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REVIEWS OF Costco Wholesale IN Georgia

Levi Graiser

it is busy on Sunday. Recommend weekday mornings. Manager staff was not cooperative or supportive about using meat with proper Kosher symbols for significant Kosher customers

Mike Pittman

Poor customer service all around.

Ashley Morris

Always have a great experience at this Costco's. Friendly workers, fair prices, and easy to locate merchandise for the most part.

Franz Haller

Great hot dogs. $1.50 for foot long dog with drink.

Malachi Slice

When you really need a 55gal drum of olive oil, there's no better place!

Ashton McDaniel

Find everything for my catering business here!

Roselyn Quinn

Love love love Costco! The meat dept. Is better than anywhere. The wines 9.99 to 15.00 90 to 95 points! When they decide to feature a product, it is great. Their return policy is the best.

Pete Ortega

Make sure that you bring your wallet

Nat B

It is a good place if you looking for good quality wholesale products.

Tony williams

Pizza was ok.

Linda Geiss

This is my favorite costco. Parking can be problematic but normal to costco. Staff are great

Saakshi Agarwal

We are a family of 2 adults! We have taken their premium membership! Frankly, I think you really need to compare the prices to know where you are really saving. Coz some items are expensive and you may land up paying more. So things that work for us vs walmart/kroger- strawberries, Cherry tomatoes, Avocados, wine, gas, Cheese, detergent, toilet paper, kitchen paper towels, car battery replacement! and a few more things! Things which we found not working- electronics, cookware, most of these things are of high end models and expensive stuff. Rarely find salt here, which is funny. Price of Basmati rice is similar to farmers market at decatur. Frutis package size is too big for 2! Also we feel the variety is very limited. So don't really enjoy going to costco. And we have observed even if we try taking 7-8 things we easily land up spending nothing less than $50-60 excluding gas, vs we can easily walk out of kroger/walmart with a 30 dollar bill for similar no. of items. So basically you are spending in advance for lower cost! So we will be evaluating post this year if it really makes sense to buy things from here and the memberships worth.

Thai Nguyen

Almost always busy with lines for both checkout and gasoline. It's a nice location though with everything you would expect from a costco. It shares a parking lot with a number of businesses so the lot is usually pretty busy but not impossible to find a spot.

joice mathew

A good place to shop. I have good experience with them

Jeremy Swartz

I normally have very positive things to say about Costco. This location is there exception. The staff tries to be helpful and friendly. However key items you can get at other lot are not available here. Not to mention this area is a PITA to drive around. I recommend driving a bit further to one of their other locations.

Felicia Jackson

This is my favorite Costco in the Atlanta area. Nice and friendly team members providing fast and amazing service.

Eric Rader

It’s Costco. It’s better than we deserve.

Patrick Champion

Costco is always great. This is a new one for me. Never knew it existed. The enclosing stores and huge apartment complex is like a little city or big village. Amazing.

Jenny Belcher

I am a costco fanatic and this store because never disappoints! I prefer getting my gas here because it’s safer with an attendant on the premises watching everyone and helping if you need him.

Rodney Manuel

Nice clean place

Raymond Magat

This is a great COSTCO. It is always busy. If you go on the weekend, it is difficult to finds parking space. You will most likely have to parking in the parking deck. The only drawback to this COSTCO is that there is no self checkout kiosks. Thus, the checkout likes are all backup.

Christine Santos

I love the fact that a wholesale place will sale quality food and stuff. Organic things are a must with pesticide leaching foods and hormones in meats causing serious health risk. I love the fact i can buy in bulk. But....sometimes prices at Publix can be cheaper. Always know the prices of what you want before just grab and go.

Trellis Dawson

Always a great place to do your shopping, I always come out with more than what I intended.

Jeffrey Taylor

Love Costco. Wish one was closer to where I live!

Tom Comstock

Nice folks. Good prices.

David Vollberg

Spacious parking and the same great experience I've grown to expect from a Costco location.

