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REVIEWS OF Don Pan International Bakery IN Florida


It’s not the first or last time I go to this location of Don Pan in Doral. With seating areas inside and outside, this is a nice and ample bakery. Service was good and those pastries were extremely good too. But my favorite things here are the cachitos and coffee late. A must try!


The one in Hialeah is okay, they got a couple of good things mostly American desserts mix with some Cuban ones but you have to try the one in Doral. Holy Nova, the cakes themselves are so good! They have a wide variety of Venezuelan sweets and foods. Everything is so good. Cakes out of napoleon, mini eclairs, tiramisu, hazelnut and so much more! What a delicacy!!

Luis Fernando Gonzalez


John P

The place is nice ..,the ladies were great and helpful........prices are EXPENSIVE for pastries and coffee Empanadas were so............can get pastries and coffee better and less expensive somewhere else......!

Carlos Sosa

Venezuelan styles bakery

Ricardo E Sayegh A

Authentic Venezuelan Bakery and other of the country's Dishes with great quality and delightful service

Luis Salomon

Love the food there

MM Vocal Coach Mariana Martinez

Place is dirty Ladies cashier screaming talking loud No music Bad attitude Food ok

Leonardo Luna

Awesome Venezuelan comfort food. Bakery with great arepas.

Lucio Carrillo


Angel Tillero

The best Cachitos in miami, awesome bread, nice place.

Doris Acuna

great service and authentic Venezuelan empanadas to die for!

Irene Pereira

Great bakery

Sergio Sanchez

Great food and service one of the best spots in Doral.

Agata Di Maggio de R.

Great people, and delicious food

Terry Bruce

Great coffee etc

Mariana Talavera

Best cachitos and canillas around!

Luis Alejandro Crespo Falco

Great Venezuelan bakery, prices are not expensive at all.

Patty Vargas

Service was fantastic and food relish tried lunch and are a w cheese, fress soda

Rosi Colmenares

A good place to eat

Diana Carter

Increible what an experience, please w don't miss it!

Daniela Sanchez

I went there today for lunch and the food really looks good, but it's just the look, I got a ham and cheese cachito and a golfiado , terrible, the cachito was sour, so I told the cashier and she told me that he was going to give me a fresh one, even though I told her to give something different, she insisted and gave me the same. The golfer was completely cold so I asked her to warm it up and she overheated it so obviously when I tried it it was taffy. the staff is not trained properly to give a good service

Lisette Paz

I love it

Di Rod

Very good experience.

Marcos Arredondo

Excellent food and service, I love the bakery. ..

Max Perez

Nice Golfeados

Alexi Altuve Realtor Keyes


Silvana Silva

This is the go to place to buy birthday cakes for my co-workers. The cakes are to die for. They are fresh and moist, you just can't get enough. They aren't the cheapest but are well worth it. Highly recommended

Jose Jamarrillo

First and last time here. 5 or 6 employes just talking to each other

Miguel E Pérez Figuera

Real Venezuelan Bakery!!!

Rafael Pinto

Excellent food and appetaizers.

CG Compuweb

Good products.

Jeimy R

The desserts were either dry or soggy, and seemed old. The Cachitos were amazing! The staff seemed like thy really didn't want to be there and looked at me like "uh what do you want?!" When I was ordering my food. Pretty rude. Change your staff and the place would be a lot better. Still all in all, closest I come to eating food from the country I was born in and would love if they moved further north too.

Juan Alberto Bennasar Dumoulins

Good bakery

Fabiola Alejandra Rojas Acosta

Very tasty food

Yusnier Mendoza Silva

You should buy your pan de jamón here !!


The Service is great but they charge you a fee no matter the amount when you pay with debit card, without any notification

Gilbert Garcia

I like coming here sometimes, mostly because they are open later than most other bakeries that serve coffee along with desserts in my area. This is not the BEST place, but it isn't bad either. STAY AWAY FROM THE FLAN....I used to think the worse flan I ever had was that cheap gelatin flan.... until I tasted the one here which I'd gladly trade for cheap gelatin flan. It had an alcohol-like taste, the custard was bland, and I wasn't able to eat more than the one bite I spit back out. I tried to tell the worker behind the counter and all he did was make excuses saying that "sometimes the caramel can taste a little sour." Then he asked me if there was anything else I wanted, so I picked the cheesecake-----which I ended up paying for....more money out of my pocket to replace a dessert that tasted rotten. All in all, I'll come here for coffee, but I think I'll stick to the safer pastries and foods instead.

