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REVIEWS OF Bunnie Cakes IN Florida

Karma Karmel

Absolutely great tasting cakes!!! Very clean inside the location and colorful! I ordered a prearranged box of 10 mini cupcakes, perfectly delicious! Lady at the register was very polite and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Elizabeth Caruson

They were super helpful and their treats and food is delicious! They use Good Natured plastics for their cupcake carriers, sandwich containers, etc which is 99% plant based plastic and compostable. Cannot recommend this vegan bakery more, keep on keeping on!

Davis Miller

I've been a fan of this Bakery for 2yrs now... The staff is always friendly and on point, not to mention the delicious Deserts... They've baked cakes for all of my special occasions.. Birthdays, anniversaries and hopefully my wedding!

Destiny Gomez

The people on the phone are the kindest I already love this place


awesome cupcakes but we felt rushed although there were no other customers wating at the time.

Lisa Lum

Yum! For all of you that are vegan, gluten free or have found your happy place. We had a delicious donut, gluten free. Cappuccino with almond milk. Sandwiches on gluten free bread and the entire meal was delicious. They have cupcakes that look adorable but we didn't get to try them. Something to look forward to next time.

Miami miami

The owner is some stuck up snob, who caters mainly to the people she already knows. I requested a cake 2 months in advance and no response, I went in person and they kept telling me to send an email for a request, which I had already done. The week that I needed that cake done is when they responded saying my cake order can't be completed because it's too close to the date. The company itself does not pay well either. They start you off at 8 an hour and the owner is nitpicky, rude and I never even got an interview. They just expected me to start working there without telling me how much I was getting paid and expected me to work the first 2 days there for free as a "trial period". Waste of time. The owner never once greeted me or sat me down to speak with me. The worker who i worked with the first day there even said that she was crazy and will complain about anything. Her husband is more cool and down to earth but she is irrational and annoying.

Eternity Insulation

My favorite lunch spot in miami. If you're vegan or thinking about going vegan, you NEED to eat here. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable of their products and there is parking in the back. They have great tasting sandwiches!!

Say Bookkeeping

What can I say....DELICIOUS! This vegan and gluten free bakery not only makes incredible cupcakes, but they also made a custom cake for my birthday. As someone with Celiac, I can trust they will make a scrumptious treat that I can eat without fear. It's dangerous that this place is within walking distance because I find myself frequenting them for a banana chocolate chip cupcake so often. Whether you are gluten-free, vegan or not...this is a must try for anyone living in Miami or just passing through! 5 stars.

Lori Waters

I never knew gluten and vegan-free deserts could taste so good! I love Bunnie Cakes! I travel all the way from South Beach to get my desert fix from these guys. Their cupcakes are so delicious, healthy (which is rare right?), creatively designed and cute! The staff is also extremely friendly, nice and helpful. The ambience of the store is very inviting and fun which is great if you decide to hang around and eat your deserts there. Definitely a must-see place if you're visiting or if you love deserts!

Yasmari Garay

Cute little vegan spot with great brownies and cupcakes.

Torsten Maehle

One of a kind bakery in Miami Bunny Cakes has been around for many years and delivers constantly 100% quality. This is my favorite place for gifts or treats for my family. Their cakes and cupcakes are like no other: homemade & delicious and with gluten-free and vegan options!

Mia Esteves

No customer service at all. When you're selling over priced ($28 for 12) VERY VERY MINI cupcakes, you should at least be ok with answering a couple questions. The girl helping us acted like she didn't want to be bothered in helping us with pricing. Now I know why they don't just have a normal sign with pricing, because if people saw it right in front of their face without a screen changing every 5 seconds, they wouldn't get as much business IMO. first and last time here. The only one we liked was the toasted coconut and chocolate chip out of the 12. The cheese balls were gritty and just not that great. We asked for them to be heated, but they were cold on the inside still. The cinnamon roll had good flavor, but again was small for the price.

Lisette Mejia

I get your passion fruit bunnie cakes at starbucks, and honestly i can't believe that a vegan cupcake is my favorite of all time!!! I have not had the pleasure of going to you shop but I will be soon. Hands down the best cupcake I've had!!!!

