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REVIEWS OF The Original Pancake House IN Georgia

Corinne Dries

This weekend we were in town for a very good friends wedding. We are fortunate enough to be apart of a group of friends that consists of like 16 people who live all over the state of Georgia, Delaware and Canada. Yesterday morning after all of us celebrated the marriage of one of our couples we all decided breakfast was an excellent idea. 13 of us including the groom ended up at the OPH. We knew being a big party that it would take some time to set up, so we truly did not mind the wait as we simply enjoyed being together. The manager, Casey came out to us several times during our wait expressing that it truly bothered him that we had to wait so long. We reassured him several times that it was really okay. I’m not sure what magic he worked behind the doors but we were seated promptly and on top of that, our server Johnny, was AMAZING!!! I also think a round of applause goes out to the kitchen team, as our food came out quickly and was served hot. Overall, this was a tremendous experience. From our Atlanta family, to yours, we sincerely thank you for giving us an amazing and memorable meal with the ones we love!! “The 16 best friends that anyone could have”


This place is amazing and one special place to get breakfast. I had the sourdough pancakes and they were awesome!! I will definitely be going back to try more pancakes. They have a big variety of unique pancakes, waffles, crepes, and so much more. What a wonderful experience!! The staff is super friendly and our waitress did a wonderful job.

Jonny Cunningham

We've been to a couple of these, and were not impressed. But this one! Wow. Great choices. Super atmosphere. Well maintained place. Eggs Benedict a favorite.

Zachary O'neil

My wife and I first experienced The Original Pancake house in St. Louis, MO on a cross country trip home and were blown away at the experience. The pancakes are sweet and delicious and the omelettes are the size of a football. I dined at the location in Alpharetta for breakfast and service was fast and food was delicious. I will definitely return when I am in the area.

Chester Drawrs

Best breakfast in town, most attentive wait staff, pancakes, patty sausage, omelets are great, sometimes too much food, but you haven't tried anything until you have tried the apple pancake or the Dutch baby. OMG! The best. My wife loves the eggs Michael, really the only plate she gets every time we go. And as picky as she is about the poached egg, wanting it hard boiled instead of runny, David Bradley and staff come through every time. They have never dropped the ball on that order. David also has a pretty bad a** S10 pick up he parks in front of the restaurant from time to time. Keep up the great work guys.

Michael Anderson

I was going to rate it lower, but the server (Cesar) was great and the burnt apple pancake was on the house. They tried to make sure were taken care of. I will try it again just to see if it was just an off day.

John Healy

Don't order the Peach pancakes. Ask for a table, booths are really tight.

Jessie Day

Seriously the best breast i have ever had. Definitely worth visiting!!

Alex Gaskins

Omelettes still taste great as leftovers which is good since the pancakes demand to be eaten first.

Marjorie Reaves

I enjoyed the strawberry crepes and added whip cream. Sooo good! Great service. Definitely recommend.

John Walker

Great food Great service!

Pamela Roth

Always an excellent time! Great food, great staff at very reasonable prices!!!

Debbie Nelson

Delicious! Recipes exactly as I remember on the Northshore of Chicago.

Andrew Riddle

Way better than IHOP and similar places.

Cali Outlaw

Wish you could make a French toast meal like the pancake meal. Instead of having to order everything separate. Great food and excellent service.

Nakisha Pinkney

Brunch is my favorite meal. Sunday morning goodness graced my tastebuds!! They have a great selection of specialty pancakes—but I stuck with the traditional pancakes and sampled a piece of my friends French toast. On the next visit I’m going to sample the fried apple pancake concoction. The waitress was new but extremely attentive. Can’t wait to visit again!!!!

Timothy Gibson

Good Fresh Food... Big Portions...

Anisha Patel

Decent food but not very flexible with substitution. With other breakfast places around that will flex to your taste, I'm not sure we will repeat.

Margaret Chind

The server could have been a bit more accommodating but our food was delicious and timing was great. For a first trip we would gladly return. For our family (and gluten free options) we were very satisfied. Crazy wait time, but brunch must be a busy Saturday affair.

Yash Pathak

A great breakfast place !! They have freshly squeezed orange juice which is a great positive point ! The food quantity is massive but the booths are pretty small to sit so ask for a table and avoid the booths!! Attached photos - fresh veggie omelette, dutch baby (their specialty)

James Leverett

Excellent food and great customer service.

Malcolm Traxler

The apple pancake is awesome.

Rai Dey

Ordered Crepes. Very average. They should reduce the size of the portion and charge accordingly. Very overpriced

Leo Mota

The food portion were very small and over priced. Example omelet about 14.00 and extra charge for chess, who hear of making omelets without chess!!

