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This Bakery corresponds to the category of Puerto Rican restaurant.

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Sandra Tavarez

Every time we are in Kissimmee we HAVE to stop here because the food is so good! The food is authentic Puerto Rican food served with love. The desserts are amazing too! Just looking at the dessert case will make your mouth water. I usually take a box of assorted desserts home. My only complaint is they are sometimes slow to get your food cooked and to you and their dining room could be better.

Jon Rodriguez

Fuego Spanish Puerto Rican food spot. Tastes like real Puerto Rican food. Will not be disappointed. Also very affordable. Customer service is also on point. Come have some awesome food. This is the Puerto Rican food you have been looking for!

Michael Carlson

Absolutely delicious. Proper portions and fair prices. The cooking is exceptional and the bakery legit. Traditional Puerto Rican food.

john ortiz

We arrived and there was no one waiting in line. We ordered 3 sandwiches and it took 40 minutes to get the order, I feel it would have taken longer if I had not gotten up to ask about it. The staff behind the counter seem to be more intrested in their own conversations rather than taking care of the customers. The sandwiches were terrible. 1st they forgot to put lettuce in the sandwich and then I regret asking for the lettuce because half of it was brown And old. Then I said let's try this again so I got up again and I decided to order some pastries. The lady took my order And went over to the side and started chit chatting again with their fellow employees while my order was in her hands. I will never be returning to this place again.

Maye C

They did the catering for my husband's retirement party. The food was amazing!! Everybody loved the food!!! The cake was out of this world.

Victor Ruiz

Incredibly fast service, great food choices and the employees seemed very happy

Ismael Lopez

Very special people. Super delicious and fresh food

Tanya Dupuy

It was amazing! They were super friendly. We got an overwhelming amount of food and it was still a decent price. Super fresh pastries and tender steak.

xavier guzman

great food, awesome fresh bread, great Puerto Rican coffee. service a little slow at times

Jayson Rosa Rivera

Service is slow sometimes but overall very good especially the sweet bread, better than most places.

Wilfredo Santos

Love the bread and the food is great

Victor Lampon

The best place in the area good service good food and the best prices

Frank Merino

Good food but not staffed properly. The wait is to long .

Carlos Arroyo

The worst service. I placed an order on the phone and when I get there they didn’t even took my order and i was waiting for more than an hour ended up leaving without eating

Solimar Jimenez

Good food and average quality service.

Ana Lobo

Food is so good, the bread is amazing. I highly recomend this place.


Can be slow but the food is good and the prices are right. Edit 2 stars from 4- 8/10/2017 Had to wait 40 minutes for a sandwich. Staff is too consumed processing orders on the computer that they don't have enough people on food prep. Don't bother going if you are on a time cruch.

lillian ferrer

I love the place but is getting nest and dirty

Melissa Figueroa

I've been going here for years love the food here and the prices are good also.

Jasmin Gomez Lema

Awesome.... The girls are wonderful and food is tasty ..... Good prices and clean.


If I could give NO stars I would .. I called to ask a question about their baked goods - someone answered- I proceeded to ask my question- the person answered back - no English and hung up. Highly unprofessional. Couldn’t they have directly me to some who did speak English?! Rude rude rude

Edwin Garcia

Good food & prices

Karell Hernandez

David Roque poor profesional with those are not from company, i was asking for single price of an item and he send me to the web site to check the price, I tried to buy more than one item but he never give me the attention or time so I end buying just one,not recommended

Helechay M

The birthday cakes are amazing! I love the bread also, they have fresh squeeze orange juice!

Elizabeth Marti

Went to eat here for the first time. Ordered some empanadas etc. Then ordered a churascoz waited 30 minutes for the churrasco because the order was put in incorrectly. An order was done for supposedly someone else for a churasco and when they realized the mistake, they took back the churasco sitting on the counter and then gave it to me. This was, all along my order. Was it worth waiting 30 minutes while I had a bag full of empanadas etc. Absolutely not. Will I go back? Not sure. Could they have given me something like a small dessert as a good gesture for the inconvenience of waiting 30 minutes for my food at a fast food place? Absolutely YES. Did they? Absolutely NO.

