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Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Suite N150, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States Located in: Ponce City Market

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REVIEWS OF Saint-Germain Bakery IN Georgia

Dee Cabrera

Dear St.Germain, Merci Ami Beaucoup for that Apricot Cream Danish that I purchased from you Pastry shop. My first visit and you won my heart! It was the most scrumptious thing I have had from any bakery since I can't even remember. I ask only one thing of you.... " Sil vous plait, do not make me fat... Un grande Merci" Sincerelemente, Deneen

Marcus Alvarez

Stopped by on lunch break noticed a nice selection I asked about a certain pastry on the counter. So asked a couple questions about what could I compare it to, she answered were a French bakery. I said definitely see that I’m asking about a comparison what would you call this ? She could only say again it’s French, so terrible service and poor knowledge of what she’s selling.

A. Lyvers

I read some previous reviews regarding the service at this bakery, and while I had a good experience, I would trade service for quality of food in this case. My mother spent a lot of time in France and has very fond memories of the sweets and pastries, and she was delighted with what she tried here. They also have items like Anise or Rose pastiles and other bagged sweets in addition to baked goods. My go to is the raspberry tart, but the eclairs are fantastic as well.

Ariel Brees


Macarons tasty but overpriced

Nicolet Webber

Wonderful authentic and delicious macchiato, perfectly tart and light raspberry and chocolate mousse. Customer service was good but it’s confusing ordering because the crowd gawking at the patisserie isn’t the line so do you push the window shoppers aside to actually be able to pick out your order or what?

Jeremy Swartz

Chocolates, torts, etc are very tasty. Service was reasonably quick. Staff was helpful

Will Bryan

Leah Demetrius

I had the best I ever tried chocolate Eclairs at this place. They were perfection cannot be any better. I will definitely try other sweets there also.

Shelby Braddy

I have never written a bad review in my life but the service I just experienced was unbelievable to me. First the girl behind the counter was on her phone facing the opposite direction of customers. I stood there for couple minutes while she ignored me. I had to say m’am loudly before she would even turn around. She didn’t seem happy to see a customer at all. I asked for a grilled cheese sandwich which they have on the menu. It was 8:30. They close at 9. She told me she had already turned off the grill. “So sorry” she said. I would understand if it was 5 minutes before closing but it was a full 30 minutes. I’m honestly shocked at the way I was treated. It left a terrible taste in my mouth and I hate to say it but will never return. I hope other people get a better experience.

Doug Hall

Allison Scates

I had been looking for a really good bakery and thought I had found it after reading such good reviews for this place. So we headed over to Ponce City Market to get some tasty treats. I got a lemon tart, an eclair, and my boyfriend got 2 macaroons for $2.50 each (our total was about $16 for 4 small pastries). In short, I thought all of the pastries were just "Okay," nothing really stood out about them. The lemon tart tasted like it could have used more lemon, but was okay. The eclair was nothing special, I thought the icing on it was too sweet. The macaroons were good, but $2.50 for a tiny cookie is way too much. This place is basically an overpriced bakery with semi-decent sweets.

Jessica Stevens

Incredible pastries and sweets!

Inon D

Nice pastries, but not such a great service

Pheobe B

Amazing!!!! Super great bakery in Ponce market!!

Eric Lestandie

Excellent pastries... great espresso!!!! Service with a smile

Sara Case

Move over Balthazar NYC, Saint Germain is now my favorite pastry place.

Billy Vandemark

B.C. Smith

The staff was very friendly. The lavender macarons were the best I've ever had.

Carter Stevens

My brother and I both got the grilled ham and cheese. It tasted good u til I realized all of my ham was moldy. End of story will not return

Mike Imamura

D.C. Marshall

Great way to start a day.

Jennifer Giang

I love pastries and Saint Germain Bakery hits the spots. They have your classics but also makes special holiday chocolates. I got the chocolate Eclair which was delicious and they actually have a chocolate custard inside! I got to taste the lemon macaron which was good as well. Not too sweet or tart.

Chad Schrage

Fantastic pastries and an awesome staff. The man who helped us decide was educating everyone about the history of each pastry they were purchasing.

