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REVIEWS OF Sublime Doughnuts IN Georgia

Ashley Lugo

Amazing! Must go! Best donuts I've ever had! Flavor combos are perfect! I had the Peach and Banana fritters. The Orange Cream Star was delicious. Next trip we will be back for sure!

Ricardo Trunci

One of those unexpected but incredible places. Small and not fancy, but the doughnuts....hummm... serious business! And people available to help!

Myla Young

Love them at all times if the day. Plus it's open 24hr!!! How can you not appreciate fresh donuts around the clock. Soft, moist fluffy donuts with TONS to choose from, including ice cream or donut ice cream sandwiches!!!!!

Ralph Concentine

You can't eat one strawberry and creme-I double dare you!!! Lol

blank blank

Great doughnuts just a strait to the point great experience when you need a break from the norm!

Hi Bye

Best donuts! I had the sweet potato donut and nutella with banana funnel cake and they were DELICIOUS..

Kairy Marquez

Delicious donuts but I feel the place needs a facelift. I like the couches and the relaxed atmosphere but yeah...I feel like the place needs a little update.

Jackie Pratt

Best doughnuts and service!

El Doodler

The name speak for itself. Very delicious.

Janel Love

Took my friend here on a late night adventure being at Six Flags this was a great end to a good night even though they ran out of the type of donut I wanted for my second round and said they wasn't going to make any more no time soon

Ken Williams

This place is amazing! I love donuts, but rarely eat them because of the calories. Sublime is well worth the splurge!!!

Hart Jacquez

A large selection of donuts, but only a few of them were to my taste. If returned I know I'd be getting the fruity pebbles donut again.

Wavy Crockett

Best doughnuts in town hands down and fast service. Coffee is good too

Sierra Fritz

Would recommend the strawberry rosé ice cream. It's so good and satisfying.

teshia gates

Great atmosphere and I love that is 24 hours but the quality of the donuts isn't worth the hour drive

Cliff Stokes

These doughnuts are convenient when going into work and coming home. Nice variety, and some unique specialty creations. Prices are high but the flavor is there at the price. Definitely better than the two big national chains. Very convenient to GT campus, just across 10th St.

Scott Murray

Our favorite donut place, although we haven't wanted to try too many others after Sublime haha. Great selection of flavorful donuts, my favorite is the strawberries and cream.

Byron Eanes

Love their donuts! The reese cup one is amazing!

Brittany H.

BEST DONUTS EVER. Make sure you grab a fritter while you're there (the white chocolate peach ones are the best). The fact that this place is open 24HRS is a miracle. I also like to get these as a gift/bring them to the office in various letters for special events, but know that you have to call ahead to request these.

Cody Jurasek

These are by far, the greatest donuts I've had. I found this place on a road trip back up from Florida to Chicago, and I literally will travel back to ATL or NY just to have these again!! Haha.

Travis Brimlow

Best donuts in Atlanta! They have a variety of donuts to choose from! Me and my buddies went here after my birthday gig at top golf and we shared 24 donuts and ate them all! Will definitely be back here in the near future!

tippi reid

Omg you guys are the best ever!!! So much rave with the donuts shaped in Happy Birthday Michael. You rolled out the carpet for his 30th day making it amazing. He's a lover of donuts and not a cakes. So it was quite a delight to see you execute and deliver our vision of a donut cake for him. We had so many patrons at the resturant including the staffers stopping by to take a peek and be amazed at your presentation as well as inquire who did this amazing creation. Kudos to your creative style and team. Thanks for the assortments from the strawberry & cream down to a simple glaze. You did a superb job and thanks again for all to include being fresh and deliciously tasty.

Victor Bene

Best donuts I’ve ever had,

Tee Talk

It's okay. Very overly hyped. It's not something I would travel to. If you happen to be in the neighborhood its a decent place to get donuts.

Tony Grice

Wow, 1130 at night, place was packed and I know why, wow great pastries.

Daniel Jackson

Donuts are great, but I really go there for the merch.

John Hatch

The best donuts you will ever eat

Travez Anthony

Great doughnuts, but you gotta get there early to get your favorite ones.

Ariana Ownbey

Amazing doughnuts! They are original and so mouth watering! If you are looking for a change of pace from the doughnut chains, look no further sublime has what you want! On our last visit I had the white chocolate doughnut and it was amazing! It melted in your mouth and the flavor was perfect!

