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REVIEWS OF Tainos Bakery & Deli IN Florida

Mahari Marzan

They were super busy but organized. The food tasted really really good. Only thing, I ordered a side item and I asked about it when it was not in the bag. She pulled the receipt and said it wasn't rung up. She wanted me to return to the line to re order. The LONG line. I stopped on the way out of town since I live in South Carolina and was already late leaving. I just thought that could of been handled better I wasn't looking for freebies but for what I ordered.


Fantastic food at very reasonable prices. I visit Tainos Bakerycat least once a week. Joey V says, "Check it out".

Jen Riv

Food is authentic Puerto Rican flavors. Call ahead during rush hour cause it gets very packed.

Emily cruz

The food it's great. Good prices...


Great place! Good food and cheap prices!

Don't know 000000000

Awesome place to come for puerto rican cuisine prices are reasonable and places very enjoyable

Renan Bonilla

In one word, Excellent! I love the Mallorca Bread sandwich. The first time I went in I felt back in Puerto Rico, the staff is so friendly and welcoming too! This became my favorite spot for sure!

Juan Lopez

The best Puerto Rican bakery in Orlando

Agapito Gonzalez

Puerto Rican style bakery nice friendly place, and overall good sandwiches.

Solmarie Quiñones

Love it because it has Puerto Rican food

Jeshica Martinez

If you are looking for a Latin bakery....this is it! They have everything...their Mayorca's are the bomb. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit for your food...but it's worth the wait specially if you know that is going to be fresh!

Michelle Davila

Real Puertorrican spot...great food and cheap prices ...I'm from Miami so it was nice to actually try this place. Service was great!

Stephanie Muse

What a beautiful little hidden treasure. If you want an affordable delicious meal in a bright friendly environment stop here. Excellent! Great coffee too!

Roberto Borrero

I felt at home. They had all the good breakfast and sandwiches that I normally have back home (Puerto Ric). Bizcochitos, pan sobao, PR. Coffee

Danielle Salgado

The employees were in great moods and very polite. The food was DELICIOUS! The desserts are AMAZING!

Eliu Garcia

Service very good. Food outstanding.


This is a authentic Puerto Rican bakery, and the prices and food are great!

Vilmarie Torres

Tainos Bakery remind me Puerto Rico's bakery. Great services and delicious food.

Ada E. Vazquez

Not impressed, I had a ham and cheese sandwich and the bread was old, hard and barely any mayo as requested. One of the trash bins was over flowing, it was full, the sitting area where the trash bin was, that's where we had to sit and my husband cleaned himself. The Mayorca was old, very hard, too. We wanted to give it a chance, the coffee was so strong that even with sugar didn't taste good. I only had half of it. Maybe it was the wrong time (Sunday 10:30am), we will try the one in Kissimmee

Robert Guerrero

Lot of variety, good food, ample portions

rocio mercado

Awesome food great music/ and great environment!

Beach Gerl

Love having the maize arena in the morning here. It's so warm and comforting. Staff is friendly food is consistent and well priced.

Michael Haddock

Puerto Rican food and bakery. Come here to get a taste of the island.

Exxtra Power

It's a great place for anyone but predominantly Latin people congregates here. I didn't like the chicken empanadas (it wasn't seasoned teased like boiled chicken). Pastries are delicious

Pedro Villalón

Good food at a good price.

Hernandez Rosa Home

Its has changed since my last visit. Its bigger with much larger variety.

Carlos Ortiz

Very good food and resonable prices.

Oscar Monzon

friendly service, good food, good price, and clean place.

Wanda Marrero

They make the best sandwiches.. love it.


I've been visiting these guys since they had their little location. They are amazing! My fiance and I have made it a tradition to come at least once a week. They have hot food for lunch, breakfast all day and pastries displayed so good it makes you want to buy them all. Their drink selection is very diverse and they serve Bustelo coffee, I think. The ladies at the register are always smiling. They take their time to make sure your order is correct and suggest and upsell accordingly. They even read back the order to the customers! They look very well, clean and professional. The kitchen cooks everything fresh, and they're always busy when we go, so it takes a while. Specially on deep-fried foods. We usually come for breakfast though. They make the best breakfast sandwiches! I get eggs, ham, cheese, mayo and butter. Simple yet so good. If you're looking for a Hispanic oriented cafeteria in the area, there's no better place, and the prices are budget friendly.