Javier Montalvo

Amazing cupcakes, sandwiches and their bean and chorizo empanadas are delish!!

Harry Jackson

Rip off $$$$ I make better raw/baked vegan desserts at home than this bakery

Gabriela Cisneros

I absolutely loved my experience at this diy bakery! Sebastian was so helpful and accommodated our large party for my daughter's fourth birthday. When we got there we were greeted by everyone and Cassandra was the BEST hostess. Can't wait to come back!

Sarah Rose Lownes

Well done place. As a baker it was inspiring to read about her journey up on the wall. She does a beautiful job making the items and is very genuine. Not being vegan or gluten free I believe she has done outstanding on her recipes and making them a nice small taste not massive cupcakes help to be able to try more. Loved her place. Hope she continues to grow!

Janen Moody

This is a cult favorite and for good reason! I have tried various items on the menu but kouign amann is my favorite ! They have expanded so surprisingly there was no wait when i went recently on a sunday evening!


EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS!! Do yourself a favor and go check it out.Cupcakes are delicious and so are the donuts, layered deconstructed cakes, ham & cheese, pizza, Cuban sandwiches, empanadas and so much more. I definitely recommend!

Charlie Pardieck

Our absolute FAVORITE lil sweet spot to visit in Miami! I loveeee the owner and her family, she really is pouring her heart into all that she is doing and deserves a world of success!

Anne Krieger

I really wanted to love this place. I love vegan baked goods as I have an amazing vegan bakeshop near where I grew up. However, the desserts here weren't good. They were dry and overly sweet. Very disappointed. Their instagram is amazing and I love that they provide classes to children, but not such good desserts, unfortunately. Also, while they do have some "large" cupcakes (aka normal sized). The majority are bite-sized cupcakes. So, you get 6 bite-sized cupcakes for $14. That is a rip off.


We sent email of the picture exactly the way we wanted the cake decorated. Please see 1st photo. They missed the delivery date which we caught in time via Invoice sent the day before the party. Making many calls on Sunday to correct that issue they acknowledged the error and promised cake on the correct day by the time requested. The cake was picked up and when we opened the box see 2nd photo is the cake we received. NOTHING compared to original picture. They stated the stickers were not working but failed to contact the customer to advise. This was for a little girls Birthday Party and a lot of time was put into the details trusting that others would follow. Very Very disappointed in Bunnie Cakes. If you have something very special would NOT recommend them as they fail to follow instructions.

Auddie Simmons

Great for a Vegan Sweet Tooth Awesome Decor and great customer service.

Marielisa Rodríguez G.

I love this cupcakes and I love this place! My prefer are passion fruit and lemon pie. I live far away but when I am close, I make a stop here. It's a must!

Nico Hones

Simply delicious!


Bunnie Cakes has the best cupcakes in Miami in my opinion. Even if you are not vegan or gluten free, they're delicious. I can't have dairy and finding desserts around here is difficult. My sister and I frequent this place. Sometimes multiple times a week, LOL. I order cupcakes and have purchased cakes for special occasions. I've now turned my mom, boyfriend, and niece onto Bunniecakes as well. People complain about the price, but you have to realize the difference in price of certain ingredients that are vegan/gluten-free and also paying employees fairly, and rent in Wynwood. Anyway, I LOVE THIS PLACE! I'm looking forward to taking one of their classes soon.


The cupcakes we're delicious! Stopped in today and the girl that greeted us was super sweet! :) The gluten free & vegan key lime cupcake was my favorite! Will be stopping by again!!

Mansoor Razzaq

Not an expert but vegan cupcakes taste like paper. But maybe they are supposed to. Overpriced. A little piece of West Village In wynwood except, you know , Miami. Called to order cupcakes for my daughter's birthday. Red velvet. No frosting. Spoke to the woman three times. Next day when I show up to pick it up they can't find it. Finally a second person brings out box of vanilla and says oh we didn't have the batter. Oh and we called you. Don't lie. It's 2018. I know who called me. You forgot. It happens. And I would let it slide if you were not charging two bucks for kids juice boxe. No excuse unless you think your customers are going to pay whatever your say because you have the vegan thing going.

omar c.