Surekha Shah

Do yourself a favor and use the no wait app! It was great . Excellent pancakes but I wish they would cut down the size of omelettes (6 egg omelettes!!! Seriously, are we training to be sumo wrestlers???) . I guess it's good if you are in a large group and able to share. I ordered a potato pancake expecting it to taste like latkes, but I didn't like them. They tasted very eggy, even though the waitress told me they had no eggs! The staff were wonderful though, and took it off the bill. I will definitely be coming back here to try other things on the menu.

Ana Medina

Great location, great service and the food was great. I got the cream cheese crepes... The only thing that wasn't so good were the eggs. They were kind of runny. They took it back and cooked it more but still didn't like it.

James Fritz

Ok, we waited for 1:15 minutes to be seated. It was Mother's Day, and there was a big crowd. However, the food was well worth the wait. The atmosphere was pleasant and the service was very good. We had a large group, which also affected the wait time, but the staff did their best to accommodate all.

Christopher Bloor

What blew me away about this place was the price. How I can spend so much money on breakfast was beyond me. The food was good, but folks, we are talking about breakfast, not a 5 course meal. Would I go back? Sure, but only if they drop their prices by about 60%

Aishat A.

The food here is really nice (better than IHOP) the service is really good (the staff is so friendly) and the food is healthy (to some extent) because only clarified butter is used in the cooking. They have gluten free and options for people with eating restrictions. Would come again.

Brandy Jackson

Best pancakes I have ever had in my life. They literally melt in your mouth. I would describe them as the best sweet yeas roll taste you have ever had turned into a pancake.

Sean Dungan

Love the apple pancake! All their food is made from scratch and you can tell. You won't be disappointed.

Moto Mama

Grew up with homemade German Pancakes & these were as close as you can get; little tip this is not on the menu, you have to ask for it.

Matt Lockhart

The food was amazing, but the service was even better. Our waiter was super helpful and added personal stories on top of everything while efficiently bringing us our order. I'll definitely be back and suggest that you stop there as well. You won't be disappointed with the Dutch Baby

Terry Boudreau

Wanna a pancake? Want waffles? No better place around here. Good atmosphere and outstanding staff.

Deb Macek

Excellent place to go! Food is great, and the staff is amazing. The dishes on the menu are made from scratch and from the highest quality ingredients. Amazing! 10 stars for this place.

andrew Davis

Got an omelet here and I will say you better come hungry. A little on the pricey side but you get a lot of food. The omelet was huge(6 eggs) and a variety of other menu items. Also the omelet came with 3 pancakes. If you have Groupon it's not too bad. Great service and fast but if you go on a weekend morning be prepared to wait.

Dasara Strange

The food and service is great. The omelettes are big and fluffy. They almost take up the whole plate. Their pancakes aren't that big but they are good. Their hash browns are plain seasoned potatoes but My daughter loved them. Overall a great breakfast!! We love this place.

Hannah Sarkodie

The food is always fresh and high quality here. The portions are large and the service is excellent. I recommend asking for Percy if he is available.

Anita Bagley

Great pancakes.

Justin Quinn

Food was mediocre... Tasted reheated. Bacon was good but way overcooked, pancakes we're fine, nothing too special there. Scrambled eggs were undercooked, and home froes were very plain. The serving sizes we're on the smaller end, but they were sufficient. While the prices were not the greatest, service was extremely fast... Ordered food and it came out five minutes later. I've been to four other locations all over the country, this one was probably one of the worst.

Justin Juhan

This one is closer than the one off lavista. They have a good check in system that texts you when your table is ready. For a delightful sugar coma try the apple pancake. Large portions. Decent service.

Rebasue A

Best baked omelet and French toast I have ever eaten. A bit pricey for breakfast but well worth it. The apple pancake looks more like apple pie and tastes great.

Vincent Catanzaro

Thank you David for reaching out to me. I appreciate The Original Pancake House stepping up. I have amended my rating. First I want to say that the wait staff was excellent. My teen daughter and her boyfriend were celebrating their two year dating anniversary and wanted to go to The Original Pancake House because it has the best reviews. So the adults who drove sat at one table while the children sat at another table. The meals at The Original Pancake House are $10+, even for the most basic. Turns out that my daughters pancakes were raw on the inside, I didn't know this until we had to leave to get the children to school and I had already paid their check. Four breakfast meals $60 including tips. The server, who was great, told my daughter she would take care of the situation for her. Turns out the Manager on Duty 8/31/2018 (Blue Shirt). Decided that he would only replace the pancakes and not credit her meal. As she could not take the pancakes to school she passed. I can't help but feel that since the table had teenagers at it, that the manager did not feel the need to have a satisfied customer. The server was clearly embarrassed by the Mangers decision not to make the situation right. I am sure the kids would have loved a $10 gift card to return. Seems to me that keeping the $10 vs having customers return is the short term priority. Embarrassing for The Original Pancake House on two fronts. 1. You would expect that they would be experts at turning out pancakes 2. When they have a quality issue (quality is their big selling point), you would think they would make it right.