Gisel Silva

We love it!!!! my husband took me there... thursday, friday saturday and sunday, because the food is great, excellent service and the deserts are...... Amazing!!!!

Kelly Vergara

This place is amazing and worth the short wait

Ed Santos

Que descepcion, este es el problema de los negocios pequeños cuando expanden..... la calidad baja, ordene el sándwich taíno las carnes secas el Pernil habían pedazos que era como morder un hueso las papitas adentro de sándwich viejas, la yuca frita seca que desastre. What a colossal disappointment this is what happens when Small Biz or Mom n Pop shops get bigger other cooks come in the kitchen the the quality drops this is not the same restaurant I left when it was on the other side of the plaza some 5 or more years ago. I ordered the house sandwich the meats were dry the pork had parts that felt I bit a bone I had to spit out the mini fries in the sandwich were STALE among other things like the cheese danish I just can not believe what we ate the only thing great was the Coffee at least to swallow my anger.

Rosemarie Sanchez

Ordered a pernil sandwich, a platter of rice, beans and pernil and a Taino's special sandwich. The food was excellent, the sandwiches are big and have great prices. I also ordered a question, mallorca and merengue, all delicious. Will absolutely be back! Very delicious.

Lįnda Rosę

Good food, sandwiches on point. Friendly people working there. 100% recommended

vilmary vargas

Awesome bakery with puertorican sweets and good breakfast! Very clean & spacious place. Highly recommend!

Ciara Jimenez

Friendly and helpful staff. delicious food. Don't be intimidated by the long line this people are fast. Stay blessed!

Dallas Suarez

Food is great! They have remodeled the the restaurant they've added tables and chairs chairs and now you can actually come out without having to smell like a kitchen they fix this kitchen smell that they had in the front of the store.. I really enjoyed my visit days ago.

Omayra Sola

The food is good and tasty, Latin flavor. Great prices.less than $10 you get a lunch and drink. Friendly staff, clean. I really recommend this place

Doug M.

Found this little gem on accident. Walked in and you could just tell the food was going to be amazing. Food was absolutely amazing. Price was perfect, very affordable. The staff all speak Spanish so I'll need to brush up on mine next time I go. Check them out and you won't be disappointed. Thank me later

hugo jimenez

Better Latin sandwiches in town, friendly people and good ambient...

John Cintron

For many years, always pass by the place but never entered. Yesterday my first day. Their pasteries are out of this world. Fresh, delicious, and the place is super clean. Customer service AAA. Went back again today tried more goodies. Only one regret; should have gone there years ago.

David Roman

Wide variety of food entrees starting from breakfast to dinner.

Logan Witt

Disorganized, didn’t have order ready after pre ordering. Had to wait 35 minutes. They did not compensate us. The food is pretty good. Fun atmosphere.

Aydee Berrios

Great service, food is provided quickly with great service.

lizzette garay

The food and cleanliness is great but they always manage to get something wrong with my order. They do however, fix the issue right away and get me my order the way I wanted. Just small attention to detail and it would have 5 stars from me.

David Hernandez

Love the food...great people friendly...good price..I came from Cleveland oh I can't wait to come back to visit

Keila Orellano

Is like being home in the island. The food is just amazing and fresh the service is amazing. Great prices when I was in Fl I visited every day a must

Danielle Wilson

I had a craving for a sandwich and fries and ran across Tainos. First of all.. I judge any restaurant by their fries, and on that alone the pass with flying colors! They were so good! Perfectly seasoned and crispy yet soft in the middle

Nicole Mengana

Amazing food

Christian Villarreal

Great food at a great price. You will not be disappointed

Shirley Rivera

Wow! Best mallorca sandwich ever!

Walesca Montalvo

I have visited tainos for many years, and I love the quesitos, too.

Carla Gisel Melendez

Love it! Home away from home!