Karla Rivera

I love there food but there service needs work, they never answer the phone and when they do you place the order and your still having to wait 30 to 45 minutes for your order and once you are there it is not organized, I saw a lady wait 10 minutes after getting her food just so someone could get her drinks she asked 2 different people... Food I give it 5 stars, service on the other hand gets about 2 stars.

Jaz R

Always a good idea to call and order ahead. You get to skip the line and be in and out instead of waiting I'm a long line, especially during breakfast and lunch times.

Jo Rutherford

FABULOUS! $60 4 people ate breakfast and then took out pastries and sandwiches for 2 additional meals later in the day. Large cappuccino topped with whipped cream and cinnamon is amazing.

julio ausua

Awesome food but poor service...

Ramon Marrero

Super slow.

Miguel Ojeda Jr.

Yea, it's in the industrial park next to Imeca headwear store. Authentic latin cuisine. It's all here. I got a #2 Bitec plate with a Kola champayne for $8. They give a genouros portion, enough to eat half now and save the rest for later. Ill be back for the pastries another day. Somehow there was no line yet I found myself waiting 5 mins to be tended too(everybody was busy?)... No bueno pero la food was great and worth the tiny wait. Great people, 5 stars!

Yanitza Cotto-Santiago

Food and ambience is amazing would definitely recommend this place

Erick Martin Sucre

I love this place. I usualy get the oatmeal and a Borinquen Sandwish every Friday

Yelanie Davila

I hate to give it 1 star but the wait is crazy 45 min to get 2 sandwich there is literally 10 people in here. The owner need to invest in a new system. It's not working what he has in placed now.


Delicious great price

Frank Velazquez

They are too expensive and they serve on plastic stencil and foam plate and not too Pleasant to eat and then they charge you 4% if you pay for it credit card and if you don't check your bill you might pay more what you're paying for

Enilec Ro

the experience I had tonight at this place they lost me as customer , the woman behind the counter didn’t even acknowledge the fact that I was standing there waiting for her to take my order and when she finally took my order she was so rude . She slammed my order on the counter and then when I signed my receipt she threw my card at me , I still smiled and said thank you and she completely ignored me and walked away . They seriously need to teach them ladies about basic respect & customer service which they lack. I’m pretty sure they teach you how to say please and thank you as a child but

Francisco Joel Alvarez

Food quality and freshness is good, but their customer service needs to improve. We asked the servers several questions about the establishment, as we were coming in for the first time. Their body language and answers made us feel as if they were only interested in completing the transaction. Left us with mixed feelings about the place.

Daniel is cool

Good place, too much people when i came though but it varies

Ramon Chanza

The pastery are great and Big Sandwiches ..but the regular food menu is a (4) and that's to much..


Took 40 minutes to make the ham and cheese sandwich.... no thx i rather go to Melao Bakery

Gabriel Navarro

Love the food but the service is a bit slow. But i would recommend it. Delicious desserts

marjorie quinones

Food was not as good as it used to be...

Beba Sanchez

They need to make sandwiches better need fresh lettuces and finely chopped ingredients

Ray Mercado

Thnk u very much for the outstanding pizza my brother and I had at ur restaurant. Thnksagain and God bless.

Behh Ome

I love this spot. Just a little slow on getting a sandwich but besides that food is good

Lynn Cruz

Wonderful place great customer service great food and dessert

jose becerra

To slow in the service, good prices, nice location. Only three kind of breakfasts.


Very good food at reasonable prices. Authentic Puerto Rican place. Loved the mondongo.

Dari Rosa

Great food , awesome services, and if you want borinquen food than this is the place to go


Terrible Service. They can't get the order correct. The employees are extremely rude, when paying the employee threw my change on the counter at me. Only been there twice (not by choice) both times it was terrible. I will stick to Piocos.

Erick Estrada

Very good food. Pan sobao is delicious.


Slow service ,lady taking the order does not know how to take orders(sandwches were not done as we ordered them) restroom needs cleaning.we will go somewhere else

Luis Cabrera

I won't say anything, so you can go and eat.