Amber Westberry

Honestly, the food isn't worth the wait or crowded dining area. Though the food is good staff could use a bit of training.


I've always loved this company. From what I can tell, though, each franchisee can kind of put their own stamp on their location. The first one I went to was on Peachtree probably in the late '80s. There is now a CVS Pharmacy in that spot. Then I went to one around Oglethorpe U maybe 15 years ago. I don't know if it's still there. We were happy to see this one here in Alpharetta. All I can say is that we were 100% satisfied in every way with everything during our visit. We notice every detail, every ingredient, every product, every employee and appreciate everything. Wish you were closer to where we live (Chattanooga)! Great job!

Rima S

If the rating is based on service I would give it a five. If based on pancakes I will give it a three and a half. Eggs and chicken, hash brown, bacon. I will give it a one star. The pancakes were not bad but not the best I had. I had better food (chicken eggs and bacon) at IHOP. It is a bit expensive for what you get even with the Groupon. Not sure will go there again


The food is always consistently good when we eat here. The service is fast and you can't beat a good Groupon $10 for $20 worth of food in which they are always on Groupon so check before you go. They serve you more than enough food so we always take the rest to go and the bacon is delicious. My favorite breakfast restaurant since Cracker barrel has gone down hill over the years. They also have a huge variety of breakfast and a great lunch menu as well. Be sure to check them out!

Betsy Godfrey

Let me start out by saying no restaurant is perfect. My husband and I were wowed by the flavor and portions on our first visit. We’ve driven past this place for months/years without much thought. It’s tucked behind the first layer of buildings next to the street so it can be easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Hidden gem. We have been several times now and had a few different omelette, various pancakes, eggs, sausage, and their coffee. All has been prepared to order, delivered speedily, and tasted great. Fair warning on the portion sizes: I ALWAYS need a to-go box. Seriously, the omelettes are made with 6 eggs and are packed with whatever other ingredients you choose. Service across their waitstaff has been excellent every time we’ve been. We’ve had Percy take care of us on a few occasions and he’s always so gracious and helpful. Casey, the manager we’ve interacted with, is also an asset to the restaurant. He chatted with us on our first visit about the restaurant’s history. Great place! Quit reading reviews and go try it out.

Tessa Duncan

Sourdough pancakes...that’s all that needs to be said

Kim Gunter

Very disappointed this morning! For about a year we have been coming in at least once or twice a month. Every time we come in we sit at the bar. Typically there is no wait and the spots aren’t reserved- they are first come, first serve. Today there were 3 open seats at the bar and we nabbed them. Imagine how we felt when the manager said that they had a waiting list for the bar? The whole allure is the bar for us. That’s the point about bars....they’re first come first waiting list! So, although the food is great, it was embarrassing so we will take our business elsewhere.

teresa albert

So two of us arrive and sign in. Told the wait is about 30 minutes. During the wait time the hostess is calling out names to be seated. People are not responding. She goes outside and calls their names. No response. Nothing happens. She keeps doing this and I finally asked her what the deal was. If the people don’t respond then the next in line should go in right ? She says it’s policy that they are given 10 minutes to respond because maybe they are out wandering around the strip mall. I said, that isn’t right. We are here and we should not have to wait for people to show back up. Especially since we’ve been told there’s about a 30 minute wait and it had already been 30 minutes and we weren’t close to getting in because of their 10 minute wait for people to show back up. We would have been there all day at that rate. I sought out a manager and told her. She talked to the hostess and rather than come back to talk to me, I was sitting in the lobby just three feet away from her and the hostess, she calls another name on the list and takes them back. She didn’t even acknowledge my problem with their procedure or try to ease my discomfort. I gave back the menus and the two of us left. Never going back there. Bad way of doing business. Maybe that’s why they are doing Groupons. People may go once but they won’t go back with this kind of customer service.

Bridget Long

Great coffee! One of the few places with a good juice selection, especially grapefruit. Pancakes are good. Service is fast.

