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REVIEWS OF Karamell-Küche (Caramel Kitchen) IN Florida

Joe Barrett

My bank account takes a hit everytime I'm here. From the moment you walk in the door you're instantly greeted with the sweet aroma of caramel. It's impossible not to leave without buying multiple items. My favorites are the dark chocolate & sea salt caramels & the caramel apple oatmeal cookie.

C. Dennis Lane

It's Caramel !!!!. Oh and of course lots of chocolate. With the exception of people with allergies or dietary issues this should be a must stop for everyone. From the fresh caramel popcorn to a a block dipped in chocolate swing by and try something fantastic.

Dan A

Get your sweet tooth on! Food, food, and more food. I think that is the theme of Epcot, they just try to hide it with international decorations. I can’t imagine trying everything, I would be round, very round, but there is no harm in trying, at least that’s what I am telling myself... and you apparently...

Kevin Ledding

Must. Must. MUST! Get the caramel corn fresh, and it may even still be warm...

Ray Cameron

Simply said the Best place for Sweets in all of WDW hands down.

Jenny Theis

Brendan Hole

A must for fans of Werther's; the smell of the candy makes a brief visit worthwhile, and the sweets and cakes on offer will tempt most into a purchase! They even have sugar-free candies in flavours that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Yaminah Sutton

This place is absolutely addicting! To the point, we avoid looking at it when we pass through the Germany Pavilion. They make scrumptious goods made from Werther's caramels. My favorite item is the popcorn which we do not share. Everyone in my family gets their own regular sized bags. Without realizing it, we finish the bag in one sitting. It is a MUST TASTE item in Epcot. Unless you dislike caramel, you will be majorly disappointed for not trying it. The candy apples are great and they will slice it for you.

John Field

Evelyn Gunardi

Caramel covered krispies treat is absolutely yum, and the caramel covered strawberries, oh so divine.

Ethan Smith

This place is a must! Awesome, just awesome chocolates and caramels within. Stop reading this review and just go there!! OM NOM NOM!!!

Brandon Corbit

Amazing selection of caramel covered... everything. The popcorn is especially flavorful. Very highly recommended for a quick snack or two.

Amy Santapau

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt... that is all!!

Joseph Davis

Toby Elker

Yummy! Love the German Werthers Bonbons!

Brad Duncan

More Carmel products than you've ever seen before in one place! Yum!

John Gargaro

Caramel apple walnut oatmeal cookies are one of the best things I've ever tasted!

Chris Baird

You can smell the caramel goodness of this place all the way from "Japan". Even "Italy" as well! Of course they are only a few hundred feet part when you are at EPCOT. Go eat an apple, some caramels and some popcorn. Go on. It's pretty yummy!

Teena Snyder

If I'd known, I would have just gotten all my Epcot food goodies at this shop. I went in for the chocolate-covered caramels that get raves on Pinterest. I left with a plethora of delights. My taste buds are especially yearning for the pecan caramel turtle things (I don't remember what they call them). Next time I will buy 2 dozen and hoard them! Go here. Just- -go. You will be glad.

Kaitlyn Herder

German & rum filled chocolates A+

Josh Mace

David Morlitz

Wonderful candy shop - definitely worth the visit

Paulo Groth

I dream with he caramel popcorns even an year after I ate it there.

Ben R

So good....fresh Werther's caramel corn? Spectacular

Toby Morrison

Very tasty treats with some flavors that are hard to get in the UK

Thierry Houle-Gingras

Popcorn s overrated

Natalia Rubio

Jason Fowler

Warm. Werther's. Popcorn.

James D.

Fantastic selection of fresh treats with caramel! My personal favorites are the caramel popcorn, caramel apple oatmeal cookies, and the giant caramel apples. (And they will cut those giant caramel apples up for you so they are easier to share and eat.)

André Saraiva

Pipoca e Caramelo... Quem diria? Extraordinário!!!

Melissa Liming

This place is a must-do if you are in Epcot and have a sweet tooth. The warm caramel corn they make fresh right in front of you is to-die-for. It's SO good! Eat it while you walk around World Showcase! The sea salt caramels are also probably the best I've ever had. They are thick, ooey-gooey, and delicious.