Christopher Frey

Among the best macarons in the city

Ebby Abramson

Real French pastries

Chris Evett

Great sandwiches, snacks, and coffee

Sianon Bado

So many options to choose from but I LOVE their almond croissants.

Catherine Jean Schleigh

The coffee was great and the Apricot Pistachio tart delish.

Jacob Woten

Very good

Charlotte Blanchet

Best pastries! I'm from France and it's nice too have decent pastry shop. Love them!!!!

Sami Alqahtani


Shehzaadi S

Wanted the paris-brest but they ran out so had the Paris-brest dome that was supposed to be filled with hazelnut cream but it didn't taste anything like it. If it was any indication of the paris-brest then its not worth it. Overpriced for what it is.

Jorge Echeverria

Incredible the Certs and the place is awesome, everything beautiful

Eric Knapke

Stopped for a couple of desserts and was not disappointed. We did not experience any of the poor service mentioned by others, even with us making a purchase near closing time.

Migili MZ

We went to Ponce City market with friends to hang out. I was looking for a place to grab a Cappuccino and I found this place. The Cappuccino was not good at all. I don't know what kind of coffee they used but it was really quality. They have many different candies and cookies that looks so great. I did not try but my friend tried one and liked it.

Jamie Graham

Their macaroons are AMAZING - delicate outer shell, with a light crisp. A fluffy, decedent inside. Rich flavors, not too mild not too overpowering. Be sure to enjoy them the day you buy them, they're best fresh! We loved their seasonal rose flavor in early springtime.

Cornelia Massey

Food is good but service is awful! Lady working today was extremely rude and rushed us. When we asked a question she would respond rudely and then rushed us asking what we wanted. Very disappointed with the service received today.

Yen-Cheng Liu

Jasmin P

CLOSEST THING TO EUROPE IN ATLANTA! Being from Vienna, this is the only place I've found in Atlanta that can attempt to compete with home. Staples are always (shamelessly) the apricot pistachio tart, lemon tart, Napoleon and any danish. I find most American pastries to be far too sweet and to have a strange after-taste because of artificial flavourings. So if you like superrr sweet desserts, you may not "love" this place. But the chocolate mousse and ganache they use in their desserts is very rich and decadent. I have yet to meet someone that doesn't appreciate this bakery! Their quiche is also to die for. Creamy, hearty and with the flakiest of crusts! But my run always brings me back to the pastries!

laura mcgunn

Excellent chocolate eclairs we also tried the raspberry with cream & apricot with pistachios pastry and they were delicious!! We will definitely stop by there again soon. Only thing I would suggest is the employees were not very attentive mostly playing around with each other and didn’t offer much assistance.

Xander Dawson

The one thing I'll say about this place is it may be small but is has an impressive variety of baked goods, pastries, sandwiches and related beverages. It sincerely reminds me of the sort of tiny cafes sprinkled all across Europe.

Isabel Mallar

I got a raspberry French macaroon and some other delicious pastry of the day they had in a glass display at the register. Loved it! The rainbow display of French macaroons in the front definitely caught my attention. I will def be back!

Ty. Graham

I really enjoy this place and its overall aesthetic. I'm vegan, but I definitely snuck a lemon macaroon, as it was the first one I ever had and I don't regret it, it was amazing. So I'm sure the other desserts are just as good. There's been a little crowd every time that I've visited with friends. And I'm almost positive that the desserts are imported in and aren't baked or crafted fresh every day, but I may be wrong, and frankly who cares. I could see the potential of this place becoming an actual restuarant as they sell sandwiches and other small plates. Prices range starting from $0.50. Overall, it's worth the visit if you happen to be having an outing at Ponce City Market!

Danielle Walton

Excellent pastries! I will travel for these tasty sweets!

Miguel T

Seems like it would be a cool place. Unfortunately, the staff was too busy to make a sale. The pastries in the case looked great. Wish I could have bought one. Lots of other cool places at PCM to check out instead.

Sara Farahani

I was in St. Germain on Sunday with my daughter and friends for her birthday celebration. I was in line making my choices for 6 people. The lady to whom I was giving my order made a comment about how slow I was and tried to rush me. Once I sat down with my party, my friend told me she was making rude faces behind my back to the other patrons in line. This made me very upset. I went to the lady that had taken my order and asked to speak with management. She told me she was the owner. I WAS SHOCKED! An owner acting this way should never happen. I have no complaints with the food and beverage.

