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REVIEWS OF Melao Bakery IN Florida

Matheus Bloemer

Was in the area for a seasonal tournament and needed a quick place to eat. Luckily I decided to come here and it was amazing! Delicious Latin style food and some of the best prices I’ve ever seen. I was full from my breakfast and didn’t even spend $10. This will be my go to every time I’m in the area!


Exelente service, and good Puerto Rican foir

Edrick Bonilla

New parking lot has given this establishment more reasons to be visited. Great food and prices. All they need more tables maybe outside.

Mildred Serra


Marta Marnell

Really nice place to get great food and/or pastry at a great price. Variety of good items and pastry.

Adrian Martinez

Haven't been to a place a you can eat for less than $8 a long time all say that they're slightly under price because their food is definitely well worth it and as soon as you walk in you smell or types of food even the bakery takes over The smell. You can sit inside lots of places to sit cafeteria style very fast not a long way at all you can be in-and-out in under 10 minutes.

Evelyn Ruiz

Very good Latin food. You will not regret it.

Heidi Gouge

A wonderful place for a mid-afternoon snack!

La Antifeka PR

Food has no flavor. Ripped off my poor family on thanksgiving one year when we didn’t have much and I’ll never forget that. They should be ashamed of themselves

brenda sierra

They are the best puertorican food place

Denise Woolfolk Freeman

The food is good nice atmosphere to be in.

Wanda Gonza

Great food great price.

Lydia Sanchez

Loved his burger and fries


Food was great prices was super good thumbs up all the way around can't wait to come back people was very professional

Elisa Ten

Best bakery ever

Rich Aldo

It took a long time for the food.but it was good . But the service in the other hand was very bad and slow the people that work there are very lazy. Fast to dismiss you. like when you ask for something they tell you we don't have it and 10 minutes later you see a cook bring it out display it and sell it. I guess they don't want no business.

yolanda torres

Good Latin food ,fast service.


Great place! you got lot of variety of food here! From sandwiches, sweets and lot of Latin good. Each station got a cashier so depends on what you want you order, making it a little organize. Parking is great and service is good. Definitely one of my favorite place to go.

Nortynort Beatz

Good food ok pastry

Giovanni McDougald

Food was Excellent and An Amazing Price

Alexis Fennimore

This place is amazing!! Always fresh and delicious food. The bread taste like it was baked right before I order, every time. Staff is also extremely friendly and very helpful even though I don't speak Spanish haha Breakfast through Dinner their food is literally mouth watering. I would highly recommend you visit Melao Bakery!

Ismael Nieves

Service was great and the food spectacular!!! I recommend it for breakfast!!!!

Belkis Torres

Not exactly the Puerto Rican flavors


Great food! Great service! Great place!

Sean Varona

First time customer. Loved it!

Jeanette Miranda

Puerto Rican bakery at it's best! Need I say more?


Excellent food and service!!

haydee serrano

Last week a friend of mine told about a bad experience he had with a female server I couldn’t believe it because I know Melao has the best service but the next week I went and Experience the same problem with a female server I think is the same person . Owner pls find out who was serving on Wednesday 9/18/19 @ 4:30 that employee is very rude and disrespectful to customer he did it to the customer before me and me and for that reason I will never go back to melao ....

Arlene Rodriguez

The service and menu are good. Not expense. Reasonable prices

Richard Pagan

Food was cold and the some of the food was not well cooked. I don't know if it is this location or what. This is the first visit to this location. I hope the other location is better.


Today October 8th 2019 @6pm came to this restaurant out side looks nice and updated but inside looks a mess so was the Staff I don’t speak Spanish so my experience trying to communicate with Any employees was horrible Because no employees talks or even understand English not even the manager speaks English they tried to understand what I wanted to order even when I pointed to what I wanted they still didn’t understand. I asked for a manager but the manager was the one rushing to serve me and was getting distraught distracted disappointed because she didn’t understand what I was ordering they messed up my order 3 times so they had to go call the cook to come to the front to help me he was the only one that spoke English wow it was so embarrassing and disappointed because all employees was at my location trying to speak English and everyone was yelling and talking over each other in Spanish the manager was clueless and had no control of her staff or the situation or everyone customers service in this location is very disappointing . After all the commotion I get my food for my family total 4 plates 2 adults 2 children ages 3 and 4 . Food was cold rice was cold Chicken was cold beans was cold Everything was a disaster I asked to get my money back and it was another dilemma If I only knew what they was saying in Spanish I think I would of been calling the police because a customer sitting next to me said that all employees was degrading and insulting me in Spanish but since I didn’t understand nothing they was saying me and my family just left to another RESTAURANT....STAY AWAY FROM THIS RESTAURANT NOT GOOD SERVICE

