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4969 W Broad St NE, Sugar Hill, GA 30518, United States

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REVIEWS OF Sugar Hill Towne IN Georgia

Desiré Wilson

Amazing service and the food is phenomenal. Couldn't recommend this place more! The environment feels so magical and friendly. You really can't top this place when it comes to bakeries.

Alice Ambrose

This place is just SO hot or cold- depending on whose managing the place. It’s so unfortunate because I love taking my son here for our mother/son dates but it’s nerve wrecking not knowing if you’ll end up with the sweet lady and her husband (Santa lol) or the wicked witch of the north who is just so stone cold and seems increasingly uncomfortable any time she has to interact with anyone. Maybe she can’t socialize very well but it really puts a damper on the experience- every time.

Mickie Barbee

Wonderful food service and atmosphere classy

Stasha Rucker

Went here on July 27,2019 for lunch with a friend of mine. We both drove over 40 mins from different directions and were excited to try this place out. When we got inside no one greeted us for several mins and once we were greeted we were told that they were closing early. We were told that they were closing at 1:30 pm and since it was 1:00 pm and there were no available tables that we would have to come another day. I asked another employee why they were closing and was told it was because they were short on staff. I counted seven workers and six tables. We left confused and mad as they weren't suppose to close until 8 pm and they looked fully staffed. Sad to say I won't go back because it's not worth the risk of getting turned away again especially since it is a drive to get there from where I live.

Laura Brown

Sidney is amazing... Pecan pie was very good

K.B. Williams

Has some of the best food and service my wife and I have ever experienced. This is our special place for an evening out.

Sneaker Society

Bakery yes breakfast no

Tiffany Blodgett

I was a little worried because I thought you might need a reservation to dine, but the good news is you don't. This place is adorable. The cheesecake is amazing, the salad was so good. The bathroom looks like Narnia. It's a small place, but it's very original. The decorations are so pretty.

Gail Johnston

I have been here several times with friends. The service was great and the food is amazing. The only problem I have is that I want to try everything. Oh well, that just means I have to go back more often. I can definitely enjoy doing that. The only negative is that some tables are very cramped and some are very uncomfortable. Otherwise the place is awesome.

William Douthard

Cory Kidd

Love it

Monica Sandoval

Don't forget to make a reservation before you go! Food tastes great, I had a sandwich and cheese cake for dessert. Cheese cake was the best ever! It is a little hard to navigate inside the restaurant because of the yard sale style decorations.

Elaina Flowers

Mark Castleberry

This restaurant has the most wonderful atmosphere & fantastic food to go with it. Guys if you want to impress your date take her to this place and you can share an awesome dessert after your meal. Also, perfect for a group of ladies for lunch or a girls day out. Quaint little place with the best service and food. It is really lovely and I can't say enough about how impressed we were today when we stumbled upon this treasure of a restaurant!


Very rude staff, overpriced food, poor selection, no kids menu, no drink refills and desserts were terrible!

Sarah Burke

If i could choose no stars i would. STAY AWAY. I had planned a party with Nancy the owner over a month ago. Although it should have been a red flag the lack of communication she had with me after our first initial meeting I continued to trust in her that our daughters tea party themed birthday party would indeed be everything she had promised and we had wished for. Fast forward to a day before my daughters birthday party. I call because like i mentioned above there is zero communication and wanted to confirm everything we had planned for the party only to find out from an employee Nancy was gone for the weekend. I told the employee I needed to speak to whoever was handling our party in the morning. A "manager" , Jennifer, calls me back and has only 2 things on our menu and 3 girls coming! So of course I inform her that is nothing that Nancy and I had talked about. After going back and forth with Jennifer she informs me that IM LYING to her about our menu and our amount of guest?? If my daughters party wasnt less than 24 hours away I would have canceled right then and there. So I tell Jennifer I need to speak to someone else so I speak to a Barbara who was not any better. I have to then leave work and go up there so we can compare notes. Barbara was very reasonable at this point and was eager to help us make this work. Jennifer on the other hand was still nasty and rude. But I blew it off because everyone has bad days. So now its party day. I go in and tell Jennifer what a beautiful job she did and thanked her very much. She smiled and said you're welcome. Everything is going great until 2 parents from our party inform me that Jennifer and the other server were being very rude to the little girls. I didnt want to say anything till the very end so I could handle the situation after our guest were gone. So because the venue is very small and our table was closest to the door we had to open and close the door a ton...Barbara comes up to one of our guest and says "Are we turning away guest??" I was appalled at how rude these employees continued to be for the entire party. In the end we needed to pay our remaining balance and informed Jennifer of this and she looked at us and said "Pay your balance and get the he** out!" Infront of all other costumers and guest, couldnt believe that this place condones this kind of treatment to their guest. I am so embarrassed to say I had a party here..their costumer service is a negative zero. Im all about supporting small buissness but this is one place I will no longer visit and neither will any of my guest they were just as shocked as we were.

