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2484 Keneke St, Kilauea, HI 96754, United States Located in: Historic Kong Lung Market Center

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REVIEWS OF Kilauea Bakery & Pizza IN Hawaii

Rosalie Escobar

Go to this bakery and get delicious pizza and dessert!

Jared Grotz

We celebrated my mother's birthday in Kauai last week. Prior to our vacation, I searched for bakeries to find a birthday cake for her and came across Kilauea Bakery & Pizza. I had tried calling them on Tuesday to see what their options were, but unfortunately they are closed Tuesdays. I went early Wednesday morning (her birthday) and was disappointed to see a sign for the cakes that said they had to be ordered a day in advance. Fortunately, when I asked if they had any ready, they did. We got the Chocolate Raspberry one and it was absolutely amazing! It was priced pretty reasonably for a bakery in Hawaii (~$42) but the quality was well worth it and my entire family enjoyed it.

Carolyn Whipple

Delicious bagels!

Wayne Bennion

The Hawaiian Sourdough is great! Try the mango macadamia scones, too!

April _mdj

Tucked away, but it's there. Great food, amazing salad with homemade dressing. Everything is baked fresh. Cozy courtyard with a great Musician (at times). I wish the musician stood past 11 am, he was great!

Debra Baker

Ordered the Veggie Pizza with Mozzarella cheese and it was so delicious! Loved Every bite! Will return soon! Kudos to the Chef! Friendly service too!

Victoria Christiansen

Perfect little bakery with delicious treats.

Isaac Sills

Good food

Andrew Pierce

Love this little place. Great service, great food, great atmosphere. Try the feijoada (was surprised to find this Brazilian dish here...not as good as they make in Brazil, but still enjoyable).

Mona Ingram

No full milk for latte, they only use half n half. However their Italian Semolina bread and the guava macaroon were fresh and tasty. We bought a loaf for sandwich and it was so soft and fresh! Also tried the Breadfruit muffins, it was not quite baked through or maybe that is how breadfruit dough is supposed to be cooked. All in all a decent bakery.

Shane G

I come here every morning, the food is made from scratch by the owner and his team. it's delicious. The people are warm and fun! This is a popular locals spot! There's plenty of seating for the whole family! I highly recommend Kileaua Bakery!

Neil Olsen

LOVE to stop by here and grab a snack, an ice cream, some drinks, and kick back at the MARVELOUS beach across the street!! LOVE this place


Got the meatball calzone. You need to wait 30 minutes for it but it is worth it. The salad and calzone was amazing. Got a creampuff as well and that was not so great.

Aman Haile

Only got dessert. The chocolate cookie was pretty hard and was expecting more for a 2.00 cookie. Can't speak to the pizza or coffee though

Diki Doleck

$5 slice pizza and no WiFi.

Marlin Beshore

Use your national park pass to enter for free. Don't miss the northern most point of kawai.

Stephen Northcutt

I love visiting before church to get the sundried tomato bialys and coffee. They have an Ulu, (breadfruit), bagel that is fantastically good. There is always a soup. The pizzas are really good, I know ham and pineapple is a bit cliche, but they do it better than any I have tried. The smoked ono pizza is also surprisingly good. Parking, can be tricky at this shopping center, but a bit to the South there are usually spots at the rec center and don't be shy about using the grass, everyone does, but please make sure your vehicle is totally off the road.

Jason Hirschhorn

Fantastic food. The perfect way to start your day.


Five years later and still awesome! They are nice, fast, delicious, fun, and homey. Great place to rest, relax, and recoup.

AYOBA design

Holy~ Billy Holiday Pizza! Best Pizza ever!

Scott Gittens

This was a daily for me for a couple of years. Breakfasts are good, especially fond of the bialies (a bagel with filling where the hole would be). Their smoothies are spot-on and always help me feel good. Lunch offerings are really great too. Pizza, salads, soups, and sandwiches are all delicious. They're also now curing their own meats (yum!) and moving toward becoming a "Kauai-grown" bakery. At least stop for a coffee and cookie on the way to the Kilauea lighthouse. I almost forgot to mention the desserts. Mmmm. Macaroons, cakes, cookies, and more.

Elionne Cambeilh

About 5$ for a slice a pizza. The pizza is not bad, it's crust quite dry, I'm guessing it's gluten free... I do enjoy there cakes and the service is usually cordial. All in all, next time, I'll order something that is more substantial for the money... Nice atmosphere, love the books. Would be great of you to offer a kamaaina discount...