Stacy Bates

I love Melao Bakery because the food is always fresh and delicious.

Celine Ricard

Great Puerto Rican and Cuban food.

Henry Trail

I loved the food and very good customer service

George rosado

Food was excellent.service was perfect.the ladies where very loving too

Michele Bellamia

Food was cold and found hair in food. Pastry was also stail Manager looked at us like if we put the hair in how dare us complain. I used to love this place, but I will never go back. Guess they got to cocky.

Zylz Villa

Great food selection and even better cafecito

Sherilyn Rodriguez

Wow! I love this place .They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a great place to go eat .They're food is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite .

Francisco Padilla

It’s amazing

lizzette garay

The best. Tried it for the first time a couple days ago and absolutely loved it. From the messages of God on the walls to the deserts and the hot food plates were delicious. I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat because everything looked great. Good job guys.

Luis Avila

Over rated restaurant food was ok but not that wow I can do it at home and for way more cheaper. Las cafeterias en Puerto Rico se come mejor y mas barato con mas porcion

Miguel Figueroa

Very nice place to visit and eat love it

Jaime Medina

Excellent place to visit.

Rueben Ruiz

I love this place, it's been 6 yrs and it's still just as good as the first time.

Tabitha Hernandez

The place was clean and love the old school Spanish music they play. We got our sandwitches in less than 20 minutes and it tasted perfect! Just like the family sleepovers when we you get up just to make hot ham and cheese with egg sandwiches. Can't wait to visit back.

Millie M

I love Melao, the food is great, the sandwiches are tasty and I absolutely love the dessert's. I highly recommend giving this place a try if you are looking to have some good food for a reasonable price.

Deniz Pitsko

Not welcoming Couldnt speak English very clearly But food was good

Felix Rivera

Very good. Excellent food and service.

Orlando Marquez

I'm from Texas. This was amazing. Wish there was 1 in DFW.

Pedro Díaz

Best place for Rican food in Orlando and Kissimmee!! Truly authentic!

J W Howard

Great place with plenty of fresh food selections. Prices seem fair. Update: There's a large parking lot available now, great stuff!


The food was great.while for some food you have to wait a little longer it's definitely worth it.

Gabriel Rodriguez

They never have any of the fried food or pastries available. Service is ok and parking is terrible. I don’t recommend this place at all.


Always a great place to eat, everything is good, and i mean it EVERYTHING!!! JUST LOVE IT!!! SO SAD TOO FAR FROM HOME IN NC :( . Please we need Melao close to Charlotte NC!!!!

Bettina Rivera

Great place lot's of great food

Jose Ocasio

Very good nice people bless this place awesome service.

jose flores

There are good prices for good food

Tiffany's Creations

Long lines food is good sometimes not very consistent. Not many people who work there speak English so I guess just point to what looks like you would eat it. Some of the workers behind the counter are snotty maybe it's the language barrier.

Shelley Ramirez

We drive an hour and a half to come here...and it is worth every mile! It is the best Puerto Rican food at the best price. And their bakery is amazing...and even the frape's...mmm

Kiara Rios Zayas

Always great food and great service

Ivan Rodriguez

Puerto Rican best in Orlando & kissimee

Rosalinda Mercado

Your palette literally goes back to Abuela's kitchen in La Isla. Mind you it's no longer the hole in the wall it used to be. Although it has quadrupled in size Melao has not compromised it's promise that you will "feel the love" in every dish and pastry. Prices, service and family ambiance are great. What's also pretty cool about the Melao family is their mission to instill purpose and quality of life in their community. In my reviews I always reserve the 5th⭐ for an impeccable restroom. They were not only spotless but the inspirational messages throughout extended even to the restrooms! My best wishes for your continued success and blessings.

