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3501 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135, United States

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REVIEWS OF Versailles Cuban Bakery IN Florida

Eric McGriff

I m in love with this place because of the food and the quality they provide. The menu was great and all the stuff was delicious. The staff was also nice Overall nice bakery.

Daniel Bosque Visokos

Terrible service! The lady at take out didn't even said "hello" and went out making me wait without even getting my order!

Yellow Paper

The perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth! The cupcakes here are out of this world!!

Aurora Vintilescu

I had key lime pie that was super super sweet. The cortado was super milky, almost like a latte, so not exactly what I was expecting. The service is super friendly, and the place looks cute, but the quality of their food and drinks is not worthy of 5 stars imo.

Steven Szabo

Place is a little confusing at first trying to order, but other than that the staff are very kind and very patient when ordering food. Everything is delicious at a very reasonable price. Would definitely go again!

R Jemal

Such a delicious place to eat at! The ambiance is great too! We had a little of everything from the menu and were impressed! Don’t forget to have a cafecito and a quesito; my favorite part of the meal! Can’t wait to go back when we visit!

Burt Robl

Really nice place to eat. Our waiter was punctual. He came back to table many times to ask if we needed anything. Was on top of refilling our drinks. Menu was large and was a little overwhelming. In a good way. Prices are competitive for the area. Three of us that night for dinner and when the food came to the table. Everything looked so good. We all had to share a bite of each other's entrees. All was very tasty. Be prepared to wait. Place is really popular.

Brittany Lloyd

The rum cake is the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. Trust me on this guys!! I stop here every single time I visit Miami. As a matter of fact this is my FIRST stop! I live in Atlanta, and I dream of this cake until I am able to get down to Miami again

Wayne O'brien

is there food I would rate a four and a half but the service I'm going to say today 3 nobody speaks English in the place that's not cool

Claudio Montero

My favorite place for cafecito and pasteles. Must visit if you've never tasted cuban coffee! This is one of the most famous Miami landmarks.

Garry Hawthorne

Being we had friends from NYC in town, wifey decided that we should take them to a landmark like Cafe Versailles. We were not disappointed!

Luis Diaz

Family reaturant. Good comfort food. Great variety of pastries all of them really good and the cuban coffe(espresso) is the best around town.

Jean Perez

Place never disappoints. Great food any time of the day for a reasonable price. In addition you get a sample of Cuba in exile.

Chary Martinez

The pastelitos were burned and impalable! With chunks of cheese and guava that were not melted inside the pastry. The pastry was overcooked, burned and tough. Total disappointment.

Patrick Fuentes

Honest to goodness Cuban food. Try the slow roasted pork and the trees leches cake

Sun Lee

Bomb coffee. Excellent prices for pastelitos, croquettes and empanadas. A must do in little Havana but it is a good bit aways from the central little Havana where they play domino etc

Linda Muzzarelli

Well.........We have been here before, but this time was not good. Although the food was good, they took about 40 minutes to serve us. They did serve us sooner, but it wasn't our meals. It was for the table next to us who came after we did. We tried to tell the person who put the food on our table that it wasn't ours, but he didn't speak English so he had no clue what we were saying. When the waitress finally realized we had the other tables food, she took the plates off our table and gave them to the table next to us. We didn't touch the food, but REALLY? We finally got our food, a cuban sandwich which should not take 40 minutes!! My husband paid the bill and we went to the bakery to get some pastries. I just looked at the receipt my husband had and they charged us for something we didn't get! (In the future I will check the bill before we pay it! For any restaurant!) The bakery people were very nice even though they didn't speak English either. Although they were very busy, they were pleasant and gave us what we ordered!

Jeff Meyer

With Dime Garage Door Repair company, we had great help right from the beginning - in choosing the proper garage door for us, the timeline, and the installation. All went as planned and the new garage door looks great!

Conor Walsh

Simply awesome, and great value too!

michael Frank

I was invited. Great breakfast with stake, fried eggs and house potatoes. Good portion too. I'll definitely comeback.

Kenneth Dobson

I've only been here for the coffee and pastries. All of which were amazing! There's no coffee like this place! It's quite literally the best I've ever had. Service was quick, friendly, and precise! I will definitely be back.

Sharon Howard

Sweet Mandy B's made the cake for my baby shower and it was perfect! Not only was it gorgeous, but so delicious too. All my guests raved about the cake!

