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REVIEWS OF Alon's Bakery & Market IN Georgia

Robert Breaux

I recently had an informal meeting at Alon’s Bakery & Market. During that meeting we enjoyed the calming ambiance we found. It allowed us to communicate effectively and be very comfortable doing so. Once the meeting concluded I ordered a light breakfast and reviewed the progress that was made. I highly recommend this space as good place for informal meetings and the food was very good as well. They offer a huge variety of reasonably priced healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can’t go wrong.

Dana Carrubba

Beautiful market! Went there for brunch and had their Isreali breakfast with turkey bacon--delicious! My boyfriend got a chocolate croissant and a latte. They have plenty of seating inside and out, and you seat yourself. We loved the food and we're even more excited to see all of the products they had for sale. Tons of local goods mixed with treats and pantry items from all over the world. They also carry wine and local beer. Fresh baked goods, a deli counter, and a bar in the corner serving wine and beer--this place has it all. Definitely recommend stopping by

Yesenia Naranjo

The bread and cheese is delicious. The service is great! I would definitely go back again.

Zion Braimah

The best treat I give myself every week. The cookies are to die for!!!

Vijay Bahl

Always prompt, smiling and serving quality food!

Theodore Thompson

This is the best place ever all the bread is fresh all meals are prepared fresh every day look you can't find a better place than this and if you can please let me know and I see if we can add up two alarms alons is the best

Alia Nelson

Love this place so much. Nice staff, great ingredients, and yummy desserts, drinks, and lunch. You have to get some macaroons from here!

Anup Mankar

Great place to buy delicious baked goods, get a quick bite to eat or have a relaxed meal with a glass of wine. Their breads are full of the awesome fresh baked taste and the desserts are yummy. Sandwiches and salads are very tasty and filling. Dining is self serve and it gets busy around lunch time so you may want to get there a bit early. Ample parking nearby.

Sabena Hanyor

To the person who posted that she was racially profiled in this place. I have been coming in here since it has opened and never once felt discriminated against. This is a very nice place to come and eat on a breezy Saturday afternoon. I love the selections of foods and I think I will start trying the takeout to go next time. I’m a big fan of this place so much so I used stop off for cookies when I lived in Nashville for a short while.

Nathanael Williams

Wide choice of healthy, tasty food. It's a little pricey and a lot of stuff is imported, but definitely worth a visit.

Cary Williamson

Placed a large online order for my office and almost every item was made incorrectly and they forgot an entire entree which was already paid for (thank goodness I checked before I left) They didn't include plasticware, despite me specially requesting it. I had to wait for the missing entree to be made, which made our lunch very late and our crew very hungry and unhappy. Food was okay, but not worth the trouble. I recommend eating in. Definitely don't place a large order; they don't seem to be able to handle it.

Alicia Erchul

The bakery items are really good. The layout of this store and checkout is incredibly confusing. Staff was very unfriendly and not helpful.

lewis wright jr

My favorite place for fresh baked goods. Great deli also !

Jules B

Something has happened to Alons sandwich quality. Had a chicken pesto sandwich. Chicken was very bland, the pesto mayo was the only flavor. Decided to bring a friend in for lunch. Friend ordered rare roast beef sandwich. It was served medium. I ordered teñderloin sliders, the special, the attendant assured me it would be rare. It wasn't. Very disappointing!

Gene Plavnik

The place is pricey for a coffee shop, but it offers excellent desserts, cakes, cheeses, etc

Randy Hicks

GREAT PLACE!! You can have something cooked especially for you, or you can order something that is already pre-made. They have great things to take home, too!

Augusto Cangahuala

Delicious desserts. They also have very good food options as well as specialty items available.

Chris Geltz

Great place for buying prepared foods. Excellent desserts.

Jade Underwood

Visited here to purchase lunch. Bought sandwich. The environment is very nice. Food was just “ok” service was just “ok” as well. They have some improvement to do, & seem to be of the mindset that minimal, borderline rude, service is cute or cool. It’s not, they need to be full service & friendly.

Paul Medina

Food and service was great. Employee Ralph Matthew was exceptional.

