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1065 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

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REVIEWS OF Café Intermezzo - Midtown IN Georgia

Shevonne Owen

My favorite place for delicious cake. I rarely eat food here because when I go it's always for dessert. But my favorite dish is the Seafood Dip ( I prefer to eat it with bread) and Caesar salad is yummy. My husband says the food is delicious but I just love my sweets


This was my second time going to Cafe Intermezzo, there was a 45 minute wait on a Saturday night , so not terrible. We were able to kill the time by looking at the dessert case and pursing outside. The restaurant had a health food score of 91 at the time we went, which was a relief. I ordered the grilled avocado salad with the chicken, it was a little overcooked but flavorful. The best part of the Cafe though would have to be the desserts and the array of teas, and coffees. I had the berry tart, the light and dark cake, and Turkish coffee. I would definitely revisit again for after dinner drinks and/or desserts. The customer service was good ,but I think that as the night wore on the waiters got a little overwhelmed. And became a little forgetful, but nothing crazy.

Ruthanne Veillard

SPEECHLESS. My friends and I each tried 2 different slices of cakes and cheesecakes to taste from each other. There was not one flavor one of us did not like. I loved everything I tasted. They have an amazing tres leche cake and carrot cake. (My top 2)

Mercy Wiggins

Like the location. Took me a minute cause I loved the old perimeter location. But it's convenient. If you get there at the right time, on the street parking. It's great for dessert and drinks. I like to either get a cappuccino or the Kyoto Rose tea with the strawberry cake or cheesecake. The rose tea is delicious.

Carla Slater

The food is amazing and it's very family friendly. Feels like going to a fancy restaurant.

Morgan Mitchell

Drink selection was Insane! Desserts were fabulous and my Salted Caramel Granitas was as good as I hoped it would be. Definitely coming back.

Jen Perry

Great breakfast spot with an extensive coffee menu. This is the place to go if you want French press coffee. I liked that they offer a healthy menu option as well- avocado toast with eggs. Enjoy your coffee and breakfast (served all day) on the outdoor patio.

Jennifer Tisdale

Absolutely love the variety of cheesecakes that they have! The White Chocolate Amaretto is my favorite! However, the time it took for us to get our dessert was quite long.

pearce kramer

Great location and good variety of drinks and food. Very expansive coffee menu. Service is much better during daytime.

Felix Guerrero

Wide selection of cakes and excellent drinks to make your evening memorable.

Harold Williams

Their coffee is fantastic, their desserts are spellbinding (the B-52 cheesecake is one of the best cheesecakes I've ever tried), and the atmosphere is wonderful. It's also great that they are open very late (1am) so you can visit for breakfast or late at night after a concert for dessert. It's a must-stop whenever my wife and I visit Atlanta!

slavica kavazovic

It's my friend favorite restaurant He take me there. My favorite meal is the breakfast. I love it because you can order breakfast all day

L Pj

Best location is Peachtree. You may have to pay to park nearby. Take a tour of the desserts and try any one. The Ciocolaccino is delicious but there is an extesive drink menu and many desserts to try. So you will have to come back. Plan on it.

M Lewis

I loved Cafe Intermezzo for it's ambience. I fell in love with the original Buckhead location, but no other location since has ever lived up to that experience (have not visited the Alpharetta location). My favorite indulgence is the Indian Spiced Chia served in its own personal tea kettle for one. My experience with the Midtown location on my last and final visit left me disappointed, to say the least. I was served a "lukewarm" tea absent of the frothy milk (I prefer almond) and the deliciously sweet, aromatic flavors that the drink is known for. The staff was very pleasant. I can only assume the staff preparing my order was not proficient in the making of chia. Sorry for the leghthy responce, be this uses to be a special place that I reserved for "me time". Now, it is just another restaurant chain.

PoAn Chi

Great coffee and different selection of beverages. Cake was good! It’s a little hard to find parking tho.

Tonja Peña

This time we had 3 layer chocolate cake and a crepe filled with nutella and strawberries. We also had champagne and a cappuccino. Deliciosooo! The cake and cappuccino were top notch and made perfectly in house.

Imran Sajid

Amazing choice of coffee, tea, cake but certainly overpriced. A single piece of cake might cost you nearly $10 which is a bit over the top. Great place to bring a date as the vibe is terrific with dark and nice lighting. Can get very packed on the weekend although they do a decent job with handling the traffic.

St. Ivan

Great place and ambiance. Came in in Am on Friday. Took a star away for old lemons that I was served with my drinks.

