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Florida Mall, 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809, United States Located in: The Florida Mall

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REVIEWS OF Carlo's Bakery IN Florida

Joshua Garrett

The cake and cookies are good but taste like mass produced products you buy anywhere.

Dawn Roaten

Came to Florida mall and visited this bakery for the first time. Tried the birthday cake. So alluring with all those colors...and it tasted amazing!!!!! So buttery and sweet. Enough to share in one slice too

Sofia Ortiz- Leon

I got a rainbow cake for my husband's birthday, we went to the opening we tried it and he loved it. We love every product, but the lack of customer service makes it questionable to go back. Very rude employees.


Lots of great options here, merchandise and baked goods a plenty! Tres leches was disappointing but the lobster tail pastry was yummy!

Terry McLamb Jr

Really good food and great service.

Denise Sanford

Tasty pasteries

Spencer Paul

Yummy in my tummy :D

awesome reactor/gamer/more 37

I hate it the frosting tastes like margarine it's gross never coming back again

Daniel Gregorich

January 4th, 2018. Terrible cupcakes at inflated prices. The kids wouldn't even eat the frosting. Employees couldn't even verify when they were made. When my wife complained to them that they tasted worse than day old, she was offered a 15% discount on her future purchases. Do NOT support this scam of a store.

Greg Bontkowski

I ordered two lobster tails and both were extremely hard. Couldn't even bite it. I was extremely dissatisfied. Not worth my 6 dollars.

Stephanie Smith

Dream comes true. After years watching the show I'm finally at the store. Cannolis better than they describe. We also ordered sliced of tres leches cake and red velvet cupcake. Easily the best pastries I have ever had, and I've had 1000s. I don't want to eat anything else because hours later I can still taste it on my lips! I'm a croissant lover, but Almond Croissant it's my favorite now. I have never had a fresh croissant in the United States. Not sure If you all bake daily but, today's was amazing and so was the lady working the register. Super friendly with Hispanic flare. Thank you Danny. Just one suggestion a tip jar. Carlos Bakery employees deserve it.

Matt Bain

Wow horrible experience and even worse cake. My son was soo excited to go here, we drove up from Chicago and all he wanted was to have a cake from Cake Boss. The manager was one of the most rude people I have ever come across, he actually almost made my son cry because it was obvious he did not want anyone ordering a thing. It was 30min before close and he made sure everyone knew that it was an inconvenience for him and let everybody in line know not to touch anything because he already cleaned. My son was crushed, he even said we could leave without ordering. We insisted we would get him a cake and it was incredibly tasteless. Huge waste of time and money.

Olivia Bontems

I paid 3$ for a cookies and cream cupcake. It looked beautiful and delicious but it was flavorless and dry. I do not recommend and was very let down by this branch of Carlos Bakery.


I was so excited about carlos bakery but it was a very disappointing visit. Display cases were basically empty nothing good to choose from cake is very dry cookies are mediocre and they still have no forks!!! Customer service is ok they could improve that too. They need to have more variety during the week because all they say is no we don't have any but we will on Saturday. Why can they at least have cupcakes.

Barry Hoel

Good food

Megan Gerdes

Went here twice (Saturday and monday) and the cashier with a red shirt had a TERRIBLE attitude. She was very rude. Another customer in front of us just wanted a large size shirt and she kept grabbing wrong sizes and ds saying they had colors that they did not and then acting like it was the customers fault, she ended up just saying give me a shirt and paid for it, but didn't give the customer her food even after she verified that she had. Terrible customer service. Although the employees in the white coats were very friendly and nice, would have rather they were the cashier and not let the red shirt near a customer. Food good but not worth the employee.

Lariza De Castro

Fabulous chocolate chip cookies. One of my husband's go to.

Osiris Miranda

The employees were really rude to the customers. I was really excited to go but ruin my entire experience worse employment ever .

Cassidy Dunlop

Amazing white chocolate mousse!

Kaity Petersen

Carlos is amazing! I have an obsession. Highly recommend! They have a great variety of cakes. Cupcakes. Italian deserts. Cookies and more! They also change up the menu so it's never the same when you go back

Shannon cp

The staff was nice, but the cake was not good. I got the confetti cake. Whatever icing they use is GROSS. Normally I wouldn't complain but the slice of cake was about $7!!! I took a chance because I used to like the show. I figure things had to taste good enough for there to be a show. I was sooo wrong. Save your money. I do not recommend their slices of cake.


Their mini cheesecake doesn’t have a crust. It states that the mini is exactly like the normal one- but small which isn’t the case without the graham cracker crust. Highly disappointed. Just a bowl of cheesecake filling was disgusting.

Williams Utah

I was in heaven. Wonderful lobster tails!

Bruce Moffat

Everything looks good

David Bicovny

Very good coffee and the best napoleon I have ever eaten. Amazing!

Lisa Ann

CRAZY longgg lines for the minimal selection at this location. Doesn't do the famous "Carlo's Bakery" in Hoboken ANY justice. Shameful. The slices of cake aren't anywhere NEAR the quality of the NY & Jersey shops. No cool "old school" flair. Disappointed to say the least!

Angela Roberts


Zori Diaz

A little pricey but it's Carlos Bakery ! Yummo.

Bobbie Fischer

We were at MOA for a birthday party and I decided to stop by for some cannolis. Both my husband and I agreed that they were not that great.....we've had better at Cosseta. A couple of days later, a chocolate cake was brought into work. The only edible part was the raspberry filling. The rest of the cake was dry and devoid of flavor while the frosting was hard and almost inedible. I really expected more from this business, based off of the popularity of the show. I honestly don't know how they stay afloat if this is what they pass off as product. Seriously skip this place and go to any other small family bakery in the cities.

Amy G.

It's pretty expensive. The plain donut that I had was just okay, it tasted homemade.

carla o.h.

Holy Cannoli, delicious

Rosalie Ferguson

Great service and the cake we got is amazing. The lobster tail is to die for

Angela Ziemer

Not only was the strawberry cheesecake extremely overpriced, it was chunky and separating. When I went back to ask for a refund they said all food sales are final and the only option was to replace it. It was towards the end of the night so there was very little to choose from. I ended up with another less than satisfying item. Very disappointing. Won’t be going back.

Anthony Raj

Worst cannolis ever. Considering the company origin I expected a lot more. Plenty of other local establishments with better quality.

Gary Dehnel

Its OK. They don't actually bake anything. All frozen. They just decorate the product. Overpriced for what it is.

Barry Baker

Mean staff, very large woman with dark skin yelled at me said to get back in line. I was in line, there were only 3 of of us in line. Very poor customer service. Cannoli wasn't that good. Avoid this place.

Delaney Deloyd

Like many others I was excited to try Carlos Bakery. I live about 2 hours away and I’ve visited 3 times every time I’m in them area, each time hoping it would get better but it doesn’t. It does seem they improved their assembly for more organization. The pastries themselves are okay, probably nothing better than you could get from your hometown. Cupcakes are dry, pastries seem to be better. Staff was also okay, it seemed to depend on the individual. The thing that has been the most disappointing is that they are ALWAYS out of things. Out of the 3 times I’ve been there, there’s 2 things I keep going back hoping they’ll have(the two things I’ve wanted the most since they first opened) and they never have them, as well as many other menu items. Overall, disappointing but the concept is awesome so hopefully some improvements are made.

Kathy Hogan

Great bakery really great

Esfaque Ahmed

Please don’t be fooled by name recognition. I bought chocolate fudge cake. I was very excited to try it but I was very disappointed. Cake wasn’t much moist and it was around $30. It wasn’t very big cake either just regular medium size cake.

Shara Hannon

When I saw Carlo’s bakery I was so happy! I love watching cake boss so I figured I have to try this place! But I was extremely disappointed, there was a long line so I couldn’t exactly see everything they had in the display case so my husband told the lady behind the counter we weren’t sure if there was anything else we wanted, so she hands us our cannoli wrapped in paper and goes off to help someone else! It was upsetting because it made me feel like she couldn’t wait that extra minute to help us, and we had to bother other employees trying to do their job just to help us. The cannoli was decent, I may try it again in the future, the cupcake was absolutely delicious but the cookie was okay, definitely not worth $3! Overall I felt the baked goods were pretty good, I’ll give them a shot again but half the employees obviously don’t wanna do their job!