Lichia Bucklin

Coffee was good. Staff seemed disorganized behind the counter, burnt my order...

Keith Sutton

Great breakfast goodies.

Zac Atsatt

Pizza is solid, but the baked goods are really where they shine. Passionfruit cream puffs? Yes please!! Seriously though, best cream puff I've ever had.

Leilani Taylor

Great chance to try breadfruit, and lots of gluten-free options (pizza, cookies, etc.). No fans on the patio; it was miserably hot when I was there in August. The gluten free pizza was delicious though. Very doughy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Julia Green

Friendly staff, good food and cozy atmosphere.

Jessica Golden

We ordered a pizza here and it.was delicious! It was a somewhat reasonable price and came quickly. The staff here were friendly and even though the indoor.area was a little clustered, there was plenty of room outside.

Sammi Burke

The Chewy, the BBQ Chicken, and the Billie Holiday are the fan favorites in our family. Great spot for a casual dinner. Pizza is delicious with a great crust and top quality toppings.

James M.

Very enjoyable hot choloate and luloki lemon bar was amazing!

riki strong

Best Chocolate Guava Macaroons in the world!

Daniel Gefen

Cute place nice staff. Pizza was ok, not bad. Cookie was good

Flexible Hawaii

Nice pizza. Lots of topping options. Way better than chain restaurant pizza

Stan Greenbaum

Good food. They need a separate line for purchasing bakery or food items that don't require any preparation.

Fabian Dohmes

Nice place, veg pizza was great, meat pizza dry and lacking taste. Cheese pizza liked awesome but ran out and I didn't want to wait 15 minutes (organization?). Crust is on the dry side but definitely unique. Side salads were fresh with a few different greens, the olive tamponade was olive-y (my significant other liked it, me not so much). Overall, I'd call it quite good if a little overhyped.

Robert arr

The baked goods are delicious (get here early). The pizza was good, nothing special, but a bit expensive. Two slices cost almost 12 dollars. They have a very nice outside seating area. A large chalk board for artists of "all ages" which is awesome. The sandwiches looked delicious. Come here for the atmosphere and the baked goods.

Terry Eddington

The pizza (we had the Scampi) is loaded with toppings and the whole wheat crust is crispy. The soups, sandwiches and salads are all top notch. And the baked goods are the best on Kauai. OK, everything is terrific! There is no beer but BOYB wine is welcome! With hundreds of choices, we still go back 2 or 3 times in a week long visit. It's easy since they have all 3 meals covered with great food options.

Chris Holland

Ok, let's start off by saying that Kauai is not the PA/NJ/NY area and I'm very picky with my pizza. If you go expecting this type of pizza you're gonna be disappointed. However, this is great pizza. The cheese, the toppings and sauce are great. The crust is thin and crisp but lacking a bit. Still a great pizza and a cheap meal on the island when compared to other placed with sub par entrees for $30 a plate. Great spot to pick up a pie and a satisfying meal after a long hike or a day at the beach. Also the coconut chocolate chip bars are straight headband. Would recommend to anyone on the north shore.

gary way

Good pizza, freshly backed to order and great pastries. If you are in the area of Kilauea lighthouse be sure to try them.

Jannette Walker

Food is beyond amazing!!


Great food better atmosphere very family friendly chalkboard wall and blocks for kids and a book donation wall seriously awesome place to eat

Terry Cuozzo

Oh YUM! Soup, fresh bread and pastry-- I'll take those any day

patrick low

good coffee. bakeey items cost a tad more than Lihue

Robert Sargent

Pizza was tasty and staff very helpful. The special we had, sweet Pineapple, ham, chapottle pepper, and roasted garlic was a terrific hot, savory combination!

JP Highwater

Ate here several years ago and plan to on my next trip this fall. The bread was excellent, especially the dark rye. The Billy Holiday pizza (with Ono, aka Wahoo) was incredibly good. The staff were friendly. This is an excellent place to stop for a meal. As I said, I'll be there again this fall.

Marta Coll

I had to wait 20 minutes to get a panini. The panini was a sandwich soaked in butter. It was a chicken, cheese, bacon with alioli but it was too spicy to enjoy. Nowhere in the menu it said it was spicy. No restrooms.