Thomas Schlosser

You'd be hard pressed to find a shop with as diverse of a selection and creativity as Sublime. The atmosphere is very laid back. The parking lot is way small so if you're nearby and see a spot just take it.

Alexandra Marlette

The Donuts are consistently great and coffee is from octane (so pretty good). Open 24/7 it's a great place to go at anytime.

Fabian Marta

Apple Fritter was a perfect oair with coffee. There are about 10 tables, window seating for about 6 and a comfortable couch that you can sink into while enjoying your donuts. Its open 24hrs, so you can get your fix anytime.

Faizaan Ali

Pretty good! The must have is the s’mores and red velvet. Nice atmosphere too.

Desiree Byrd

They make the best donuts.

Lakeitha Wyatt

I love the peanut butter doughnuts!!!!

sandy daigle

I have going to sublime for yearrssssss

Carmen J

I frequent Sublime bc they are SO good AND they’re 24 hours AND if I’m not mistaken, it is a black owned business so it’s a win across the board. The location near the college is my favorite bc they carry the salt and vinegar doughnut which is my favorite. I know it sounds gross, but it’s just a delicious salted caramel doughnut. They also have a seasonal sweet potato doughnut with cream cheese frosting that I just LOVE. It’s also just a super cute shop that’s nicely decorated with cool merch so its comfortable enough to sit and relax to enjoy your doughnut(s).

Christina Hartle

This sublime donuts used to be amazing. Friendly staff and outstanding quality of donuts. However, the last few times I've visited, the staff has been extremely rude and the donuts subpar. Last time I found hair in my strawberries and cream donut and this time my donuts we're smooshed and over cooked. Sorry Sublime, but your great quality control of the past years has sadly disappeared. I am no longer a fan.

Regina West

Interesting 24 hour spot. Donut menu selection is amazing, but the place itself (hole in the wall) could use a little professional touch up & better presentation as a business. Mainly seems to cater to campus community nearby. I'm not a student. I'd love to give it 4 stars. Maybe next time!


The only reason it’s two stars is because the actual donuts are amazing. The service is what’s rancid. The staff NEVER seems to be in the mood to be there. Just quit if putting a donut in a bag leaves your spirit that weary is all I’m saying. I’ve literally had better service at Popeye’s 2 mins before they close than I’ve ever had here at ANY TIME within the 24 hours that this location is open. Just take the trip to the Briarcliff location, I promise you’ll see the difference and won’t be back to Midtown.

Matt Larson

One of the most creative donut places I have seen yet. And I find donuts in every city I go to!! I had a banana fritter. So delicious


OMG ! There's nothing more to say. Great environment great service gitty excited enjoyable!

Faris Durrani

Can't deny the delicious doughnuts

Sora Kang

I loved their strawberry cream, red velvet, and sweet potato cake donut!! I visited here around midnight and there were still customers coming.

jaideep sidhu

They are open 24 hrs and that's the biggest attraction is think. They have a huge variety of flavours and also some ice creams. The servers are friendly. The doughnuts were average in my opinion and the place looks a bit run down. There is a decent amount of parking in the complex.

Traci Janelle

Consistently spectacular. That's all.

boshia richardson

Doughnuts are still so delicious however everytime I come back here the doughnuts gets smaller.

Nicholas M

The donuts here are pretty interesting, I've gotten a fruity pebbles donut before, today I got a strawberry shortcake donut, and the types of fritters they have are a few. The variety is nice, and since a lot of the donuts they have, …

Bobby Green

Great donuts and Ice cream. Just didn't feel safe with some of the homeless sitting right outside the door.

Demi Henderson

Great donuts, met the owner by default he didn’t even speak and didn’t seem welcoming. Staff seemed uptight when I asked about who the owner was as if he wasn’t a like-able person. I was excited to know it’s a black owned establishment however bummed when he wasn’t welcoming. Anyways I guess I came for donuts not personality right....

Nancy Etten

Funnel cakes are made to order and donuts were fresh and delicious! Good variety to choose from. The apple cinnemon and strawberries and cream funnel cakes were really good.

Samerrha Cooke

Strawberry is my favorite!! But they all are delicious

Nema Biz

Very tasty doughnuts. The best one I had was the one filled with fresh strawberries and cream filling. It was so good. Those strawberries truly were fresh and sweet and delicious.

