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2001 Consulate Dr, Orlando, FL 32837, United States

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Completely Latin The food is excellent and at a low price for the quality they serve. Although I do not like the seafood salad. Since they feel like frozen. As you know fresh seafood are tender these are not. The atmosphere is very familiar and many people go in their lunch hour

Joe Taylor

We went to Melao as a work group based on the recommendation of one of our team members. The restaurant is a little dated, but the staff was great and everything was clean. They do not have wait staff so you either select the buffet or order at the counter from their menu. Most of the buffet foods are fairly ethnic, but there is chicken, beef and pork selections. The menu has quite a bit of variety with sandwiches, breakfast, and other items. The staff prefers to speak Spanish, but they have several bilingual cashier's to help out. Everyone seemed to like the items they ordered, but the bakery items were especially popular. I had the Cuban sandwich and it was not the best I ever had. All of the meats were chopped so they fell out of the bread a lot. As a group of 11 people our bill was only $95 so the value was great. I did not have a chance to see the bathrooms in order to review. My rating system consists of a 3-star being exactly what you expected and neither good nor bad. A 4 means something was extra special and a 5 means you were blown away. A 2 star rating was disappointing and a 1-star rating is terrible

Jake Short

Ever find yourself looking for breakfast that won't break your wallet? Look no further!! Yummmmyyyyy food, yummmmyyyyy hot chocolate. Yummmmyyyyy baked goods

Rose Miah

Had a great time there. The food was so good. Staff are great. Their pastry is delicious. Great prices !!

Elia Lawrence

Tasty food at a reasonable price.

Ryan Bis

Perfect Puerto Ricans food! The mofongo was delicious and the empanada was soo good

wanda vega

Customer service oriented. A little overpriced in the bakery section when not everything is fresh. The expectation is to enjoy puertorican food as if you were eating at home. Otherwise, good place.

J Rivera

The food is good but don't expect ANY customer service. I have been here several times, and it is always the same, so today will be my last visit. You get no service or assitance. I wanted to order a combo A la carte, I wait in line for the girl to tell me, "What do you want to order?" I tell her and she blurts, "No, no more combos that's why they are crossed out." They weren't crossed out, they had a segment crossed out, so I point out that they are not crossed out entirely, and she says, "Well, there's no more." And calls next! If you want to be treated poorly, come here. If you want great food and great service, try the Chimiking or any other restaurant.

Jessica Navarro

Great Puerto Rican food.

Eddie Joel Arroyo Cruz

Great Puerto Rican cuisine and suitable food loved

Ruthie 075

Meat is dry, tostones very oily, no taste. This place has changed alot. Its not the same as a couple of months ago.

Daniel Quiñones

It was 4pm when we ate there and the food we were served was all cold we even had to ask them to hear up our chicken . But I'm only talking about the Orlando location because at the Kessimmee location we have never experienced anything negetsvi. Hopefully this comment will encourage the Orlando location to address this issue.

Camille Perez

A 5 of 5 as always! It takes me back to the island where all my heart is. The juices are wonderful! I love the lemonade and all of the pastries.

Carl Allen

The food "looked" good but service was so bad we ended up walking out. We finally got someone's attention and explained we wanted take out, after standing in the line she directed us to and waiting our turn we were told wrong spot to order take out??? Too much confusion, to point of comical. I hear good things about the food... management needs to step up it's game to the level of the cooks.


What a great place to get breakfast

Carla Diaz

Food was amazing, it was busy but that is expected with how good the food is. Pastries and bread is good. From a puertorican who is away from home it was nice to go and feel like I was in a "panaderia". Will definitely be back.

Clement McIntosh

Really nice food. Sometimes it can get really busy but the food is a lot and pretty good.

girl on Clouds

The food was eh. I was super excited to try, because of the good reviews. My mofongo was dry with no flavor and tough to eat. My bistec was dry. I had to put the broth on my food to give it some flavor. There are other places that are better.

Eduardo F Garcia Durand

The food is really good but the deserts are outstanding.

Carmen Quiñones

Great place to eat, food is delicious and prices are really good. I'll recommend having a coffee after your meal' it's excellent!

Juan Luciano

I've been here several times. The food is great. The pastries to die for and the atmosphere is incredible. The problem is if you have all that but have poor customer service many people don't come back. Stopped tonight to pick up 2 pastries and a order of food was there for exactly 41 mins. The lines was around the restaurant, 2 girls serving food but 1 cashier who seemed very slow second guessing everything she was charging. By the time i got my food it was cold. They need a plan, a team, establish priority. Customers first. Oh but there were 3 ppl washing and cleaning the floors. !!! ?????

