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1045 College St, Eastman, GA 31023, United States

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This Bakery corresponds to the category of Fast food restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant IN Georgia

Maggie Bloodworth

John Garnto

They can't remember no dang whipped cream. It's like a habit they can't break .Lol other than that,kool

Danny Walker

Great atmosphere.

Melissa Rambin

Love it!!

Thomas Williams

Clean and tastey.

undead husky

Terrible service ordered our food and sat there 20 minutes still nothing asked the cashier about it and they had not even started on it though 3 people came in after us ordered and got theirs.

Vina Rue

Always popular with us!

julie bond

Old hotdog , old bun. . Took a long time and forgot my son's sundae. I didn't have time to circle back around to get it.

stephanie lampkin

very good customer service& good Icecream


sylvia Grant

Kids love the ice cream

Donna tubbs

Jeremy Austin

Great ice cream!!!

Stephanie Odell

Learn to substitute food....out of ALL the dairy queen to go too this is the only one that CAN'T substitute cheese curds instead of fries....LAME

Linda Hamilton

Samantha Burkes

Alyssa Bridges

they didn’t give me enough cookie dough bites in my blizzard there was literally like 3 excuse me

Robin Evans

Charlotte Gomez

Kelby Tarpley

Tim Allen

Ice cream!

Wendy Noel

Awesome caramel sundae

Kristin Johnson

Spence Jones

-rxrebeauty MSP

Tammy Allison

Sig Morgan

Great ol' school burger and ice cream treats

Vic Mizell

Epick pulse

Becky Mitchell

Martina Cobb

Kema Sheffield

Food is lukewarm when you receive it 99% of the time. I like my food hot or at least real warm and if necessary let it cool rather than it be cold before you can eat it.

Delacey Brantley

The food is good but the workers are slow to fix food.

Dwightaustin1951 Austin

Keyannah Massey

William Myers

2.15 for a small ice cream ridiculous


Amber 988

Sadly to say DQ use to have the best burgers, unfortunately trying to compete w/ McDonald’s prices had to change their Signature burger buns to a cheaper quality.. which is terrible.!

K. N. Stiles

jodi guinn

Great ice cream

Julia Fomby

Ms Anonymous

The best ice cream in town

Ron Durham

Stan Harden


David Turbeville

Donna Dorlon

Great milk shakes

Rachel B

5 times in a row, I have specifically asked for onions on my burger but they have never put them on. They always give me an attitude when I take it back to get the onions

Brenda Green

Very good food but the service was not as great as it could of been. I'd still go back tho.


Wanted a Blizzard

Brittany Espinosa

The food is pretty good but the booths and kind of small if u are a bigger person

JD Cliett

The food was good.

Joice Whiters

Joseph Creech

Keith Beck

It took forever to be waiting on

Sundip panchal

good service

Anita Hurt

Randy Giddens

Service slow tables nasty

Deomondra Edwards

Great food and slushies!!

Connie Brown

Twana Wright


Rob Scott

Matt Creange


Myranda Bearden

Katherine Lorenz

Great Food and fast service

Valeria Wright


chuck godwin

Sammy Coates

Brian Harris

The wait here is quite long, even when they're not busy. The employees ATTITUDES reflect that not only does it seem like they don't want to be there, and they don't want you there either.... They might have to work! THIS particular DQ is at the very bottom of the Dairy Queens I would visit again!

Tourvousier Johnson

Rude dayshift supervisor

Pete Harbin

Good food pricey though


People are tooooooo young and need more training and people skills!!

JoJo Kemp

I asked extra gravey / mushroom they even said back what I ordered I spent 40.00 one visit I got three mushroom no gravey .this has happened 3 times I keep giving chances thinking it the one working that day ...manager( James) said u need to ask for a mushroom in a cup talked to workers will I'm on the phone I'm so mad all I wanted was what I ordered

Kristen Johnson


David Barber

GOOD place to eat

Will W

Always good ice cream, as with almost every DQ I've ever been to. Service isn't bad, lines can get backed up up sometimes during the lunch rush, but that's the same anywhere. Sadly, they probably have the best bbq sandwich in town. Remodeled a few years ago so the place looks great, although I think they would have been better off building in a new location.

Angela Austin

It's was a good experience unlike before to Me the food better while hot and fresh when first open.

Judy Gulley

Fast service, not 2 long of lines typically

Kaye Humphrey

The icecream tastes like it's made from real whole milk. Very good

Paula G

It seems every time I come here, the experience just gets worse. Theres usually a funny smell from their cleaners near the front door area. Tonight I went through the drive-thru. No tops on our blizzards. Hello.....its to go. What happened to tops? And dont tell me that its because they turn them upside down for you. Because very very rarely do they actually do that at this go or dine in. I ordered the Royal New York Style Cheesecake Blizzard with Strawberries. Blizzard was on extra soft side. And the strawberry center that is supposed to be an actual strawberry puree...was nothing but a watery strawberry topping syrup. Very very disappointed. Im not normally one to complain, but Ive just had it tonight with the low standards. Looks like itll just be ice cream from the grocery store from now on.