Eugenia Rankins

The picture speaks for itself and the strawberry n cream is the BEST DONUT EVER IN LIFE!!!

Christian Wiggins

Nice desert open Late too!!

Don Deal

I've driven by this place a bunch of times without seeing it tucked into a small strip mall. Tried one of their gelato burgers, all the awhile admiring the amazing variety of doughnuts available. Cool place

Steven Stacey

Oh my goodness. I gained 5 lbs walking in. Some of the best doughnuts in the ATL.

kiandra clark

Absolutely love the fresh strawberry donut!!


Best Donuts I've ever tasted!

April Murphy

Love the Strawberries and Cream and Orange cream sickle. Drove forever to get them but so worth it

David Rein

This is the best donut shop in Atlanta I recommend the A Shaped Donut it is A+

Matt Duslak


Nikki Butcher

Cute little place to get a variety of tasty donuts. Limited chill space inside with alittle bar seating area at the window, bistro tables and couches. Contrary to online categories, they do not offer vegan products.

Jeff Noreika

Great unique doughnuts.

Renee Scott

The staff was very kind and attentive. This place has a good design.


A cute place with really friendly staff and lots of donut options.

Joy West

They need a plaid donut... Just a plain vanilla glazed donut. Sometimes simple is best...don't always want all the fancy stuff.

Michael Parks

Nice atmosphere and tasty donuts at good prices.

Collectible John

This is a cozy spot not too far from Georgia tech that had a constant stream of college students coming through. The variety of donuts were awesome and we picked up a total of 8. Of which the Butterfinger donut was probably one of the best.when I'm downtown again I will definitely have to check these guys out and try some more flavors.

David Thomas

The Best Donuts Ever.... Ever Ever!

Susan Bachman

The best doughnuts you will ever eat!

Howard Lashner

It's cool to eat at a place that Gabriel Iglesias went to. Also, the donuts were good.

Justin Smith

The donuts here are very good, I have had them multiple times. However, this location had 7/8 donuts, some of which weren’t regulars. They didn’t have over half of the normal menu donuts. (This is a 24 hour location) The employee wasn’t rude, but they really didn’t want to be there (putting this nicely).

Da Man

First tried them at Atlanta Food & Wine. They were the Best Dessert out there, I HAD to find the shop and taste the other flavors of Donuts!!!

Iree Skinkle

Great donuts. If you want one (or many), check it out and you won't be disappointed.

Katie Ford

Great Variety. Peach doughnut was awesome!!

FMIYC Sellers

Love their strawberry and cream donuts. Heck, I love all their donuts. So happy they are open 24/7. You can always get a good treat no matter the time.

Ivorie Faison

Great donuts my fav is the Toffee crunch donut

Sarah Casteel

We tried to order donuts from Sublime for our customers as a way to invite them to one of our conferences and when they sent us a sample of what it would look like, it looked nothing like what was on the website - we decided to go with a different option for obvious reasons.

Jameka Gowens

The reese`s peanutbutter cup doughnut was absolutely delicious!

Ryan Dempsey

Best Donuts ANYWHERE. I've tried the competition around town, but Sublime just wins. Plus they are open 24hrs!! Lots of unique flavors and the dough just melts in your mouth. The dangerous part is I can never get just one.... and i tend to crave them late night. They do have Gelato and coffee drinks too which are also good.

Ross Anderson

Orange dream star is the best thing ever, my dozen always includes at least six of them

Tiffany Tilion

Wow, I found this place looking for another place and I was pleasantly surprised! I've been there every week since I've found it lol. They have pretty good customer service and the are two donuts that are my favorite. One being the Strawberries and creme Donut with fresh strawberries and the other being the Maple bacon, which is why I have 4 Stars. They only sell it on Saturday

Gavin Lo

The donuts here are really good, and there are many options too

cynthia safford

Always fresh. Open 24 hours. Many choices

Sharel Smith

Wish it could have been a better experience the wait was almost 10 minutes.... customer service is everything and service was not what that was and the manager was present .

Christina Perchaz

Literally the best doughnut I've ever had, even compared to major places like Voodoo doughnuts in Portland, OR. Doughnuts were $2-3 each but well worth the price. So soft and moist. The strawberries and cream was the perfect lightly- sweet treat!

