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REVIEWS OF Moises Bakery Hallandale Beach IN Florida

Sean gonzales

Grub hub said up to 45 minutes but it took 70 minutes. Their webpage said plantains would be included but the lady on the phone said this is what you get for breakfast. The order was placed during breakfast. Not to mention there was a pubic looking hair in the food.

Marvic favier

Best of best Venezuelan food!

philosophical pownage

Would taste out 5 stars but sometimes their empanadas aren't fresh. Other than that this place is great, nice staff and good bread and pastries.

Greg Rosenberg

Moises Bakery in Hallandale Beach is a tiny, but wonderful bakery. The customer area is probably no more than 300-square-feet. The majority of their space is for kitchen use. I was greeted shortly after entering the bakery by their friendly staff. I ordered a loaf of French bread which was $2.50 (I think). It was super fresh and I'm looking forward to trying other items they offer.

Jorge A. Delgado

Great specialty coffees great food and fresh bread and the paistery is amazing.

Danny Quevedo

Love this place.

Alejandro Abreu

Nice place and delicious food.

Alex Medge

I come here all the time . The chef’s hands are truly golden!! The empanadas and cachapas are so good, they will make your taste buds dance. Prices are fair too. This place is truly a gem!!

Xime Fields

Excellent venezuelan and latin food

Ingrid Gonzalez

My favorite Venezuelan cafe con leche and Pan de bono place! They make real arepas.

Rolando Gonzalez

Great bakery

Andrea Gomez Palencia

Good people and food

Nouman Tanveer

My favorite cute little bakery in Hallandale

Gianna Scioscia

The food amazing and the staff very friendly

Claudine Vainrub - EduPlan

Yummy cachitos de Jamon and arepas! Slow service, otherwise I would give it 5 stars

Gabriel Fernandez8ll

Great Venezuelan food..feels like home

Ariana Malpica

It's so pretty inside, I love the sign that says "La Chispa Venezolana". The server was very nice and kind. I had a cafe con leche with a cachito. The cachito tastes exactly as one from Venezuela. The coffee was not bad at all. Next time I will try empanadas and arepas.

Serafin Debesa

Ok clean but a bit expensive for the lack of comfort really do not recommend

Pily Paradela


Matthew Everingham

Oh my goodness the Empanadas were sooooo good! And we also had some delicious Venezuelan drinks!mmmmmmmm! Yum! Also the staff were soooo kind and made us laugh! Highly recommend this hidden gem!

Ana López

Always delicious

diego ng

always a great place!

Wilmer Lozano

Excellent food, really great service... love this place

Korie Agamie

Clean place, desserts looked good so I tried a piece of the Tres Leches. No rum in it at all and not even close to being as good as I've had before.

Julio Quinonez

Is one of the best venezuelan bakery, clean and not expensive at all.

Karla Arzuza

Cachapas are the best!

Ryan Preddie

I really enjoyed the food taste amazing. The employees were very helpful my first time there I don't speak Spanish but they didn't make me feel out of place. They were very polite and showed me all my options. Great little spot to eat at.

Gabriele Ramondini

Great place

Pete Christopher

Authentic Venezuelan empanadas and pastries. The empanadas are absolutely delicious. They're big, basically eat like a meal. And the staff are all very friendly. I love this place.

Juan Carlos Macias

I get Moises bread, what a nice surprise, awesome.

Brian Paul

Visited from Maryland. How I wish I could go back. Prices were so cheap and pastries were so delicious!

Jessica Baumgardner

People are very friendly, food was delicious, Look around before ordering they have a lot to offer.

Marcos Rodriguez

Horrible service. I was left waiting over 20min to find out they forgot to put my order through to the kitchen. It happened to me once before and I wrote it off as a mistake since it was really busy, but this time around I was the only person in there. No excuse, never eating here again.

Alejandro W

The cruzado soup was delicious as well as everything else we tried.

Glenn Hartmann

Picked up Cubans and sweet plantains. Soooooo goooood ! Best Cuban I have had since back from Puerto Rico.

migua m

Lots of items to choose from. Most are very very good

Nicold García

Delicious Food!

J.R. Bertorelli

Usually everything there is perfect. But today they messed up my order and I had to wait my breakfast for too long.

Simon Jose Zaa Ochoa

Good service..!!!

Bill Mace

Great litrlr place to hang out and have a coffee outdoor. Prices continue to rise at Moises though not much else if you want authentic Venezuelan food.

