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REVIEWS OF International Bakery IN Georgia

Kostas Stavroulidakis

You might find a lot of Greece products and very good bakery pies and pastries.

mike cosola

This bakery was a true throwback bakery from the old days. Their pastries were fresh and very high quality. They have been in business for over 45 years go give them a try you will not be disappointed

Jade Underwood

International Bakery is impressive when you go in. I’ve purchased baklava for my clients. I know they are a family business. Why is the older man so mean? He treats everyone like garbage. I understand being tired & probably working a lot. But the problem is the mean treatment. I won’t return now. If I have a question, a simple reply would be sufficient, but he’ll either look at you & not reply or give you a smart answer back.

Travis Eacona

LOVE coming to this place! This is a hidden gem. We like to call it our Greek heaven with some items you can only find here in atlanta. Their pastries are absolutely amazing and you can taste the care and heart they put into their products! It’s always a blast coming and discovering new things I didn’t see the last time I was here.

Edward Mauger

One of the best bakeries in Atlanta, worth the 30 minute drive.

Dee Gante

Joe Lish

Great Italian bread and rolls, also deli, cheese, and other baked goods. I have been going there for year.

Craig Dunn

Jelani Mungro

Jem Productions has been here

Scott Ray

Best pepperoni balls in Erie!!!! Super soft, tastes like a doughnut, with pepperoni center. Get there mid morning when they are fresh and you will eat them before you get home. Great other pastries, pies, pizza shells as well as deli meats.

Emily Allred

Sam Parker

Danielle Baldi

Sherri L

Love their food! And they're willing to help out the community

Ridvan Basaran

Delicious Baklava

Marmekiea Arrington

Bill Patsis

There is no doubt this is the best store for Greek specialties. The family that operates this store are wonderful people. Highly recommend.

Cindy Sutton

Gerhard Gaiser

Steven Petroff

Kai Kroeger

Always get the Mushroom pies, their desserts are also great

Richard Zemanek

Larry Slomski

Jalen Lackey

Love this place best pastries in the city never disappointed been comming here for 4 years now

Marjorie Jones

Awet Beyenne

Our family and friends and almost All East Africans get their cake from this place, but I don’t like when a business feed off my people and they turn around and give you an attitude for calling to order cake?!?!? Why are we still going to this businesses that have no respect for us.

Larry Pindle

Best pepperoni balls in ERI

Anita Irvin


Charles Johnnson

Pepperoni balls

Jeremy Swartz

It can be a bit of a pain to get in and out of. However it is worth the trip for the bakery and Taquiera del Sol.

Brett Brace

Nice family owned business & alot of their family work there.

Teena Steward

Debra Peterson

Gretchen Haider

Best little Italian bakery in Erie!

Miguel Molina

Great baklava and much more

John Euliano

Garlic pepperoni rolls...5 stars+!!

Damon Greene



Went once & will definitely go back. Packed with so much goodies. Like your old fashion bakery. Excellent quality!

johnny Hulick

Kristy Miller

De-Stress Chiropractic

Great Italian food and this place is a part of Erie's History. An interesting set-up and a must visit if your in these parts of the woods.

Jane Clark

International Bakery is the best. They have great employees and wonderful beautiful baked goods, along with deli meats and cheeses. They are always ready to help. When I do place orders a head of time they're always ready and perfect thanks to Crystal. Thank you

Alexandra Stamatakis

I make it a point to come here when visiting from Augusta. Best selection of greek products and pastries!

Rolando Flores

Dennis Church

I was actually surprised at their customer service they were extremely friendly and patient while trying to pick out your food. Their pepperoni bread is amazing and not skipped it all as well as their triple chocolate nightmare cake is like the best cake I've ever had my life five stars across the board!

Andrea Diamond

Marc Klempf

Theodore Makoske

Wonderful baked goods, excellent deli with great prices.

rabi pal

We must recognize the most experience couple delivering the Cakes and Bakery items at European quality and taste. Excellence in bakery unique in the whole city Atlanta.

Jay W

Best Cheescake Ever!! Don't believe me try it!

John M

Curtis Figari

Great tasting pastries. Authentic taste.


Nancy Costello

Fabulous bakery! Almond crescent cookies, chocolate & brownie covered cherries!

