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1113 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States

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REVIEWS OF Born & Bread Bakehouse IN Florida

M Spivey

Wow, my brother and sister-in-law turned me onto this place and it was beyond delicious. I've never had pastries as delicious as these, and it's affordable. Definitely worth the wait! Plus, the line moved quickly.

Jackie Arellano

We love this place. Feels like we're in NY Village bakery. Great looking and tasting product. Clean and great team. Cant wait to go back.

Holly Arnold

Walked out with way more than we planned....everything looked, smelled and tasted so yummy. Great service! Cool atmosphere. Definitely planning to return.....soon!

Ashley Mcmillian

That chorizo sandwich they have on Wednesdays is awesome in the new Apple Pie croissant with the little vanilla sauce is the greatest thing ever invented I could literally drink the sauce in a glass that's how good it is

Peter Carrerou

This is a pretty neat place serves a bunch of different pastry items really good. They did as best as they could trying to move the line fast. But you definitely have to be ok waiting 30 minutes for a piece of bread. But it's worth it

Margaret Leach

Amazing food, great atmosphere, very well priced! The only negative is the long line- be sure to get there before 8!

Ariana Pollock

Love this local bakery! Coffee and pastries... what could be better!

Geli Eldemire

A smorgasbord of pastries, breads & sandwiches, like walking into a candy store. Scrumptious.

Brad Arnett

Great food, handled the large crowd well. Good local business. The pastries were delicious.

Bobbie Rodriguez

Love it came all the way from Texas to experience the love of the this bakery.

T.J. Woolford

This place is AWESOME!!!! You'll have to wait a bit in line if you get there early in the morning. (They're only open on Saturday mornings.) But it's WORTH IT!! Get the Hot and Honey Sausage Biscuit Breakfast sandwich! Owner is so nice and friendly! Can tell she loves her work!! If you go later in the morning it might be less crowded but there will be less options for baked goods! They've actually changed their counter and bagging process so it seems faster too! Keep it up Born and Bread! DELICIOUS!!


We are a military family out of MacDill AFB and heard that B & B is a must try. After the long drive, the long wait in line, we decided....WORTH every mile and minute. This place has made our transition here to FL even better. We have tried almost everything on the menu and will be ordering the cakes soon enough. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Born & Bread!


We went for the first time on Saturday at about 1215. There was still plenty to choose from, in my opinion. I had a Mojito cruffin. It was my favorite. The filling reminded me of a light and fluffy key lime pie. The blueberry cream cheese stuffed croissant was also delicious, but a little heavier. We also tried the bacon, chive, and chedder biscuits that were amazing in the microwave for about 15 seconds. The line was very short at that time of day, but you risk itms being sold out. Worth it in my opinion not to stand in a long line. The place has a nice vibe and the staff are friendly and willing to help first timers work through the menu and explain items. I will definitely go back.

Dana Smith

First time there and it was incredible.. Definitely going back before i move

Mark Watson

The food was fantastic. It was our first time and made a great detour on our way to Ft. Lauderdale for our cruise. Yes you do have to wait outside if the line is long however the food more than makes up for the wait. I recommend that if you are in the area simply drive by and check the line. There is something here for everyone.

Siobhan Stinnett

Omg. The best ever. PLEASE!!!! DON'T LET THAT LINE FOOL YOU. It is amazing pastries and the line moves so fast.

Justin Barnett

Great baked goods amazing service, prepare to wait though it's always packed

Isaac M

Great tasting pastries from Cruffins , chocolate cake , sticky buns , and other items . There is usually a line to get in but its not too long of a wait.

Antonio McCoy

Beautiful people and delicious food!!

Diane Morrissey

Excellent savory and sweet treats. Definitely will be back.

Joe Summers

Nice verity

Sonia Rivera

What is there not to enjoy...

Jenna Owens

Guava and cheese croissant was delicious!

Robert Casey

It's like a little piece of heaven in a baked good. The lines can be long, but they are long for a reason - the food is incredible. if you've ever been to Europe and eaten at a good bakery there, this is as good. They are only open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Follow them on Facebook so see the menu, because it changes each day they are open. Their specialty is a cruffin. It's a croissant baked like a big muffin and then filled with something delicious. It's a very unique pastry. And even their regular croissants are delicious.