Judy Gibson

Fast seating for a Saturday morning. Very good food and excellent service. Server was very attentive.

susan brazeal

This is the best place in town for breakfast food. Everything is fresh made from scratch and carefully prepared. Try it you'll like it. Try to plan as weekend mornings are really busy but worth the wait. Staff handles the crowd well.

Andrew Spingola

Love their French toast! The best in the city!!

Anita Patton

Absolutely wonderful. The service was great and food exquisite.

Mustafa Mazher

O...M...G...that's don't have to read beyond this. Just go straight there. Well since, you're still reading and haven't immediately zipped there after reading my first sentences, I'll give you a little more to go off of. There is a reason it's always packed there. Based on my wife's opinion, the breakfast food - eggs, pancakes, etc - is cooked and tastes fresh (as opposed to being frozen and thawed). To me, it's just damn good. Without being too dramatic, the orange juice is the best I've had in the US. It tastes like they squeeze it right before they serve it to you. The service was on point. Took me back to when servers were polite...ah, the good ol' days. So, based on my expert opinion: go have breakfast (or lunch) there!

Robert Freeman

My exp with this chain of restaurants, "The Original Pancake House" & the Chicago clone "Walker Brothers" goes back a half a century. In that span of time I have been very happy with the meals I was served until I ordered the Swedish Pancakes, at this location in Alpharetta, GA. Since this location opened I had always been satisfied with my food orders until a very recent visit when I ordered the Swedish Pancakes. The dish they brought to my table was total wrong. I expected the pancakes to be thinner than regular packages but what they brought me were packages cooked thinner than a tortilla. When I pressed my fork into the packages they snapped and broke up. Reminded me some of a ice cream cone except it was not rolled into the cone shape. Swedish Pancakes are made very thin but they should be fold-able like Crepes, and these pancakes I was served were to thin and brittle to be folded. Maybe their chef learned to make these Swedish Pancakes in Mexico City? Next to Last, I have had Swedish Pancakes and will order them again but not at this restaurant. Last, if you have the time the best place in North America is Door County Wisconsin for authentic Swedish Pancakes. I recommend the owners of this restaurant take a trip there and learn how to cook them!

Tara Ruiz

The Pancakes are AMAZING!!! Everything else is... mediocre. DO get the Coconut Pancakes, DONT get the Spanish omelette, steak, chicken etc. Anything you would get from steakhouse... just go to a steakhouse. Wait for lunch. DO not get meat from here!

Kinjal S

We came here for "lunch" on a Thursday afternoon. I was a bit hesitant since I don't like pancakes. Boy was I wrong!! The apple pancake, delicious! Not as sweet aa you'd think and huge. We ordered potato pancakes, apple pancakes, 49ers, Dutch baby, cinnamon nut French toast, bacon, sausage links and patties and potatoes. Our waitress was patient and fantastic! We also got fresh OJ. I didn't try the Dutch baby or 49ers but the cinnamon nut French toast was my favorite. Potato pancake was good too! Nice and crispy went well with sour cream.

Mr. T

Thanks for the great service and great food.

Alla Greseva

Very-very busy place, but the food is very good, good service, the waiter Natalie war very attentive

Julia Neppl

I ordered food to go, and the syrup was all over the bag and containers. The portion of home fries barely covered the bottom of the small to go box. I can’t believe I paid $3 for the home fries, it was about $.50 a bite. I’ve been here before and it taste good, but I was ripped off this time. Sub par compared to other Original Pancake Houses.

Daniel del Aguila

Oh . My gawd. The pancakes are so warm and fluffy.... The omlets are huge and delicious

David JB

Awesome food, great coffee and exceptional service!

Venkat Lok

Pancakes are unbeatable, not dry at all. Every time we go we get a stack of pancakes. Lots of food for the price, for example and omelette could really feed two people. The wait can get lengthy around weekend brunch, we have had up to an hour wait. Staff us helpful, not overly friendly or go out of your way staff but very efficient.

Dena Jackson

Great place to eat

J Hayden

Always amazing. Fresh. Healthy. Friendly service. Portions are huge so you get 2 full meals from 1 visit. After a visit here you'll never hop to IHOP again....or anywhere else for breakfast. Oh yes...kicking lunch menu to with same flare...flavor and value.

Michael Laury

Large portions. We ended up getting an omelette and splitting it as the omelette also came with pancakes. The taste of the omelette was ok, but the pancakes were amazing. The service was great, but the silverware was a bit on the dirty side. We did have to wait a bit to be seated. They should consider serving coffee to people who have to wait.