Chadd Watson

Delicious breakfast, unique decor, excellent service, incredible desserts.

Elliot McWhorter

Very eclectic atmosphere. Fine French food.

Tony Bello

I loved the unique little look and their creative taste! They just need to not look so surprised when people of other ethnic descent come to visit. They should be more welcoming. I hope they read this too. It's 2019 guys Sugar Hill demographics is changing weather you like it or not.

Kristin Cottle

This is the most charming place to take friends and family! Nancy, the owner, changes the decor inside and out depending on the season. Absolutely adorable! The menu is of full unique and yummy items, such as the Charlie Brown and the Pink Flamingo. And brunch is served all day!

sherri scott

The atmosphere took me back to Paris ! There is joy everywhere you look and a story in every corner . We had chicken salad croissant and the ham sandwich on cranberry raisin nut bread . Delicious !!! Service amazing ! Did I mention the pastries and those cakes !!!! It will be a must do anytime I am in Georgia.

Evette Parker

Excellent service great food owners make you feel right at home Thanks Nancy!

Melissa Hyma

I was an out-of-town visitor to Sugar Hill Bakery and a week after my visit, I noticed a second charge on my credit card that was not for my bill. I called and left a message with someone for a manager to call me back…never received a return call. I called again today (three weeks after the date of service) and did get to speak to a manager or the owner, I'm not sure which. I'm going to assume the owner…if this was a manager in my business, she would be seriously reprimanded for what happens next. She was not willing to refund the charge because she said then there would be a meal left unpaid for and she had to make a profit. So…my card was charged when I did not sign for it or agree to it. I understand that mistakes happen, but mistakes like this should be rectified by the business despite if profits are lessened by $28 that day. In trying to get my point across that it is not my responsibility to make sure that the meal is paid for when my card was charged a second time (isn't that fraud if I didn't sign?) the person in whom I was speaking to…wait for it…actually hung up on me. I tried to call back several times with no answer. I find this all pretty unfortunate that a company will not take responsibility for their error...never even an apology for the inconvenience. I would have loved to spin this and given the bakery a positive review...even with a mistaken charge, they provided great customer service and corrected their error happily. Sidenote...who hangs up on a customer??


lovely decorating, lovely people, and good food!

julius whitworth

Robbie Wagnon

Me & my girls really loved it! It's design is funky chic. Food was great! Restauranteurs friendly & warm. A fun environment.

Kimberly Brewer

Food was good. My daughters were intrigued by the decor, except the bag of cat food my 8 yo keep referencing. Even she knew something was amiss about cat food siting in the kitchen. Also, I’ll just say it! They are perplexed and frazzled by serving black people! I read many of the reviews before I consciously put it out there, but it was obvious. Even the apparent “regulars” seemed confused by us. The younger blonde who eventually took over and checked on us was good and accommodating. As for the rest, it felt like the movie “get out”.

Diana Carlson

The Chicken salad sandwich is to die for! Love this cute little restaurant! The decoration is fun and thoughtful! I feel like I’m in Narnia.

Natasha Singh

The ambience alone is worth plenty of stars. It's like stepping into Narnia (to be fair, I think that's exactly what they were going for considering you have to step through a wardrobe to enter)! The coffee was good but nothing special. The brunch options were certainly yummy, but it was basically like diner food. Just a bit on the oily side.