Mike Antuma

Delicious pastries pizza and coffee. Offering lots of GF vegan etc. A few shops in the area as well.

Tim Walter

Pizza was fabulous. This is a tucked away gem and not too expensive.


Decent coffee. Very good pastries. One of the few places open very early. I recommend the the coconut rum balls. It would be nice if they made cold brew.

Senai Mesfin

Great bakery for a chill, relaxing atmosphere for breakfast.


My very favorite place to eat.

Bhante Subhuti

Local favorite

Justin Britt

Good morning pastries. Some of the better pizza on the North Shore. Great outdoor seating area!

Jesse Fenton

Horrible service, was ignored when we went there and they weren't busy. Need some serious training. Would have spent lots of cash for our big group but will never beg to be served. Found another place close that appreciated having us and gave great timely service.

Dean Campbell

Good pastries and smoothies

devo loz

delicious pastry and the pizza hit the spot. everyone who works here is genuine and friendly. if you are in kaua'i this place will make your day better! be sure to order pastry with cream filling. you won't go wrong.

Todd Brown

Pizza was good, lots of gluten free options

Mark Guthrie

Low key and local. Great baked goods. Nice indoor and outdoor seating.

Roy Bolton

Eaten here many times. Good sandwiches, soup and pastries. Casual.

Pavel Yankovich

Hands down best Tuna melt in the Western hemisphere, the Pacific, and United States. You will enjoy the freshest bread and produce with melted cheese and the most mouth watering tuna.

Michael Walsh

I came in on Mothers Day as it was the pretty much the only food option that day due to holiday closures. I got 2 slices of meat pizza for under $10. This place did not inspire me to whistle zippidy doo dah but they handle their business and take care of ya.

Barbara Slobojan

Excellent food very casual

Kathleen Dering

Outstanding place to stop!!!! Great atmosphere and very good pizza, salad and pastries! Top notch local place!

Meg Henning

Great pizza and super friendly people. The dough was great and pizza was overall very flavorful. We also got a salad - the greens are sourced locally and taste fresh. Also a slice of the chocolate-raspberry cake. Although I would say that the slices are personal-size, so don’t plan on sharing!

Frank Tichenor

Great coffee and jams. Unfortunately our jam got.conviscated at customs. Our bad!

Kyle Hedlund

We went in late July, and they were busy. We waited around 30 minutes for 2 pizzas to go. It was worth the wait as they were very good, and as far as island food goes it was very reasonably priced. Great atmosphere, especially the courtyard.

Kim Sayre

I had a Jade Smoothie this morning.... I have been sick with the flu all week! It has made me feel so much better!! Thanks!!

Daphne Hermosura

Top quality!! Yummm. Ulubread, good coffee, good everything

Lori Wright

The gluten free bread options are plentiful. Slices of pizza are quick and good. Coffee smells amazing when you walk in.

Jessica Freiberg Merz

I dream of the lilikoi creampuffs between island visits.

Lindsey Clopp

Better know what you want! Because they’re ready to get you in and out quickly. The bialy bagel was pretty bomb.

Danny Peragine

Great pizza!!

Anh Vu Nguyen Lam

Great breakfast stromboli, I had the bacon and Portuguese sausage ones. Both were amazing and I finished a full one

Marilee Clark

This is the cutest little bakery. The food is wonderful and it has seating out front on the patio with a bookshelf that you can borrow and return from. I love this place.

Claire Greenleaf

Reasonably priced well sources food. Ignore crappy customer service.

Steven Arnold

Tasty stuff, very friendly staff.

Michael Pytel

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - this place delivers. Pastries and muffins are great. Awesome salad. Pizzas are the best on the north shore. We return every year. Love it.

Robert Shaye

Delicious Iced Chai with espresso! Friendly staff and no upcharge for flavored syrups or other milks. Very nice stop!

Neal Mathur

Good coffee, great baked goods... I had 1/2 a stromboli... must try for breakfast

Rob Johnson

Place is nice but I guess I got the wrong thing...heads up, don't get the salmon cream cheese bagel, just has tiny orange flakes and you can't even taste fish.

Mark O'Neal

Excellent pizza, salads, baked goods. They were extremely busy but it was worth the wait. Staff were friendly and professional. Empathetic and yet reassuring.

Jon Lewis

Awesome bakery with great pizza, coffee, pastries, soups etc... Recommend stopping on your way to/from the lighthouse.