Vanessa Bernal

Have been to Versailles on many occasions. TODAY WE HAD A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE THANKS TO OUR SERVER LESTER ALVAREZ. It's the first time we see him here. We arrived at about 2:45pm. Being Friday it was very busy. He was very kind, professional, knowledgeable, charismatic. Gave us menu is suggestions. We were starving and he served us very fast. He makes the experience so much better. We hope he is recognized for his hard work and to see him when we return. He is definitely an asset to this Wonderful Restaurant.

Eiko Kaneda

Great variety of sweets as well as sandwiches and savory pastries. We had Mariposa, Chocolate covered Palmier and a huge chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate chip cookie was amazing taste-wise and price-wise. The giant cookie with a lot of chocolate chips costed us less than a dollar! It was very filling and indulgent. The staff was so friendly, their store was clean and had a good, comfortable atmosphere. We'll go back to this place to get some more tasty sweets.

Victor Mozdzan

Good food. Original atmosphere.

Maayan Sambal

We expected it to be more tasty. The mujitos were great though.

Ian Sugerman

Cuban food is good. Service is great

San Abelson

Good good good! ❤️❤️

Laurie K

This is likely the most famous Cuban diner/ bakery in the Miami area. It’s also one of the best deals you’ll find in Miami, especially for breakfast. For about $7, you can get 2 eggs, potatoes, Cuban bread and ham croquets plus an amazing cup of cafe con leche. There is a walk-in bakery part where you can order The pastries and coffee. My suggestion is to get the guava pastry, sinfully delicious. You might want to get a couple because you will definitely love and they are small. There’s also an outdoor walk up section to order your cafe con leche and pastries. There are usually many older Cuban gentlemen chatting and drinking their coffee. It makes it seem even more authentic.

Sandra Tagle

Coffee was good pastry was good. But the person who take our order had attitude with me but curiously with my husband was very nice, smiling and collaborative.

Marion Matthews

Best croissants I've ever had. Everything here is awesome. The kuignn Amann is a must have every time I go.


Amazing food, worth the trip. If you come to Miami, you must put this place on your list of thing to do.The sandwiches are big enough to share or take back and eat a second helping later.

Juan Munoz

Cuban, so Cuban. Love the food, love the staff. Bring your Cuban friend to understand what is being said.

Elena Li

Food is good ! But ,good luck getting attention from them if you don’t speak their language :)

jose depaz

Very delicious. Awesome service.

John Perez

A must when in Miami. Great food awesome portions and amazing prices. Classic Cuban food authentic and iconic.

Rob Sanchez

Building is nice, way over priced. On top of that my food was cold , people were rude a.f. not even a good morning paid 15$ for 4 empanadas orange juice and a coffee, then when I let them know that the food was cold were even more rude ... would never go there again in my life... not worth 15$ for paper plates cold food and a bad energy vibe. Dont like baking correctly then get another job! A disgrace as a Cuban restaurant!

Tony D

Get the fresh orange juice ! Also the pastry store to the east is killer good.

Betsy Burns

The hour wait in line the day after Christmas was worth every bite! The service was excellent. Not one thing to complain about!

Raville Ortiz

Coffee was outrageously good ! Service was quick and friendly. You will experience Cuban coffee with out being in Cuba highly recommend dont forget to taste a pastry with Guayaba & cream you will not regret it. AAA+ all around service & taste.

Vic Pinto

Best cafe in Miami. There’s really cool coffee places out there but this place doesn’t try to impress you. They give you good quality Cuban coffee and pastries at their pace (which is pretty quick but good luck trying to rush them) and at an affordable price. Oh and there’s free WiFi! :)

Jessica Reynolds

Great food awesome portions and amazing prices. Classic Cuban food authentic and iconic.i really enjoying in this place


Cuban coffee is the best I had

Angela Perez

Nice place, awesome logistic for a crowded restaurant, the food was delicious. Overall a great experience!

Jack Skelington

Truly an amazing experience. Your taste buds will thank you for days after enjoying a fine meal here. 2 of us ate like kings for $26. Best meal we have had in a long time. Coffee is to die for pastries are heavenly. Every bit was excellent especially the staff.

Inès Rojas

Perfect after dinner cafecito spot. Try the palmeras.