Antonio Rocha

I’ve been wanting to have brunch at Cafe Intermezzo for a while. We got there around 130PM on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t busy. Two of our friends had arrived a few minutes early and they placed a drink order with the waitress before my partner and I arrived. When we arrived, they told us they had placed a drink order. When the waitress came by, we placed our order for drinks. I ordered a Cubano Latte and my partner ordered a Pimms Cup. The waitress came back to the table to let us know that the ginger ale was not working. At this time, our friends who arrived early had not received their drink order. Our waitress informed us that the barista was working on it. About 5 minutes go by and nothing. It took another call to the waitress to get our drink order. My Cubano latte came as a plain old cubano. Aka no Milk. I really didn’t want to make a fuss so I let it go. We ordered our meals and everything came out quickly. It was all really good. The waitress did leave a sour taste with her no care attitude about or drinks. I’d give Cafe Intermezzo another chance in the near future. Hopefully with a better waitress.

Brittany H.

Though their new location lacks the intimacy provided when tucked away on Peachtree, the spot at 10th & Peachtree is just as nice. The drink book remains unchanged, the decor is elevated (though some pieces remain from their old spot), and my favorite menu items made the cut. The desserts are still to-die-for, and their patio boasts a major upgrade, sitting just off of Peachtree and prime for people-watching. Needless to say, Intermezzo still warms my heart, and I keep coming back.

Tam Vu

The spicy tortellini was really good. I also added the crab cake - that made it even better. Hazelnut cake had a very smooth texture with light fluffy cake layers - recommended.

vaughn barbarin

Always a cool place to chill and have great conversation with friends or a date. Who doesn't like dessert?!?! And there's great food.

A Tatum

Unfortunately, I had to lower this rating because the service was horrible. I have been visiting over the years (even the original location)and everything has been great. This time we were literally ignored. Once someone finally acknowledged us, we weren't given menus and we felt as though we were rushed out. Will I visit again? Maybe, because I love the menu and the decor. However, it will no longer be my first choice.

Maureen Anthony

The food was tasty, the lemon cake delicious and moist. Busy for close to 11pm 15 to 20 minutes wait, staff friendly & courteous. Our server John was excellent!!

Brigit McGuinness

Best cake around. A good place to stop for a while to talk and hang out with friends and family. And open late!


We had a great time. And john our waiter was great too. Me and my gf out on our date night

Anice 72000

Always enjoy eating at this place. Has the best desserts and they stay open late.

Rachael Gervais

It’s always a lovely experience here. I decided to write a review as it was well earned, especially when the manager Husain checked to see if everything was okay. His willing to help and his attitude prompted me to write a review about this place! Love it here.

Motuma Tulu

Arguably the best cakes in town. Food is good, but go for the cakes and drinks. The drink menu is a book, with enough things to satisfy anyone, from teas and coffee to alcoholic beverages.

Gift Cozine

I love this place!!!!! Delicious and friendly people

Collins Airhihenbuwa

I live nearby and used to come in at least twice a week. Food and drinks are very good but Service is the main problem at this location. There does not seem to be communication between the hostess and waiting staff or amongst the waiting staff. Today I am one of only three tables outside and different waiters have attended to each table besides me but no one seem to care that no one has served me. It is like watching a government office with each person only interest in their narrowly defined task. I stopped coming for two weeks and just came back again today and had to ask to be served after waiting. Rating would be vastly improved it you improve your approach to customer service.

Hannah S

Had a wonderful dinner here. I loved the seared salmon--the gnocchi was fantastic. Everything we had was cooked and seasoned well. Our waiter, Jamil, was very nice and took great care of us. My only complaint would be that the lighting gets very dim at night! I noticed a table next to us using flashlights to read the menu. Other than that, it seemed to be a casual place to get upscale food. I wish we had had time for dessert. The cakes looked great!

Ankush Borse

The happening stylish trendy modern yet classic classy restaurant feeding late night keeping lively spirited ambience with enough sugar, caffeine, liquors, wines, cocktails, and all sorts of cobinations. Amazing that it is suitable for families, romantic pairs, dating aspirants, college friends get together and office colleague meetups and all sorts of spirited eaters. Fantastic service. Courteous, professional, smart and helpful. Guess management treats these awesome individuals well with training to make sure to have happy well fed customer under the roof and to leave with fully belly and bright smile. Great cake selection. Many arrive their to fulfill sweet tooth craving. And rest give up on tempting deliciousness after observing those inviting sugar lumps. Personally love their caffeine section - hot teas and coffees. Amazingly hooked on to those choices on menu. By menu, remember, they have entrees and small dishes menu and then multi pages thick drinks menu. All sorts of drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic both options. Notable thing visit their restroom and will hear English to French conversations disclosing their origin. Lovely ambience , great service, amazing food, spirited drinks to hearts content and fabulously trendy crowd in intimate candle light setting. Will repeat again, again and again. Well are you still waiting for definitely affirmative recommendation or rushing to get ahead to experience this restaurant. Bon appetite. Cheers.