E.R. Noche

Great place for lunch! The only reason I'm rating 4 instead of 5 is the prices. It's a bit more expensive for what I'm expecting, but don't get me wrong, the food is great and the venue is very trendy and inviting.

Amelia J

Absolutely love this place. I'm here every week! Iced latte is so amazing and perfect. The food is yummy, but be sure to order ahead of time if you're in a rush. The wine tasting nights are a fun little outing if you live in the area.

Pritam Mukherjee

Nice cakes. Bit pricey. But will visit again.

Michael Baumann

You may not initially think that this place is what it is from the outside. When you enter the place you have a moderately sized eating area through which you pass to the main marketplace. You are quickly overwhelmed with a large variety of smelts and fragrances. They offer a large variety of threats, meats, salads and some groceries. I have only samples a very small subset of their offerings but I'm very pleased with their freshness, flavors and their friendly service. I would recommend this place for a quick bite or a family meal just the same. They offer a large variety of gluten-free items if your diet requires this.

Teresa Rowe

I honestly can say that this place never ceases to amaze me with their great selection of artisnal cheeses, pestos, beverages, and cuisine. Love their pizza, raspberry and cheese danish, turkey sandwich on rye, rotisserie chicken with green beans, and wait cant forget their macaroons and cheesecakes!!!

Jocelyn S

Rather confusing to navigate within the store. It's more like a farmers market, so if you're expecting to grab lunch in 1 sitting, you'll likely need to join several lines and swipe your card several times. I think I'm doing it wrong... Most fresh and delicious croissant I've ever had however!

Motuma Tulu

I love this place, my favorite lunch item is their margarita pizza and I always take bread home with me.

Robert Stansell

Really enjoy this place! Brunch is fantastic and the service is friendly!

Ankush Borse

Awesome fresh confectionary ediables and cold/hot entrees with savory cheeses, European wines and champanes and desserts to accompany for sweet tooth. Always trendy crowd in homely restaurnt with amazing courteous service , relaxingly spirited shopping and dining experience.

Bryan James

Just a great morning vibe. Lots of pastry and other goodies to order from a variety of counters. The triple espresso is going to have you flying

Abouzar Kaboudian

We had a latte and americano which was superb. They have a variety of pastries. The Ricotta Pockets are to die for and Cinnamon Sticks are amazing. The Oatmeal Raisin bites had picans inside which we really digged. Aside from the nice pastries and coffee, their disposable plates are biodegrade and they have metal cutleries for those of us who care.

Dmitry Pashkevich

My go-to spot for bread. They have the best bread I've found so far for a decent price. There's also plenty of pastry, salads and sandwiches, as well as honey and jams.

Sara Hamdoun

I love Alon's bakery, the cake is always so rich in cream and taste. Ive been buying their cake for about a year for special occasions. This recent week I placed an order and was quiet disappointed. When we cut into the cake... about 20% of the actual cake was cake and the other 80% was cream. I was not expecting that considering that I have ordered this cake before and it looked noting like this. I ordered the Raspberry Chocolate mousse and understand that the cream is the mousse, but i was expecting more cake rather than the cream. The cake still tasted amazing! Im not going to give this review lower than a 5 star because I dont want to ruin the reputation of the store just because of this mistake. But for the future, I would recommend adding less cream and more cake. Thank you!

Inez Powell

The roasted chicken with red roasted potatoes and grilled green beans was excellent. There was something for everybody. The coffee and espresso must be good because the line was long.

Ainat L.S.

If you are looking for a good coffee and backery

Athena Costarides

Desserts and bakery are excellent but pricey. The mini fruit cheesecake, cookies and breakfast goods are top-notch. Cheese section is wonderful. Staff will offer recommendation and free samples. Wine selection is nice with unique offerings and reasonable pricing. The prepared foods are hit or miss -- look beautiful but flavor and quality too often disappointing. It's a lot of fun just to browse thru this entire place -- it is a wonderful market, just be prepared to pay accordingly.


Everything here is delicious. Perfect spot for weekend brunch.

Robert William

A beautiful place to hang out with your friends. The cofee with all the baked goods is extremely refreshing. Its a mood changing specially in the weekends.