Maha Aj

I'm a big fan of chief Carlo's , i came from Dubai to Orlando for vocation, and i saw Carlo's bakery i was so exited ,i tried cheesecake and Napolean cake it was really good.


Delicious. Gooey soft cookies and fresh doughnuts. Kind employees

Ronay Joned

We tried 4 different types of cake and all were horribly dry and tasted terrible! Could get a better piece of cake from a gas station. DON’T waste your money.


cannoli was soggy and filling was gritty. cupcake was salty.

Lisa Haney

very tasty treats(dark chocolate covered mousse) and chocolate dipped cannoli) Tried a bite of lobster tail too, light and flakey with yummy cream. tasty pumpkin cake one bite but it is delicious. Husband said,"five out of five stars for me!

Vanessa Russell

My experience went beyond expectation. Every staff member up front greeted me individually as I made my way down the line. Everyone was very polite and answered all the questions I had while choosing what I wanted. I'll be visiting again soon to purchase a cake. Highly recommended. My first impression is every employee takes extra care when it comes to customer service, which I greatly appreciate. Also, my order was delicious of course!

Genni Mae

Its everything i dreamed of! The strawberry shortcake was amazing!

Jose Rodriguez

It's a very nice and clean space; the food was very delightful. The line was going rather slow however. I definitely will go back soon!

Samantha Ruter

Seriously amazing treats!

Vicky Moncada

Honestly don’t even bother stepping in. Practically had a bizarre experience when I entered. There were two employees, one was at the counter already helping someone and the other was cleaning the case that held the pastries. There was a line already forming and everyone patiently waiting to be helped. A man had asked what was inside one of the lobster tails and the girl cleaning, one with piercings on her lip and nose, had screamed at him saying she was cleaning so she didn’t have to do it later and didn’t even answer the question. Didn’t even bother to help anyone. Very disrespectful and unnecessary.

Desiree Palmer

I was so happy to be able to get some of all that good desserts that you can see on their show, that I drove over to his to get there. Not only was the selection poor, but nothing of what I bought was either good or fresh. What a total disappoinment, not only do idea we've all my money back, I should also get paid for my time and gas. They get one star because I can't give them zero or a negative five stars

Jason Christenson

I was a smidge disappointed that there wasn’t more here. They did not have much in the display cases and it was pretty expensive for what it was. That said, the staff was really nice and inviting and the store was clean and bright. If you are in the neighborhood, drop by but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

Buzz Krishnan

The pastries were okay; the one that was worth the money was the hazel nut lobster tail -- still flakey and delicious, but not too sweet. The staff was awful; both of the people we interacted with were super rude and clearly weren't afraid to vocalize their dislike of every customer walking through the line. They also didn't have any napkins. Whether it's because they didn't have them or didn't want to part with them, I don't know.

Dennis Van Oossanen

Great food cakes and cookies but a little overpriced in my opinion. The quality was very good and the taste as well.

Gregory Niles

Very friendly and very, very delicious cannolis!

Bruno Rossi

The cannoli could be better. Great service though.

anita alexanian

Was walking by this place in the mall and figured it might be good since there was Carlo’s name on it and I was craving some cannolis. I was soooo wrong. Very over priced and commercial. Nothing authentic about this place.

Tony Muros

Order cannoli cake was good expected better for the price. Cake was dry cake yellow crumbled not moist a little sweet not to much flavor

Debra Hentze Miller

Love Cake Boss pastries great... Expensive


Good variety and good food. Would recommend Lobster tails.

joanne hello

First of all if there was a -0 i would give them this. Very rude, i think he said his name was christian, but he refused at first to give me his name, he and the manager very rude. I bought choc covered strawberries and they were rotted. Instead of saying no problem let us give you the cash. He started yelling at me telling me he does not want to hear it. Unreal to talk to a customer like this. What is happening in this world. Is the customer not right. I got bad food, then the manager was rude as well. I will be calling the owner. I have never been treated like this is my life. I would not buy anything from there ever!!!!! so disrespectful also when he was giving me a refund, he stated that he credited my card. Well i paid with cash Mr. so again crediting the wrong account. There are so many places in mall of america, don't waist your time on this dump

Harold Worthington

Great bakery selections from TV's favorite baker! You go in thinking, Ok...he is making money off of his popularity, which is fine, but....everything looks amazing. So you think, this must taste bad because its so perfect looking....Wrong!!! Just try a simple cheese danish and hot chocolate.... Danish is small enough for 1 person, but not too big to hold. Perfect crust, not too sweet and cheese in every bite....well thought out pastry! Hot chocolate served with no sugar added, just melted chocolate in frothed milk! Delightful and did not burn my mouth. My go to place for sweets!

Relishia Howard

The cheesecake with chocolate mousse and chocolate covered strawberry was delicious. It's a just try!

Trebor Magmathon

Great place to get some really tasty bakery. I really love the Rainbow cake. Eaten just about everything there. Prices are pretty reasonable with a good selection.

Salika Pao

Cupcake was really good. Didn't like the cannoli tho.

June Allen

Amazing wish we had know it was there earlier in our holiday will definitely be back on our next visit

Jaqueline Silvestre

A dream visit this place. No regret, amazing <3

Edward Chenard

I wasn't impressed. Dried pastries are never tasty, especially when you wait a long time and pay more than local places who give you better food.

Kristina Moore

Got some cake and the place was empty but we had to get something! Cake was delicious!! Very moist and had a good taste. Three of us shared the cake (rainbow one)...I'd give 5 stars if it was rated on food only but I must say the service was horrible...if you're not a people person, you probably shouldn't work in a customer service place. No welcome, no thank you...pretty dosappdisapp in that. Girl helping us just said "what do you want" slid the cake to us on the counter and walked away. Don't go here for service but go if you want good cake!!

Anna King

An awesome bakery shop! We even ordered a personalized birthday cake for our daughter. The cake looked and tastes great. This bakery shop is always busy and popular because it's worth waiting for.

Greg Secrist

We got the cannoli and a red velvet cupcake. Lived up to the hype - delicious!

P.T. Lucas

Lovely cup of tea. Only place in the food court that had fresh milk, piping hot water and nice choice teas. The pastry was not bad either !

Luis Mata

This place is pretty neat but I do wish the prices a little bit more affordable but aside from that everything here looks amazing! People love sweets and will pretty much pay anything to get that amazing sweet. Unless of course it’s way beyond your bank but this place is worth coming into every now and than :) Prices could be better but over a good place! Also the cheesecake was amazing!

Sandra Streule

I got their famous lobster cream pastry, it was very dry and tough, hard to chew. Was not pressed by the bakery

Bea Najarro

3/7/2019 around 3pm had the most rude customer service ever! The girl working there forgot to put my daughters cupcake in the bag and when I went back to go get it she said it was my fault that I didn’t grab it when she never put it anywhere for me to grab! Seriously hire new people who actually want to work there!

Kirsty Jones

Stuffed our faces with amazing cakes

Jared Wach

Lives up to the hype. Definitely try the chocolate mousse cake.

Kaitlin Johnson

The food selection was wonderful. The cannolis were divine as were the mousse puffs. The service was fast and friendly even though there is usually a line. They have a variety of great looking cakes and a wide variety of pastries. One downfall is that this location doesn't carry the famous coffee cake seen on the show, but the pastries that are available are wonderful. It does get expensive especially if you want a variety but is worth a splurge once in a while.

Jessica Williams

Super disappointing. Got a cannoli and cream puffs, no one in my group liked the taste or texture of them. Might have tried the cakes but this place is super over priced for their offerings. Based on other reviews I would agree this is not a place to waste your money on. There are so many other bakeries around that are far superior. I would suggest googling them and looking at their reviews. Should have just gone to a local Cub. :P

Amy Hett

Bought a cookies and cream cake to celebrate my daughter's birthday. It was awful. Dried out, fell apart and frosting tasted like butter. Sooo disappointed.

milly vazquez

The pastries tasted amazing!!!!! Staff was attentive and the displays were beautiful!

