Reviews of Publix Super Market at Toco Hills Shopping Center (Bakery)

2969 N Druid Hills Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States Located in: Toco Hills Shopping Center

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Where is Publix Super Market at Toco Hills Shopping Center?

REVIEWS OF Publix Super Market at Toco Hills Shopping Center IN Georgia

Andrew Wang

Always nice and knowledgeable staff. Store is well maintained and clean. Never had a problem shopping in this location. It has ample parking too and I can usually find a spot close to the door. Check out lanes are always fast, with self checkout available, which is a great plus

Sadegh Arian


Great just great

Lavyette Royster

Mike Trevino

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with this Publix location so I no longer shop here. Long waits at checkout and poor customer service. (1) There is never any help at the self-checkout line, so good luck showing your ID or getting an error to go away. (2) The Publix deli seems to always run out of simple necessities, like that one time I ordered mac & cheese and they ran out of to-go containers. I wish I was kidding.

Heather Smith

Elizabeth Wysong

Casper Moon

Brianna Williams

My fav grocery store


chaim bernstein

The best costumer service

William H Spinks

Very good store, staff are primed to be helpful. It's all very good here.

Uğur Yüce

Bruce Ribner

betsy gansborg

In a time when customer service is declining almost all over the city of Atlanta, the quality of service in this Publix will really take you by surprise! Every employee is upbeat and friendly. They are sure to ask you if you need any help and even to take your groceries to your car for you. It's like going back in time!


Helen Michael Woods

Carolyn Roper

Always find more than is on my list. Thank you for treating customers and staff well!

Christopher Hall

Out of 2% milk half gallons...not even a sale but service excellent

Narwanna Adams

This Publix location in Toco-Hills is my favorite. Hours 7am-11pm 7 days a week. Any culture, price many options.

Lisa Washington

Shopping really is a pleasure at this Publix Clean and well maintained. Cheerful helpful polite team members. Grocery shopping is less of a chore here :)

Kyle Kemp

Ahid Darwazeh


Merriweather Merriweather

Robert Burek

Typical Publix with somewhat high prices, great customer service, and somewhat limited selection of items compared to the competition.

Gairy Toorie

Hazel Boney

My favorite Publix

Robin Pounds

Andrew Rowles

Great Publix! Clean and the people are friendly.

Ciearra Strickland

not not

Janlynn Barrett

Mika Watson

The whole staff was very nice and helpful!

Jeff Beck

The store is good to buy, challenge Kroger for price war, therefore, use your judgement to find compare prices or not have food in goods. Would be nice if both stores get marry

Moshe Stein

lay baby

Tyler Anderson

One of the nicest ones I've been to.

Bry_Fo Car Garage

Super Friendly staff. Always go above and beyond to make the customer feel appreciated. Clean store also.

Alexis Cato

I called just about every bakery there is .... one was able to help....I called this publix bakery they were extremely helpful!!!! If there were more than 5 stars to give i definitely would give them!!!

Marisa Moore

I always have a pleasant experience at this Publix. The staff is kind. The store is clean and the produce usually looks great. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I've noticed that they are often out of popular items which can be annoying if it's the thing I went to the store to get. I have had to go to the Kroger next door to get an item or two when that happens. This adds to the convenience factor making this Publix a safe stop when trying to gather all ingredients for a specific recipe or event.

Yves-Rose Guerrier

Earth & Sea Spa

Nice Publix in upscale area with tons of other stores in this shopping complex. Plenty of parking, friendly employees, clean store. Great selection including Boar's Head, a full deli, even sushi. The one thing missing is distilled water. I was in from Florida and low on water. I saw spring, purified, and drinking, but no distilled water. I was happy to see open pit BBQ sauce, which I have not been able to find since I moved from Michigan. Cute plants in the floral area, I wanted them all! On our 3.5 day stay in the area we made two trips to the store. Check out was quick and plenty of open or self checkout lanes.

Robert Grant

Not the best Publix to be honest. It's bigger than some of the ones nearby but somehow seems to have less variety and stock. I've also found moldy produce there on multiple occasions. People at the deli counter are nice but I've generally underwhelmed by the level of help at this location.

Adriano Tassini

Fair prices, good variety.

Rosa Ortiz

Robert Stayton

I love this store because of their great selections, fair prices and friendly services.

Rie's Reviews

Friendly staff, Clean store. Clean bathroom. Close to Shepherd Pathways.

Richelle Weinstock

ladoris mcallister

Great customer service!

Sam Michaels

I love shopping at Publix. The staff is always so friendly. I love the Philly cheese steak sub is an explosion of flavors. I especially love how soft the bread is. Will have me as a customer for life!

John Hayes

Publix is a good quality chain with a good reputation. This location does justice to that reputation with a clean, organized and well-managed store. Selection is excellent, staff is friendly and helpful, prices are reasonable, checkout lines generally not too long. A good place to shop in the community.

