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94-849 Lumiaina St, Waipahu, HI 96797, United States Located in: Waikele Center

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Where is Leonard's Malasadamobile Wagon?

REVIEWS OF Leonard's Malasadamobile Wagon IN Hawaii

jeff escuadro

Can't go wrong. Back in the day and's still the go to treat besides spam musubi. Get the custard and light suga please.

Enrique Sanchez

Great food. I love eating them fresh and hot straight from the truck. You should eat immediately upon purchase heh. Alright service. Chill location. Made a bit of a plain breaded malasada once. Custard filled is my favorite. There's always a small crowd of customers. Seeing a box of their malasadas is nearly iconic now or it is in Hawaii hah. Nice colors.

Sachi Wakilina

Soooooo gooood!

Dustin Yates

Only the best of the best. Love getting malasadas from these legendary bakers. Aloha!

Debbie Lin

Great, but not amazing. Love that you can get fresh filled Malasada to order, custard was tasty, haupia was meh. Will try the "dobash chocolate" filled next visit. I preferred Champion for their plain fresh malasadas, R.I.P.

Blake Sanden

Malasadas on a mobile cart in the middle of Hawaii

M Walker

The mobile truck is a great alternative if you cant make it downtown. The best malasadas! Try every flavor!

Stephen Aleviado

Place to go for a quick sweet craving.

Monica Perez

So delicious.

Kipp Chun

Hot malasadas! YUM! We ate them on the bench next to the wagon, because they are best hot and would degrade a bit by the time we got home.


Haupia are amazing. I have also tried the original and also the cinnamon, sugar, bbn other are good too.

Jacob Spasojevich

It was a deliteful experience the malasadas are delicious 10/10 would by again

Ruth Job

The malasadas is not cook all the way through. Its really doughy in the middle and tastes kinda funny.

Grace Baker

First time there. DELICIOUS! ! We'll be back. Very friendly.

Keith Kuniyasu

Not quite the same as 40+ years ago but still onolicous!

Tom Davis

Hot, fresh, tasty! Great little stop, don't miss it if you're in the area.

Steve Spurlin

Malasadas are a Down home Hawaii treat. Fresh cooked on the spot. The lunch wagon is a lot less crowded than the bakery. The haupia stuffed puffs are yummy.

G L Fifield

I was anticipating a great meal when I waited in line, I mean why wouldn’t there be a line at such a popular place? Prices are pretty great, the malasadas are tasty and fresh. I tried the original, cinnamon, sweet and salty flavors. All of which were waaaay too much for me to devour in one setting. Locals and tourists both come here and are willing to wait in the line they create to try them. There’s a good reason for it, and it’s that these are one of a kind delicacies.

Joella Ferrer

So delicious! We actually showed up close to closing on a Thursday night and ordered 2 dozen mixed and they were so accommodating! Great service! Don't forget to leave atip!!!

Qiot Riot

Leonard's bakery, what else can you say. Malasadas!!! Surprised to find this food/bakery truck at Waikele mall but couldn't pass up the malasadas. A bit of a wait and no shelter from the rain but just wait in your car until your order is called.

Brendan Wiandt

To be entirely fair I was a malasadas virgin until trying them from Leonard's, so I can't speak to their authenticity. I can however tell you that they were delicious. The employees in the food truck were friendly and got us our order quickly. The truck was clean and easily noticeable, from the highway and the parking lot that it is in.


God taste

Lily Wong

The malasadas are soooo good! I would say it's better than the store by Waikiki because it was freshly fried when we ordered. The few minutes wait was worth it!

Shyanne Kamai-Sionesini

Great location. Literally you can spot it from the highway. My last visit the cashier was pleasant and my order was made pretty quickly. Malasadas was hot and fresh. In fact I think I want one now.

pam courtney

Not there usual receipt. Menards malasada's have been the same for ad far back as I can remember. This was not there best.