Shakena Colbert-Smith

My daughter and I followed the sweet smell through the mall and stood in a long line to order. My daughter ate her chocolate cupcake and said it was alright. We took a few bites of the confetti cake slice but to me it was a little dry. The icing was great.

Helen Rodriguez

One of the best bakerys at the Florida Mall. Love it!

Bryan Herbst

Super tasty desserts! The cannoli are fantastic, and they're aren't many places in Minneapolis that make cannoli!. I can't wait to try all three different types of cakes they offer.

Jami Tharp

We were visiting Orlando and happened to see this shop. There was three of us and we all ended up purchasing a baked goods to take back to our condo. SO delicious.

Sarii Vega

The best pastries at the Mall of America

Scott K

Wow. So completely over rated. For years I wanted to try the famous cannolis from Cake Boss. So when family from out of town wanted to see the MOA I took the opportunity to treat them all to one for a snack. Firstly I'm in a wheel chair and it was impossible to approach the counter because it was roped off too narrow for access. Then actually getting an employee to take my order was near impossible, and I was the ONLY person in the shop. They were too busy on cell phones to mind me . Third it was almost fifty dollars for a dozen tiny cannolis, and they weren't even good. They were partially frozen, the filing separatel and was grainy, it left a greasy film in the mouth. Most of us threw them away without finishing them. The only thing to save this experience was getting to hang with the family. If you want good pastry, I'm sure your local grocery store is better suited than Carlo's.

Nicholas Kvalheim

The desserts are amazing! Be sure to get a canoli

ziyi zhou

I just had cake today at the Carlos bakery at the mall of America and It wasn’t edible because the cake was so wet it’s like a sponge dropped into a bowl of water ! Very disappointing! I have had cakes here before and it wasn’t like today ! I hope they would check their product in the future

Karen Carlson

True Italian recipes!

Carol Herrera

Best and most affordable Venezuelan food in town

Ney Ney

I tried this bakery desserts 4 times Each time I’ve selected something different And each time I’ve been disappointed with the flavor Way too sweet and greasy, Can’t actually taste the actual flavor. Last item I bought the red velvet cake It felt like I was eating a can of condense milk not cake.

Sarah Regis

The tiramisu was terrible. The lady fingers were wrapped around the cake and dry. They were never dipped in coffee. They simply put a lump of mascarpone in the middle and sprinkled with cocoa powder. My child could have made a better tiramisu. The rainbow cake looked beautiful. I asked them what is was made of. They only mentioned that is was a vanilla cake. The frosting was sickening coconut flavor that my family described as a “plasticy” flavor. What 10 year old boy doesn’t like cake?

Lloyd Rivera

Another example of an OK to good bakery with really bad service, which ruins all the antecedent effort. No napkins!

Christopher Bernhardt

After reading a lot of the negative comments I was a little leery about going there. Absolutely fantastic service, the Lobster claws and cannoli were delicious. It is pricey but it was worth it. I'll be back.

Tony S

I enjoyed it, the cookies were great!

Sara L

I had a chocolate cupcake. It was really yummy. They had very cute cookies with icing paintings on them. This would be a great place to visit on a date. It would also be a great place to bring the family if you have small kids.

Leandro Pimentel

So expensive, and no so good taste!

Angel Velasquez

The staff is very friendly and the place offers a variety of pastry, cookies and cakes, it’s located by the dining court at Florida Mall, we got here a chocolate cake for my son birthday and the cake was delicious!

Lyle Dylandy

The cake was alright. You would probably want to eat your cake right away: the cream on our cake melted and made a huge mess for our bag (and make the cake soggy, yikes). The customer service was REALLY AWFUL. The person supposed to grab us the cake was very rude. Never said hello or thank you, chatted with another person for a minute before coming over and was not polite when grabbing our cake.

Gino DeJesus

Some of the best cannolis!

Tasha Snakenberg

Unedible, could not even chew through the lobster tail. Cannoli was thick and gross.

Jamie Smith

Loved the cakes and donuts, made to perfection

Angela Twistee

I went there to purchase some things. Everything was cold and old. I ask for a refund and they said no. It will be the last $18 I will spend there. When a business expands like this one has, the quality fades. Becareful when expanding.

Rick Pohle

Great Cannolis! I’ve only had the cannolis, so I can’t speak to the other items. But aside from a slight softness to the shells since they’re not freshly stuffed, these are legit. I’ve been to NJ and NY and have had legitimate cannolis from local top rated bakeries and these are comparable. If you don’t like these cannolis, you either don’t know what they taste like or haven’t had a good one before. I’ve made trips to MOA just to stop at Carlos bakery.

Yesenia Pena

It's a standard bakery. Service was good though. I was just hoping in these modern times, there might be at least one cookie or cupcake suitable for a vegan. I'm not vegan, but my youngest and I can't have dairy so going vegan is safest. I just bought a bag of some breadstick kind of things by the register - they were pretty good. My oldest did have a cupcake and enjoyed it very much.

Yesenia Malave

The rainbow cake is my favorite! Tastes awesome!

Frankie J

I give Carlo's Bakery located at the Florida Mall, 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809 FIVE stars. It may not be the original location thats in New Jersey, but I'm sure this location follows the family recipes.

Rebekah Sather

As a fan of Cake Boss, it was fun to see Carlo's Bakery at MOA - how fun to taste one of their famous cannolis!

Toni Wasik

I grew up eating Italian pastries. I know how they’re supposed to taste. Unfortunately the sfogliatelle I bought from Carlo’s at MOA wasn’t quite right. The pastry was wonderfully crispy, but the cheese was dry and bland. Too bad. I hoped I’d found a little bit of home in MN.

Mark Cloninger

Tasty treats. Quality products with great customer service. We enjoyed several pastries, cakes, and cookies. If you are near this location you must stop in and experience a little piece of Hoboken in Orlando. It is well worth the stop.

McKenzie Brown

Love and miss the show so much. So happy that The Florida Mall got this treasure! When I came across the bakery, I was ecstatic! I was not let down by any of my experience. The service was great, as well as the treats. The only down fall was the long line, however, that is to be expected in Carlo's Bakery. I recommend trying everything... Haha I wish. They are a somewhat pricey. In personal experience though, I have loved the lobster tails, the cannolis, and the red velvet cupcake!

Allen P

My kid loved it

Nicolle Schumacher

Staff was rude the past two times I have gone. Today I was practically yelled at trying to hear the girl tell me to sign the paper as she walked away to get my treat. Food is good....

Ran Xu

TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES!! Stopped by for a visit at 8:30 PM on a Tuesday, when the mall was not busy. The employee serving did not care about the people waiting in line, she took order from whoever spoke to her first. Then the employee at the check-out, did not honor a discount when placing the order in the register. Not to mention the entire ordering process was extremely slow for having only three customers in line. Get Better, seriously!!

Honor Koone

As a home baker I was obsessed with the show “Cake boss” growing up. So when I heard one was opening in Orlando I had to try them out! I’ve been there a couple of times since it’s opened to try different things but always get a cupcake! (I love baking cupcakes) I love your rainbow cookies, as an Italian myself I couldn’t live without them. BUT they’re always dry and super crumbly every time I go in. I’m super disappointed. Hopefully you’ll see this review and fix your recipe or make sure the quality of your cupcakes are better. You do deserve 5 stars for your staff friendliness, clean store and your rainbow cookies. Wishing Carlos Barkery the best of luck!

Jenna Leonard

Staff workers weren’t very welcoming or didn’t seem happy to be there, never got a thank you once I paid. The girl at the checkout hardly talked just took my card and gave us our stuff. Extremely pricey, for just a few items. But the salted caramel lobster tail was pretty tasty.


Very nice food, but rude staff.

Nathan Lee

So impressed wow what a cannoli!!

Pedro Bazzarella

Ridiculous! Amazing! Awesome! Best cakes for ever. I ate the "Sea salted Caramel cake". Just amazing.

