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1880 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231, United States Located in: Southbridge Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Island Gluten Free Bakery IN Florida

Michael Schwager

Their Pizza is delicious. The bread is as good as any gluten bread you could want. My daughter has never had gluten bread and was only moderately happy with this bread, but I think it's because it had kind of a sour flavor as per a gluten bread with yeast. We appreciate that it's not sweet. We had the key lime pie and it is good... 3.5 out of 5. I find that inferior key lime pies are loaded with sugar and have an overpowering sweetness. This one was pretty sweet, not as bad as many and the crust and creamy topping sort of balanced it out but the key lime filling was pretty dang sweet. Still, it tasted good and had the right amount of key lime flavor. It's great to walk in to a bakery and know that you could safely buy anything! Oh... 1 more thing... The ingredient list on the bread is good. Few if any red flags there. We were happy with our baked goods!

brittany wilcox

Joanne Domonkos

Very good. Now all we need is a bakery with Gluten free & sugar free in the same product!

Rick Stanley

Shanna Belle Borthick-Compton

This place is a wonderful bakery, the lady that was running it was very knowledgeable and nice, they have coffee and everything gluten free you can think of- many dairy free as well! Known sources for ingredients and rightly proud of their products! Love love love.

Jeff Hogan

Fantastic. We will be back. Amazing.

Mikayla H

Tania Roy

I had the chocolate cake which was gluten, dairy and egg free....yum! Thanks for your service, because it is and so appreciated!

Joseph Gerardi

Scone was out of this world.

Kathy Harvey

Their cakes are delicious. Highly recommended!!!

John Morgan

Now little store. Good choices.

Peggy Fahrenback

Absolutely wonderful bakery. Nice, helpful folks who understand food and nutrition.


My family vacations in the area once or twice per year for the last 5 years. All products are amazing. My relatives who have vacationed with us, and who are not gluten free, LOVE this place. Everything we've had is terrific, including the bread, but my favorite is the cinnamon roll and my wife loves the scones.

Elizabeth Dowdy

A blessing to know I can find yummy food I can eat! I'm grateful for your taking care of the celiac community!

Elisa Acosta

As a celiac patient I tried many , many GF products, this is the best one!!! So bad I live in Jersey. Is my favorite thing to do when I am at siesta!!

Cici Black

Really surprised with all the 5 star reviews of this place. I saw on the packaging that they've been in business since 2006, which is a long time for a gluten free location, but it seems like they must have never updated their recipes over those 13 years. I have celiac and really wanted to like my treats from this bakery, but they honestly tasted like when you take a "regular" recipe, try subbing gluten free flour, and it turns out with the taste slightly off and the texture all wrong. The brownie was fine but mediocre, the cookies were kinda dry, and the cake was somehow super dry but mushy at the same time. Just not good. I've been to other bakeries and know that gf/df or even gf/vegan can be done so much better!

Christine Pace

This is an excellent place to find gluten free baked goods. The breads are delicious and the owners are super friendly!

Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner

I would recommend Island Gluten Free to anyone who has gluten issues. I haven't tried everything they have to offer, and they have quite a bit, actually. But what I have tried I liked very much. The pumpkin cake was good, as was the French bread and the cookies I sampled. They are also very nice and helpful, too. So it's an easy business to try and support.

Sheri Kenny

Wow! If you’re looking for GF. This is the place to go! Fresh breads, muffins and great coffee! No need for Starbucks anymore! It’s on the way to Siesta Key as well....10 Stars!

Christie Schunk

It's so awesome to be able to go to lunch with my family and get whatever we want and not worry about Cross contamination with gluten. A+, this place will never disappoint with their quality.

Nicholas Roush

Barbara Ehren

Wonderful, tasty products without that gritty texture. The bread is the best I have ever had.

Jeanne DAngelo

The gluten free breads, muffins and cakes are delicious. They are just as tasty or more tasty than any other bakery products I have tasted. The espresso coffee is delicious too.

Terry Myers Coney

So excited to find a place where I could get a gluten free pie for Thanksgiving !

Michaela Fischhof

Amazing product!!! Thank you for being here in Sarasota! Yummy!

Synia Carroll

Abigail Bruce

The best gluten free bread I have found! I also had the peanut butter cake which was gluten and dairy free. My husband had a chocolate torte. Both were very good! We will travel here from St. Pete often!

Kelly Goodbrad

Best safe place for celiacs and excellent food!

Corliss Streinz

We have excellent visits everytime we go. Excellent food and service. Highly recommended.

Johannes Schwamberger

N. Doe

We had some gluten free and vegan cake (tried both the chocolate and peanut butter). Best vegan deserts I have had all week! I highly recommend! ❤️❤️

Dave Dock

Sarah Shulk

Ryan Mcpherson

Dawn Smith

Our two boys have Celiacs and of all the gf food we've had, this is THE BEST! This place is immaculately clean and the ladies who work here are always friendly and welcoming.