Had my wedding cake made here, and it was a huge hit. Delicious and nobody realized it was vegan. The service we got was impeccable as well.

Gabriela Perez

I’ve loved Bunnie Cakes since it opened, I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the food or anyone that works there. The cake you guys made for my best friend yesterday ..OMG! exceeded all my expectations. It was the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, tasted delicious! I love you guys! Thank you always.

Tamera Anderson-Hanna

Tried a mini Passion Fruit cupcake. Incredible flavor. A great combination with the frosting.

Parker Hall

Nice location to meet with family. The staff was very helpful and observant. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

addy bee

Delicious cupcakes and donuts. Thanks, will buy more.

William Grassell

AMAZING. VEGAN.....Finally. and, you can't even tell


We've been coming to Bunnie Cakes for years but the last two visits have been greatly disappointing. We visited their cake studio, purchased four regular sized cupcakes and a couple of minis. They were tough to eat, stale and hardly worth the price. We went back a few weeks later thinking it was a one-time deal. But no - cupcakes were again practically inedible. This could be a case of a small business growing too big too fast. While I congratulate them on their wholesale expansions they should not compromise the quality of their baked goods in the process.

Kelly Andrews

LOVE the cupckaes here!!

Dezire Hernandez

Love this place! Ordered a cake for my sister’s birthday and she was in love with it. The ordering process was very easy. After that we went again and everything is amazing. People complain about the prices but looking at this place, how gorgeous everything is and the dedication in making vegan/gluten free goodies, the price seems just right.

Sherease Williams

This place had the freshest, most delicious vegan cupcakes in Miami that I've ever had! They were do delicious. The people that work there are super friendly and informative.

Ahmad AL B

Disappointing- Cake was HARD like a rock and extremely DRY. I picked up a cake. i mentioned i was going to pay cash. the price display was $44, -Employee discount by the cashier if i pay cash then when i decided to pay with card, the price switch to $55+.. For $55 I could have received a better cake even at Publix, Fresh Markets, Costco, FitySweety, or Wholefoods not a rock..The cashier grab the box to place my cake and at the same moment, she received a call on her personal cellphone so she stopped and start chit chatting then another girl continued the process. I am not asking for a refund or replace the cake. As an owner you should know what's happening in your store.

Anita Vaughan

Loved this place! The people were so nice. When I told the woman behind the counter that we were from Chicago, and had then driven from Fort Lauderdale to come to the bakery, she was very excited and immediately handed us a cupcake to try. ☺️ My daughter is vegan so she had been dying to visit. It was definitely worth the trip! I'm not vegan and tend to be skeptical about the taste of vegan baked goods. We got a container of assorted mini cupcakes. Everything we tried was fantastic! The Taste was great, cupcakes were moist, and had the perfect consistency. Loved it!

Yolanda Clavijo

I had been to Bunnie cakes before and was very excited to introduce my sister to their cupcakes. We were both very disappointed though. Not only did they raise their prices ($2.50 for a mini cupcake? Seriously?

Rayshundra.davis Davis

Bunnie Cakes is such a cute little bakery. They have wonderful cupcakes with vegan and gluten free options! They also have a cute little studio in the back of the bakery where parties can be hosted. The decore in the studio is wonderful and inviting. The staff is friendly and helpful. I will definitely go there again!

Sean Berger

Delicious gluten free donuts and cupcakes! There's more too, but I came for the donuts. Cheaper than I expected too! I will definitely be back when I next visit Miami.

Andrea Lewis

Best vegan and gluten free cupcakes around. I'm glad they sell the mini cupcakes at a few Starbucks locations as well.

Monica Diaz-Veliz

I enjoy their cupcakes and cakes but still something missing that I cannot get from there and still need to discover. Anyways is a cute place to go and have a little snack.