Diego Ruiz

Nice place, very fresh and high quality food

Mike Greenawalt

Always good stuff to buy.

Ehsan Khosravi

They need to hire more younger employees. In multiple occasions I've interacted with staff who seemed confident that their job is secure so they had zero interest in customer service.

lance x. bingaman

Friendly staff and great selection of merchandise.

June Humphrey

Love this Costco!

Bob Hillyer

This is the best location in the Atlanta area.

Daniel Stewart

I love Costco!! Enough said!!!

Jason Caldwell

Great Costco location. Helpful staff and even though always busy it moves quickly

Nicole Takacs

Its crazy busy on the weekends. Only bad part is parking and not enough check out lanes open.

Daniel Evers

First off; Never go to Costco hungry and never go for just one item.

Matthew Wiest

Still acquainting my self with the layout but typical Costco - finding a parking spot was....

Daniel Wise

This place is a playground for adults. Always great finds that come up from time to time (often seasonal), along with the usuals (electronics, food, home goods). I've spent more money here than I care to admit. The gas station is also cheapest around, and the line at the Brookhaven gas stations is usually much shorter than the Peachtree-Dunwoody location. Plenty of parking available (if you don't mind walking), cheap cafe, great warranty/return policy. Cons: no liquor store (still has wine and beer, but no liquor), no self check-out, so lines can get crazy long on weekends. Membership required.

Radu Zernoveanu

Great place to save some money. Excellent cheesecake, yummy!

David Kraft

The standard by which all other sales are made.

Leah Davy Kennedy

Unfortunately, such a beautiful store left me with a terrible first impression. I have been an Avid Costco consumer since my mother shopped here when I was a child and now that I am an adult and a member, it’s my happy go to place for pretty much everything I need. Today was my first time shopping at the Brookhaven location. I’m newly transplanted from Maryland and needed to order my son’s birthday cake. Unfortunately there aren’t any Costco’s near me so I ordered the cake at the Brookhaven location so that my husband could pick it up on his way home from work (he works in Brookhaven). I was also hoping to add my husband onto our membership while there because it’s too far for me to pick up the cake. I could not add him to the membership because my father, who is also an avid shopper at Costco, is on my membership as well. I was told that I could only have two people on my membership and that I could only pick up the birthday cake. THAT IS FINE. What ended my experience on a sour note is HOW I was told No....which is exactly how I was told No. Gradie, the Manager, was vehemently cold and dismissive of me and my concern and dilemma. So much so that the young lady, who was being very accommodating, noticed his abrasiveness as well and was intimidated by his response. It’s one thing to tell a customer no, but how you turn the customer down can make a difference in whether that customer remains with you or joins your competitor. I will never shop at the Brookhaven location so long as he remains the manager and will encourage many of my friends who a business members, no to do so as well. I spend too much money at Costco to be treated with anything less than the respect that a loyal consumer is due. I intend to forward this complaint further until his behavior is admonished and I receive an apology. I hope you never need any assistance by a manager while he is the manager on duty because you just may experience the same mistreatment as I.

Matthew Riggle

Always busy but the lines movefast. Their inventory seems to be lacking compared to some other locations. Edit: dropping them down a star due to poor customer service time and time again. The gentleman working the returns might as well be a McDonalds cashier given the attitude and grunts he displayed. He said less than 5 whole words during the entire transaction .Im also noticing more and more items are out of stock. A lot of the helpful employees seem to move to other stores from what im told. You're better off going to the perimeter or Duluth locations in my opinion.

Jim Davis

Always nice to customers..

Gail LMT

The sales clerk in the clothing department helped me find exactly what I was looking for!

hai tran

Staffs making stupid excuses for not letting me do 2 separate transactions. Since a have a friend with me just want to buy single item.


Great Costco but it is always super busy so it can be hard to find parking and get out of. Eating here is great because you can get a lot of food for cheap and/or try the free samples they have sometimes.

Eddie - Sally Huff

Everything we needed!