Ismael J Mendez

Great affordable Latin food and bakery. The place very clean as well.

Hannah Robinson

I've lived in Orlando my whole life and once I stumbled in to this place, I was hooked. They have amazing strong coffees and great sandwiches.

Elegance Hair Salon Orlando

The food is very good, the place is always clean and the service is excellent. I recommend it.!!!

Raymond Aguirre

The girl at the cash register it with outstanding in her service. The food was great and the Wait was not long. Carry on guys.

Cynthia Tavera

The food here is amazing & authentic Puerto Rican food. If you are around this area you should come & check this place out. You will not regret it. It’s like taking a trip to the island which each bite.

William Centeno

Slow service had to order my things 3 times because they kept handing me partial orders 45min wait bread with butter 3 empanadas and a mofongo all given to me separately because they kept forgetting what was ordered. They lost my business

Lorena Negron

Delicious food! Very friendly staff!

Johnnier Dilan

Best Puertorican restaurant in Orlando. They got everything from PR even limbers

Nez Chula

This restaurant would make me move to Orlando just for the food !!!!!!!! Friendly super friendly service, absolutely delicious food especially if you love Puerto Rican food as much as I do !!!!!!! Properly seasoned food, good sized portions... Breakfast, lunch, and so many delicious treats!!! I love Tainos

Gertrude Lewis

We came for the princess cake. It wasn't very good. The fondant wasn't good. Cake was moist but we didn't finish it.

Myrian Rodriguez

Great food and great service. Will come back again.

Paul Sternschein

Nice staff, family atmosphere, ample food.

Wolfgang's Mom

The food was good, no one who worked there spoke English. I wanted to know some ingredients, as my son has food allergies. Where I don't expect them to know Mandarin, some basic English would be great. What if there was an emergency with having an allergic reaction, and they don't understand. Sorry, but not returning.

Davita Dialysis

Been here twice, service and food is excellent!

Eliza Lugo

Love their sandwiches, they are fast, breakfast are delicious and lunches are really good. Good prices and friendly staff.

Jaime B

Must visit you WILL fall in love.

Rachel Torres

I gave my order. They wrote it down and still forgot items. The cashier was great but they missed it when giving me my order. My breakfast was warm not hot. Little disappointed

J.C Randomness

The food there is great they're expanding is good to see them grow. The only thing I do not like their 3s leche cake they need a better one

James K

I only purchased items from their bakery, but all of the items were extremely fresh and well made. All of the items were very delicious.

Marisol Hernandez

Unfortunately was disappointed with cremitas from Taino. Cornmeal could have been eating with a straw; it was that runny. And oatmeal was super sweet. However for the first time had sandwich of mayorca and it was delish. So mixed reviews but overall ok.

Pamela Polsunas

This place makes the best sandwiches from breakfast and more. Cuban & Tripleta are the best!!! All good.

Maria Torres

Great coffee and food. The employee are very nice and fast service.

Michel Trumbach

Great service, great food. Accomadaded my unique breakfast eating

Emanuel Santos

Excellent food at reasonable prices. Good service.

Manuel Rabell

This place has awesome food all way around. It reminds me of My town food everytime we go eat, and the "limbers" are to die for...

Catalina Torres

The pastries and breads are amazing! And the food it's phenomenal!

Hector Pabon

Good Puerto Rican food.

Min HoE

Clean. Good food and good prices

Vanessa Giaccone

Absolutely love this place. Found them years ago. I feel back in Puerto Rico when I walk in. The music playing and their friendly staff, truly amazing. The avena is da bomb!!!! Y el café con leche.., brutal

Erika Mary

Excellent food excellent service love this place

Juni Baez

The place got bigger , have 2 sections, one for sandwiches and specialties, for treats ! The other side of the restaurant has a little buffet which make it accessible for a quick bite, this is my fave place to eat MOFONGO ! The service is above and beyond !

Tomas Ramos

Quick and easy to order place to sit down and eat food tastes great

Elizabeth Capellán

This place is a piece of the Caribbean how many flavor in one place, very delicious food and very clean the place I love this place.