Ruthie S

Went here back in college. There was once literally a bag of pee hanging from the sink in their bathroom. Gave them a second shot a few years later and they literally served me soda with chunks of food floating in it. I don't care how cheap the food is, this place is unsanitary.

Joseph Hernandez

Good bakery. The staff is a bit slow. There is a bunch of flies all over the place

Vicki Laster

This place never disappoints! I'll stop by whenever I'm in the area. Strongly recommend for anyone who loves a good bakery!

Rosa Monroy

Delicious cuban food and the best coffee ☕ I had a pastry made of guava and cream cheese and a beef empanada, absolutley tasty and crispy. Our server Armando was very attentive and friendly. The girl at the door should have a smile on her face... maybe wasnt her day, we are humans, so I wont take that personally. My husband a "Sandwich Cubano" and it was well prepared and good portion of meats and cheese.

Olive Carlos

Love this place!! No frills bakery with lots of amazing pastries, friendly staff, quick service! Highly recommended!!

Mark Vargas

versailles, what can a tell you my spot for over 15yrs when i go to miami for pastries and a colada, usually packed and parking is difficult but worth the wait, try it you wont be disappointed.

Mason Harris

if you want to try divine croissants, here you are!

hafiz haider

Excellent bakery. Check the pictures all those items and 2 coffee cost $11. Don’t miss it if you are in Miami.

Hannah Chan

The food is very nice, with a wide selection and good taste, however the service is unacceptable. Even though is put upon me that I don't speak Spanish, the people here are just plain rude. I mean, constantly transferring us to different people, giving service to those that came after us, not giving the correct order ON PURPOSE, and completely ignoring our questions is not the way to treat a customer! Even though my standards aren't high, these people should be required to provide at least exceptional service! I got my food and desserts, but their attitude and pure disgust and rudeness ruined my day. Edit: Btw, the staff member thhat was rude in particular's name was Seiya. Absolutely outrageous!

Brittany Miller

The best Cuban bakery in Miami! The tres leches is a favorite. Be sure to grab a number in order to be served.

Jeremy Park

There is a nice smell when you enter. Mango black tea was so good, especially with the salted foam added. bob is offered in their drinks. Friendly service and definitely fast!

Owen Daniels

To sit, go to Resturant. For desert, go BAKERY 50 ft away. The Resturant has a large menu. Nice tables, cool AC, bread on the tables, ...

Lauren L

I had the guava and cheese pastry, guava cupcake and a cortadito. Amazing to say the least. Service was quick, organized and friendly. Look out for your number being called because it's only announced in Spanish. I highly recommend going here.

Amy Schroeder

Wonderful restaurant! The food menu is extensive and everything we had was fantastic! I loved the creole shrimp. The prices were also extremely reasonable. The staff was so kind and took great care of us while we were there. I can’t wait to go again!!

Eunice Deeptha

Excellent coffee, authentic food, lovely and happy services. A must stop by and eat place. Visited it twice during my two day trip, loved it!!

Em Choe

Sigh. Waited patiently to order and completely got ignored. New customers came in and the staff immediately helped them out. Looked at us and turned away. Twice. If it wasn’t for the new customers stating that we were there first, we would’ve been waiting for a while. I felt like the staff did not want me there and did not care for my service. It amazes me how people can treat others that way. When I worked in the food industry, I always treated my customers equally. Out of all the bakery places I have tried, this place had the worse service. Pastries were 2/5. TBH, nothing spectacular compared to other bakeries. I don’t understand what people are raving about.

Michael Fortenberry

Delicious! We absolutely loved this famous bakery in Little Havana and grabbed a box to go to share while waiting at the airport. An absolute must stop if you are in the area and looking for a great place to grab food.

Nelson F.

Great spot for a coffee and pastry break. Excellent guava con queso and cheesecake de gauyaba!! Highly recommended

Daniel Simon

A little busy doesn't even describe this place! As we dine there is a literal line outside of people trying to get in. No wonder as the food is incredible, prices are fair, and the portions are huge! Without having been to Cuba, this is the best cuban food I've ever experienced in my life! Well worth the 3.5 hour drive specifically to eat here and visit their bakery. Amazing service as well. I highly recommend this place!

Cris Hdz

Everything looks really good!

Eric Johnson

It's a nice place to meet friends and have a bite to eat. RECOMMENDED!

