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REVIEWS OF Miss Mamie's IN Georgia

Jon Duke

Always tasty and always friendly. They were also nice enough to agree to make me a cake with just a few days notice.

Future Simmons

I'm sorry, these cupcakes are not good at all. The frosting was just okay & the cupcake was SOOO dry. I bought an assortment for my daughter & friends, they are 13, and they only ate ONE cupcake. All of them said that 'Small Cakes' cupcakes are better. And I know that CamiCakes are good as well. Such a waste of my money..!!

Perdawn Taylor

Mard Coleman

Excellent cupcakes! I love getting these for my girlfriend and for special occasions. Friendly staff and they offer great recommendations. We have never been disappointed.

Brad Morrell

Stopped by with the wife one day while on the square. Knew of them from the publicity from being on Food Network. Walked into the bakery. No one was up front. Waited. Waited. Waited. No one ever came. Gave us an opportunity to glance over the selection. What selection there was. It looked like they hadn't made any cupcakes in a while because there were very few cupcakes in the display. We left (without anyone ever coming to greet us) and went to a competitor and were extremely pleased. Needless to say, based on their reputation, my experience was very disappointing.

Torrey Smith

StandUpGuys JunkRemoval

Literally one of the greatest creations ever made!

Mikey P

Went there and got some cupcakes when I was randomly craving something with way too much sugar in it. Prices are reasonable, and the selection is great!

tamara heath

The cupcakes are just ok. They were so dry. I don't have to have them again.

Dawn Reyna

OMG! Went to get a cupcake for a co-worker's birthday and bought one of the lemon coconut. It was fantastic!!! It was so sweet and rich I could only eat half. The other flavors I purchased were Cheesecake and German Chocolate. They both got rave reviews from their recipients. I highly recommend this place.

Joan Lenahan

P Yarrington

We ordered a Rio themed cake for my son's first birthday, cake was very tasty and absolutely gorgeous! This is the 3rd time we have ordered cakes and cupcakes from Miss Mamie's and we are never disappointed!!

David Yu

Yikes! Looks like Lindsey from Miss Mamie was... let's say busy? We were in contact but either got bored or wasnt interested in our business. First 1 star review from me I think ...:( just tell us next time that you can't help us

Richard Mayo

The best bake shop in Atlanta! From cookies to wedding cakes, Miss Mamies has it All!

David Conyers

Ruth Cabaniss

Love this cute little cupcake shop. The cupcakes are delicious! Very friendly. Enjoyed seeing them on Cake Hunters!

T Paul

Cupcakes are just bad, like lumps of fruit cake batter.

Jennifer Perkins

Lindsey is amazing! The cakes are not only beautiful but they’re delicious too! Go in and talk to her about anything you’re envisioning and she’ll make it happen!

Diane C

We went to get cupcakes twice and they look pretty but where so dry almost stale. Not worth the money they cost.

Liz Allen

We went in to try cupcakes for our wedding. Not only were their flavors so amazing that we had a hard time pacing ourselves, their hospitality is 5 stars-worthy too! They made it so easy to plan what kind of flavors and number of cupcakes we'll need for our party, we booked on the spot! Would highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding.

Olivia Mascali

Mamie did the individual pies for my wedding, and I say enough great things! They tasted incredible and were so beautifully done! She also made my wedding crest into a pie topper for our cutting ceremony. The guests LOVED them and they really made the wedding so special. Thank you a million times Mamie and team!!!

Autumn Kuykendoll

Very helpful and kind, amazing icing that isn’t too sweet but perfect. The service was great.

Anna Grace Kidd

Every time I cisit Miss Mamie's I am thoroughly impressed! From the drinks to the cupcakes, everything consistently is delicious! The atmosphere is chic and classy with touches of whimsy. Staff is always happy and helpful. I've never had such amazing cupcakes! Can't wait to go back!

Carol Warren

Hannah Stanley

The cupcakes and cakes here are incredible! They did my wedding cake and grooms cake and they were both fantastic. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Amanda Ellison

I knew they had cakes readily available so I waited until the day before my wedding to place an order for a Guinness cake. Little did I know, they didnt have any ready that day. With a 20 hr notice, they made us a fresh cake & went above & beyond. They decorated the cake in pearls on top & wrapped ribbon around the bottom (none of that was requested upon placing the order). A perfect cake, perfectly made that was a HUGE hit for our guests. The only downfall, it was hard as a rock within a day. So, we will be returning for the cupcake version! Happy bride & groom, couldnt thank them enough.

