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REVIEWS OF Ben & Jerry's IN Georgia

Ginny Floeter

We were there Oct 10th around 7pm. They were not busy and the young lady that waited on us was so very unfriendly. We were the only customers and both ...the lady and man definitely made us feel like we were an inconvenience. Never thanked us for our purchase and were totally unprofessional. :(

Ramon Castillo

Água Clara

Typical Portland: Nice, fun and down to earth! It’s Ben & Jerry’s after all...

Kurt Eng

Glad they now have non-dairy alternatives!

Walker Owens

Came here last night and was served by Matthew. The staff are very nice and enthusiastic no matter what time it is. Always a great place to grab some great quality ice cream!

Kimberly-lawson Lawson

Good icecream. Very very expensive and the place was super dirty.

Frances Cardone

The perfect place for a hot summer day. I visited in July and the staff was kind to their customers and pets. Even though they have a strict no pet policy this didn’t stop them from providing a dog and a puppy with fresh water while they waiting for their caretakers to finish their ice cream. Definitely rate the staff five stars for their excellent customer service

Steven .

I really had a hankering for the original Ben & Jerry's experience. Unfortunately, I chose the Delmar loop shop. when I walked in the employee that I first saw was serving a customer ice cream and licking the excess off his fingers and still serving. Lastly, before I left, an employee took a gallon of milk dropped it started leaking out of the bottom and they were going to take the excess milk and pour it in a lemonade bottle that still had lemonade in it. They were simply going to empty the lemonade rinse out the receptacle and pour the excess milk in. I didn't want my chocolate shake to taste like a bad combination of water, lemonade, and chocolate so we decided to leave. Judging from the reviews i probably should have read them before I went. Caveat emptor.

Wendy Guzman

Worst experience ever! Cancelled order through food delivery service TWICE! They never called at all, and when delivery service tried to call they did not even pickup. Worst customer service ever! Never again, if I could give negative stars I would.


Uh, yeah. Ben and Jerry's. What's more to add? Delicious ice cream. Great service! Awesome joint!

Ronda Fisk

The employees are fabulous super easy to work with they let you try any type of ice cream you like!

Ryan Andrews

The wait was a little long and they seemed understaffed but thats not unusual everyone has help wanted signs up in this city. Ice cream was great but the restaurant needed cleaning. Again they seemed understaffed. Service was polite and respectful not to mention helpful they just need more employees. I recommend stopping in after some shopping if you have the time.

Shan G

Vincent Valentine

I really loved it they were amazing! Isabel was lovely

Lily Tuft

I love this Ben and Jerry's. I also love Ben and Jerry's in general for multitude of reason. To all the people complaining about the price, ya'll obviously haven't done ANY research on the brand. I wish people on here would stop making baseless reviews. Ben and Jerry's is ETHICAL. They don't use slave labor and terrible work conditions unlike most brands out there. ALL their ingredients are ETHICALLY sourced. This is why the price is a little high. The reason why price is up there is because the company cares about people and the environment. But go ahead and support unethical brands. I choose not to. THANK YOU Ben and Jerry's for actively being social justice advocates. Adding on to this, buy a pint if you dont want buy a 4-6 dollar icecream. You get more icecream that way. Also, if you are unsure of how much icecream you are getting, its called asking the workers. Don't whine about later if you chose to not ask. Lastly, back to the specific location, the workers are absolutely amazing. Even when it is busy. Polite and helpful 100% of time.

Megan Hall

Service was quick. My only complaint is the flavors listed online as available at this location wasn't accurate and they didn't have what I specifically came in for.

Rita Paje

Cozy ice cream place at the District. Good customer service.

David Ellingson

Awesome little shop. Tucked into the buildings with a great plaza just in front. The staff are helpful and friendly. PSU students and staff get 10% discount if they show PSU ID.

Melissa A.

One of my favorite ice cream joints.... Funky Monkey always a must have!!! It was pretty clean & they have an outdoor eating area!

Jeff Devlin

Tasty but a "child" size is $5. Crazy

Amber Green

Friendly staff. All the flavors and more and you can try before you buy. A bit pricey but it’s a perfect stop before heading over to the Beltline for a stroll.

Nate Offerman

Great service. Wonderful attitudes

Lina Noland

Great place and excellent service

Crystal Foss

David Wyman

Stacy Welle

Ethan Buley


Benjamin Ragsdale

Stephanie Roosa

Friendly employees and great ice cream - no problems here!

jess Richardson

Margaret Baker

Nothing exciting, overpriced

Daniel Ware

Adorable staff member served me my ice cream and was very helpful

Dani Pasquale

Consistently delicious food!

Sarah Strandmark

Overpriced, but decent ice cream. They did give my dog mint chocolate chip ice cream (chocolate is toxic to dogs), which I believe was an honest mistake as I had ordered vanilla. By the time I realized the mix-up, my dog had already consumed 75% of the ice cream. It was $4.64 for the dog scoop, which was only $0.14 less than my small cup that was considerably larger.

Mike kryiger

Get ice cream

Tim Hodapp

What's not to love? Some of the best ice cream in town, any time of year

Matthew Primeau

Best ice cream place in town.

Travis Volmering

Mike Mena

The staff was prompt and really friendly! Excellent customer service! Unfortunately the product did not meet my expectations. They did not have brownies or hot fudge. I did not finish the product and ended up throwing it away halfway through.

Connor Joyce

I love the Ben & Jerry's chain of ice cream shops although the service at this one was a little underwhelming.

Sarah Bolton

Sally Lee

Typical ben n jerrys. Nothing out of ordinary

dublin narvaez

ian hampton

Ava A

Best staff i know!!!! Incredible flavors only place that i can get lactose free ice cream! Fast service with a smile i love coming in here!

Don Griner

Great place if you like Ben and Jerry's. But I think it's still cheaper in the grocery store...

Amarendra Balla

Best ice cream place

Brandon Hughes

Always a great stop for dessert!

Zack Horvath

Had a giant birthday cake made here. It was delicious. Diabetes ensued. No regrets.

Jan Peterson

The new owners of the downtown Ben and Jerry's are just awesome and we couldn't have had a better experience than we did here! The staff is fun and helpful and we plan to spend a lot of time there this summer!

Stacey Chadwell

Good, quick service. Friendly, polite staff!

andy king

Great flavors but wearing a long sleeve due to the cold lol

Rachael Humphries

Great service and great selection of flavors.


I was there at 11:04 am with my 5-year-old kid. The guy in the store told me they were not open. We waited for 5 minutes or so and they were still closed. They supposed to be open on 11am.

Stu Brodie

Gameli Bosu

Martchela Popova

Very good

alyssa duff

NEVER AGAIN. Service and ice cream is fine but price and portion?! Good lord it's expensive!!! You pay $6.50 for a "large" cup that's filled with 2 average scoops. Go to Cold Stone Creamery or go buy a tub at the store for less $$ and 4x as much ice cream.

mine M

Fast friendly and a very clean establishment

Emerald Wade

Love Joyce! She's so sweet and the ice cream shop is amazing

Saskia Houghton

The ice cream is as always excellent. The service, however, notsomuch (hence the star). We went on a Wednesday evening. Displayed store hours until 12am. We arrived around 9:10pm. Two girls working at the store. Two customers in front of us, our group was five, and at least six more customers behind us -- THIRTEEN people in line. The lovely girl helping all of us was working her butt off trying to get orders done quickly. The other girl? PERFORMING HER CLOSING DUTIES. THREE HOURS before closing. I understand wanting to get your stuff done early so you can close up shop on time, but that is *ridiculous*. I suggest management have a chat with the staff about the importance of customer service vs closing duties. And if you want some B&J ice cream late evening, you might as well go ahead and pick up a pint at your local grocery store.

Kristina Mitchell

Jimmy Myers

Good cold treats on a warm day

Jagrut Cholera

Michelle Ogaard

Joe Kurtz

Mehdi Zarhloul

Cornel Rasor

Nice little shop, good service and good ice cream

Aaron Farnsworth

william walte

Delicious. All the time long line. The new ice cream taco is the best with a waffle/caramel tortilla They have bathrooms

Misty Willis

Cornbread Young

Bonny Islam

I paid a visit to the Times Square location today. The flavors were good, but the overall experience wasn't great. It was overpriced and the person behind the counter wasn't very happy when I asked for a receipt.

Ankana Das

Grab icecream parlor

Realm Beauty

Kate McClintock

Very generous portions and it's great tasting the options before buying. YUM

Jerry Luther

Christina Colon

After my 5 year old daughter dropped her ice cream in the store, on the counter while one of the workers was making our 3rd cone, my daughter began to cry. After consoling her and making her aware it's ok accidents happen, we just have to be more careful next time. One of your workers made her a cup of the same ice after telling me sorbet shouldn't have been as the 1st scoop because it melts faster. I thought it my head ok that's nice but you might want to make your staff aware of this. As she checked me out she said " just to make you aware, I'm going to have to charge you for that and point to the fallen ice cream. In response, I stated "no you will not". The audacity of you to even think of charging me for fallen ice cream from which was an accident from my child, after seeing me console her and then make a cup to replace it. And also admitting the person who made it, made it wrong with putting sorbet on the bottom! Shame on you! A simple happy trip to grab ice cream turned into a lesson in which I had to explain to my daughter which got upset once again after leaving Ben & Jerry's.

Jordan Snell

Paul Wade

ice cream and for a good cause

Jacqueline Bauer

Freshest wafflecone I have ever had!

Frenette Roberts

Love, LOVE the chocolate ice cream! Nice and rich!

Zack Kennedy

Love their schweddy balls! lol tell them to bring them back.

Mark Brian

Great selection. Cool ambiance with friendly staff that were jamming to music. Delicious smell of fresh baked waffle cones. It's great that there is still real ice cream with lots of texture and butterfat compared to bland yogurt or ice milk type concepts. Phish Food rules!!

Lindsey Young

Robert Whitney

It doesn't get much better than Ben and Jerry's.


My family tummy's smile with joy from their dairy free ice cream!

Yvonne Hernandez

Ordered the pecan ice. Horrible! Was very soft like almost melting with ice particles in it. Disappointed


maria fundas

Delicious ice cream

Edward Heitzman

Wanted to buy 2 of their coffee mugs. Items were marked $12.99 in plain site and the counter person tried to charge us $16.99 per mug. Totally dishonest and refused to honor prices marked on the items. Watch out for dishonest counter person and refusal to take care of their customers.

Brendan Battenfelder


Юлия Андреева

Marena Solorzano Bravo

John Wright

Very good ice cream. Expensive but worth it to the very last drop.

Brianna Eickhoff

Really disappointed. I ordered a cake online yesterday for my friend's birthday to be ready in 48hours. I get a call today from an employee (with a very large attitude and snotty tone) saying that they are not open because they are seasonal and since it's winter and they're an ice cream shop they can't do my custom cake. She said I can come on January 6th and get a pre-made cake but they still won't be able to do my custom cake. Then she says and I have been trying to call you to let you know (in an even snottier tone). None of this would have been that big of a problem had this employee not had such an attitude. It also is a problem because I did not see one message on their website about them being closed to January 6th, in fact I even checked their stores hours and according to their hours, they are open. Now I am worried that I will not be able to get a cake ordered anywhere else in time because none of this was stated online. I have not ever had wonderful experiences here but at least the ice cream was good. Today was the last straw and I will not be returning.