Mary Calves

Always Great! Everything, food, customer service, the best of Miami

Noah Ceballos

Best cuban sandwich I've ever had, plus its a cultural hotspot in a great neighborhood

Bryan Williams

The self-proclaimed world's most famous Cuban restaurant... is super chic/cool! Wow chores certainly abound, the locals hang here as well. Multiple options to dine in or out. Check out the walk-up window to have a quick Cafe cubano, or pop inside the bakery side and pick up a couple of sweet Cuban treats for takeaway or a quick eat in. There's parking on either side or in the center courtyard of this sprawling restaurant.

Betsy Martinez

I have been in miami for 20 years never came here before my first expirience was horrible.Management does not do a good job at all treating customers they are quick to dismiss you as if you are a nuisance , wait staff is a rude as can be only staff memeber that was nice is the bussers and tip was included even tho we were not a party of 6 or more.

Lourdes Labrada

The most inefficient staff I have ever witnessed! Was waiting 40 minutes

carol ellis

I was in Miami for a conference, not having been there for a while. One of my colleagues and I were hungry, and decided to try something different to eat. I read about Versailles, a popular Cuban restaurant, and was intrigued by it's very interesting history. The menu which is very extensive was fully described with prices and photos online. So being adventurous, we set out in the middle of a Friday evening rush hour with GPS on to locate it. I was hoping that it would be worthwhile. As we walked in, we passed a huge display full of scrumptious looking pastries. Very tempting, but we needed dinner. The dining room was getting full, but the hostess found us a table fairly quickly. I was glad that I had started reading the menu online. It was huge with so many tempting choices in a very wide variety of dishes. After trying to decide, we both chose a sampler platter, which has several of their popular items. The plate was large and full, a tasters delight. Everything was delicious, and I had to struggle to try and finish it. I was stuffed. The Versailles was a great choice.

Iris Estevez

This was my third time and I really was very disappointed from the food all the way to the service. The food was cold, the cortadito I asked with leche evaporada I got regular milk and got charged for evaporada. I am not sure if all this was because it was Saturday. But really disappointed. :(

Ann Rann

This restaurant is nice and quaint with a good atmosphere to study in or just hang out with friends. The staff is friendly and the hot dogs are really good. The only thing that I don't like is that I can't get any hot sides to go with my awesome hotdog. Fries or tots would be much more awesome than a bag of chips. Other than that I will be back, and enjoying their hotdogs in the near future.

Iris Messon

I'm a regular customer for many years of this restaurant. But , yesterday on March 5 the, 2018 as usual when I go to my mother's house and go down 8 street I always stop to drink my cafesito, buy my mom her cafe con leche and 4 pastelitos de carne! Well I decided to drive my scooter for my car was in the shop. So, when I finished drinking my cafesito and got on the scooter, it would not start. So it was cloudy and windy so I decided to check the battery box that's on the floor but I just got under the tarp that's on the bakery side. Well to make a long story short, it was the hand switch that has a problem, so all I needed to do was, kick started. I've never been able to so I asked a man that was walking towards me and politely asked in English, Could you please do me a favor and and kick start my scooter because the starting switch is not working? Well, his response was, " NO HABLO INGLES Y SAQUE ESA MIERDA DE AQUI! ( SCREAMING TO THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS)! I tried explaining to him that all I wanted was his help to kick started, but of course him screaming at me to let me know that he didn't speak English, I said it in Spanish. Well he told me that (SCREAMING AGAIN) That the only way you could start the scooter was with the switch!! Then after that OMGGGGGG, he threatened me to call the police and wanted me out right then! So I proceeded to leave walking my scooter to the restaurant side,a and parked in a parking spot. He walked towards me again, SCREAMING TO THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS, YOU CAN'T PARK THERE, I'M CALLING THE COPS! I was going to get off and go speak to the girl that always takes care of me at the counter but the embarrassedment and humiliation that he made me feel was too overwhelming and started crying, with that said I pushed my scooter down the block, with him watching every move. I locked my scooter and got an Uber to my mom's! I WILL NEVER STEP IN THIS RESTAURANT AGAIN! NEITHER ANY OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS OR MY FIRM!!!! THIS WAS VERY OFFENSIVE AND RACIST! I AM PUERTORICAN, BUT I'M AMERICAN AS WELL, THIS HORRIBLE PERSON WORKS IN A PLACE THAT'S FULL OF PEOPLFROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! HOW DARE HE SPEAK WITH SUCH HATRED AND INSULTING WAY! IF THAT'S WHAT THE MANAGEMENT HIRES FOR EMPLOYEES, WELL I DON'T NEED TO BE GOING THERE TO BE TREATED LIKE AN ANIMAL! I WILL MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ANYBODY ELSE! BE ADVISED! THANKS

Chelsey Naum

The guava cheesecake was absolutely outstanding. Loved it so much!