Brandon Carr

Like the show but the desserts were bad. The brownies were dry and the cookies were okay but a little dry, they had nice staff working when we were there.

Brian Warner

Didn't taste any different than my other ordinary bake shop.. was very disappointed but what you should expect being in the food court of a mall.. had cupcakes, cookies and cannolis nothing special but got a pic with Carlos cut out so I guess it was worth it..

Nancy Vitanza

Friendly staff and so many great options! Everything is fresh, the hardest part is picking what you want! Love the cookies, those are my favorite

Ru Desir

Salted caramel cake delicious

Gabby Dee

It was to hard on the teeth

Michelle Gaydeski

Chocolate fudge cake was a little dry...

Michele Goossen

Okay, but not worth prices. Cupcakes are ok, frosting is excellent - not overly sweet. Cannolis gave me gut rot from all the oil, they are deep fried and super greasy but filling is excellent. We were rushed through line, and were waiting for prices/menu to reappear, since there's 3-4 ads between each flash of menu. Staff person then said well if you need anything else please let me know, and walked away. Other cupcake shop in mall is WAY better (taste & customer service).

Francie Novo

Can you say delicious and then multiply it by 100. The desserts are over the top. Everything we had was scrumptious. The staff was friendly and we couldn’t help but eat in the line and take some to go.

Josh Swenson

The pastries were decent but nothing special. My wife's baking is way better.

Miram Ruiz

I do not go back to that store. the cashier did not attend me well. I asked her if she spoke Spanish to help me and she said not much, after I saw her speaking Spanish.

Howard Simms

Our family stopped by this Carlo’s Bakery location, mostly for the novelty of the experience. The chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookie was a big hit with my daughter, and the lobster tail was OK. The sugar cookie coated in sprinkles was quite dry. The counter staff kept the line moving, but weren’t very welcoming. The quality of the baked goods is average. There are much better bakeries in the Twin Cities; I’m not compelled to come back to this location.

Lailani Gava

I wanted to try out their “best seller” which is the oreo (that was what the guy said) so i bought two. But when I tried it it was so dry and already crumbling.I was very disappointed.

Emily M. Taylor

Love Buddy. Not in love with the cupcakes! I've had them at two locations and very dry in Orlando and Dallas. Will stick to the lobster tails for my treat.

Krystal Pusey

Unimpressed. It looks very inviting, but items are overpriced and low quality. I can't vouch for the cakes- as we had a cookie and a brownie. The brownie was very dense and too hard to eat with a fork. Cookie was okay flavor, but disappointing when we paid over $4 for it.

Ron Nester

Stopped for the experience.

Yania Nin

Finally in Florida, we love Carlos Bakery, I have the pleasure to visit in New Jersey the 1st. Store and now here. Mr. Buddy I miss your Crump cake

Ron James

All hype. Was in the area and I always like to try bakeries and since the lobster tail is what they are “famous for” that is what I ordered. Took two bites and threw it in the trash. The bakery cases give that OMG I have to have this, then you get standard sub par food typical of a Grocery store. If you are visiting the area, I say SKIP IT! If you want to experience a real bakery, just google bakeries in Orlando. There are plenty of independent bakeries that blows the socks off this one.

Artie G

Being from NYC it's very hard to find any GOOD Italian pastries in Florida or anywhere to be honest but this is the real deal. Thanks Buddy

Margot Castillo

Horrible customer service. Product has gone downhill significantly. Way over-priced. Don't waste your time or money.

Jorge Berrios

It's okay but they put to much salt on Cupcakes and their doughnuts and pastries are not so good!

Kathy Murray

It's like having the cake boss in your backyard delightful establishment wonderful atmosphere Swedes Koloa the palate will have a food fest in this place and the staff is pretty cool

Shari Lecea


Ryan Archibald

Hoboken Style! We got some Canolis and some lobster tails... Fun

Mean Bean

Not that good... need to spend more time on their product and less time on merchandising.

Warren Frontado

Sweets were not fresh attention poor

red eyez

We like most, watch the Cake Boss tv show & love it. We figured we give them a try. What a let down. Both times(a year apart from one another) we tried the cupcakes to see what all the hype was about. Both the chocolate & the vanilla were some of the worst tasting cupcakes any of us had ever tasted, literally! We had a group of 14 people, 50% of which were children & the overall consensus was unanimous, terrible flavoring. Many of us threw them away(even the kids, which never happens) after just a couple bites. Again, we love the show & what they stand for, but honest review...these cupcakes were a major let down. For the price of these things, I feel like I've been robbed. This is just a review on the cupcakes, as I cannot vouch for any of the other items on the menu, as I have not tried them. Sadly disappointing experience. We wont be going back.

Dawn Friedrich

What a disappointment! Based on the name alone (and the looks of the products) I bought six cupcakes and a couple mini cheesecake cups. The cupcakes were very dry and dense with little flavor and the frosting is bland and greasy. I tried different types of cupcakes and sadly they were all equally bad. The cheesecake was also dry and crumbly. No idea when or where these were made, but we won't be back. Hands down, Nadia Cupcakes (Woodbury and Maple Grove) and Dorothy Ann's (Woodbury) are a thousand times better and well worth the calories. You could pick up better and cheaper cupcakes in your local grocery store. Sadly disappointed Carlos!!

Angel Pawlik

Always been a fan of Carlos Bakery so was excited to try a lobster tail. Tasted horrible and the staff were very rude!

Marcus Bryant

Yesterday was the baby shower in St. Petersburg and I volunteered to get the cake. I came straight to Carlo's to get the cake made. I wanted it to be an official cake, and it was. It was so freaking delicious. The strawberry filling was the most delicious thing I think I've ever eaten and I've traveled the world several times in the Navy. Everyone loved the cake and I loved being able to say that I brought the cake. There's another baby shower next year and I'll give you one guess who's getting the cake and where it's coming from. The manager Hannah was so helpful with me. It was clear that I had no idea how to get where I wanted to be with this cake. I'm a professional cake eater, not designer. Her recommendations made the cake amazing. Thank you Hannah and staff!!!!

ray braun

Over priced and not that good don't waste your time

Samantha Rau

Amazing cannolis!!

Carlos Gracia

Good experience.

Betsy Griffith

This is the most dry cupcake I think I’ve ever had in my life. So disappointed.


We ordered a cake for our gender reveal and it cost us $95.00. The cake was terrible, it wasn't how we asked for it to be, and it wasn't even ready when the set pickup time was. We asked for the cake to be colored to reveal the gender of the baby, but instead they used a filling that was nasty! We were told after the fact that they are unable to color the cake that way! It just takes a few drops of food coloring!! Not one person at the gender reveal enjoyed this terrible cake. After making a complaint they offered us 20% off of our next purchase!! Yeah right, so I can waste more money on another bad cake, no Thanks! This place is just a big name and no quality! Get your cakes elsewhere; somewhere that has actual EDIBLE cakes!

Antonioni Figueiredo

Wonderful, I got so impressed with the lay out, the appearance, delicious desserts, candys and cakes, lots of them, the kitchen for food preparation is opened so then you can see what they are cooking, everything looks brand new and clean. And finally what I tasted was excellent, and for a fair price.

Cora Sposito

I love this place. Dessert are amazing

sudeis mohammed

Its good

Pamela Eward

Stopped for a couple of cupcakes while shopping. Service was poor, cupcakes were dry, and they didn't have any napkins! Unbelievable!


I wasn't a fan of the food but I will admit, that was the best staff ever XD

cardinal fan

Seems as though their baked good are average to maybe a little above average with high prices. Very cool place though.


Great service, great food, THANK YOU Zach for the awesome service and patience, as a first time buyer you were great with explainingand serving, Thank you again. Highly recommend for the best sweets florida has to offer.

Anthony Colon

A little overpriced and overhyped. You can get similar or better desserts at your local bakery.