Cheyenne Wateridge

They are makeing my sweet 16 cake I can't wait

Myra Brown

Got 2 cupcakes, lemon coconut and carrot cake. Lemon coconut was ok , all the flavor was in the frosting, at least it was fresh. The carrot cake had no carrots or raisins and was very dry. I was very disappointed, won't go back.

Ameya Bellamkonda

They won cupcake wars

Modern Mew

The ladies at Miss Mamie's made our wedding cake/cupcakes and they were absolutely fabulous!! They delivered our cakes on time. I'm so sad the cupcakes are gone but we're still enjoying the wedding cake! I highly recommend Miss Mamies to anyone!

Werner Heisenberg

The lemon cocunut cupcake is to DIE FOR!! LOVVEEE ITTT

Bryant Malone

These people know what they’re doing. Not only are they oozing with southern hospitality, but their desserts are AMAZING. We had them do our wedding cake. Not only were the prices more than fair, the options were endless and the final product was beautiful and tasted so fresh. Their setup on our wedding day was seamless which says a lot since we got married the week after Christmas. Could not say enough nice things.

Alyssa Townsend

Willow Illg

Fantastic desserts, their cupcakes are great, and their cakes are equally delicious. There's never a wait, at least when I come, and the staff is friendly and helpful in making recommendations.

Rachel Summerlin

The Black Panther's Cake for my Granddaughter's Birthday, was an Absolute Hit Miss Mamie......thank you for accommodating us, on a weeks notice!!

Sunnie Chason

About a year ago, we had mini cupcakes and a small cake for us to cut made for our wedding at Miss Mamie's. The cake was decent, and the cupcakes came in a wide variety of flavors (although some of ours were dry). When we purchased our cakes, they told us that we could come back to them on our first anniversary so they can remake the top layer of our cake for us to enjoy. My anniversary is next week, and I have now called the bakery 5 times without getting a confirmation that our cake will be made in time. The manager is never there and does not call you back. It shouldn't be this hard to order a cake from a bakery. This is awful customer service, and I will definitely not be going back if/when we finally get the top layer of our cake remade. Their cakes definitely aren't worth all this hassle.

Anna Holland

Best margarita cupcake ever. Seriously, lime frosting never tasted so good. I don't think lime frosting ever tasted good before Miss Mamie's. I had to get another to take home for later. New favorite place in the square!

April Sonsona

Walked in on a whim, walked out with a smile. The cake was moist and flavorful, and the frostings that are tasteful and made with quality ingredients. They are decorated very cute, and even the toppings/decorations are fresh. Tried four flavors, enjoyed the most was the red velvet with the cream cheese frosting topped with walnuts.

Lillian Scannell

I love this place because of their brownies, they are so chewy and very tasty. I just love them. They also have a great service in here.

Dr. Cristi Grace Chauncey

Tried them because they advertise winning awards but worst cupcake I think I've ever had! Dry, dry, dry, poor and limited choices, and the place was unkept/disorganized!

Jessica Haney

Best cakes around!

Shannan Mitchell

Great job at cupcake wars. The cupcakes were amazing. Wish I could go everyday

Parker Stepp

Just purchased the cookie dough and white chocolate peppermint. $8 for two dry and stale cupcakes with average frosting. Tempted to go back and ask for my money back just because it’s already so pricey for CAKE... really crappy cake at that. Save your money and buy a 12 pack from publix for the same cost and better taste.

Jordan Michelle

Very disappointed. Ordered a beautiful birthday cake the other day, however, the cake crumbled and was extremely dry. We also asked for a raspberry filling expecting a gooey-type consistency and got a raspberry frosting as the filling instead which was disappointing. The colors of the cake were also not what was asked for and the fondant toppings fell apart shortly after pickup. Will not be purchasing from this store again. Purchasing a Publix cake would have been much better.

