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REVIEWS OF Bohemian Bakery IN Georgia

Max K.

Best ham and cheese croissant in VT, rivaling those in Quebec City, and the chocolate swirl will make you reconsider donuts, or pretty much everything, it's amazing

Abby Blum

I had the lentil soup with some amazing bread and a piece of veggie quiche and being my first time there.... I'll be there every chance I get!

Allison Priede

I cannot compliment Chef Pavla's cakes enough! All my guests said it was the best cake they had ever tasted and I completely agree. We got 3 different flavors so everyone had something they enjoyed a d it was the perfect balance of sweet but not hurt your teeth sweet. All the ingredients were fresh and you could taste the difference. I was heartbroken when I ate the last slice from my freezer; I didn't want it to end! Additionally, Chef Pavla is a treat herself. Super sweet, knowledgeable, talented, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!!!

Elizabeth McLean

Delicious, buttery bakery

douglas bell

Best bakery in Vermont !

David Blosser

Best croissants for miles.

Natalie Pittman

Hey Pavla just wanted to thank you! The cake looked amazing am better than I could have imagined! It got so many compliments and tasted so good!

Dierdre Allen

Zale Young

Emily Goyette

Best pastries in Central Vermont.

Andrew Hankerson

Delicious pastries and coffee

Uncle Nectar

Down to earth with an eye for excellence

Vermont Life 802

Best cakes!!!

Kieny Sarah

So good

Carrie Cleveland

Len Rehard

William Barry

Neil Glassman

I've been to Paris around 50 times. Who would have thought I'd find the best croissants I've ever eaten in Vermont? Everything here is off-the-scale delicious. Small shop with a welcoming staff; wide variety of pastries, quiche and sandwiches; a few places to sit; and a view of the baked awesomeness as it comes out of the oven.

Jacob Finsen

Great pastry and coffee. Beautiful set up

Joshua Auerbach

Classic bakery and don't forget about the coffee!

Lily B


David Wahler

Greatest coffee and sweets in Vermont - plus a great inviting staff.

Charles Fracchia

Not worth it unless you enjoy being treated poorly by the staff. Coffee is good, and the croissant is tasty but too expensive for what it is. Everything was good until the staff asked us to leave the second we had finished our drink. When you see the passive aggressive signs thrown around the place, you realize our experience was not a fluke, just a reflection of the staff. This place doesn't belong in friendly Vermont. It really spoiled the whole experience and we will NOT be coming back.

Nicola Alexander

The cutest little cafe in Montpelier! After driving four hours up to VT from Massachusetts, I stopped into Bohemian for a snack and a drink. Loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious! This would definitely be my usual haunt if I lived closer.

Joel Dennison

Best pastries I've ever had!


I am not a big cake eater and don't really care for alot of sweets, but I must say, the Bohemian Bakery has made a "believer" out of me. I just got married last Saturday (08/18/18) and almost took the fools way out and purchased a grocery store cake. Instead, I decided to look on Instagram and came across the Bohemian Bakery. I immediately became obsessed with the exquisite designs I saw and thought that the cakes would be super expensive and exceed my budget. However, Chef Pavla gives you the highest quality cakes, at a very affordable price. The decorative workmanship of her designs are noteworthy. Not only are her cakes beautiful, but they are divinely delicious! On top of all that, she is extremely personable & her customer service is excellent! My cake was huge and my guests ate the whole thing (which is practically unheard of) husband and I barely got any. Not to mention that, it's been a week and I still have people calling and asking if there is any cake left. Needless to say, I would more than recommend...I would scream, sing, jump & shout from the rooftops, to choose the Bohemian Bakery for all of your special occasion needs!!!!!

Diamond Crown

Please be aware this is ran out of her home. I did not try any cakes, i came to support a friend. We pulled up to the business in a sub division . Saw it was ran from her house and decide not to move forward. They did made us aware that are licensed to sell from home . Her cakes might be good tho, however we prefer a business that has a store front. Nothing bad to say about this business, however i think it is nice to make people aware before u drive 2 1/2 hours like we did. Update: after reading the response. You must have me confused with the actual client. Again i was a friend of the potienal client accompanying her. My review was not to " bash" u . i actually gave 5 stars. Without trying anything... And again we" prefer " to deal with a business that has a store front. That not discrimination, that a preference. I decided to write a review letting future clients know it was ran out of a home because that is important to us, and apparently my friend over looked that in the email. Good luck with your business and future endeavors.

Windy Sallee

Bohemian Bakery Review: Chef Pavla is extraordinary and a true artist! She executed our vision perfectly and delivered on both a beautiful and delicious wedding cake. Her attention to detail is remarkable and what separates Chef Pavla from every other baker is her professionalism, top of the line ingredients and her ability to create an intimate experience. The entire cake was eaten and we didn't even save the the top tier. Although this is embarrassing to admit, I think it's appropriate to share, that some guests stole slices of cake from others lol. Bohemian Bakery is the best place for cake, very affordable and I'll be placing orders for future celebrations.