Veronica Gavin

Very helpful and friendly service delicious cookies

Terrence Johnston

Great fresh baked bread, rolls, and sweets

Terry Kerstetter

I certainly hope you have the opportunity to eat terrific donuts!

jennine dorman

Ally Greene

Best pepperoni balls in Erie. And if you don't know what a pepperoni ball is this is where you should go to find out!!

William Ball

Good pastry

Zareen Nevrekar

Troy Todd

Its Greek and great, need I say more lol

Fisum Keberabe

This place is the best Bakery in Atlanta Hands down. *****

Keisha Johnson


William Mcevoy

They have been at that location for as long as I can remember. Family owned and run, Excellent food.

Dewan Shohayel Hossain

Love it.

Stewart Ebneter

Amazing treats. Lots of greek staples too.

Hamid Barkah

The best

Awstee Anthony

Its intergalactic

JC Reilly

Delicious and beautiful desserts. Their baklava is especially tasty.

Jason Spangenberg

An Erie staple! I wish I lived closer so I could stop in more often.

john kaysner

Kelsea Lozada

Cute little bakery - really yummy baklava And super nice cakes!! The one in the picture was $27 and is a very light whipped icing with fresh fruit.

Daniel Chomen

I hadn't been in many years but I'm so happy the bakery is still around. It has to be at least 20yrs. The service is family friendly and the desserts are wonderful. My favorites are still there! Can never decide so I get all of them!

Dave Eller


Great bakery with FAIR PRICE.

Mary Royle

Greek Walnut cake!!!!!

Tim Colicchio

Erie's BEST PEPPERONI Ball, get the original vs the garlic. My entire family is addicted to their Original Pepperoni Ball

Gary D. Harrell


Small Bakery very delicious cakes at reasonable prices.We ordered Birthday cake here numerous times guests appreciated a lot. Famous for Baklava and croissant cookies.I Recommend to every one.

Jose Piedrahita

everything is very good even canned foods

ray kozik

Evagelos Ekkizogloy

Spectacular selection of Greek food and very clean

Chris Zdrakas

Fabulous In every way.

Madelyn Hoover

Wonderful baked goods, but the customer service isn't as good as the products

Demetrio P

Been a customer for years, great selection of deserts and Greek foods.

lisha barnett

Bake goods are always fresh



Love it!

MarQuis Trill

Fresh bread and pastries. Very good and fresh

Tady M

Amazingly delicious pastry with the exception of customer service. The owner is so horrible and disrespectful

Edweena Poston

The man who works there is so mean and hateful, it's sad because the pastry is awesome. I felt as if I was unwelcomed and bothering him. He wasn't interested in my business. I bought nothing and left never to return again


The best baklava I have ever had! Generous sized, thick, was not dry, top nicely flaked. I like the cheese pie also.

Erin Santini-Asimakos

This is a great place to buy traditional Greek products and baked goods.

Daniel Head

Daniel Stratton

Awesome pepperoni bread among other sweet treats...

Misty Kitteh

Bill mcgill

I've already done this review once and I said it's the best place in the planet to get good Italian food at good prices

David Chrzanowski

Best tasting fresh bread in town

Addis Tsega

Their yellow cake is superb.everything looked good.Their baklavas are fantastic.I would recommend this bakery for anyone

Kevin Jones

They have a good selection of imported Greek goods. We try to visit whenever we are in the area

Cheryl Ormsbee

Great cakes

Tim DiGennaro

The baclava was incredible, but the older gentleman Baker was rude!!!

Manny W W

Love it best baked goods and services

Carolina Lecaros

El lugar luce y es una pastelería como las del pueblo. Los cakes son deliciosos. Venden bocadillos al por mayor. Ahí mismo preparan todo todos los encantó.

aman alem

Its a place where you can get best cake

Joe Bruno

Amazing food. It is a great little local bakery.

Ruth Isaac

Martin Heid

Sheila Thompson

David Clark

Best baklava in Atlanta. Everything is delicious. Highly recommend the almond crescents or coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate.

Badiah Youssef

Love this place such variety and care in their baking

Michelle Martucci

Richard Clark

Don't go If you are on a diet. Lots of wonderful goodies, plus assorted olives etc.

Andy and Sarah Veith

Great place for dessert!