Pierre B

What can I say, it's the best ice cream, yes the lines are long but worth it.

James Schopen-Davis

Julia Hustler

I love B&J's ice cream, the convenience of this store, and the friendly staff. However, days later, I still kick myself for spending on one scoop what I could otherwise spend for a pint at the store. Their prices are comparable to other ice cream shops, no doubt.

Karen Plotke

Incredibly expensive. 5.25 plus the cost for the cone for smallest size portion. Ice cream was good but not that good. We wanted child size portion for our 7 year old. Ben & Jerry's said child size is under 4 years old, no exceptions. We paid for a small and asked for the smaller portion. So 3 small cones was over $20.00.

Howard Fan

We ordered a truck visit with 120 cones. We consumed less than 120 cones since kids were absent. However, the invoice we received and we were charged $150 more than the original invoice. Afterwards, Ben & Jerry did not reply our email and calls.

Silvo Sulej

Expensive but they give you more than expected, tastes great

Ginger Fox

Unhappy apathetic staff, broken down equipment, and generally messy. Better to save your money and buy it in the grocery store.

Dakota Keyser

Expensive, but delicious!

sora horvack

Chris Child

Good ice cream, nice staff, good place to go and cool off.

Anushya Iyer


Did not go in.

Opal Mattila

Eric Glaubke

The variety of flavors was great. However, I was looking for a more memorable experience but I was disappointed that the price of a pint was the same as a two scoop cup. You can just go to the store and get more ice cream. That being said, the service was great

Pat Addy

Best Ever!!

Othella Wren

Kaila See

Everyone knows Ben & Jerry's... you can't go wrong with their ice cream. They have such unique and delicious flavors.

Keegan Greer

Jonathan Roberson

clean and fast

Alexander Proschek

High quality establishment with good ice cream. A little expensive though, but still worth the money

Giuliana Sanchez

Atticus Carter

Behzad Ahmadi

Good service and you can not go wrong with B& J

Jahn Andersen

My favorite ice cream bar. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a must.

Aaran Linhart

Staff was friendly, store was clean, and the ice cream was frozen!

Jessica P. Hernandez

Went on free cone day, the line moved quick and the employees were very friendly! Love Ben & Jerry's!

Jason Kindorf

Abe Hunter

Great service, with a smile.

Cynde Krause

Not surprised by the bad reviews as I have experienced the same rude and bitter behavior while ordering a cake. I will not be ordering from this store again, which we have over 30 cake orders a year for employee birthdays. A tip from someone who has been in a customer-facing role for over five years (in retail, hospitality, and real estate); maybe if you were nicer, people would be a little more pleasant to you. Attitude is not appreciated, and if you cannot be pleasant, find a job where you are not in a customer-facing role. Bad days happen, but if someone is being nice while speaking to you, then maybe try to show some positiveness back.

Ian Sommerfeld

David Martel

Gayle Astleford

Who doesn't like Ben and Jerry's

Sarah Sarratt

Yum! Delish and very accommodating staff who refunded and replaced my boyfriends icecream when they realized their hot fudge machine was down.

Kea Lien

good ice cream.

Vinay Damodaran

Franky Kung

The variety is phenomenal but customer service still has room to improve. That being said the palce is awsome.

Elizabeth Helman

They had vegan options and paper dishes! They also had wood spoons and forks. Great job Ben and Jerry’s! Hopefully others will follow your lead...

Javier Bonilla

Rodrigo Hoover


Peter Behnk

_ Antibios

Ice cream was good and employees were nice but it was well over 95F in there and the girls working said they don't get AC from the owners.

Gregory Goad

So bringing two of my daughters to New York for meetings for modeling. Coming to try your shop out finally. From your family of Goads Durham area. Lol

dianne arman

Jeremy Greene

Will Hayward

matt sheeran

Awesome ice cream!

Sergio Perez

ammar saleem

Stacie B

I love Ben and Jerrys and the storefront is a great experience. The ice cream is delicious and the hot fudge on sundaes is to die for. Definitely stop in if you're in Hoboken and feeling like an ice cream.

sarah littlewood

No bathrooms, no water, few places to sit, not clean, poorly run.


Nice staff

Boomer Hawks

Luís Felipe Gonçalves

Ciara Mason

I really love this place but they open when they want the hours online differ from the hours on a piece of paper that is written so after traveling 20 mins to this place discovering that their opening at a different time is very frustrating .

John Becker

Ed Ditlefsen

Great ice cream, as long as you don't mind paying an arm and a leg for it. Almost no seating at this location, so be prepared to stand outside or eat while you walk.

Valerie Donahoe

Jack Welch

Terrible place.

Michael Miller

Michael Evans

Love the Milk and Cookies Ice cream

Jud Cirignano

The young employees are rude and condescending. The little boy was not helping customers, he was just flirting with a group of girls and giving them free ice cream. The 2 girls working made us all want to walk out.

Michael Leahy

Good ice-cream

Corey Plunkett

Loved my ice cream!

Michelle K

Worst Ben & Jerry I have been to, or rather the employee there trick you to buy more stuff with a lesser price, then charge you the full price.

E. Nicol

Courtney Hutton


Our go to spot for a Vermont favorite, amazing selection including vegan options for the dairy/animal sensitive. Jump on the train after for a scenic ride through the white mountains. If a train ride doesn't work just mosey across the street and relax in the field, trust me.

Socorro Delgado


River Water

Tamerage Sanchez

Hen Pastry Chef

I really like this ban and Jerry's ice cream place. There is a lot of verity and the ice cream is always fresh. There making their own ice cream cone. There is also a frozen yogurt options. The place is small, but it's ok if you only eating your ice cream and go. And also cheap compared to other Ice cream places. We always take one for 2 because it's really big. The big bucket cost 45$ !

Sarah Kagan

Fatma Kazanci

Raul Perez Ramirez

Kimberly Luly

heather leech

Good selection but kind if pricey

Lou Mattuchio

Ana Ml

Kevin Maldonado

Quick service good ice cream.

Brian McQuilkin

Good selection of ice cream, good sized portions.

Mirko Lamantea

Ben & Jerry's has more or less the same look-and-feel in all its shops and this one makes no exception. The choice of non-dairy products is very limited and prices very expensive (but aligned to those of the surrounding area - almost 7 $ for a single flavor ice-cream).

Wilbur Jones

U know I was content but I think they should have a policy with no kids after hrs

Annitrya Davis

Great Great Great

Matt Kandl

Samantha Ploetz

Ice cream is delicious and I like having a different variety than what's in grocery stores.

Yousuf J

Loved chocolate fudge ice cream!!

Crystal Roberts

A little unkempt but who loves Ice cream I DO! I DO!

Briel Larson

Love that Ben and Jerry's has non-dairy options! Perfect stop during these hot summer days.

Kendra Karwacki

John Ozed

Always a good experience!

Jasmin C

Very clean small and quiet place. There's no where to sit but there's a ledge to lean on. The ice cream was delicious and they had this amazing brownie/ cookie combination it was amazing.

Fay Pierce

Fun and friendly experience every single time! Perfect for both family and date night

Mehnaz Tabassum

Jessica Cobleigh

Britt P

My favorite place to take my family!

oK Ham

Donald Stoddert

Adrian Perryman

Best ice cream in town

Biplab Bandyopadhyay

Had a free ice cream today

leah •

Went in at around 4pm on a Friday, the place had a few customers in it and there were 2 workers. They were fast and efficient. There were no problems at all, I guess it all just depends on if you visit during a crowded time. Plus the strawberry ice cream was yummy so hooray!

Jacob Gonzalez

Staff is great and the ice cream delicious. Plus, they advertise fair trade sourcing

Jacqueline Reed

hazim kudaih

Great taste with lot of varieties and different cones and cups sizes Must try it when u visit new york

May Wong

Free ice cream. Had the tonight show. Very good!! Definitely a place to go.

Debiroopa Banerjee

Jaime English

Its been ok

Michael Gunsallus

Everyone is super friendly and it's super clean and smells great!!!

Balaji Mankompu Subramanian

Quietly tucked away from the main road. It's a very cozy location. It has a very local nostalgic feeling inside and very personalized service

Boris Maillard

I have been surprised to find an excellent gluten-free and dairy free “ice-cream” here. And many (dairy) flavors for the rest of the family!

Miranda Antonelli

B&J is a bit pricy, but always yummy. Store was as clean as you can reasonably expect from an ice cream parlor.

Behnoosh Golchinfar

I love different ice cream flavours!

Leonid Pishchulin

المعلومات غذاء العقل

Most delicious ice cream and shacks.

Jack Al Ferzly

Brody Dowling

Excellent service and great ice creams!

Ashlee Hedricks

Visiting town, my son and I were very disappointed that almond milk wasn't an option for a shake (like at other stores) and the lady wasn't willing to let us by a pint of a dairy free flavor and then use that as a shake (of almond milk was an option)

Samuel McMullen


Great ice cream

Rachel Bailey

Tara McKenzie

excellent and friendly service. yummy product.

Ovigwe Ivwurie

brianna Garcia

Came here saturday and they let me in even when they were closed!! Awesome staff thanks!

Craig Mack

Free ice cream sweet

Lawrence Fosnick Davis

Yummy with nice service.

Xauen Zirpolo

Fantastic flavors and sundae options, decently priced. Service can be so-so, depending on time of day

Dave Wright

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Dick Hodgetts

Best Vermont has to offer - including Bernie

Lou Schlessinger

Sybid Jones

It is not my favorite ice cream nut it is delicious and have a pretty good variety

Shanta Hayes

Great friendly service.

Octavia-Mercedez Campbell

Awesome Ice Cream. Thee Best. 5 Stars.

Regan sky

Favorite ice cream out there and even better it's just a quick walk if you are already down town.

Nelson Turner


Meredith Harkema

Costa P

Kelly Leprohon

Ben & Jerry's has always had a reputation to serve amazing ice cream, which is why my boss and I decided to order our office a cake from here to celebrate her birthday. We went through the process of building the custom cake online, which informed us we needed to call the location to order the cake. When I called, the woman on the phone was incredibly rude and wondering why I was calling a week in advance to order my cake as they generally take orders a day in advance. She then disrespectfully told me she needed to take care of other customers first, and audibly complained to her coworker that I was calling to order a cake a week in advance. The process then became unnecessarily complicated when she told me their franchise operates differently than the website I used to create my cake, and she got extremely impatient when I had to consult my boss on the new cake order choices I was given. I haven't picked up the cake yet, and I'm definitely not looking forward to future customer service interactions with the store.

John Calomeni

Excellent ice cream.

STUDENT Zakiya Holman

Thad B

This is a short review but hey it was great ice cream!

Matt Szelog

$39 for a 12" ice cream cake for my son....enough said.

Richard London

One of the best. Lots of samples which helps narrow down the decision.

Josh Pollitt

I mean how can you go wrong with Ben and Jerry's? Delicious ice cream.

Nicholas Tomaselli

Great smoothies

Shawn Fisher

Our son has a egg and peanut allergy, unfortunately we could only get one flavor of ice cream for him, fortunately, however, the servers knew exactly which flavor we could give him. A big 'thank you' to both the servers for helping us get him a treat!

William Humphries

Love it

T Humphrey

Nice friendly place.

Jeremiah Long

Was expecting service like you get at the factory but fell short. Service was sub par along with the ice cream.