Kristin Cannon

Went shopping on Friday with my three kids and went to get food afterwards. I ordered a pizza and was told it would be 30 minutes, opposed to the normal 15-20. There was an entire cheese pizza in the window so I ordered 12 slices of cheese pizza and was told I couldn't buy it because it was for members. I'm pretty confused because we ARE MEMBERS. Our money will be going elsewhere for dinner tonight and for shopping from now on. I will be calling to cancel my membership and asking for a full refund.

John Gifford

Recieving is very slow, don't open until 7:30 because the Costco is surrounded by apartments.

John Chou

Costco is doing a great job expanding their organic options. Woohoo... kombucha too!

alex reeves


Peter Foster

I love this costco. The snack samples are great too (when the wife is taking too long haha)

Les Collins

It's a great warehouse with good prices, but not a great variety. They have several pallets of the same thing taking up shelf or floor space instead of providing a wider selection. I decided to try Costco because they had a special on an electronic device so I purchased a membership and opened their Costco branded citi card. After visiting a couple of times, I'm just not that impressed with their selection. I have a BJ's membership and even though they are a smaller warehouse, they provide a lot more items; albeit not in every area, but for the most part in things that I need. One great example is kcup coffees. Go visit a BJ's and see for yourself; they won't ask to see your membership card.

Yissakhar Beck

It's like Sam's Club, but less blue. I went to Costco for a whole bunch of different things ranging from clothing to snacks to batteries and found all of them, plus some things I wasn't originally looking for, at good prices. How much more positive a statement can one make about a store?

Devora orlan

This was the nicest Costco I've ever been to the people working there were so nice even the customers were n8ce

Ralph Yingling

I like coming to this Costco in Atlanta because it has items that other Costco stores near my home don't have. Ammon's New York frozen pizza for one. This is as close to an authentic NY pizza you can get when you're sitting at home wanting a slice or two. I have given a box of these as gifts and they always asked me to please get a box or two for them when I go to Atlanta. It comes 8 slices to a box so you can heat as many slices as you like.

Should Not See Me

It's Costco! I thought I reviewed this place already. They're one of the newer ones and it's pleasant to shop there. There is a specialty item for each of the Costco food courts, I realized, and for here, it's brisket BBQ. It's good. $4.99. For comparison, I believe Duluth one sells 1/3lb burgers. I think one at Cobb sells chili. No liquor stores here. You're stuck with wine. Gas is cheaper here than the one in Perimeter usually, if that matters to you.

Joon Kim

Great place to shop. Good deals are not posted online. Accessible.

CC Smith

Love my local Costco! The staff that works there are always very pleasant and friendly. You never feel like you’re a “bother” when asking where an item might be located in the store and they definitely always make me laugh when in check out through friendly conversation. Thank you, Costco!

Gabrielle Orlando

What can I say? It's Costco. It's perfect. This location also has a gas station which is a plus.

Vince Craig

Different from Arizona where I'm from. I asked for a box for my groceries and the bagger just put all the groceries in the basket and then handed me the box instead of placing my groceries in the box. Maybe ATL is different? In Arizona if i all for a box for my groceries the bagger places my groceries in the box. But, the cashier was nice. They didn't have 505 green chilies either! I guess Mexican food isn't too popular in Georgia.

Katie Tomlin

Too many rude people that shop there. Much too crowded.

Dan Griffin

This is my least favorite of 4 locations I've shopped in. The staff is rude and needs lessons in basic customer service.

Jim Long

The free food samples need to be restructured to be out of the isles all of the bums freeloaders and Cheep scapes block the isles so the paying patrons can't shop Convienently!

Richard S

Membership warehouse with large quantities on most items. Better price on select items and services. The selection is limited, with notable selection on television and certain electronics. Quantity is better suited to a larger family or restaurant for food and grocery items.

Shirley Williams

This location has a great variety and selection! Workers are always friendly and willing to help me find whatever I’m looking for! Parking can be a bit hectic but other than that you’re fine!

