business hours are also open until late I can buy it on the way way home somewhere (Original) 個人的に大好きなお店です レモンとレモンライムがお気に入り。 甘~いケーキが多い中 OttoCakeのチーズケーキは 濃厚ながらも甘すぎないところが お気に入りです。 営業時間も遅くまで営業中で ちょっとどこかの帰りの寄り道で買えちゃいます

Blu Phone South Korea

Thick and creamy cheese cakes with different flavours. Chose lilikoi, plain and chocolate butterscotch this time and all taste great. I can't say that the staff member was friendly but never mind. One thing is that they need to use better take away containers... just small styrofoam container like for a burger and cakes were a bit squished. One free car park right outside (face the shop and on the right side) is great.

Brian Morud

$$ but good taste and quality cheesecake.

Gabrielle S

I had the white chocolate and macadamia nut cheese, it was so good I have to go back and get another piece!

Mandy Ng

Excellent cheesecake and good customer service

Tom Nauwelaerts

Good cheesecake, no doubt. But the price and the attitude are not worth it.


It is certainly the best cheesecake on Hawaii that I've had. I am VERRRRY picky with my cheesecake, and I've tried a LOT. The only thing is that I wish they'd lower their price. Not cause I don't feel it's worth the extra money. Cause they could get a lot more people to buy it if they did. I would pay $5 a slice any day, I just don't know if everyone else is as picky about their cheesecake as I am. Lower prices will bring them more business. Please take it to heart, guys. Also remember, even though the price is higher for cheesecake it's just about as much as most restaurants, but a MILLION times better. I'm serious, try at least one, you'll know if you like it or not.

big hoops

(Translated by Google) About Waikiki Cycling with biki, go to here. I could not take home the delicious cheesecake lined up in the showcase and got it inside the store. Unlike the cheesecake I ate so far, it is heavy, but it was not sweet and it was luscious. Even though it's a basic take-out shop, the interior of the shop is fierce and disgusting. w (Original) ワイキキについてbikiに乗りサイクリングがてら、こちらへ。 ショーケースに並ぶ美味しそうなチーズケーキは持ち帰りが我慢できず、店内でいただきました。 今まで食べてきたチーズケーキとは違うどっしり重いのですが、甘くなくぺろりでした。 基本テイクアウトのお店なのであれですが、ただ店内は激しくダサいです。w

Thomas Rohan

Very good cheesecake, but it was very expensive

Joel Mark

Otto Cake forever!

donna belle

Not in Chinatown anymore. In Kaimuki now. Great service and yummy coffee cake! Chased it down with homemade strawberry lemonade

Trey W

The cheesecake here is amazing, if not a little pricey. The owner was super friendly and helped me choose what flavors to pick. They rotate flavors daily (they rotate through over 40) though there are some regulars. I can't wait for the next occasion where I can bring some of these in. Crusts are nice and crisp. Cheesecake itself is smooth with subtle flavors.

Richard Lee

Plain cheesecake was the smart choice. Very rich but had an amazing crust.

adam hori

Some of the richest cheesecake you will have.

Ikaika Arnado

Otto's been a fixture in the subcultures since Hawaii's golden underground days. Cheese cake prices are kinda high, but it is extraordinary. I need to throw in that every true coffee lover will fall in love with his cold brew coffee. Kinda sad he moved the shop outta downtown, but that location sucked...


Kurt Uyehara

Daphne Morlan

The cheesecake is sooooo good. Also, I love the punk rock decor.

sping Nash

ONO cheese cake. Haupia one is so good!


When I first saw this I did not think it was good place, but my opinion changed once I walked inside. There was all different types of cheese cake. I don't like cake nor do I like cheese cake. The helper that was there gave me a sample taste my bad opinion of cheesecake went away. I left there loving their Amazing plain cheese cake. If you are looking for some good cheese cake go to OTTO CAKE!!!!!! They are truly the best!

Marty Lum

Their bakery has daily specials and several daily choices. You can special order other flavors for pick up in advance.

Kevin Zuber

Scott Schiller

Cheesecakes are amazing!

Scott Cody

Charles Kimoto

The amazing plain cheesecake was "amazing"!!

patrick clement

Excellent cheesecake! Small selection but top notch taste and flavor

Nicole White

Amazing cheesecake in and adorable shop. Vintage cash register does not have a cc machine so be sure to bring cash

David Gallatin

Otto Cake has the best cheesecake around. The huge variety of flavors (over 150 the last time I asked Otto about it) makes for a daily surprise as you see which ones he has made that day. (Usually 8 or so) The orange chocolate chip is one of my favorites. In addition to the fantastic cheesecake, the strawberry-ginger lemonade is very refreshing.


(Translated by Google) There is a short walk from the bus stop of Zabasu, was cute shops. There are 10 kinds much cheese cake is to showcase, it is a good size also the size of one cut. It was very delicious. (Original) ザバスのバス停から歩いてすぐの場所にあり、可愛いお店でした。10種類くらいのチーズケーキがショーケースにあり、1カットの大きさもちょうど良い大きさですね。とても美味しかったです。

Raysa Ruiz

Great customer service, amazing cheesecake

Chris Tu

B Maeda


(Translated by Google) Plain cheesecake is a smooth and fairly high level cheesecake! The deliciousness of the top cheesecakes you've ever eaten! (Original) プレーンチーズケーキは、なめらかでかなりレベルが高いチーズケーキ!いままで食べたチーズケーキのなかで上位に入るおいしさ!

Kuan Liam Liu

Very Very Very Good I Like

Artie Sevigny

Otto is hands down the best cheese cake I've ever had

Hyeran kim

플래인 존맛


(Translated by Google) Orioli benefits available (Original) オリオリ特典あり

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