Vivian Moses

June Lee

I had a bad first experience here. I called two days in advance to order a cake. The lady asked me how many people am I expecting, what kind of cake, what should they write on it , etc. I told her I needed a fruit cake enough for 15 people ("one-five" I told her) She never asked me cake sizes (small, medium, large-I'll explain) so I assumed she knew I wanted a small/medium cake size. She gave me my total and we went on from there. Fast forward to the day I pick up, I was super excited about getting the cake and seeing the bakery's amazing pastries. I noticed the older man behind the counter was not very inviting and did not want to make eye contact with any of the customers he was assisting. So instead I was assisted by a sweet woman who helped grab me my cake and extra pastries that I decided to order at last minute. As she went to the back to grab my cake, I noticed that they decided to write on it before giving it to me to take a look at & see if its the correct size & all. I proceeded to make my purchase with the older man behind the counter and noticed that the cake was way too big to feed 15 people as soon as I carried it out to my car (stupid me yes, I highly agree on that part). So I stopped and went back in and told the man that I cannot take the cake because it looks like it was meant to feed 50 people, not 15. (I understand they worked hard on this cake and I felt so bad I had to bring it back.) Instead of telling me "I'm sorry, let me see what I can do." He literally yelled at me in front of the whole store saying "You cannot return food like this! Its already written on! It's a waste! You should have known to choose SMALL MEDIUM OR LARGE! Why would you buy a large cake and return for a small?!" (pretty much telling me I'm stupid at this point for not saying anything before they wrote on it when I didn't even get to see it until after I purchased) Well first of all mister! The person who picked up the phone did not hear me clearly when I said I needed a cake enough for 15 (one-five) people! Secondly, they wrote on the cake without showing me if its the correct cake! Thirdly, I didn't know you sold cakes in sizes small medium or large! If I had known we wouldn't have had this situation! However he was nice enough to get me another cake in the correct size. I told him to keep what I paid them & I would pay extra for the second cake & that I sincerely apologize. Instead, he didn't wanna listen to a word I was saying. He shushed me while calculating my refund I never asked for. As soon as he took out the change, he gave me the box & threw the money on top. I kept insisting he keep it because all I wanted was the cake. He shouted angrily "GOODBYE! See you next week!!" (I'm guessing his way of saying GTFO) I left the store feeling completely ashamed & embarassed in front of everyone! I didn't even want to look up and show my face! The cake was good all right (which is why rating is 2*). However, I will not be a returning customer from getting yelled at for something that was not my fault entirely on top of that leaving their bakery feeling ashamed and embarassed in front of a packed bakery! This is very humiliating & upsetting!

Ruben Dean

Wally Brown

The best Italian bread in Erie Pa there pizza great are fantastic


This place has amazing pastries... love it

Marvin Rangel

Lori annunziata Mountain

Best Italian bread and cookies and Sicilian pizza ever

Nick Karamitros

Delicious products!! A must for every consumer!!

Kristina Bokulich

Best peperoni balls ever!

Guess Who

The best deserts in Atlanta.

Patrick Lee

Great food and great service

Vaskar Tmg

Patricia Shepp

I love the place and the girls that work there they're awesome they have great customer service

Anila Alam

John Winblood

cari goodwine

Mikias Berhanu

They Have awesome Cake's out there.

Jobe Lemma

Best place in Atlanta to buy a cakes/pastries for any occasion you are organizing.

Candace Campbell

Got some Greek desserts for the first time and enjoyed them!

Jeffrey Leiker

Parking can be tricky, if the restaurant is busy. However, with entire sheets of Baklava for sale, I'll tunnel in if I have to! Lots of delicious pastries, and some cool specialty (Greek) groceries are available too!

Cathy Troup

Kristina Laher

Best bakery in town, 10/10 would recommend the pepperoni balls

Kristopher Harper

The food is always fresh and also delicious and amazing

Billie Liao

I go in for their creme puffs and other pastries. They're all great and reasonably priced for the quality.

Tara Gon

This bakery has the absolute best cakes,pastries,etc..... They have one called a fruit cake (not the Christmas kind...eeeww) It is to die for!!!!! I promise you will not be disappointed .. They've been there for about 30years ...

Sarah Ryan

Helpful and delicious the small market like shelves lined with hard to find Greek items! Always delicious favorites for holidays and anytime sweet tooth. Almond crescents, kouribeides, melamacarona and baklava! Spanakopita pie delicious too!

Nicholas Scott

Gary Rivera


Janice M.