Michel Spizuoco

Good food and excelent service

Asdrubal Faneite


Carlos Dominguez

The best cachitos in Miami

Johnatan Jensen

Great pastries and coffee. Expect a lot of Spanish though it's Doral lol

sachin narani

Very good cakes.

Franco Duboc

Long lines in the AM. Definitely worth the wait. Fire tequeños.

Raul marcano bigott

Very good Venezuelan Bakery

Mario Ferreira

Good bread, great staff

crisrian rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Rich .. clean and good service. VIVA VENEZUELA (Original) Muy rico.. limpio y buena atencion. VIVA VENEZUELA

Ali Colmenares

Great place to have you pastries, bread, breakfast. Their opportunity remain in a faster service and well trained people.

Melany Valdiviezo

The food is amazing but the customer service is the worst! The owner of this place should really talk to his employers!!

Mauricio Zapata-Santos

very delicious pastries and superb arepas!

Andres Fernandez

Decent Venezuelan eatery

Tim Joy

Fist visit to Don Pan. Went withy girlfriend who is from Venezuela. She said "must go!". Enjoyable first visit. Will go back for sure!!


Delicious cheesecake congratulations

Cat F

In my opinion this is the best don pan i have been to. I grew up with their cachitos de jamon and goleados. It still tastes the same as it in my memories. The place is still extremely Venezuelan and so is their clientele. If i had to recommend one of the many don pans it would be this one.

Anthony Robinson

The pastries look amazing! I just got a sandwich but I'll be back for some dessert really soon. Staff were friendly and helpful and the place was clean and neat.

Maureen hermiz

Love it so much

laguggis gug

I went this morning as i wanted a ham cachito with cafe con leche..there were some people before and i made the line.there were 2 i believed there was 1 line..suddenly a big orange tee man spoke with another man that was first on the line and keep there. Then i saw the 2d cashier attending a new family that arrived in that moment.that was unpolite and i felt bad. I asked her why if i was BEFORE..then she respond.that she asked "Following"..basica i never heard anything and left the shop. This is the 2nd time i try to get food there and i has been mistreated and people dont give a sh@@##$ on the lines. LAST TIME

Francia Lorena Gamboa Cardenas

The best tequenos in the planet!

Albert Faustino

Phenomenal cakes, delicious empanadas. Service is great, remembering that they invest in food not people. I'm always happy with their service. Thanks.

simon mendez

Amazing Venezuelan style bread and pastries. Coffee is excellent.

Daniel Fela

The best cachitos in doral

Pedro Manzi

There is a Lady that appears to be the manager , but for the way treats customers i think she sould be the daughter or the wife of the owner !! The way she treats the customers its out of this world !! And i also would like to add that this not the first time i saw this issue ! I have been treated very bad by the same person before!! I keep going to this place thinking that some day she is out of this place and for once i am a very happy customer !! Good food , the other employees have a face like they do not want to run into any problem with this lady!!! I am a Venezuelan and this woman have nothing of respect for customers that KEEPS THIS BUSSINESS ON THE MAP!! For the food not BECAUSE OF THIS WOMAN!!! Hope i can see changes very soon !!! I will get the name of this woman and will posted !! Just in case you are there !! Please do not ask for her service!!!!


My best Venezuelan place in Miami.

Elena Henriquez

(Translated by Google) Everything is exquisite, fresh and our flavors supported !! In Doral .... yummy yummy .... to keep everything! (Original) Todo es exquisito, fresco y nuestros sabores apoyados !! En Doral....yummy yummy quedarse con todo!


(Translated by Google) Very good products, excellent taste food but very bad attention. (Original) Muy buenos productos, comida de excelente sabor pero la atención muy mala .

yadira febres

Good Arepas! My husband ordered one with Gouda Cheese and I one with Queso Guayanes, 2 ham Cachitos and one Elephant Ear...Buenisimo!