Casey Casper

I placed an order for 3 pies in preparation for thanksgiving. I asked the baker who took my order if I could add a caramel drizzle to my apple pie and she said they can do that. My pies where ready on time and also looked amazing. I’m practically drooling over them. I can’t wait to share these with my family. The staff members were super helpful and friendly. Food looks amazing. I’m for sure coming back.

yas cab

I love the atmosphere, they are friendly and the pastries are too die for.

Wilfredo Rosa

To be honest disappointed. I have been getting lobster tails from this location for a while not often but whenever I can due to distance because i love the lobster tails however, came this time around and the lobster tails were half the size they used to be(for the same price)... the girl taking my order admitted it but looked at me blank with a face of take it or leave the store. Very upset and because of it might not come again. Sincerely very sad because I really liked the tails

christina's yummy bites

Lots of yummy treats. But if you havent been to the hoboken location. You gotta go. Nothing like the original bakery

j muns

Desserts are absolutely beautiful and taste every bit as wonderful and they look!

Emily Donnay

I love watchng cake boss and was hoping for a really good experience! We had to deal with ROXIE as our cashier and she only cared about her shift ending soon and when I asked her a question she was very rude. They didn't have any of the cake flavors labeled and it was my first time here so I asked her what they were and she was just like "its the ones that you see.." That was not remotely helpful at all... thanks though. She made my expierence awful when I was so excited to go here! I mentioned that I was excited to try this because I am a big fan of the show and she proceded to laugh at me. I would rather go to the origanal Carlos Bakery and get a way better experience then deal with her again. I do like the pasteries just the service is awful! Juding from the other reviews, this most be common practice by their employees! What a shame.

Amy Lynne

Very friendly staff. Delicious cakes.

Ames Rodoca

I could not find any special flavor.It was ok, just a little pricey.

Dawna Novack

Stopped in tonight and was highly disappointed. I ordered 6 cream puffs and 2 had no filling. My friend ordered the chocolate cannoli and the filling was gritty. The music was so loud that the cashier couldn’t hear my friend’s order and then got it wrong. The cashier would only take credit card payments because he had already closed out his till. The 2 employees proceeded to close up shop at 9:10pm when the website said their hours were until 9:30pm.

Snacky Snabbots

Had a cupcake from here. The cupcake was pretty par for the course and was a little more tough and less moist than I personally prefer, but very slightly so. As a foodie, I would love to try some cake so I can compare, but for now, I find it pretty average.

Elizabeth Corbin

HORRIBLE bake me rich item . And don't want to return my money how sad is that. A ripe off poor people's money to be rich . God sees all., you will fall. This Carlos is a joke .

Tina Mytych

If I could give it zero stars, I would. I had dessert from the Carlos Bakery in Manhattan and it was bland and the service was rude. I thought I’d give the MOA location a try and sadly, it was worse than the NY store. The cupcakes are the worst I’ve ever had and the service team were too busy conversing amongst themselves to help customers. One young lady staff member was also making fun of customers to other staff. They were also expensive for what you get. I have no problem paying for quality but you won’t find it here. I think someone from the bakery’s corporate team should come and witness this atrocity of a bakery. I don’t think they’ll be in business long using their current business model. You can get better cake with Little Debbie.

Viv P

If i can give it ZERO stars -i would!

Colette A

My kids love this place and everything that they sell. The cannolis, cupcakes and lobster claws are their favorites!!

Ann Pintiliano

Food is very good. Didn't have the shirt I went in for. Very nice staff.


Customer service needs help. The food is fine. I enjoy the strawberry eclair when they have them. My friend hated the cannoli.

jose ramirez

I can't go to the Florida mall without stopping here I visited the store in Jersey and I as soon I found out they were making one here i had to go it's been a delicious experience so far...

Derk Jan Somsen

When we are in Orlando or New York we go to Carlo's Bakery. The carrot cake is great and the strawberry cheesecake as well. Prices are rather high....

Amber Taylor

I totally fan-girled hard. The cannoli was delicious, just as I thought it would be.

I Am Ronnie

Nothing in there is fresh, everything comes in a box. I dont recommend this bakery. Most of the staff are rude including the management. The line will be long and only one to two people are working on the floor working their butts off and management doesnt really come out to help. Those sales associates need to be paid more.

Brandon Slotness

Overpriced. $7 for a small slice of cake? No thanks.

Paige Hiber

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER EXPERIENCED dark haired female working by herself at 8:30 PM on 11/24/18 at the mall of America location. Firstly, she said we cut in line (when that is nearly impossible as the line is set with ropes creating a single-file structure) and helped the people BEHIND us before helping us after we had waited our turn behind two other people! Second, they were out of cannolis. Which was good, because I was going to ask to get cannoli filling and shells separate so I could make them at home (this avoids the cannoli getting soggy and is a common request. While I’ve never asked Carlos Bake Shop to do so, I assumed a bakery of their reputation would be more than understanding and willing to fulfill this request) instead, she, in an irritated manner, tells me that they are out and it would take her too long to make more cannolis as there is a small line and she is there by herself. After trying two more times to explain this (very simple request) to her, it begins to sound like an argument. After the final time of myself explaining this request and reiterating the fact that she wouldn’t make the cannolis, I would at home, she then tells me “that would take too long and I have other customers in line” this was the worst answer I have ever heard in any aspect of customer service. If these are the types of people Carlos Bake Shop hires, I will never go to one again.

Nallely Cavazos

So good! Canolis were amazing!

Ana C Penna

Lobster's tale pastry. Delicious.

m k

I asked if they sold italian rainbow cookies.. The guy tells me I'd have to go to Hoboken NJ... I'm in

Susan Helmbrecht

I bought 2 strawberry eclairs for a gift for my employees. Very disappointing. They were very old. The first bite was like cardboard. And just crumbled. They told me it’s the thought that counts. Embarrassing. I called the store to let them know and they were very rude. Telling me all sales are final. Is this a clearance? Stomachs were upset. The lady on the phone said “that’s impossible “ “they are made fresh everyday “ maybe shipped in frozen everyday. Since they have NO ovens. Buddy, this is so disappointing! Thought you actually cared. Never again. Sad in Bloomington, MN

Maegan Lufkin

First I don't watch the show. So this review is based on the quality of their product not hype from the show. The good - cannoli and lobster tails. The cannoli is the closest and most authentic to cannoli in Italy that I have has in the states. The shells aren't as crispy (they are pre-filled and the shell get a bit soft). The filling is great! Smooth, not too sweet with just a hint of lemon. The lobster tail-love the crispy layers! And the filling Wow! Creamy and available in great flavors The bad - the cakes. Really disappointing cake for a bake shop famous or rather infamous for their cakes. Spent $40.00 on the small rainbow cake. Suggested for 4 people. 6 layers beautifully colored. But sadly color was all the cake had going for it. The cake was absolutely devoid of flavor. It didn't taste like food coloring but it also didn't taste like anything else either. I have purchased for better tasting cakes from the bakery department at Cub grocery.

Jonathan Jones

Friendly staff but highly overrated baked goods. The cashier mentioned that the product was previously frozen which makes for one bad cannoli. Glad I tried it but I don’t see coming back again. Find a local bakery elsewhere.

Maria Crawford

Had a great time..brought 3 different desserts

Edmundo Zacarias

A extension of original Bakery but in Orlando, is a small place in Florida mall. A good selection of deserts and cakes to go. Kindly employees and fast service. I only wish I had met cake Boss. I recommended the Cannolis.

Heather Jones

Not even worth one star. One word: horrible. From a small town in Midwest Illinois, we were excited to try a variety of pastries and desserts and believe we wasted $40+ dollars. The cupcakes were all dry and the icing was very store-bought bland flavored. We took one bite and had to spit it back out. The eclairs were stale and the canoli's were very bland tasting. Just a huge disappointment and waste of money.

G. Jones

Oatmeal cookie was delicious! We got other items and have yet to dig into them. This Orlando version of the famed Cake Boss bakery is located in the food court area of a large mall. The long line goes quick (15min wait), especially if you know what to get. Friendly and helpful staff.