Kevin Quinitchett

Amazing place, I started coming here right after they open. The food is delicious and the drinks selection is great. Good stuff all around. I'll be back for sure. It's a must try!

Elcana Lima

Everything was amazing. Great service, delicious food! Alicia was very helpful with all our questions. Can't wait to come back!

Candice Samuelson

So delicious, love a good bakery, they're fantastic here

Sarah Despeissis

if you want a good cuban coffee and pastries, this is the place. Be prepared to wait some minutes to be served: the place is always full (this gives you an idea of how good it is). They also have a restaurant. Ample parking and good attention.

Tony Moya

Quality if food and pastries has really gone down better Cuban food and pastries in many other places

Krystal Turner

I felt like a kid in a candy store for the first time. I’ve never had Cuban pastries and wanted to try every appetizing things! I bought the tuna wrap, a cannoli, a square with powdered sugar on top (I didn’t like this one too much). The apple tart was amazing! The chicken soup was good too. I ordered that from the restaurant on the other side.

Natalie L

The cakes in here are absolutely delicious! And the staff are so friendly and helpful! Good prices. Great place!

Satadru Pramanik

So this was on our route to Key West, and after dinner next door we stocked up on desserts. So keep in mind my commentary is limited to eating food which survived a two hour drive, and mostly sat in a refrigerator for a night afterwards. The Flan is to die for. The Key Lime Pie was better than the Key Lime Pie we had in Key West. The Tres Leches Cake is gone. Why is the Tres Leches Cake gone?

Ariel Ho

This place doesn't need anymore good reviews, they taste amazing! But Juan C was very kind and helpful and I wanted to give him a shout out!! We didn't wait long even w the line and everything I nibbled from my family's plates was delicious! Try the ox tail!

Ericka S

One of my favorite Miami Bakeries! The Cuban sandwhich, the cafecito and pastelitos are to die for. Plenty of other choices based on your taste palette. Ample parking and a great place to ppl watch!

Logan Miller

I was excited to go to Versailles Cuban Bakery but visited the facility Thursday afternoon and ended up walking out empty handed. A friend and I walked in and were not greeted. That’s ok, we’ll seat ourselves. After a few awkward minutes of being passed by staff several times and remaining un-greeted, I thought, “We probably should have ordered at the pastry case before we sat down.” I went to the case and stood there for a few minutes. There was a surprisingly large staff in the little facility. I waved my hand up at a couple of them at different times, but they were zooming around and no one stopped. Finally, I went to the register thinking maybe the girl planted there would be of assistance. She wasn’t helping anyone at the time but motioned for me to step aside, waved a man over from the adjacent counter, and checked him out! Maybe I was a bit hasty in assuming the worst of their customer service, but that was it for me. The second star because the food looked phenomenal. I just wasn’t able to buy any.

Jen Cochenour

Very good service and food. Prices affordable. We waited about 10 min at 2pm on a friday. Will always return.

Anastacia Jiang

The food was amazing! Such a great experience.

Shruti Bhutada

Had the Cuban cafe Cortada evaporata. Best.thing.ever. Literally everything we randomly picked up tasted like a piece of heaven and that can’t be all good luck. The pastry with guava jam and cream cheese, and the creama, the napoletan were absolutely delicious. The coffee was out of this world. The place looks like it hasn’t changed in ages and the servers mostly don’t speak English. It was a surreal experience.

Dariel Ona Verde

Very good place for cuban and latin food.

Thomas Wheeler

nice place, Service was quick, our waitress was very pleasant and the food was good. Great place for late night dining after the theater

Google Account

Best Tres Leches cake in the world. A must stop even more than the restaurant, you can even get a cubano sandwich here! It like $5.75 wow! I loved this spot so much, the best of Miami.

Johnny Watson

Love this place. They have a wide variety of unique desserts from around the world. Always something new to try. Friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere. I like this place so much , it's absolutely one of the best places in the town.