Rafael Ventura-Rosa y Solis

Well I don't know which employees you folks dealt with but my experience has, with very rare exceptions, been very positive. From the quality of the arepas, cachapas, cachitos, tequeños tortas,.and even the cortaditos and all the different breads..(I can go on and on), to the consistently good service, I can only commend the owners and managers of this Don Pan for turning this location into one of the stellar successes of the Don Pan chain. I go to this Don Pan regularly since I live in the area and have been doing so for over 10 years. The service has always been amiable, efficient and courteous especially more recently. Management and owners have obviously listened to customer concerns and acted to improve customer service and the improvements are noticeable. This Don Pan is ALWAYS busy so there must be a reason. The front líne has to move at a quick pace to make sure people do not stand on line for extended periods so the employees at the counter can't always stop to chat with customers but they are always courteous. I have never had to wait more than 6-7 minutes to be attended, no matter how crowded they are. For those of you who say your experience was less than positive, I can only recommend that you return and give them another chance. I am sure you will notice a positive change and be much more pleasede next time around.

Berna Baez

We need you in Orlando!!

kriztal M.

Food is amazing but expensive

Patty Goa

Love the food. A little bit too expensive for a bakery

David Fuguet

It's good but always packed and the music is horrible

Patty & Angel Santaren

Great Latin pastries

Armando Daza

Bad service no manners horrible coffee old bread this is the second time this happen its not the don pan that just to be 10 years ago never come back

piroska monaco

Very good place for breakfast , lunch dinner the desert are really good. It's venezuelan food : arepas cachapas cachitos. Love it

Gerardo Mijares

Nice morning....

Loch Bucane

I like the inside of this bakery. Very nice people. A lot of selection of Venezuelan bread. I bought each type of empanada and they were very good! Excellent.

Isavis Rangel

Never get tired of this place

Dawn Merchan

Great food

Luis Bustamante

Some of their food is good and some is not. At times they run out of some of their pastries and other times it feels dry. However, overall it is a good place to eat breakfast or a snack.

Abdel Torres

Nice Breads Nice costumer service !

Andres Bernal

deliciousness everywhere

Veronica Rolon

Great steps sandwiches

Vicente Fuentes

Good place to eat the traditional "golfeados" with "guayanés cheese" .... and this is where the detail is, the "guayanés cheese" is not authentic, it is a simple white cheese .... of the rest, good service in General and good products. I recommend it.

Angela Jimenez

My husband love the Pan de bono and Buñuelos

Prof. Ricardo Pacanaro


Milton Santos


Eddy Misael Castillo

I know this place for years, I like to have breakfast there when I've been in a hurry.



Laura M. Torres

Poor customer service. I asked for a whole wheat "barra de pan" and the waitresses laughed at me on my face telling me that thay don't have diet food, only real food. I was shocked by their response. If I continue going to Don Pan is because they have the best quality not for their customer service.

David Garcia

Sells excellent traditional Venezuelan bakery food like cachitos, canillas, etc.

Ismael Hernandez

One of the best Venezuela style Bakery at Doral - Miami

Yoshmar Manrique

Cachitos, empanadas, café, golfeados, tequeños... You'll feel like in Venezuela! On it's good time! ;-)

Melissa Zoque

Great food, TERRIBLE service. The cashier was distacted, got the order wrong and when it came out the server made it seem as if it had been my fault and rudely said I had to wait. Spoke to manager who clearly didn’t care. Never again.

Melanie Ecarri


Xaviet Mare

Good food but bad service they think there the only bakery

Rafael Enrique Galarraga

Fabulosa panadería, todo elaborado con muy buen gusto, lo recomiendo ampliamente. Los felicito.

