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REVIEWS OF Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee IN Georgia

Davin Wall

Life changing doughnuts! Today, I went with the family for the second time since moving here. This is going to be our obvious choice for our Sunday morning, or gosh any morning, breakfast! We had to get a dozen so we had some to take home.

Frank Whitten

Best donuts I've had in a long time.

Steven Miller

Fantastic doughnuts. It's hard to find vegan ones that taste like actual doughnuts. I had the vanilla bean and the chocolate dipped and both were spot on. I have been to many other vegan bakeries and this was the best.

Nicole B

Such a great little shop! Th donuts are great and you can really tell they are homemade. Highly recommend

Elizabeth Hague

Hands down the best place to get any donut treat. New flavors and ideas are always coming out. Love supporting local and adore the care and craft put into their product!

Emily Wissel

So amazing. Always such a good option for any dietary restriction. They source quality ethical ingredients at really fair prices. This is my go to place.

Nicholas Busby

Amazing Doughnuts. Met Keith the previous night at PCM and he did not steer us wrong.

Shay Vaughan

Best doughnuts in Atlanta with lots of yummy vegan options.

George Pappas

Delicious donuts, friendly service.

Amanda Ziegler

Life. Changing. Everything is delicious. Go here, buy more donuts than you think you’ll eat because you’ll just end up back in line anyway. Our favorite was the crunchy mister. Both of us sat in the car after and reminisced on how much we missed it seconds after finishing them.

Marilyn Gonzalez

Was near the Kroger fuel station looked up a place for coffee and doughnuts and this place had the best reviews. I believe I heard the young lady say all but 1 of their doughnuts were vegan friendly. The doughnuts were great. We ordered the vanilla bean glazed, pistachio orange glazed, blueberry vanilla fritter, cinnamon sugar a small americano and a small latte. Everything was so good. The doughnuts were soft and except for the fritter all were relatively the same large size. The coffee packed a punch and had a great strong flavor. I'd be excited to come again and try other doughnuts and coffee from their menu. Super clean inside and out and the staff was friendly and fast.

Lover Jones

I love this place! Get there earlier because the do sale out of popular flavors fast!

Larkin Maples

The doughnuts here are awesome! The staff is super friendly. Even though I'm not vegan, there are lots of delicious vegan options for those that are.

Angel Jack Rivera

Best vegan donuts in town. I’ve been to this location many times never disappoints. The lemon poppy and vanilla flavor vegan donuts are the best. Please support this wonderful business.

Jessica Lewis

The tastiest treats! Something for everyone

Kasey McClary

So I had a love affair with two doughnuts today;the vegan chocolate cake and the vegan raspberry sprinkle yeast. Those were the best dang doughnuts. Super cute spot, great service. I have a meeting even month on that side of town and I will be stopping at this place!

Wanda Johnson

They had donuts that remind me of how donuts use to taste. Almost like a cake.

Don Bennett

I was reluctant to review this establishment because frankly it's a trigger for my donut dependency. In my view they are one of the top three donut places in Atlanta - at least that I'm aware of - with an array of yeast, cake, sweet and savory offerings. There, I said it. Now I'm going to have to find a group. I'll need a meeting.

Trieva Brown

It's a very thick Very bready type of donut.. I love the toppings but, I like more of a lighter fluffier kind of Donut.. customer service was fine, store was fine.

Juanita Sheppard

Unique doughnut treats served fresh daily. Great assortment and coffee. Seating is available.

Olivia Lopez

I hope they have Crunchy Misters in heaven because if they don't, it's not heaven.

Cheyenne Pope

I love all their flavors and variety of options. Its all fresh and they even have mini versions great for parties or the office.

Steven Perry

The yeast donuts are incredible. Second best donuts I've ever had after Meches Donut king back home.

Erica Nicole

This is my daughters favorite Saturday morning stop. There is always a large selection of donuts and the coffee is piping hot and delicious. The service is great and we never have a complaint. Best donuts in Atlanta!