Nawaf M

Best icecream

Heather Chander

Ben & Jerry's is sooo good. If you like Ice cream Ben & Jerry's has so much flavor.

Matthew Wellings

Staff are really fun, friendly and passionate about great ice cream

K. E.

Ilan Adler

The best ice cream at the loop! You can't beat Ben and jerry's for the flavored and selections! Highly recommended

Adriana Taylor

Excellent!!...the ice cream is the best and the service is great!

Steve Halprin

BEST ICE CREAM SHOP EVER!!! The store is very clean and the staff is super friendly. I visit this shop probably once a month and I have always had amazing consistent service. The vibe in the shop is great and you feel welcome and appreciated… There are many options for ice cream, but nothing will compare! If you find yourself in Times Square do yourself a favor and visit this shop.

Hogan V

As expected, they have fantastic ice cream. They also had virtually no wait for a weekend.

Jennifer Bell

Fun store with interesting layout. Both kids and adults would like it. It has a wide variety to choose from that you may not typically see.

Nathan Lewis-Lusso

590 TW

James Yoon

Austin Ryan

Karen Griffin

James Anderson

brion gamboa

Over priced ice cream. I got 1 scoop for me and my daughter it was 13$. And I waited for ever for bad service. The person was clueless. Please go to the cafe on the right side of that road. It's just as good.

Venus Patel

Kyaw Thu Minn

Gicell Reyes

Namarata Maheshwari

Good taste

Kendell Mccline

Miriah Caitlyn

O'marii 0cean

Gwendolyn Scott


Staff was friendly, shop was dark, had to wait a long time, but the serving sizes are huge. And it is B&J's. Yum.

Joanne Jakobsze

Seriously disappointed with the service here. Undertrained employee who doesn't know what to do and is not even that busy. Plus she was very rude. To the point where others around me paused to stop and stare. Not going back.

Bradford Folta

It's Ben and Jerry's. What else is there to say!

‘ qween brieee !

Delicious ice cream

G t

Al Lefant

Excellent ice cream. Guy behind the counter was unfriendly though.

Abe Rojas

I don't really this ice cream. I prefer Dairy Queen. Or even Baskin Robbins.

Pamela Wilson

Over priced

Tana Adams

This is the only icecream shop I know of that really understands how to keep my son safe from his allergens. Thank you for giving him the gift of a "normal" childhood experience!!!

Alicia Bibydoll

Love B&J! Employees were friendly.

Bee W

Can't get enough of the chocolate chip cookie dough!

Jessica Fortson

Eliza Davenport

Though they don't serve many dairy free options, which is a bummer, they do sell quite a few which is nice though it is more expensive to buy from Ben and Jerry's vs Safeway

Lil Lex

It was very good. Me and my family wanted some ice cream and it turned out excellent! The service was amazing the employee kept asking us how the ice cream was and willing to start conversation. This deserves a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star rating. I will definitely be coming back in the future.

Mark Nadow

Average Ben & Jerry's, staff was pleasant

Nathanael Moyer


Cassie Vargas

Just about the same as any Ben and Jerry's in the area

Nevada COOL

Ice cream hundred seven degrees outside good combination

Patricia Zier

Very disappointed with their lack of care and customer service. I bought 3 ice-creams there 1 minute after walking out the scoop of ice-cream fell off one cone, went back in with it and told them and asked for a replacement and they said no, we needed to pay for another one. Very petty of them and we won’t be returning.


I love grabbing delicious Ben & Jerry's from the lovely staff and people viewing grom the patio or skipping down to Greenlake.

Dan ODonnell

Can you ever go wrong with Ben & Jerry's? It is a summer staple. Great service and, as always, killer ice cream.

Genevieve Castellano

It was pretty fantastic. Service was amazing

Devan DeVoe

GREAT ICE CREAM .......portions too small


Rachel Hughes

Rahul Basu

They gave me the wrong order and acted annoyed when I pointed that out. I accepted the wrong order out of courtesy but the waffle cone was stale. Never visiting Ben and Jerry's again

Austin Cawley-Edwards

It's better than Haagen-Dazs. It just is.

Dexter Roy

Great place for an ice cream after dining at one of the loop restaurants. Good choice of ice creams and cones . Absolutely loved the seven layered coconut ice cream in a waffle cone coated with chocolate and peanuts . The size of the cone seemed to be a bit bigger than my choice unless you want to fill up your stomach just eating the cone . The staff is friendly and helpful. Good music too.

John DeWitt

Good ice cream... But pricey at the shop.

Rodrigo Louzada

Melissa Conaway

Dan DeLuca

Very tasty.

Micky Siharath

Alyssa Beattie

Sycr C

Tasty icecream. Server did not give us much for a waffle cone. Barely any ice cream in there. He just looked like he didnt want to be there.

Maximillian Castoreno

Noah King

Great service, coming from vermont it felt like a little bit of home.

Christian Brown

I have only been here twice, but both times the employees have been very helpful and nice. To help you make your choice, you can sample any of their flavors that they have behind the counter. You can get your ice cream in a waffle cone, bowl or cup as a shake. They also sell prepackaged pints some that are non-dairy and they also sell ice cream cakes. For any Ben & Jerry's fans this is a must stop location.

tommy curran

Ok its ice cream always perfect

Stephan Saxton

Very expensive but worth it. Alcohol flavored ice cream (non alcoholic) is perfectly flavored. Give good servings. Very welcoming and cute staff. Waffle cones are nice but sometimes have holes, very little parking and small interior.

C Anne

Dona Robles

Terrific Ice Cream! Wish to come back for more tries.

Katherine Russell

Austin H

Annette Lee

Bookandboards tv entertainment

Best ice cream

Patrick McNeil

Karen Bobier

Ben and Jerry's has the best ice cream in the most creative flavors! I recommend trying many flavors before you decide because they are all great!

Mario Blakely

Standard ice cream parlor! Yum tho


Good selection of ice cream

Honey Gouri

Not as expected

Swk K

Best ice cream in town!

Anita Klein

Marya V

Free cone day was amazing, always have good flavors and happy employees to serve you

Christa Smith

Dana Deek

Lovely staff, lovely place and for sure the best ice cream ever

supal patel

The shakes are pretty awesome.


Very good

Insu Park

Best ice cream I have ever had

laura lee

Love your ice cream!

El Fo

Bella Wilson

Local Seattle

The best place for an ice cream junki to visit!

Kate Arsenault

It's one thing to be out of waffle cones. It was an extra busy sunny day. I would have accepted a "Sorry we don't have any at the moment" But to have the girl at the counter make a waffle cone then immediately plop my ice cream into it was just weird. I ended up with ice cream melting onto me as I tried to pay and melting on me as I tried to eat it.


Sophia Hinson

Wonderful first experience! I loooooove the ice cream so you know it was exciting to go in the store!!!


Super messy and they were out of nearly half the flavors.

Vonda Wright

Sanjay Nayak

Noah Plato

Amazing availability of flavors and cones. Small store interior.

Joshua Humphrey

Francis Gregorin

Great ice cream

Brice Hartvigsen

Who doesn't enjoy Ben and Jerry's?! We brought the kids and they had a hay day! The ice cream was delicious! We can't wait to go back!

Nate Meier

Visited on a Wednesday evening (about 6pm) and found the flavor selection was down to less than half available with the remaining flavors being the less than desired types. Walked in and out after seeing this... maybe next time they will keep the flavors stocked. Hard to give more than 2 stars under those circumstances. If I hadn't been here before with it stocked I would give 1 star.

Anthony Hall

Very expensive for ice cream in Athens.

Nance B.

Renee Roman

Great location and they have vegan options available. You can sample the ice creams, once you decide, can enjoy outdoor seating.

dee spdr

Rebecca Spirer

Bratati Karmakar

I love there exquisite flavors. Best ice cream place in town.

julius Levine

Nick Anania

Mark Waltham


The staff here overwhelmingly friendly, almost to a fault. They offer tons of free samples, so you can be sure that you'll enjoy what you're getting. The ice cream is very tasty and they have a decent selection of flavors. The staff are whT really sell this place though, as they went above and beyond to make sure our party was well satisfied in our choices, and chatted with us while our orders were being prepared. Definetly one of the best places to get ice cream in the area for a reasonable price.

Francine Young

Happy Ice Cream Day!

Narhomy Claude

It was good experience

Rocco Giusto

Good shakes.

Mikki Moscara

Great ice cream, and the fastest service I've ever experienced. I really enjoyed taking my daughter here today.


If you're in Ann Arbor, you need to stop downtown at Ben and Jerry's. I've known the owner for 30 years and he runs a good, honest business. The ice cream is high-quality and my favorite by far is Phish Food! I highly recommend this place!

Jeff Giddens

I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream. To be able to have it served with courtesy and care makes this delicious indulgence taste even better. The team behind the counter in this store was welcoming to all of the customers and adroitly handled everyone's orders with eagerness, effort, and efficiency that makes this chain the star it is. Such dedication to creating a pleasant experience is so refreshing! Even more impressive is how seriously they took care in making accommodations for customers with food allergies. They clearly understand and take the safety of their customers to heart. Great principles, great people, and great ice cream make this my choice for a cool treat on a summer day.

Sechan Tak

My identical twin told me to try ice cream on one hot summer day, and I did. Met a fellow yellow and ate some good ice cream

Crystal Walke


Steven Rogers

I came here on Christmas Eve I told them that I am deathly allergic to nuts. Amber helped me out by washing the scoop spoon, putting on gloves, and taking the time to help me choose a flavor that is safe for me. Thank you so much Amber!

Bre Jordan

Still one of my favorite ice cream shops!

Davis Harrison

Ice cream is good of course but the actual place leaves a lot to be desired. Server was rather rude - I asked for a sample and he then yelled to the crowd "anyone actually ready to order"? He proceeded to let a whole family order before me simply because I wanted a sample. On top of that pretty tiny scoops, about half the size I was expecting.

Jason Merritt

Always good ice cream! #cherrygarcia #newyorksuperfudgechunk #hipsdontlie

Patrick Barry

Fantastic service and great quality ice cream


My dog legit loves this place and so do I because ice cream is proof Satan really does want us to have joy here on this planet. The 7 layer bar ice cream is honestly the best thing ever.

Vicky Carreno

I needed a pick me up. And a good old fashion Butter Pecan (can or con) was delicious in its fresh waffle cone. Made my day.

Ananda Morgan

Way over priced. The scoops were child size for $5-$7 of ice cream. We ordered a large which he put in a small cup and gave us 2 small scoops. Doesn’t make sense to charge that much when they sell pints for $6. Save your self money and time and go to QFC and buy a pint for $4.99.

Sylvia Drill

No opinion. I arrived after it closed

leedor boblil

Clean Nice service But the please don't have all the flever and the price not ceap on this store

Erie Skoczylas

I loved the ice cream! It's Ben & Jerry's need I say more?


Always wonderful, but that line is rough, especially with only 2 people working.

shee shee

Aalia Rahman

Such intense flavors that taste so good and the best part, they're open until 23:00.

Erin Dierksen

Ice cream was fine, as expected. Not a great experience though. An hour before close all of the chairs were put up, the worker was not friendly and seemed annoyed that we were there.

Andres Villalobos-Mendoza

the best ice cream and the employees are great!

Jil Pavagadhi

Meg Bakewell

So peaceful and quiet in the winter. Work/study and smell the waffle cones.

Nick Van Klompenberg

Great Ice Cream

bryan belmore

Walidah Njeri

Favorite place in the entire world!

