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7134 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141, United States

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This Bakery belongs to the category of Argentinian restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe IN Florida

Mary Hammett

This place is a little gem! Amazing pastries and incredible eats. I can't wait to visit this place again when I go on vacation.

Gianni Gracia

I used to go to this place when I stayed in Miami Beach. Unfortunately I had a terrible experience on 4th of July along my family. The first women who attend us was really rude and disrespectful. The empanadas were cold and bitterness and it was expensive. Definitely this place changed a lot it looks is operating by other owner. I'm not will come ever. I do not recommend this place.

Heber Moises

Great Argentinian products, kind attention.

Fred Chevry

My favorite bakery in Miami Beach

Mrya Rios

We like the steak sandwich was the best!

Fernando Ruscitti

Great food and service

Dino Pirola

Coffee was good prices adequate pastries not sufficiently fresh

Samuel Feito

nice coffee and perfect costumer service.

Silvia Carrion

Buenos Aires Bakery they also have a small but good choice of breakfast items made to order such as egg sausage wraps, omelette, etc besides their great assortment of empanadas, miga sándwiches and other kinds of wonderful sweets goods for any time of the day. It's a self service so when you come in take a number and wait to be call. Now this what I find that personal at the register should be a bit more courteous w the public especially if this your first time. It was difficult for me even though I am Spanish speaking. Their patience is short and don't offer much help when someone is trying to make a decision they actually act as if you are supposed to know all that they have available. I could return and hopefully I will get a nicer cashier. Atmosphere is nice and you can eat inside or outside.

Gary S

Ricotta cheesecake was pretty good. Counter service staff not courteous or helpful. Require strict minimum $5 purchase for debit card. Would not accept debit even for a $4.61 charge.

Renton Noah

Another little place with great food and excellent atmosphere, incredibly you have try it for your own.

Gladys Montoya

Good coffee and pastries

Yuping Wu

I am sorry to give this place an one star review. I had a high hope visiting this palace after reading the reviews here. But I am very disappointed. 1. They act like they do not understand English. They will only talk to you if you interact with them in Spanish. 2. We got a slice of tiramisu, and it was absolutely horrible. Instead of using cheese, they used a cheap whipped cream cheese. The entire cake has no coffee taste. I don’t really know why it’s even called tiramisu.

Lorna O'Durnin

Nice place, very good coffee and pastries

David Tertre

Best and affordable bakery in the area

Luis Perez

super fresh pastries and great coffee

Carlos Calle

Great Selection..

brenden mcquitter

Very nice staff and cheap prices for miami beach. Delishous pastries

Lety Nunez

Empanadas were good. Coffee so so. Good croissant . This place get really busy and noisy in the morning.

María Gil

The breakfast is so good Argentinian style

alsanav music

Good coffee, great bread and friendly staff

Claudio Rodriguez

Food is good, seating for a large group of 8 is hectic

John Gojcaj

Pastry goodness

Késya Gonçalves

I love this place.

Armando Romero

Poor service. After paying generously for breakfast ($16-20pp), they would not toast our bread or provide butter unless we paid extra. Very rigid, unreasonable and customer unfriendly. The lady who took our order had to write the ticket 3 times because the kitchen would reject unless well written. You basically order at the counter and then they provide you with a number for your table. Sometimes they bring your food to the table or sometimes scream out your number so you go to the counter and get your food. Very busy and loud place. Food portions were also very inconsistent. My son's breakfast had about 1/3 of the scrambled egg portion that I got. Yet he had three times more french fries. We ordered the exact same meal. The empanadas tasted good although they are pricey and small. I would recommend just picking up pastries to go, if you are into overpriced Argentinian pastries. Food tasted good though. I would better recommend the Denny's next door.

Artur Kyral

Good for what it is I guess.

Daniel Funes

Excellent empanadas and pastries. My go to is the baked beef empanadas ans the strawberry tart. I always get a couple dulce de leche treats to round it out.

Veronica Chong

The best pastries in Miami!

Laing Kandel

Easy place with good Argentinian pastries.

Gabriel Verdino

So many delicious things to chose from!!

agustina villegas

So yummy

Matt Shiebler

Good bakery in North Beach.

Matías Gutiérrez

Great servicio, great flavours

Manish Vaghela

A lovely Latin American bakery which can be busy with the locals. Always a good sign.

Gabriela Nalli

It used to be a lot better, the food is just ok and coat more.


Nice place, excellent offers, quiet and the service is great!

Ricardo T

I don't know how this place can have so many positive reviews, really! Not trying to be negative! The bakery is not good at all, you can go to Publix and have a better meal! Not sure what to say.... really disappointed with the place! The churros at Costco are better! How come!