A Gainer

Being on a donut kick of late, I decided to finally try this place. It seems I annoyed the sullen teenage boy who was 'working' by asking questions, as it was my first visit. They have a convoluted tier system which makes it hard to calculate your cost plus I was shocked that a dozen starts at $24. And the product was good, not great. Do yourself a favor and visit RAY'S DONUTS for a better fresher product, greater selection, better pricing (a dozen is $9.99!). Well worth the additional drive to 2106 S. Candler.

Mike Greenawalt

It's one of my wife's favorite places.

Christina Robichaux

Probably one of the best vegan donuts I've ever had. Will definitely be back! Not all that impressed with the coffee though. Will skip next time.

William Boswell

Great doughnuts! The fruit sliders are the best!

Emily Joy Kruger

Really delicious doughnuts!! I got the everything & the cinnamon sugar and loved them both but especially loved the everything because of the cream cheese filled center!

Fredrick Anderson

People come here in their pajamas so you know this place has to be good.

Eboni Joy

My favorite place to grab dessert to go, best donuts on earth. Vegan selection is insanely thorough. Peach sliders are my absolute favorite but the king cake was outstanding! Orange pistachio is a family favorite, my daughter only ever wants Raspberry sprinkles. You can't go wrong, even the classics are phenomenal - toasted almond, coconut, maple glaze (non-vegan), etc! The new vegan Oat Milk and cookie dough is my jam!

Vexa94 94

It's a nice little donut shop, the donuts where pretty good. Put they are kind of in a weird spot.

John Morgan

We love this place! Great doughnuts with gluten free options. The ham and cheese doughnut is a delicious breakfast option!

Ty Douglass

Best vegan donuts ever!!!!! Not only do they have the classic yeast donuts but they have cake style do it's as well. The strawberry shortcake donut was a new one but I fell in love. I got an iced dirty chai as well that went awesome with the donuts.

Alyssa Andres

They have cinnamon sugar donuts! And their yeasted donuts are the best around. Would highly recommend the dark chocolate. We're never disappointed here.

Kristin Cannon

Great food, friendly staff, one of our favorites.

reginald brown

Very good quality doughnut shop. With a good variety. Haven't tried they're coffee yet but if it's even close to the quality of the doughnuts then you definitely can't go wrong. I pick these up for my customers sometimes and they always ask me where is this place. Keep up the good work guys. Customer for life!!!!

Bria Sativa Aguayo

The staff was lovely. I met someone there per their suggestion. I got a gluten free donut. It was great. I hadn't had a donut in years. I also got some regular ones for a friend and her daughter and they loved them. I just wish they had wifi so I could have done some work while waiting.

Ari Vazquez

Yum yum I love the Doughnuts.

John Bennett

Mmm donuts! They have a great selection and seasonal ones that are to die for. Try the yeast chocolate.

Lexi Duncan

This is my favorite local donut shop (and there are several good ones in Atlanta). It's obvious that there is a lot of attention to detail in both the coffee and the donuts here. I always pick these up as a sweet treat for friends and family visiting from out of town. Pros: they've got vegan donuts and bacon donuts, so everybody will be happy; there's a decent amount of parking, though it's a little scary to pull out directly on the street when sometimes it's hard to see traffic; there's outdoor seating, so it's pretty easy to hang out with your dog/rowdy children, etc. Cons: sometimes it gets pretty busy, but the service is quick, so it's not a big con :)

P. Stokes

Donuts were dry. Didnt last 24hours. They were hard the next day.

DJ Bradford

The best donuts I've ever had. Don't sleep on the Everything Bagel donut.

Lauren Harshaw

The donuts are lovely. Ive come here for years for their Peach Sliders. The coffee is just alright, but I got mine to go this time. The cup immediately came unglued and spilled EVERYWHERE before I even got out of parking lot.

clementine Shmementine

I’m just so sad it is so far away

Ashley Cotner

Almost everything is vegan. Not a good selection. The donuts tasted okay but the texture was not good.

Candace Murphy

Enjoyed the donuts, wide selection of unique flavors. Worth waiting in the line to get them.