Jesse Leigh

Tanya Boettcher

I was a little surprised by the drive from where I live, and didn’t even know there was one around here, but I used a Groupon and ‘built’ a cake. Very impressed with cake & quick service-paid the tax and gave a good tip after I showed Groupon. Will definitely go back again and next time I will try some of the ice cream-yum!

Derek Hayton

Ice cream is good, but a little expensive...

John Cerbone

Consistently good ice cream

Patty Teel Russo

Nice staff

jina jeon

I want to choose No star option. :( The flavors were good but it was over charged. (more than $2.5!) The guys didn't give me the receipt. I would recommend you another store, if you want icecream.

Braxton Young

Little pricy...

Life in tha Fast Laine

Okay here's the get down my niece can't have dairy so her ice cream selection is very very slim to none. But since we were at "The District" spying on some people we decided to give Ben & Jerry's a try. We walked in and my niece screams "they have ice cream for me and it's not sherbet." They had three flavors for her to try and she loved every last lick. She made her selection and as you can see I was the best auntie ever. Thank you Ben & Jerry for having a selection of almond milk & soy milk base ice cream.

Susanna Lincoln


Wesley Donaldson

How can you not like Ben and Jerry's?

Varun Modi

It's all right

Ramzi Zogan

Benson Gardner

Josette Miller

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on a sugar cone.

David Laub

Wanda K Robinson

The young lady Kate is super, very friendly and goes the extra mile.

Kris Lodhi

Rebbeca Clark

Great ice cream!

TJ Grunfelder

Sonja Guardino

Mary Grace Gusso

Love them, and they are always showing their love to the PSU community :)

Benjamin Norton

Mckenzie Lucy

kyle samuels

geena lamb

Pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is the greatest thing ever!! Love it❤️ and the staff is wonderful. Very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this shop!!!

Glenn Stump

Great ice cream and always a fun stop.

Celeste Bryand

Aye Gee

Good ice cream here

Lincoln D

Cherie Jordan

If you can buy the same thing for less at a grocery store then when I go to your shop it needs to be an EXPERIENCE. It smelled like bathroom in the shop and when I used the restroom it was disgusting! Clearly hasn’t been cleaned in months! The tables outside were dirty and it smelled too bad to eat inside. We left and walked around and ate. Also the girls were nice but did nothing to justify a price increase. The line outside the STIL wrapped around the block and this store had no one in it. Now I know why....clean the store, hire staff that understands how to create an experience that differentiates your product from the grocery store. Oh and put product on the shelves and freezers, get flavors I can’t buy.

John Ferrughelli

They give free samples here so that's great.

jennifer killen

paul jun

MJ Vasquez

Get the sundae! It's a $1 more then just one scoop of ice cream and the brownie one is so freakin' good!

Sara Stamey

Jonathan Rivera

The best ice cream

Shaun Goulet

Carlos Mero

Great establishment, finding parking could be an issue.

Alex Laughnan

Delicious ice cream - duh! They had a really great event going on regarding all sorts of different activities and had a ton of departments and groups on campus competing!

Bill Baran

Although the location is tight the employees are cheery. About 24 flavours available and sampling is welcome. There's a good variety of cones and bowls to be had. Reminders of B&J's social consciousness is on display helping you feel better about treating yourself.

Jared Hunsaker

Great customer service!

Brittany Stevenson

Sandra McCrea

Michael Phillips

Consistently good!

Christene Klos

Had a mini Vermonster with my family. Love that we don't have to drive all the way to Vermont to try it. You can also order the Vermonster.

Brooke Kaseff

Tommi Crow

Henrico Gouvêa

Typical american style for icecreams. I found a bit artificial.

Stephanie Martinez

Patricia Enright

Carlos S

Princess K

Its Ben and Jerry's, its AWESOME

The Kawaii Slartibartfast

Melissa Galbraith

Great selection of dipped cones and a good variety of ice cream flavors.

Ryan Flynn

Patrick Lytle

Dan Fronk

Uygar Yilmaz

Drew Hacker

Great location right off belt line. Friendly team.

Will Juntunen

Liberal ice cream works!

John Koval

Michael Moore

I mean attacking 76% of the country population seems to be the right move. All lives matter.

Vie Nadeau-Carney

Shaylee Brown

Abbie Holmes

Shaharyar Awan

Lakeisha Crutchfield

Scott Anderson

Go Blue!

U of M alum here. Just came from these guys and it was one of the worst customer service ever. The guy was extremely grumpy and the portion was very small. I won't go again.

Stephen Anderson

Fantastic ice cream!

Baja Krajišnik

Owen Jones

After spending $10 on 2 small ice creams, they made us buy a $2 bottle of water. The manager's new policy... no free water even when spending too much for ice cream. I am sure Ben & Jerry would be disgusted.

Kelsey Griffin

My favorite place to get ice cream in town! The staff is wonderful, and the space is always fun! Perfect place to bring kids, and conveniently located right near the belt line in the heart of Inman park.

Eduardo Vergara Villegas

Muy buenos helados y increible variedad excelente atencion

Ana Maria Ardid Galarraga

(Translated by Google) Wonderful ice cream (Original) Sorvete maravilhoso


Nicolle Bradbury


Norm Heger

They have custom made ice cream cakes at this location.

Noreen Rodriguez

Yum!!! Small little shop that packs a punch. Love hard ice cream this is the spot to go

jess simpson

Came in got a brownie sunday and it was DELICIOUS

Rory Baker

Not bad but I like the guys next door better

Jeffrey Matos

Fast and Excellent service, with an outdoor seating area as well

Brittney B

S Yarbrough

Always good ice cream and service!

Robert Apalategui

Kelly Luttrell

Joshua Randolph

R. Brush

nice thank u

S. Stanton

The staff has got it together, this place was booming both times we went, and we got through the line with ease and expediency. And of course, it was delicious and perfect, because, Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Becky Sullivan

Nice staff and awesome I've cream

William Q Caraway

Good Ice Cream choices.

Travis Navarro

Staff is very patient and helpful. Ice cream is so tasty

Alan-Mykel Bond

Quick and easy place to get ice cream. Moderate pricing on ice cream scoops and proper service even thou with the lack of certain common sells of ice cream cakes and cake cones. The store makes awesome fresh cinnamon waffle cones with a fresh cooked aroma.

Leo Gauthier

Always Great Service !

Emily Hasenjaeger

Caroline Brunner

Nice service!

Kent Hulett

Fast and friendly service. Good selection of unique ice cream.

Vinay Kumar

Best ice cream

Ray El-Mousa

They don't know how to count changes

Elizabeth Tam

Love Ben and Jerry's ice cream! They have a lot of great flavors, my favorite flavor is Cherry Garcia!

Joseph Chelhot

Alyssa Carter

12/10 a little pricey wish there was a student discount.

Thomas Kirkham

Great icecream right downtown and they are open late.

Zach Shulkin

Ben And Jerry's always has good ice cream. It doesn't matter which store.

Brandie Kay

Fast & Friendly. Yummy ice cream.


Great ice cream. They have ice cream here. Sometimes they make milkshakes. With the ice cream. If you would like, they can make a cake, with ice cream in it.

Abby Tauer

Great service & even greater ice cream! Yum!

Jina Levell

Good service & friendly staff, but portions are so small & waffle cones weren't the freshest.

Dustin Glass

Flavors and combinations thereof are endless and delicious. Tad pricey. Try the Limited edition Tubby Hubby!

Michael Surrett

Milkshakes are super good and the ice cream is the biz as well

demetrius brown

Half baked and chocolate therapy pretty damn good

Diana Joan Nazziwa

Amazing amazing free ice cream day baby!!! So much fun with the community and the kids. Had no idea Ben and Jerry's is associated with sailing programs for youth! The kids have something to look forward to in the future! Thanks for the fun!!!

Mike Chaplin

Great ice cream, but very expensive and no peanut topping.

Evan Gebhardt

Ashley LeFever

Overall it was a fun place with a lot of options. Tables are usually very dirty so we don’t stay to eat.

Leon Herbert

Good to get some B&J again. Very tasty.

Gwyneth Perry

Lorenzia McCroskey

I love love love Ben & Jerry's so much I'm going back as often as possible.

Orman Anderson

Great ice cream but this location was lacking in flavor selections.

Marcellus Pearson

Nathan Jelinek

All your favorite classic Ben & Jerry's flavors as well as quite a few traditional ice cream flavors. Have a good array of options for all tastes and a good few non-dairy options for those in need of them. Don't love the way they're presented, as I personally like to also see the ice cream through the glass to make better judgements on what looks tasty, but make it work well for the space given. The staff were also quite nice and made the experience a good one.

AJ Muusse

The guy who owns this place is a stellar human being. I'm always happy to get my ice cream fix here.


Fast service, prices are on par for the area

Brian Marks

Mmm ice cream


Wish they had a little bit more space inside but it's still cute and ice cream is of course Heavenly!!

Katie Carlsson

Love their service! Used to go to the shop in Coconut Grove, Fl when I was my son's age. So happy to find you here in Athens!


DO NOT ORDER IN POSTMATES! For 7.50 you get a scoop of ice creme verses going to the store for a pint or better paying $5 at the grocery store. WHAT A RIP OFF THIS PPL ARE! CHUCKS of ice in the scoops. Gross. Wasn’t fresh at all.

Marilyn Bartow

Clean, friendly service, good choices

Stephanie Rios

Michelle Brown

Javier Larrondo

The best ice cream in Manhattan

Zach H

Marty marenstein

dequan blincoe

trevor good

Very nice staff and great flavors.

Amelia Bateman

They have dairy free icecream! Yay. Not only that but it's delicious!

Matt Rutkowski

Pretty standard place, good selection of flavors, nice staff, tables are usually dirty

W Reid

Great place.

Darla Broadie

I placed an order online for a birthday cake. Went to pick it up & their doors were locked. Called their store & reached a recording. Left a message but never received a return call. No cake for my daughter's birthday.

Lisa Kristjanson

sunil kumar

Janay Truitt

yash patel

andrew calabrisotto

Gianni Campello

Dominica Mitchell

Ice was delicious! I got some for me and my daughter while on a grubhub run. I ditn know that this location existed until I was doing my shift. This is great.

Denise Roberts

Wish they had Creme Brulee still good ice cream

Benjamin Bostedor

Olivia Reyes

The staff were really nice and I really had a fun time.


Great ice cream delicacy.

avery holcombe

Christina Powell

Went in at around 4pm on a Friday, the place had a few customers in it and there were 2 workers. They were fast and efficient. There were no problems at all, I guess it all just depends on if you visit during a crowded time. Plus the strawberry ice cream was yummy so hooray!

Carolyn G

Nicolás Moresi

Not a really good ice cream...

Leandra Chapman

Zeyaam Shahid

Tiny place with tourist prices and fast servce.

Becky Rojas


Overpriced icecream

anand pratik

Very ordinary and tastes dull, unlike their usual phenomenal flavors

Mark Weaver

Roberto Colon

wow. what a JOKE! that was literally the worst milkshake I've ever had - a disaster!

Matan Harsat

Great Chocolate Therapy milkshake

DanT 123

Curtis Goodell

Ice cream is good. Wooden spoons suck.

Matt McConnell

Nice Ben and Jerry's location. Lots of flavors.