John Smith

i went to this place to buy cake for my mother's birthday. I was so delighted to visit this amazing place. They don't only provide with a variety in menu , but also their food tastes so good. When i took a cake for my mom from this place , i got a blueberry cake. My mom was so happy with the cake. and i would say thanks to the Versailles Cuban Bakery for making my mom's day. I absolutely love this place.

Chester Bullard

Excellent food and service! Was traveling and knew I would be stopping before I flew out. Didn’t disappoint!

Mario Perez

This is a Miami Institution! If you've never eaten Cuban food before this is THE spot to start with. A good variety of cuban cuisine with breakfast, lunch, and dinner available. They also have a bakery attached that provides for a quick bite. Recommendations: Picadillo con arroz y frijoles negros (Ground Beef, rice and black beans) Vaca Frita (Fried Skirt steak) Croquettas de jamon (ham croquettes)

Csilla Fodor

Place is clean and has a nice atmosphere. Staff here were very nice quick and understanding. The food was great. We ordered 3 pastries and a coffee and it was $10 which is a great price. The quality was also really great too. Wasn’t too sweet but still so sweet that you were to able to eat the whole thing and still wanting for more. Also they weren’t sorry for the filling, which I like because lots of places like to be cheap and that shows on the pastries, but this place doesn’t which I really appreciate. I do recommend this place and I would also come back here again.

Rosa Haupt

Horrible service, attendants are stressed out I think causing them to be rude or that's their Cuban way of being & argued with customers about special requests as extra sugar or if ask for salt for potatoes, they didn't have any salt. Manager too busy chit chatting with the employees to notice customers waiting. Total Cuban rudeness. Never going back. Place is over priced anyway

Joshua Springer

Love this place. Really nice place to eat. Everything was amazing. Great service.

Jason Calhum

Wonderful variety of desserts, Service was great too...

Paula Bezark

It was kind of hectic and hard to tell what all the menu items are if you're not familiar with Cuban food, but everything tasted good!

Ricardo Calderón

Super cool Cuban restaurant. This place is a popular hot spot in Miami. The food is great, as well as the staff and atmosphere. I recommend you bring a Spanish-speaking friend here in case you don't know any Spanish because you'll have trouble figuring out the menu! I definitely recommend them.

Ruth Miller

So yummy!! My daughter and I bought a chocolate and white cupcake and a chocolate brownie. They were all very delicious and so pretty!! They had edible glitter on them and my daughter thought she was a princess eating her cupcakes, and they tasted just as good! We will he back! Highly recommended!!


A must visit in Miami's Little Havana for tourists and locals alike! Love their food and atmosphere. A real treat for anyone looking to get in touch with their Cuban side and enjoy some delicious food and cultural history, where Cubans have faithfully met for years hoping for peace after the beginning of the political turmoil resulting from the Castro regime.

Daniel Marti

Much better place now! New curtains, bread portions are OK now, thank you! The food and service as always EXCELLENT! Bread toast in syrup (torreja) amazing!

Mark Satterfield

From what I understand Versailles is an "old Miami" eatery and bakery. I would describe the food as "Cuban deli" food. Service is very friendly... But be prepared! If you do not speak Spanish I'd recommend bringing a Latin friend to help you navigate the menu for your first visit! The staff and hosts are friendly.

Noemi Vega

Very vibrant place with friendly staff and fast service. I got the guava Cuban pastry and the spinach with cheese quiche. The pastry was well baked with enough guava to satisfy my appetite. Excellent cafe Cubano, sweet and smooth. I enjoyed a relaxing Sunday afternoon at Versailles.

Terriell Flanagan

My absolute favorite place to eat on the east coast fast great food great prices

Rhonda Johnson

Great customer service, my water cup is always full & food was out of this world! Thank You

Gary Jaggernauth

Although the restaurant was very full, the wait was short and the host Gary was excellent. Food (we had Churrasco and Paella) arrived in reasonable time and was very good. My guest visiting Miami for the first time enjoyed it very much. Thanks for making it a memorable dining experience!

Danni P

Everything here is delicious! They're open late nights and have a separate bakery as well to eat at. Their croquettes (especially the ham and cheese) are AMAZING!!!!

Brandon Nova

The enchiladas here are amazing 5/5, cuban coffee 6/5, best coffee ever, cuban sandwich 4/5 it had way too much meat in my opinion it was overload.