Sherry Ohern

Have been satisfied with Sugar Hill Bakery and Cafe in the past so we ordered a birthday cookie. Today I am very unhappy with them! First we were told they could make a cookie with all three of the names for about $15.00. We spelled the names twice. When my husband picked the cookie up, it had a name misspelled, and they decided on their own we needed a bigger cookie and charged us more than double without even a phone call to check. Also told us it would be round like a pizza. It is square not round. And no offer to compensate. Last time I will go there.

Jasminka Sakonjic

Bette Franklin

Great in every way

Charis Brown

Dra. Sihli Diaz

Beautiful place to eat and spend time with your husband or friends.

Laurel Schafer

Leonard Garrison

Absolutely a wonderful experience! Uniquely crafted, recipes, prepared especially for you. A delightfully charming & welcoming staff.... And finally, an enchanting environment, that is certain to help create cherished memories, together with loved ones and friends. Best of the best!!!

Heather Brown

This place is pretty. Although the service is not and good luck calling them. They never answer the phone. My daughter went to eat there for Prom and they were told the kitchen was closed, 45 minutes before close. And all they wanted was dessert. I also had my wedding reception here because it was so beautiful. The owner is cold as ice. Not pleasant to deal with at all. And we were charged $1000 for 15 people and finger foods only. Everyone had to pay for their own drinks because we couldn't afford it. We also had to buy our cake else where because they didn't want to make a specialty cake. Horrible horrible. Don't waste your time or money.

Nina Clewley

Michelle Rivera

Super cute! Attended a bridal luncheon there and they attended to every detail! Their mimosas are delicios!!!

Holly Darata

I visited this place a few days ago. Short version: If you are claustrophobic, tall, or value HONESTY, this is not the place for you. Long version: Google maps didn’t lead me all the way to this place. I had to wander a bit, which I suppose adds to the theme of this place. It was hot inside despite the fan. Tiny, with only six tables, but cutely decorated. You must walk through a wardrobe outside to find the door and inside it looked like an enchanted forest with flora, branches, and ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Tall customers: watch your head. I don’t think the many 6’6” people in my family would be comfortable in here. Being an avid reader and children’s fiction buff, I loved the wardrobe! I was greeted and seated within one minute of walking in (five of the six tables were empty) by a nice girl who looked to be about 15 years old. She and another girl about the same age alternated waiting on me throughout my visit. The elevated chair I sat on at the table for two was comfortable, but had crumbs on the seat that I had to brush off before sitting. The menus looked like laminated scrapbook pages, held together with binder rings and a had a few handwritten notes on the sides in sharpie. The prices were very high. I got the cheapest sandwich on the menu, which was egg salad for $6.00. The food came out quickly. It was a pretty tiny sandwich with a side of salad greens with light dressing and a garnish of slightly bad fruit. That was absolutely the best egg salad sandwich I have ever tasted! It was delicious down to the last bite. It made me think that one of the more expensive sandwiches might have been worth the money. When I got the bill, it was $1 more than I expected. I went up to the counter to pay – you can pay at the table or the counter at which “Santa” sits. (He does look like Santa, minus the red suit.) I asked about the price difference. His answer stunned me. He said the prices on the menu weren’t correct. Excuse me? They had changed their prices about six months ago, but kept the menus because they were so “cute” and had simply added a note to them saying prices might be different than printed. This was stunning for several reasons. 1) While I had never actually stated that it was my first time there, I had said before being seated that I wanted to look around, which generally indicates that one is not familiar with the place. I’ve worked in retail before and any time we had a policy change, we would tell customers for months afterward, especially if we thought they were new customers. 2) I had looked over each of the 4 pages of the menu and hadn’t seen any such note about price changes. I assumed it had to have been one of the hand-written sharpie notes I had skipped (the one I read was a random Bible verse). 3) The waitress had never mentioned anything about different prices. 4) Being that the menus were basically laminated scrapbook pages (and weren’t all that cute, in my opinion), it seemed it would have been very easy to make new ones, especially since they had already had six months in which to do it. I was so stunned that I ended up paying the extra $1 and tipping because I was initially thinking it wasn’t the waitresses’ fault (later I realized it was, as they should have mentioned the price changes). I asked for “Santa” to show me where on the menu the price change note was located “so I would know for next time”. This guy had to SEARCH the four pages before finding and showing me a tiny printed note at the bottom of one of the pages. If you want your customers to know about the price change, the note should not be that hard to find. And I know, it’s “only” one dollar. The point is that it was dishonest. Unapologetically dishonest. I will NOT be back. I recommend that if you’d like to visit, go – look around, go through the wardrobe, and take some pictures. Then leave and eat elsewhere. Honesty and good treatment of customers means a lot, and this place was extremely disappointing in those regards.