Clayton Henderson

Amazing doughnuts!! Really friendly staff and really good coffee. My wife and I have decided to make this place a Saturday ritual.

Lolita Rowe

Every item I have tasted has been delicious.

Kaylee Davis

It's called "Revolution" for a reason! They have great donuts (sometimes they can be a little greasy but they're still the best I've ever had)! And, IMHO, they have the best chai tea latte in the area (nice and spicy!)...Next best would be Spillers, I think. Atmosphere is ok for working or chatting with a friend (but the real reason to go is for the donuts).

Phoebe Vint

I am forever loyal to revolution donuts and they can take all my money. The rotating monthly menu is awesome because I can try new things seasonally and they never disappoint. Coffee is amaZing, but the most amazing part is their lattes have more shots per larger size...NOWHERE does that and I love them for it.

Carmen Redfearn

I love this place!! As a vegan its so hard to find really good sweets and desserts. It not cheap but its not overly expensive. The quality of their food is worth every penny!! I'm so happy i found this place

Kordel Burnett

Awesome donuts! Definitely coming back.

Sarah Schleicher

Excellent doughnuts and coffee. Had to wait in line for a bit, but it was worth it!

Tiffany Tilion

Great donuts, a little pricey but ultimately worth it. I've been taken there the times by sometime who really wanted me to try their bacon Donut (Because I lovvve bacon) AND EVERY SINGLE TIME, They're out

Willie Booth

Great, but too Expenses 5 donut's over $20.00

Nona Thornton

Holy moly. Best doughnuts EVER. Everybody needs to try.

Shelly Moak

Flavorfully creative doughnuts. The Rose Cardomum Chai was divine.

Terp Vairin

Always the best service, even when they're beset by tourists. The pistachio doughnut is the best.

Mark Kempton

Go to Saturday morning stop in Atlanta. Crunchy Mister is a great savory choice.

Deaf Emily

Upon arriving Sunday morning prior to going to church, there’s a line of 6-8 people. They have something called Tier 1-4, from least expensive ($2.50 to pricey $4.00). They clearly label these donuts: yeast raised, dairy/egg, Savory, baked, vegan, and more. It’s nice to see these kind of description. Their beverage choices offered are phenomenal. I just ordered a rose cardamom chai for $4.00. Guaranteed it’s an acquired taste. Tastes lovely then a strong cardamom after flavor. Whenever you’re in this area, Revolution is the place to go for these donuts. It’s a one of a kind local donuteria.

Nora Nellon

Hands down the best in the city i LOVE this place Love Love Love Love Love this place they get free promotions from me daily. Im always gifting my customers with them hint the best priced cooffee, teas and yep they can all be served with OAT MILK yep OAT Milk which personally i prefer.

Gavin Fulmer

Locally made donut, always good to support local and give it a try. Some interesting flavors are available but fewer choices for cake or old-fashioned type -- at least that day -- if you don't love the Homer-Simpson-esque yeast raised texture.

Angel Benio

Quaint little shop with a nice atmosphere. Nice selection of drinks and hand crafted doughnuts.

Kyle Sweeney

Probably the best donuts in Atlanta city, but they are a little expensive. They do use quality ingredients and you can tell - (for example, the raspberry and blueberry icing tastes genuine and is delicious). I highly recommend the Crunchy Mister - it's one of my favorite breakfast foods anywhere