Bebe Esco

One of my favorite places! All sorts of pastries to choose from and you can order freshly made hot food from the line or place a special order from the menu.. Casual atmosphere

Margarita Diaz

maybe everybody else love this restaurant, I respect that, but , we stop once and they are so disorganized and so many lines that we didn't know where to stop and order the food. staff rude sorry but we left went to La granja they were very pleasant and treat us with respect. Food was delicious. Melao bakery could be very popular food could be delicious .... but melao you're not in my future plans.


Best Puerto Rican good I’ve had in a long time. Especially the bakery section!!!

Dp Perez

I went in for the first time with my family it was not what I was expecting ordered white rice beans chicken with sweet plantains and the macaroni salad the food was not good dried chicken and sience it was my first time I went to the front register and asked one of the cashiers where can I throw my food away and her respond to me is does this look like a garbage can mind you I have my baby in my arms very rude nasty attitude my first and last time I drove from Tampa for the experience never again

Miriam Gautier

Great food and desserts every day. Lots of varieties. Must try the Cocunut Horchata.

Kathleen Rivera

Ordered online paid online come in to “pick up” my order lady tells me i need to get on the line because i need to print a receipt ok understandable the lady that prints my receipt tells me your order ain’t ready heres a pager ok ordered two sandwiches 25 minutes ago why isn’t it ready well we’re busy ok ill wait, 40 minutes in still no order pager still hasn’t gone off I’m pressed for time now ask another lady wheres my order its been 45 minutes at this point lady comes out with a bag that she states been sitting back there for about 30 minutes she doesn’t know why it hadn’t been handed to me no apologies nothing got to work with a soggy sandwich and no lunch break, last time you see me at melao.

Jacob Sanchez

Very good food and service

Edwin Colon

Authentic Spanish food and bakery, I haven't had anything sub par yet, and the buffet deal can't be beat. If you're short on cash when you come in go to your left bypassing the line for bakery and ala carté and you have a closed buffet where you ask for your items and they serve generous portions. If you want made to order you stay to the right when you come in place your order, pay then they give you a food beeper.

Marilyn Valentin

A lot of variety on pastry, sandwiches, delicious coffee

James Hughes

Great food just like being onn the Island

Jorge Guzman

Good food and prices. Only negative during breakfast time i waited 35 minutes for a ham and cheese sandwich, however when the steam table is operational the service is very fast and efficient. Staff very friendly

Daniel Reyes

I definitely enjoy their Melao Burger it's always fresh and the mixture of taste is always right. It is kept clean throughout the day which is awesome but beware of the weekends, because of how good their food is they can be super busy, so either order on the go or come throughout the week.

Stephanie Wang

good food but very slow service

david young

Very good and authentic Puerto Rican food, especially if you like mofongo.

Nik S

This location is so much better than the Kissimmee location. Their food is also so tasty and fresh. Only reason for the 4 stars is they never have any rotisserie chicken every time I go.

genesis morel

Love this place! Amazing deserts and dishes with plenty of different options. Generally affordable for the quality and amount of food. Do not recommend on Sunday afternoons because it is packed! Staff can also be a little more organized with their set up.

Mi Opinión

Food was delicious and the staff is very friendly. The ordering set up (for those who are not from this area) was a little bit confusing. Other than that prices are great and the quality is awesome!

323 mate

Tasty food, friendly staff, food comes out quick. The menu has many offerings but not in an overwhelming way. The restaurant uses the wireless buzzer to alert when the food is ready, which is great. So much better than standing and waiting to hear a number. The baked goods are delicious, cant go wrong with any.


They have a lil girl working the bakery side who can’t seem to stop laughing as if someone told her a joke. We were the only one in line and it took her forever to just put a cake in a to go box and charge me. Cake was dry and tasted stale. We ordered food to go and it was cold and tasted just ok not good. The lady taking orders was rude to an elderly gentleman in front me who simply just asked her a question. Overall just a horrible experience.

Edmaliz Escalante

Everything good but had to wait to pay

Nataly Sofia

Yummy place to eat and really friendly staff :)

Gabriel Navarro

To busy and got my order wrong but over all food taste great.