Ava Pal

The food is ftesh and good taste

Orlando Tirado

They just upgraded their parking lot And is looking great that was their only problem parking !!

Debby Robles

Great food great prices

Wendy Hernandez

Best bakery ever. I love the ferrero shake. Good service.

Letizia Morales

Love their fresh baked pastries. They have great hot food dishes for fair prices. A very good variety of dishes to choose from. Same for the baked gooda. Always freshly baked.

Mario Morales

Great and fast service. The food is delicious. Great place to have anything to eat from breakfast, lunch and dinner

Nicole B

With our experience we'd recommend to our friends/family. Clean, friendly atmosphere and delicious food/bakery. Keep up the great service, thanks


I had a bone in my rice and realized it was there just before I swallowed.

Robert Trost

One of the best Latin Bakeries and Restaurants around. The food is second to none!

Judy Messer

This place is wonderful! The food and atmosphere!


Stood in line for 30 minutes without no one in front of me waiting to be served then get up to irder and they tell me they dont have beans which most of their combos are supposed to come with beans then I ask how long to get beans and their answer was I don’t know then my friend ordered a sandwich that it took 1 hour to get super slow service. It does not take an hour to make a damn sandwich. Never coming back here.

Drew Shumway

This place is fantastic. The food is very good and very reasonably priced. Literally try anything on the menu. Everything I have tried there is delicious.

Hector Martorell

Service not so good. Food ether. Last resort for me and I will only buy sandwiches they aren't great but they are not that bad. They need to steep it up.

Sylvia Castro Rivera

The Best Spanish Food Place...

lenn mora

An amazing restaurant to bring your family. Great variation of meals.

Vicky Negron

Excellent service & delicious food

Maria Torres

Good food and pastries

Carlos Mestey

Like always, Perfect! Nice people always able to help you out and nice vibes. Good food! I will recommend this place!

Luis R Montes Lebron

Love the Food the staff and the Delicious Cake and sweetness

Nadia Viera

Always perfectly served! Food is amazing! Staff is pleasant & courteous! Location is great , nice hide away .. Also lots of parking !! Overall I'd say this is our favorite Puerto Rican restaurant in all of Orlando & Kissimmee!! Birthdays, Anniversaries, holidays Melao has you covered ! Hot fresh food with a smile !! Thank you Melao for all you do for this community as well!!

Thomas Quinones

Simply excellent service. Great food

Ken Lightsey

Good food good at good prices

omg melanie

Worst customer service. They should put a person who speaks English in the front and on the phone. Their food isn’t how it used to be, very disappointed because I’ve been going here since I was a kid and now they can’t even get my order correct for the THIRD time.

Alberto Silva

As always, great food & good prices. A++

Gilda Ocana


maria roque

Price is very good i got mofongo fry pork and salad for $8.00 can't beat that and was delicious

Ricardo De Leon

Been coming here for almost 10 years now. Every time we would visit our tia en Orlando, she would take us here. Truly delicious and authentic Puerto Rican food. My favorite is the bistec encebollado - so tender and delicious. Now that I live in Chicago, I wish they had a location up here

Jeanette Nazario

I cannot say enough about this place the food is so good and authentic, coffee, bakery is awesome also, we will always go here! love it!

Sonia Rico

Great food and great service!

Jennifer Webber

My food was trash. I literally only ate the salad an the plantains. The shrimp, chicken, and pork went in the trash. The shrimp was bland and soggy. The pork was dry. The chicken was blehhh. I was hugely disappointed. Oh but wait, my drinks were amazing. The limonada y guyaba were refreshing. Maybe I will go back and try this place again, but it will be a long while.

Maritza Caldwell

Wonderful place. The best place to eat in Kissimmee!!

Amilda Ulbano

Great food awesome staff. Comfortable atmosphere

Hector Escalera

Great food and service! Great atmosphere!

Adair Hernandez

Great food,clean kitchen,and doesn’t take too long to get your food.Don’t know what other people experienced but if your in the area you need to try it out.