Susan Willcockson

Omg sticky bun HEAVEN

Cindi Howard

Don't let the line out the door spilling on to the sidewalk sway your resolve to give this place a try. It's worth the wait!

Jeanna Stephens

So very good. We have to pace ourselves

M Hopkins

First time visiting. I ordered the veggie sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie

Bri Lockwood

Unbelievable food. So good. The wait is worth it! The line moves really quickly. Best sandwich I've ever had. Who knew crossiants could be beautiful!!!!

Eileen Colon

Amazing breads! We loved the entire experience.

Amy S

If you want a real local treat and experience, go to Born & Bread. They are exclusively open on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings and their baked goods (especially the cruffins) are a local legend. Support a local business owner and check it out! It is always busy so I wouldn’t plan on staying at your table there too long.

Maribel Ortiz

Love the vibe! Everyone is nice and helpful. Food is delicious

Evelyn Hensler

Love this place. Wish they had brownies on Saturday's. Everything is fabulous including their employees and service.

Hyacinth Burrowes

I loveee this place! Because of the small time they are open to the public, I don't get to go often. But their cruffins are what dreams are made of. I recommend the Berry White. Their hot sausage and honey biscuit sandwich is also incredible. The line is well worth it.

Debra Bunner

First time there. Excellent food, service, atmosphere.

Luis Arias

By far the best bakery in Lakeland, we love it!

Liz Centeno

Omg, this place is worth the long lines, open Saturday and Sunday...only! But so worth it!


Long line, but it went very quickly. Amazing staff and even more amazing pastries. Everything I had was out of this world. Would definitely recommend this lovely place if you enjoy good food.

Sergio Quevedo

This is one of the best places in all of central Florida! The menu is ever changing in the most positive way. I am always pleasantly surprised with everything I have ever had. I am constantly falling in love more and more with this place! Highly recommend!

Tyler Kline

You’ve probably heard or already know, but this place has the best pastries in the state of Florida, probably in the United States, maybe in the whole world. Love how creative the team is and how delicious the new options are. BYOB on Wednesday nights make this a perfect hangout spot, too.

Christa Kondraciuk

Don't be intimidated if there's a long line, everything at Born and Bread is worth it! The pastries are expertly made with unique options that fresh and flavorful. Plus coffee, brunch, sandwiches and more everyone can find something they will enjoy. I only wish they were open more then 2 days a week, but guess that's also what makes a visit there special.

Steve P

This little bakery is an absolute gem! We had the opportunity to stop in and grab a breakfast sandwich with fresh baked bread and lovely bacon, egg and cheese, this was amazing!! Hands down! From what I hear you should expect to wait in line for a good bit as this local beauty is only open for limited hours and has a huge following, but is absolutely worth the wait! We were extremely lucky to only have waited for 20 minutes in line and our order was up within 5 minutes of paying. The employees are extremely knowledgeable and take their time to explain (even considering the line behind us, we didn't feel rush one bit!) the lovely options which are displayed as well. The daily menu is exactly that daily, the ingredients are locally sourced and help keep you coming back with unique flavors as they are available. We tried a "Dolewhip Cruffin" which was a tasty pineapple very light whipped cream filled muffin, amazing flavor! We also tried a mexican street corn pastry which had great flavor as well! This is a must visit location when you are in the Lakeland area!

Dr. Deborah Wells Pacheco

Wonderful! Curated baked goods that surprise and delight. Worth the wait.

Tee Dorns

The line to get in is down the block which tells you something

Sydney Davis

Where do I even begin when I’m left speechless because of how genuine this place is? My husband is currently serving overseas and has been for the past almost seven months. He was home on leave when we had first tried this place and he loved it. So, I thought, “what if I send him some cruffins”? So I took a shot and messaged their FB page to see if they would allow me to preorder to make sure everything my husband and his buddies picked would be available for me to send. They accompanied my every request and then some. My husband is so excited to have a taste of home and his buddies are too. I’m so grateful for born and bread and more importantly, for Jenn. So thankful for this business and even more blessed to watch them grow and prosper throughout their time here. If your anywhere near the area or up for a road trip from whenever you are, please stop here. Support those who support our military and our men and women who serve everyday. Thank you so much, B&B ❤️ all of your love. ❤️

Lucas Falk

Easily the best place that has existed and quite possibly will ever exist. Life has no meaning without Born & Bread.