Alex Caraballo

Great service and awesome food.

Lilly Rodz

The pastries omg so tasty and freshly made.

Juan Grau

very good food. but just like any place at lunch time theres a wait. plan for it! great place to eat though. love it

Jaime Matos

Get their $3.99 special (rice/beans/chicken). Also they sell great cakes.

Monique De Jesus

Its ok if your in a rush not bad

Sergio Prieto

Food and service is awesome

GwenAndEric Black

Loved there breakfast sandwiches the cafe con leche to die for...empanadilla de langosta were full not stingy of filling.

Miguel Gonzalez

Ethnic Latino food restaurant mostly visited by locals, good food and prices.

Wookiee Nookie Mr Wookiee

Absolutely amazing as always. Incredible Spanish food at an affordable price. If you're looking for a taste of Puerto Rico this is the place for you.

Zuleika Gotay

Very disorganized and the food was mediocre!! 0 ⭐️


100 times better than Melao, but they need to expand standing waiting for somewhere to sit to eat is an all day affair.

rene rivera

Me and my girl bought a small chicken soup each which comes with no rice have to pay extra and a little overpriced but boy did it hit the spot. I would give it a 5 if it wasn't for...

Nataly Colman

Waited 30+ minutes for my food and got terrible attitude from the ladies who work there. Awful customer service. When I finally got my food it was because I went up to the counter to ask for it. It was cold and burnt. Huge disappointment.

Barbara Cruz

Got the Mofongo with Pechuga!! So delicious! Dessert selection is awesome. Flavors are fantastic. Will definately be my go to for Spanish Food

Jokaryeli Ventura

This place is one of my favorite in Kissemme hen I visit the south... There food is a delish and always well seasoned!!! Donuts are Awesome and the cubano sandwiches are just mmm!

Abby Pabon

Food is good But to make a simple ham egg and cheese sandwich took 35 minutes they were not that busy and they are unorganized

Aurora Plaza

Very nice variety. Always delicious and fresh. Would like to see more salads and fruits though.

Mando Cancel

Was there in the morning and was treaded very rude she sed I can go somewhere else the other girl twisted her lip like I was a bother I was just trying to get some food no hair nets they lots of costumers but if they keep acting this way costumer will stop coming like me Kissimmee have lots of Spanish restaurant I found Bravo down the street with the same food and a smile

Luis Rivera

The steak sandwich it was awesome the pastrami it was dry no good

Natasha Torres

Amazing food, always fresh, plenty of variety. HORRIBLE SERVICE! Un tremendo falta de training. The wait is always ridiculous, I ordered 2 sandwiches, no one else in line for sandwiches, still had to wait 30+ minutes. Our office can't make office orders, I only get 30 minutes of lunch and when I try to call they always say the phone isn't working... C'mon find a better excuse.

Arthur J Perez-Mendoza

Nice Place. All kinds of Boricua food imaginable. Solid. Great Eatings . People at Restaurant do a great job. Even a Puerto Rican Bakery. Wepa.

Iranna Gonzalez

Me and my husband..Waited 45minutes for me to get my order. I walked in..3:55pm and got my food at 4:40pm...i wanted to dine in..NEED to learn how to communicate with customer if something is wrong so, we can just order something else instead of making them wait extra time because something went wrong. Finally got my 2 orders. They put it in a to go Box..welp might as well leave then..and no silverware...last time..

Steve Moore

Garage door opener tool box

Junior Rosado

The price for the sandwiches are very reasonable and the sandwiches are big. Did not give 5 stars because the Cuban sandwich wasn't made as I ordered it and the premises were a bit dirty.

Carmen Gonzalez

Food is authentic. People always couteous and friendly.

Steven Ramirez

Food is great! By far one of my favorite Puerto Rican spots! The tres Leche is amazing

Suh Aviles

Fresh Quality food great service in English and Spanish

Queen Cobra

I have being 4 times here , I have waited so long in line i end up leaving twice... Today I was here 10:40 am finally order at 10:59, Now is 11:27 and i do not got my food yet terrible waiting time... first time i came with hubby a day in the week and it was like 20 min wait it was not bad... The food taste is great... But very disorganized , to order a single item you will need to wait forever...