Rodrigo Benavides

What a disappointing place! was ok, don't go to this place too often but I think they were better before. Servers are rude and pushy, could be a little cleaner; seems it got more space so it needs to make more money that way. A NO come back on my list

Brian Clincy

The food was great, I don't speak Spanish so the staff seemed to not want to help me figure out what something was, or break down of the menu. But overall it was okay until they get better with the English side of speaking I'm not sure if their food is good enough for me to come back without a Spanish speaking friend.

Emmanuel Buisson

Great food that is super authentic. Whether you want a quick sandwich or a lunch/dinner platter, this is a really good choice for Latin Food in Orlando

Luis J Martinez

Awesome... hood food and excellent service. The place is clean and inviting.

Ashley Leon

Amazing! Very authentic, transports you right back to paradise.

Esther Santiago

I always stop by every time my mom has an appointment., no complain until yesterday. The sandwiches were nasty. I even was very sick all afternoon. My mom couldn't eat the whole sandwich. Hope is better next time. We will give them a second chance.

Loren Canta

Great variety of food from the latin culture.

Nela Rivas

Great food, fast service, friendly staff.

Ivan Silva

Everything is great, service, food, deserts and it is very clean even the bathrooms are clean and also the cookers have gloves in their hands. I spoke with the owner yesterday and she is a very nice and friendly person by the way I let her know that she got a great waitress. love love love this place!!!

Nitza Bravo

Strong coffee, awesome sandwiches the place had been renovated and it looks great. You might have to wait a little bit but it's worth it. The Taino Special is delicious and it comes with a side. Love this place highly recommend!

Joshua Negron

Good Food. Great Flavors!

Jeanette Kelly

Amazing food! Real Puerto Rican cuisine. Reminds me of my childhood.

Janelle Baltrym

Delicious Spanish food. Nice friendly environment. We even met a Voice Contestant the morning we were there!

Enrique Benitez

Always appetising! Great mom n pop feel.. like grama cooked it!

Lucy Sternschein

Great food and outstanding service. Staff is very courteous.

margie speros

Best mofongo I've ever had, good price and portion.

Ana De Jesús

Love Tainos Bakery! Best food and service!!

Elizabeth Musses

Fresh daily deserts, food made to order. Wide variety of food to choose from.

Carlos Garcia

Great place to be. Food is excellent.

Jorge Ramirez

First time coming here bc I live couple mins away from it. Parking lot was semi full when we pulled in which means lots of people which is always a good sign. Got the taino special with fries and it was great. The super breakfast was big portion as well. Price is good too and they have alot of selection. Didnt tried the bakery but it looked good too. Will be coming back and trying different plates.

Susan Stesney

Shared with friends and family already. Clean and decorated for the Holidays in good taste. Beautiful to see families meet up and such a lovely culture outing....with incredible Pastry breads Cafe

Annette Estrada

Drove down from NYC and wanted a cake for our daughter's bday and took a chance on this place. Cake was amazing! Food was absolutely delicious and staff are so friendly. Thank you!

Maria Rodriguez

Great food at a great price.

Jeffrey Velazquez

Omg, So many choices

MIvette Alicea

Great Food!...rated 4

Jesus Toledo

Fresh food, great variety and taste. It is always packed but they are well staffed and have great service. Delicious food and very reasonable prices.

Daniel Morales

A taste of home! Great atmosphere. Plenty of seating and televisions. Great, happy customer service. Coffee and quesitos were delicious and very reasonably priced. By far the best surprise was the mallorcas. Wow. ENORMOUS. But don't be stingy, they are large but you will need to buy all you can because everyone who tries a piece will want to finish their own mallorca! Buenisimo! Cuídense y buena suerte!

Osvaldo Maisonet

Best food good prices

Annie Rosa

There is absolutely NOTHING negative to say about this place! Great food, great prices, great portions, excellent food presentation, excellent customer service and very clean place. Will definitely come here again!

mildred vargas

Service is good services fast however some Of the people that work in the register are in a rush and have no patience on people who are ordering

Jeyna Merced-Nieves

It went down, they did some changes and everything went up in price. So its ok

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