Athena Hassiotis

Holly Sinclair

Always yummy!

melissa politte

Lori VanBallegooyen

Chun-Ju Lai

Jeffrey B Hall

Delicious flavors of ice-cream and froyo in an amazing downtown location.

LeRoy Dunbar

Love the new flavor

Marcia Patiño

The staff was horrible the two young men doing the ice cream were busy chattimg and making jokes and the cashier was even worse. I felt I was being discriminated as they seem to dislike white looking customers. AVOID at all costs

Ariel VonBargen

Carl Holt

No bicycle parking available when this location is 1 block away from Atlanta BeltLine.

Ricky Mok

Nice ice cream

Patrick Breen

The in-store only flavors are a great addition to the standards

chuck kleinheksel

Matthew Blair

Grab yourself some of the cereal ice cream, very unique and not too sweet - just right.

Nyran Rahaman

The milk shake was watery and saggy the server continue to scrape the bucket for ice cream didn’t expect this service from Ben & Jerry’s.

David Chan

Waited 15 min for free ice cream, worth it

Barbara Gordon

Meghna Roy Chowdhury

The chocolate ice cream was awesome

Nancy Nishihira

Ben and Jerry's has the best ice cream. I go here because it is one of the only ice cream places in the Ann Arbor area that serves almond milk based ice cream. It tastes amazing and they usually have at least 2 different non-dairy flavors to pick from. Service is usually pretty fast and they have chocolate dipped ice cream cones. What's not to love?

Snuzzle D

Mark DiJohn

To many flavors...

Brie Graynor

Rude staff, delicious ice cream.

Paige Marquie

Walked in and it was empty, yet not even a hello from the employees. Even asked how they were and still no response. Walked right out and bought a pint at Duane reade instead.

Olka Olka

We've had a non dairy smoothie and it was delicious!

Sarah Tuttle

Gabe Farnsworth

Come on, it's Ben & Jerry's. Not sure what else there is to say? It's about the same as every other one of them, but within walking distance of my house, and took my birthday coupon, which was sweet.

Jessica Kelliher

amber fleck

Best ice cream ever!

Sarah Tamli


Deshanae Benjamin

Keith Carroll

Great staff

Allison Ezell

Fabulous ice cream, terrific service, great location. A must do treat when you are on the Beltline.

Sunmi Hirata

mugisa dana

Becca Marie

Sarika M

I'm allergic to dairy but there are days when I need a hit. Really good ice cream and quick service. Don't go there on free scoop day. The wait is too long.

Darren Rolfe

Good stuff

Rebecca Lawson

Manank Valand

Leanne Lemire

Good place to meet friends on a hot day

Nate Hadro

Great place to stop by after walking around lake Calhoun. Reasonable priced and very friendly!

Andy Gullion

I mean. It's Ben and Jerry's.

Dixon Barnes

Great stuff

Martin Burrow

Ice cream was good but they were out of waffle cones and a few other things. Staff was not friendly.

Jayant Bedwal

Gary Moore

Paul Burnstein

Ratna Pakpahan

Joseph Michael

The ice cream is good as can be expected but it's pricey.

Justin Haley

anupama venu

Quiet icecream flavours. Affordable. And great staff!


The best on Earth.

Lemon King Bam

Good ice cream and service

אבוטבול דרור

חובה לביקור עם כל המשפחה

Sam Finnell

Donald Heaton

A bit pricey, but ice creame was good.

Corey Randle

Dumb pipe smoking idiot sold me melted ice cream congrats retard of the month

aishat lawal

Mia Maria

I went there on a Saturday night and found myself in a long queue. Thankfully the staff worked very quickly and organized and I got served quite fast. My portion was HUGE although I ordered 'small'. It's a bit pricey but still my favorite ice cream so I pay. The place is nicely decorated as well and you can buy ben&jerrys merchandise.


Short wait, but small scoop servings.

Douglas Mitchell

Anthony Rahayel

I love the branding, the flavors, the different choices and how the brand makes ice cream fun. Grab a cone or a cup and enjoy one of Ben & Jerry’s creative choices. My latest addiction is the dairy-free ice cream. A rich creamy ice cream that feels like milk without containing any. Almond milk tastes like heaven; you will feel light after finishing your ice cream. Sugar content is balanced and adequate.

Arun Rohila

Limited selection in the little store, and a bit expensive. But the staff was very nice and pleasant with all the samples. Hard to find a place to park there though, but still have good in and out traffic.

Miranda Belsher

The ice cream here is good especially for chocolate lovers but the price for the quantity is a little steep.

Maureen Marotto

Melanie Odette

We had a coupon for a free cone for my younger daughter's 13th birthday. She had a great time going and sampling flavors until she found the right one. What a fun birthday "date" with my new teenager, and we'll definitely be back!

Garth Weihl

Three words: phish food yummy.

Scott Underwood

Moonlight Wolf

Diamond Earvin


Jake Eff

VERY helpful

Corinne Bradley


Eric Judkins-van buren

Excellent!! The young man that waited on me was very nice.

Paresh Patel

Jeanne LaPalm

Mo Seginy

A hidden gem in the heart of Time Square

Rich Romero

Tommy C

Always amazing

Tal D

I was happy to find a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop. We buy the ice cream in the grocery store, but have never been inside any of the shops. The ice cream was delicious, the staff was very friendly, and the store was very clean. I only give it a 4 star because the cones tasted kind of weird, like they were in a freezer too long and were frostbitten. :(

Patti Amundson

Shane Helton

Small location with nice air conditioning on a hot day. Ice cream was delightful.

Gurren Lagann

Absolutely yum.

Yanet Cabrera

(Translated by Google) Good and fast attention (Original) Buena y rapida atencion

Elliot Bradley

Good ice cream but expensive. Also scooper woman was rude and short with us. Does not have Apple Pay AND we found a long black hair in our ice cream

Martin Gammon

If you like Ben and Jerry's ice cream you will like this. Friendly and helpful staff.

Shaun Moran

This is actually Rocket Fizz not B&J.

Fernando Alfonso, III

Consistently great and tasty ice cream. This location in particular is very clean and the service is very friendly.

Joleen Gebhardt

I Love there Ice Cream but they need to make it in the gallons @ the store.

tom worsham

Love the ice cream

jason perez

Randy Bower

Great ice cream. will go back.

Kyle Henderson

Wide selection of ice cream flavors with a friendly and helpful staff.

Rhyannon Hayes

Ben and Jerry's is the BEST ice cream I've ever had. I work at an ice cream shop at home so I'm an ice cream expert and This is the best. I had chocolate therapy in a waffle bowl and just sat outside on a nice sunny day eating my ice cream and watching the dogs walk by at green lake park across the street. It was definitely a great experience.

Charles Bird


Robert Karlen

their sorbets are definitely my favorite

Carolyne Begin

5.75 for 1 scoop of ice cream! No cone! That's criminal. It's delicious but that is nowhere near fairly priced.

Dr. Mayhem

I'm fat but it's chill (pun intended)

Leo Hu

Steve Hawkes

And we had the banana splits and they were excellent!

Seth Skelly

Trieva TheDiva

I can't find fault with this place lol it's in trendy area of town it's decorated cute and it smells sooo amazing!! If I had not been so greedy then I would have been able to take a photo of my ice cream and posting here to shareLOL..

laurel c

"Ben & Jerry's" is pretty self-explanatory. Fabulous ice cream! This is a great scoop shop. It's always clean and comfortable, and the servers are friendly. My only wish is that it would be open all year :)

Moonasia Turnbow

The worst experience ever. I have ordered from here at least 5times and everything has been horrible . You have to ask for spoons and napkins ice cream too is never on cones crushed up . Never again

Michael Reisman

Somsakul Sakulsurarat

Shane Davis

Who doesnt love ice cream?!

raju parikh

Marla Winfrey

Pilar Montejo

Great ice cream. I don't mind the calories when it's a very good ice cream. If you haven't tried, you should.

Aimee Goodwin

Friendly staff. This location can get crowded quickly!

Savannah Peck

Downtown hours show 1030pm on a Saturday on google we showed up at 955pm and was told they are closed! Hours need to be accurate

Christopher Parks

Loved it great ice cream

Gee Parker

Small inside, but not too crowded

Enzo Boone

Nicholas Harper

Great but pricy!

Melissa Johnson

Always great ice cream

Felipe Carvalho

Jeanette Gordove

Sarah Perryman

Rajeev Raina

Best ice cream in town. Kids love it and so do adults. With classics and new flavors you can't go wrong

Sidney Huguet

Great icecream

Aaron Brothers

Great place, eat fast though!

Kevin Chung

Always a nice treat! Great ice cream!

katie daniels

Great non dairy options

zahra pournorouz

Ice cream expert and here was one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had.

Nauj Solrac

Good taste

Emile Estassi

Just don't like the ice cream

Amanda Couch

Always a fun stop for ice cream and family time.

Bethany Crawford

Kevin Gates

All the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors you need.

Ashley L.

Nicholas Heid

Delicious ice cream and an ever changing array of options! Pricing is as expected, but worth every penny. This is bustling in summer evenings.

Robert Graham

Al Mohammed

Been there couple of times. Ben & Jerry’s is always famous for their amazing ice cream, no exception here as well! Customer Service can be improved little better! Major drawback is there is no specific parking lot,Since it’s right on Washington st,It’s always hard to find the parking nearby

g Tim Dale

Fred Alluso

This hidden Ben & Jerry's is quite busy even though it is off the main Times Square strip. The staff is well trained and even during the busiest of days strive to provide excellent service and products.

Lisa Graetz

Lindsey Brokes

my first walk-in ben and jerrys! good staff and clean place

Jenifer Gibson

Just watch out for the crouchy old crowd; they will get ya!

Jesse Fleming

Saul Landino


Très bonnes glaces. Great ice cream

Jim Hibbitts

Kylen Gartland

If you're looking for just a little cup of ice cream, go to Schnucks and buy a pint. You'll spend less money. If you want an ice cream CONE don't even bother. I've gone twice now, three weeks apart. Both times they've been completely out of cones, despite having big handwritten signs advertising the CONE of the day. I had been looking forward to an ice cream cone for weeks so I actually brought my own cake cone. They gave me half the serving but still charged me a full price for a cone. Even though I brought my own. Also they were out of a majority of their flavors on an early Saturdag afternoon. So tldr: overpriced and doesn't actually serve ice cream cones.

Romeo Rosado

Carol Rooney

Overpriced. Poor flavor selection.

Amber Jones

Dr. Kirti Mehta

Great ice cream. Specially the fudge one


Good place for an ice cream in the summer

Aaron McCollum

Online they sell a banana split but not at this location, purchased a regular Sundae and it was thrown together in a bad fashion and the employees couldn't even tell I was ready to order. I'd recommend anyone purchase ice cream from the store.

Joel Rice

Ok service.. Nothing special

Laura Avram

Perla L Red

Matan Kadosh

An exceptional Ben and Jerry’s that had a host of delicious flavors and friendly staff. I partook in the triple caramel and the fudge brownie, both of which were excellent. One thing that took my eye, at the time of this writing, was that all of the spoons were wooden. Definitely eat here. Hope this helps!

Keirra Swallows

Love their dairy free options!

Damien Bolton

Marcy M

Cookie dough icecream is amazing! It was $4.25 for a small cone that has 2 big scoops.