Karina Sando

I had eggs w/ham for breakfast with plantain and bread. The amount of eggs was not enough. Bread toasted over kind of an old oil flavor. Also the breakfast with 2 small pancakes and they don't have syrup!!! So sorry I didn't see the waffle house around the corner before.


First and last visit. Nothing like they showed on the TV. Very disappointed. When you order they give you a device tell you when order will be ready but don’t tell you where to pick it up. You have to follow other customer to see what to do. The cashier tell you come up to order and keep talking to the other customer prior to you I order two bistec sándwich nothing like Puerto Rican do that sandwich. The sandwich was cold cheese was not melted. That sandwich in Puerto Rico have mini fries ketchup, bistec and the salad. The workers are lost when customers ask a question. Just because your making money and have two stores the OWNER NEED TO KEEP GOONG STORE AND STOP TRUSTING WHOMEVER IS RUNNING THE STORE FOR ME.

KiNG Daniel

I completed ordering at 6: 31am my order was simple ham egg and cheese sandwich and a Cafe Con leche. I asked the very nice lady 15 minutes after waiting about how much longer does she think it would take to make a sandwich? She replied it's only been 15 minutes so just another 5 minutes. Well I witnessed three people that ordered after me that ordered larger quantities of food receive their food before me, after 22 minutes of waiting for a simple sandwich I just went up to the lady and told her whenever my sandwich and coffee were ready to please bless someone with it and let them have it, and I just left. Now in my opinion for an order that simple and small 22+ min wait is absurd, overall the restaurant is very clean beautiful and a very nice environment with very well-known Christian songs playing in the background. Hope you all have a better experience than I did, but I definitely recommend if you have to be somewhere make sure you get there 1 hour before you have to be at work ect. Blessed day.

Joseph Zepeda

Very good selection of food. Staff is respectful and friendly.

Maurice Mondragon

Very authentic food and a bang for your buck

Josue Sierra

We ordered a tripleta, a medianoche and two sorullitos and believe me it did not disappoint. If you go to Orlando make Melao bakery a must stop.

Juan Rivera

You have to pay for soda refill! Bring your own drinks. Food is ok

Natasha Cruz

Good food, good price, nice atmosphere

Rosita Colon

Very busy. My 'pinonmofongo' was served cold and the cheese was not that good. My daughters food was good although it could of been hotter.

Elisa Rengifo

Been ordering my breakfast sandwich at this location since they opened 3-4 yrs ago. First few yrs. it was great, plenty of meat, melted cheese, just the way I like it. Lately is always a disappointment. Only one slice of ham, cold on the inside.I guess I'm gonna have to find a new place.

Edward Santos

Every time we visited this place is a great experience with the employees and the food they served. I Recomend Melao Bakery 100% to anyone who's looking for great Hispanic food.

Miriam Villamar

Nice Latin food specially the bakery. Affordable prices.

Myriam. I Rivera

The food was delicious, the seating was comfortable n cool.

Brenda McAllister

Food is great, but need work on listening to people when they are ordering.

emilia gomez

Women's bathroom don't always have bathroom paper. I personally don't like that they allow dogs into the restaurant. Twice we were overcharged. Employees are very nice.

Jose Diaz

Came in one hungry night and oh, I did not regret it. Paid about $9 dollars, but it was worth every penny. Absolutely love their steak, but everything is good. The bakery is where it's at though! That cake is super moist. You just can't go wrong eating here.

Grace Yu Art Studio

Yummy foods and chill places


Great food and good prices

Jose Gabriel Lagares

Great food, which mofongos were bigger

Donny Mason

I was told that this place was just okay and not worth the hype. Those people were WRONG! 1. Prices are amazing! I got a bacon/cheese potato, and a 1/2 chicken with a water for about $9 for lunch. 2. Finally chicken with some flavor! The white meat was a tad dry, but the flavor was great! 3. If you’re not fluent in Spanish; be sure and use a menu to show them what you want. 4. Food was ready in about 15min and was fresh. Definitely need to go back for some dessert!

Alexandria Koklia

Food is good but the reason for the 2 stars is they never EVER have the bakery items I want whenever I stop because I’m in the area or even if I call ahead to find out before going out of my way to stop there. Doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon or evening. If you’re looking for sugar donuts or tembleque filled donuts... Good Luck! Disappointed for the last time. Lost customer.

Jennie Grillasca

The food is always good and at great prices.