Elizabeth Castillo

Good quality! However, it's too pricey for what it is! Empanadas are $3.40 you can make at least 25 for only $15 or so! Cachitos are $2.50 fare price! They should definitely consider lower prices a bit

lorena freitez

(Translated by Google) The main error of Don Pan is the head, that is, the owner who does not know what teamwork is. People say what they say because they do not have a good guide to help them support them or encourage them. You arrive at the bakery and the gentleman is the one who inspires a bad vibes! Take as a priority your boss's attitude as improvement and you will see how everything is different (Original) El error principal de Don Pan es la cabeza es decir el dueño quien no sabe lo que es trabajo en equipo la gente dice lo que dice porque no tiene Un buen guía que los ayude que les de apoyo o que los aliente. Llegas a la panadería y el señor es quien inspira una mala vibra! Tome como prioridad la actitud de su jefe como mejora y verán como todo es diferente

Mercy Medina

good food clean place horrible customer service will actually argue with customers over how they want something done. i have never seen that happen before.


First time at this Venezuelan Bakery. Had an apple pastry, chocolate croissant, and the ham Conchita I think that's what it's called LOL everything was delicious and will be back

fatih ozen

Slow service, some employees dont even understand English...

Adri Ruiz

Delicious Venezuelan Cuisine !!! I love it, I definitely recommend this place

Gabriel Serangelli

Best cheese & guayaba tequeños!

Guillermo van Doorn Mahecha

I visited this place but did not order something. I had just a meeting there.

Lida Aguilar

The staff are incompetent. They do not understand the concept of a pick up order. I have called before to put the order in and they have received but now they refuse to take my order because it can only be done through Uber eats. They do not realize how stupid this is due to the fact that Uber eats is a delivery service!!! Which is not what I wanted AT ALL. I would not even give one star.

Ernestina de Villiers

The food was good, and it is the reason of the 3 stars, but service was terrible! We pre-ordered for pick-up, they confirmed they would have everything ready for us, but when I arrived to get the food one of the ladies asked me to make the line, then another one told me not to because it was only for pick-up (get it together!); when I gave them the receipt for the pick-up they started running around putting everything together! (what?!) and to make the coffee which was for a group. Had to wait there 30 min, too much for pre-ordering! When I mentioned they said the order would be ready at arrival they said they couldn't prepare it earlier because everything was hot ... por Dios!, at least have the decency to say "we forgot, sorry" but don't give me bad service and lie to me. We will never order again for an office event.

Ieva Bruzinskaite

Pastries are amazing, always fresh, baked perfectly. Huge variety and great and fast staff.

Francisco Mago

305tax the best tax service in town.

Marina Machiste

Food is good but the service is awful, the staff is rude and treats customers as if we not paying for the food. Management must look into it. Venezuelan food can be found somewhere else. Who do they think they are?

Maria V

We love it

Luiza Dixon

Product is good but service is terrible. Employees don't acknowledge customers and could be friendlier.

Magui Nemnon

Demadiado bueno

Monica Urdaneta Hulett

One of the best franchises in Miami. Highly recommended!

Adriana Navarro

Best cachitos de jamon in town. Just this din pan in doral, especially on the weekend they are just freshly made.

Renee Hall

Very good desserts for very low prices. Would definitely recommend.

Henry Gutierrez

Great. Needs remodel

Stephanie Olavarrieta

Don Pan had slacked off a few years ago and I had stopped coming but recently the quality changed for the better and it has been my favorite place to buy cachitos in Doral. Their cakes are also pretty good and they always have fresh bread to take home. If you are looking for bakery items, arepas, cakes, coffee Don Pan offers all that and more.

juan sosa

Good coffee. Venezuelan kind of food. My kids love it, when they see the Don Pan logo they start screaming: Pan de Bono, we want pan de bonoooo.

Edouard Monahan

Place to buy typical Venezuelan comfort food but overpriced.

Pedro Maglione

The best place to buy all kinds of bread and pastries

Rebeca Peña

Horrible customer service such attitudes

Roberto Ojeda Tovar

If you happen to buy the products when they are freshly made, is pretty good!

Elsie De la Maza

Everything is very good here. The only problem is not enough space for the amount of people that visit. They manage line of people pretty fast but there is not space to sit. Need a bigger place in the one on Bird road.