Derrick Taylor

Abdul Kadar Bookwala

This was my first visit to NYC and I am a real foodie. Visited Ben & Jerry’s and found it real amazing. The staff is nice. We had a Chocolate Fudge and caramelized almonds ice cream. I would rate the staff as 8/10. The icecream for the price would be 9/10. It’s a must have.

Christopher Smith

Delicious. Kind of slow for the place to be empty.

Rosie D

Greg Wipf

Ashlee Weyandt

Laura Ventura

The staff is very friendly and patient with kids. Of course, the ice cream choices are different and better than other places. Very delicious

Atulya Shivam Shree

Noah Abrahams

It's Ben and Jerry's! It's always tasty!

Andris Riedelsheimer

Eric Langlois

Tim Watson

Tal Si

Even though the store was empty, the service was horrible. I didn't end up buying anything because the people behind the counter were rude.

Toni Miles

Best ice cream within walking distance of my office.

Ray Goolsby

Elly Jeurissen

Excellent ice cream, good service

Matt McCarty

Great vegan flavors!

Anwar Darsot

Great ice cream all the time

Tammy Bacon

The employees were friendly but neither I nor the people in my group were impressed with the ice cream. I could have saved a bunch by buying ice cream at the store then serving it at home.

Edward Maddalena

I scream, you scream, we all scream at the never ending delays of the subway. After getting stuck in a sweltering hot subway car for a half hour, I needed to get me a sweet treat and only a heaping scoop of Cherry Garcia would do it. While tucked away in the Rockefeller center dining concourse, this Ben and Jerry's packs as much ice cream into their limited square footage as they pack sweet tastes into their inventive flavors.

Celestino Rocha


I really need y’all to get the cereal milk ice cream flavors please

Nelli Lucus

Staff is always ready to get your order going, great flavors, amazing quality of the ice cream! Best place in Athens to get ice cream!! Also, it is super clean and well lit.

Marina Pitre

Matthew Halper

Way over priced, otherwise good.

Kay Blair

It was pretty busy, so I understand the lack of attention to a degree, but there were some rude wait staff here... However the ice cream, of course, was delicious!!!

Mark Vickrey

Order the coffee coffee buzz buzz

Forever Regalia

Great ice cream selection great atmosphere

Emrah Erhan

Ice cream is delicious. I recommend this place

Ken Magno

Irene McDavid

Very good!

Daniel Burchardt

Lots of flavors!


Let's face it, the only reason you come to a Ben & Jerry's is to eat ice cream. That's all you can really do here. Its a small space, but there is some seating and a small bathroom of you need it. But the ice cream is delicious. A few of us got waffle bowls for our ice cream and they were made fresh. Slightly warm, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Lots of flavors to choose from and the price is reasonable.

Libby Clarke

Great ice cream, but expensive. Also difficult parking

Aliyah Johnson

Ashley Hamilton

Came on august 1st for a Yelp event in the pouring rain. The staff greeting patrons upon entry were so rude my husband and I didn’t even bother entering the store. I was surprised given that the location is trying to promote itself and doesn’t even open for a few days. We’ve had the ice cream during previous promotion events at this location and it’s no different than what you can buy at the Grocery store. Compared to other competitors in the area such as Voga, Queen of Cream, etc with much better quality, I would not bother with another trip here.

Marie Brie

Strawberry cheesecake, frozen yogurt, low calorie ice creams... its all in here!!! My lil one loves this place!

Emmielou Mooney

Great ice cream! Pretty decent staff. The yummiest!

Abhai Pande

Enjoyed Ben n Jerry's ice cream .

Eric Harper

The ice cream was good and the staff was friendly. I only didn't give it 5 stars because they got rid of my favorite flavor.

Robert Colbert

Slowest service ever. There were two people behind the counter but one of them wouldn’t even help anyone. Don’t even bother coming here

Pierre Mosbey

Isabelle is amazing! Always with the great customer service and this location is always quick and friendly. My favorite in town.

Liam Fay

I went for free ice cream and was not disappointed. It was a wonderful cone of ice cream.

Jarin Amick

$4.20 for a scoop small enough to fit on one of their tiny plastic spoons. The employee told me "yeah, I wouldn't eat here if I didn't work here." Worst Ben and Jerry's in the area. Small portions and horrible customer service.

Robert Au-Yang

Reasonable price. We have a very nice server. Overall experience is great.

Gweneth Abernathy

I made a 50+ mile round trip to get here by the stated opening time of 12 noon, to discover the door locked, and the hours on the door said open at 1:00 pm! So, I'm a bit perturbed.

Gregory Dyer

I just ate a lot of the new Ben and Jerry's vegan ice cream. And it was delicious. I'm not even vegan. I love regular ice cream. But wow. I mean, I could barely tell the difference. Maybe the mountain of gummy bears on top contributed to my confusion and contentment. But who knows. Anyway. Thanks to Noelle and Cooey. You both made my day.

Case Merrick

Ben and Jerry's is and always will be a staple of the great New England. This shop is no exception. Best ice cream out there and you know they really care about both your health, and the environment because of how much organic and issue free ingredients they put into their ice cream. It feels homemade but so much better. If you've never been you are missing out!

Jens Nielsen

Hannah served me the best ice cream with a big smile, lovely place. Go Michigan!

Kellie Williams

Ice cream is always good but the service and atmosphere was lacking. The girl sat cross legged on the freezer waiting for is to choose a flavor. Though not an issue it didn't look good. Then a few of her friends came in and were loud. If you get someone attentive you will have a great time. Always love their ice cream!!

kelly ware

Sam and Isabel was fast and great

Elizabeth Rusanchin

Delicious icecream, fantastic staff, slightly overpriced, absolutely delighted none the less

Michael Demitro

Isabel and Saul were very helpful awesome service

Emma Lerch

The staff is incredibly nice and went above and beyond to make my day better.

Heather De Mian

Contrary to the "wheelchair accessible" rating in Google Maps, there is an illegal step on the University City, MO franchise. Ben & Jerry's has been repeatedly informed over the past 4 years of their franchisee's violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act & has done nothing about it.

Denny Knepper

Love this place


This place cheers me up :)

Joe Putignano

I hardly ever write negative reviews because I realize people can have bad days (especially at work), but I can't believe how rude this store was. If you are trying to order a birthday cake from this location, I suggest finding a different store in NYC.

Eric Swartz

Ian Beaton

Great service and great icecream selection. Staff on the night did not have much warmth but working in times square would suck the soul right out of me as well. Don't miss it.

Liz Martin

Some of the best ice cream! The only down side is that the shop is a little run down and not overly clean.

Chris Mangrum

I liked the flavor but the ice cream was pretty soft. The tables looked like they hadn't been wiped down in a while, but the staff was friendly.

Eric Sieferman

Anthony Bongiovano

Apparently 9:40 PM is the same as 10:00 PM. We showed up and were told they were already closed.

Suhayb I.

Zain Khalifa


Yuly C.Rey

I love their shakes! Im not a fan of ice cream, but today i decided to go in. I learnt they offer shakes and smoothies too. I got a chocolate/vanilla shake and i loved it. The service was great!!

Michael Ploof


Warm place to get an ice cream on a freezing day.

Shaylin Curry

Greatest ice cream stand in Athens!

Vincent Untalasco

Pooja Desai Patel

Great place for a treat! There are lots of flavors to choose from. But, I do wish they had more fro-yo/low-fat flavors. Also, the line gets pretty long when the weather is nice and seating can be hard to find (and even if you do find a table, be prepared to clean it yourself). Wish they had more seasonal staff to accommodate.

joC J

Vegan options and the ice cream is always good. Thanks!

elastic lizard

Michael Bermejo

Great place for ice cream. A little bit crammed inside but the do offer outdoor seating

Vince Sanchez

Very clean area and friendly staff. Parking can get rough at times but it is Hoboken so all is forgiven


pretty average for an ice cream place. great location, though, and it often really hits the spot.

peter leone

Chris Haft

It's good but very expensive

Maria Arango

Good ice cream.

Courtney Baggech

I mean....Ben and Jerry's ice cream....enough said

Emil Aceto

Best ice cream in town, must try

Jesse Landers

Rebecca Sharrow

Ben Zimmerman

Hermann Guerra

Santhosh Janardhanan

Super variety icecreams


B&D Cleaning

We got the sundae bar for my daughter's birthday party. Everyone loved it! Matt was friendly and awesome. The only con was that it was so hard to choose only four flavors because they are all amazing!

Julio Vizcaino

I love the colorful and vibrant decor when you enter looks like young students helped paint the place especially with the Ben and Jerry's cow as their signature mascot all over the place

Tiffany B

The cashier was very patient and kind with my picky eating toddlers! We were able to play uno and color!

Jeff Finnell

David L. Gill

Ryan French

Rediculously overpriced for what you get. $6.50 for a large, which ended up being even smaller than the other photos here complaining about the size. My ice cream was about level with the top of the little cup. You could get a whole pint for less and get at least three to four times the ice cream! Last time I was here, a couple years ago, the portions were nowhere near this small.

Mike Reid

Great mint cookie milkshakes and excellent customer service.

Travis Smith

Great ice cream.

Salma Mohammed

Alana Morrison

Ben and Jerry’s has always been my favorite icecream and now there’s one in my area! Thoroughly enjoyed my cherry Garcia after walk on the beltline, I’ll see y’all again soon!

Chris Thornton

Always great. See new summer hours.

Michael Franklin

Among the best.

Brad Kingsley

B&J's is well worth the calories! :)

Lisa Nguyen

Deegan Pearce

Andrew Zabel

Ben & Jerry's is always great ice cream. This store is usually a great spot to go in the summer when it's hot out.

Mikaela Maglich

Cam B

Ice cream is almost worth the price; however, a bit too pricey. Other than that, delicious ice cream. Maybe someday I will build up the courage to get the Vermonster...

Ilan Eframian

Always a winner

Fabiola Jean-Louis

Soooooo good!!

Big Red

Great ice cream.

Srinija Penumarthi

Diamonez Godsc

This is the best ice cream out right now. I buy at least 1 a day. (You welcome) lol. This is one, i had to share because usually when I buy one and it doesn't have that many cookies or cheesecake in it so I had to personally take a picture because this one has so many cookies it's unbelievable thank you Ben & Jerry's lol. My fav cheesecake with cookie and cream

Amish Zaver

Classic goodness.

Grace Hogan

Adil Hussain

Ice cream was good but probably not worth the price. Haagen Dazs is better IMO

Maggie Brashers


Heidi Lambert

Always great, lots of options!

The Gentleman Farmer

Dogs in an ice ceam store? Really! Also the filthiest chain I've ever been in. When asked if they were busy, the employee stated no, just one or two people every 10 minutes. Please wipe the tables down and straighten the chairs. And how about cleaning off the counter? There must have been 5 girls behind the counter just chatting and drinking redbull.

Charles Bethin

Bill Lettieri

Terry Ladd

You know, ice cream. Good place if you are already at Greenlake, but as a destination, parking can be difficult.

Moamen Saad

Jackie Baltas

Adrianne Gore

yvonne ervin

Bob Wise

Andrew Dapkins

It's Ben and Jerry's...of course this place is great!

Jackson Welch

Nice ice cream just expensive

Justin Almeida

What more do you want? Delicious icecream: check! Decent prices: check! A great spot along Greenlake: check! Plus, you can always find some kind of Ben & Jerry's coupon to make your ice cream addiction go ever further. The service is good, fast and friendly. They even filled up a container of water for my dog who was waiting outside on a warm, sunny day. A visit makes a summer Seattle day even better!