Zandra Smith

I love the $5 meal deals! I usually get the cheeseburger one...but I don't want the cheese on it :) I asked for it plain today with mayo only & got it!! They're a little skimpy with the hot fudge...I like a little more hot fudge on my sundae :)

Clara Northcutt

Fresh food and quick service most of the time

Catherine Humphrey

Great ice cream

High Definition Cleaning Company

Always love it here. It sucks you must pay for an extra sauce like dipping sauce, and they don't have lemons or lemon juice.

Keats Walker

Gene Johnson

Great treats

Anqela Daniels-Lewis


Wade Wadely

Hannah Floyd

Took to long to cook me meal!

Louis Gordon

Great food

Anna Conner

Trey Thompson

Burgers are prepared as u order

CORENE MELVIN cmelvin567 adoree

Love my Blizzard

June Holmes

From Cochran and our Dairy Queen was closed due to Hurricane Michael. I went the 16 miles to Eastman to get grilled hotdogs and chili. When I got home , the wieners were not even cooked. They were still cool from being taken out of cooler and put in a bun. The chili was much too salty. I will never do this again. Tried to call several times to report this to management, but cannot get through. No I don’t recommend this place.

Katirina Jackson

Ivan Montford

Natasha Lockhart

Ugh! I will never return here. Ever. Customer service was horrible. Placed my order, paid, had my receipt in my hand and the kid kept asking "what did you order again?". Then the same kid didn't want to give me the coupons for the blizzard. Another girl had to tell him that it came with my order because opted to get the blizzard at a later time. Incompetence irritates my soul.

Debra Dixon


Dawn Tripp

Ben Faulk

Arcus Marcus

Today was the first time i tried them in Eastman. The food was good but my order was wrong. I'm willing to try again, everyone has bad days.

Emily Russell

Quick drive thru with friendly staff. Food is always good here.

Keisha Gibson

Great food but long line

Nicole Meeks

Dairy Queen is always great

Anthony Holland

Joe Roberts

Whitney Wilson

MacPrime HD

Ice is great.

Connie Melvin

Wanted a Blizzard

Fess Parkerson

Good fast food

Emily Stiles

Props to the management and all the workers. You have hired some amazingly polite people and the service is always prompt and polite!

James Hilderbrand

These never comprmise on great taste and great service. Well pleased!

Robert Gregory

Food is good the Waitresses good people that wait on you ice cream is terrific they have all kinds of good ice creams and every one of them is good. They have good service y'all check him out..

Kathleen Brown

Quality of good isn’t as good as it once was. But still ok for fast good. Ice cream is still good !

Larry Williams

Jeanette Brown


Cindy Boone

Helen Horne

Cheeseburgers are awesome

Shelly-Ann Brown

Bad customer service

Bree Robertson


Ashia Moore

Terrible service asked for my money back after receiving an ice cream that looked nothing like what I was accustomed to recieving. When I picked it up to eat it it fell off the spoon like soup and I didnt taste one pecan that I paid an extra .89 for. Manager on duty proceeds to tell me she can't refund me my money. Never again.

Andrea Roland

Kiwi Fruit

John Gibbs

Friendly staff good food

Jamie H

Jamey WIlkinson

allen lindsey

Great DQ Food. This place is really clean and fast and they get your order right

McKinley Downs

Christina Workman

Bits Walker

Fast service. Burgers seemed fresh without that frumunda the lights taste

Kim French

Never have had any issues with food or service

Grady West

Great food an fast sevice

Crystal Velasquez

My favorite local chain. Good food and good people.

Wanda Mclean

Always good service and food is hot

Lee Lancaster

Great food

Amy Reynolds

Janice Richards

Dale Quinn

Food was ok. Nothing to write a review about honestly.

Fred Branch

I may have caught them at a bad time they were more interested in closing and taking care of my order

A Claye Jones

Eddie Hogue

I hate this place! The guys have been decent most of my visits. But when it comes to the females....disappointed is an understatement. Melissa was the last straw for me. I am never going to this restaurant again. She has saddened me with her horrible service on more than one occasion. I thank the good Lord that I will never waste $4.29 on a service of ice cream ever again. Hooray, Melissa! I hope it feels good to help your place of work lose customers. Did you know that 4.29 times 50 equals 214.50? I will now save that every year by not buying this item 50 out of 52.5 weeks a year. Man, God is so good!

James Boston

Service was good but sandwich was so sloppy.

Aydan Horne

Scott Davison

Craig Swindell

Clean, and consistent with what you typically find at a DQ. Fast service. Pleasant staff.

Wanda Willis

$5.00 buck lunches are great

Bertha Benjamin

George Windham

It's a Dairy Queen

Annie Snellgrove

This what I got and it looks like the tomato was straight from the trash and then if that wasn't bad enough they cut the grill chicken in have but at least the manager was nice and polite and going to fix me one himself .

Cathy Atkinson

Best burgers and blizzard berry cheesecake in town

Melissa Miller

The food is very good and the service is quick.

Kelly Howell

Michelle Davis Lowery

Jacob Jones

Curtis Purvis

Elaine Bumpus

Tammie Fremont

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