Danna Rodriguez

Nice variety of desserts a bit pricey tho

Apolo Suarez

Good service good menu friendly

Diego perez morales

The best matambre sandwich, facturas, sandwiches de miga and all the best of Argentine pastrys

Luisa Aparisi

My mom came here looking for a nice spot to relax and drink a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the relaxation part didn't happen. My mom is an avid walker, in part because exercise helps lower her high blood pressure. As she sat down at her table, her legs were painful and swollen, and she briefly stretched them out on a chair so that the swelling would go down. As soon as she did this, a man who worked there (not sure if the manager or owner), began yelling at her to take her feet off of the chair. Not able to even get a word in to explain, he made sure to berate and humiliate my mom in front of the other customers at the store, making an absolute scene. My mom of course, was incredibly upset and decided to leave, to which his parting words were: "What do you want next time? A bed?". Frankly, there won't be a next time. I have tried the food from this store, and it really is delicious, but this kind of customer treatment is unacceptable, not to mention incredibly rude and ineffective. I work as an account manager for restaurants and my job (and that of the store's) is to ALWAYS be polite, even when faced with a customer who is being unreasonable or rude, neither of which my mom was. Incredibly disappointed, because the pastries are some of the best I've had. Next time, don't speak so roughly to someone on the assumption that they're simply doing something to be difficult. A little kindness goes a long way.

Maria Castillo

Excellent! Good tasting food, the most delicious pastries and coffee... Their service went above! Pleasant servers! Loved it! Will most definitely go back!

Natalia Olivera Silva

It’s a must for me every time I go to Miami. The food is always delicious and fresh made.

J Torres

Holly f**** this is good

German De Giuli

True Argentinean Food..

Joshmin Ray

Great food and atmosphere. Fast and friendly service.

Jack Ailey

Very good pastries.

Pilar Alva

The best empanadas ever!


Good pricing, good food, close to parking.

Tigre Blanco

Very conveniently located close to the beach and other beachfront properties and stores. Great place to grab a bite of food or coffee and dessert. They offer an assortment of delicious birthday cakes, cold refreshments, and wines from Argentina. Plenty of indoor seating. Ample street parking.

Ruth Boselli

Great Argentinian food

Maximilian Cohan

Wonderful food and service!

Penelope Morel

too expensive. cheesecake tasted as old food!

Andrea Tenreiro

Delicious Argentinian bakery with lovely service.

Joelyn Losada

Delicious everything! Good casual bakery.

Bob McBride

Very nice setting for sitting out, anytime of the year. But they are moving from Collins to 71 street Maybe new machines will make for better coffee. Sometimes taste a little bitter

Cindy Chan

Miami has very little good bakery.

Pulse Cat Night Club

Food no good. Comida basuras. Do not Care Only About you $.

Marisol Cruz

Just like being in Buenos Aires - everything is amazing!!

TJ Auto

Best bakery ever and a big thank you to Jaqueline for her great service!!! Nancy

Luis Bones

Excellent food.

Ela Wagnerman

Excellent food and service

Albert Abdrashitov

Tasty food. Cashiers don't speak/understand english.

Dan de Boca

Yesterday, we got 2 dozen pastries, facturas, and half were hard the other half just ok. Something changed with their baking. It is not the same as before. They are not the quality and flakiness as those found in Argentina. These are more like bread than croissants. What a shame. Not good.

Rossana Garandán

Always a pleasure to visit this Bakery! Very good quality food and service!

María del Mar Fontanés

Great service

A Martinez

Terrible customer service. Do not order cake here.

Lisa Doan

This place is always busy. Meat empanadas was great!

The Augustins

Large Variety, A little pricey but great quality.

mauricio vasquez

Very nice and detailed bakery food. A lot of variety . So difficult to choose one, I just want to eat them all!

Judith Bustamante

Great selection of desserts. good coffee and The baristas are very good and made my coffee the way i wanted. great customer service

FABIAN Dominguez

Excellent. Just like in Argentina

Jose Palacios

Bery God beikery

Yeries Musiet Weitzel

Argentinian bakery in Miami Beach, delicious medialunas, typical bread and cakes, milanesas and many other surprises. After the beach, just few steps away, it's a very welcomed stop to recharge your batteries with a original flavor.

Desiree Watson

argentinian food and the atmosphere here is super good. nice place to meet and catch up with family. the service was helpful and kind. feels similar to a restaurant in new york i liked.


Tons of fun and good food and great music! Worth making an evening event

Mr gamer

Delicious food, and quiet area. I loved it!

Juan Alvarez

Excellent bakery. The pastries are always fresh and are absolutely delicious. Dulce de leche pastries and "crema pastelera" pastries are the best. Love that it's also across the street from the beach.

Daniel Fernández

Great place to break fast Argentinean style, milked coffee and fresh baked croissants and a extensive variety of pastries and cakes.