John Hall

I've now been to this place 3 times and the food is delicious. Granted, I've stayed within their waffle selection so far. The service is good but not overwhelming. I've had no issues but they do disappear at what seem like timed intervals. On the positive, I don't feel like they hover. I highly recommend the Blueberry Waffle and the home fried potatoes.

Sarah Ayers

Great food! The portions are pretty hearty so don't be surprised if you end up taking some home.

Rhonda Povlot

Banana pancakes are the best! Everything here is so good.

Jacob Miskulin

Blueberry pancakes with cream. Eat them and your life will be fulfilled.

John Mark Lidell PAC

Great tasting breakfast food , with Great service , and at a Great price , for a Very Satisfying meal

Marc Waddell

The absolute best eggs and bacon in town. Not sure how they do it, but the eggs are super fluffy and the bacon is done the only way it should be: crispy! :) Oh yeah, and the pancakes are pretty good too! I love the sourdough ones. Service is a smidge slow, but otherwise, a great place for breakfast.

Shannon Meadows

Had lunch today, but ordered breakfast. LOL. It was really good. Service was great and the food was awesome. I had pancakes chicken and eggs. Fresh OJ and really good coffee. I will definitely go back. Check it out soon.

Lucy Vollmer

Huge portions, friendly staff!

Jamie Fickes

Dutch baby is awesome!

Jim Galasso

I really like coming here for breakfast. They are always busy on the weekends so beware. If you are bold enough to try an omelette is tasty but ridiculous in size. The food is consistently good and they always have a Groupon available.


Consistently good food. Fresh, from scratch and tasty. The omelets and the orange juice are all great, but I also really do like their coffee. A very good place for family groups. We eat there when people come to visit

Creative Paige

OMG. This place has forever ruined any other breakfast restaurant. If you are in Atlanta you have to try it. More kinds of pancakes then I have ever seen and they are amazing. They make omlettes a foot long and so thick it's like a burrito. The waffles were perfect. Just go there!! Really!!

Charlie Wilson

Been several times & generally pleased with both service & food. Ordered the Sausage & Eggs plate; sausage was Under-cooked, pink even. Asked for a cooked order, the very same meat was returned to the grill, although they did re-do the eggs. Handled quickly but w\a minimum of courtesy. Still going back on

Enrique H.

Great experience today here! The Apple pancake is to die for! Customer service with Andrea was phenomenal! Giving 4 stars because the fresh vegetarian omelette was very watery on the inside and semi runny-ish. Also, very little to no taste, we had to add salt and hot sauce to make it palatable! Almost returned it but didn’t feel like bothering our awesome waitress! Skip the omelettes, stick with your pancakes my friends, after all.. is a pancake place! :-)

Dom S.

It is a great place for a good breakfast. The pancakes are amazing. I really like the German Pancake. It is not in the menu, but you can ask for. Enjoy your meal.

Lois Price

Great food and pleasant atmosphere. Will be back to enjoy again!


Good food but poor service... even if you have reservation or you get a text to come check in it will still take them around 30 mins to get you seated. Some of the waiters just don’t care about the customers and have an attitude that they are doing you a favor by providing you service.. As other people mentioned that they don’t even come to your table to take orders is actually true.. Also if you bring any Groupon or any other offers they automatically charge you a 18% gratuity for a 0% service. So regardless waiter is getting paid their tip so you go figure why would they care about you being there. It’s sucks for the corporate or the business owner that staff like that is actually hurting the business.

vero aguado

I had given then 5 stars before but our experience today was so frustrating I had to change it to 3 stars. We've been going here for 8 years. We always arrive between 11:45 and 12pm or call in for take out and pickup within 30 minutes. Our walt time is usually 20 to 40 minutes, not bad. We were received by a very nice hostess every time, serving time usually 15 minutes, price for a family of 5 around $90. Sometimes we would order take out and pick up in 30 minutes. We were happy with House Of Pancakes up until today. Today I called at 12pm to place a order like so many times before, and Raquel picks up the phone and told us they don't take orders over the phone, I explained to her we have been calling for 8 years to places takeout orders and no matter how busy they were we were always taken care of us. Raquel then said they do take orders over the phone but there was a waiting list. Again I explained to her we have been calling for 8 years to places takeout orders and no matter how busy they were we were always taken care of. I asked for the manager and she said he was busy and hung up the phone. Really???? It's very clear this person should not be answering the phone and talking to customers. She was extremely rude and obviously did not know what she was talking about.

April Orcutt

Great food except they tell you to get the nowait app for absolutely nothing! STILL WANTED ME TO WAIT 30-40 minutes! even with the app! don’t bother, not worth the wait.