Glenn Harriman

Exceptional quality and selection in this upscale Dunwoody location. I've been several times and have not been disappointed yet!

akhil yerabati

One of the most amazing bakeries in Atlanta head out and try it.

Sonya Hudson

I went on Thursday, June 20, 2019. I purchased a meal that was already prepared and went to the register in the middle where the coffee was prepared. A Caucasian female who seemed to be about 5 feet, with dark hair a she and wore a black hat and eyeglasses rang up my meal. In fact she waited on me twice as my friend and I returned to the counter to get a dessert. And both times she was exceptionally rude and unfriendly. She acted as if I bothered her by asking if they had gluten free desserts. She responded so fast with the description that I couldn't even understand her. If the food wasn't good and the other employees that we encountered weren't friendly, I would've rated it much lower. I wondered why a female customer walked away before me had blurted out, "They are so g** d*** rude..." as she stormed out. This was my first visit to this establishment that came highly recommended. I'll return again but hopefully I won't have to encounter that female again.

Ina Moore

Play Place friendly outgoing you meet many interesting people there so many things to choose from highly recommend visiting bat facility

Delandra Vinson

Love this place. So much variety in food offerings and lots of beverages to choose from as well. Food here is delicious. Perfect for someone like me who can’t always decide on what to order off a menu. You can get an assortment of foods to nibble and try here. They have dining areas inside and outside. Plenty of parking.


Apparently, they dont sell lemon bars any longer even though that is what many of my friends and I know Alon's for...I've been here twice in the past couple of weeks and had reps tell me they dont have any...only to tell me five minutes later they found some in the fridge. They told me only the N. Highland location sell them. I guess it all depends on who you speak to...:/

Bianca Copello

Funky French decor, wide selection of drinks and pastries and food. It gets packed during the weekends in terms of seating but I've yet to see a long line for food. The staff is amazing and the owner is really nice and passed out samples one day!

L JCot

Overpriced, they don't care if they have your business if feels. We are insignificant customers. So many places around Atlanta that are opening that have better service, food and coffee. I won't be returning.

Marina Davidovich

I just love this place. Sometimes its hard to find parking, but food and baking goods are fabulous

Tennyson Cambern

Consistently great pastries along with good savory foods

Marjie M

The prepared food looks very good. However, the Surly attitudes of the people that work here are very much a turn off.

Shelby Adkison

GPS can't locate this place. Ugh!! Had to go to Tiff's

Mario Valdes

I don't waste time reviewing unless I'm happy or disappointed. This place is awesome. Best quality of food and great service.

Michael King

It is an amazing place.. You feel you like you are somewhere in Europe !! Everything is exquisite!!

Gina Mallica

Cool spot! Yummy food to eat there or take home. Bakery selection is delicious, too.

Nicholas Castles

It's just really good... I just don't like the way you get your food and sometimes fixing your order can be a hassle.

Brigitte Cacciatore

Always love this place, an amazing variety of food, desserts, pastries, drinks, goodies ect...very high quality and good service.

Alx C

Delicious cakes and tarts. I would take more pictures but I always eat the cakes before I remember to share a picture of it. This place also serves sandwiches for lunch and dinner. As wl as take home pizza, roast beef , pasta etc. It is located just across from Perimeter Mall and is just a short way from Highway 285.

Michael Preiss

Delicious. Had Sunday breakfast here. I was torn between the steak and eggs and the brisket hash, but I ordered the brisket hash. I was not disappointed. The hash contained relatively lean pieces of tender brisket, potatoes, celery, carrots, and mushrooms. It was beneath two eggs over easy, which were covered by an unusual, but delicious, sauce carefully spooned on top of the eggs. I made short work of it. Since I was still hungry (just a little), I ordered a chocolate bobka - a cross between a coffee cake and a muffin - and a pistachio pastry. The bobka was drier than I expected, but tasty nonetheless. The pistachio pastry was very tasty, but I would have enjoyed a bit more filling. I topped it all off with a coffee. Needles to say, I give this place a hearty two tongues up. Yeah, it's kind of a gross visual, but you know what I mean... It's better than just good, but not quite excellent. Let's settle on very good.