Rico Basha

Not the greatest quality of ice cream.

Elliott Russell

Ben and Jerry's is so great! They have a couple vagen options now too (sorbets and almond milk ice cream).

Carmel Martin-Fairey

(Translated by Google) Name (Original) Nom

Annalisa Conserti-Jones

Daniel Kassell

Yeah, dipped ice ceam.

Erica Mack

Sven Eric Bioren

Courtney Alvarez

Probably, if not definitely, the best ice cream in WA. We got ice cream, and came back 30 minutes later for the soft serve, which may have actually been better. I have no words, simply the best.

Dennis Chivers

Check out the Vermonster ... I think that's what it was called. We saw 6 teenage boys buy one!

Mateo Echeverria

Saber S

Jeffrey Andacht

What can I say one of the best Food service workers ever I went in today an destroyed the Vermonster 22 minutes 15 seconds. She was sweet kind amazing an all around friendly. all coworkers should be that attenvive all around a wonderful experience

Tesca Fitzgerald

Tuan Hong

Marty Delaney

Tammy Rigg

Geraldine GJ

Loved it. Great staff!

Ty White

It's Ben and Jerry's what else can I say

Kym Anderson

Shay Oliver

There is nothing like ice cream to make you happy

Mario Russo

The place is overall pretty small. I wouldn't expect to eat and stay with a group of people. Also, it took a very long time to get our ice cream orders.

Patrick Dave

People are buying past ten at night and this one lady says she can’t let me in because they want to clean.3 college and a Hispanic women walks in but this Indian guy can’t. Racist idiots, the worst of the worst. I should have taken photos.

DeNae Leverentz

Taylor Ford

sad baby

Saul is the best worker omg

Kevin Nelson

To expensive

Brandi Jones

You scream, I scream, We all scream for icecream! Such a blast!

Heeral Patel

Dr _Phill

Ben Willey

KingCade TV

The service is great!

Kyle Shaw

Good quality and atmosphere

Michael Gilmore

Delicious and reasonable.

Invisible Sherpa

Joshua Coats

Selection varies, but always something to tickle your sweet tooth.

nicole charles

Very good ice cream!

Monster Mage

Best ice cream out there. I want to order it in quarts.

Karina Eframian

Eric Stein

MJ Linane

Rohan Sirupa


They make one of the best ice creams in the world. Bob Marley's One Love is the best among the lot.

Jack McKinney

Too expensive.

Little will Barnes



Love their ice cream. It’s still the best!!! Service was great

Erin Carrather

Phish food always.

Addison Vandal

A Google User

Its ok

Isadora Dotson

Robert Relyea

Devansh Thapar


Spike M.

Eis ist sehr gut. Aber der Preis für eine Kugel steht in keiner Relation. Zudem ist die Auswahl an Sorten sehr beschränkt.

Vanashree Hegde

Amazing!!!but difficult to get parking:(

Helena Zeng

Free cone day. Thanks

Thomas Brannon

this does not exist...

Sonja N

Duffy Hauk

Douglas Leandro Figueiredo

The best ice cream ever!

Ashley Edwards

Abdul Bari

Marie Knox


Robert Williams

Bianca Casillas Zavala

It's inside the sunset station casino in the back.

Kunal Chitnis

M Bell

ice cream was great on my birthday!

Alycia Feely

Good service and ice cream.

Sabrina Benge

Guys... guys .... listen here. I LOVE this shop. So here is the story. I am sick and have an extremely sore throat. So, I ordered a quart of ice cream, because if I am going to pay the price I might as well get the big one right? So anyway the ice cream is to sooth my sore throat and a way to let me wallow in my misery over chocolate. Like one does. So when ordering this from DoorDash. I put in the comment. "Kill me with brownies. I will pay extra i don't care. I just love brownies." So i wait for my food to deliver and the Dasher comes up laughing saying I conveyed your message and grinned. Now, I got really excited. I get inside and settle in with Netflix and my ice cream. Pop it open and oh boy did they deliver. Guys.... Guys... they put a WHOLE FREAKING BROWNIE on top. I have never been so excited. <3 <3 <3 <3 From the testaments of a hungry, sick, stressed, sleepy girl

bulls eye

Soo bomb!

Damon Betts

Ice cream is good, prices are not.

Steven Birkinbine

Delicious ice cream. Make sure to go at the beginning of the month for a super cheap deal. Take it with you and walk the town.

Elizabeth Kupser

Kent De Bejar

Ben & Jerry's what an overpriced joke of course the ice cream is good I got one scoop and they charged me five bucks I have never gone back I will never go back I will not even by the ice cream in the store Ben & Jerry's what a waste of commercial property.

Michelle Ampong

So nice to size company who is so open about being for social justice.

Tyson Burningham

Its Ben and jerry's why say more


Emily Kerstetter

Love it

David Montoya

The best thing since Death Grips -Icethony Creamtano

Flor I. Orozco

Tom Vogel

Lauren Venator

Colin McDonough

Amanda Norman

Larry Allard

Jason Winstel

Love this place!

Jackson Reilly


Could it be bad? NO WAY.....SOOOO good

Matthew Noble

Pilar Alvarez

(Translated by Google) Very delicious the creams (Original) Muy delicioso las cremas

Allison Hancock

(Translated by Google) yummmmm (Original) Yummmmm


Jerry Sosa

Elizabeth Machmeier

Delicious ice cream. Phish food is always a favorite! Like Rocky road minus the almonds. Waffle cones alright. $8 for 2 scoops in a waffle cone bowl

Melissa Osorio

I went here at 11:40 at night and the store was closed. The hours posted online say it closes at midnight. Either the hours are wrong or the employees closed the store early

Venkat Raghavan

Bob De Dea

Fantastic ice cream and pleasant workers in a socially-conscious business atmosphere.

Umar Khayam

Yummy ice creams at affordable prices

michael leshinsky

Ice cream!!

Nicholas Leone

Manuel Delgado

Best ice cream

Christopher Keane

david nguyen

Very small shop. Not a huge fan of ben and jerry's but the conveinent location is a bonus. Price is a little high when you can just buy a pint for the same price as a scoop.

Andrea O'Brien

Great product...service a little slow

Landon Bland

Peter Dube

Sakshi Sharma

Brandon Frasier

Andrew is the life blood of this place. Lit customer service and good icecream

ruth aquino coca

I love this place even though is expensive..

Chloe Clark

Good ice cream almost 5 stars but there isn't many place to sit

Patricia Z

Delicious but no place to sit down.

Robert Chambers

Great shakes

Sarah Holgate

Every time I go in everyone is so nice and friendly. I always get a ha packed to go!

Zehra Naqvi

Great service! Very conscious of allergies which was great to see!



What's not to like about Ben & Jerry's

Jeff Cullen

Unique flavors at steep prices. Most of these flavors can be bought for significantly cheaper in the grocery store. It's worth going here for the friendly employees and the usually tasty waffle cones. However, the last few times I have been, the waffle cones have been soggy, or absent.

Emi H

Free ice cream day in april!!

Gemma Johnson

Horrible customer service I was standing there for 5 mins no one acknowledged me never sgsin

Nicolas Ramirez

Johnson Idesoh

Usual ice cream quality and flavors but it's a buy and walk place so don't expect to sit

Meredith Stone

Peter Hill

Caroline Moore

Never any flavors... Tried to add a picture, but they are missing appx 6 different flavors from the case

Joshua Silverstein

Josh Cassels

Fast service, great selection! Has outdoor seating!

Adam Jackson

Store closed early with no sign or notice on google?? Highly unprofessional

Azzam Aziz

This used to be a pretty good place. The last time I went, last week, it was empty next to the other ice cream store right next to it. The person who was working at the shop took no time to notice us or acknowledge our existence. When we came to try things out and asked questions, he just did not answer. When we were talking between us and he was waiting, he just opened his phone and started using it. We said thanks and goodbye, he just turned around and left.

Joe Masciulli

Mikyla Carpenter

Friendly people, delicious ice cream, and I love to support this business!


Great service and as always the ice cream was rich and flavourful. Yummy.

Michael Astle

Dave Jenkins

Ursula Kindt

Never not impressed with Ben and Jerry's. Delicious ice cream ALWAYS

Mong Yel

You will never go wrong with their mouth-watering ice creams

Daniela Tixi

Rosa Amador


Carllee Ford

Jason Dixon

Cookie-cookie milkshake was the best shake I've ever had in my life.

Andrea Concul

Jason Troncale

Mario Rodriguez

Gabriel Nelson

Martin Frasch

Federico Celaya


Mya Burrell

L &J

Gave us free water for our dog, despite not having made a purchase. Great service!

Praise Appliance Repairs 1 Jesus

Had the privilege to deal with these people and they were great

Penny Carithers

Hudson Soetenga

Pretty bad. Tall slender man with glasses couldn't be nicer, yet a particularly small short haired female employee got angered with me. She had no tolerance whatsoever for her customers and frankly got mad at me for sitting down.

Michael Baer

Raven Shadows

Love the ice cream, the employees were nice.

Mandy Muschler

Sabina Mura

Kinda disappointed ..this tasted like cheap bought ice cream..

Logan Hollingsworth

Matt Lief Anderson

Only place on earth where you have to pay for a cup of water. (After a group of 6 of us bought ice cream)

Joseph Rodgers

George Whitton

Good service and good ice cream.

Michael Wagner

I've cream is good. Service by the 20 year old was awful. Got skipped over three times. But their friends got their ice cream promptly.

Jordan getz

Rude Manager. I tried to use my Ben & Jerry's gift card at Ben & Jerry's and they told me they weren't accepting gift cards. I had to borrow money because I had already ordered. Later, when my Mom went to figure out what the problem was the manager said the gift card machine was broken and he didn't know when it was getting fixed. He didn't care that we had bought the gift card there. UPDATE- Decided to give Ben & Jerry's another try- one month later this Ben & Jerry's still does not accept its own gift card. No explanation. No sign. it is mid summer. This does not appear to be a good faith effort to fix a problem.

Beverly Versey-Riley

Andrew Matheson

Emily Brink

Alexander Chester

If you're looking for a place to host an ice cream tournament, there's no better place.

Sharath Chandra

Matt Radze

A bit over priced but the ice cream is good.

Jesse Grindstaff

Great ice cream, not a great ice cream shop

Michael Zappia

Who doesn’t love Cherry Garcia! The shop in Henderson at the District is my favorite shop. Love the staff.

John Pingry

Michelle Magee


We had SO much fun with the people sitting next to us. Great time see you soon for a triple scoop xoxo

Ava Spangler

They have lip balm there and it has weed in it

Rusty Welch

I ordered a cherry garcia b-day cake for my wife, which was excellent. We then ordered a coffee and strawberry ice cream cake for my birthday. They forgot the strawberry part, meaning my daughter couldn't eat any, and putting me in hot water on my b-day. The general manager called me back, and had a new strawberry only cake ready the next day with a personalized message to my daughter, no charge. It's refreshing to see a company not only take ownership of a mistake, but personnally make it right. They have earned our appreciation, and patronage. Thank you to a local management team that puts customers first!

Marishaplayz 1

Yummmy chocolate fudge ice cream served in chocolate dipped cone. You get to make your NY sovenier too for just 51cents.


Amber Nicole

Ambrosio Valencia-Romero

A no-brainer in terms of ice cream.