Chris Cremeans

This is the absolutely worst place in Epcot because it smells so amazing. Every. Single. Time. I always want to stop and get some crazy good caramel snacks… but I must be good and save it for special occasions. Seriously, go in and get some treats. You won’t regret it.

Tiago Konishi

Melhor pipoca caramelizada do mundo!!! Muito bom!!! Diversos doces à base de caramelo!! Com certeza vale a pena a visita!!

Jason Webb


Jordan Yoshimine

Caramel extravaganza. My friends and I each sampled different Caramel treats. All worth it! Freshly made desserts! If you like caramel, this is a must stop!

Dave Sprayberry

Great candy shop. Love the German chocolate.

Brenda Hallquist

Gregory Hall

Adam Oster

Caramel! Even just looking in the window of this place is worthwhile as you can see the candy makers go about their business, but stepping in takes the whole experience to a new level. The smell alone is dreamy. Of course, you should probably buy something. The caramel corn is a safe bet, but there is simply so much more available that it can be hard to choose. Me? I'm always good with just some straight up caramel.

Enrique a

Thomas Miller

Took me a little while to find this shop in the World Showcase at Epcot but I'm glad we eventually did. Delicious caramel popcorn and everything else caramel. Highly recommended

Jeff Petrauskas

Cindy Antonik

The caramel is awesome.

Omar Vargas Paz


Kamill Karim



It’s nice & nice staff .. but nothing special.. I ordered the apple coated with caramel.. & a Carmel pop corn..

Chase Ducalo

I give Karamell-Küche five stars is because how they have such nice people in there. Also whenever I walk in there it smells awesome and whenever I got something it was always fresh and tasted great. Also it doesn't get hard for at least 3-4 day.

matthew relihan

This is a must for us every trip.

Foodlover Girl

Germany Pavilion was another fun culinary destination. We stopped over at Karamell-Küche. It is kind of hard to just walk by without going in there. The aroma of sweet caramel just pulls you in… This is where you can get all kinds of caramel goodness, including the popular Carmel Popcorn, all sorts of Caramel Apples, and other baked goods with caramel in or drizzled, such as cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates. We were looking at all the gooey delicious offerings, but then saw the staffs making Mickey-shaped Crispy Treat with Werther’s Caramel! Watching them make these cute little babies, we had to have one… Mickey Crispy Treat with Werther’s Caramel was first dipped half way in chocolate, and then god some sweet drizzle from caramel heaven across and over it. And let me tell you, it was so good! Adding the caramel flavor to the mix was brilliant, and even better, made super fresh right there!

Corey Leighton

All things caramel.... yum. If you like Werther's, you'll LOVE this joint.

claudio villar

Very good...

Jakob Henneike

Kaue Duarte

Ursula Metz

The minute I walked into Karamell-Küche, I was hugged by that sweet sweet heavenly smell of caramel and chocolate! I just stared at the display case for a while. This place is paradise for Chocoholics! And if you don’t love chocolate like I do, there’s plenty to enjoy like the Caramel popcorn. There are cookies, caramel apples, beverages and more and there’s a beautiful place to sit outside. From the day my brother gave me an authentic box of chocolate from Germany, I was hooked and I couldn’t wait to get to Epcot’s Germany Pavilion to get more! In all of my travels, it’s some of the best chocolate and caramel I’ve enjoyed to date. On my desk, I usually keep a mason jar full of treats and Werther’s Originals candies, so it was cool to get a chance to experience a taste of the actual shop they originated from! I had one of the Caramel Pecan Milk Chocolate Clusters and…oh my! It was so rich, and a perfect match of sweet and saltiness. I didn’t want dinner after that. I just wanted to go back to the shop and eat as much chocolate as I could...but I behaved myself and didn’t! The service was great and I loved the beautiful German accent of the smiling lady that served us! The hardest part was picking something to enjoy and having to leave! It was a great experience that I want to have again and again!

Bonnie Campbell

Delicious candy, amazing Carmel popcorn

Jason Huhn

So much chocolate there.

Anna Robinson

If you love caramel you will LOVE this bakery!!! This place is a "must go" for me whenever I'm visiting WDW. The smell when you walk through the door is intoxicating! My new favorite treat here is the Salted Caramel Cupcake! The fresh caramel popcorn is delicious also!

Aidan Hall

Amazing desserts

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