There was a line outside the door which is always good in my book that moved very quickly. The food was delicious and we will definitely be back.

Chris Izzo

My first time....awesome!

Betty Gunsaullus

I've never gotten anything here that disappointed. We went to France last year and actually missed these local delights. The real deal chocolate croissant from France didn't stack up to the ones from Born & Bread. Don't let the long line fool you, it moves quickly and it's very with it. The folks working inside really seem to enjoy being there and are very efficient.

Laurie Johnson

They make some of the best pastries ever. Bread and butter too. So much to pick from. Yummy granola too. Just wish they were open more than 2 days.

Jeni Bates

Can't wait to go back! Get there before 9am. Because that's when the line gets longer than long. Only open from 8am to 1pm on Saturday. Make it a date for your mouth!

Michelle Fucaloro

Best place ever thank you for al you do woohoo the best

Starnetta Cone

THIS IS THE BEST PASTISSERIE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN HAVE A SEAT AND READ. Today my partner and I had: honey lemon pie, red velvet, banana bourbon nutella, sticky bun, almond cream, vegan banana-Nate. To all of my foodies out there this the spot you should try. The the crossiants and flavors are all just so decadent and delicious with every bite. Its is a piece of heaven for all those bread lovers out there. I have tried two of the six and I just had to stop to write this before i forgot. The honey lemon Pie Crossiant pie crust topping with a hint of lemon was delightful.The lemon curd in the middle was just right on the pallet. My only wish was that I had a portable microwave to nuke it for like 10 secs to have with my coffee. The red velvet was just the perfect amount of everything. The frosting was not to sweet and the red velvet cake in the middle was not dry. It was very moist. The other four I know will not doubt my taste buds. This spot is only open on Saturday at 8am. Hard working people wait all week just to get to this day.People arrive as early as 7am to get these pastries. Born and Bread is not just one of those places you can say oh let's go. You have to plan to go. Yes, the pastries are worthy of waiting in line for. If you can not find the patience to wait in line, this is a piece of heaven you will just miss. The staff is always polite and serve with a smile. To help get the line down faster the staff takes your order and there are more staff members in the back getting the orders prepaid. You wait to the side and the staff comes forward calls your name and you are out the door with tasty Pastries. My partner and I arrived at 930 and were out the door by 945. This is a must have!!!

Courtney Marie

EVERYTHING IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! we bought almost one of everything. Thank you Born and Bread.

Taylor Walker

I had what I believe to be a heat stroke in the middle of the restaurant- completely blacked out and woke up on the floor. The staff were all so kind and cared so much about my wellbeing, and then of course the amazing food brought me back to life afterwards;) love this place so much, thank you born and bread.

Alan Daugherty

We love this place, we drive an hour and a half to get there. We wish that everyone can experience the amazingness!! Not only is the food awesome but the employees and the owner are amazing!! They make you feel like your the only one there!!!

Jimmy Two Times

No review needed. Just go and see the essence of life for yourself!

Ileana Palomo

Awesome service and everything is good will highly recommend

Sahar Khan

Awesome. Worth every penny and waking up early. Pecan sticky bun, and turkey gouda.. Amazing. Really friendly people.

Emilee Sortman

This place is so yummy. There is always a wait, but the products are well worth it.

Simara Hands

The cruffins are amazing. They usually have long lines out the door. The food is worth waiting in line. The bananas Foster cruffin was flaky , buttery and the surprise banana filling in the middle was just the right sweetness. I highly recommend.

Panagiotis Karatzas

Wow their cruffins, croissants, pastries, sandwiches, sourdough bread loafs are amazing. I am glad they are only open 2 days a week and i am only able to make it there one day or i would be groing sideways. The staff is very organized and efficient, the taste is always perfect. Hands down the best bakery/pastrie shop ever.