Gilbert Martell

You most definitely have to get some donuts from here. If you're going to send eating sweets do it here, God will forgive you.

Vidya Gopal

Best donuts - yeast donut heaven. Every single flavor is delicious. It's too hard to not get a dozen. Especially when you know it's yummy and fresh. It's such a chilled out spot - and even at midnight there are folks visiting and getting their donut fix. Oh did I mention it's a 24*7 spot. So donuts at any hour!!

Frannie Turner

I am so addicted to the strawberries & cream

Lucy W

Best donuts I've ever had! I recommend the strawberry donut, which comes with fresh strawberries. There are also several good chocolate ones if you're craving chocolate

Annicka Glanton

Never disappointed when I stop by! Delicious doughnuts, best in town.

debbie slayton

24+ for a dozen doughnuts. Crazy. Great looking doughnuts but more hype than deserved. The server was not very helpful and seemed quite distracted. Well at least we can say we tried it. Not worth the trip. Rebuild Blanchers please.

Trinity McIntyre

I liked it the first couple of times I went, but it seems like the more I go the worse the quality gets. On the brightside, the employees are super awesome and nice.

Chasity Donaldson

I have never in my life had donuts that were so good. I'm a fan!! #sublime #ridiculouslygood

erica engele

Pretty good but I wouldn't say the best. If I'm in the area I'd get them again but wouldn't go out of my way for them like I would revolution donuts.

Joshua Williams

Love their donuts! This location has a better selection than the other location in my opinion. Always friendly and quick


The "open 24 hrs" nonsense is false advertising. I drove there this evening and they were closed with "open 24 hours" clearly displayed on the door while the door was locked. Terrible company.

Louis Sidre

The best doughnuts you will ever have. Worth the drive into the city on the Ga Tech Campus to enjoy. One of a kind doughnuts here.

Andrew Yatsko

This place is amazing. If you aren't actively looking for it you may miss it with it's plain donut sign. Haven't had anything here that was incredible.

Jacqueline Thai

The best and most helpful employees. I like to keep it simple and get the frosted croissant or strawberries and cream. Everything is always so fresh

Joja Sunshyne

When you first visit, you can become addicted, especially when it's convenient to your travels. The staff is typically friendly and pleasant, and I love the music that they play (typically R&B but it varies). Once you control your …

Christopher Charland

Amazing donuts everyone should try if they are in A-town. Open 24 hours so no excuses not to go.

Joseph DiClemente

I went in expecting a great 2 years ago! Worse raspberry jelly filled ever! Coffee horrible.

Flavia Costa

Amazing donuts, I had the strawberries and cream and it was amazing! Highly recommend if you're in the area

Ida Graves

My colleague insisted we go. I was ok. I liked the wheat cinnamon twist the best! It taste like a churro.

Shay R.

Open 24 hours. Fresh donuts.

Mark Mandelbaum

Fantastic creations being served 24 hours a day right across from Georgia Tech.

Queen B

First time visiting Sublime Doughnuts, had a amazing experience. The barista/cashier was warming, welcoming, offered great doughnut selections. I was not disappointed at all. These were the best doughnuts I've ever had. The dining area is small relaxing and homey with good vibes. This is a must visit place!

Andrew Landis

One of the best donut shops in town. Truely uniquely and delicious donuts. I've tried almost all of the donuts they ha e and have not found one i dont like. You can get the fritters "Elvis style" and they add peanut butter drizzle on top. The Orange dreamsickle, swarberry and cream, maple bacon, reeces peanut butter are all favorites. Enjoy!

Dan Hagedorn

Best Doughnuts in the city! Red Velvet is my favorite followed by everything else. Staff is always friendly. I've never had a bad experience there ever. Highly recommend.

Martin Jacobson

Best donuts in Atlanta. Just let them choose, there are no bad donuts. I will say the caramel and balsamic are the most unique, but there are plenty of unique available here.

Valentines Dae

I usually love a plain or glazed doughnut, but these are some of the best flavored and dressed up goodness. So far, I've had the Strawberries N Cream, Oreo, Ying Yang, and Butter Toffee and they all have not disappointed. When I'm at Sublime, I'm definitely in heaven!

stacy charles

Totally rude and unhelpful service. Purchased 3 very overpriced doughnuts ranging from $2.15 to $3. The doughnuts taste no better than the ones you get out of the grocers case for around $0.99 at a basic grocers and a bit more at higher end grocer. Nothing special at all. I was disappointed. Never again. $7.14 for 3 doughnuts. Unreasonable. And some are so small. Not for me. Late night yeah I say eat an apple.