Terianne Bernal

This place is nothing the the real thing in NJ. Really don't waste your time. If you want a good experience, just go to the one in Hoboken NJ because you may even get a "celebrity" appearance. Now for the quality. The piping of the cupcakes are beautiful. The taste of the cupcakes are so dry and hurts to swallow, especially the vanilla. The Napoleons are delicious depending on who made it that day. The associate's don't really have good customer service but neither does the management so you can obviously tell it trickles from the top down. I won't say they're all bad because there are some hidden gems in there (associate wise). The custom cakes and pastry prices are beyond expensive. Some items are reasonably priced while others are exaggeratedly too high (Ex. tiny lobster tails for the price of a meal). I would really want to give them a second try but the BEYOND negative experience I've had there will never bring me through the door again.

Jake Krause

Long line but worth the wait

Keyanna Johnson

Its so delicious i will eat the desserts again best thing ive tasted

Jeremy DeJarnette

Very bad corporate management, this place has gone down hill since the 3 months I wrote the last one. They don't do custom cakes anymore, and seem to blatantly just not care about their products. Save your time and money and go to an actual local bakery.

Elegant Productions Events

Beautifully decorated, but I was so disappointed at the commercial taste. Didn't even finish what I bought and I bought several things to try. I won't be going back. Don't believe the hype.

Monica Fossati

Customer service has greatly improved with the new management! They have the BEST Italian coffee in the Midwest! Must try!

Arlene Bradshaw

Everytime I shop in Florida, we stop for cupcakes which is $3 and up.

Jennifer Smetana

Terrible customer service! Was there in the early afternoon and they were out of everything. Couldn't even get a cup of coffee. She said they were cleaning the machine. She was very rude.

Danielle Fregine

Today I bought three cupcakes (chocolate fudge, salted caramel and vanilla), two french cream canollies, a lobster tail and chocolate chip cookies. The customer service was great and the two stars does not reflect the smiling faces and the genuine interest of my business. They answered all of my questions and were very welcoming. Unfortunately this two-star is for the product. I don't live in Minnesota and made a two hour drive to have fun at the Mall of America, this place was on my list to try out. Since I have not tried their products before I'm not sure if they were going for that store bought flavor with the cupcakes. If that is their goal, they nailed it. I expected more because of their popularity and selling pitch that they are an authentic Italian Bakery. The carmel filling in the salted caramel was real and rich caramel and not a weak drizzle so that was a nice surprise but if you are going to be descriptive in your titles, I'm expecting more (i.g. the chocolate fudge was just a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. I'm expecting some type of fudge quality). This was my first time trying a canolli and a lobster tail. I really don't have a clue on what expectation I should have, but I feel I shouldn't have had the experience I did. When I bit into the canolli I got a mouth full of cream, and my first thought was that I was eating frosting. The shell reminded me of a gingerbread cookie. I like frosting and gingerbread cookies, but I'm going to have to go with a thumbs down because it's not the experience I should have had. The lobster tail was crunchy, and as a pastry shell I don't feel the crunch factor should be included, but; what I was expecting was a flakey soft (maybe buttery?) pastry shell with a rich cream cheese filling. This product did not meet my expectations, but the cream filling was not bad. I didn't get the chocolate chip cookies for myself, but the recipient said it tasted like a home made cookie and they enjoyed it. My two cents for my two star review? They are still a new location. I did expect more, but I didn't expect perfection this early in their new location. Would I try this place again? Maybe! I hope they find consistency that the brand has built up to be in other locations. If I continue to see poor reviews, at this point in their Bloomington location journey I can get better product at my local bakery or get the same quality at a grocery store (also local to me (; ). I will definitely be trying canollies and lobster tails at my local bakery to get a comparison but based of previous review, at this point, you should save your money or try it out and see if they have improved! (But I'm leaning towards save your money).

Erin Lewis

It was so cool to see Carlo's Bakery. Our cheesecakes were amazing!

Dave Kipperman

Why do the vanilla buttercream cupcakes taste only like butter? Also dry & too expensive for not living up to high standards.

Denetria Palmer

My 10 yr daughter loves cake boss took her here and the food was amazing as well as the staff!!

August July

An employee by the name Roxane seems to be sarcastically rude. Like to respond with annoyed attitude when simply asked a question to. I came in and asked what was inside the donuts and if it was jelly . She told me “what does it seem like to you”. I proceeded to ask what was the prices of items and glared at me and told me to look up. Never will I come again.

Chen Jan

lobster tail is crispy and creamy. It’s a little pricey.

Frank Handgraaf

Great marketing but nothing special in this shop.

L Cavazos

Tourist pricing! The cannoli like they make on the show cost between $3.99-$4.99 each. I’m Sorry, Buddy, they’re not that awesome.

Cat Dro

Baked goods are fine. My daughter loves the cannolis. The customer service was awful. The person checking us out, Sasha, was very rude. Never said hello or thank you. Seemed very put off that she had to work. I asked for my receipt. She had already thrown it away so she took it out of the garbage, threw it at me, turned around and walked away. My daughter and I were the only customers at the time. I can't imagine what Sasha would be like if it was actually busy.

Greg La Core

Careless customer service. It used to be a destination spot for us from out of town. I might go again if I happen to find myself walking by but will never go intentionally again.

Sindee Hauser

The tiramasu and tres leche cake were alright but the service was bad. The person at the counter didn't know what anything was. I asked if the cake with the berries was a chantilly cream cake and she said "yeah". It was not. It was tres leche, which I don't care for. Thankfully my husband will eat anything. Since I didn't know it was tres leche, I put the bag in my bag of new clothes. When I got home it has leaked everywhere. No wonder the place was dead.

Errol Gayle

A very good bakery. Freshly baked products taste and quality you would love.

Marie Padilla

Great baked goods and great service! I love going here to treat myself and their white chocolate mousse cake is awesome!! Also Michael if you’re reading this, thanks for being so cool for us and thanks for all the powdered sugar my guy!!!

Laura Aronowitz

Love the cannoli's there. Got two birthday cakes from there. Love the food.

Alex Galindez

Not like the tv show but very friendly staff

Barbara C

Loved it! The cashier was friendly and chatted with us. She explained all the options and helped package things extra carefully so it can make it on the plane with us!

Muhammad Sohaib Ahmad

First time and liked it

Gabby R.

So I was a little disappointed with this one. When I went in I was expecting more of a variety of pastries and cakes and what not. That was not the case. I did like what I saw, however the prices were kind of high for the amount you get. Some of the stuff I bought was way better than the others. I got a lemon zest cheesecake and it was really really good considering I'm not a big cheesecake fan, it was fluffy and soft and good for that they get 4 starts. (The piece was small :( but for the quality I'd pay it again). Now onto the one thing I was very disappointed about, I got a strawberry chocolate mouse cake, and me being the chocolate lover that I am was very much looking forward to this delicious looking cake. Well..... it was not all that... the strawberries tasted like they were going bad, they were soggy, not sweet, intact the whole thing was not very tasteful, you can tell there was some chocolate but I was not really getting the taste of it. The cake was a decent sized piece, however for the price and the quality it was so not worth it. The cannoli was ok. There was a pecan covered pastry that was a bit dry.. Needless to say the cheesecake was the best thing out of all I got there. Maybe the original one in Jersey might be better.

Patricia Koos

The Lobster Tails are incredible!

vaishnavi atpadkar

We pre-orderd a birthday cake.. but looks like they packed our cake on the same day we ordered it.. Wen we reached the store the lady said we don't have full cakes .. wen we informed her tht we have ordered it last week, she went in and brought the cake.. After eating it we did not feel it was fresh.. it wasn't moist atall... And the cream on top was very sweet... Dnt see myself going back there again... Just a big name

Deana Williams

Yum yum yum!!

Wanda Martinez

Very expensive and slow service. Pastries are not as good as advertised.

Quinta Canada


David Ayala

This place makes me regret being a fan of his work, 1/10 would not recommend please visit nothing bundt cakes you will not be disappointed

Michelle Blackman

Too expensive. Wasn't good

Marleah Hilbrant

Had a great experience and everything we bought was awesome. Only one suggestion, if a customer spends over $100 in product, you might just give them a bag to carry it in, instead of charging for that too! Jst sayin.