Tasty ice cream. once a year they provide free ice cream and there is a long long line.

Colin Stanley

Piotr Stempinski

Ice cream here taste like water!

Bülent Balta

Crystal Barilleaux

Amanda Scott

Rajit Jain

A great spot to take toddlers.

Manuel Sanchez

Renee Kline

The girls love Ben & Jerry's. Everything is thought out with quality ingredients.

Jackson Rhoton

Meh.. it's not bad but too expensive for what you get

Gladys Gonzalez

Great people working there

Eric D

Clean and nice people working there!

Purvin Patel

Un Known

Thank you for the experience trying the cheesecake Ice cream waffle cone

Liz Kelley

Love these ice cream flavors!

Robert Lee

Darin Rebertus

My wife loved her Birthday cake.

Matthew Nickols

Maggie Wood

The pina colada smoothie is amazing


日本にもしてんのある美味しいアイスクリーム屋さん。 値段はちょっと高値ですが、本当にアイスクリームが売っています。 試食も日本よりも気軽にできます。

Cass Shum

Good selection of ice cream. Get one of those Groupon punch card and I get two pint of ice cream per month!

Keisha Davis

David Woodall

Great ice cream in the heart of Athens.

Jenni Davis

Expensive, but you get what you pay for! Nice, but small place to sit outside and indulge on a hot day! Great place to take a date :)

Amanda Stewart

Who doesn't love ice cream. Nothing bad to say about this place.

Shreya Shanbhag

Prompt service and really nice flavours! Would visit again!!

Kim Jisoo

Doug Christensen

Just another ice cream shop

Manuel Preciado

Awesome icecream

Joseph Sedberry

Seth Elkins

Quick and good

Ruslan Vinev

Nice place

keri johnson

Delicious ice cream cake!

Frank Alcini

Camille Léveillée Bourque

JoAnne Peek Tyson

Brinkley Massart-Burns

Along with their lovely dairy icecream in a wide variety of flavours, Ben and Jerry's also sells amazing vegan icecream. They have a wide range of toppings and you can choose between icecream in a cone, cup or as a milkshake which is really nice.

ryan adams

Frank Canez

ice cream is ice cream, right?? my only gripe is the cashier, was cleaning with chemicals, then scooped ice cream without washing her hands or using gloves....gross

Judy Keenan

Friendly service. Good ice cream if you like chocolate or butterscotch chunks in it. I personally wish they would offer plain bourbon brown sugar flavor, no chunks!

Matt Embrey

WTFU Carter

Loves Ben and Jerry's!!!

Jody Burress

Tom Ringwood


Brian's Santoyo

Cassi Seabolt

Alex M

Beyond delicious. So so so so good! Parking is nightmare

Brian Harpole


Nesreen Johnson

Inger Keyes

Overpriced icecream.

Dulce Diaz

Melissa Palzewicz

Charissa Bujak

Usually love this place. This evening, not so good. Extremely stale cone (painful to eat) and very small scoops. Not the best use for $6.89 this time.

casey lomax

The staff is so amazing especially taylor! Our favorite location!

Charlotte Francis

good stuff

Nishant Shah


Kuri Williams

Just Shay :D

Matt Griswold

Live music was dope!

Nazia Mazhar

Love their ice cream flavors. Fav is pecan.

Matt R

Good ice cream, nice employees. Pricey though

Chris Adams

Sarah Deloney

Timothy McCurdy

Laurie Massie

Fun place to take visitors. Ice cream is great but expensive. Not many places for sitting to enjoy your ice cream.

Melissa Marx

Great spot in downtown Ann Arbor. Wish they had dairy free options aside from the pints you can buy.

Santiago Tipanluisa

Lovely place. Great staff!!!

Chad Laverty

Friendly staff. No wait. Great ice cream.

Jon Okstad

Destiny Bowen

Joseph Cruz

their vegan ice creams are so great!

Jared Bang

Always awesome ice cream and treats.

Cecilia McIntyre

Meryvette C

Hajime Mori


Sergio Marquez

thomas kane

My son loves it there

Daniel McGlathery

Very pricey!

linda vang

Free cone day and the guy was nice enough to get me ice cream to bring home for my kids

Jesse Locklear

Excited to get late night ice cream. Lots of yummy flavors and non-dairy options too. Good music and friendly staff:)

Russell Kirkland

Excellent ice cream with even better staff.

Chelsea Snodgrass

Not my favorite ice cream. I think they are stingy on portion sizes and their frozen yogurt tastes so icey but their regular ice cream is so fattening. Definitely a once in a while treat.

Juan Bribiesca Ruiz

I love ice cream and love this place

Brannon Cavanaugh

I come here almost every week and am never disappointed! The ice cream is just so tasty!

Grace Liu

Santhosh Lakshmanan

Eyvonne Geordan

Staff is friendly, shop is very cozy

Joshua Aitchison

I am not going to tell other's not to go, it just wasn't for me. Maybe rent is just high, but I can get a pint of the same stuff for about $2 less at the store. And, if you are even slightly claustrophobic, stay away.

Athena Gappmayer

Free ice cream day gets packed. Go right after school!

Shane Watson

Bryan Anderson

Wonderful ice cream

Nicole Ohalloran

Must try the chocolate peanut buttery swirl

January Bea

Its Ben and Jerry's. Nuff' said!

Deborah Le Fevre

Ubicada En el centro de athens, ambiente amigable, el sabor de los helados Buenos y con variedad tambien de batidos y tortas, a base de leche de almendras

ethio bini

Hannah Waldrop

The cones were great and the ice cream was delicious, nice flavor options, it was pricey though. 3 cones was over $20 but I guess that’s the norm for the area. Still would go back.

Ken Benson

Being able to get B&J from the shop is nice, but they are priced several dollars above what you pay for at any grocery store. Hours and dates they are open are very seasonal, I seem to be there when ice cream is out of season and they are closed. Selection of flavors is at times skimpy, and usually it's not very different from what Albertsons has on hand. The only positive thing is that I did get to try Schweddy Balls when they had it.

Penny Back

Oh my!! So good. The staff gave me excellent service and was informative on my options for gluten and dairy free ice cream. This is a clean and family friendly environment.

Chris Gregory

Magdalyn Elizabeth

Matias Fernandez Bustos

Best ice cream and cone ! Expensive though

Kenneth Guy

The prices are high, but the quality of ice cream is amazing. It taste fresh and the combinations are outstanding. Not to mention the brownies are just delicious

Jessica Bueler

Love Ben & Jerry's... sooooo good!

Vinamra Swaroop

Really like the milk and cookies

Dana T

Way too cold to seat inside.

Carol Koronec

Enjoy coming to try the Beetlejuice ice cream sundae

Gfred tv

kevin lopez

Emily Frazier

Jesus De Los Santos

The guy working the counter was really cool. He let my little one sample some flavors because she seemed unsure of what she wanted. Of course their ice cream treats are awesome too. I like their brownie dish.

Andrew G

Andrew Hubert

Way too overpriced for ice cream that is good but definitely nothing special. I would never go back.

Ankur Dalsania

Great choice of ice cream flavors. Line was big and it was a little pricey.


Shay R.

Jon R.

Great ice cream! Good vibes!

Tina Drew


Good ice cream.

Crazy Twinkie

Kalen Larson

Bharddwaj Vemulapalli

Joe Keil

serkan canak

Martin Dikkers

Great service. The ice cream speaks for itself.

Gus Chan

Great selections

Ron Farnsworth

Good ice cream... Way too over priced!

Danielle Moore

Disappointed they didn't have green tea ice cream but the chocolate and peanut butter was amazing! Helpful staff and lots of variety!

Jeannie Shay

My favorite ice cream shop...I love how they always make sure the homeless have free water everyday!

Kurtis Bragan


Caedon Kottinger

Great service



Jordan Mansker

Great place for a scoop of ice cream love the variety of flavors!

saeed jordan

Tim Reilly

Veronika Kerekesova

Great place for ice crem. The staff is friendly and helpful. Great flavours, taste exactly like the ones you can buy in supermarket. Brownie is perfect but the shop is a bit dirty.

Kristine Westerlund

Jasper Quartz

Another restaurant with Great Integrity.

Ryan Schuman

Jacob Story

Jacky Graham

Nathaniel Gatewood

Good ice cream, fast

Ajmal Khan


mark kaiser

Hands down the best ice cream shop in Ann Arbor! Me and my family absolutely love coming down here for ice cream. It never gets old.

Hayden Williams

elizabeth dalphond

Michelle Huseby

Hamza Bakri

They're pretty fast and efficient. I get shakes from there every other day :D

Samuel Castellano

This place is the bomb. The staff is amazing, the ice cream is top quality, and the store is so welcoming and amazing!!! I love this place!!

Julie Ducasse

Delicious ice cream as usual BUT, they didn't have waffle cones + restrooms were filthy. There was no one else than our family and there was 3 employees doing excuse to have a bathroom in this condition.

Alyssa Hayes

The ice cream was great as always. But the service was TERRIBLE this last trip. The young man with the braids in the front of his face was extremely rude. Skipped us then took orders while we were ordering or waiting for our order. Complained about what we ordered more than once. He needs to be fired.

Sarah Bushong

Amazing staff. My favorite is totally baked. Something good in every bite.

Sarah Desrochers

Best Ben and Jerry's in Portland! The workers are a hoot! They thoroughly make your ice cream experience wonderful. Always excellent quality and assortment to choose from. Great place to stop for a cool treat.

Cierra Nope

Love this place, it's fun, the music is great, the employees are super nice, and the ice cream is delicious! It's pricey, but that's because it's better than other ice cream. If you're looking for cheap ice cream, there's a McDonald's on the next block. If you're looking for something delicious and high quality, get a scoop or 3 of ice cream here, or try a milkshake. Totally worth it, I promise.

Taylor Gannon

As expected, awesome ice cream. They currently have 2 vegan options, which is great, but it would be cool if they added a couple more. The employees are really kind and helpful.

connie robertson

Great hours if you need the after dinner sweets.

Mike Monteleone

It's OK when compared to Molly Moons and Full Tilt which have surpassed good ole Ben and Jerry's selection.

Bridget Griffin

We hired the Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck for our wedding in Snohomish and it was a hit! They communicated clearly and promptly leading up to the wedding. On the day of, they arrived 30 minutes early and served ice cream out of the truck for an hour. They saved us so much time and energy, as we did not have to plan for setting up or breaking down any sort of dessert--they did it all! I would highly recommend hiring these guys if you're looking for a fun dessert on your wedding day. Also, it goes without saying, the ice cream is delicious.

Arianna Carmen


Michelle Bittman

Very helpful employees . The best ice cream.

Ellie Grover

It's was good. Great service. Delicious food!

Ashley Randazzo

The ice cream was delicious but I couldn't get over the service; it was incredible!!! Colette and Taylor really helped me choose the best flavor. Will definitely come again!!!

Jack W

Typical Ben & Jerry's especially nice when the temp is triple digits. Eat inside or outside and enjoy a cool treat on a hot day. Next to Bella Vista's off Village Walk.

Scott Hensley

Not a lot of great hard ice cream places in Henderson. This one is excellent.

Jayden Williams

The ice cream was delicious and I loved the service. Taylor, Colette, and Antonio were very helpful and patient. Would definitely come again!

Sakiesha Mays

I was raise in university city all my life . I use love to go to Ben & Jerry but when I got older I have two boys of my