Rowen Andrade

Costco has great stuff, but no bubble tea. That would be a money maker.

Moid Ansari

You can’t go wrong with $1.50 hotdogs that comes with a drink. Great location with lots of parking.

Andrea Tomlin

Great variety and options. The Prime meat section is great.

Nikof Time

Nice store. Love that it carries cases of Izzy juice drinks.

Heather Yun

As always Costco is the best place to buy everything. Get the Kirkland olive oil!

Chris D

It's Costco, of course it's awesome! The staff is friendly and helpful. The parking lot is crazy... but all of them are. I enjoy the ever changing selection of products as well as pick up some mainstays like cokes and paper towels.

Margaret Rakestraw

Had tires installed at Costco Brookhaven. Excellent custoner service!!! Knowledgeable and trained tire technicians who will make sure that you get the correct tires for your specific car. Will definitely return for my next set of tires!!!

TT Smiley

I am hooked on this particular Costco! If possible go early because they stay pretty busy! The fruits and produce ...ALWAYS FRESH! Great staff!

Sarah S. Yacoub

This is a great Cosco. It has gas, staff are very friendly (which is probably the case at every Costco) but also the store is in a shopping center that includes a Publix and other store which makes running additional errands easy.

Larry Patterson


David Shapiro

Great shopping experience with an amazing staff.

Kamran Ahmed

Good place tonl shop groceries in bulk but srock is selected means u cant find everything u need under one roof.. still missing such place.. I would like to share my return experience too, that was very convenient and faster than any other warehouse like SAMS or stores like walmart, target, kroger etc. I love this place for shopping in bulk but still there is a negative point i.e. they dont have everything available what u need.

Sebastian Santo

Friendly staff and great product variety

Beth Harmon

Excellent produce meat and cheese


This Costco is always packed.

Iris Shpak

Love Costco product quality. Their clothing is quite good and they carry many organic products. Their membership is a bit pricey, but it pays for itself and then some. I always buy my gas there. They are arranged efficiently.

david moras

Very easy to shopping in here!

sameer jadhani

I have bad experiences from Costco I Ordar apple AirPods it’s lost I don’t get delivery I call so many time in Costco thay not doing’s cost 183.59 dollars


During the week... it's a breeze.

Rick Kennedy

Good price, good people!

Christopher May

No matter where we go we look for Costco when we travel. Mainly to save on gas since we earn cash back reward. And we have been a long time members. This Costco is huge and by judging by the parking it can be a mess. But that's typical. Been there done that! Just have to know when and times to go shopping to avoid the crowds. That's the trick shopping at Costco.


This time it was above my expectations. I bojght Nespresso coffee by Peet's. My favorite.

Alexus Blease

I just recently got married and because I changed my last name, kept my old as my middle name, they wouldn’t let me use my membership!!!!! I was told to buy a whole new one. Same address on the account, same name, but because I have a new last name HE TOLD ME I COULD BE ANYONE!?!! The mental capacity they hire as management at this store was LACK THERE OF.

Jason Wolkow

Love this place. Haven't bought gas at a regular gas station since I got my membership and the always get my money's worth with the groceries. Staff is usually pleasant and helpful. My only complaint is that if you are single, it might not be the best place to get produce or perishables as they may spoil before you have a chance to finish eating them but is great if you have a family and lots of mouths to feed!

Matt Franklin

This is definitely the best membership warehouse I'm the Metro area I've been to. Costco is generally better than Sam's Club, but there's just something 'pleasant' about this location. The convenience of nearby retail and dining options is also quite nice.

Hiking Diva

Horrible experiences at both tire center and pharmacy. My tires purchased at Costco were wearing poorly. My tires had been aligned. I brought it back to Costco and they advised me it wasn't the tires, it was how I was driving & tire pressure (untrue I always have my tires at recommended pressure). And then I was told that I should get my tires aligned there. I told them that I didn't have half a day to wait for that. I paid an outside auto mechanic who advised it was a combination of tires and slight off of my alignment. Pharmacy: dropped off scrip. Was told they would have it in a week. Finally got text it was in - on 12/27. I went to pick up on 1/2. I was told it had been more than 2 weeks, so it had been returned. I showed text. They then filled with a different variation bc they didn't get original one. More than triple the cost. No one bothered to ask me, they just called my doctor. Now they can't find my scrip so I can go elsewhere. I have to pay for ANOTHER doctor visit to get a new scrip. Really disappointed with how I have been treated on both experiences.