Nicole Robinson

This cafe is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta on Peachtree. It is French inspired so you can sit right on the street in this romantic setting or simply go inside for more of the romantic restaurant while seeing the architecture. Many go for a coffee and dessert which is fantastic. When you first walk in they provide you with a “gallery walk” of their homemade cheesecake desserts. It can be overwhelming due to the quantity but trust me the quality proceeds it’s reputation. You should park in the Loews Hotel parking deck behind it and get your parking ticket validated by the restaurant. The customer service is also pleasant.

Miguel Rodriguez

The three chocolate cake was so good. I also had my first ever cappuccino (granted it had Bailey's) but was delicious nonetheless- the ice version was even better

Victor Band

Has really gone downhill in recent years. Used to be a great late night spot but the food and drink quality has gotten much worse. Had the salmon pasta which was not very good, and the pimm's cup was pretty meh. The cheesecake and cake selection is still amazing though, so definitely stop by for just cheesecake and coffee. Skip the dinner and drinks

Gunars Cazers

It’s a little piece of Vienna in downtown Atlanta. This is a great place to get dessert, and a good cup of coffee or tea. I believe they have alcoholic beverages as well. We ordered different coffees and teas. I ordered a coffee infusion, which is like a big coffee press. Then you go take a tour of the cakes and cheesecakes. I have the red velvet cake, which was excellent, but all four of us loved the cakes we had. We played a game, taste your cake and pass it around the table. This way we got to try all their delicious cakes. Actually not all of them, because there are too many to try. This would be a great place to get some work done on your computer. I love how they have newspapers and publications on a stick, just like in a Viennese coffee house. I always like to stop year, when I get a chance, on my trips to Atlanta, however, I’ve heard they have other cafés in other cities like Nashville as well.

Maurice Mondragon

One of my favorite spots in all Atlanta the coffee is great, food is good to... atmosphere gives a sorta fancy romantic vibe... the flowers and candles in the afternoon make it suitable for a good date night spot.

Kyle Good

My wife had been asking me to go here for years, and I resisted. It just didn't sound like an exciting restaurant. I finally found myself here for a lunch service on a work occasion, however, and I was thrilled. The seared chicken was explosively flavorful, and I loved every bite. The service was a touch slow, but it seems the outside seating was more busy than we thought on closer inspection. I don't hold it against them. The food was worthy!

Lindsey Shoemaker

Always fantastic service. The smoke salmon eggs benedict was perfect. I adore the beverages.

Tori W

Yummm!!!! So good

Daphine Harris

The food and atmosphere were great. I had the crab and sherry appetizer. It was amazing!!! The waitress was attentive and efficient. Overall, my experience was perfect.

Ayanna Anderson

This place is awesome! The seafood crepe and desserts (all the desserts that I've tried) are divine!

Leslie Carson

Fabulous! Everything about the place was great. The wine, the Belgian Waffles, our waiter, the atmosphere. I highly recommend Cafe Intermezzo.

Ggg U

Overpriced tourist trap. Great location wasted on bland food. They should stick to deserts as the rest of the food is cafeteria style. Latte so expensive for small cup. Caribou down the street has a better latte for less $.The latte was cold. Worst hummus ever. Salty and lumpy. Tasted out of a can. Not like any food I ever ate in Vienna where lattes are piping hot with moist fresh cake. Salmon tasted salty and not fresh.

Pulkit Mathur

Good desserts, drinks, ambiance and the prices are affordable

Ricardo Garcia-Arrese

Ideal place for a late Latte or Cappuccino and cake, outside seating reminds of a European outdoor cafe, except it's a busy, crowded Midtown midweek street littered with go-peds. The original in Buckhead was indeed the best. However, the service was impeccable (Thank you Latosha! ) and the cake tour is still a nice touch.

Quenton Mullins

Great place to take your significant other. The salmon is awesome!

Alison Harris

Lunch was delicious! Eric is a very knowledgeable and lovely server. The M&M brownie cheesecake was scrumptious!

niya josephs

The Smoked Salmon Benedict was to die for... Everything was Amazing!!! Beautiful Place

James Pearce

Café Intermezzo has the best croissants...and fancy donuts and cakes....and chicken nuggets. Really can't go wrong with the sweets, snacks or drinks here. Everything they make is excellent and they have thought of all the details. For snacks, the chicken nuggets are excellent! You can make them spicy or not. The firecracker shrimp and spring rolls are also good. For sweets, the cakes are beautiful and the donuts are delicious...and look pretty!