Caroline Christy

Martha Willis

Very small, but very good.

Amy Snider

We stumbled upon the cafe one day, and I'm glad we did! The food, service, and atmosphere were superb. The decor is whimiscal and, from what we are told, changes with season.

Tara Harris

Food is good, but the last salad that came with our sandwiches tasted like dirt. Gritty. 2 sandwiches and a little teeny salad and 2 desserts was more than we paid at the cheesecake factory for the same meal and the salad there did not taste like dirt. Offer more than just the handful of leaves in an unknown dressing as an option.

Patricia Duncan

Awesome experience amazing cup cakes

Nita Tisdale

Wonderful atmosphere...great food...Godly owner!! ❤❤❤❤ Decor UNBELIEVABLE!!! ❤❤❤

Nicole Causey

So uniquely decorated and the food is delicious! Reservations are required as there is only seating for less than 25-ish people at a time. It's the neatest little place with friendly staff. You MUST see restroom while you're there!

Latonya Renee Hairston

I'd like to start by saying my visit today would have been my 3rd visit. The food had been great the previous two times, which is why my family decided to give it another shot. Our family of 4 came in today and asked to be seated. We were then told that there were no more tables, because the one remaining table was reserved (fair enough). Another lady came up and told the hostess to take my name and phone number and they would give me a call when a table was available. We were told that another family was about to finish up. I gave them my number and we stepped outside to wait in the car. An hour later, still no call, and yes, we look differently than the other patrons who were there. We saw multiple families leave. I almost went back inside, but was reminded that if my money/presence isn't good enough, I will just take my money elsewhere. Unfortunately, we will not be back!

Jill Canady

You definitely cannot find a better atmosphere! This place is beautifully decorated inside & out! The entrance is a wardrobe to Narnia, you walk through the wardrobe. I had the egg salad & my daughter ate the Western omelet, both tasted delicious! All food & drinks come out on unique dishes that are absolutely precious. The baked goods look amazing... we tried the chocolate covered cannoli. One of the best cannoli's ever. Cannot wait to go back! Wonderful place for a date. You can call to make a reservation ahead of time. (alcohol available, Mimosa's come with strawberries)

Cora Denise Jew

Your eyes won't get tired and your belly will be happy.

Josh McIntyre

Very friendly staff with fun bakery items. My wife love the chocolate cannolis.



Pros: unique, good food, atmosphere Cons: $1 refills, cramped/small dining area, overpriced, small servings..

Andrew Davis

Christopher Liseo

Spent 30 dollars on two slices of previously frozen cheesecake, a brownie that was not edible and extremely gross, and an Oreo cupcake that was so terrible that our 4 year old said "throw it out!" The staff... A few high school aged looking girls who look at you as if you're intruding into their sanctuary. The most unwelcoming greeting and staff I've encountered. The place was dirty and covered by their "decorations." So, the real ratings: Food: F Service: F Cleanliness: F Oh, and just look real hard at this place and around it. Its like something off the show hoarders. I'd rather eat from a pet bakery where at least you can get a bowl of water if the food sucks. Owners of this place should be ashamed.

Chelsea Charles

Good food, great environment, fantastic service. Each of us got a personalized thank you card with our receipt. So sweet!

Omar Little

Kathy Oliver

Great brunch! Western omelet and oat bread to die for. Ambiance was a fairy castle to the Granddaughter. Appreciate the great service.

Chris Porter

Lindsey Costello

I can only speak to the cheesecake....and it was truly delish!

Chelsea Corless

It is unfortunate that you have to pick a star for such an awful experience. I was recently there for a friends tea party birthday party and was very disappointed. The party decor and flow was great however the customer service was TERRIBLE. I personally watched Jennifer (apparently a manager) snap and put her fingers in my three year olds face as she waited outside of the bathroom for her turn. I was floored when I witnessed this. They were clearly inept to handle a child's tea party. I then asked for lemonade for my child and Jennifer ROLLED her eyes at me and disgustedly told the server that we needed more lemonade. It is sad to me that a unique restaurant like this with great food would staff such rude servers and managers. I will never be back.