Patricia V

Always busy but the lines move. Great place to get a cheap lunch or dinner. All beef hotdog & soda $1.50 can't beat that

adriane knox

#Decdbyadriane I love doing business with them great variety

Francisco Fong

No need to leave a comment;)

Marissa Cioffi

This is a really good costco with very nice staff!

dave smith

Well organized store & friendly staff

Peggy Kopf

Pizza and hotdogs all for under 4 bux

Ever Granada

It's Costco... you gotta love it! Great staff.

Savage. .sushi

So far so good. They have a lot of options. Great fruit too!

Rachel Bodenstein Linkwald

Great place for staples! You never know whether your favorite product is waiting for you, or has been yanked. You hope for the best, because the stuff your family depends on and loves is at an incredible price.

Eddie Henderson, Jr.

One of the best Costcos. Service was excellent.

Angela Freeman

Love this place Angela Freeman.

Beverly Carson

Love this Costco! The store is clean and produce is fresh.The customer service is always outstanding. Employees are so helpful and friendly. Seem to really care.

Glenn Kaplan

Polite store personnel and efficient checkout lines

Yahya Allene

Some people at the service desk have a cold attitude towards certain people. They seem to smile and be extremely courteous & polite only to caucasian people. This has been my personal experience. And I saw how rude and abrupt 2 ladies were towards a man who did not speak proper English. And Dave only greet customers who look like him. Costco is indeed my favourite place to shop so I need to find another location.

Jazzy Piper

This is the most pleasant Costco shopping experience I have ever had. Why? I'm from Nor-Cal, any Costco you go to, is a zoo. The lines for gas are crazy, the lines at the check put are crazy long. But this Costco was the opposite! People were actually nice to each other. The lines were fast and the line for the hot dogs, what!? No line!!! I like Atlanta, but not enough to stay here for good. It's been a nice.

Tyrelle Hemmings

Working there was fun... Took a bit to get used to. I lived pretty far, so I had to leave home a bit early, and despite management knowing this, they still hounded me for being tardy TWICE. During probation, you're not allowed to call out, no matter what. Could be regarding your health and they still wouldn't care. Scheduling is inconsistent and they always seem to update it when you're NOT working and the managers don't communicate with the employees about it. They just want you to figure it out and they pick and choose who they give their numbers to and who they befriend, which is highly unprofessional. As an employee, you get no discounts or anything, despite this place be in highly overpriced. Overall, the environment was pretty friendly, but sometimes, people let their authority get to their head. The pay rate was above average, so that's a plus...

John Parker Jr

Finding an employee that could answer a very specific question was a little difficult. After seeking out and speaking 3 employees, I gave up. It wasn't until my friend mentioned it at checkout that we got a response that truly answered my question (points to that cashier). Otherwise, it's Costo; great gas prices, selection and cafe.

Lucy Hamer

I always feel like I need to take a preemptive anxiety pill before heading over here. Parking is bananas. You'll find a spot, but not before you've almost been hit 15 times by people who don't understand right-of-way laws. This isn't Costco's fault, but it is the reality of shopping here. As for the actual store, it's on the better end of "okay." I wish this one would stock some of the grocery items I've seen at others (namely Gardein and other meat alternatives). The choices in beer also leave a lot to be desired, but Total Wine is thankfully just down the street. They usually have most of what we're looking for, but it's always necessary to stop at another grocery store to get everything on our list. The electronics section also feels a little small compared to other locations, but maybe the one I went to in SC was unusually large. They just installed a self checkout area, which worked far better than I expected. Friendly employees, too. The large gas station is great, especially because 99% of the other patrons don't read the sign saying the hoses are extra long so any pump can fill any car regardless of which side the gas cap is on. This means that you'll never have to wait because most people line up to use a pump on the same side as their gas cap. It sounds stupid, but not having to wait for cheap gas makes the end of a long day of running errands feel downright victorious.