Artemio Torres

I had a horrible experience of this place well here goes I Porter shrimps with tostones and an order to go as well. by the time it got to me 30 minutes later one of the orders was not there so what they did was .she took the orders to the kitchen split one order into 2 and told me that that was my order the lady just threw the food on the counter and walked away very rude I thought so then I asked to speak to a manager and I have been sitting here for 30 minutes waiting to speak to a manager finally the manager came out and he did apologize for the rude lady and made things better however the food was excellent but by this time I was really not hungry after all this game I was ready to go home it's a real shame because the food is excellent but unfortunately they hire people who have no people skills

Pedro Rosario

Great puertorican bakery delights. Sandwiches are great too.

Monserrate Echevarria

We give a 5 stars do to bakery, but didn't eat, because the lines, gets to the street sidewalk, today.

Trinidad Parodi

Great food great place. BUT. to much waiting time. Need a store in davenport florida.

Maria Aponte

Great staff and great food. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Sammy S

Had breakfast and it was good as well as the service.... This is as close to Puerto Rico in Orlando you can be... pastries and food is very good... check it out, you will enjoy!

Peter De Jesus

Great Puerto Rican food

Jose Bergery sr

Went there with the wife for pastries, we got some pastelitos de guayaba, and palmeras. They were great, there goes the diet. I loved it,,,

Karina Lopez

Let me begin by saying that I’ve gone to melao for several years. Y siempre la comida estado espectacular. However, as of recently, the last three trips we have made I am unsure if it’s my partner ordering (whose white) or Melao is truly loosing their touch. First the coffee was made incorrectly, the sandwiches were not what my partner ordered, and lastly the quality is poor. For example in the image I posted above, the bread is old, the eggs burnt, and they completely left out the lettuce and mayo. What is happening to the restaurant I rave about and love so much because it used to make me feel like I was home? Saddened. ***

Sandra Cruz

Great Spanish food and pastries as well.

Felix Belanger

Staff is nice, prices are good and the portions are fairly big. Sandwiches are great, even for breakfast

Patrick Hernandez

This is my first time having a real meal and I have to say, wow! For a little over $20, I got 2 plates of food with rice, beans, chicharronas, some other pork, 2 servings of garlic yucca, a serving of macaroni salad, a Malta, and a can of cola champagne. This was some odd the best Spanish food I've had in a while. To finish off the night, I got 2 quesitos (amazing!!!), a cup of flan (good), and a cup of rice pudding (not very good). I paid $9 for all the desserts. Overall, Great Spanish food and great value!

Mark Santo Domingo

Great food & service. Yummy!!


Crowded but great PuertoRican food

Andre Rivera

Everything in this restaurant was incredibly delicious. Made me miss my abuela. Try it for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Sue Figueroa

This Melao is good but it has days that the food is not good. I like the variety of foods they have available and in good days, it tastes amazing. Their sandwiches , whemever I order I am pleased. Coffee is another win with me!

Rafael Benitez

Excellent puertorrican food.

Coppelia Marie

Melao is like a taste of Puerto Rico in Orlando. The food is amazing! I've gone twice, had a mallorca con jamon y queso, and arroz con habichuelas with pollo guisado. SO delicious! It's just as good as if you were literally IN Puerto Rico! The experience is half stand in line and order a la carte / half cafeteria line. There are a lot of tables and the atmosphere is busy and much like back home on "la isla!" I highly recommend it and can't wait to go back!

Luis Rosario

Excelent Puerto Rican food and pastries

Cheitos Trucking

Great place great price

Giselle Bellorin

The breakfast sandwich was great; however the long wasnt. Not even that many people to have that kind of late. I tried to call in advance 3 times and nobody picked up the phone.

Jillian Santiago

This is the best Spanish restaurant I've been to in Orlando. Food here is BOMB !! ANDDDDD their serving is amazing, nice amount of food with good pricing

Manuel Pineiro

Food was cold and had very little taste

Adolfo Betancourt

If you are looking for authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, this is the place! Noting like this in Tampa, which is where I live. The place looks clean and smells clean all around, including the bathrooms. The pork ribs and mofongo I ordered had the same taste I remember from the time I used to live in Puerto Rico. The "Melao" I believe is a reference to what is known as: "La ciudad del melao melao" which is Vega Baja, PR 00693

Carmen Mora

Questions used to be great at their first location. The second one.. terrible!!

jonathan salicrup

Good, fast and friendly service. Awesome taste!

carmen concepcion

The best food you can get for the cost and always have friendly service. It's a must go when you are in orlando. And both locations.