Sooo good! Pizza fixings, pep balls, olives. The subs on great fresh bread. And, oh yeah, everything bakery is great! Cookies, cake, cannoli. Service from staff always pleasant and efficient.

pj fitz

Baklava is cheap and really strong. It doesn’t beat homemade but it also doesn’t take an hour to make.

Sam Counts

Place is awesome...there is a reason they have been there for decades...

Raymes Guzman

OMG! The desserts here are to die for. The family's had this place for over 35 years, love them.

Dina Pruteanu

Great selection of cakes and desserts

Bill Tifrea

I love this place because it is a good representation of what a store with many foods of different nationalities should be like!!

Aleka Delistrati

Marc Saad

Darlene Bogart

John Gomolchak

Best fresh in the city

Tina I

Yummy pastries and Greek sides

joe doe

terrible costumer the guy at the cash register treat me like dirt


Most authentic Italian bakery in Erie. If you want genuine Italian cookies, imports, breads, rolls, and the best pizza shells in town this is the place to go. Place was started by first generation Italians and have been going here since my childhood years! Years ago they used to make an out-of-this-world garlic bread!! I wish they would bring that back. It wouldn't be Sunday without waking up to a warm fresh loaf of garlic bread!

Atl Justice

No doubt #1 in Atlanta ! I'm one of their customer for almost 20 years ! I recommend this bakery at any given day !!

Debbie Davis

aji john

The food here is amazing.

Shwetank Kumar

Chris Plank


Excellent, fresh bread and delicious cannoli. My fiance had never had a cannoli so I stopped here to buy some for him. The woman working behind the counter even threw in some treats for free. My only issue is that she gave me a boston cream cannoli instead of a vanilla one, which was still good but not what I wanted.

donna lopes

One word, coconut cakes, rasberry and lemon

Demetrio Perez

Good cakes and much more...

Deaf Emily

I enjoyed getting cookies there. They are always delicious

Scott Raisor

Best place to get your Greek food needs from canned giant beans to kefalograviera and desserts


Great bakery you must try there pepperoni balls.

Selam Ghebru

Joseph Manno

Recommend all day long!

Joshua Schumacher

Drs. Jake and Katherine Wilson

Great bakery!

T Moreland

good cookies and pastries.

Joey Bullock

Excellent Baklava

Getahun Berta

Expert Gamer 009

Grat place

mick H

Pete Benoit

Carolyn Black

Amy Roschy

Brian Sterling Sr

Good fresh food fresh bread I wouldn't go to any other bakery

Adam Silver

Great spot

Melissa Stemple

dareal realer

Correna Panagiotou

Alfred Williams

Friendly staff

Geno Sandifer

Morgan Foster Rochofski

Ed Clark

They are a great bakery, old school!

Maria Raycheva

Anahís Gallardo

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

honeybee1 nine

Love it!!!

Tomy Voorhis

An erie legendary business!!! The pepperoni balls are worth it alone!!!

Julie Lesinger

Yesenia Negrete

Great canollis and quick service

Tizita Tefera

Delicious cakes. When I think of cake it is the first place comes in my mind. I recommend this bakery!!!

zabrina thompson

I Love International Bakery their Always Polite and it's the Neighborhood Bakery to go to, Especially All their selection of Breads.

Ebony Drew

Really good donuts

Joyce Fisher

Levi Davila

Great kob on the bakery. Customer service= 0 . run by older folks wjo don't care about friendliness. They watch you as if you are there to steal. it's a shame.

Yoan Kalthoff

Good food

Paul Fillak

Usually a Saturday morning sicilian pizza slice and canolli stop. Don't tell my wife kapeesh. Some of the women working up front could be a little nicer.

Lisa Honey

Bought some pepperoni balls. The dough was good but how about some pepperoni in them

Ward Gass

If only I could go here every day.

Habeeba Afzal

Sure service is not so great. The old man, I suppose he's the baker, seems pretty grumpy. But the variety of pastries and cakes is amazing. I got the chocolate mousse cake and it was really good. Wanted to try the baklava too but was running late. The chocolate mousse cake was $26.99 which is a really good price for a cake that size. I would definitely go back. :)

junaid bhatti

best cake ( FRUIT) in the USA

Abduvosid Ubaydullayev

Lawrence Golusinski

David Kaiser

G Money

Ok to shop

Traci Brutto

Jossie Bolainez

I love this place, everything is delicious and priced right.