Laura Benigno

Hot and delicious! Usually worth the wait in line

Daniel Sauls

Can't beat a local favorite made EVEN MORE CONVENIENT!

Zee Lorico

I have been going to Leonards all my life. I actually worked there in my teens. All i can say is yummy, yummy , yummy

Juliana Galvan

Omg so good

Gerald S

Fresh malasada's are the way to go. If you're visiting, come to this location! The haupia filled one I got was ono!

Roxane Kimura

Closed earlier than the hours posted.

Naomi Acosta

The best as always.

Cassandra Ohelo

On any other day, the malasada wagon in Waikele would not be THIS busy, but Fat Tuesday brings out the masses. Met some nice people, got a little rain. . .40 minutes later I was in my car eating a HOT and ONO, Fat Malasada!

Tylynn Evans

Delicious hot donuts. Well worth the drive. Came back to Leonard’s before we left and got 2 dozen to bring home to family.

dark wolf d

They taste so good

C. Chavez

My whole family loves this place. We probably bought malasadas every day we were in Hawaii. Tried almost every flavor. The custard filled one is my favorite. We always went to the food truck in waipahu and you may have to wait since they always have a line. But it's worth it since they come out hot and fresh.

pbandj37 .

Excellent kalua pork at a very reasonable price! Food was delicious, rice well cooked and the mac salad was tasty. I got a "mini" plate but you can get a regular for $1.50 more and get more food if you have a bigger stomach than I. I highly recommend this place and will definitely return in the future. Also, there are some benches nearby but no tables. Food tastes fine either way, just want you to know in advance.

Joy MacDaniels

The best malasadas on the island! We had gone to another place earlier in the week, and this blew them away. The custard filled were so dang good! They were so fresh, piping hot, and the smell is incredible. Wish we had these in Vegas!

jared schmid

BE AWARE the phone number is a bakery somewhere and the wagon does not take phone orders. Two different locations and the bakery is pretty rude. The people at the wagon are nice though and fast to correct!

Noelani Aloha Kimo

Oh my gosh how could you not make a stop here. Well just thankful we don't have to drive far to get their famous malasadas. We live in Wai'anae so this is soooooo convenient. Great!!

Malia L

So yummy!!

elisabeth aguon

Only Leonard's does malasadas right. Anywhere else is just imitations.

Mike Pascua

It was hot and delicious.

Karen Donovan

They are so good when they are warm

Jackie Pagan

Fresh, hot thee absolute best flavors eva !!!

Ray Abedin

Excellent malasadas originally from Portugal but staple in Hawaii

Anthony Kaili

Had to wait 6 minutes for order and line was long at 1pm Monday.

Stephen Napoli

Everyone has to try to eat one of these. I usually have 2!

Johannes Mageroy

BIG portions when you get the combos

Sandra Flores-Strand

Outstanding. So much flavor and best eaten right away.

Yolly Barrun

The malasadas truck at Waikele is the best place to go. Love the the original and cinnamon

Jeimee Carino

Your visit in Hawaii will be incomplete without trying their malasadas...

Daphany Prewitt

Definitely one of the best malasadas, have to have one every time I visit Honolulu

Lisa Goodwin

You have to try these they are the best!! Malasadas

Mr Del

Really good desserts for Labor day weekend

Richard Tesoro

Best malasadas.

Jackie Wise

It was great. . . very hot and delicious. . .

Diana luxuryretreathawaii Vacation Rental Hawaii

Love this lace so much! It is never as crowded as down south of the island. If you are in the area shopping at Waikele Mall, this is a must stop!

Cortney Eisenmann Lanzona

Hot and fresh and so good!!! And only $1.25 each!

Carl H

Arguably the best malasadas in town and you can get them here out of a food truck. Other food trucks now in the area which I think is awesome since you can then try other foods too! Shopping center is large with tons of options so navigating is easy and one should be able to get whatever they want out of this area as it has it all.

Gilbert Cummins

Malasadas! Say no more!