Bridget Rossen

So unique! Delicious drinks and desserts! A must visit if you are in Atlanta.

mallory jarreau

This restaurant is so beautiful! The food is good and the staff is nice. What more could you ask for?

Cortez Charles

Great service, coffee selection is above par!

Marisu Fernandez

Lovely Cafe! Perfect for cheeses, charcuterie, wine and desserts, my type of Saturday Afternoon!

Darion Banister

I went to Café Intermezzo for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was a great experience. The atmosphere was perfect for a date night.

Yasmeen Qadimasil

Delicious cake! Good company! Awesome waitstaff!

Shika Tamaklo

The cake was great! The chicken crepe could have been better.

tiffany pop

Great resturant. Service can get hacked at night. I've been going there for years but I would absolutely love it if they would revamp their menu especially with their desserts. Its like it's never updated. Coffee can be a hit or miss depending on the time you go.

Nardi Nard

Very good food and drinks. Hosts are always very dry not sure why.

Victor Kohnke

This is a attractive café with really good food, an excellent cake and cheesecake selection, a fun selection of drinks from the bar, and a nice atmosphere. The only complaint I have about our visit is the service from our waitress which was sub-par for such an otherwise outstanding place.

Desia Allen

French toast was awesome and love the atmosphere.

Natasha Esworthy

Cute atmosphere with great dessert menu and cocktails. The only downside is expensive parking but that goes for all midtown dining options.

John Steen

If you're in-town and want some amazing coffee, food, and/or pastries come here!! It's packed on the weekends but service is quick. It's a little upscale and romantic, so it's a great place for a first, second, third, or 100th date.

Joanne Kuykendall

Cafe Intermezzo is amazing! Been visiting this cafe for a while now. I have a good time when visiting this cafe. I could relax and forget all my problem just for a bit. I really like their coffee and even their cakes. these are absolutely perfect combination. My stress food if you say. Lots of sweets to choose from. The place is perfect. Its simple but elegant. Perfect for people who just want to read a book or just sir and chill. Will be recommending Cafe Intermezzo to my friends.

Kenneth Price

Dependably ok. Sometimes better than others. Depends greatly on the server.

Damon Davis

This place has a cool vibe at night. It's the type of place you go to chill the night off and have good conversation. The decor draws you in and is successful in setting an overall European tone. I had eaten a few hours before arriving, but I heard it was a great place for dessert. It did not disappointment. They have over 50 different selections of cakes and cheesecakes with a wide variety of teas, cappuccinos, and obviously food. This is genuinely a good choice for dessert. I didn't see many people eating much food at around 11pm but the place was packed. Some people drinking and some eating dessert but everyone was just chill. The one downside was the hostess and some of the servers came off as being very indifferent. They appeared nonchalant when I walked in with almost no eye contact and I don't recall one word being said. No hello and no one said welcome. The server that escorted us to the table just motioned with his hand to follow him. That was a little weird but our server for the night had a slightly more positive attitude. If it wasn't for the lack in service I would rated this 5 stars.

Nikki Butcher

Intermezzo has been a classic haunt of mine over the past 13 years or so. It's a staple where I know I can go and have a good experience. Intimate atmosphere with bistro style tables always decorated with a flower and, at night, a candle. Their coffee, drinks and desert selections are what they're most known for - large amount of selections for each and I've never heard nor made a complaint for any of them. Their regular menu is really good, too. They serve breakfast all day (crepes, omelettes, etc). I specifically love to go for a coffee infusion (french press) and fruit or a meal like their tomato basil pasta (careful, though, for diet restrictions - this comes with cheese which is not stated on the menu) or mediterranean wrap. I've heard rumor that every once in a blue moon they run a vegan desert in the case, but I've never seen it... If they came out with a regular rotation it would be a huge draw! But, alas, the fruit is delicious. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a date spot or a place to spend quality time with a few friends.

Jerry Chambers Sr

I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and more importantly the free catering afforded to the five of us. Entree, drinks and desserts. You owe it to yourself to patronize this establishment.

Markell Thomas

Great atmosphere. Excellent cake

Thinh Au

The atmosphere is nice and romantic, but service could be faster.