Ali Mazandaranian

My favorite weekend place. Good coffee and good food. The place has a character. You need to see it yourself but great place to hang out for like a brunch or something. They also have good breads and other stuff. They have wine bar as well but I never tried it. All in all, great local place to spend time and money.

Pastor Gloria

This is the second and largest location. I met pne of the owners here, very nice guy. I love everything about Alon's. There employees are exceptional people especially the original bakery in Virginia Highlands. The coffee is perfection!

Janay Baker

I love alon's it's a market and they serve hot food the prices are a little pricey but well worth it

MGGM 2.5

It's a great place to eat anything, because everything is so good. Service is good, and one can enjoy the food seating in a nice place. Only one thing if you are on a diet don't go there because it will be the end of your diet.

Kinjal S

A really cool market with a delicious bakery. I got the chocolate mousse and it was the best I’ve ever had. It was so creamy and rich. It wasn’t too sweet either. I would love to come back and try more of their desserts. They have plenty of seating in the front outside. All their food looked delicious.

Deron Smithwick

I have been coming to Alon's since they opened and even though the prices are alittle high the food quality is very good. Glad to see after all these years Alons is still doing well.

Adriana Harbuzariu

Wonderful bakery. Thanks for all the beautiful little cakes, macaroons and good bread.

Ilya Khanimov

Love this place. Great atmosphere. Giant covered outdoor seating. Food is amazing.

bhrugi badheka

Very cool place. You can eat, drink and shop your groceries all in the same place. Loved the sandwiches and the wine collection.

Tomer Shk

Roasted chicken pesto sandwich, delicious.

peter kaufrinder

We loved shopping here great assortment of most foods wonderful backery

Evan Schwenk

Alon’s is an amazing bakery. I would highly recommend this place, many things within are incredibly delicious. I came back a second time to buy an additional two pounds of cookies because they were that addictingly good. If you find yourself in the area and have a sweet tooth, this place is definitely worth the detour.


A little pricey but no complaints. They had good prices on fresh loaves of bread though. You walk around the room the different counters and get your food, and then they have seating. I had a $15 pastrami sandwich. It was fantastic! Fresh bread, hot meat, whole mustard seeds, diced onions....delicious. Buy your sides separately. Cinnamon twist at the bakery made for a great treat. The rye bread on the sandwich was so good we bought a loaf to take home. Almost everyone that worked there was super nice!

Mary Johnson

Very enjoyable first experience. My coworker and I stopped by after work. And the staff was so friendly and engaging, even though I spent way more than I intended. I look forward to going back.

Syean Wilson

Interesting food selection, pretty good!

Manoj Manjare

It is a really good bakery in a good location. I love that the bakery has good adequate seating, adequate parking and service. Like those are the things that make the experience so much better and hassle free. The food itself is good. It is what you'd expect from artisan bakeries with artisan prices and all. The coffee though, was not as good as I was expecting. May it was a one off, but both flavor and texture of my Latte was non-Latte.

Lakshmi Anusha

The staff here is rude and not so helpful I must say. We visited this place twice and got similar experience both the times. The lady here made us to wait so long to take the order, only to say that they dont have the items anymore. Pastries and cakes collection is limited. Taste is good for the ones that are available.

Ruth Cox

Jewish deli! There is something for everyone, whether you are vegan, Paleo, or in between. Great dessert and coffee, great lunches

Francisco Zuluaga

I was here for Mother's day and for Father's day. The buffet they served on Mother's day was delicious. During Father's day they just served one special dish but food is always great at this place. There is a small market where you can buy different gourmet items. This is must place in Atlanta, I like it specially for brunch.

Judith Miske

Always delicious. Second time this week. Fabulous dinner and dessert. Why cook!

Lefty Williams

Alon's is a great place. The food is excellent and the imported goods are all curated with quality and taste in mind. Although I prefer the vibe of the VA Highlands location both locations are worth a visit.