David Serrano

Is good. Busy place

Sindia Gonzalez

The best Puerto Rican bakery in Orlando

Omeka Moore

This place always has good fresh pastries. Very busy and festive place.

Jessica Colon

Puerto Rican food, YES PLEASE!!! I really love this place, food is good and the bakery is great! We always stop by on our Orlando trips.

Y.Y. Bowers

I have the buffet and it was not very good although they offer a good selection of choices. The young lady at the bakery department was very rude. I was really looking forward to eat at this place but I was very disappointed.

Juan DeJesus

The food was amazing like really amazing

Enrique Rios

The Coffee is not that good. The Corn bread delicious, Puertorican style. The bacon and egg sandwich was just ok.

Chris JC

My favorite Puerto Rican restaurant and bakery in Florida so far. The mofongo here is one of the best I've ever had including back in the island.

Wilfredo Rodriguez

This place is perfect! The food is GREAT, the service and the price are even better!!! Seriously I moved from Puerto Rico more than 3yrs ago and although I have places such Matts BBQ and El Cafetal Bakery I still prefer to drive 20 mins to Melao. I know this is going to sound cliche but I’m telling you this place is the best place to eat authentic Puerto rican food in Orlando.

B Sal

Pancakes here suck, everything else was pretty decent

VJ mercado

Verry good food and great service

Luis Torres

But need another exit door... gets too crowded and it has a little space to order and people trying to get out at the same time. And the area for cashier's is to narrow, just saying... Good food by the way .

Javier Alejandro

Taste of Puerto Rico in a restaurant. The staff is great and feels like back home. Lots of dishes from the island, even the lasagna tastes like the one us normally made in Puerto Rico. Always great.

Cloty Medina

Excellent. Recommend it highly. Everything is delish. Large variety.

Fe Lopez

My relleno was overcooked, hard and burned inside. If it wasn't because I was already running late for work I would have turned around and get my money back. I should have known better since it took at least 20 minutes to cook.

Arlene Castro

Great Puerto Rican food fresh,hot and seasoned well.We ordered Steak with white rice and delicious red beans with sweet plantains.

Mike Jimenez

Great Dominican-Puerto Rican cuisine. And Bakery.

Jason Bence

The food is authentic and excellent. A real gem. One of Orlando's best.

Kitty Bryant

This place is always really good. I love everything but usually we get the family combo which is really a good deal.

Jorge Medina

Typical good Latin food

Reina Roman

Great food but the ordering and sitting is hectic

Raymond Garcia

Food is yummy, but service needs help. Be prepared to wait as it's always full and staff aren't very friendly.

Blankita Baez

The best media noche and triplets ever.

Robert Smith

A little chaotic when you first enter. Would suggest the ala cart selection. Great food

Iraida Espada

Better experience than the other Melao place, the food was good and delicious. Parking was packed so when this place is full can be a headache to find a parking spot unless you park at the hotel behind.

Sergio Sevillano

The place was packed at the hour (11:30) I went on a Sunday. Nevertheless, it was worrh the wait. Service was efficient. Food, so good with very nice portions. We'll definitely go back.

Zedia Rodriguez

When I am here I feel like I am back on the island

Samuel Caban

Great food awesome service

Luda Abreu

it's good. Was good , a little too greasy. Mind you I'm Puerto Rican.

Janelle Baltrym

Delicious Spanish Food in a nice atmosphere.

Carlos Nadal Torres

Food is always great in here. Customer service depends on the day, it can be outstanding and sometimes it can be terrible. Prices are low and food quality is outstanding!!! Definitely will recommend.

angie leonardo

Phenomenal the food there is absolutely wonderful fresh at all hours

Gabriel Cardenas

Great food and staff

Ona Santos

Amazing staff and great food!

Angel Torres

Great food. Good customer service.

Madeline Vila

We went to buy pastries but the place was so full. I couldn't believe it. It's on my to do list next time we are in Orlando.

Efilly Ortiz

Very caring and friendly. I love how they are Christians too.

jodsan torres

The food are awesome and the pastry but you have to wait a longggg time to get your food. But is really good that place

Chloe Salder

So happy to find this friendly and super economical place. Deborah served us both times (went for lunch and dinner as stayed a night at days inn) and was so fantastic - she made it feel like home from home :)

Deborah Garcia

July 29th, came here for anniversary dinner,ordered shrimp mofongo. 1st the al akart cashier tells us 40 minute wait, so reluctantly we ordered, then after 40 minutes it comes out plain no garlic sauce on hers, no red sauce on mine. Mofongo was very plain and dry. Wife goes up to get it fixed,girl at end of counter has an attitude. Was remade and still WRONG . They don't know how to make decent Mofongo! Horrible service, plain food, no salad dressing, and gave us mayoketchu for our mofongo. Fail! Goodbye Melao go keep feeding the masses, and you lost a good customer here. Also, atmosphere is completely boring, no music, it's a 3rd world diner!