My first time having malasadas, these were delicious! So soft and warm, I came here for breakfast two days in a row.

Justin Boone

Always great, delicious goodness

smile Bayona-Malihan

Great malasadas

Kosen Ishikawa

A mobile wagon of the renowned Maladada shop. Probably the best Malasada on Oahu. As compared to the main store on Kapahulu, much more parking space, easier access and less waiting line!!! It’s great to stop by at this place during shopping at Waikele Shopping Center. Malasada is so delicious, soft and fluffy.

Alex Burroughs

They're always hot

Ed Westberg

Taste as good as original location in Waikiki. And friendly staff. Parking much easier too. Highly recommend.

Jazz Hands

The Malasadas never fail me, its always soft warm and delicious! If you ever gotta wait a little, trust me its worth the wait.

Andrew Parker

The best malasadas anywhere. All the flavors are great! Favorite is the custard filling.

liana khachoyan

OMG!! Heaveeeennnnnnn in the form of sweet dough filled with cream!! Doesn’t get better than this! Something I will crave until the end of my life!

Ian Werner

Luv me sum Leonard's. Fresh and amazing!

Wesley Grant

Best fresh malasadas on island. Bonus! they give a military discount & Support our Veterans❤

J Daniel Kim

this is that Portuguese oriented famous donut. its a small old not fancy food truck, but you'll see the pride who bakes that donut inside that hot packed cantine. sugar is all around but not too sweet, never had so soft melting inner layer of the donut. (its at the very end..corner of the outlet, if you are there to shop..than must carefully schedule your time..usual long waiting line is waiting. p.s. it taste different from downtown Leonard's)

william mahady

all ways a winner aloha Billy B&C towing Hawaii

Jenn Mac

The Malasadas were hot and delicious. The service was not friendly, the lady helping me was having an entire personal conversation with her coworker while taking my order. I felt like I was interrupting them. Will probably just go to a different location if I want to order again.

Brooks Friend

We always stop at Leonard's malasada wagon when we visit Oahu. We bought chocolate, custard and the original this time.

Michael Inchausti

Leonard's has the best Malasadas and with there dependable mobile wagon I don't have to drive all the way to Honolulu to fulfill my cravings! Always fast and great service!

Christopher Lei

The famous malasadas. Very dense and delicious.

Hawaiian F150

Who says No to freshly cooked Malasada? 10 outtakes 10. Get ya some'a dem now @,,@ =-b

Tracee Baxter

Leonard's what else needs to be said! Chocolate best when warm, I like lite sugar only.


The best!! Hot! Fresh! So ono!

David Harraway

The crew in the Leonard's truck in Waikele was very friendly and efficient... thanks guys

Michael Wu

Quick outdoor wagon to get freshly made malasadas. More limited filling flavors than the original store in Kapahulu.

Ryan Ellison

We tried Malasadas throughout Hawaii as we traveled to 3 different islands and Leonard's is definitely the best

Benjamin Inamine

Can have a bit of a wait at times, but it's always worth it

Kyle Arai

great food great service

Rose Simon

An excellent place to get some of that hot and famous, Leonard's malasadas!

J Buchan

OMG! These are the best Malasadas on the island. A must try! Then get shave ice at the next truck over. Tooo good to be true!

Craig Boyle

One of my favorite stops on the entire island!

Amber Bishop

Two years since moved off the island and I still crave for their sweets!

EARL Wolfe

Awesome place to get your Malasadas. All kinds they make fresh right hear on the truck. There is normally a very short wait. But you will find that the wait was worth it!

Paul Roman

If your on the island, you have to get them. A little bit of goodness covered in sugar.

Lauren Bourque

Leonard's malasadas are little pieces of heaven. Warm and golden, round doughnut coated with cinnamon and sugar then filled with custard. Delicious.

David Z

Custard filled. Yes

Paul Flores

You know you're getting the BEST malasada and you are never ever disappointed!