Kim Le

Ok salad, ok pizza, ok service. Not worth the money.

Doreen O'Donovan

Delicious assortment of baked goods including warm and cream pies. Nice indoor and outdoor seating areas. Look carefully as it is in the courtyard.

Joanne Fairlie

When visiting Kuaui, I always make at least one stop at the Kilaueas Bakery - great coffee, wonderful baked goods, friendly service.

Rajeev Sharma

Cute friendly & tasty. Worth a stop in for sure. Friendly polite staff eager to help. Great outdoor seating & baking looked tasty. Would go again.

Wade Cunningham

Good food we were all impressed by it!

kim Winningham

Best place for everything been coming here Ever since I could remeber

Angela Baker

A worthwhile stop if you're on the north shore of Kaua'i (but don't make a big separate trip up for it). Rather than going at breakfast, I recommend going at lunch and grabbing some home baked pizza - yum!

Andy Ray

Most unhappy counter staff on island. Bakery items just ok and smoothie average. Pizza is kept in gas station warmer, did not order but hard to know how fresh. Gave two stars for location and patio seating.

Jason Hover

Loved this place

Jenny Gossett

So delicious! We stopped in for breakfast on our way off the island. Great coffee, quiche, breakfast rolls, and baked sweets. We bought fresh ground coffee to bring home and we love it. Wish we had found this place earlier! It also has a cute outdoor seating area.

Zachary Peterson

Love everything about the food and people here. Come here for coffee and the Stromboli and it’s perfect when the morning rain is rolling through. Grab a book from their selection for $4 and the proceeds go to helping the Kilauea school literacy program.

Jennifer Calder

Good service and yummy food

Sheila Glazer

Awesome food

Marlene M

We stumbled across this place while on our way to the lighthouse and am glad we did. Great deserts and coffee. Staff was friendly and quick. Loved the outdoor seating. What a great atmosphere. We went back again during our visit on the island for lunch which was great as well. Highly recommend checking this place out.

Jenna Rush

Just ate here and LOVED it! We split a salad and a veggie pizza and couldn't have been more satisfied with our experience. The salad was full of fresh ingredients and we paired it with both the basil and Gorgonzola dressings - hard to say which one we enjoyed more! The veggie pizza was loaded with delicious veggies and the crust was cooked perfectly. We ate pizza twice here while on the island (I'm pregnant, and it's become a serious vice of mine), and I have to say Kilauea Bakery and Pizza definitely out beat our previous pizza experience. Super cute patio too and friendly staff! Don't miss this sweet spot :)

Robert Barnett

The Pizza is the best! All handmade with fresh ingredients.

Marina V

A really wonderful bakery. Loved everything we ate here (mainly desserts).

David Palmer

One of my favorite places to grab lunch. The sandwiches and salads are amazing. I can't speak highly enough.

Harry Stone. Jr.

Excellent baked goods

Jennifer McCallister

I go here for coffee every morning.

Dr. Kay Rogers

We really enjoyed the Pizza and salad. Loved the arugula in the salad. I was able to put arugula on my pizza slice for my favorite combo!


They have the best rye molasses bread. Onion bagel was good, we got a cheese pizza with garlic it was nice, but for our family it needed way more garlic. Baby greens salad was excellent, we tried the herb vinaigrette, blue cheese & green goddess. Favorite was in this order Blue Cheese, Green Goddess & tied with 2nd place was the Herb Vinaigrette.

Pat Castellanos

Wonderful breads and decent pizza. Don't expect big portions or cheap prices but the quality is amazing and the service is true island friendliness. Get the mango tart if they have it or the macaroons.

Joey Bakal

Had lunch here with my family. Amazing little mom & pop type feel with freshly made soups, baked goods and salads. Quaint, quiet place with foods for any type of diet /allergy. You can smell the freshly baked pizza walking up to the restaurant. Highly recommend.

Mr. Dronez FPV

Great pastries, you will definitely return for more!!! We did!!!

Jeremy Sea

Wonderful atmosphere but I would avoid the pizza in the future. I prefer a more chewy crust at this thickness, or a thinner crispy crust. I appreciate having slices as an option but I think there are better choices available for lunch.

Steven Larky

Decent pizza, but ingredients vary from the description

Larry Powell

Great food and Staff. Lots of Gluten free options which the wife liked.

Susan Stewart

I used to love this place but on a recent visit was incredibly put off by the unprofessional and rude woman taking my order. The food is still fine but the service has really gone downhill. Disappointed.