Travis Schulz

Prices are hit and miss. If you have coupons and follow weekly deals at local grocery stores, you can do better. For mindless bulk shopping, it's okay. Meat quality is not great compared to Publix. Feel like I'm paying the annual member fee for nothing at all. Honestly, I feel like Costco should be open to the's not like they're actually giving great deals to their members that can't be found elsewhere

Robert Owens

As with most every other location, Costco is killing it. This location is great and has a good amount of parking for the size of the store. I went at during the late afternoon and got a good parking place. I was greeted at the door and checked out in a fair amount of time. I will be back to this location soon.

Ron Cunningham

Great place to shop friendly people and good service!

Marie M Joseph

The best store ...where customers are treated with love and respect. The fact that Costco take good care of their employees I don't mind paying a fee to shop there. Love my executive money

Deborah Groomes

Great customer service. Great deals. Worth the membership

B Williams

Great as usual. The one thing I have never gotten from Costco is a bad experience.

Snoo Lee

This is a busy store and obviously people love it, but I'm not feeling it. Prices seem really high to me here. I think this is a Costco for rich people. Additionally, I wanted to buy some T-shirts and briefs and the available goods are limited and frankly bleak. For the second visit I found the place to be atrocious. The parking lot is full. What do they care.

Tu Li

Nice store.

Prasanth Alapati

Good place. Fast checkout

Safoora Yousefi

Had such a horrible experience with a cashier today. She was angry and had an attitude for no reason and treated me and my company so bad that her colleague had to intervene so she wouldn't put up a fight with us! This just shows the lack of supervision that allows them to get away with treating customers like this. Ruined my day. It's weird I feel better seeing other reviews saying they were mistreated, at least I'm not alone.

Darrel Mullis

This Costco has a great selection of everything you need for the home. I always purchase my prescription eyeglasses at this location where the staff is friendly and has tremendous attention to detail On the General shopping area the staff is always very helpful. The checkout process is always smooth and easy. The cashiers such as Dustin, Cullen and others are all top notch This is one of my favorite Costco locations

Barbara Doucet

BEST PLACE to get bulk Organic staples & fun foods. Love Costco



Arielle Haynes

Great Costco! Love this place.

Lawis Smith

Always a great place to shop

Lance X. Bingaman Chef

Great service good deals and great flowers very clean store.

Ryan Tidwell-Davidson

Who doesn't love Costco?! But honestly if you get here at any point when most people aren't at work or church, prepare to spend a good 15 minutes waiting for a parking spot...

Cathy Fike

2nd post four months later: The Brookhaven Costco continues to impress! I called Brooke at the front desk about a problem. She promised to get back with me before they closed that evening -- and she followed through. Happy ending, thanks to Brooke. Just got gas at the Brookhaven Costco. Needed help filling our gas can for the lawnmower. Jerry at the gas station went above and beyond. Appreciate everyone at Costco.

maninder bhogal

This is my local costco! Even if I don’t have much to buy I end up spending $100! Great stuff !

rs cooper

Costco always great. Gas prices were unbelievable today $239 reg gallon

Ben Pace

You can get almost anything here as long as you love buying in bulk. And the prices are as good as the employees are nice.

Denise Porter

Fantastic as always, sadly too early for samples.

Walter Iacullo

Lines move fast even at busy times. Staff is friendly and helpful.

I love History

I wish I knew what days Dave was off, so I could shop on those days. he is so bias, I can tell by his tone if it is a black customer or a white customer.

Ki-Hon Lin

Another typically great Costco. This one has had the Amnons frozen New York cheese pizza that we like.