Terre Alexander

Donuts were great. There was just some woman working who clearly did not care about her job or the customers. She did not welcome us to the shop she did not smile one time seemingly annoyed by my wife's questions. When I requested an Elvis style donut she simply did not know what it was and was sort of reluctant to find out what it meant. I'm a long-time fan so it's no big deal just she needs to realize she is working in a one-of-a-kind donut shop and not some job. She was dark skin with tattoos no glasses.


Strawberries and cream donuts are quite tasty. If you’re a Tech student show them your ID for a discount!

Kaheem Freeman

...another great experience just like I've come to expect when patronizing Sublime Doughnuts!

Marinachica !

My bf randomly brought me 2 doughnuts from here one day, and these are beautiful! Strawberries & Creme was very rich, but good! I also enjoyed an apple turnover type one, which I killed lol. I definitely wanna try some more stuff from here another day

Charles Taylor

Awesome place with some AMAZING donuts!

Julie Faulkner

Dozen donuts was almost thirty dollars. Strawberries and cream donuts are so worth it though!!! Also, the toffee topped are the bomb. Taste the homemade icecream before you buy. Tastes more like sherbert and some flavors are .. um.. not that appealing.

The OutlawChad

Great selection of donuts, the service was good. Many say this is Atlanta's best donuts and they were good but not the best I've ever had. I drove 45 minutes to get to their nearest location to me, and I probably would not make the long drive out of the way just to visit. But if in the area, I'd definitely stop by.

Jennifer Leigh

This place has been here forever and one bite and you’ll know why!!! All of the donuts are amazing!!! I teach autism in APS and one of our parents brought us two dozen! OMG- it was soooooo good. My faves were: strawberries and cream, key lime, red velvet, and 21 others!!! A few weeks later I took my teenage daughter and her friend for National Donut Day!!! The restaurant is small, but quaint and eclectic. We all LOVE it here- plus it’s a black owned small business.

Lily of the Valley

The name says it all...I'm sure all of the locals know this place, but if you're visiting ATL, stop in. Cozy and cool atmosphere, and amazing confectioms to satisfy the sugar ant in all of us.

Ti Hodges

1 of 3 we had was good but not great. I guess my expectations were super high.

Vanessa Thorpe

Donuts are so delicious! Strawberries and cream are my favorite! We stop here every time we are in Atlanta!

Aarsh Talati

Doughnuts are awesome, please call ahead to double check that the menu item you want is available at this location or not. Orange doughnut is amazing! Staff is kind and helpful! They're OPEN: 24 HOURS!!

Christian Cummings

it was alright..being that it is 24hrs the donuts where not warm. Nice staff

perry gidd

Not good. Dry services and dry donuts. Good ice cream though.

Michele Ealey

OMG I could live there....... With my children

Megan Carnes

Some of the best donuts I’ve had in a long time. Loved the sweet potato donut and peach fritter.

Wonderwoman79 19

Sinful pleasures..the best donuts in town!! Love the strawberry and cream that’s my favorite

Laura Honeycutt

Sublime is such a fun little spot with a wide variety of unique doughnuts with unexpected flavors. Your office will thank you for bringing them a dozen of these vs. plain-jane Dunkin. The salt & vinegar doughnut has a special place in my heart -- it'll have you saying "you HAVE to try this!"

Ben Hart

It's a specialty/custom doughnut and pastry shop. The doughnuts are a little to "Cake like" for my taste but it's still very good.

Daniel Wang

The donuts are amazing and the staff is nice. There is space to sit down and eat your food in the shop. Unfortunately the donuts are pricey.

Jackson Stanhope

Great donuts!! Strawberries n cream is where it's at.

Brady Griffin

Service was sub par, a snooty and lackluster employee. The doughnuts were very tasty and some of the best tasting doughnuts I've had.

Jo Siyam

I suggest you try the cream filled donut with fresh strawberry slices yummy


Just go here, every person I've taken to this place has loved it. The doughnuts are amazing, highly recommend the Strawberry Cream doughnut with coffee of choice. Well worth the money, and if you're a student they offer a student discount BUT you have to ASK!! (and show id)

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