Michel La

janalene gengan

Brandon Johnson

I'm always pleased with the customer service at this Publix and the way the employees treat me with respect. Someone is always happy to help me to my car, and the cashiers are always friendly. The only downside is the produce. I've always been frustrated with the lack of consistent and outstanding produce.

Deryck Durston

Good because small and easy to get in and out

Robert Kleinsorge

ty the great 1

Steve Howe

Expensive!!!!! That is all

Yissakhar Beck

Good selection. Slightly expensive. Friendly staff. Best donuts in the state, although the selection of those isn't as good as it used to be.

mona A

I love the custumer serveice people who worked their however u don't like the store manager greeting only certain people

Michael Langton

Usual Publix goodness

Jenni Kunkle

I've never been more disgusted in a publix in all my life. The deli will either mess up my food order, or not make it on time when I put in a Togo order! To make matters worse, my mother and I found plastic in our sandwiches. The women that work there obviously care more about yelling to each other than doing their job. This location needs proper attention.

Victoria Alvarenga

Odd store. The bathroom dirty and had an odd set up. I honestly thought I might get hit by the door. The only clean stall had a broken seat. This is the first Publix that I have ever seen a Kosher area at the deli. They do have a full aprons set up and the catering area was nice. There is a place to eat from the deli. The deli itself was clean, employees were nice. Checkout was quick an easy with the self checkout, seeing as all the other lines were super long.

Jerry W. Ellis II

Sharing the same great experience as the rest, I frequent the prepared foods section at this location almost twice a day. Tracy's hospitality, customer service management and unique creativity is quite an example in the business. Kim's recipes keep me coming back. Nice job, folks. The experience, food quality and people are well worth the trip.

Edward M Carden

Best place extremely helpful!!!! If there were more than 5 stars to give i definitely would give them!!!

Ophellia Posey

Good Customer service and friendly clean

Kathleen Bradley

the customer service at this location is outstanding!

tonya pinner

Louise Spence

I love Publix. I like the bakery and always get bread, and the deli is wonderful

Lara Martin

Pat Darden

I have been shopping here since it opened and it is always a clean and fresh environment with professional and always courteous staff. Everyone goes out of their way to assist and be helpful.

Najah Ocasio

rick aarts

The entire staff is always helpful and the store has everything

judy knight

Josh Brackett

Scott Joseph

Publix is fine. However the Dbags driving & texting through the Toco Hills parking lot are whole different issue entirely.

Imam Qadriyyah Mabel-Dorothy

They have a separate Kosher deli. #Dope

Sylvia Palmer


This is nice big and really clean publix. Much larger selection than other publix in the area.

Gloria Cunningham

The staff is amazing the prices are the best and their services are excellent. neatly arranged stores too.

Jeff McClure

I moved here from Florida back in December 2018. I was excited because I still got to grocery shop my favorite store. I love this location, everyone is friendly and make you feel like family...the store is especially clean, well merchandised and all the departments are amazing! They actually still show you were something is absolutely a pleasure shopping at PUBLIX AND THIS LOCATION! GREAT JOB!

Flavio Santana

Kalishia and the crew held it professionally well being that the where making sandwiches as quick as possible in addition to each member acknowledging new customers in line I must say I'm very content with the services.

Laura Palermo

A full-selection grocery store & pharmacy with helpful, genuinely warm & personable staff.

Ahmed Darb

Nice coustmer service

Lexy Bug

New to the neighborhood & first time shopping at Toco Publix. Will not be back for awhile. Workers very nice- hence the 2 stars instead of 0 or 1. Store is in serious need of a remodel. Smaller & less variety than the Publix in our old neighborhood (Ptree Crns). Found several refrigerated items past expiration by more than a week. Witnessed something that grossed me out (no need to post what, exactly, publicly). Mentioned to cashier who was wonderful & took the problem seriously. Toco shopping center has always been generally run-down to me; the feeling stands.

Dimeji Alimi

Nice and well organized. Staff are very helpful. Been shopping here for over a year and never had any issues.

Nancy Herrington

Love this publix..very clean well stock...has just about everything..Iove their buy 1 get one free stuff...this is my favorite publix..very friendly associates

Stephen Moesel

Gin Ma

Sanford Kadish

Elizabeth Weiss

Kamran Ahmed

Nice store with all products but still pricy compaeed to target and kroger.

Diann Stone

Daniel Alexander

Janet Wright


akeera Carter

Leveque Cooper

Friendly Very Helpful and Attentive. Always a pleasure shopping at this Publix. Toco Hill

Joshua Smith

Moshe Feigenbaum

ME Shelton

Josh Koerner

not the best publix

Pinkie Porter

I always enjoy shopping here. The atmosphere is inviting, the configuration is visually appealing and customer service is excellent.