Ana Lozada

It is nice place to find puertorrican food! From made to order breakfast to a tasty and flavorful lunch! Tasty flavors, fresh food! It is a nice place for the family!! Definitely coming back!

Rudi Carrasquillo

I live in Broward county when I'm in Orlando this is my goto place for great food and service. Sabor Boriqua

martin rivera

Bad food bad service every time

Edna Davila

Heard about it went out to try....and the shrimp mofogo is delicious....worth the money.

jose ramirez

there bread is always good I went for the oatmeal and I left very disappointed it was watery is like they grinded the oats to cook them faster good flavor but soup like i didn't need a spoon until the end...i will probably still shop there but not for the oatmeal

Michelle Arroyo

This place makes the best shrimp ceviche. Food is always hot and good. If you are picky about the way you eat your eggs make sure that you are very specific as to how you want them cooked. They have a tendency to always make them over hard. They will however make the eggs to your specifications ask you would like.

Jonathan Ruiz

Good food and fast service

Marilyn Torres

Best pastrami sandwiches

MARITZA Plaza-Gomez

Good food and good prices

Angel Tollinchi

Bought a pastrami sandwhich that tasted more like tuna than anything ,also the meat of the patrami was burnt i mean serioulsy. Service was terrible and waited 47 min for one sandwhich .

Evelin Rodriguez

Very good food. People are nice and fast even tho they have rush hours. I’m a regular customer and I recommend this place it’s really good. I recommend the tripletas

Ralph Diaz

Food was great wait was too long for 1 sandwich

Luis Lebron

You want a taste of Puerto Rico look no further. We love to come here because the food is excellent. Love the empanadas de carne, accapuririas, and of course the logo go you have to try if you haven't already.

carmen oliveras

Delicious n not expensive

maria tirado

Best puerto rican food in Kissimmee and resonable prices $

JR Gnz

Really good service and alway a good taste!

Nivea Martinez

Its ok sandwich are good the fried stuff doesn't taste rite it old seem like yesterday and you can tell they dont change the oil that often the pastry are not fresh either my dad had three bad experience i been in the business for 18 years i do back and front of the house they need to get it together the hot food is always good can't complaint about that also they need more customers service skills they could stand to be a little nicer.went there again today found a bone in my sandwhich .

Karen Morales

Loved the quesito. The lovely lady at the checkout counter didn't even get annoyed by my childish wish to pick the one I wanted. That was so sweet of her. Her service was excellent. We ordered 5 sandwiches and they were enormous. Delicious and large portions. A+

Cynful Dame

It feels like the cafeterias in PR and everyone is super friendly

La Diva y La Kikiriki Bff4Ever

Mmmmmmmm ricoooo..!!!

Dario Wallace

This place has decent food at decent prices. I live right next to it so I've been many time. Out of all the girls that work there maybe 3 are nice. The rest either have an attitude all the time or are to busy en el chisme to wait on you or finish your food. The customer service is a joke here...

iliana Rodriguez

Love it, it's just like Home(P.R island )

Shobha Ramsaran

Food is awesome closest to being in Puerto Rico the food is so good

Tiffany Santana

The staff is so rude, the value of the food has gone down. Very dissapointed with this.

Aiden T. Mellon

Not to happy with the service or food here, I asked for them to please replace my food and instead I got an attitude. Will love to try them again but I don't know if it will be worth it since we weren't the only ones complaining and they seem to not care at all.

jasmine firkins

This place is amazing. Friendly workers. Amazing food.

Luis A Rosario

Good place to eat

Camilla Rose

The food is decent nothing out of the ordinary but the service is what makes this place really suck in my opinion I’ve given them 3 visits in 2 years the last visit was today and I was hoping the service was at least better and NOPE

Mireya Cordero

We had the opportunity to go there, excellent food, more than excellent, very good price, I mean inexpensive and good customer service.

Keila Rivera

Excellent place for eat. They have hot line with multiple dishes. Like ropa vieja, soups, sancocho, octopus salad ect. For the hot line I have short wait. But my friend order take 30 minutes because they make they order in the same moment your order. But in general term. Is good place for eat.