Heather Alger

So excited! We finally made it to Bohemian. We had wanted to hit up their place in Calais but that never happened. At last a decent croissant this side of the boarder. Thank you!

Ruth Geer

Andre Souligny

Really nice. Leave your devices in the car and talk over coffee and bakery!

Rachael Sherman

Delicious pastries! For sure the best in Montpelier but very expensive. I'm really between a 4 and a 5 on this one.


Toph Cox

Kanishk Singh

Patrick Thomas

Great croissants and coffee

Barre Flynn

This a French style croissant bakery. To say the least it is amazing. Very friendly clean and welcoming. The croissants are so buttery and delicious. There are other items which are equally tastie. If you are in the area you have to stop by. There are places to sit inside and out. So buttery. Note that they close early.

Heidi Hall

Tom A.

Oliver Ames

Sean Rosetta

David J Healy

Way too good! Best cappuccino ever. Scrumptious pastries.

Marian Steininger

Best croissant I've had outside of France

Barry Robinson Ryan

People working there seem stuck-up and less than friendly. Not a welcoming place. What they sell is quality, though

Dillon Deloge

Anne McCaffrey

Great people, coffee and food.

Howard Emerson

D Ortiz

Great pastries, cozy ambiance and hilarious owners Robert and Annie. Oh and the coffee.

Erik Dansereau

Love it here!

José Aguayo

Excellent... NO, no, no... the BEST croissants you are likely to taste in the entire New England region - some would say, better than France. A solid coffee (which is roasted by the owners) to go along with your pastry. If you believe food is capable of transporting you to a different place - like I do - some of the choices will carry you to Lagkagehuset in Christianshavn (Copenhagen, Denmark). Their focaccia sandwiches are superb - if they haven't run out. You are NOT encouraged to hang out in the shop... if you want to make a morning of Bohemian, it is best you plan to bring it back home - they have lovely bags and boxes for such an occurrence. And... while you can't hang out for extended periods, the space was offers some hygge.

Randy Rathburn

Carl Kripplin

Today I went to Bohemian Bakery to get my favorite pastry: two chocolate swirls. I just simply cannot get enough of Bohemian’s fabulous pastries. What more, is how kind and friendly Annie always is to me. I want all of you to know if you want to treat yourself to the very best bakery in Vermont, visit Annie at Bohemian this weekend. Chocolate Swirl Guy

Sharon Allen

Wow, great bakery, strong coffee, check it out!

Linnaea Shear

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! best pastries I've ever had. (not that I've been to France, but they did, to study) great hot chocolate, wide selection of pastries. the fact that you can't use electronics is lovely, because it means that people have nice conversations. also, it's very convenient, because I don't live very far away, so I can have breakfast there a lot.

Shadi Battah

Love stopping by before work

stewart linsmith

Ridiculous croissants!

Nathan Fewell

Excellent flavors with a nice variety. Very friendly staff and great service.

David deVidal

Friendly reception - warm, light atmosphere. Almond croissant was exquisite.

Ross Mohn

Simon Stone

Stephani Kononan

Cornelius Hoss

The almond croissants. Must have. Definitely worth the trip!

Nathan Zwikelmaier

Friendly, quick service. Delicious pastries and sandwiches and drinks. Cozy atmosphere, smells great because of the constant baking. They do large pastry orders and custom cakes too with enough lead time. Great place overall.

Karen Richardson

I visited this place for the first time today after moving to the neighborhood and although the quiche and latte were excellent the young lady with tattoo on her right arm with glasses and shoulder length blond hair was Extremely rude and unfriendly. I will not return.... To the owner; Thank you for replying to my post for the review. As I stated the quiche and latte were excellent and by far the best around.It was the customer service that lacked for me. What I'm looking for is a better experience if I return. Sincerely Karen Richardson

Casey MacMillan

Marc Evans

Heather Gerlack

Katie Roche

Aaa. Zzz.

J. Gregory Gerdel

Always delicious. Excellent coffee.

Katura Huckabay

Best pastry in town!

Chris Racanelli

The coffee and the pastries are excellent, but the atmosphere is thin.

Melissa Laurent

Please be aware of the unprofessional manner of Chef Pavla. It's obvious she can make some beautiful cakes, unfortunately mine was not one of them! I had to get a last minute cake together for my daughter's 1st birthday smash cake pictures because sure didn't make what I asked for. All of this I could have dealt with but the unprofessional way she argued and spoke to me as a customer, both in private messages and on Facebook, was the most disdisappoint part of the whole experience. She is appalling and so was this whole experience. I would never use her for anything I needed! I have luckily found someone that is going to make me a much more beautiful cake for less money.

Marc Grimes

I'm addicted to these pastries and the coffee is fantastic. Great addition to the block.

Alex Geller

These guys are the real deal. What I like about them is that they focus on a handful of baked item and other products and and execute to absolute perfection. Been about 5 times have been very pleased each time!

Rosanne Gray

Hard to find parking! Prices are to high for what you get. Your better off going to Panera on the Barre-Montpelier Road.

Jennifer Payne

Update: Better experience with food. Old Review: It's new, so maybe they will dial it in over time. Please don't make it hard for people who want to avoid dairy and commit a cardinal sin of asking if your products have any.