Laura Westbrooks

Awful service, outrageous wait time for coffee and dessert, long hair in the cheesecake, prices are too high for quality. Too cluttered and the process of ordering and paying seems unorganized. $4 for a small sugar cookie that broke when picked up. Such a shame because we love supporting small businesses but will never go back.

Chris Heppner

This place will blow you away. Not only is the food AMAZING, it's so quaint, warm, and essentric. My family and I love coming here!!!

Sarah Bradley

Loved the decor and was so excited about visiting this place. Unfortunately when my husband and I arrived it took a long time to get our drinks and the service was slow for having so few tables seated. I enjoyed my chicken salad sandwich. My husband's French dip on the other hand was smothered in horseradish and it ruined the dish. All of the sandwiches are also served with field greens tossed in a vinaigrette. For 10-12 dollars a sandwich at least make it a house salad? I would understand if these were large sandwiches but they are not. The restaurant was also uncomfortably humid and hot inside. It's 80 plus outside and I'm not sure it was much different inside. One thing I will compliment was the thank you card as the bill. That is a nice little touch. However, I will probably not be returning based on our impression with service and our food.

Brittany Reese

Laura Wade

Domingo Ruiz

Dawn Falite

Unique spot for lunch. We really enjoyed it!

Charlie Pinigis

Great French Toast.

Brenda Taylor

Very quaint, good food

Hank Hadaway

Not much room, but enough to make you feel special and fortunate enough to be there. The food was OUTSTANDING! Every mouth full was as memorable as the last. When you finished, you wish you had not eaten, SO YOU COULD EAT AGAIN! The owner and the staff that are AMAZING. You feel as if you have known them all your life. I WILL BE BACK, until I try everything on the menu. The price is ridiculously inexpensive, my girl and I ate for $20. You have to go try this place. Almost a bucket list experience.

Marcie Johnson

Colleen .ryan Smyth Smyth

Love this place so unique and great food.

Rhonda Heenan

Donald Crowe

Justveat here, you wont regret it.

chris cochran

Very poor service

Queen B

If you are a minority, don't come here. Seriously when I entered, all the locals literally looked and stared at me. Already, I was highly uncomfortable from the get go, and the servers weren't horrible, but very slow. They didn't make me feel welcome or unwelcome. I ordered the pink flamingo and they gave me no syrup- plus for that price? I'd rather go to Cracker Barrel. The iced coffee was atrocious. I threw it away. Worst experience I've had to date.

Vickie Bishop

Awesome food beautiful place

Lin Leung

Kitschy and interesting cafe/bakery. Seating can be tight inside if crowded. Came on a quiet random Friday. Sandwiches are delicious and the Coconut Cream Pie is can't miss. Interior decor is literally out of a book (see Bathroom/CS Lewis references abound). Servers are delightful. Everything is clean and comfortable.

Alison Scott

A very unique concept, certainly a very feminine environment, a great place to take little girls for brunch. Make a reservation as they only have 6 tables. Enjoyed the food very much, had the BLT. The deserts look decadent.


A fun and whimsical place. Delicious food. Yummy dessert. A hidden gem for sure!

Cheryl Silvers

The ambience is absolutely adorable!!!! The food and drinks are expensive, though. We ordered coffee and hot chocolate; both cups were filled only 1/2 way, instead of full cups.

Mandy Dee

Betsy Tull

I can't describe this adorable little gem (tucked away off of Peachtree Industrial Blvd. & Hwy 20); you simply have to experience it in person. When my sister and I were there it's as if we were in a childhood dream. The decor inspired "WOW's and "OMG's, and all the little touches make it sooo worth a visit. Example: hand written bill on cute notepaper enclosed in a "thank you" card. As for the food...DELICIOUS!!! Mary had Creme Brulee French Toast, and I had "Snoopy" (Macaroni & cheese with Maple bacon, Honey ham, all on Cheddar and onion toasted bread. There was also mixed greens with their amazing SugarHillLand vinaigrette. The desserts made our eyes roll back in our heads, as we moaned over the sheer yumminess!