Mary Scarlett


Brad Wilkins

Alina Gomez

The Desserts at this European bakery are great. Reason for my one star is the customer service. The older man infront is rude and doesn’t care about his customers. I went in to buy my friend a birthday cake. I saw the display and asked the guy what were the cake made of (as in fillings, fruits, chocolate,etc). He looked at me like if i was dumb or incompetent. He responded with “what do you mean, what it has inside” I said “Yes, what is the filling”. He answered with so much frustration. He seemed like if I was asking him for too much to tell me what the cake was made of. I suggest they hire someone who is more people originated and can provide better customer service!

Max Wainer

An old-time Greek Bakery and mini-market. Authentic Greek food items as well as Bakery goods.

Aemah Badri

They have the best cake ever in Atlanta... I got the forest black cake and it was amazing. Thank you international bakery!

y kanthamneni

Very tasty and reasonable prices

manuel benitez

Very very good

Cassie Hawkins

Me and my brother went here to pick up some pizza dough and some baked goods. Everything looked amazing and yummy. The employee who served us was very helpful and even got us some pizza dough that, unknowing to us, had to be ordered in at least a day prior to pick up. She still managed to find us some dough that we could buy though =)

Priscilla Padron

Whenever I'm anywhere near International Bakery I find a way to go there -- just to look at the beautiful pastries on display and admire all the cool gourmet Greek canned items. I usually buy some spanikopita for lunch and pastries for later on. Everything is fresh-baked and delicious. It just makes you feel good to go to a real old-fashioned bakery. Baklava is wonderful. And the prices are fair. If I ever needed a cake for a party or wedding, I would definitely get it there. Maybe we need to keep it a secret. As for the "grumpy old man" someone mentioned earlier. He is a master baker and didn't major in PR. Grow up.

Ephrem Tekle

My favorite place

Mark Mook

Kalegeta Engliz

Karen Donofrio

Rukhsaar Turk

d Perkins

Soooooo freaking delicious!!!!! I love this place!

Kevin McKinney

Had our wedding cake made here. Best in Atlanta.

Terri Gross

Angela Yosten

Cookies, pies, and more! Soooo amazing! We only buy our pizza shells from here!

Kayla Smith

I love love their pizza shells and sauce

Rigoberto Corbera

Fernandes Galdino

Service not helpful.

Adam Brukardt

Vicky Hanning

I love this little shop. Every time I call the wonderful lady who answers the phone always has what I need and is always more than happy to set it aside for me to pick up. It's nice to have a store where I can get Greek supplies that i cannot find anywhere else like "trachana". Very happy to visit this shop regularly.

Ben B

Everything here is delicious and fresh. Quick service always.


Great baked goods and more. Only store that I will buy my pizza shells. They also make and sell a great pizza sauce. Best Italian bread and desserts. Truly an Erie institution.

Suzanne Michaeczik

Melanie Bidwell

I actually had the owner wait on me,he seemed like a real friendly person,got me exactly what I wanted.

Kevin Dawkins

Nothing special

Agapi Chryssopoulos

Love it! Glad we have you so we can do our Greek food shopping and all sweets!

Melissa Bonaminio

Love the Italian deli and their bread and canoli are awesome!

Tom Dietsch

Good Stuff!

Grandchildren Sral l

None better. Deli items are great. Cookies are better, and rolls are fantastic.

Angel Lee

Variety of food and tasty treats from different countries

Melissa Marzka

Delicious food for a great price!

ronnie chaffin

Emir Köroğlu

So delicious!

Anna Foote

Been buying cookies and cakes from here for special events since the 1970s - always consistent and always good. Employees can be a bit grumpy, but I think that is part of the charm.

Rob Bush

Simply the best.

Jamie DePalma

3rd generation of local food best breads rolls and pizza shells deli items won't find at any chain

Kimberly Kafferlin

Lucy Braymiller

Eagle Nest Pizza

We get Pizza Shells for our Sicilian Pizzas!!! They are great!!!!

Mary Moore

Love this place brings back old time memory

Nicole Anderson

Best bakery of all time. Their cake, pastries, baklava are some of my favorites.

Shakeel Rahaman

The stuff here is decent. But it's the most unfriendly baker EVER! I'm thinking he is probably not international people friendly. Every question I asked was responded with a rude demeanor. This other brown skinned customer who had bought a $90 cake was also not being treated well. An overall meh!