Devon Nel

Mind blowing how good the food and service is in this place. I'm lucky my jobsite is in the parking lot so I go every day.

Alba Ponce de Leon

Love the food but the place is always pack

Terry Keahey

Great, food looks delicious! I had a great delicious frappiciano. Priced reasonably.

Pedro Busted

I'm a NEW YORKER.. Was taken to this Bakery and really enjoyed it.... To many thing to recommend... But if your in orlando/Kissimmee area, don't miss out.

Felicia Cintron Colon

The corn starch is very disappointing now. It used to be done correctly but now it’s a guessing game. Will it be soup or smooth and thick? Please get the old cook to make this again. Por favor

miguel a. colon

Nice hispanic food and pastries

Andres Verney

Latin restaurant that serves food buffet style with plenty of options. Steak, beef, chicken, pork and seafood. They also have a separate bakery inside. Large dining area inside. Food was ok taste. Friendly staff that mainly speak Spanish. Good natural juices. Lemonade is freshly squeezed and very good.

richard santiago

Food is the best good price

Tyrone Gomes

This was my Wife and I first time there, the food is great the customer service is great it is a it was filled with families although I did nir try their pasteries they smwlled and looked very good

William Perocier

Oh boy, food and bakery is excellent. Fast and good customer service. Very affordable. 5

Amanda I

Very delicious bakery, first time there wont be my last

Olga Vega

I love it! Fresh and tasty!

jeyra Ortiz

Good service great food.

Maria E Reyes

Food was good but the pork was a little hard.

Andrea Santiago

Taste of PR without breaking the bank! Delicious mofongo!

Tulio Endi

A great taste of Puerto Rico.

Michelle Motiejaitis

Just about all the dishes are awesome.

maria mercado

Food was delicious, prices are beyond fair, and the ambiance is heavenly

Leo Pereira

Great atmosphere, excellent customer service! I got there ten minutes before closed and they still let me order and eat without any pressure at all. I lives one hour away but I still will drive on my day off there.

Tom Sapikowski

It's our favorite, we often drive over from Melbourne for Melao Bakery, the food and pastries are top notch! The inspirational vibe, will move your soul...all glory to God! Go to Melao Bakery and you will be back.

Diane Hernandez

Love their baked goods!

Sonis Marrero

Overated cold food ordered mofongo and churrasco gave me a thin salty steak everyone's food was cold Arroz con pernil, arroz con pollo asado we were a party of six very disappointed last year when I went it was awesome however this horrible nothing good to say this was at 7pm like everything else they are slacking

Mixcatcom Pete

Really great food, always super fresh and fast. Super value for the money. A+

Gloria Maisonave

Food very good, cashiers waste to much time talking to each other.

Robert Larkin

Great array of very good food at a very good price. Excellent pastries and coffees too. Mofongo is a great choice but call ahead because it takes awhile to prepare. Clean cafeteria style with lots of tables. I have tried several items here and if I was not trying something new I would easily repeat anything that I have tried. I am not a Spanish speaker, but no matter English is welcome. You must try this at least once.

Marvin Valladares

Amazing puertorican food, if you are ready for a food coma, at affordable prices. Clean place, friendly people.

Vivian Rodriguez Sclippa

Good food and great price. The only thing if you order a sandwich it takes a little to long

Daisy Olesky

I used to come this place a year ago. Came back today to buy my family dinner to go. What we recieved was dry and flavorless. Not a single dish was not dry, my brother and myself couldn't even finish our meal. He ordered beans with rice and pernil the meat had flavor but the beans were watery lucky that added some moisture to the meal. I ordered mofongo with chicken, they gave me an entire chicken breast (no flavor and dry), that meal will end up in the trash. I'm putting a photo of my meal. I also had the empanadas and potato ball, both dry. Make sure you hydrate before having anything from this place or order EXTRA EXTRA sauce to hide their short comings.


Just wow! They have a bakery on one side and sandwiches and lunch plates on the other side and also coffee. I got what looked like a cinnamon roll but I think it was just a sweet roll with guava jelly and cream cheese and icing drizzled on top. It was super delicious. This needs to be a franchise.