Bayshawn Edwards

Stopped by on a Saturday afternoon, not very busy we sat pretty fast. They seemed short staffed for having maybe 10 tables with customers. Ordered a burger with no onions and it came with onions. Had them take it back and off my bill. Had a difficult time reaching our waitress for refills and bill. From the people I know who outrun restaurants normally when anything gets sent back a manager checks on the table. No one ever came or apologized for the meal. Paid cash and left, would've done card but wasn't sure how long it would take to get my card back.

Jason Riley

Cakes and cheesecakes!! My friends and I all purchased didn't desserts and passed them around the table like tapas. Enjoyed every bite.

Patricia Desamours

I love Cafe Intermezzo- been going for years, but this visit was disappointing. My dining partner enjoyed her food - it was a salad. I ordered the chicken crepes. New chef? I dont know, they were dry and tough - the filling was not well seasoned and they were untraditional- more like a burrito. I sent them back. My drink - rum and cranberry juice was small and didn't seem to have much alcohol in it. It was not my usual experience there.

Hiroko Ortiz

I love the fact that this place opens till late even on weekdays. Very cozy atmosphere and excellent food, dessert and beverage (coffee, tea, alcohol) choices. Our server was very friendly amd attentive, too. I don't think I have ever had any bad service here in the past.

Jonathon Lopez

Very good food. Breakfast plate was very filling with a great croissant

bhrugi badheka

This is my favorite dessert and date place in the world. My favorite is the cheesecake. A few years ago they had this flavor called marble cheesecake which they have stopped now so on my recent visit to Atlanta, I was very upset that my flavor had been stopped but I tried a flavor similar to the one I like - it is called Nutella cheesecake. I love the richness in the flavor but still having the ability to not completely fill your stomach. I also love the rose tea there (which I didn’t try this time around but have tried it many many times before) and also Boston cream cake- this had 3 layers of chocolate and it all came together very very nicely. Love everything about this place. Must visit when you are in Atlanta.

Keiota Jones

My favorite coffee spot. You can grab a quick bite of their small plates. The ambiance in this place is awesome.

Sanjiv Desai

I would have given five star if the service was good. We went there for dessert which were excellent but service was not. Everyone working there worked as if they rather be someplace else. The place supposed to have unique desserts and therefore are not included in the menu but you have to take a "tour" to learn about before you can order. The tour guides were terrible and the tour included only guide telling names of all the desserts without any further explanations. Also, guide spoke so soft that in such noisy place it was hard to listen what they were saying. In all, it was a disastrous tour. They deserve one star for service and five stars for desserts.

Becca Freeman

I had a great first experience here.The interior was very cute. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict and an Italian cappuccino and my friend ordered the American omelette. We both heartily enjoyed our meals. Our server was very patient and even gave us a system to let him know we needed something/were ready to order. Prices were reasonable and they validate parking for the hotel. .

Helen Licona

By far my favorite place to get coffee. The place has this overall romantic aesthetic. Great selection of coffee. And delicious desserts as well. Great place for date night or with friends

Tony Fore

Went here for a lunch meeting with a client. Great vibe as soon as you walk in the door. The presence of great deserts get your attention as soon as you enter. Prompt greeting and great service and menu create the experience. The managers and staff not assigned to you all stop by to ensure great service. I will definitely be back and reccomend highly.

Chloe P

My boyfriend and I go here so regularly that it has become our signature spot. It’s affordable food and a great atmosphere, especially during late nights (it’s open until 2am most days!). I have been trying all of their teas and I haven’t been disappointed yet. What really got me hooked was their vegan chocolate mousse cake - I’m dairy free and I was finally able to have a dessert someplace. If you want to feel like you’re dining at a fancy European restaurant but not have the pressure of it, go to Cafe Intermezzo.

Julie Golden

Desserts are good. I tastes the key lime cheesecake and it was amazingly light and creamy. It wasn't heavy like others. Laid back and hip atmosphere.

Ms Jai

Great food and drinks. Amazingly cozy and inviting atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Richard Myers

Delicious food. Nice vibe.

Cleo Jones

Friendly service and great food. Wish my hot chocolate was just a little hotter when I first got it. But will definitely go back!

Tony Lancaster

Amazing service and deserts. Had a chicken and potatoes entree that was really good. We ordered three desserts that were amazing. The Mississippi mud cheesecake was unbelievable.

Jachai DeJesus

I. Am. Obsessed. Open late; amazing coffee selection; deserts that are literally mouth-watering! You'll go once and keep returning; I've been 4 times this month!

Michael Green

Overall fine. It has a European vibe but doesn't fully pull it off. The drink selection is ok, and the food is average. Overall, service was a little slow too.