Austin Hinton

Rude staff. Food was thrown in the microwave to be heated up followed by a cold latte...

Amanda Isaacs

Really snotty staff, cramped space. Poor selection of tea. No laptops or iPads allowed, either. Birchgrove Baking is much better.

Robert T Farrell

Good baked goods. Good coffee!

Isabelle Lafleur

Tellement bon, de loin le meilleur croissant aux amandes et latté glacé que j'ai pu consommer !

Emery Brush

A neat little bakery on Barre St, Bohemian's Pastrys and Coffee are pretty top notch. But while delicious, anything there is a little pricy. In addition the small scale of the bakery means that there is very little space for sitting down and eating your food. I still stop by from time to time, but I don't plan on visiting regularly.

Rafelky Antigua

Best cake! The owner was very professional and arrived on time. My guests really enjoyed it!

Lenka Panakova Mohwish

Amazingly tasting cakes, pastries and any kind of sweets you can imagine. She makes all kinds of cakes for weddings, children's parties, adult parties, birthday parties, showers, business parties, school parties and functions. Her cakes are amazingly realistic and her imagination knows no borders. We love to work with her. She is very professional, friendly and always does exactly what we had in mind. She over-exceeds our expectation each and every time. LOVE her service. A MUST try.

Nicky Auerbach

OMG, Amazing! The coffee was excellent. We also tried the lemon tart, the pavlova, and the beet sandwiches. Everything was fresh and absolutely perfect. Pricey, but you pay for quality! The staff was also more than pleasant. We will definitely be coming back!

Sravan Kanagala

The best bread I ever are. It was so soft that it melted in my mouth.

annabelle mohwish

Best cakes and pastries ever. Chef Pavla is very professional, very friendly and always on time. Her cakes taste amazing and everybody always want more. I have tasted several and loved them all for years.

Vette E

Chev Pavla made my wedding cake a few weeks ago. She was very professional and courteous throughout - from the tasting to the delivery of the finished product. She was very responsive to my many questions. Our guests loved the cakes and she did an excellent job with designing the cake - it was exactly like the picture I provided. I cant thank her enough for making this part of wedding planning very pleasant and tasty!

Matthew Goldensohn

hands down deliciousness!

Bob Keeley

Best ham and cheese croissant I've ever had.

John Scott

Absolutely amazing pastries and coffee. Staff and service are excellent.

Michael Tobias

Awesome pastries, especially croissants.

Lauren Creswell

Best coffee spot in Montpelier hands down! Coffee is soooo great, baristas are surprisingly super friendly & love the vibe.

Mila Pinigin

The food and coffee are a 5 but the staff is a 1. Not sure why the front end of this great place is so rude and cold. The lack of pleasant service really diminishes an otherwise delightful atmosphere.

Melanie Rosser-Parr

Kathleen Moore

Fantastic coffee, pastries, soups, and sandwiches!

Anna B

Best pastry in Vermont hands down.

Kristina Sweet

Best croissants ever.

Laura Greve

Decadent and delicious pastries both sweet and savory and wonderful coffee as well, never disappointed when I visit :)

Gwendolyn Bunnewith

Love going here! Service is quick and friendly, pastries are so fresh and delicious. Best pastry shop in Montpelier. Try the chocolate swirl roll (like a cinnamon roll, but chocolate!) and you will not be disappointed. Hope someday soon they are able to grow into a larger space and include more seating, as the small number of tables can be challenging.

Maggie Twitchell

charming chic patisserie with terrific croissants and great espressos.

Emily Harris

Great little bakery - wide selection of pastries.

Jim Nolte

Best bakery this side of Paris. Great coffee too.

enrico lambertini

Dave McGuriman

Snotty staff?? Everyone is really nice and helpful to me. I have never had a better croissant in my life. Truly. My friend who lived in France, agreed that it was legit good. I wish I could give it 6 stars even though I am going to die of a heart attack eating all these croissants,

Lou Cherry

Delicious products

David Kuna

Christian Newman

Simply amazing bread... fresh warm and consistent. Friendly welcome .


Steven Hubbs

Gretchen Elias

susan ziobron

Best chocolate cookie....ever!!!!!

Diane Rita

Pastries like you find in France!

Tony Snow

Delicious pastries

Matthew Winston

Europe authentically brought to the states!

Laura Van Winkle

Chef Pavla was the best. She made our wedding cake for our wedding April 7th, 2018. I had forgotten to tell her about my allergies up to the day before our tasting and she recreated all of the tasting right away because all of the tastings that she created I was allergic to originally. She also did additional tastings for us to bring home when we thought of flavors later that we wanted to try. Her pricings are away better than a lot of places and her buttercream is made with pure butter versus the overly sugar that is out there which is oh my God delicious. You have got to at least go try a cake Chef table if I even Bakery trust me once you tried cake from here you will not ever taste anything like it.

kiwi smalls

A cute place to sit and chat, price is a little high. But the bakery puts out great desserts.

Bronislava Sixel

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