Michelle Libasci

Everything is vegan most is gluten free and everything is kosher. Super cute place fabulous brownies. Good cupcakes.

Nancy H

Everything that I have tried at Bunnie Cakes is delicious. From their cupcakes, sandwiches, to their empanadas, and cachitos which I miss very much. Everything always tastes amazing. Even when you go in it is nicely decorated, which I enjoy seeing every wall and observe the colors and decor. The only downside is their prices. You can find a small vegan cake at Whole Foods for $20, but at Bunnie Cakes for same cake size you will find it for double, or triple the price! Hopefully they can lower their prices in the near future.

Dunia Vigil

The cupcakes here are good but not sure they're worth the price (a MINIcupcake is $2.50) The customer service, however, definitely makes up for that. The girl with the short hair and glasses was very polite and helpful, if i come back again it'll be because of her.

Diana Guerrero

Hands down the absolute best cupcakes and cakes in town. And not just great for a "vegan" cupcake. Forget Mischas. That's a greasy mess. Bunnie Cakes is always perfectly moist and never greasy. The variety of flavors is sure to please anyone. And they have a huge variety of gluten free and soy free options too! My go-to for any celebration. Ty guys for giving us vegans truly outstanding sweet treats

Christina Armesto

I never really thought anything special about this place until I received a memorable customer service moment with these three girls!! Ally, Amber and Paula were working the other week when I visited and all three of them were able to use their teamwork to make my order all fresh all at once! The curly haired girl made me a superb latte that's not an easy fleet using non-dairy milks while the short haired girl was boxing my cupcakes and the long-haired one was heating my sandwich! Teamwork at it's finest. The ambiance is also just so cute! Years ago, they didn't have their amazing history on the wall or the studio!!! Gotta come back more often to have more of these Good vibes!

Adonis Tiniacos

Excelent location. Good price and so good cupcakes!!!! Recommend!!!

April Smith

certainly a top place in the area. the staff was very friendly and attentive. the prices are good for what you get.


Absolutely delicious vegan and gluten free cupcakes and desserts. So glad I live close by. The only negative are the prices. Outrageously high making It more of a treat than a bakery that one would frequent. It's something like $10 for an average size cupcake.

Alvetia Anderson

Everything is amazing, especially for those with food allergies.

Aranisha Longoria

Love the vegan shakes so hip.

M Ranson

We liked that it was vegan and it catered to people with severe nut allergies. However, the doors were open and there were flies all over the cupcakes, which was a huge turn-off. We went ahead and purchased the pre-packaged cupcakes, but they were dry and not very tasty.

M Ullaga

Such a dreamy store for everything Vegan! :) Service is awesome! So many choices of cupcakes....

Alyne Sonely

My friend got my birthday cake from here and we are all in love with it. We're not even vegans, but the designs were so beautiful we risked it... definitely worth the risk! Taste & design were amazing.

Ashley Ramos

This place makes great vegan pastries as well as themed cakes

Katy Cook

I recently transitioned to veganism and was searching for a cupcake place since most cakes contain dairy and eggs. I saw the Google reviews on Bunnie Cakes and had to try it for myself. My mom and I had the donut milkshake, guava cupcake, and a cachito which were all amazing! You can't even tell you are eating vegan which is so great, everything tastes and looks SO GOOD! Will definitely go again soon :)

John Paget

Tasty cakes.. vegan cappuccino... Awesome!

Nashira Amundarain

My kids had lots of fun building their cupcakes. Plus, they were delicious.

Kayla Parent

I got a chocolate cupcake and it was dry and had no flavor. The frosting was okay. Very expensive. I would pass on this place.

Maria Constanza Preble

Tiny cupcakes...healthy crunchy...

Melissa Reyerson

We stopped here while visiting Miami as I saw a vegan sign on the door. The entire bakery is vegan and they even had GF options, which is so hard to find with vegan bakery items. I had a delicious vegan Cuban sandwich along with a cake sundae. I only wish the sandwich had a GF option. My husband said the sandwich was better tasting than his meat Cuban from an authentic Cuban restaurant.