Yerald Velasquez

Good place to buy Venezuelan products


I was very disappointed, I seen the bread in the window from Hallandale Beach Blvd driving by and had a craving for a fresh pastry and OMG I was wrong. :( I got a chocolate oreo cake and a twisted custard or cream pastry, the cake was dry seem like more than a couple day's old the twisted pastry was like a sponge absolutely no crispness what so ever same thing taste like more than a couple days.. I do not understand the food service these days when growing up most all the brakery's and store's would sell the next day what they didn't sell the day before for 1/2 price so they get rid of it fast and alway's had a fresh bread or pastry for sell the next day instead of being a couple days old if they don't sell it today. I know there not the only people that do that and I am very disappointed for it because I value a nice place that offers fresh bread and pastsy baked everyday and sold everyday and do not keep what they do not sell today for tomorrow and the next and so forth.

Brayan Saravia

This is a Venezuelan restaurant made with lots of love and passion, the service is great and the food is delicious. 3 important things to consider, parking can be hard to find on premises, it's a little crampy inside and I find it a little pricey for the level of comfort it offers. Other than that the food is great and resembles the Venezuelan food culture very nicely. Enjoy

Jean Pablo Magnani

Awesome Venezuelan food in here, come a grab a couple of empanadas you won't regret it!

iveka zzz

Good attention, delicious desserts

Carlos Paez

Good assortments of Venezuelan baked goods. I tried the Cachapa and I liked. They a have a few tables outside. One table inside.

Marlene Maria

Food is beyond delicious! I ordered Arepa Reina Pepiada. VERY GOOD TATE!

Jordy Wallz

Nice place, good food.

Mary Gaffaro

The Empanadas were cold, the taste is normal and the coffe is more expensive than Starbucks...i like the cachitos but i can't belive that the coffe is so expensive!

Jose Gabriel Gonzalez


Sherry Caicedo

The best cake every and pastry the coffee is the best.

karloz gutieres

Very good Venezuelan food at affordable prices, this us a bakery, so don't sit down and wait for a staff member come to your table to take your order, order on the cashier, pay and then you sit. The place is nice, clean very attractive atmosphere, staff members are friendly but some times is so crowd that is hard for them to attend all customers. Parking lot is limited and most of the time full. Order on doordash if you dont want to wait Recomiendo este lugar la comida es deliciosa, el servicio al cliente es bueno pero a veces esta muy lleno y la atención cambia. El área de parqueo es limitada. Se puede ordenar por doordash si no quieres esperar.

Joseph Lekach

Staff is over worked. Space is too small. The staff doesn't care about the order of the line... Seems like the loudest and most obnoxious person gets served first.

Maria Elena Rodriguez Silva

Excellent customer service attention. The cruzado was delicious and the coffee the very good taste of the marroncito claro.

Miguel Flores

Good venezuelan food!

Linda Langbroek

Friendly, nice sandwiches, best guava cheese pastries. Always a good choice. Recommend the chicken avocado arepa.

Shannon hayes

The place is very clean and the food is delicious!!!!

Ned Hartman

Excellent bakery & service!!!

Carlos Girlando

Great traditiinal venezuelan informal food


Amazing service, amazing prices

Miriam Mizrahi

i had a tequeno and did not like it, too much dough not enough cheese

Dina Alfonso

Delicious cafe cortadito and pastries are insane.. A must visit kind of place. Great customer service.

Irma Ugarte

Good prices, excellent food

brendan jones

Theres like 5 parking spots total, but the texture and quality of the food was spectacular.

Ximena Llanos

The chocolate croissant and pastries we ordered were very stale and chewy. My croissant was not warmed up when served. Maybe things are better in the morning.

Melissa Andreina

Good option for eat Venezuelan's food. A little expensive.

Nallton Santana

Best Venezuelan food in North Miami area.

Fran O

Good place for venezuelan empanadas


Delicious and good attention

Omar Enrique Mazzei

Awesome empanadas!

maria alejandra yanez bravo

Love the food. But they definitely need more staff Take way to long to serve their costumers

Judith Ghashghaie

Sometime is good sometime is so-so. Depend who is the baker

Alev Art

Great spot for authentic Venezuelan breakfast, coffee and very good service!

Francesca Ciani

Excellent service, wonderful baked goods from places around South American, Clean, good quality

Jenease Sorondo

Best Venezuelan food around!

Nancy Montero

The arepa sandwiches are really good

Alex Kafure

The absolute best chicken empanadas in Hallandale Beach. They also have great lunch specials, as well as tasty pastries. The coffee and fresh squeezed juices are also worth the stop. Try the chicken empanadas, do yourself a favor!