Sonic1fire 717

Great customer service better food

Maria Trivelli

Loved the food. They really try to get faster is always packed but that means that the food is fresh

Domingo Vazquez

The food is really good. The ambience is family oriented. The prices are very good too.

Pedro Rivera

Great varied menu, affordable prices, latin food (la mixta), sandwiches, mofongo, frituras, natural juices, milkshakes, frappe's, bakery, upgraded parking, family place. You will have a good meal here.

Lissette Carrasco

If you like Spanish food, delicious pastries and darn good coffee, then go here.

Vee G

Stepped into this little gem after many years of not being here ... and i have to say, the new renovations make the place cozier and more inviting. And the food... spectacular as always. I live in downtown orlando miles away from this place ... it’s worth stopping in if you’re going to kissimmee

Luis Montalvo

Arroz con habichuelas y pollo guisado to go. Huge portion for a very reasonable price. It was delicious and the service is great. I always have to stop here when in Orlando.


Very good desserts, excellent

W Cruz

Good Puerto Rico coffee & Bread.

eva beltran

Welcoming experience ever. The staff are friendly. Very affordable. It's a bakery but they also sell regular food. If I can give it 10 stars I could!!!

Noel Soto

I had breakfast was good and easy on the wallet

nacheila gonzalez

I order my son cake birthday is beautiful and delicious. Thank you beautiful place and the people very friendly.

Rafael infante

Good place to eat Latin food. Great prices and excellent food quality.

Glenda Rodriguez Rivera

Love it the food is soo good....

jayson Delgado

Love it,everything on point....

Jose Cruz

Good food.. just for centro America people Puerto Rican, Dominican, cuban...


No refills for soft drinks, which is ridiculous. I do not sponsor businesses with such stupid policies; so won’t be coming back.

AmandaLuise Naturally

The spanish cuisine is excellent. We were ordering breakfast food, but lunch was being served-and let me tell you, these chefs are artists. When you love what you do, you put love in your work and this large operation is pouring their love out to community everyday with their food. With positive quotes and beautiful scripture on the walls, this place is sure to bring light to your day. Breakfast was delicious. I added an egg to the Media Noche sandwich, which was made different than I ever had it BUT loved it and now wish all the spanish places made it like that! Homemade and original, can't wait to go back.

Mahali Echevarria

The servers are awesome, they went beyond and more getring me my order bread, even when I arrived almost at closing time!! The food is very authentic and the coffee is great!!

Osvaldo Toledo

Quite expensive $$% for rice and beans with beef stew and soda and for 1 person.


Fresh so authentic and so tasty food. Remind me of PR!!! Quick service and delicious!!!

Josue Cruzado

Well i stop coples times. The cofe maker machine or the cofe that the use something is not right. I orther the cofe diferente ways and all ways doesn't taste good. All ways you have to go back to ask for more cofe and not matter what more cofe or less milk is the same. There to much water cofe is to light not matter how you ordered. I orther one docent of alcapurreas to go. The just dropped on the back just like nothing. The not rapped with love or consideration it's just money maker that's all. (It's just another money maker business. Every body running running the forged the quality an good atencion. I don't see the difference between this Christian business and eny others restaurants. Sorry im Christian person i love my Lord jesus. But i don't see jesus love in melao melao. Sorry!

Rick Lookwalk

The bakery pastries were awesome.

jose pagan

Good Dios and frescas Bread and Pastry

Arnaldo P

Melao me lambo...! So good.

Sonia LaMamota

Awesome food. Parking was reconstructed.

Virginia Lopez

Great service and great prices.

Madeline De Jesus

Delicious Puerto Rican food and deserts!

Mr. Cole

No matter your age color religion sexual orientation if you want to try something different and something outside of your normal this is the place don't be shy get out of that bubble. The place was amazing the servers where wonderful even with my broken Spanish they helped me they explained to me they even made me laugh if I wasn't to sure they might even let you taste a small sample when I visit Orlando again this will be on the list to eat at again

Carlos Rivera

Best place to eat

Kakashi Hatake

Super good and friendly customer. Variety of food

luis roman

If you love real Puerto Rican food this is the place for you I highly recommended oh and don't forget the pastries

Geysibaby!!!Need to have faith Yay

Very good and friendly place

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