Theresa Stentiford

Great cake highly recommend the rainbow it was wonderful. Will shop there again when in area.

Dawn Cain

Stopped here for a treat because I have been a fan since season one. I was actually scared to come because of all the lousy reviews and I didn’t want to be disappointed. I wasn’t! My husband and I both loved it! I live 3 hours away but will be back!

Samantha Musho

The cakes look pretty but we're lacking flavor. Not too sweet so that was a plus. Bought a whole cake here.


I received the Aliens Macaroons yesterday. I'm very surprised how terrible they taste. The all have a very artificial factory taste and they all taste the same. They taste like they've been frozen and the texture is way too mushy. I DEFINITELY can't eat these and want to send them back.

Theresa Mazza

The Cannoli deal really is good price

Ray Velazquez

Little pricey but great pastries.

Bartinemus Lawrence

Oh boy where do i start. The cupcakes are amazing. The cakes are even better. You have gotta try Carlo's bakery.

Meagan Forss

Even though they seemed to be short staffed while we were there they still took care of everyone in line and we were able to leave our purchase with them while we walked the mall. My fiance loves cannolis and the cannoli cake was not a disappointment.

Richard Snake

In Brazil Carlos Bakery is very well known and famous. And I had the opportunity to meet his store in Orlando and tried their excellent products. My wife and I loved the quality of the products. Whenever I can, I'll stop by the store to eat more good products. And the store attendant was also very kind. 100% approved.

Amanda.V. Lafontaine

A slice of the real thing! This location is small but it holds a lot of flavor. Beautiful display of cakes and treats that immediately capture your attention. Friendly staff and quick service. Would love to go again!

Laura Balda

Carlo's rainbow cake is some evil genius baker sorcery. It is everything a cake should be and you will wake up each day wanting just a bite (or six) with your coffee long after it is gone. If you don't have a kid with an upcoming birthday, pretend you do, or celebrate the birthday of your neighbor's cousin's cat with one of these delicious confections. Put some happiness in your life and eat this cake!

Hector Ruben Lopez

Great selection for your sweet needs.

Danijel Dobrijevic

Nothing to brag about. Overpriced pastries, one I bought I felt was leftover from day before. Will not buy again

Terry Dennis

Very nice displays of desserts. Was not impressed with the lobster roll. Cookies are good though.

jc parks

It seems like it has a very badd older when you walk inside not very appetizing when you're looking to have dessert and coffee

Anne Castroverde

Yesterday was my son and my 3rd visit but the quality of the pastries do not live up to Buddy's reputation. Will not be returning unless improvements are made. Wonder if Buddy knows? Is it even his bakery or franchise? Wonder who's managing it?

Savanah Lopez

Loved the cute little store he has there, I’ve always been a fan since cake boss! Bought a shirt (had to) & purchased a chocolate cannoli & white chocolate mousse cake both were honestly delicious! No complaints!

Ben Gerber

I am addict of watching the cake boss .The employees was kind , curious . They were very helpful . My favorite desert was the Cannoli. I went with my little sister and her daughter Abby . They were very impressed of Carlos's Bakery. My little sister and daughter Abby got a slice of the rainbow cake. All in All it was great an experience. I will gave it five star

S. C.

Not as good as I would expect. The M&M cookie was good, but the other 3 items we choose were way way to sweet.

Daniel Kuhnley

Too sweet for me.

janelle beal

Asked the girl working if italian cheesecake was just normal cheesecake; it’s not. One bite and tossed it in the trash.

Adriana Raya

Really enjoyed the chocolate dipped cannolis, we also had very good customer service experience

Eva Otero

Awesome, I'm in love ❤️ mad delicious

Zoe Dearlove

Famous bakery. Fabulous cakes, pastries. Often a queue worth the wait though.

Joseph Sammarco

Cool cakes and nice staff. Deserts were yummy.

Exuro Piechocki

Chain store version of what you are hoping for. The cannolis were tasty but everything here was overpriced mall snack food. After watching their TV show I was a little disappointed by the selection offered, only about 6 or 8 items to choose from with a few flavors of each.

Victor Maldonado

Went there during our holloween visit this past Wednesday. We bought some cupcakes,doughnuts and a carrot cake. It was all very delicious. You will not be disappointed. My wife and kids loved everything as well as myself. I'm going back real soon for some more carrot cake.

Cindy Finney

The service at mall of America was excellent everything tasted excellent we had a cannoli , strawberry dessert and a donut all very tasty I would always go again and again

Joshhua R.

I don't take joy in posting 1 star reviews. But Carlos Bakery at MOA does little to deserve more. The cupcakes are dry, other pastries bland and the service is below average. Tried this place twice, never again.

Philip Ballance

Omg, so much more than I expected. I got the cannoli cheese cake and I thought that my taste buds are changed forever. Carlo's needs to be world wide!

Angel Merced

Too pricey, good pastries thought

Zeferino Sanchez

Best cheesecake ever

Cindy Muller

Excellent cake and pastries! And can't beat the great service!

Carter Enslein

I got horrible food poisoning for 72 hours from the cupcakes

Lori Kirkpatrick

Deserts are pretty, but flavor and taste is minimal

Danley T

The cake is fantastic (have tried red velvet, strawberry shortcake), but oddly, the cupcakes were terrible (bland and dry). Maybe I got an old one?

Sarah Hamel

The cream puff was good even though pricey. The caramel cupcake was also very moist and delicious. The woman who helped us was rude and I didn't feel welcome. When I asked a question the lady gave a long pause and looked as if she wanted to roll her eyes.

Brandon Wilson

Very good place to grab a good treat after a long day of shopping or desert, I got the oreo cake and a glazed donut, and my wife got a funnfetti style cake. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Lenny Nesta

The deserts are out-of-this-world very well-made wish they made crumb cake in Orlando like they do in New Jersey

Jay Paul

Never been here but I am a fan of Cake Boss I watch old episodes still when I see it's on tv

Carlos Pacheco

Absolutely fantastastic cakes. Specially the cookies and cream cake!

Dan Hett

Worst bakery I've ever visited. No one was there it was like a ghost town no matter how often we came by. We bought a cake for 30 bucks and brought it home. It was extremely dry. The frosting tasted like butter sludge. It literally fell apart when cut from being so dry. Couldn't take more than three bites. Whole cake will go into the trash.

Shahean Barwary

Everyone who doesn’t like Carlos Bakery have shity taste buds

Loren Wynn

We went on a weekday afternoon because the line is always really long, and ended up having to wait 5 minutes with only one person in front of us. We ordered a peanut butter cupcake and a salted caramel eclair. The eclair is over-priced at $4.95. It tasted fine, but the salted caramel taste was subtle, I would have preferred just a plain one. The cupcake was terrible. It tasted worse than a store, box-made cupcake, nothing special and the frosting was supposed to be peanut butter flavored, but I'm not even sure what it was. It looks like a nice place, and the pastries look nice in the window, but we were disappointed and I don't think we'll be going again.

Alex Matos

The most amazing cheesecake I've ever tried, just lovely and the staff too, just amazing...

Christine Fisher

They have many cakes right there ready to be purchased. Great selection

Angelysmar VL


Angel Peterson

It was fun to get to experience a little bit of celebrity without traveling to NJ. The cannoli was delicious. My daughter had the chocolate peanut butter cupcake and she said it was delicious and fluffy and a little bit dry.

Jan Johnson

Went to the bakery at the Mall of America and the shelves were very sparse. The chocolate eclair was stale and the Mother’s Day cookie was 4.95 for 1 cookie. I can get a fresher eclair at Dunkin’ Donuts. Not impressed. Disappointed

Jowonna Thomas

Not as good as others but still good.

Sarah King

I am so glad I didn't read any of the reviews before trying this place. I live 12 hours from here and am on vacation. I heard that the bakery was in the mall and when I walked by I decided to stop. I'll admit that $7.00 for a slice of cake is a bit much, but did you know this slice of cake is huge? My mother and I shared the slice of cookies and cream cake and I had to text my best friend to brag about how good it was. This was like heaven in my mouth. Best slice of cake I've had in a really long time.