Constance S

Very very good cupcakes! I had a few different flavors and they all were great! I think they are expensive though....i got 4 tiny cupcakes and it was $9. They also have vegan soft serve!!!! Which was about $5. I would definitely come back again.

Yadira Ma

This place was nice and cute! The cupcakes are amazing! It's hard to find good, tasty bakeries for people who have food intolerances. I loved their vanilla cupcake the most!

Fabio Rodriguez Grisales

This was my first vegan experience and I loved it. Cupcakes are a little expensive but they are really good

Julia Smith-Horn

I really wanted to love this place. Super cute decor on the outside and inside. Stopped by on my way home from work looking for a sweet treat. Ordered 6 mini cupcakes and an iced coffee. There was a great selection of flavors and all the goodies look adorable. When I went to pay, my order came to $18! Apparently it is $14 for 6 mini cupcakes. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around how one miniature cupcake could be almost 2.50! And the ice coffee came in a small cup that you would see in a lobby of an office for it’s customers. Tried one sip of the coffee and something was very off. Not sure if the coconut milk that was used was expired but it tasted almost sour. Couldn’t drink it at all and had to throw it away. Cupcakes were delicious and I would have never known they were vegan they were so good just way too overpriced. Disappointed :(

O. Harris

Cupcakes were AMAZING. The young lady at the register who help me select my cupcakes was awesome:

Rev Hue

excellent donuts, just felt rushed although the store store was empty..

A Google User

I've walked by and they look delicious on 2nd Avenue but I haven't been in yet

Loryna Hernandez

Delicioso cupcakes and coffee

Brandon Kies

The customer service is unprofessional. I was given multiple answers in the same day from different employees about how to get cupcakes delivered, they do not know how to run a business, and they lost a potential customer.


I used to love this place but the cost and customer service is no longer worth the drive. Very tasty vegan cupcakes tho

LaToya Holmes

Very nice to find a vegan place with options to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Daniela Serrano

Great experience! All of the things i tried were amazing ! Good job

camila savaniR

Cupcakes are great, cakes no really. Staff is super friendly.

sarah blades

Sooooo good!!! I have to eat dairy free and gluten free, my daughter can't stomach dairy, and we wish we could live here. My husband can eat everything but still loves the gluten free, he can't tell the difference. Moist cake, creamy frosting, yummmmmm!!!

Jaye Smillie

Such a cute place! Truly enjoy their cupcakes. They even have vegan options!

Hort Paffett

So many options!! Vegan or not, everything is delicious here. It's good variety for everyones palettes. Will come again, lucky to live close to it!! Awesome staff that works here.


Brilliant food. Super cute.

Kossi Mossilmer

I've been going to Bunnie Cakes for about 3 years or more. And I always get the same cake 2 or 3 times a year which did cost about $45-$50 but now it cost almost $80. Which really just isn't worth it because it's a small cake and when I went from paying $45 to $80 I feel like I'm being ripped off. It's good and cute but it's not worth it in my opinion. So I no longer buy from here. Like I said before I've been getting the same design for 3 years now and I have invoices and receipts to prove it. The custom cakes have increased from $50 to $80. That shows how much of a valued customer I was after 3 years...

Debra Krauser

Listen, when i visited this bakery last month I was very impressed. The location was not bad. The inside and outside was very clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Also very knowledgeable in the products. I bought a dozen mini cupcakes and they were all good. My favorite was the dulce no leche. Those were the best vegan deserts I ever tasted. Very moist and full of flavor. I also purchase the ham and cheese and the pizza roll and they were both very tasty. I didnt purchase any donuts but next time Gods willing I surely will. I would recommend everybody to visit this bakery over and over again. I surely will.


+ Seating area inside + Vegan + Gluten free + They will warm up cookies or sandwhiches for you + Cake is moist. + They have vegan sandwiches that usually seem to have a local cuisine twist/name - Not the best vegan cookies I've had, but the gluten-free combo is difficult. - Cheese balls were not good. - The ham sandwich I had was super dry. - Seems a tad expensive but it is a boutique place. I would recommend this place because they have animal-friendly and gut-friendly treats.