Kati Reese

As I write my review I am waiting for them to open so I can tell them about the HAIR I found in my cupcake!!!!!! I am disappointed and disgusted that I paid so much for HAIR to be added as one of the ingredients!!! I bought 6 for family who traveled here for the holidays. I will NEVER buy from here again! 2 out of 6 had HAIR!!

Valerie Peregoy

I have never really liked cupcakes, but now I will probably be regular at Miss Mamie's!

Lindsey Paris

Always a pleasure to shop, and her cupcakes are TOP NOTCH. She didn't win Food wars for nothing! Look for conventional flavors as well as more complicated combinations that will not disappoint.

Donald Sauter

We've been to quite a few cupcakeries around and this one is definitely our favorite!

Merideth Jane Baswell

They won cupcake wars !!

Lisa Dixon

I00 stars is I could! My first time ordering from this bakery. SO happy I did. I ordered a red velvet birthday cake for my husbands luau themed birthday party. I didn’t have any special decorative requests, only that it was a luau theme. I never expected anything this gorgeous! All of our party guest was asking me where I got the cake and how delicious it was. I wish I knew the girls name that helped me. She was so sweet. Thanks so much Miss Mamies!

Laura Morgan

Went in for a wedding tasting and they had been closed all day because their oven was broken. They didn't even try to call or email me to reschedule. The lady there said "she called and left a voicemail" but I never gave them my phone number so that was a flat out lie. I will not be reaching back out to them as they still haven't reached out to me since I showed up for an appointment that they possessively canceled! I rather go to Lush on the opposite side of the square!!

Lizzy Desserts

The cupcakes are pretty but are dry and lack flavor.

Richard Blanch

Lovely little place. Friendly atmosphere and great cupcakes and cookies. Very reasonably priced too.

Joy Anderson

The best cupcakes I have ever tasted in my whole life!! (Late posting, but I had to share it with the world)

Rebecca Senft

Stopped in here for a quick cupcake. Paid about $10 for three cupcakes (had my dad and husband with me). They were all great - my cheesecake cupcake was amazing. Plus, it was fun seeing the staff working on decorating other cakes!

Joseph Ellison

Rachel Weber

The cupcakes were okay, AT BEST. They did not have the majority of what their website claims to be available daily. They had very few varieties to choose from and all were odd, specialty flavors that none of my kids enjoyed. They are also located in an inconvenient, busy area. Not horrible cupcakes, but not good. It's not worth the trip.

Laura Carroll

I have yet to be disappointed by Miss Mamie's. Since they first opened I have always loved their cupcakes and they are my go-to spot. Their cookies are delicious as well. The employees are always helpful, kind and easy to work with. I recently bought a cake for my sister's graduation and it surpassed my expectations. It was equally delicious, as it was beautiful. I've also ordered a dozen cupcakes for my coworkers, and again, Miss Mamie's met my expectations. I will never go anywhere else for cakes, cupcakes, or cookies.

Morgan Mahone

I purchased a 6 inch round cake and a matching smash cake for my daughter's first birthday on April 12th, 2014 and paid around $80. The only thing that justifies the second star was how beautiful the exterior of the cake was. That part was excellent. However, the rest was a disaster. Upon cutting the cake, the cake was dry as a bone. However, seeing as this was a birthday party I served my guests this dry cake. On Tuesday, I followed up with the bakery to resolve the issues I had with the dryness of the cake, I was told in order to get a refund I had to return the cake whole (?!!!) within 48 hrs to get any sort of refund. I wasn't even looking for a refund but the girl answering the phone told me they had gotten scammed before. So you instead of addressing why your cakes are so dry you accuse your customer of trying to run a scam.... Classy. Anyways she said she would give my number to the manager who would call me back regarding a resolution. 2 weeks later... silence on the airways. To summarize, they will never be getting my money AGAIN and I will strongly recommend against them for future customers.

Grey Love

Walked over in the rain to try this new cupcake place a friend recommended we opened the door and the young lady came to the door and said “we open in 10 minutes” it was 10:50 she There was no signage in the window listing the hours our operations. She did not offer us to come in out of the rain and wait she just locked the door and we left. NO Customer Service so now I am treating my staff to Cami Cakes in the Vinings, and we will never go back.

Yasmeen M

Delicious treats and they make such beautiful cakes! Second time ordering here for my birthday!

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