Vinicius Pranckevicius

Good luck having breakfast here. Ordered a tequeno and a ham and cheese chachito to go and it took over 20 minutes!!! This is unacceptable. Food is okay but definitely not worth waiting all this time for. Do yourself a favor and have breakfast at the Starbucks across the street, unless you want to have your breakfast at lunch time

Jesus Castillo


Yira Villegas Vives

Excelent service, enjoy breakfast or brunch, great pastries. Don't miss this place with a lot of Venezuelan flavor

Arnaldo Martinez

Loved this place

César Lacruz

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention, qualified and friendly staff a very nice and clean environment ... Venezuelan food and a first class bread ... I recommend it. (Original) Excelente atención, personal calificado y amable un ambiente muy agradable y limpio... Comida venezolana y un pan de primera... La recomiendo.

Mario Pena

Tequeño, cafecito, you're all set Mmmm

Alexandra Fajardo

I thought this place was supposed to be Venezuelan. But everything I have eaten tastes SO BAD. Not even comparable

Betzaida Capellan

(Translated by Google) The cachitos are super good, the dry pasta the times I've tried it has been fresh. Empanadas are very good. The taste of sweets really is very rich. I put 4 stars because the attention is not so good, I can understand that a long work day tires, but does not imply that they have to mistreat the client. (Original) Los cachitos son super buenos, la pasta seca las veces que la he probado ha estado fresca. Las empanadas son muy buenas. Realmente el sabor de los dulces es muy rico. Coloco 4 estrellas porque la atención no es tan buena, puedo entender que una jornada de trabajo larga cansa, pero no implica que tengan que maltratar al cliente.

Sebastián La greca

Very good food, quite an experience if you want to try typical Venezuelan and some of the Colombian traditional bakery totally like back home

Manuel Hurtado

I did the line with my dog in my hands and when I was about to order the cashier told me that I can't be inside with my dog even when I just wanted to order TO GO, ridiculous...

Gabriel Vargas


Ernesto Cabrera

I usualy stop by here to get some snack. However they increased 30% retail price for arepas and 25-30% across the board. They are abusing customer loyalty.

Emiliano Gonzalez Portino

Good place to get some taste of Venezuelan pastry.

Redland Aquatic Distributors

Not what I was expecting, I was looking for good Venezuelan food for breakfast but this place sell mostly cubanised food. Not authentic at all

Susana Maldonado

Best cachitos in town!!!!!

anantha gangadhara rao

Nice place, good pastry, cakes. I like cortaritos, pandebons and taquenos

Patricia Saavedra

nice restaurant

Alejandro Ahart

Best Venezuelan food in Doral, great tequeños and cachitos with all kinds of other sweets. Recommend it to have breakfast

Luisa Prieto

Horrible place. The service was pathetic, the cashier seemed to be annoyed whenever I asked a question. I ordered scrambled eggs and they were extremely dry. They tasted like fake eggs. I had not been at this place for a long time, and my friend decided to go and NOW I remember why I didn't go for a long time: Because the staff is rude and this is a waste of time and money!

Teddy Pino

Excellent bakery

Edgardo Altuve Curiel

Best empanadas ever

Oscar J. Rodriguez

Food good, service ..... mehhhhh....

Daniel Todaro

Time ago was best bakery in Miami, now is average.

Mauricio Cervone

The best Venezuelan bakery in Miami !!

Jason Gr

Went on a Saturday morning, very busy and a bit frenetic. Would be best if you speak Spanish. I don't so I ended up ordering diverging I didn't actually want.

Carlos Jimenez

Nice products and quality....service can better and prices can be lower

Andrea Sanchez-Moreno

Really good

Maria Eugenia Rondon

Me senti en Venezuela otra vez

Alexandre Cavedagne

Great service, flavors and quality


The customer service is horrible but the food is good.

Reinaldo Gonzalez

Nice place and good food...

Jose Luis Altuve

Good breads

Anibal Cedano

Just got kind of chocolate mousse cake: all I tasted was sugar. Layers of sugar with cero cake flavor. It was just pretty. It went to the garbage can. Diabetes making thing.

Mauricio Moreno


Jose Luis Del Valle

Classic venezuelan panaderia. You feel like in the Caracas' ones. Great place.

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