Monica Herrera

Beautiful and delicious place

nunya biznich

amazing! the food is so so good and everone is so nice and its insanely cute inside. I will definitely be back

Nathan Martin

Magical little place. Awesome food, great staff, amazing atmosphere.

Marla Tolle

Tara Lynch

What a wonderful experience. Saturday brunch and felt like a princess in fairy world. Such a gem. Make reservations! This is worth the drive from anywhere in the Metro region. I ordered the Ruben and it was not your standard thick sandwich, but I loved the shredded corned beef. Different, but delightful, like the whole place!

Avery Pineda

sharon vinson

Such an interesting unique cafe. Had a great time with my 2 year old granddaughter and my friend. Food was great, good service. Beautiful desserts! Loved it! Don't go here if you are in a hurry. Go to enjoy the ambience!

Sydni Stephenson

Very nice, good service.

james hart

This was a bad experience! My wife and I enjoy going to local places and explore new, cool, different places and were excited about this bakery. It’s tiny, I had a baby with me and they weren’t thrilled about it. They squeezed us in a corner and baby car seat sat on a very small chair and barely there was space between this chair and the next table but ALL the servers insisted on passing by that little gap, needless to say waking baby up (I guess that’s what they wanted, so we would hurry up and leave). Well, rudeness aside, let’s talk food. I’m a 23 year restaurant manager, my wife is a pastry chef, so we know when an experience is just bad or someone is just having a bad day. The sandwiches we got were ok and the desserts were old. That cake window is the most unorganized thing I’ve ever seen. Cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes not fresh nor made daily. Fresh straight from freezer. Now about cleanness that does not exist. Our food were made by young girls that were handling food ready to eat without gloves on. They all think they work at foodnetwork with their hair down without a hat, hairnet or pulled back in a ponytail. What really was the cringe worthy moment was when we saw one of them slicing a cake and then lick her fingers. Man, if I only worked for the health department... needless to say that the whole place is dusty. Oh and the cherry on top of the cake was that no server knew who was serving us. We had already paid the check when another one of the blonde kids brought us another one with a poker face on. Don’t go there.

Annabelle Lee

Amazing food, friendly faces, and a very charming and unique atmosphere - this place is amazing! Serves breakfast and lunch food all day and has wonderful deserts. I highly recommend it!

Gary Rogers

Zahira Yusuf

I walked in because it looked homey and cozy, but when I did I realized EVERYONE even the staff looked at me like I was an alien. I did not "feel" accepted. The place was so small and cramped that when I opened the door, a table full of ladies had to move their chairs so I can open the door just enough to squeeze through. I just pressed against the counter/dessert display because tables were packed into that tiny place. I ordered 2 types of cheesecake slices which were OVERLY priced! Honestly the prices of the menu items were depressing. If I want to spend that much money on food, I would rather spend the same amount on a fancy, presentable and spacious top notch restaurant. Recommendation: Lower your prices so majority of people can afford it.

John Parten

Great little hidden location.

Paula Martinez

Ashley Rutledge

Marya H.

I was so excited when we moved to the area and saw this place. It looked like it came straight out of a quirky fairytale or book. Upon entering, while very cluttered (I would suggest throwing 3/4 of the trinkets out), we were greeted nicely. I was about to order a few things to go, then sit down for a cappuccino or coffee. Unfortunately, while looking at the display of baked goods, I noticed the dust and dirt around it, in it. On the decor etc. This place could be booming with business, would they keep their inside more organized and cleaner. On a side note to the owners, make sure everyone working there knows exactly what you're selling and what the different flavors etc are, doesn't look good, if you don't know what flavor macaroons you sell. So, in conclusion: You guys have the bones of something great. Maybe you can close down for 2 weeks and do a declutter/ deep clean. Look at some examples of cafes in Europe or Korea.

Terry Lawrence

This rating is for their chocolate cheesecake. It is awesome. I had the ruben sandwich and it was very good, but the mini loaf chocolate cheesecake ($7.99) is big enough to serve 4 people. It is my new favorite desert. As Arnold says, "I'll be back"!