Armando Brana

Real bad experience tonight. I had dinner with family and friends at the restaurant and then we went to the bakery. The bakery closes ar 1 AM. At exactly 1AM, the manager, Leticia, stood by the table we were seating and announced loudly in Spanish while holding a tray "We are closed now. Can I clear your table?". I was shocked in disbelief. This had never ever happened to me before. She was extremely rude. Not the kind of people that should work with the public. Spoiled the night for everyone.


I have only tried the flan but it was AMAZING! I highly recommend getting a flan here. I have tasted many flans and I have never tasted such an amazing flan. The consistency was great and the flavor was perfect and milky.

Aravind Parappil

Great environment and good food for reasonable prices

Zeljko Dakic

This place is amazing. We came to visit it on our way to airport. A large number of positive reviews suggested that we should check it out. Everything other reviews are saying is true. We had cortadito and cuban sandwich, senorita cookie, my kids had ice cream later. Everything was awesome and check was 24 bucks or so. Everyone was smiling, they are kind of easy going. Old fashioned feel. We loved it and I will make sure we come back every time we are in Miami.

Kris Jordon

Delicious buns, donuts, and pastries.The perfect place to quench the sweet cravings.I'm absolutely in love with this place. Their things have a perfect amount of sweetness, neither too much nor too less, an accurate level.I truly love their caramel donut.It's the best!

Meredith Botner

Best cuban food i’ve ever had. great atmosphere, great service! highly recommend

Jeff H

This place is always my frist stop when going to Miami. There empanada are ridiculous.

Terence Williams

We had a very late lunch on the restaurant portion on Christmas day. The food was outstanding as was the service. Highly recommend

Kyle Reinfried

If you guys follow me on yelp or insta or Twitter or wherever, you'll see I find about most places from tv or movies. Versailles is showcased in the masterful film Chef. Chef is the reason for many things in my life, most notably my cross country road trip and the birth of my podcast, Foodie Films. I've been to Miami twice and made sure to stop at Versailles both times. I've gotten the cubano, yucca frita, and upon my last visit, their ceviche.

Patrick Röllin

The food was very good. However, the personal was very grumpy and rude.

Frank Ohh

Hands down the absolute BEST bakery I've ever been too! I lived in Puerto Rico and although this is Cuban the pastries are so much better here and super affordable! Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lisa McMahon

I felt like I was a foreigner in a most delicious land. Lovely.


The location look very old and Not that clean. We just tasted the ‘colada’ but was extremely sweet we didn’t even taste the coffe flavor.

Tommy Duque

Great Cuban classics. A little over rated as you can find the same or better Cuban food at more local bakery’s and cafeterias, but worth the stop for tourists!

Agnaldo de Castro

Decent. I know this place is very famous and people come from all over to eat there, but when I compare it to Porto's, a Cuban bakery in Glendale, California, it falls way short. But as far as Cuban bakeries in Miami, this one is one of the best!

Jan P.

Lovely place. Super busy for a reason

Arcadio Garcia

Best pastries in town mmmmm pastelitos

Okello Carter

This was a life-altering experience. Not even a question, one of the best meals I've ever had ANYWHERE. Service was absolutely perfect. The mojitos were flavorful, yet strong, and easily the best I've experienced to date. Stop wasting your time reading this and go change your life.

Sergio Arriaga

Delicious guava pie and cortadito

Scott Clobes

This is the closest to authentic Cuban food as you can get without actually being in Cuba. I made sure to eat here every day before my vacation was over. The Cuban sandwich is incredible! And they also have an all you can eat buffet for breakfast.

Gloria Nelson

Each and Everything was amazing. Great service, delicious food

Ana Martin-Osle

Super crowded as always, but the wait was less than 10 minutes to get a table. Service was quick, our waitress was very pleasant and the food was good. Great place for late night dining after the theater, a concert or party, opened until 3 a.m. weekends. It's definitely Miami's favorite gathering place!

Olga Moran

Great food and prices.

Shimon Akad

An amazing place. We had a little of many things that were excellent. The best were the mini cakes, tiramisou, chocolate or nougat, all fantastic. We also has lunch. Salmon and two types of chicken were very good, yellow rice and black rice fantastic as well. Salads were middlish. Have returned there which means everything.

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