Sidhant Dewan

Angela Wong

The coffee eclair was good, but the worst part was trying to interact with one of the employees. Right off the bat she didn't make eye contact, didn't smile, and barely said a word to me. Maybe she was having the worst day of her life, but the impression I got was that I wasting her time. From some other reviews, it sounds like this is a repeat offense. If you have a job, you give it your best. The way customers are treated is the most memorable part of the experience.

David Crow

Authentic European bakery. I had a chocolate caramel tort which was amazing! Took home a baguette. Good thing this isn't near my home. REMEMBER - you can park underground where it's always comfortable. Enter from North Avenue and find the down ramp. Cheers.

Ruben Canlas Jr.

Coffee and chocolate croissant were good. Service was friendly.

Charlee Ann

This little bakery was adorable! I purchased several macaroons and they are delicious. The lady behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely visit this bakery again.

Hot Eats and Cool Reads

Eclairs always have a place in my belly, especially when they are dusted with gold! All of the desserts at Saint Germain Bakery are simply gorgeous and my vanilla eclair was quite tasty too! My friend ordered the rum cake and couldn't finish it due to an "off taste" it had. Visited 5/2018

Brenda Foster

Macarons! Macarons! Love it! Very warm and friendly service by the lady with the French accent. Macarons in all kind of flavors. We bought six. I've had one so far and it was delicious! I also got the creme brulee which is just amazingly delicious! My favorite thing so far. Very cute little bakery with plenty of choices. They even have a little section for savory stuff. I will be back!!

rossana hernandez

Cara Snyder

Very nice tea and pastry selection. Service is ok.

lee brown

The macarons here are some of the best I have tasted outside of Europe. Going here was like being transported back to a quaint little bakery in paris. I can not say enough about the macarons from this place. They serve alot of items that if you have ever visited Europe you will definitely remember seeing. I definitely recommend that if you are in Atlanta you take the time to visit this place and the other places around it. Wish I could give more stars.

Steven Johnston

Like a slice of Paris in Atlanta....

Luisa Ramos

I am highly upset because I drove here purposely for this place. Spoke with a young girl who DIRECTED me there at 8:48 and one second later when I found the spot and get there she tells me they are closed. (We just got off the phone) When the closing time is supposed to be 9pm!!!!!!!!!! Not 8:48!!!! Never coming back.

Chantelle James

Can i say OMG

Khalfani Pace

This place is 2 cool

Jessica Jia

Great Napoleon except that we ate a blonde hair in it. It was a medium-length blonde hair. Blended in with the color of Napoleon very well. Didn't notice at first at all until we pulled it out of mouth. I didn't go back because I'm bad at confrontation like this... tbh I'm scared of stuff like this... so... yeah, the Napoleon tastes great anyway so you may wanna try...

Chase Rhodes

Whatever you see - eat it! Authentic and delicious!

Lynda Schinder

Mainly giving 5 stars because of the customer service!! Cynthia and Chelsea were delightful and had great conversation aside from pastries + got our kids to talk LOL BONUS!! Both went through descriptions of their favorite pastry rounding it off with the Creme Brulee tart which was amazing!! Great choice they gave me. I will definitely be back for another pastry and more.

Grace Westbury

Very tasty, fresh macarons that I must have every time I stop in!


7/15/2018 - Visited St.Germain and order 2 Macaroons. They were delicious, the person serving them was sour and rude. She was pre-occupied flirting with her male co-worker and ignoring me and 2 other clients that waited for 10 minutes while she chatted. She finally addressed us and seemed annoyed that we were bothering her. Ownership should consider changing weekend staff if they want to uphold any kind of quality service. The one star is because the macaroon was thoroughly enjoyable, otherwise this was a ZERO. Her attitude made the whole experience negative. She needs to get out of retail.

Caryn lesmeister

Heba Kamal

Best desert l ever had in Atlanta and the US so far!

Daria French

It was nice.

Angeline Mason

vanessa ngakeng

For those who have had French pastry in France this comes really close

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