Rudy Nesbitt

Very intimate French or western European atmosphere. They have an extensive drink menu and the dessert tour is a great experience. Out of all of the locations the midtown location has by far the best service!

La Vonne Peters

Romantic Atmosphere with Tasty desserts. Love this place.

david grays

Had a great time with the family! I had a Carmel cappuccino and the decadent chocolate raspberry cake!!! Yummy

Alex MontaQue

Didn't think much to the staff here but the food and ambience is good.

Gavin Fulmer

Dissatisfying in almost every way. Way to destroy our pleasant memories of cafe experiences in Europe! Staff seemed bored and disinterested in how our meal was going, and host desk staff seemed most concerned with their private conversation. Floor and even edges of the table cloth were messy with crumbs or spilled food. Food was overly sauced to point off being soggy (e.g., almost soaking croque monsieur, ugh). Could not recommend ordering any food. Coffee and tea were fine but didn't justify ordering anything else. I give one additional star because they validate parking.

Ankita Sahay

Such a delight this place! Exquisite exterior & interior, fantastic outdoor & indoor sitting area, wonderful staff and good food. Little expensive than my usual brunch but the coffee selection here is beyond excellent. Don't miss the desert - I loved my sponge cake, still yumming :)

Lisa Msmama

Excellent! The service was friendly and efficient. We ate at the bar. Ordered seafod dip- that was really good. My entree was the burger with mushrooms, brie and onion jam. I believe this was one of the best burgers Ihave ever eaten.

Giorgio Cabanillas

Food and service:A1, cocktails and drinks: there's room for improvement.

Brook Lynn

The tiramisu is amazing! Oh, and so is the seafood crepes. But to top it all off Jonathan was the best manager and came thrrough! Thanks Cafe Intermezzo!!

Cody Turner

An Atlanta favorite. For me and my bride it's a coffee and dessert stop! But the food is good too! It's the right atmosphere for a date night.

Tim Ellsberry

Great vibe, romantic and scenic. Stimulating conversational environment. Bad Host experience, reflective of a more personal issue of the individual vs the company.

Jessica Paxton

Large selection of teas brought me here. I ordered the seafood dip (which I ate every single drop it was so delicious!) I also had the tiramisu which was amazing. Can't wait to return!

Beau Clark

Intermezzo Midtown was fantastic. Our server was very attentive and personable. We had drinks and appetizers - both were as advertized. Great people watching.

Raul Gutierrez

The only reason why I am giving 2 starts is cause food and cakes still delicious. Wrong server, ( I had to go myself and asked for silverware to the hostess) Wrong wine, (We asked for a bottle of Malbec from Argentina and We get Rioja from Spain). Wrong food, (We asked for 3 small plates to start with and we got 2 correct and 1 wrong). Conclusion GOOD FOOD but insufficiently trained service.

Michelle Woods

This was My 1st time here And the service was great. It was very busy because of Prom. We had about a 30 Minute wait for inside table but they could have seated us outside right then and there. We opted for an inside table. I had the peppermint tea and Cheesecake.

Shannon Blake

Good service, seated quickly, decent cocktails - VERY extensive list. Easy place to just sit back and take in the atmosphere. The peanut butter cup cheesecake will change your life....

Ron Moretz

Absolutely love Cafe Intermezzo it was great the atmosphere was fine the food was delicious wait staff was awesome and we enjoyed our stay there we're going back again

tin truong

This is a romantic place I had ever see . This perfect from the ways everyone served me , to the ways they decorates .

Brandon Gerard Moody

The service has been up and down over the years, as of December 2018 they are in a great place. You're paying for the atmosphere mostly. Food is great and environment thick with style. Great place do work from early in the day, a great place to get dessert or a late night snack after 9pm. Couple of years ago the service was bad and orders were incorrect 50% of the time. It seems more mature as their menu has shrunk, but many items still seem off and out of place. I've was regular in the past and stopped due to the service problems + price. But I think they're getting their act together. I can tell turnover has a large impact on the restaurants service and consistency like any other place. I sincerely hope to see this place prosper and stay a landmark in Atlanta for years to come.

Jennifer Riedel

I've always been a fan of this place bc of their full stack of products and exceptional service! But this time I had to re-write this review under a different scope as this spot is a hidden gem when it comes to getting late night food that's not the typical bar food! Cafe Intermezzo saves the tonight by providing awesome service!

Ahmed Helmy

Nice cafe with very good vibe, and nice menu choices to choose from, ranging from nice specialty hot drinks, to delicate desserts to dinner. Great location in midtown Atlanta, just north of GATech, nice, clean, with friendly professional staff, and reasonable prices. Nice outing for a weekend evening. Reserve ahead of time if you can or prepare to wait a bit depending on the crowd.