Demetrius Bagley

Fantastic flavorful cupcakes available in many flavors. They have plenty gluten-free options to boot. The freshly made prepackaged sandwiches and other eats go quick daily. Don't miss out.

Elizabeth Saenz

Delicious! That word sums up Bunnie Cakes for me. As a baker who has gone vegan, I can easily say that this place is great! I would give it 10 stars if possible!

stephane charite

The manager here is super kind! And if your looking for really good vegan and gluten free dessert here is a great spot. I’m nether of the above and it’s one of my favorite dessert spots.

Gina Rodeberg

Really great selection of desserts, beverages, and sandwiches. Yum!

Janet Thomas-Aguilar

Awesome vegan bakery! My kids have food allergies so it's a relief to find a bakery where I don't have to worry what's inside of the product. And not having to bake it myself is a giant plus!

Georgina Guerrero

Cupcakes are delicious, and you can find many different flavours. You can take your kids to decorate their own cupcakes too! They are very nice and warm people working there! I've never had a bad service experience there! They are all kind!

Lina Gonzalez

My favorite bakery in the three counties! I drive miles to get their cakes and cupcakes. I ordered all my cakes from there. The latest one was a baby shower/baby reveal, yes I know! And they did a fantastic job! Just look at their Instagram and you can see all the beautiful artwork of cakes they do! You can't go wrong with anything you get from Bunnie Cakes

Stephanie Toledo

Delicious cup cakes. They offer allergy conscious cupcakes, free of peanuts, milk and eggs.


Super adorable cupcake shop! Got a six pack of day old mini cupcakes & a heart shaped chocolate doughnut. Everything was delicious.

Freya Zsombory

I was apprehensive to try vegan cupcakes but since the reviews were so positive, I figured I'd give them a try. I had the vanilla with chocolate filling and red velvet. Both were delicious. They don't look moist on the outside but once you touch them, you realize just how soft and moist they are. I was pleasantly surprised. The frosting was also perfect-- and I never say that. It was light and not too sweet or overpowering. It was $2 per mini cupcake, which I thought was pricey, but I'd go back again when I need another sweet fix.

Terianne Bernal

I am not a fan of gluten-free or vegan but this place was DELICIOUS!!!! So worth the drag and drive my friends brought me in. I also ended up purchasing stickers because the theme and use of colors and decor was adorable. Can't wait to go back!

Elon Bomani


Leslie Boardman

Hands down best bakery, regardless of vegan, gluten free, just the best bakery period!! I’ve gotten my wedding cake, and the birthday cakes for my all of my kids, family, friends, everybody from here. I live an hour away and still go here over any other place. That should tell you just how special this place is. Everything is always wonderful and fresh and super delicious!

Julio Silva

Great place, really good cupcakes, great staff.

Rachael Leffler

Love bunnie cakes! The cupcakes are so delicious. I haven't tried anything else but will soon. Also, they are always very welcoming to my dog I bring with me (we walk there).

Lawrence Schneir

Was picking up a order for my boss but everything looked delicious and beautifully presented

Jorge Bermudez

Nice place, we love cupcakes and taste was not the best, they didn't have many options to choose from.

Jay Hassburg

This is a great bakery. Love their decor, their desserts and their staff is very friendly!

mariladys palacio

Great place, I am truly glad we found it. It makes being vegan alot easier.

Hosam Smiley


Daniel Alicea

BEST CUP CAKES EVER! Never thought vegan tasted soooo good. I was in a business trip and will definitely stop by on my next one.

Cori M

Love the cupcakes!!! Wedmesdays they sell day old cupcakes....still amazing quality

Tisha Voegeli

Nice Vegan Cup Cakes, cut shop.

Samantha De Armas

I bought the donut milkshake here because it was all over the Internet and when I got it I really disliked it usually when something is so awful the customer can't eat it the store takes it back offers a refund or at least an exchange. I felt that for a 12 dollar shake it should taste more than just coconut and sugar super gross and the employee there didn't even offer any form of help super upsetting won't go back here again even if their cupcakes are okay. Pretty lousy customer service.