Ryan Graves

Great fined . a must stop if in the area

Bree Gaddy

Great bakery and cafe, best coffee and sweets!

Alejandro Araya

One good Argentine bakery

Federico Beltran

They dont know how to do the coffee

jenna Schumacher

Love this place. I came to Miami for the food and coffee. Totally hit all of my expectations. Breakfast sandwich is to die for. Fast, respectful, and culture.

Navil Race

I like this bakery. Lots of options and the food is delicious. Also their prices are affordable, the staff is helpful and friendly. Only issue would be finding parking but then again that’s Miami for you

Giancarlo Murillo Mossi

Love it!

Alejandra Risso

Everything is delicious, and a big variety of pastries.

Rudy Gallo

Great place for Cafe and pastries

Serguei Hernandez

Best Balcarce Cake!

Viktoriya Zakharova

Delicious! Everything! The best caprese empanadas I've ever had! And so inexpensive. The service was great also. What a joy!

Arturo Parga

The best empanadas in South Florida

TheJagosza Jagosza

Incompatible with the order. Extremely sad service.


Cozy and friendly. Perfect for early morning walks.

David Angelmiranda

Walked in. Server looked at us like 4 times n didnt even bother to say hello or take our order so just walked out.

Cecelia Bailey

Enjoyed the Tres Leche cake and coffee con leche!

Ethan Mansur

Great bakery with friendly staff and amazing food.

Stephanie Marcos

Great bakery, the pastries are fresh and delicious. The ladies behind the counter are fairly nice, but I wouldn't say they are the most friendly. This spot has great food, thus why I'm giving it 5 stars. You must also try the empanadas, I had the the onion and cheese one and it was exquisite.

Martin Roberge

Best bakery for miles. Excellent prices, tasty treats. Good for morning coffee or dessert at night with the kids.


Delicious! Waiting in line for this local hot spot is well worth it. Pastries and cakes, empanadas and cafe con leche. All so good. We always get our Birthday cakes here!

Deborah Klingner

Every-time that I go to visit Miami I go to Buenos Aires bakery and is amazing every time reminds me my childhood so bad

Roland Kaiser

Very good Coffee and cakes. Nice Service and fast wify. Just perfect!

Tony Petrie

We are renting nearby and call in sometimes for breakfast. Great omelettes, ham and cheese croissant and fresh hot empernadas. Apple tarts are great too. Fantastic value for money. Cakes look fantastic too.

Paul Dominguez Gutierrez

Very good pastries and some of the best coffee. Note this is a local place so English isn't spoken but great for practicing Spanish. Just point at what you want.

Esteban Pinto

Very tasty.

Pauline Zimmerman

Love, love, LOVE this bakery. The best empanadas anywhere, the staff are so pleasant

Donna Swope

Great service. Excellent variety of sweet and savory pastries to choose from. Delicious coffee. Parking is a challenge, but if someone is with you and can stay with the car while you run in, it's worth it.

Jenni Leimdorfer

It's Argentinian style but not true taste. Friendly staff, great variety of choices, chill place for quick and affordable bite.

Charlie Doan

Pastry was good but the place is not clean.


Decent for tourists who dont know better. I been a local and faithful to this bakery for 18 years and the quality has gone down. I ordered a Balcarce cake for my mother's birthday as she did for me when I was growing up here with advanced notice and I put my credit card down, asked for a chocolate bar with happy birthday written on it, obviously they charge extra. Went to pick it up and the chocolate bar had whipped cream writing on it that look like a 5 year old did it, they claimed the baker didnt do it (even with 24 hour+ notice) so the cashier had to, it was a mess. The cake itself was dry and the customer service is bad, this also happened with pastries on different occasions, try Manolo's or Moises down the street! The only reason I am rating 2 stars is because they didnt charge me for the chocolate bar although I rather pay for quality then get a freebie and the cake was decent in look and somewhat taste.

Ashley Gade

The ordering system is a bit confusing but the food is amazing!


Great place! Displayed nicely, space to sit and relax, everything we tried was great! Empanadas, cheese danish, cheese cake, tiramisu, all recommend. Clean, modern, tasty. Good price for what I got.

fernando alarcon

Amazing place, the facturas are the best in the world.

Francisco Cardoso

Friendly & flavorful!

Paige Wilkerson

ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. every single thing we tried was TO DIE FOR

millie nicholas

Great place. Friendly people.. great bakery

Fabricio B.

Come on in and let your gluttony run untethered. I'm not kidding. This place has incredible treats. Treat yourself to a milanesa sandwich, with some Argentinian pastries, cup of coffee. Pick up your dinner for tonight as well. The ladies behind the counter are very friendly, serviceable, and even in a full store, not one hint of annoyance. Wonderful. You'll look at the cakes, the pastries, the upper end fine pastries. Look at the pics! You'll want to eat it all. I can assure you that if you have never walked into an Argentina bakery, you'll fall in love and be a fan for life.