Stephaniee Lockhart

Didnt have all I wanted but they were about to close so what to be expected

Amadi McKenzie

There are some positive things to be said about Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee. Unfortunately, none of them are related to the actual donuts. The shop is welcoming, designed well and located in a booming, recently gentrified area of Atlanta. The employees working the day I entered the shop with my gf were professional, friendly and behaved in a way that gave us the impression that they really believed in their product. With all of this working in their favor, I'm sure you're thinking, "How could this have gone left?". Well, since 2016 we've made it a goal to visit a donut shop local to every place that we travel. On this day, we were in Atlanta. I grew up on Krispy Kreme Donuts and in recent years, had an affair with Sublime Donuts of Atlanta. So now was the time to try something new. I could probably go on for hours about the level of disgust I had after tasting the Revolution Doughnuts I bought, but I'll try to sum it up in a few statements. This was, by far, the worst donut experience I have ever had. The donuts we tried were not the worst tasting donuts ever, but they were definitely a close second. They were dry, weird tasting and had an awful after taste. After reading the glowing reviews online, we could barely contain our excitement to try a new shop in the city I call home. This elation was met with sheer disappointment, to the point that I joked about throwing the box of donuts back over the counter. I nearly asked the employees to taste them to see if we had just received a bad batch. But I wanted nothing more than to leave and never return. It's rare that I leave reviews on anything. However, I felt the overwhelming need to tell this story and share such a terrible experience. I imagine our incident is an isolated one, since other reviews are so high.

Luther Purcell

Best Variety of Doughnuts.. excellent tasting doughnuts.

J Vignati

Yeasty doughy donuts, you either love or hate. Usually mobbed weekend mornings

Jordan Aletraris

What else can i say except wow. These are quite possibly the best donuts I’ve ever had. I’m a donut fanatic and there’s so many good flavors to choose from. The donuts are also fresh and made with fresh ingredients. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves donuts and good food in general

Jeremy Buckler

Amazing donuts! Bonus that many/all are allergy friendly!

Jamila Coleman

I gave this place two stars because of the variety of donuts they have. They have unique donuts that is what saved them from getting 0 stars. I did not like the service. The guy was not helpful with my questions and when I specially asked him if any new donuts would be coming out and he said no so I just bought the big cinnamon roll and that’s it. Not even a minute after me sitting down a man brought out fresh apple pie donuts

Victoria Cruz

Great selection of doughnuts. Cake doughnuts not as light and flavorful as I had hoped. Should have stuck with the yeast variety.

Binoy Shah

One word "revolutionary". , If you're in Atlanta, most go checkout this place!

Lauren Hise

Best donuts in town! It's always a fun treat to take my kids here.

Morgan Fray

Fantastic. The ham and cheese bun is amazing! Lots of vegan options. I was originally nervous about the idea of vegan baking. I mean, how good can a vegan donut be? Answer: pretty excellent. Got the cinnamon yeast donut. Pleasantly surprised. Does it count as healthy if it's vegan? Please?

haden keller

Good place for a quick bite. Good coffee and great doughnuts.

lori braddy

SERIOUSLY the best donuts in town and if youre vegan you definitely gotta!

Kristen Ruel

This is our favorite coffee and donut shop in the Atlanta area! Not only are their doughnuts unique and full of flavor, but you can tell they are made with quality products. Their coffee is also top notch, sometimes we go there just for a coffee, although it's always hard to pass up the raspberry sprinkle doughnuts.

Jonathan Ng

Chewy yeast risen donuts. Probably one of the best I've ever had. The cake donuts are excellent as well. Definitely a must go to. The coffee is great too.

Terri Nicole

Got a dozen donuts as a birthday present for a donut loving friend. They even give you a little birthday topper for such an occasion. Busy place but efficient. I didn't get any warm fuzzies from staff but they were super busy Easter weekend. I'd probably get a better idea on a typical weekend. My friend loved his donuts. Unique flavors. Some award winning

Melanie Henderson

We have made this a Saturday tradition in our home! That's saying a lot because this place is 40 mins from our house. Worth every minute!!! There are so many choices of delicious donuts, most of them being vegan. Our favorites are dark chocolate yeast, orange pistachio, true blueberry and raspberry sprinkle.

Marla Johnson

Nice space, great location, polite and smiling staff. Easy to run in and out of. They serve Counter Culture coffee, which I love. The donuts look beautiful. Unfortunately for me, they looked better than they tasted. The three flavors I have tried were good, but not great, especially for how much they cost.

Al Buchala

I'm not a huge fan of donuts, but I was really impressed with this place. The everything bagel donut and breakfast/savory donut with ham were delicious. I also had the chocolate and fresh peaches donut. Both excellent, though I am partial to chocolate.