Paul Harding

Very nice staff. Food was great. They were out of quite a few things though.

Valerie Charsky

The best ever. Cinnamon rolls to die for. Gluten Free should always be this good.

Vanessa Dredger

Best tasting cinnamon roll with a very good latte. Wish they had a location in my state.

Matthew Adamo

Amazing gluten free products!!! My wife is a celiac and eats here several times a week. And now that lunch is back.... well we hang out here a lot!

Luna Cruz

Good food!

Moohead Radio

Michael Granit

Mary Esposito

Waiting for my cinammon rolls to thaw out to see how good they are.

Kimberly Thomas

We were in town for our honeymoon and I researched what gluten free options were in the area. I read many reviews and looked into this place. So when we were in town we stopped by. Upon entering I saw the sign on the door "please no food allowed (from other sources) this is a gluten free facility ". That was a huge relief to see. We went in there and looked at all the options. They have cookies, bread, muffins, mini pizzas, etc. all 100% gluten free. We bought several things to try and take back to the resort. The food was amazing! Homemade gluten free! It was so nice to visit and have options! We will definitely return and order in the future. Also the staff were very friendly! I highly recommend this gluten free bakery!

Tom Munkelwitz

Kerrie Miley

Excellent food. No gritty taste or after taste. Service is friendly and helpful. Love the selections.

Andrea Tiernan

Grant Ellis

Literally, the best gluten free food. I’ve had Celiac Disease for 16 years - and I finally can feel so safe to enjoy “normal” bakery foods!!

Linda Zimmerman

Excellent Gluten Free Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake. Great conversations too!

noah magnifico

BUYER BEWARE - My wife and I came across their Farmer's Market stand in Venice on a very popular Saturday morning in late January. The bakery owner's parents were at the booth and were very easy to talk to. My wife was delighted to see the selection of GF items and after lots of consideration, we settled on 2 - 8" pizza crusts costing $8.50. It is a premium price point and we were delighted to try it. Planning on having Pizza for dinner on Tuesday night, 2.5 days from purchasing pizza rounds from Island, i picked up the unopened bag and saw that it was moldy, green and red mold, growing all over the crusts. Needless to say, we were both rather disappointed. The following evening, i emailed the address on their Website. Kim wrote "Yes, everything must be frozen this is why we put it on the label, we do not use preservatives chemicals additives or stabilizers. Our motto is always eat it or freeze it. The pizza crust work very well from the frozen stage no need to thaw to make your pizza. All the items are made fresh daily and any leftovers are immediately frozen here at the bakery, all the market stuff is fresh. Sorry for the inconvenience, we strive to make things healthy but they lack shelf life." I wrote back, "Yes, it is on the label, printed in the smallest text. Please ask your parents to mention that to customers when they purchase. Did i miss the place where we were going to make this right? $8.50 for mold in three days doesn’t give US that warm fuzzy feeling." Kim wrote back "I apologize again Noah, our parents do their best to remind people of the care instructions, they may have been busy and neglected this time , but they do understand-stand our products." If you decide to purchase from Island, FREEZE their product or eat it within hours of purchase. If you decide to wait a few hours, you might have to throw it away. I was glad that we donated $8.50 to them and that they don't stand behind the product, but will stand behind your trashcan with a smile and a wave, bye-bye.

Kathleen Flynn

I am gluten free and I have never had any reactions to the ingredients used here.

Bailey Anderson

Great bakery!

Anthony Viglione

Clare Bongiovanni


Silver Crumb

Tasty treats for the gluten free

Bella Noel

This is the most amazing gluten free bakery I have ever been to! Everything is superb, and I wish I only had this near where I live! Thank you for gracing the world with excellent baked goods!

Shirley Kranz

So good and so fresh. Can't beat the muffins and the scones.

Lawrence Moeller

Nadine Noky

I come here about once a week for the last few years. I can't think of a single thing they don't do extremely well. The muffins, the cakes, the cinnamon rolls, the sub sandwiches, even the lattes are amazing. One of favorite local places and thought is was about time I shared a review. If you're gluten free or not, this is one of the tastiest bakeries around and the prices are on par with other bakeries around town.

Beck Lane

Dave Ranck

My wife and I are both Gluten free and the baked goods at this store are phenomenal. We use the pizza shells to make wonderful homemade pizzas. Everything I've tried has been top-notch. Many of the area restaurants use their product because the quality is so high. I heartily recommend them to anyone looking for great-tasting gluten free products. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Maureen Bitley

Gary Anderson

Debra Harnal

Also call 'Stella'. Great choices of bread and muffins among many other GF items

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