Camel Ocola

Service is good, nice place for pastries.

Jazmin Takacs

Great place. Super clan and great coffee.

Emily Vargas

This is a really good place to find Venezuelan and Latin food, I really like their tastes but the the reason of this 3 stars is because when the pastry gets old, they keep them and small them, I order a coffee and a pastry to go, and I asked if it was fresh they response that they were good and a I took it to my car, when I started eating it in my car without living the place, It was hard and so dry (old) even the marrasquino cherry was dehydrated, I came back in less that 5 minutes for a refund and they try to sell me another one who had less days in the fridge, no way. By the way, the cortadito was super sweet and milky. So they don't know how to make coffee neither.

Thatiana Reid

Best food and customer service and if you are looking for some café con leche best place to get it!


Gorgeous croissants, always stop off to buy them and coffee

Jaime Reynafarje

I love the arepas uhmmm.

Rosario Ortega

Variety and quality. Different European style breads.

Daniel Zalewski

Awesome Venezuelan based bakery. You'll find savory and sweet goodies from all over South America. A big plus: the best coffee we've had in a long time!

Esmeling Cepeda

It's impossible bass by the best bakery everything if fresh and taste really good. 100% Recommend it

Will !

Absolutely Underwhelming! I ordered a medium size cake for a small birthday party and was shocked at how disappointing it was. The "Tres Leches" cake is supposed to be a delightful combination of three different forms of milk like condensed and or evaporated but this this cake was a major letdown. The cake was half liquid half solid and was drizzled with pounds of sugar so much so you could taste each grain of it. Usually this place delivers on small pastries and customer service but on cakes, your best bet is going with a place more reputable. Normally I don't write reviews but this cake was expensive and left me greatly dissatisfied.

OddO Rodriguez

Great Venezuelan food! Best in Town!!!

carole Pagola

Love the place , cozy, nice peoples and the food is delicious order a special bread and it was amazing it have ham, cheese, olive, raisin, special bread for the Holliday. I will definitely go back.

Alex Irae

A big variety of venezuelan food, good prices, and very friendly staff!!!

Diana Escauriza

Love the coffee, service and pastries, so much variety.

Isa Sanz

Good food, good service, good prices

Hayim Katan

Tasty venezuelan specialties

Ana Quintanilla

Awesome food and service! Everything is so fresh! We'll be back over and over again!

jess john

Great food, great people

Adan Marquez

Excellent place, one of the best place for VENEZUELAN food, Aplus

Michael Michel

This bakery is highly addictive. Good stuff . Empanadas are the best, coffee is good also.

Jacques Malaguti

Real food great taste generous portions great coffe at fair prices , to put to shame other pretentious cafés and bakery shops .

Carla Andujar

Love the food

Derek Gordon

Great food, but wife and I stuck waiting over 40 minutes for our items because they weren't fully clear how long til they would be done baking and inevitably forgot about us being there. Long time customers and this was just ridiculous...

Cristian Moreira

Outstanding service. Great environment

Bram Leland Scolnick

Tasty food. Very good coffee. Amazing prices and attentive service.

Diego Reyes

Great Cachitos!!! Nice place

Ginna Navia

Great Venezuelan food

Génesis S.

Authentic Venezuelan food. Sometimes the arepa flavor its not consistent.


Excellent attention. Good food

Elias Halabi

I like this place and the Venezuelan "cachitos" are very good.

Majayura Hurtado

Authentic Venezuelan bakery with great food and service. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and parties

Zoraida Aleman

Food snd pastries excellent

manuel Diquez

Very good food but too expensive

Chris George

Pretty good arepas.

Gustavo Meza

The best cachitos in Florida!

Mariana Calles


Ingrid B

Feels so home made. Their arepas are the best!

Varinia Carrera

Eating an Moises It’s always a great experience, a reminder of my favorite Venezuelan flavors, with a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere. Also their catering service is super convenient when you have a special event. Gracias por ser una parte de mi Venezuela en Miami.

Marco A. M S

One of the Best Bakeries in the Area

Anayancy Palacios

Delicioso. . Apple struggle was okay,loved the almond croissant! Customer service great

Roberto Ojeda

Very good

Joaquin Leiva

Excellent food fantastic desserts

Lisbeth Morffe

Our favorite place for a delicious breakfast with family. Even though they have a lot of clients, they treat their customers very friendly. Everything there is fresh and yummy!

Daniel Martinez

Awesome Venezuelan bakery with other South American goodies. Excellent service and friendly staff.