Andrew Hopkins

Been going for >20 years. Its the absolute most authentic breads and pastries in town fresh every day. Two locations: the original smaller Virginia Highlands store and the bigger one across from Perimeter Mall

Juan Michelle Martin

Tons of options. Great atmosphere.

AMILLIO Food Picasso

Overpriced Breakfast items ..i got the omlet which was not as presentable they slices 4 small potatoes and charged almost 15dollars photo below ..service is decent ..more to come as i try new items but breakfast is a NO!! ONLY got 1star because it want allow me to give 0stars

Valerie T.

Awesome customer service, I haven't been to alon's in years but I remember and it still exists the brightness of the venue and the greatness of the food I enjoyed myself today

Shannon Braasch

Such a fun place! Many fresh and delicious options!

Edwin Ashurst

Coffee is good but gee everything else is super pricey!

John Buzzell

Upscale market items. Fresh food. Good coffee.


I feel like this is a diamond in the rough it's behind a couple of other buildings but once you find it this can be an amazing adventure as a store is so many different flavorful foods and even a wine selection.

elite beauty

Attended for a holiday menu tasting event. Food was delicious. I’d deffo recommend.

Scott Burkey

I've gone to Alons for over 20 years at two locations. This one in Dunwoody has some snotty people working there. Ridiculous. The lunch menu isnt so awesome that we will overlook rude employees. Come on.....

Alex Y.

Nice bakery and shop experience. Though it can get pricey, but good quality.

Selmaan Ali

I do love alons bakery. It is a great place to eat, relax, and maybe even enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Steve Daniel

Nice store setting with great food and atmosphere. Nice spot to have a quiet meal. I normally don't get the ceasar salads, but theirs was very good. If you live or work in the area, you should definitely try this place.


Good Snadwiches and Falafel. Felt little pricey for set up. Food is okay for Vegeterian, but non veg seems to be good per my non-fat friends :)

Avi Avraham

All so yammi and fresh

T. Eric Ganahl

Awesome as always. That's why it has been my favorite bakery for over 10 years

Isabelle Shavit

Always excellent but unnecessary pricey

Kimberly Madison

Love Alhon’s best ever ! Shalom♥️

Gene P

Great place to break up with someone!

Deborah Hardnett

The aroma when you walk through the door lets you know you are in for a treat.

linda carter

Delicious pastries and great coffee! Thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. One of my favorite places to visit in Atlanta.

Richard Hamrick

Friendly staff, great selection of fresh specialty items. Fun to watch chefs preparing various gourmet items. Two thumbs up for selling Atlanta's own Batdorf and Bronson ☕

Nathan Schuerch

Excellent bakery and market. Alon's is a true master of his craft!

Sandra M

Another delish salad.

Hatch & Grow

Top quality and incredible variety of type of food and bakery options. I personally love eating a margarita pizza with the kale salad on top and finish with a espresso shot.

Kevin Lares

As always, great food, coffee and atmosphere

Kimberly Schultz

Delicious pastries —and a good variety, too. They have a nice selection of little candies, mints, cookies, etc. good place for a hostess or housewarming gift. I haven’t tried any of their food but it looks delicious and they have carry out. Their salads looked really fresh.

Ellena Hogrefe

Great French bakery, coffee bar, and market. Get fresh food to eat there or take out or dry goods and wines. Live music in the bar on some occasions. Good food and coffee, fresh baked breads, and European desserts. Busy market atmosphere.

Cara Snyder

The pastries are the best we’ve had outside of Europe. Fantastic take away options. Try the meatballs and the kale salad. Yum!

Koen Luk

Great place to have some food and drinks, you can sit outside and they will bring the food to your table.

Yvonne Allen

I love the macarons here. They also have cheeses, cookies, ready made food, and pop in the oven ready dishes.

linda miller

Hope was very nice! She waited on me at the counter and I enjoyed the macarons she recommended! Thanks Hope


Great little shop for a quick bite or some good cheese. The sandwiches are really good too.

Uyladia Jarmon-Colley

The salads are to die for. Fresh food all around. Great espresso drinks! The desserts are endless. You will absolutely love everything you eat.