Christian Torres

Their food is delicious! I absolutely love their quesitos. Their food is delicious and the price is not bad at all.


We wait 50 mins for 3 cakes they ask us 2 times what we were waiting for and nothing only 2 employees

Angel Carrion

Good place to eat puertorrican food. Sandwishes are awesome. Try the jamon, queso y huevo sandwish in the morning. Godd way to start a day.

Diana Martinez

I have been in lots of Latin restaurant, specially Puerto Rican ones, but this is really legit. Great prices, exquisite food flavors. Will definitely tell all my friends and family to visit. I found this place because I took a wrong turn and got lost. I will get lost more often.

Alvaro Gomez

At first I was calling ahead 20 mins so I can pick up our food. The food would either be made wrong or I would have to wait another 15 mins for food that was called in. After two failed attempts during the week the guys at our shop decided to go directly there and order. We waited 45 mins total time to wait for three sandwiches. All three were made incorrectly to top it off. I asked the lady about my food and quickly I heard the Spanish lady to quickly made this sandwich because they forgot. So now I have to wait longer after being there 30 mins. Two other customers received the same treatment and someone else that called never received her meal either. The ladies behind the counter were very rude and respond very snappy and sarcastic. The guys and myself will never eat here AGAIN. Upon my arrival to the shop we found our sandwiches were again incorrect and we called the restaurant to speak to management and no one responds. POOR SERVICE. If anyone wants good food with no problems DO NOT TRY THIS PLACE!!!!

Abdin Velazquez

Very disorganized and disrespectful employees. They all look like they don't wan't to be there. I've been here multiple times, always there is an issue, from giving me the order wrong, to long lines, to rude staff, to not having available what they advertise. I get it things sell fast and you might not have somethings at a specific moment, but all the time? Also please be consistent on how you want people to order, sometimes you order on one line and pick up somewhere alse, and sometimes everything on the same line. Will definitely wont be back anytime soon. I preffer to drive 20 min more and go to the other hispanic bakery. Sad cause this used to be a great place to eat. Its going downhill very fast, I don't know if they changed owners or they just don't care anymore.

Xiomara Lopez

Amazing food, but Horrible customer service


Very good Puerto Rican cuisine, great pastries, sandwiches and mofongo.

James Fleites

Food is sooooooo good

Luigi Matos

Great food! Great value! Busy in the morning but it's a breakfast place so it's expected!

Robert Rivera

Clean. Friendly staff and great food

Jeanie V.

Excellent service! Everyone was amazing and the food was to die for! Would give more than 5 stars if I could! Keep it up! Muchas Bendiciones amores! Gracias!!

Juan Vasquez

We were visiting in the area and we wanted some Flan. I googled places for flan and this was nearby and had 4 stars. We got there and ordered some flan that we took to go. Once we got back to our destination we ate and the flan was excellent. Next time if we are in they area we will have to try the food.

gilma hernandez

❤❤❤The coffee!!! My family also loves going there for breakfast. It gets the morning rush and sometimes it take a little longer to get your order but its worth it!!!


Went for breakfast today and it was delicious the dessert look so good too

Yida Arocho

I just went for the first time! It was AMAZING!

Elias Leon

Service is real slow. Have to wait like 30 minutes for one simple wrap to be made.


Really nice people working there... i go every morning and all the food is really good. I recommend this place to anyone.

Johnel Caraballo

Highly recommend..wish they rent next door and expand. It can get busy at times and it will make you go somewhere else because of wait

Carmen Olivera

Great customer Service yummy food.

Ileen Colon-Guzman

Food freshly made..cakes delicious.. Prices $$

Manuel Rosa

Good food

Wilfredo Medina

Great place good price very nice people Food is delicious.

Hollie Stephenson

The food here is amazing, best spanish restaurant in Kissimmee. Very busy, line moves fast, and food is made fresh to order. Also has a fresh squeezed orange juice.

Glenda Lee

First time and I looove it!


Food was good but the service was very slow. Had to repeat our order several time to the lady at the register.

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