S el

You can never go wrong with a Leonard's malassada. Crispy and sugary on the outside, and fluffy and hot on the inside. The original malasada is the only one I buy!!! 5 shakas all da way!!!

Paquita Poindexter

The doughnuts were warm and fluffy. I got one original, one li hing and one coconut. My favorite was the li hing!

Ricky Garrett

It was delicious. .

Jonathan Medhurst

Can always trust Leonards to have great quality malasadas

P Murray

Best Malasada's in the world...and you don't have to drive into Waikiki to enjoy them.

Be Yourself

Yummmmm Really nice clean fast service and delicious!

Marty Lum

This small food truck produces the most delicious malasadas outside of the main bakery. I think the malasadas here at the truck are tastier and always hot. Try the filled malasadas, coconut pudding(haupia), chocolate, vanilla, etc. I always just get the plain with sugar or cinnamon. There is always a line so you know it isfreshwhen you get them.

sophie bryant

Didn t taste a good as expected

Austin Hayek

Tastes like clouds sprinkled with sugary sweetness and full of warm delisciousness!

Nicole Henderson

My favorite place on the island


My honey stopped off on our way out one night while we were put running errands YummY as ever, as always

Samantha Mather

Custard all the way -- warm little nuggets of joy!

Dion Ishmael

Fast friendly service and great food

Buddy TheDragon

Delish! Worth the visit.

Nicholas Jaskowski

There are few sweet treats I have enjoyed morning than these delightful creations.

Minenothackers 1

Malasadas! So delicious. Eat them hot.

Victor Slickvic Harris

I love Leonard's malasada they have delicious flavors cinnamon sugar and regular

Judith Smith

This review is long overdue. HI and I ate nearby and wanted cupcakes for dessert. It was so hard to pick just one. We ended up getting two and sharing. Both of us still wanted more! The staff was friendly even when we took so long to decide. Can't wait to come back and have another cupcake from SusieCakes! Parking in the area can be challenging however coming to Leonard's Malasadamobile Wagon will make you forget your parking dilemmas. 2016 Review #12

007 007

It was very good wish they would Come back to kaneohe

Lisa Berg

Leonard's malasadas. What can you say about them oh my God they're delicious. They are the closest thing to manna I think I actually look forward to seeing them. They're soft tender and sweet and melt-in-your-mouth. The wagon is clean and neat and outside and the staff is excellent. They are magic.

Fry Monsters

Yummy malasadas and Friendly staff too. Ordered 6 with dobash and custard. And brought 12 plain back to Henderson. 3 days later, I put it in the oven and sprinkle some sugar and they're fresh again. So yummy!

Claudia Durand

Delicious fresh and hot. Has a chewy and fluffy texture. The filled varieties come with a ton of stuffing inside. The original, cinnamon, and haupia were all delicious. Eat them promptly or they can become tough and they do not reheat well. Quick service. The website only lists one Malasadamobile but I went to one parked near the Walgreens by Hanauma Bay.

Starkid Salvacion

Use to love leonards but something about the donuts lately it has a bitter after taste. I thought it was just a bad batch but i tried it again last week different truck. It still have the same bitter after taste.

Joyce Hirota

Sweet, piping hot pieces of heaven coated in sugar. Tastes the best hot!! Even on a 95 degree weather day, we still come out to buy a box of malasadas.

Nate Kennaley

First and only thing you need to know is... You can't eat them cold. Be sure to eat them immediately, because when they cool down they are just another basic bread with sprinkled sugar powder on them.

Beverly Livingston

Would any visit to Oahu be complete without Leonard's Malasadas? It's just part of the perfect Oahu experience. Delicious, hot and addictive, these pastries cannot be missed.

Mark Miller

If you go to Oahu ... you have to go to Leonards! It's a tradition. Yum! Their main location is near Waikiki, but they have a wagon out in Waipahu as well ... and perhaps elsewhere.