Sean Ellis

Went for lunch. It's a little non traditional. They have a market with stuff to go and you can get pre-made food. You can preheat it for yourself with a microwave and there is a coffee station I guess. They also have made to order food. We had pizza, a complicated Thai salad, some tomato soup and a sandwich. It was fine.

John Marsh

You can't go wrong with Alon's! It's probably the best Jewish delicatessen in Atlanta. We have been here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We go often. All are excellent. The menu is sufficient to give lots of wonderful choices for any meal. Sometimes, I like to get a salad plate and just take a wide selection of their wonderful salads. Great desserts. An outdoor covered seating area that we like to use when the weather is better. Highly recommended!

Shakeel Valsan

My wife and I love the food options at Alon's Bakery. We hope they open one in Alpharetta/John's Creek area.

Clemmie Ross

This is such an eclectic Bakery and Market I loved my lamb sandwich only thing I would say is I wish you could get stuff already warm instead of having to use the with microwave but it's a really cool place

Deborah Kelleher

It was a bit confusing at first because there are so many options of fresh foods available. You go to the counter and choose items to put in one container for a set price. I had a variety of wonderful salads but there are also meats options, but i did not see them initially.

Pamela Chance

Reliably good premade food.

Monica Johnson

Great place for wine, cheese and other party items. The baked goods are quite awesome as well. I recently had a lovely Asian inspired salad with soba noodles. Really nice.


I always love the atmosphere of this place. Nice variety of cheese and wine. I also love the fresh baked breads and pastries.

Elaina Thompson

I've been going to Alon's for years. They never disappoint. The staff is always friendly & helpful. I find myself ordering soup, no matter the season. They're always tasty, hot, & fresh! I've never had bad pastry or bread, dessert, or entré. They stock my fave Reed's Ginger Ale and several other small batch pops, ginger beers, & drinks. Whatever you do, DO NOT leave without at least 2 caramel macarons. The out side is the perfect texture and the caramel.filling is made in house. Yummm.

Justin Reeves

This place has some of the best food!

Karla Sanchez

Great food, you'll want to buy everything!

janeth bullon

Alon's is a French bakery, however it has products from other countries as well. It is a nice place to have a brunch with friends. The environment is welcoming, and comfy. I love the lentil soup and tomato soup with artisanal bread they sale. They have vegetarian and vegan options. The only thing I didn't like was the way the cashier treated me. Black girl with a bitter and rude attitude. I'll still come back

Krista Prenesti

Very fancy but not TOO fancy. Really tasty stuff!

Allie Crary

I have ordered catering from Alon's Bakery several times over the past year and they have never failed to deliver anything short of superior service. This week I scrambled to make last min arrangements for a Shiva and an employee by the name of John was so kind and so humble in the process. After placing my order on the phone with him, I felt a huge relief of stress come off of my shoulders. (The food is great, the atmosphere is great, and the catering is WONDERFUL. Just make sure that you place catering orders in advance because the bakers need enough time to prepare pastries/bread as they are made daily. )

Jennifer Johnson

Still love this place. Good food, gourmet options. Interesting to browse as well.

Pat McLarty


Krishanu Maity

Best bakery around here


Pastries? Amazing. Variety of delicacies from different parts of the world. Coffee spot area along with snacks and meals for a meat between friends.

Jesse Griffis

Love this place! You can't go wrong with anything here.

Zaheer Siddiqui

I am from Fort Worth, this is first time there I was impressed and the prices are reasonable for this type bakery. I wish such a bakery and market in DFW area.

Neil Redgard

Came for breakfast and it was so good that I stayed for lunch!

Christy Sowell

I went for the macarons, the were really disappointing. Obviously refrigerated or frozen at some point so not crisp, very soggy! But the atmosphere and other shopping areas and foods were great.

MsPettyAtl #

I love this eatery...the turkey bacon, grits, and coffee are the bomb!!! My favorite breakfast spot and the people are very nice...Ms.V

Rude Gyal Nik

I love the atmosphere here. The food could use more flavor but overall I really like coming here. Not your typical bakery, beautiful little deserts too!


Like this place a lot. Cookies are to die-for, great baguette. Reasonably priced.

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