Ken Mancuso

This is my neighborhood store. They have a great selection and probably the best supermarket staff I've ever seen. Meat, produce, bakery, pharmacy, and deli are excellent. Ok, so why only 4 stars and why dont I do my regular grocery shopping there? Their prices. They are higher than most other stores. If you shop, using the sale flyer, you will get incredible deals. If the item is not on sale, you will spend considerably more than most other grocery chains, Walmart or Target. So, it has become my secondary store. A great place to get things I forgot while doing my grocery shopping.


Excellent staff

James Chambers

Quick experience

Susan Jewell

Publix consistently has clean stores, helpful staff, and reasonable prices. Their store brand is very good quality.

John Tarleton

Paula Robertson

Nicest employees ever!

Amanda Red Kranz

Leslie Tench


Steve Mashburn

i noticed that you have Aveeno products on sale I went to 3 store and i noticed you didn't have the soap at any store and ask one of the stock people about the soap and he said you wouldn't have it till next week instead of pulling it for a week wouldn't it be easier to change the advertising to select products.

Salma Hussein

You know how Chick-Fil-A has exemplary customer service? The people who work here DO IT BETTER. Even when you think it’s impossible, the service here is SUPERB. They treat you like family and even though I don’t even live in that area, I would come to this location solely based on the staff. From Robert in event planning to the many young cashiers serving in the front, I adore everyone.

Earl McDonald

St re ye61mrw ft. Er tut right 0

Jamel Myers

Always has excellent customer service and shelves are constantly stocked with fresh produce and product. Awesome!

Tracy Seesholtz

Literally, the BEST shopping experience. I love this Publix! Management rocks!

Walter Iacullo

Excellent sandwiches and fried chicken. Sit down area to eat in store. Store is clean and staff is always friendly. Good selection and they carry hard to find items. Has both dairy and dairy free bakeries!

Sheila Harris

Nathan Lewis

Ashauntae Warren

Saad Nasir

Chris Zimmerman

As others have mentioned, Publix can be pricey but it is not bad if you take advantage of the sales. This particular store has great selections and great service.

Yehonatan Schwarzmer

Typical supermarket, but two things stand out. It's got a clean, open feel; and the people here go out of their way to be helpful and pleasant.

Gene Carter

every employee you encounter at this Publix is nice and courteous especially the deli people..

Jim moore

John Schindler

Best store for Kosher, meats and customer service

Steven Edelkind

Giorgio Lalli

Regina Saunders

Huge store with great selection of organics and healthy choices. Need more cashiers!

Faith Whyte

Great place to shop.

Cynthia Coles

This market has a small eat-in area. My mother and I were here recently and ate in the deli. Michelle was our server and her smile brightened our day!

Jodie Worrell

Ryan Ross

The sandwich was great... but it took 20 minutes to make. I understand the personnel challenge, but if the folks in the deli could just pretend to have a but of hustle and urgency that would be great.

Rebecca Purcel

My favorite publix ❤️

Kevin Moss

Like a typical publix if it's on sale it's out of stock. Publix is no longer the store it once was, even ALDI and Walmart have better customer service.

Magnolia Flower

The associates are always awesome and helpful whenever I stop in to shop!!

Maskppk 7

Excellent, love shopping at publix!

rs cooper

Looking for Veg All Publix has it yeahh

Deron Fish

Ester was so very kind in guiding thought the process in getting storage unit shes 5 star in my book.

Ann Rector

Consistently helpful employees

Hasan Sayilir

talaya mociers

Courtney Haynes

Best place ever

Jayson Spencer

Adelina M

Always helpful personnel ready to take you to your desired product location in person.

Roberto Romero

Great customer service and manager Ron.

Anna-Catherine McCrary

Platinum Gold

Good Selection, very diverse.

Jcat Mattox

Nice clean and friendly

Sophia Welime

One Yasmin at Customer Service desk was outright RUDE to me when I asked why I had a charge on my receipt yet I did not have the item with me/never picked up. She needs customer service training.

Eunice Pierre-Louis

Jeff Levene

It's really a VERY nice store. But their prices are significantly higher than others in the area.

Walter Purcell

Ila Moore

I absolutely love this publix And the people who work here.

Tracey Raines

John Kearney

Today we had to put our 14 year old dog, Max, to sleep for health issues. Yesterday we wanted to do something nice for him, and my husband Andy went to Publix in an attempt to find a steak or beef bone for him to enjoy for his last night. Andy was a wreck emotionally and had a tough time picking the right bone for our dog. An employee in the meats section, Jon, assisted Andy wonderfully. His assistance immensely touched and helped Andy as he was going through this difficult time. We believe that Jon went out of his way to help Andy and wanted to share our experience and our gratitude of the customer service at this Publix. Thank you very much Jon and thank you to the rest of the Publix staff, who have always treated us with respect and professionalism every time we shop there.

I John

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