C. Wallace Hume

Excellent pastries, cakes, etc. Ok coffee. Being an American the only thing I don't like about that place is that no one speaks English. So if you're not sure what something is no one can explain it to you. Otherwise excellent pastries and good service!

G Lopez

They have a variety of pastries. I ordered alfajores and a ricotta cheescake. Both of them tasted bad, they didn’t taste fresh or had a good flavor, very disappointing had to throw them out after the first bite, on a positive note there prices are reasonable.

Maria Isela

Delicious pastries ❤️ The workers are so nice and make sure to make you feel very welcome . The coffee is a must and also the tiramisu cake. No complaints about this place

Armando Orzuza

Always the best!

Chef Panda

The place is nice but very flipping experience rip wallet.

Silvia Britez

Clean...look good but very expensive!

Nicolás Lescano

Great pastries and Argentinian products

nbh jhk

Worst place to get a coffee

Donna Giamo

Top notch, a must stop in Miami!

Veronica Marchan

Excellent quality pastries and desserts! Be ready to wait in line but it's absolutely worth it. Best Argentinean and South American products. Reasonably priced.

Grand Consulting

The best facturas ever!!!!

Kelly Joseph

One of my fav

Alejandra Herrera

Pretty mediocre.

Arthur Friedman

Great coffee shop and pastries. Very popular with the locals


Excelent cofre. Thanks.

Robert Walker

Simply delicious food! My Spanish is non existent, so I just selected by pointing, but everything I chose was wonderful! Ended up going there most mornings for breakfast. Top notch bakery, and reasonable prices too!

Alaina Swearingen

This cafe reminded me of my time in South America. The pastries are great and they even have mini versions if you just want a bite of something. The employees are also super helpful and friendly.

Alina Parrondo Jeronimo

Good quality and great prices

Mickey P

Heaven by the beach! Pastries, coffee, eggs, sandwiches, you think it, they have it, and it's delicious. We come here every time we fly to Miami.

Héctor R. Juárez

Please ask for medialunas here, also the 'sanguche de mila' is good, a bit 'americanized' but still good.

Nisa Pink

Coffee and bread is great. Some baked items were stale though. I spent $7 on Churros and they were all stale.

S Obargar

Always love going here. Pastries are fresh with great variety. So it's a great place to grab breakfast or a snack.

Dee C

Amazing Argentinian/European pastries a small variety of yerba mate and some prepackaged Alfajores the only problem is when it gets busy the employees start to really slow down and some even give attitude. That's why only 4 stars . I understand that gets busy but if that's your job then you have to learn how to get around it

Fabrizzio Lüchinger

A get away from Cuban cuisine.

Rafael Gomez

Great staff and good eats, espresso was perfect

Le Je

The service was very bad and the bake goods didn´t taste nice either! Will not go there again!!

Toni LDP

Delicious food, we went there in the morning so we had breakfast. The empanadas are amazing. The price is a little bit high but it's worth it.

Enedine Capital

great pastries and the best empanada s I've had in Miami.

deni obrien

The best Argentinian bakery in Miami. Media lunas and all types of croissant which are always fresh and incrediably yummy. Great empanadas and sandwished.

Williams Jimenez

Good to eat!

Laurencio Ronquillo

Love this place for service variety and prices. A great value to eat true argentine delicacies as a quick bite options. The service is very nice and friendly. I watched there every chance I get. Also nice views with big windows. Easy parking most times in street.

Maria Jose Mondaca

I always try to stop at this bakery while I'm in Miami. All the ladies that work there are very pleasant. Even close to closing time the were plenty of empanadas and pastries to purchase. A little pricey, but taste is always consistent so worth every penny! Shopper tip: bring a reusable bag or thermal for easy travel back home. They do charge 25 cents for bags.

Victor Garcia

The coffee is great, and if you looking for good empanadas, that's the place you gotta go.

Alejandro Martinez

Great Argentine bakery and quick meals.

Stephanie Ríos Castañer

Delicious Argentinian empanadas, they are very, very traditional! Coffee was delicious, too! Great for a small bite before heading to the beach.


Love this place on the beach.

Mabel Narreondo

The best Argentinian food ever!!


Good place, nice people. Cakes looked delicious. What I ate was delicious too.


Excellent pastries.

emilio cuzan

Good Argentinian sweets and bakery / but service could be friendlier

Eglis Santana

I went with friends from Argentina, They tasted a lot...and enjoyed everything. Has a good prices and varieties. Very closed to the beach...excellent location, next to the bakery have a public parking!

Nef Miles

Food was good and so was the coffee. Great location and very busy business.

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