Mike Nesdahl

I want to like this place so bad, but am giving up on it...the service is so bad I can't even give it justice on a review as to how bad it is... It feels as if you are troubling the staff EVERY SINGLE TIME. In the half dozen times I've been, I have yet to have a good customer service experience...I'm guessing they aren't going to make it long term...these types of things eventually catch up with a store. It is sad because it is one of the only places in Minneapolis you can get a real Sfogliatella (what they call a lobster tail)...

Mary Leyzeaga

Amazing dessert!... I can't explain how delicious are the desserts here. If you are in Florida Mall you need to go here!. I went on Thursday at 8:30 pm and it was the perfect time (nobody in the line).

Omar Garcia

So I bought the coupon book for MOA and they have a few coupons in there. My wife and I love canolies and they had a coupon for BOGO. We were passing by it that we decided to use it. We got 2 of them and my son bought a cupcake. For the price they sell this items, we were hoping for more of a rich flavor. The canolies were good but we've tasted better. They don't even have pistachios on it like a regular canoli would. As for the cupcake, my son said they were dry and that he has tasted better. One thing I didn't like was the manager when he charged me and when I was done paying, he went to box the next order and didn't bother to give me my receipt. I had to grab it from the machine.

Jake Lange

Poor customer service. Incompetent work staff and management. Delayed my order by 6 hours and initially denied my pickup due to the fact that I didn’t have a receipt because I ordered over phone. Cake was glorified bread coated in lard (supposedly frosting) Unbelievably disappointed, and whole family agrees!!

Jeremy Brewster

We really enjoy the sweet treats but the lady in the service line was very disrespectful. She was sarcastic with customers when they asked questions about the different desserts like they were supposed to know everything about each item. I watched her the whole time be rude to every person that ordered. I told the cashier that someone needs to talk to her about her attitude and she replied with "we have, she is the main boss and others have complained".

Kachine Winterfeldt

Im sure im just like everyone else love the show cant wait till the day to try some of that delious stuff but then were disappointed when actually getting the chance to try it. I got a cannoli my first time there to me it tasted like flour very bland and powdery tasteing. It has always been a thought to have my future wedding cake made by them so tonight i thought id give the cake a taste because i didnt want to cancel out such and iconic item in carlo's bakery. I was not impressed or wowed by any means and tasted very similar to the cannoli i had. Floury and powder tasteing yet again. I have it a 2 star only because the displays are very eye appealing. I cant help but wonder now how these cakes made it onto a tv show when they are not that good at all i throw the cannoli away and tonight the cake went to the same place. The cakes made from the bakeries in a grocery store are 100% better taste wise.

Mohammad Chehab

I think this is a hidden gem of a sweet place. I've had their strawberry short cake, and their cookies, and let me tell you they are authentic good. The place smells like a pastry sweet shop. and is quite inviting. This is a repeat place. Definitely try their strawberry short cake if you want a good one.

Cilia Kader

Kayla was excellent! The treats we beautiful and delicious. Would recommend the strawberry and cream donut, so refreshing and light.


The service was atrocious. The Blonde girl don’t know her name couldn’t be ruder. It’s an expensive place each pastry costs almost $5 . You would think they would put the cream pasty in a box rather than a paper bag. Expensive place to be treated with contempt. Pastry too sweet and subpar. My first review ever!

Adrian Drenalin

It was an awesome experience we went there for the cannoli's they are to die for

Laura Saastamoinen

Cupcakes were great and prices were good. The gentleman working the register was great.

Celltest Bot

Dessert was good, but you only get two generous stars because the service is probably in health violation. You need to stop the practice of licking frosting off your fingers and then handling food people are buying. You know you have just put your saliva all over the box that my cheese cake was going into. Two gross streaks right on the viewing window, that's why I didn't buy it. Not getting my buisness again ever.

meshesha 2018

Best desserts in the Mall of America. I suggest the chocolate cupcakes

Jesus Aldana

I was exited when knowing that a Carlos bakery was in Orlando since I'm a pastry chef myself. But, although it is good, there are a few potential counter-things. First it's located in Florida Mall, a mall that is outdated and I personally don't like the environment. Second, the store is smaller than you think so I'm sure that they don't bake there (doesn't smell like something in the oven). Service is really bad, there are 3 employees only. Food: I ordered and ecleir, lobster tail and canolli. Ecleir was awful and the dough tasted much egg. Canolli was very nice and fresh and lobster tail won the prize. However, be prepared with a digestive pill because the food has so much fat on it that gives an upset stomach

Jessica Carter

Not as good as last few visits. Cookies were dry, cheesecake was lacking, but my mom loved her cake


I was at the mall. I stopped and bought 2 cannoli and 1 Napoleon. Should have known better on the cannoli as they were already filled. They are not supposed to fill the shell with the ricotta cheele filling untill you order them. The shell was ok the filling was a disappointment. The Napoleon was also second rate. The pastry was not flaky, and the filling tasted like a competent version from the wholesale bakery supply out of a 5 gallon pail. If the food was professional grade the price would have been fine. $3.95 cannoli and $5.95 for a good sized Napoleon. If you go to St. Paul for events at the River Center, the bakery at Cosetta’s is first rate. Try their cannoli and Napoleon they set the bar for quality of pastry and filling.

kelly mcduffie

Just left Carl’s bakeshop not more than five minutes ago got a caramel eclair and it tasted like straight cardboard like frozen cardboard and I am very unimpressed the manager was sitting right there didn’t accommodate me didn’t say anything about the product she just sat there laughing and talking with the whole other guess when I’m having a whole issue about the taste and the quality of your product would not recommend it to anyone

Billy McClellan

Whhaaattt... Sugar overload, but worth it!

Jessica Nelson

I have been to Carlos Bakery in Vegas a couple times and had great experiences. My favorite being the lobster tails and cannolis. We were recently in Minneapolis and in the MOA went to Carlos there. We were ver let down. We were the only customers on the shop at the time but we still stood in line for over 5 minutes before even being greeted. There was an employee in the back that had a knife and proceeded to stab the heck out of a piece of cardboard. Everyone just stood there and watched her. Then she came and rudely greeted us. Was very annoyed that we didn’t know exactly what we wanted. Not to mention the lobster tails were literally 1/3 the size they normally are but still cost as much. Not impressed with this location at all.

Mike S

Fantastic treats!

ivan hageman

outrageously expensive! Good but not a cheap treat but seriously a great experience.


Good like every time.

Charles Fossey

I liked what I got!

Kyle Pritt

The pastries from here are fantastic! We are very big fans of cake boss and buddy so we were very excited when they opened this location a while ago. We try to get something from here whenever we visit the Florida mall. My favorite glass is one I recently purchased from here. The staff is really nice and can usually box and bag your items and get you taken care of quickly.

Mariam Baghdasaryan

does the buddy work there. please answer back


Cake was dry, disappointing for the hype and pricing. Gave three star because canolis were good.

John Merchant

I tired the chocolate fudge brownie. It was excellent. Not over powering with the right flavours coming through would recommend


Nice baps here

Simone Waxman

They have really great baked treats. Their prices are little high for some things but look where they are and who runs the company so I understand. They used to have the 7 layer rainbow cookies but not anymore and that's what I would usually get from them. Please bring them back!

Momo Senzații

very delicious homemade desserts for a reasonable price.

Carlos Figueroa

Amazing deserts and cakes

Francisco Birriel

Good place to get bakery and good fresh cuban bread

V Reddy

I got say the best cheesecake i ever had. we got a birthday cake which was super delicious. Honestly, i had no idea about carlos bakery, i’m glad i get to know about it.

Christine Canino

Cannoli was wonderful! Reminded me of the ones I had as a kid from the Italian bakery in Milwaukee.

Alexis Floresca

This was my first experience at Carlo’s Bakery and needless to say I was pretty disappointed. I got a classic cannoli and the shell was soft and the cream was very grainy, not smooth. The staff wasn’t friendly either. I grew up watching the show so I was really excited to finally try it in person. The only good thing about my experience was that the store was clean and the show cases were filled

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