Thomas Chen

Soup, pizza, paninis, coffee, smoothies, and pastries. A charming eatery set in a historic shopping complex. Mango custard pie was the most flavor-forward dessert item. Smoky (bacony) fish chowder was a favorite too. We also had pizzas, sandwiches and a bunch of other pastries, and they were all tasty and well-made. Next time, I would order a fresh (whole) pizza, instead of the pizza by the slice, which could be sitting around for a while.

Alex Petrovics

Cannot get enough of the mango tart and other mouth watering delicious treats.

Bhavana Chawla

Had a custom pizza with mac nut pesto topped with smoked ono fish, spinach & olives. Delicious! And casual, pretty outdoor garden setting you can take your pizza to eat if you don't want to sit inside. Why sit inside when it's so tropical outside at the garden isle! Yummy surroundings & food.

Wilson Hong

Decent baking. Had their cookies and squares which were not sweet. Very fresh and great ingredients. Their shakes area also fairly priced. Nice local joint

Corey C

Average prices and average food. Very busy.

Xavier Carrenyo

When crowded quality goes down. Also paninis are too fatty!

Gary Lockwood

Good food, very pleasant shaded outdoor atmosphere.

Greg Oswell

Just a cool bakery in an ideal setting. Loved the breakfast stromboli (bacon), the sticky buns was the highlight of the pastries for us but the chocolate drizzled macaroons we're also excellent. Friendly people too. What more could you want?

Will Finley

The pan de coco here is incredible. Didn't try the pizza but it looked good. We also tried the macadamia nut bread pudding. It was great also. This place is kind of a nice change of pace from the normal island food.

Devin Ramdutt

Wish we had found this place earlier. Stopped here for breakfast on our last day on the island. Great breakfast food options (sandwiches, pastries and other treats) and awesome coffee. Not too pricey and relatively quick even though it was a little busy.

Gemma Moraleda

The baked goods are really amazing from the pizzas to the pastries. I just really wish the prices were listed on all the different pastries so I could make a decision for what I want quickly considering there is almost always a line.

Susan Whittington

The Kilauea Bakery is one of my favorite casual eating spots on the northshore. Their homemade soups and pizza are delicious. The pastries are to die for and the coffee drinks are so yummy. Friendly service and outdoor or inside seating makes it a popular destination.

Lyn Wandell

Yummy baked goods, coffee plus sandwiches and salads!

Phil Ventura

Surprisingly good slice of ‘Za complemented with fresh veggie salad for a little over $10 is a hard to beat deal.

Rhonda Burns

Love this bakery and the deli. Everything was great. Good service and portions. Great prices too.

Richard Tiede

Good good and coffee.

Doug Hilo

What was once charming and relaxing is now fast food...!!

M Reaves

This is a fun bakery that we went to for coffee and pastry each morning. It’s favored by the locals so we figured it must be good. They have a wide variety from sticky buns and cinnamon rolls to bagels and breakfast stromboli. The coffee is excellent as well. They also have pies and cakes and serve pizza later in the day. It’s counter service only and they do a great job.

Craig Blaha

The food and people are fantastic!

mike wisniewski

wonderful service and pastries

Jennifer McLeroy

Stopped here for breakfast on the way to the Kilauea Lighthouse. My husband and I purchased multiple pastries, all of which were delicious. The woman who waited on us was friendly and willing to answer all of my questions about the different pastries. I did feel a little overwhelmed when ordering as they have a large variety of items on the menu and they were busy when I stopped by (so I didn't want to take too long making my selections and hold up the line). Would definitely recommend stopping here if you are in the area.

Doug Racine

Great pizza. Friendly service. Thanks Caren!

Jessica Light

Delicious high quality baked goods. Yummy smoothies and soups. Great atmosphere. Beautiful flowers surround. Friendly staff. It can get busy... Because they are loved by locals and visitors alike.

Mike Carter

Amazing Hawaiian style pizza...great salad and....desert to take home for later. Love the outdoor patio atmosphere.

Daniel Rios

A must stop every time we're in Kauai. We've been coming here for years and it gets better every time. family style Cafe huge portions.

Jocelyn Pearl

Great emploies, so kind! And the food was really good!


Friendly staff and grand pizza. Unique pastries if you're open to it! You definitely get what you pay for. Cheers!

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