Yeah Okay

Had a big fat waffle, pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Best breakfast ever!

Ed James

Superb. Everything and everyone was great.

Glen & Renee Allen

Always delicious! Always good service!!

Yulonda Richburg

Generally very busy, however on this visit was able to walk in and get a seat right away service was great food was great as usual Pancakes are small but tasty.. The meat bacon and turkey sausage very tasty a bit pricey, overall experience great friendly service and great food. Worth the wait if you come in late.

Karie H

The food is amazing. The service continues to be terrible. Best pancakes around. Huge portions, great coffee. But servers dont listen, no refills, dont check on you and dont clear plates from the table. Also stand around talking about their customers in the back corner by the drink machine. Very professional. But we go back for the food.. and the groupon... which they auto grat. on... fyi

Edwin Ashurst

Spendy but you haven't lived until you've had an apple pancake and a side of thick cut bacon.

Dave Arora

Great food and service. Consistently good.

Christopher Bush

Must see if you are visiting the area. I suggest fasting the day before because the portions are enormous; a children's cheese eggs is enough to share with the family and still go home with leftovers. Everything on the menu is really well done and in massive portions. You can't go wrong with the pancakes. The omelets are whipped and baked which causes them to have a browned, crisped, exterior which is not my favorite but many people seem to like it.

rob whitmore

The apple cinnamon waffle was amazing!!! My wife loved the Georgia pecan pancakes! I'm so glad we came here! The waitress was attentive even though it was busy. She made sure my wife knew about the free refill for her hot chocolate. We came on a Sunday so there was a bit of a wait, but definitely the best restaurant breakfast I've ever had.


Good Pan cake place . Especially their buttermilk pan cake melts in mouth .

Johan Fisher

Delicious breakfast. Most places pancakes are just not what I'm looking for. But they had nice fluffy buttery pancakes. And there omelet was Good too.

Gwendra Samuels-Bemba

Very disappointing experience. Erik and Casey have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO PEOPLE SKILLS, and no regard for families. They literally wanted to get into a full argument over a Groupon voucher. We didn’t know we chose a voucher that requires separate tables. Erik actually stated “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you”. I’ve never felt so humiliated from a place that I was spending money at.

Rae Cribbs

Great! We went twice during our vacation.

Wesley Sparks

I asked for 2 eggs, they must have giant mutant chickens laying eggs because it was a mound of eggs. Best pancakes I have ever had, the blueberry compote was spot on and the service was fast and friendly. Highly recommend you try this place, especially if you love breakfast like I do.

Mike Barber

Very good. Big portions

Derrick Scoggins

I had the Spanish omelette it was awesome great service friendly staff. I would make a reservation because its so busy .

Jesse Shearer

Very good breakfast food. Staff is very friendly. Tends to get crowded for these reasons. Would recommend

Phillip Stewart

Pancakes are the best

Ana Silva

I came here a few Sundays ago and was very shocked. The staff are usually nice but not this day- they took us to a private room to the left of the bldg and because of some spilled milk on the floor I didn’t sit and politely asked if we could change tables. The hostess was annoyed but said yes. She took us to the main room at the last booth by the wall (which is fine). 10 mins later the waitress came and took our coffee order. I asked if they had creamer ( dairy free) and she said no, that they only have cream. She answered with an annoying and sarcastic tone which immediately turned us off as this was no longer a pleasant brunch experience. She went to the very next table and was arguing with the patrons about something that must have happened before we sat down because they were asking to speak with the manager... when she came back with our coffee we asked for our check as we had decided we are no longer going to dine there... she again gave us an attitude, I guess because we wasted her time? Yeah... I will never ever ever be back. We went to First Watch on exit 10 and as we consistently do, received TOP NOTCH service. Disappointing...


So good~~ ^^ ♡♡♡♡♡ so nice~~♡♡♡ I went for the first time today with family. The staff were all friendly and taste was good ! ^0^!

Lew M

We always have a great experience at the Alpharetta location. They have the best coffee!! The service is usually good and the food always delicious. There is almost always a wait to be seated though. We just went to the pancake house, our server Spencer was great and the food delicious as usual but they sat four of us at this crazy tiny table!! The table was so tight and right up against our belly, and there was no leg room under the table. We love the place but that table killed the breakfast

Connor J

10/10 restaurant. Friendly staff + delicious sourdough pancakes = happy connor

Sabrina Sturtz

Just in town visiting and decided to try this place out, the food was amazing but my waitress was the reason I'm writing this review. Jennifer S. was the best waitress I've ever had, she's super attentive and has an amazing memory. We came 2 days in a row and she actually remembered or drink order from the previous day! I Would definitely recommend this place, is you go ask for Jennifer S to be your waitress!!