Stephanie Hendricks

These are hands down the best tasting cupcakes I've ever had. Ate 12 minis in less than 10 minutes. Also had a vegan ham and cheese pastry that was phenomenal.

Larry Britton

This is the spot for your Vegan/GF sweet tooth. Love the place and the variety of flavors they offer for their cupcakes. At $30 a dozen for the mini cupcakes it's certainly not cheap, but definitely worth a try to indulge in occasionally. Feel free to visit the building in the back where all the magic happens!

Hannah Cook

Was excited to try this place out as it's hard to find good vegan desserts and the reviews were promising. Got the double chocolate cupcake and the red velvet donut. The cupcake was relatively dry but tasty, and the frosting was delicious! The donut was terrible. It was ok but I've had better

Quincey Leigh

I ordered custom cupcakes for an influencer and media event in Miami Beach. Everyone in attendance loved the adorable mini cupcakes. Not only did they look amazing, but were very yummy! My only regret was that I didn't get to enjoy one myself! I can't wait to get back to Miami just to get my hands on a delicious Bunnie Cake cupcake!

DM Albert

The best Vegan cupcakes. Worth the drive.

shacoria spaulding

Great dessert options for my son who has severe food allergies. I've used them in the past for his birthday cake orders and we occasionally stop by for a mini cupcake as a reward for good behavior and grades in school

Nicholas B Raskind

HEALTHY SWEET STUFF! Awesome flavors. Kid stuff for adults too! Love love this place & these cupcakes!

Monica Z

Delicious and vegan !!!!!! Thank you for making my friend birthday extra special! The cake was delicious the colors the details and art to it!!!! Can't wait to go back to Miami and order other items!!!!! MUST HAVE THE PASSION FRUIT FILLING!!!!!

Hawk Dufour

I love the coffee here. I like black coffee and enjoying the flavors of fine beans which they have. The young lady working this afternoon at 5 was the cutest and sweetest girl ever... It's nice to see someone genuinely happy and upbeat around here. I liked the donuts too..

Anna Pritchard

Adorable place. Reasonably priced. Options for everyone. Wonderful service. The cupcake was moist and flavorful and beautifully decorated. Nothing bad to say

Eric Sanny P

Very cute vegan bakery with very tasty treats! They take pride in what they sell and it shows! The cakes are beautiful and delicious. Get there early for the cinnamon rolls.

Andres Conde

Cakes are great even if not my favorite kind. My family loves them.

Lior Friedman

It's a specially bakery. Gluten free, vegan, you name it. For those unique products, you'll be paying premium $$$. However, everything is really, really good and the serving is great.

Kathy Hawkins

I like it here always quality food & service. I look forward to going back again. Prices were reasonable.

Silvio Martinez

Can’t believe there were vegan cakes! Amazing cakes, lactose free.

Davis Dodge

Awesome frosting, vegan bakery, too expensive for a daily visit.

Anastasia Sultzer

Sooooo delicious!

Lori Legg

Fun little cupcake shop. The 2 gals working were really nice. There was a pretty large assortment of flavors. The shop had fun decor and the mini cupcakes were pretty tasty. They had Vegan and Gluten Free choices, the little donut, Yummers!!

kabir balgobin

Overpriced Place. If you dont want to spend money, not recommended. But super cute and cupcakes are fresh and vegan

Yaniv Yaniv

Have the fake Cuban and red velvet muffin. Gluten free vegetarian never tasted so good. I hate vegetarian food and gluten free usually means tastes like oil... But this place is amazing. From donuts to muffins to sandwiches (BBQ jack fruit sandwich!) ... Everything is great.


Amazing place, loved the ambiance and the vegan options are all the options. I highly recommend it for every vegan and non vegans who want something sweet and delicious. Also those for the gluten free they have options for you too. The staff is very friendly, bilingual in English and Spanish and very informed on veganism.

Angie M.