Amanda Hoff

They have one of my fav cold brews. Their donuts are exceptional. I love their original rasp yeast. I also enjoy their spicy ginger cake, almond coconut cake, and the pistachio orange yeast. Team yeast donuts for the win!

Theresa Allen

This place is so special that one of my daughters puts it on the must-have part of her birthday wish list. She prefers the doughnuts over a birthday cake. The family and guest love them too. Big ole doughnut last year, but back to a dozen or two singles this year. Vegan option, phenomenal!


Poor customer service. Cross-contaminationed my order (gluten/vegan/nuts were not seperated as requested). Customers with special dietary needs be cautious.

Tina P

Hip little coffee shop with a great selection of vegan and gluten-free gourmet doughnuts. They offer several different brews for self-serve as well as lattes and cappuccinos as you like. The doughnuts are delicious and worth every penny

Michael Wills

Most of us love doughnuts, but the creators of Revolution (Doughnuts & Coffee) make doughnuts an art form. Originally known for their cake style doughnuts, but they also have traditional yeast varieties and even gluten free. Throughout the year they will offer seasonal limited run specials, that include things like gingerbread and peach sliders (from local peach farms). You can't go wrong here, and the coffee- Whether you like cappuccinos and variations, cold brew, or the traditional cup off joe, they have it- will help you wash down a fitting first meal. (They are open after lunch too if you're craving a sugar fix after the breakfast rush. Just be flexible because certain varieties will sell out)

Laura Jones

Revolution Doughnuts is AMAZING. Fresh delicious doughnuts, fine coffee beverages, and fun staff. There are options for folks with gluten sensitivities/intolerance, and batches of gluten-free doughnuts can be pre-ordered! My favorites are, in no particular order: Vanilla Bean, Toasted Almond, Peach (and strawberry) Sliders. Next visit I will have to try the S'more and the Nutella doughnuts. Yum!

Chloe Enix

Delicious donut with unique selection of flavors! The coffee was great as well!

Paul Dunbar

A little pricey, but you won't find a better donut. Dunkin for breakfast, revolution for a treat.

Melissa Krumm

Their doughnuts and coffee were pretty good and at a good price. I know they cannot change the layout, but the bathroom was located behind the kitchen and by the backdoor, which made me feel a bit akward.

Eston Melton

Donuts are a bit too rich for me, but my staff gets pretty kiddy whenever I bring these in :)

Amanda Young

Oh my goodness

A Richardson

The doughnut are a little over priced, the apple fritters were hard and didn't have the flavor we expected. I did however enjoy the raspberry doughnut. I was told that they are best warm, unfortunately no-one provided us with this important detail. I guess we'll have to give it another try. Customer service was great.


The vegan jam filled and dark chocolate were great; super satisfying. The iced latte with almond milk I had was alright though, nothing I'd write home about.

Russ Hull

If you like thicker yeast donuts, these are the best in town. Very creative and delicious rotating menu.

Stephen Whittington

This place is sick! And I mean that in a good way. Highly recommend! Consider a savory donut while you're at it.

Sherry Gromoshak

Know wonder the place is rates one of the top 100 plates in Georgia. The peach slides is worth the drive to Atlanta.

Rose Shields

Clean, swanky, and super delicious treats and coffee

Melissa Gillespie

The doughnuts are so good, can be a little overwhelming especially for the first time, but so worth it! The apple fritters are amazing!

Heather Trudeau

These donuts are absolutely amazing!! The 4 stars is because you have to get there early!! It you go later in the day, they do not any donuts to choose from!

Jamal Owens

This coffee shop was great! Stopped here on break from a service route. Donuts are awesome, coffee is top notch, customer service is outstanding, and the music will help you relax. Definitely recommend to stop for a quick pick me up!

Geoff Mickells

Worth the trip for the Crunchy Mister alone. Would be five stars except I prefer cakey donuts (like old fashioneds) to yeast ones and they have a greater focus on yeast donuts. Still wonderful but their strengths and my loves don't align

Esther M

Great food. Bathroom just ok

Kawaii Parlor

These donuts are luxurious lol

Scott Bean

The cruncy mister makes my day EVERY time. I've loved everything that I have ordered.