The Empanadas were cold, the taste is normal, nothing to kill me, I was expecting more, quality service is normal and my table wasn't clean

Douglas 'qmx' Campos

I'm definitely coming back!

Elizabeth Pereira

Used to go to the one in Collins and never had an issue. Tried the one in Hallandale and was a bit disappointed. I requested a delivery and I got it after an hour, understandable, however, when I received the order, the orange juice smelled and tasted like rotten oranges and was spilled over one bag, and the arepa not crunchy arepa was very hard to eat too. Also, I got a delivery fee of $6.00 and the driver asked me if was going to give her a tip. I was going to call and complaint but it is not worth the hassle. I guess, next time I should just go in person rather than order it online.

Jayleen Stuart

Delicious treats and pastries moises bakery i found online read tons of great feed back and stop on one day glad i did!

Jhon Pinarete

I have been coming to this location since they open but Man on the counter needs better customer service skills , when i got there there was two other people ordering, i waited my turn then he continues to take orders from other people who got there after ignoring me. Monday morning was not even busy!!!

Carlos Montilva

Good food. Great

n Couch

Everything looks yummy, but the taste is awful, the orange juice is totally dilute with water, the espresso taste like regular American coffee from a gas station. I don't mind to pay for good food, but they sale regular items and charged them as fancy ones...

Maya Klein

My boyfriend is Venezuelan and he loves this place

Gabriel Vargas

Great food, variety, outstanding customer service

Aura Parra

I love it there is PAN de Gloria and empanadas. So delicious

Ali Tabassi

Fantastic Authentic Bakery with lots of choices and very friendly staffs

Anna Akumova

Empanadas were the worst I’ve tasted. The meat filling was good, but the dough was so thick you can make 3 out of 1. They were barely warm, the cheese filling didn’t even melt. Slow service. Don’t recommend.

Jeb Bjorn

Great Veneuzalan bakery! Amazing food!!!

Xioant Nays

Fresh assortment of empanadas,arepas and bread. Prices are a bit high but the quality of the food is there. Is a really small place. The servers are friendly. Best empanada to try is the carne mechada.

Pablo Miliani

Great food unbearable service. 20 min cashier lines to pay for something?

Moses working

The sweets and empanadas are good. My favorite are the chicken pastelitos. Try them.

Mary Garcia

Omg. Dying to go back. The girls are exceptional, but the food is one of the best Venezuelan food I ever had. Go and try everything and enjoy this cozy place

Lee Gottlieb

Great bakery

Jesus Gascon Costa

Really tasty Venezuelan food.

Marcela Mateo


Meldon Lesmond

Just finished had my second ground beef fried empanada in two days from Moises Bakery on Hanllandale and they by far have the best ground beef empanada I have ever had.

Andrea Diaz

Great food and service. Cozy area for outdoor dining

Alberto Russo

I'm Venezuelan and the cheese cachito and chicha were very standard. There was live music with a very talented guy and the girl at the counter was very nice and helpful. My reina pepeada had chicken bones and wasn't very tasty. Prices are high so we expected more. The place was crowded, I suppose there are not many Venezuelan places ☹

Juan Dominguez

The food is very good and tasty. The service is excellent with great friendly and professional staff that makes you feel welcome at the bakery and you don`t want to leave. The place is small but cozy. Every time I go there I have good times and great food. One of my favorite spots for great and affordable food. I totally recommended to everyone! Cheers!

Daniel Sánchez

It's a good place.

Jose Luis Gascue

It cannot get better than this!!

Dayana Lima


Maria Botero

Amazing customer service. Delicious fresh food. Plenty of choices. Takes you back home.


Excellent, authentic Venezuelan food

Vanessa Da Rocha

Great Venezuelan food, a bit on the expensive side but quality never disappoints. Good place to order tradicional plates for the holidays. Friendly staff and delicious food

Christina J

one of the more expensive venezuelan spots ive been too, not worth the money. arepas were that authentic and the inside was a little soggy. $8 for one arepa with shredded cheese. staff is really nice and helpful though.

Wendy James


Daniel Lobato

Excellent Venezuelan food

Bernhard Theis

Great empanadas and cachitos. Awesome Venezuelan specialties. Prices are ok.

Simon Azrak

Venezuelan's icon... this place has by far the best cachitos. Seating area is great.

Gustavo J Romero B

Best cachitos I have ever ate in South Florida. Everything here is just like a Caracas bakery. They have lots of products from Venezuela, like cheeses, beverages, candy, etc. The staff here are all Venezuelan, they're super friendly people

Salomon Benatar

Finally real empanadas worth eating. Staff is friendly and they make great coffee

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