Bernetta Horne

Plenty of food great portion for the price

Benjiro Hida

despite being a crowded Saturday morning, we were seated within 5 minutes, our waiter greeted us within 2 minutes after seeding, our drinks were supplied 2 minutes later, and we were given at least 5 minutes to the side on our food choice. Are food selections arrive 8 minutes later, accurate and tasty!

Mikala Watkins


Tom Martin

Hands down the best pancakes in Georgia with exceptional service out on the main floor or in the private meeting area where we hold our men's Bible study every Summer. So, if you are looking for a great breakfast and a place where they make you feel like you're part of the family...go to Original Pancake House in Alpharetta!

Chris Kolasz

First had this up in Buffalo and loved it then discovered Georgia had one when we moved to a new house! Almost the same fantastic food. Service has always been great here.

Christopher Thompson

Came in with family, was immediately seated by host. And then nothing, and what i mean is not once did a waiter/waitress come by to take drink order or anything. Not even to stop by and say “we’ll be right with you.” But then other people who came after us, get seated and instantly have service. So we got up and left and went to Cracker Barrel, and before I even got finished with my review, we already placed our drink order.

Robert Miller

I'd heard a lot of great things about it, but maybe too much. I liked the environment and they do have lots of interesting choices. I was underwhelmed though. My diet has an influence here.

Carmen DeAngelo

Been coming to this place for half a decade or more. The service is very experienced. The food comes with many options for how you would like it. I love to get strawberry crepes with chocolate chips and a side of scrambled egg. The Dutch baby is famous here.

Tina Huck

Food was delicious...had the fruit covered crepes...but service was top notch!!! BTW...lesson can order half orders of pancakes and such and change flavors of pancakes.

Christina Lowe

This was my 1st visit ever to an Original pancake house, and it was super good!! The Dutch baby is WOW!! Also the thick crispy bacon was delicious too, and the service was wonderful as well. I highly recommend this place and I will be going back again.

James Carr Jr.

Great atmosphere, service and food.

Cole M.

It was a far drive for me but well worth it I swear they have like the best tasting pancakes omg

Sterling Trumill

Great breakfast spot pancakes and omelets are amazing

Daniel Lovell

I had the corn beef hash and eggs, and it was fantastic! Best I've had in long time. My parents enjoyed their food as well. Great pancakes They are a little pricey but not too too much.

John Skeen

Simply one of the best breakfast joints around. And if you know how to work the system properly (between Groupon, Belly, and the No Wait app) it can be one of your favorite too. Did I mention the food? It's amazing - I love the french toast! Thick crunchy bacon, excellently prepared eggs. You can't go wrong with this place!

Rick Dowdin

At arrival took phone number and was told 10-20 minute wait, okay, that was doable. As we sat waiting and watching for 25 minutes as patrons, those that were there before us and groups that came in after us and one couple that just walked in with the hostess noticing their arrival but not stopping them, were given seats. I asked the hostess if we were forgotten and she stated that we were right here referring to the list. We will never return to the Original Pancake House and will never refer anyone to it.

Robin Tartt

Food is good. Quality and quantity!

Reddamma Muddisetti

Narrow place Service is good Food is good Very crowd during weekends Nice place for breakfast times

Fay Fisher

Hello and Good Evening, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing today to tell a story of our experience this morning that was extremely unpleasant. We have dined at your place many times and always have great food and great service, unfortunately this morning the manager Mr. Matthews was extremely unpleasant. We were a party of 9 with a baby and when my sister arrived at 11AM to let them know of party they said they could not seat us all unless we were all present. Everyone arrived and unfortunately me my husband and the baby were running late as somehow a mouse seemed to have got in our car and eaten the car seat strap for the baby and was hiding in the vehicle so we had to run and get another car seat, needless to say we were late. My sister told the hostess she didn’t think we were going to make it and told them to just seat 7 as we were running too late, we did arrive eventually and she told me sister we were now a party of 9 and the hostess said this was fine and would get us a table. I did not know any of this but just showed up at the table with my husband and sleeping baby and asked if we could maybe add a table on the end. A manager walks up to the table and I’m not kidding when I say was extremely angry and unprofessional and called us liars. He said we were sneaking and we lied about the party and we are not taking any tables and we lied to get seated and this is our policy. I was frankly sitting in shock and I could not imagine why a man such as this was ever put in a management position as I am one myself at my current job. Usually the manager is calm, apologizes profusely and even if our accommodations can’t be met apologizes, none of this was done. This man was angry, he yelled at us and then called us liars. I did ask our waitress who his manager was as he was frankly the rudest manager I have ever met. Anyway, I am not too sure who to send this email to, and I am going to send it to a few places till it reaches the owner and he is aware of the way that this manager is treating customers. I hope you have a good evening and thanks again for all previous good pancake experiences! Merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone

Katie Head

Breakfast today was delicious! Our server Christy was very attentive and helpful. She was a great server! There was a wait but the bus boy was very good at turning tables around. The food comes in great portions for a good value!