Rosa Marquez

They are so amazing

Erika Duke

This mobile alternative to Leonard's famous pastries is a great stop. You don't have to go into Honolulu and fight the traffic or stress about looking for a parking space. This little stop is great and we really enjoy the baked goods from there.

Lori Ing

Must visit and eat the delicious Leonard's malasadas! A must do when coming to Hawaii! Check out their cute merchandise at their shop in Kapahulu too!

Zeni Viera

This place is the best, they're courteous and friendly and the donuts are amazingly delicious!

Mark Alexander

It's so good and da people that work there are fantastic I'm going to go there again again! It's that good very body should go

Todd Carhart

Leonard's Enough said! Addicting, yummy,

Stela Trindade

The donuts are delicious. A must try if you are in Oahu. They are much more like the Portuguese/Brazilian version of donuts than your average Dunkin Donuts

Leiko Someda

Its Leonard's... hands down the best!!

Nicole Smith

Yum! Yum! Yum! Whenever I visit I have to visit a Leonard's for a couple of their delicious malasadas (Portuguese donuts without a hole). Today I had an original and a haupia-filled one. Make sure to eat them when they're fresh and warm. The very outside is a bit crispy and the inside is fluffy and melty. So, so good!

Adrian Ancheta

not really good, usually they make good malasadas but this time no I don't know why? maybe different cooks .

Cisco Alvarez

Yummy for your tummy, try these delicious Malasada's....must have while visiting O'ahu

Mary Ann Dela Cruz

love the malasadas

Ryan Gardner

rude lady eating inside just brushed us off saying closed until further notice. not going back

Happy Furtado

It's always good.. .

Linda Christian

Love the Malasada's

Pengui Person

Best place to get malasadas. Best place for a quick bite to eat. Faster than the main location without worrying about parking.

Amie Campbell

Super nice people, and they give a military discount! Plus it was delicious!

chris piano

Malasada is warm and tasty, had couple of the fillings and it was just great. Wait time.qas.not that bad since it made to order.

Jason Baba

Went to the Pearlridge wagon. It was all good until an employee who was starting his shift decided to change into his workshirt right next to my malasadas that was being sugared up! Kinda gross but funny....luckily no armpit hairs on my malasadas! Not going back.

La La

If it's Leonard's, it's gotta be 5 stars! Best malasadas hands down.


Fast service, great food.

Devin Statts

Need I say anything about good malasadas

Nick Ganiron

My weekness. Can't say no to - malasadas?

giovanni velazquez

Good baked goods, have to try it if your new to the area. These strip of food trucks often bring in a crowd.

Mystical Missy Brewer

Omg, these are to die for!! I actually just told my hubby I want a box for my birthday instead of a cake!! We go every chance we get.

Amy Little

We had to give these a try! Tasty, like a not quite as sweet donut, very good still warm!

Mafiakanesi Falevai

It's alright. No sugar bad sugar

Wrenn Iuli

Best Malasada's around and great friendly service.

Michael Sarrafian

Convenient place to get fresh hot malasadas!


Delicious, eat fresh and stick to the sugar or cinnamon for starters

Tanax Rox

Custard and cinnamon donuts were pretty good.

Tony Galante

What a perfect day to find this donut truck in the parking lot. We had talked about trying to go to Leonard's when we were in Waikiki but didn't make it. Stumbled upon this and couldn't have been happier. We got chocolate and Coconut filled, along with cinnamon. Chocolate was my favorite and Coconut was a bit more like vanillas but was good. Very good and loved that they were served hot. Employees were so nice.

Martha Phineas

Sooo DELICIOUS, haven't had Leonard's Malasada in ages and it was GREAT.

Catherine and Robert Miller

Leonard's never disappoints. The truck is a fantastic option when you can't get downtown.

Mickaël Splingart

The chocolate puff is a MUST try! I'd even rate it 6 stars if I could!

Chelsea Becker

Best malasadas you will ever taste!! AMAZING! try the lilikoi filled ones! So ono!

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