Paula Shawber

Amazing donuts! If you have never been you need to try!

LoAnn Groghan

The best doughnuts around! Parking is a concern on the weekends, but so worth the effort.


Vegan options!!!! Plenty of them. I bring my son here because he has food allergies and I am glad that he gets yo enjoy sweet treats like the rest of us. Love this donut shop!!!

Jessica Brown

I am in love with the blood orange pistachio one!

Madeline Irene

Quality of food: Wonderful, I have been a regular customer for over a year now and am always impressed. Honestly the best doughnuts in the perimeter. They also have Gluten Free & Vegan options. The coffee is better than average! Customer Service: The staff has always been friendly and seems to be happy working here! Parking/Atmosphere: The parking can be a bit difficult but is worth it!

Jordan Gates

The yeast donuts are "make you cry" good. Plenty of vegan friendly options too! I'm here almost every week- I gotta say you need to get there early to try the Peach Slider, local peaches stuffed in a sugared donut puff sandwich. Also be sure to catch them at the Grant Park Farmer's Market on Sundays

Chill Will

Good doughnuts but the service was borderline terrible for me, it's called customer service for a reason at least make me feel like you actually want my money & want to see me again...

James Gurtner

The most delicious donuts I have ever eaten! I love them so much I got one of each doughnut! Did I mention they have vegan donuts! Very friendly staff clean and well organized store

Roxana Moss

Doughnut was great with excellent flavor.

marirosa hofmann

Great doughnuts good coffee. Wish they had soy milk and more parking

Mohini Mani

Donuts are totes amaze! LOVE there are gluten free options. Got a vegan doughnut cake and mini doughnuts (also vegan) for my daughter's birthday party at school. They were a hit! The price for the doughnut cake is pretty reasonable and comparable to a grocery store cake. Especially considering that a la carte doughnuts are going to run you about $4 a pop.

Carter Shadden

I love the caramel bacon doughnuts so much!!

Jerry Cooley

I went for 3 flavors. The S'mores, Peach Slider and Sea Salt Carmel. Could not be better. So good I barely have time to write this post.

Eric Gronberg

Gourmet doughnuts in intriguing flavors but a bit pricy


You haven't had a donut if you haven't had Revolution doughnuts! They have an assortment of flavors and combinations. Three of my favorites are the caramel & bacon, the dark chocolate &and vanilla doughnuts. Caution....they are not cheap but well worth the money!

Zachary Thomaston

Bar none the best doughnuts and coffee in the city

Meredith McGuire

Atlanta has so many amazing places to eat, it’s almost too hard to keep up with them!! Having returned to Atlanta from Tampa recently, I decided I would try to bring back some Revolution donuts for a friend with whom I have argued about who makes the best donuts. Naturally, I argued for Revolution in Atlanta - the only place I’ve ever known of that makes fresh, gluten-free donuts that will make anyone’s mouth water! So, I ordered a dozen - half for the friend I was staying with in Atlanta (who delighted in nibbling quarters of each type I brought him), and half to take home. Though they didn’t travel well through the multi-city, delayed flights, Revolution’s donuts still beat anything I’ve ever tried. The apple fritter is packed with apples and so full of flavor; the raspberry iced donut is light and popping with real raspberry! Pair it with a bite of dark chocolate iced and it tastes like a raspberry truffle! These are too good to stay in one city; please bring Revolution to Tampa!!!

Will Kelbaugh

Busiest on Friday through Sunday. If you can go on other days, that's better. I usually get the apple fritter, caramel bacon, crunchy mister, or their special offerings.

Grant Freeman

Tasty options, try the apple fritter donut

Bill Cheatham

One of the best donuts I’ve ever had. Great little shop, great coffee, awesome and creative donuts. I crave their Crunchy Mister/ ham & cheese. Love that they have seasonal offerings. They even had baby donut versions of Louisiana king Cakes. Great place, but the lines can get long... especially on weekends.

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