Barbara Henry

Awesome experience! Loved my long island ice tea and smoked salmon with pasta. Service and atmosphere were ideal as well. Highly recommended.

Sonja Green

It's been a couple of years, but it never disappointed. The food was always excellent. Always save room for dessert or a cappuccino. So worth it!

Valencia Shelby

I loved this place because I was able to meet friends and family in one place! We were all able to order different foods and this place fed everyone from vegetarian to meat eater! The drinks were amazing and ranged from Iced coffee and hot vegan lattes to wine and gin and tonics! No one left this place dissatisfied! I will definitely visit again as the vibes and food were awesome!

beez kizz

Five star place. Staff was really nice, on point. Cake was so delicious!

Marie Nguyen

Incredible food. Incredible atmosphere. However, had a waitress reach over me to retrieve my signed check. Was displeased to hear a waitor complaining about the tip amount left by a prior guest.

Margaret Ross

Excellent. The two of us had the two savory crepes. Absolutely exquisite. Huge selection of desserts, but we were conservative and shared only one. Abdolutely will return here again.

Amanda Geary

The food was good and came out fairly quickly for how packed this place was. Definitely dark and hard to read the menu.

Pamela Park

Fantastic coffee and pastries. Maybe the best I've ever had

Michelle Montejano

I love this place! I just had this coffee though so that's why it's just a 4 star. The vibe of this place seems relaxed yet fancy. The waiter was attentive! I would go again for a date perhaps!

La Shaunda Underwood

Thank you Natalie for the great food tour. You helped us decide what to try! It was starting off as a 5 star visit! Then we sat at a table and no one came to take our order. Not a good thing at all

Regina Westray

$42 later and we're headed to find some dinner. Ordered the Salmon pasta and it was so salty we had to send it back. Waffle the size of a pancake. Fresh squeezed lemonade tasted like instant. Not happy at all. No apologies from waiter for anything.

Jonathon R. Willis

This place just flat out rocks. The second place I went to after moving to midtown. Just wanted a coffee on a perfect Sunday morning and I walked into Intermezzo and got so much more than I bargained for. A coffee that was clearly made by pros, that thoroughly blew my mind. The food is outrageously good and authentic along with the vibe of this place. As if you walked off of the side walk in midtown and into a piazza in Venice with little tables out in the front where you can sit amongst the people and drink a coffee, or a cocktail, or even a mixture of both (their adult coffee beverages are outstanding). The inside is dripped in Italian opera style decor with marble statues, chandeliers, and classical music that pulls you further into the illusion that you are sitting at a cafe in Italy. Go, just go. You have already been missing out for to long now. Sense I first went I’ve been back several times, always show it off to out of town friends and family, and I’ve also purchased a French press (after being inspired by watching the barista prepare mine). P.S. A wonderful and completely unexpected touch having Italian language courses playing in the restroom. You can take a refresher in the bathroom and listen to a lady teaching you Italian as you handle your business. I walked out and impressed my friend by saying “go and get legal representation” in perfect Italian. Thanks bathroom lady! (No there wasn’t a real lady in the restroom giving a free Italian course it is a speaker system; sorry to disappoint)

Niatoria Cook

The establishment is really nice but I have never been disrespected so much by a hostess before. It was busy Sunday night and the hostess told us it would be a 30 minute wait, which is completely fine. What frustrated me was that the hostess provided a table to a family that had came in after us. Mistakes happen, so I spoke up and said we were here first and that’s what led to an immediate altercation. The hostess was persistent on only sitting us outside because he had us pencil in for outside seating. If there is availability inside of the restaurant why not allow us to sit inside. When I asked to speak to a manager he pretty much refused. I had to speak up and reach out to the manager myself about the situation. Instead of apologizing and saying sorry for the misunderstanding he continued to be rude and disrespectful. The place is really nice but I would steer clear of the hostess who is a black male and wears his hair in a ponytail.

G McKinley

Nice sheek place to sit out and eat plus people watch. The service is good. The drink selection is manificent. I gave the place 4 of 5 stars because the latte I ordered was too sweet. Generally I love lattes

HP Jacket

Had breakfast with a large group of out of towners. Staff was very accommodating as the number of people grew. Food and beverage were good. Intermez is never fast but nice atmosphere and location.

Kirsten Hill

I love the atmosphere here. The desserts are amazing. The only downside is that is expensive.