Omar Rivera

I have been going to this place consistently for about a week and I am utterly impressed by the outstanding service and phenomenal quality of the food served here. In terms of authenticity I can safely say it is 100% Latin-american cuisine. Shout out to all employees working @ Melao Bakery for their solid teamwork effort to redefine what excellent customer service actually is!

gregory evans

Food was excellent!! Would recommend highly

The Perez Family

Horrible experience. I waited in line like 45 min for them to just tell me they were out of What I wanted and the other thing I wanted was another 40 min wait. Then when I got my food it was cold and had to have them warm it up. This truly was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Will never ever return. Ever. I will never recommend it.

Arisnel Jimenez

Very fast service food quality ok

Luis Acosta

Food is pretty good sweets are really good penal was dry and under seasoned

Christina Isabel Santana

The food here is absolutely amazing. I have gone on two occasions for breakfast and feel like I have a bit of home in every bite. Puerto Rican food is hard to make but they have nailed it. I'm sure it isn't just Puerto Rican food but that is what I can compare it to. This place is usually always packed so I say be patient because when you get your food, it is worth the wait. Both times we didn't wait too long but it is fresh and makes you want to keep eating. There is usually someone, at least on the weekends, that goes around the tables making balloon animals for the kids. Friendly and homey environment.

Vanny Andino

Great food and amazing sweets great prizes

Jessica Rodriguez-Garcia

Nothing special on the food. I have eat food with better flavor in the food trucks.

Maldo's Detailing Vlog

Hands down the best Puerto Rican food in Florida and possibly all US

Ray Flax

Always a pleasure eating there.. Good food, today I had breakfast..

Maria Ortiz

I rate 1 star, because when food was served it was cold, food should had been with a temperature by law of this state. It's been year's I haven't entered, I haven't missed a thing. Now on sweets and bread they're very good.

Jose Melendez

All together one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in town. The food felt fresh and authentic and the value was amazing. Especially enjoyed the mofongo that turned out to be an experience in itself. This is a rather popular restaurant it is no surprise that it might get a little bit crowded from time to time. They also have a wide variety of typical pastries such as quesitos.

Betsy Rodriguez

Bad customer service! I prefer the Kissimmee location.


Yummy puerto rican food at low price

David Robles

Love the food it's a Puerto Rican restaurant they have everything good food

Sonia S

Great Puerto Rican food! Sit down or take out, pastries also. Very casual.

Jose Ruben Mercado

I love the food from this restaurant. Original Puertorican cuisine, full of flavor you must try this please. However the only big downside for the customer but good for this place is the endless line to order your food. It may worth waiting for the food and the staff is generally kind. DELICIOUS

Isa Rodriguez

Food is amazing, fresh and got. The resturant is very clean and the staff is friendly. The best food in Orlando to date! There is a coqui that goes off every few minutes makes u feel like if your in Puerto Rico!! Love Love this place.. It kicks pollo Mario in the but 5 times. Hands down its also extreemly cheap but alot for ur dollar!!

Tania Penson

First time customer! Enjoyed my Puerto Rican food ! Que Rico! Will come back again soon!

Pablo Hernandez

Great place to eat with family and friends.

Aurelio Montenegro

Ordered a egg,ham and cheese sandwich to go and spent 40 minutes waiting for it. As a pick up order you have to wait til everyone's elses food that is at the restaurant is served before your order is even worked on. I addressed the issue with 2 employees and i got the typical I understand reply. Terrible process, cancelled my order and will let everyone I come in contact with of how bad service is and how uncaring employees are about customer concerns.

Lizmarie Cordero

I love it here my husband and I want to come back for my grandmother birthday.. and there really clean to

Nestor Torres

The best food in town .better than Disney food

Randy Rodriguez

Awesome location with good parking. Great food selection with fair pricing for everyone!

Jaime Ramirez

They have really good sandwiches and great pastries but in wasnt imoressed with their food selection

maria martinez

The food was ok/good but by the time I got to my table the food was cold. Communication between the front of the kitchen and the back needs improvement.

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