I ordered a custom cake 2 weeks ago for my niece's birthday. A unicorn fiesta cake. I had multiple email correspondences with them about the cake, and was specific. I received an email a day before the due date to let me know that the cake was going to be 4 hours late. When I arrived, half the cake was missing. I spoke to the owner about their mistake, and they were able to do the second layer that hour. Regretfully, within minutes of receiving the cake we heard something collapse. The entire bottom layer of buttercream fell off the cake. The ruffles were too heavy and hadn't been cooled long enough. At the very least we still have the top layer of the cake. What a mess

Joseph L.

Really enjoy taking my daughter here on weekends. Parking is a bit of a hassle but overall, it's a really good place for cupcakes.

David G

Definitely one of the best spot for any vegan that wants some pastry, cake, etc. Located in a very accessible part of Miami. Street parking in front of rear. I do believe it’s a little over priced but you get what you pay for. You should try it too!

Spike Marro

BestvVegan cupcakes in town

Gilberto Salazar

Dairy free, nut free and gluten free cupcakes and cakes. There is a place in the back (Bunnie Cakes Studio) where kids can decorate their own cupcakes or cakes and eat them of course.

Metro 1

I never write reviews. I figured it wasn't worth it sometimes. But this place proved me wrong and they get 5 stars! Our co-worker eats gluten free for medical reasons and we had forgotten about this important fact. So, for her birthday and last minute we called Bunnie Cakes and they were able to accommodate us with a dozen wonderful, delicious cup cakes. The lady at the phone was so sweet, she heard me out and even suggested for them to make a special cup cake with an M for the first initial of her name made out of fondant. The other ones would have hand made little hearts and cute little decorations. She recommended the assorted kind and I chose the vanilla, chocolate, guava and passion fruit assortment. Little to say, the order was ready on time, the cupcakes were so moist and they melted in our mouths and they were adored by everyone at the office. We got one happy birthday girl thanks to Bunnie Cakes!

Cristina Salvador


Carlos Mauricio Millán Henao

Extensive selection of ALL VEGAN CUPCAKES INCLUDING SOME GLUTEN FREE. Taste is amazing. Not giving 5/5 because in my opinion is overpriced and also when I asked for water the only option I was given was to purchase an also overpriced bottle, which is not nice. Other than that the place has a nice ambiance and the the taste of the cupcakes really make you forget you’re eating vegan, maybe that explains the price tag on these tiny cakes.

Christian Pfeifer

To be honest, I am surprised. They serve only vegan stuff. So cupcakes without eggs nor milk. And coffee without with soja milk. But it was delicious! Really! And the store is very cute. The staff is very friendly! Check it out!

Mikayla Menchaca

This place is great I looked it up online and when I saw it in person I was overjoyed. It's cute pink but most of all delicious. I definitely would make the trip back for the gluten free and vegan cupcakes!!

Charles Walker

We got the red velvet, with cream cheese frosting, and a slice of the chocolate cake. The quality of both were average. The store is small and there was a long line. Took about 5 minutes to get to the register. Overall a nice cupcake place, a little over priced, $8 for a slice of cake. I wouldn't go here again unless I was standing in front of it and was craving cake at that exact moment.

Pia Kate Jakobsson

Expensive but good vegan cupcakes. Try the passionfruit!

Miss Maria Mendoza

Great customer service!! This place is the cutest! Cakes taste great and for the artistry put in the cakes the prices are good as well! I was able to walk in and buy a small bday cake on the day of.

David Dunmore

Very interesting, cozy and cute place. If you are into desserts but are vegan and or gluten free, then place is heaven sent for you. They have both varieties, vegan and gluten free vegan. Absolutely delicious. An insane varieties of bite sized cup cakes. Still trying to try them all. A must go.

corrie drosnock

Very good, not dry at all. Cute decorations on their treats and their gluten free didn't taste gluten free.

Jorge Rufin

This place is awesome! love the taste's and flavors offered.

Nicole Presta

GF donuts and cupcakes were both so good. Guava cupcake was amazing.

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