Adele McIlhargey

Food is good. Like entering Narnia. Not for guys. Bring your kids if they are not picky eaters. Would be better as a tea room. Known more for its desserts than for lunch. Very tight quarters inside.

Ben Bachmeier

Amazing food! Great atmosphere! Great service! I went there after getting tired of the same old boring establishments around the mall.

Lisa Witter

keshav sukirya

This bakery is awsome!

melissa furr

Brides Beware!!! Nancy will promise you great things but will change EVERYTHING!!! At our initial meeting she told 4 of us that she could offer great Desserts,Flavored Coffees and a Beer/Wine cocktail hour for $50.00 per person. She stated she DID NOT charge a facility fee and the ceremony could be performed in the Secret Garden with the help of her staff..etc.... She gave us all hugs at the end of the meeting... On the second meeting with the newly appointed planner...They added a $2000.00 facility charge!! My future daughter in law called me in tears. I called and informed her that is not what the initial agreement was and that she needed to talk with Nancy. Tammie called back and said they would honor the initial agreement of no facility charge....Several days later she sent an email to the Bride to Be stating that all they could offer at the $50.00 price per person was ham and cheese biscuit, donut holes, water and lemonade...the cost for the Beer and Wine will be and additional charge of $8.00 per drink estimated at 4 drinks per person at $1600.00....In the end the total estimate for a Wedding at THIS bakery was $8442!!!! Regards from Tammie the Planner.. 4 witness heard the initial verbal agreement and They still backed out of everything promised... STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!! All you will get are HUGS and LIES!!!

Jody Larkin

made myself and husband very sick

Erick Torres

Christa Hayes

Carrie Hammett

Creme Bruelè Frenc Toast Was Out Of This World!! The Cupcakes Are Also Amazing!

Michael Hough


Channah Morris

Updating previous review. The food and service have gone way downhill since the last time I visited. The cake came straight out of the freezer and made both me and my Mom sick. It's a shame, this place used to be so good.

whitney ocallaghan

Very eclectic. Very interesting. It's an experience. The food is great.

Marquita Holly

Dessarts are great and everyone was nice and welcoming we will be back !

Carolina Bullé

I took my mom there and she loved the place and the service,

Gregory Alexander

Unique festive and delicious

Trent Carpenter

Delicious food but very small portions for the price.

Julia DeGreen

This place is amazing! The service is friendly and makes you feel like family. As soon as you step in the door, you greeted with lots twinkling lights and whimsical decorations. This is a little girl's dream! Its Narnia meets a little bit of Alice in Wonderland. Its magical here. When you come to eat here, get a cupcake for dessert!

Jo Anne Patterson

Terrible food and bad service as well. Soup tasted like chicken gravy with rice in it. Toasted the bread in old butter and ruined the whole taste of the sandwich. So hot in there the guests were fanning themselves.

Julio Perez

Amazing amazing place !! Very cozy the staff is friendly and the food is on point. The decorations is beyond this world. I do recommend call for reservations. Over all this place is worth your time and memorable peace of mind.

Colleen McNamara

Larissa Bermudez

Soooo cute! I absolutely love this place! You have to go and i challenge you to find the door.

John McDevitt

Food was good& plenty of it the desserts were huge & delicious but the service was awful!!! The owner was in such a hurry to get us out of there & keep reaching for our glasses, to clear the table off. We had left over dessert & sent it back to be boxed , & it was thrown out !!!! Lady just said


I love this place the theme is amazing

V C Iwu

DO NOT GET A WEDDING CAKE FROM HERE!!!!! Worse Cake Ever. They do use lard in there cakes even if they say they do not!! Please do not order here spend your money else where. I called and asked for a refund for my cake and the lady never called me back. My cake was square and leaned so bad......I would never recommend her she has poor customer service.

David Frye

Big city services but with small town friendship and care. The place to go!

Mary George

Valerie Bartels

Enchanted, magical place with delicious food and a charming wait staff. We came for dinner, but they also serve breakfast and lunch. Highly recommended for reasonably priced, well prepared, unique food presented with a flair in a creative setting. Don't miss this one.

Brett Porter

Was expecting a simple bakery but it opened up into a wonderland. I had the bourbon pecan pie and it was cooked just right. If you are a loud talker and require lots of space around you this is not the place for you. The staff was very accomadating to our unexpectations as this was our first time.