Victoria Howard

"Cafe Intermezzo is a very nice cafe right down the street from my resident. Me and my daughter stop in there for a burger, fries, and drinks. Nice place to go and chill out, beautiful community!" If you in the erea, drop by there." Place stays busy!"God bless!" Have a heart day!

Nicole Miller

I love Cafe Intermezzo and try to stop in as much as possible. The beau & I stopped in recently. We had a great server (cannot remember her name). I've noticed that there is a hit or miss w/ the staff here. They're either super great or awful. I ordered tea along with the apple crumb cheesecake. It was quite good, although very sweet. I like sitting outside here to people watch at night & just take in the night air. So.. try it out after date night.. oh & the bathrooms are very cute.

Wilson Harmond

Absolutely lovely staff. I’ve been coming here for years and have never had a slip in quality of food or service. Big shout out to Rhea for providing amazing attentiveness to everyone around me. Really made my night.

Joaquin Byrd

Food isn’t the best but the coffee and hot chocolate are absolutely amazing.

Nicole Finney

I am a foodie so I enjoy good food. I ordered the salmon pasta which taste extremely tart. I asked for it to be remade without whatever was making it tart. It came out again and tasted even stronger like it had a lot of lemon in it

Melissa Artieda

My favorite coffee shop! The atmosphere is great, and I am immediately relaxed when I arrive. It's always busy, but sitting outside with any of their coffees or pastries is definitely a treat!

Jitendra Gokhale

Great ambiance, friendly and smiling staff who allow you ample time to settle down. Great coffee.

Ariadne O!

Perfect place to start your Saturday! I arrived a little before they opened, and there were already people waiting to get in! This lovely cafe is quite popular, and for good reason! This particular cafe is the first European Coffeehouse that opened in America, all the way back in 1979. You get to enjoy your coffee in a historical landmark! I love Turkish Coffee, so naturally I had to order it and I love that it is served the traditional way- cezve and all! The wait staff are all smiles from the moment this establishment opens. If you can, try to get seated by the windows for excellent people watching while you enjoy a lovely start to your day! If you're more of a night owl, they stay open until 1 AM 5 nights, 2 AM on Thursday and Friday!

A Mack

Honestly not a bad spot especially for brunch or drinks. Parking is validated. Outside patio is nice in the warm months.

Tina T

nice atmosphere and the desserts look amazing thus the 3 rating vs. a 1. We went there Wed night for dinner and of 4 people, only the person who ordered breakfast was satisfied. The salmon pasta was only edible. the seared salmon ordered medium rare came out very well done - note that at this point the gnocchi and veggies under it had a good flavor good. It was returned (after debating with the waiter) to correct the overdone salmon and when it finally returned - after everyone else was finished eating - the fish was great but the nothing else was edible. It tasted like a bottle of lemon was poured over it this time. The waiter didn't question why I left all the gnocchi and veggies, and offered no apologizes. My associates were astonished at the poor service.

Shreyas Ramnarayan

Excellent food, service and ambience. The variety on the beverage menu is the best I have seen !

Danielle Johnson

Love this place! Great staff! Great drinks desserts and coffee! I love the strawberry Birthday cake!

Priyanka Pal

Best cheese cake joint. They give cake tour. Good for everyone (date, friends and families)

Josh A.

Coffee cocktails and fresh tiramisu mmmm i love this place

Marieanne Porter

Love love love this place! The food is divine, and the restaurant is gorgeous! Excellent service and amazing array of coffees, hot chocolates, and cakes. This place is a must! One of my top favorite resistants in ATL.

Daniel Wang

Great food, great ambience, and great service! I will definitely come here again! Their Seared Chicken and Tres Leches cake are great!

Brian Jefferies

Great environment and the desserts are some of the best I've ever had! They have a few food cocktails as well (my fav is the B'old Biddy)

Tricia Clements

Yum!! I love this place. After all these years I just realized they serve much more than coffee and dessert. We tried a Sampling of various desserts and the Black Magic was by far my favorite. I had the Mexican Hot Chocolate and am now hooked on it. The Cafe Intermezzo cappuccino is really good too. Great late night desset stop. Wish they had better parking options.

Jacques Hipplewith

Best date night place hands down. Probably best on a Saturday to go between 10pm and 1pm. This will have you miss the after dinner and club crowds. The deserts are delicious and the drink menu is extensive! The service is always good as well. Park in the parking deck connected to the building and you get a complimentary 2 hours of parking, when dining at the Café.

Pelin Demirel

The place is outdated. Don’t order any of the overpriced TV dinners there! This does not represent Europe at all!

Krystal Hardy

I love coming here. The service is great, the atmosphere is intimate, and they stay open late. It's a great location to continue a date.

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