Joe Reach

Pete Mariella

Yolanda Figueroa

Tracey West

Great food

King Bourisz

Love the peperoni bread


As a Greek away from Greece, I'm always looking for a source of Greek products to satisfy my cravings and ease the feeling of homesickness. In this little store, I find a good variety of products in reasonable prices, that make worth the trip, as I don't live in the area. I haven't tried but a small sample of their pastries, but What I tried was good and I would trust them to make me a cake!

Ken Willcox

mehdi rashidi

Barbara Boone

nineta barsa

Excellent pastries and baclava but the service and presentation not so much

balkissou nassourou

Joshua Lesser

There spanikopita is delicious. Try their assorted Greek pastries, too.

Alicia Carder

Eden Anenia

This placed told us our cake was alreafy picked up while we were standing in line. By whom? Have no clue till this day. Lol a ghost i guess. Good cakes but it was a shock. Then we left to the car and told us to come back for another cake. Wow

Iamannoyed Bygoogle

The old man can appear to be rude, but excellent bakery.

Reaper79 Gaming

Love the pizza crust and toppings. They have everything.


Love the fruit cake...owner is a bit grumpy.

Morgan Lester

The pastries I purchased were okay; I'm certainly not impressed. Additionally, the man behind the counter was not very friendly and it took away from the experience.

Shannon Russo

Samari Martinez

amy johnston

Chris Razanauslas

Tom Gierszal

The pepperoni balls are the best in town OMG reminds me of the bakery at the Super Duper when I was a kid. Love this place, will be back

Stephen Weber

Real bakery food

Kokob Weldu

I love they're cake and customer service

Julie Wasielewski

Best rolls, pizza crusts, subs and cannoli!

Barb Ramey

Barry Reed

Melissa Goodill

Great bakery. I sure miss this living in VA. Pepperoni balls were very fresh. Bread was wonderful.

Angel Lira

Great pastries from around the world. Only place to have petite fours

Kathleen Mays

Jaidyn Marklow

Good pepperoni rolls

Aaron Moses

Joyce Lazar

Shannon Lehman

Mike Godzwa

The best place in Erie for fresh baked breads, pies and pastries. Don't miss the pepperoni rolls--they're amazing!

Alice Francis

Love love love the Sicilian pizza

John Selemani

It seems like family business, great taste on bakings

jean marie laughlin

All kinds of bread & pasteries great tastes!

adem mohammed

Jackie Brown

This is one of the best mom and pops bakery in town. The baked goods are amazing along with the pepperoni balls. A little specialty shop you will have to try.

Alan Ridgeway

Loved it

Tony Y


Jackie Morrow

We so love their baked goods been going there for years

patty purchase

Best ricotta cannoli in Erie! In addition, their white cake with whipped frosting is absolutely delicious. Excellent pricing. Love stopping in for a treat at least once a month. ;)

Lori Steadman

The workers they have there now make going there a joy not a chore! Thank you ladies!

Julie Ellis

phil scrimenti

Great Italian food: breads, cheese, olives, pizza, etc. reasonably priced, too!

patrick fitzgerald

Went last week for hoagie roles and combo. sub, no lettuce, tomato or onion available for the sub but what's worse is when I got home we found that the roles we bought were moldy. I recommend that you go to tops not far from there

Diyora Sadikova

JK Stevenson

Treats and pleasant business.

Curt Morse

Great place to get Greek pastries

Pamela Nellis

Love this place but get there early when they open. They have the best pepperoni balls in Erie and so many other good things. They have changed over the years but they are still good.

Lydia Innocenzi

Last of little Italy bakeries. Always delicious!

John Raponi

Donna Luch

Absolutely the best bread, cookies---wow, everything, there.

Seifu B

Went there with my family after a friend recommended the place for a Black Forest cake. I must say, they do have quite a selection of delicious and quality cakes, friendly stuffs......typical European bakery. Loved what we bought.


The guy is so mean! and I mean it

Dan Hanson

Tenadam Alemu

I say this place is #1 in ATL, no kidding!! Great cake if you love cake. I don't know why they don't have website though? I mean common it is 2013... But I guess they have more than enough customers already. If you want to place an order, you must call them in advance. They are too busy always full of customers.

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