Kate Ouimette

Limited parking.

Ketsuda Abramowicz

Amazing dessert selection and their Pink Flamingo French Toast was out of this world!

Ane Mulligan

I've tried nearly every item on the menu and all are excellent! The atmosphere is so warm and inviting. It's my favorite place to go!

shaun barrow

I always wondered why this place always looks empty. Let me give you reasons: 1) Sub par service, I was being served by 15 year old's that had 0 clue how to serve. 2) The "decor", Holy $h*t. It is like hoarders meets your grandma's house in the 80s. Its dirty, dusty, things hanging from the ceiling falling on your head. GROSS! 3) The food?! A $12 sandwich was TERRIBLE, the only reason why the sandwich wasn't dry, is because it was drowning in grease. 4) The cupcakes!!!! THESE ARE GOOD!!! WORTH THE $5! But THEY DO NOT EVEN BAKE THEM!!!! THEY ARE OUT SOURCED!!!! Eff this place, its terrible, can't wait for it to go away.

Gloria Choi

Comfortable and cozy environment with great food and customer service:)

Stephanie Gauthier

Great outside seating

Karen Togel

The food and the service here are top notch! What a gem we have found!! Will be returning faithfully!!!

Carla Montgomery

April Gann

Neidra James

A Dunlap

Dessert was awesome! Love the ambiance! Definitely the perfect brunch/afternoon tea room for ladies!

Carl Francis

Cher Wilcox

We ordered as a group from work. No one was satisfied. I, personally, ordered the Charlie Brown sandwich and a brownie. The sandwich had a very strange taste and the bread was saturated in some type of oil. The sandwich was not worth the $8.95 they charge (in comparison to the portion). The brownie, was HORRIBLE and overpriced at $5. I allowed co-workers to try the brownie and everyone agreed that it was NOT edible. Price & quality was terrible.

Johnathan Hubbard

Like a place from a storybook. Fantastic experience each and every visit.

Buford Ross

John Martin

elaina flowers

Aron J Anderson

The food was super. The place was Amazing, fun and beautiful. The staff was the nicest I have ran into in a very long time. A must to visit.

Byrron Crossley

Best muffins ever

Paul Potts

Good food, atrocious service. I have gone here at least a dozen times and about half of them the service has been bad. So bad at times, in fact, that I had to get up and go to the kitchen to get refills, order dessert, or even get my check. They seem to be staffed with young girls that have absolutely no training or common sense. It is a shame, because the food is good, the place is quaint and unique, and the desserts are great. I hope the owners are reading this, because they really need to address their service issues.

Maria Copeland

Service and food are great! The atmosphere is also really nice.

Asha B.

The service was awful and I felt uncomfortable at this place being a brown person. The food was tasty but everything else was terrible. I would save my money and go elsewhere for both exceptional food and service. Will not be returning period.

Mark Milbrett

Melissa Garner

What seems like a mythical journey to a fantastical land from the outside quickly turns for the worse in a disenchanted, mad hatter nightmare. Walking in to this cluttered and cramped space makes you question the coding of the building and how the business gets away with code violations for both fire and food safety, but may also make you miss your dead grandmother. As for the service and food, I'm also unsure of the aesthetic they're attempting. The hosts and staff seem inconvenienced to serve you and the cost of the food clearly must be inflated to cushion their pain. For the pretentious attitudes and prices, I'd at least expect better quality food and an updated bakery display as there seems to be rust inside.

robert johnson

Eric Davis

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great

Dawn Shiraef

I want to like this bakery. It is locally owned and is very cute. Unfortunately the staff are not trained well and the owner hides in the kitchen, rather than be the face of the business to the customers. She hires sweet high school or college students but does not properly train them. I left Great Beginnings across the street with my toddler for an after school treat. But the staff couldn't answer simple questions of flavors, prices, etc. I finally just pointed at two treats so we could leave. It took two staff members and the owner in the kitchen to box the treats and verify how to ring up the treats. It was frustrating to have the process take 20 minutes. The truffle was covered in powdered sugar, which does not make sense for a toddler to eat and the macron was hard and stale. This is my third time here and it is so unpredictable. We will not be back.


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