Alec Camero

I give this Costco one star only because I can’t give it zero stars. Out of all stores I have visited in the past, this has by far been the most disgraceful and inconsiderate in all aspects to the typical customer. From rude, stubborn service to inability to properly assist the customer, the employees, staff, and management are an absolute embarrassment to the market in what ought to be a relaxing and easygoing college town. If a customer so much as tries to step foot into the store without a Costco card, the most rude and abismal service is readily directed toward said customer. Likewise, they will refuse to offer any service or simple verbal assistance if one does not present his or her Costco card on the spot. Furthermore, prices are absolutely scandalous in all fields and heavily impact the customer in a negative fashion. If you are either a nearby college student or someone simply looking to purchase a Costco membership, my advice is to stay as far away from this Costco as possible. Find a Sam’s Club, find a Publix, or simply find anything other than Costco.

Thu Tran

I’ve never left a Costco without spending 80 bucks. I love it though. I like that I can go there hungry and leave full with all of the samples. They also have an awesome array of organic options. Produce is always fresh. I just wish I had a bigger pantry/fridge to store everything I buy from Costco.

Stephen Scouten

Who doesn't love Costco?! Yes, their CEO is a political hack with terrible views, but the business is amazing. Their employees treat you well and are so helpful. The product selection is fairly consistent and items such as organic eggs, waters, milk, etc are a great deal. Be mindful, not everything is cheaper and perishable items can go to waste. Great for streaks and burgers and other items that you can fill up your freezer with. Obviously still have the $1.50 hot dog and drink. Parking here is tough so be aware.


Quality products for large families especially but can be used by small ones as well for certain products.

James G

Went to pick a shelf unit. I asked for help as the unit weighed well over 100 pounds. I waited 20 minutes and no one showed. The girl I asked who was organizing clothing walked past me and back and said nothing. I asked the woman at the front door and she told me most of the staff doesnt come in until 11am. So I guess you need to call in advance to make sure the staff is in to help with something of substantial weight. Bummer, I always liked this club.

Anthony Esparza

Costco is the greatest place on earth. Also good gas prices

Dean Moates

In-store is a pretty good experience but if you go to their website and try to order something I have had very poor customer service I’ve had orders canceled for absolutely no reason after trying to reach out to them they do nothing so if you’re going to go there to get gas and groceries you’ll have a pretty good experience but I would stay clear of any online transactions they’re just not very good doing business online and they have very poor customer service for their online services they need a lot of work it’s really amazing to if you try to give them a negative comment they censor in all negative comments on their own website it’s pretty amazing. After trying to leave a negative comment on their website they sent me an email it contain the following Please avoid: Focusing on shipping/delivery experience Including pricing exclusive to Costco members Inappropriate language or tone Negative statements concerning any group, or area of manufacture Mentioning a competitor, or directing business away Including personally identifiable information Text that is vague or lacks detail Don’t understand why you would even allow people to rate you if you’re going to censor negative comments. By doing this it leaves zero room for improvement so they really need to work on their customer service.

Larry Jennings

Always spend way too much but the choices and deals are irresistible!

jj jingleheimerschmidt

Hey! Costco is costco. Dangerous. Have never gotten out of there with ONLY what I went there for.

Zacharie Petchokomani

Good place to shop for your family

Dennis Kruszewski

Costco is Costco. 'Nuff said.

Joel Black

Never use their Verizon Wireless phone kiosk! They messed up my account when I transferred it, left me with 3 phones that didn't even work. Then they told me there would be no activation fee, that it was the benefit of going through Costco. Guess what, I got charged $90 in activation fees. Verizon said that's not a deal they honor. I called Costco, they were rude! I went by there and talked to the person I got the phones from, they said they would call me back and take care of it. Guess what, they never called me back. I've spent countless hours on the phone working out issues and bills, at least I have working phones now. I'll never go through them, they should fire the wireless company out of their stores, they give Costco a very negative customer experience!

Tin Man Lay

Good Costco. Usually not to crowded.

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