Trina Roberts

GREAT Food and GREAT Service. This was My first time eating here. We were traveling for business and decided to stop and try it out. GREAT choice. Percy was our server and he Awesome!

Bill K

Love the Dutch baby! Large portions. Good value.

Jaci Ortega

The food is delicious! They give you A LOT of food too. Staff was great.

Mary Blanton

The food is very good and the service is excellent.

Don Holmes

Everything was good! Pancakes were awesome! Service was good and fast.

Michael Locklear

Big portions & also a big price was good but pricey


Never fails that this place serves the most delicious food consistently. Just had breakfast and as always , left with a happy tummy and great memory. Server Adriana was wonderful.


Love this place! Great service. Delish coffee. Apple pancake and Dutch Baby are favorites. And sit in Percy's section. Like visiting an old friend :)

Madeline Moorman

The waitress was super nice and helpful with finding us the right food, however I was not impressed with the food it was really moist and my turkey sausage was dry. The hostess was rude when I tried to check my place on the waiting list

Diane Summerville

It was alright but IHOP 's pancakes are thicker and taste better. Service was pleasant as I ordered to go.

sravya reddy

Yummy breakfast place.. they have fresh squeezed orange juice which is my favorite.. it’s better to call in and get in line during weekends else the wait time is min 20-30mins

Christopher Walker

Excellent service great food convenient location. The food is delicious and we'll on comparison with the likes of I HOPE and waffle House even on a bad day. I always get the two for four 2 scrambled eggs with cheese sausage and four pancakes, awesome, the worst thing is the wait but now they are on Yelp and you can make partial reservations.

Angela Knotts

Great breakfast food! Everything was perfectly cooked, exactly how we ordered it and the service was prompt (especially for how long a Dutch pancake takes to cook). It was pretty packed the Saturday morning we went and the food was a little on the expensive side, but totally worth it.

Daria Chastang

I love a place with an extensive menu, and theirs is great. Hearty portions. Service was really attentive. Got to use a Scoutmob deal for $10 off our order. Wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Alicia Crossley

The food was not worth the amount of money it cost pancakes were horrible and the home fries tasted as if they were cooked yesterday I would go get a refund but I had someone pick it up for me on lunch. Never again the prices are not online for a reason not worth the amount of money they are charging

Alisha Wyche

Lots of food, everything we've had was good and large portions. You could definitely share. The oj is supposed to be fresh so large isn't what you're used to, and its $5. A bit pricey, even by Whole Foods standards. Some of the best French toast I've had. Reminds me of Barbados. They often have Groupons as well. Wait staff is very knowledgeable and attentive. Be prepared to wait on a Sunday but you can also add yourself to the line via Yelp. Feel free to try something new like an apple pancake or Dutch baby.

Giselle Galvan

my favorite place to go for breakfast!! great service,friendly staff and the food is amazing!! don’t mind driving 40 mins to eat here :)

Sree Harsha

The continental breakfast - the crepes with fruits was the best i ever had

Stephen Peller

Love their apple pancake,drooling with butter, apples and cinnamon!!

Anthony Fields

Awesome pecan pancakes!

Karl Sodergren

I had the 6 egg baked omelette and it was great. It came with Buttermilk pancakes but the server upgraded me to the Keto Pancakes for a nominal charge and they were great too. Service was excellent. We will go back next time we are in Alpharetta GA.

Derek Romanek

The hot chocolate and apple pancakes get smiles for days.

Helena Delacy

Excellent food

Sam Israel

Needs more variety on the menu other than pancakes

Dana AbuGhazaleh

Food is delicious & excellent service.

Shamir Patel

The best thing on their menu is the bacon waffle! I always order it. Omelettes are huge and takes time to make because they use 6 eggs. You aren't leaving hungry for sure. Can always find a spot to sit without much wait.

mark h

Great pancakes and good coffee. The sourdough pancakes are something different and delicious. Though I dislike having to look at the owners political bumper sticker when you look into the kitchen. Would prefer my breakfast without the owner opinions on tax policy.

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