Mary LaFollette

My first time and it was wonderful. I have to say the Boston Cream cruffin was amazing. Friendly staff, line moved fast. Will definitely be back.

Galloway Channel

I absolutely love coming here, it has now become a tradition. It is super crowded, but totally worth the wait. I used to live in Germany for some time, and I really missed thier fresh pastries and baked goods! Now I can just take a short trip down the road and boom, fresh baked goods and pastries. The girls there are just so awesome and kind. It is such an experience. Really a must see and visit!! Update: B&B has updated the payment system! Which means the wait times has gone down drastically! Which gives you even more reason to visit!!

Kari Mendenhall

Great food. Awesome atmosphere. A little louder than I would like, but that's because they're so busy

Julie harlan

Wish they were open 7 days a week. Love this place

Laura Delgado

Went to try this place out after it was recommended to me so many times! Needless to say, I was so disappointed. To start my sandwich was very big and difficult to handle, they didn't cut it or anything and the bread was hard and all wet by the filling inside. It also called my attention that none of the girls were wearing nets or gloves to handle the food they're serving which is a law by the way. My daughter and I used to make cottage food and had to wear nets by the law even making it in our home! It's basic and elemental sanatary rules! I'm surprised no one has noticed this!

Henry Dionne

Just a really cool local event that repeats every Saturday. The pastry is delicious. Probably not quite good enough to warrant the line of people spanni g multiple.blocka, but that's the charm. The pastry chef is super cute and friendly and obviously dedicated to her craft. Well worth the visit week after week.

Helen Nichols

Very pleasant visit . Food is delicious. Wish it was closer to us. Highly recommend.

Lori McDaniel

Omgoodness, the good is AMAZING, and everyone is so friendly and helpful .

Jeff Oliver

The best place for breakfast in Lakeland ...You rock...

Jack Kosik

Got there at 8:30 and the place was packed, line out the door but moved quickly. The pastry is awesome with many unique offerings. This is a must experience to fully appreciate. Fun time too.

Deneen Bossard

This one's a KEEPER!! Only open on Saturdays from I believe 9am to noon for breakfast!! But a line literally around the corner in Lakeland, Florida of people who keep coming back for more and those who just have to try the FANTASTIC PASTRIES AND BAKED GOODS!! The owner is young and personable and she rolls up her sleeves and gets right in there and is truly a part of her business. Funny story, she started asking questions to me and I didn't know that she was the owner (she's somewhat of a "Celebrity Baker") and she was just as warm and kind as she could be!! I found out from my daughter who frequents this place, later who she was. Lol!!

Bryan Ocasio SR

Great place for gourmet pastries. Now that they open on Wednesday nights try one of their delicious sandwiches for dinner. Great price for $8-9 for a sandwich packed with meat and the freshest vegetables ingredients. The owner is very friendly and leaves to back area to make sure all visitors are enjoying the food great place.

Austyn Fox

It was pretty good. Liked the atmosphere, and the food was good. Not a huge pastry person but it liked it. Nice selection.

Chollette Kizer

Food is always delicious, service speedy, owner and staff are all delightful to interact with

Yeye G

Wow, great taste.....

Dan Cunliffe

Great quality food. An incredible variety to choose from. The carrot cake was the best.

Tommy Pollock

Delicious, unique fresh baked goods. One visit and you will understand why the bakery is such a success. Very well organized with a friendly staff so that they can handle large crowds in a timely manner. I am thrilled that they are now open on Wednesday evening as well as Saturday morning.

Stephanie Torres

This place has amazing baked goods. It's worth the drive and worth the wait in line. Everything is so full of flavor. I cannot recommend this place enough. Get out take a drive and enjoy every bite!!!

Tina Watson

First time in line, we went at 12:30. Lots of goodies still there. I can see why everyone waits in line..worth every calorie!

3rd Grade Sock Hop

Great food

John Durocher

My wife and I have been here a few times now and have had something different each time. What can I say? Born & Bread Bakehouse is amazing!!!

Sandi Peterson

Awesome food and staff!!

Jacob Sweeney

Long Lines, Poor Service. I don't like that the owners or staff ignore the long lines and long waits. We stand in the hot sun or rain! The food is good, but not worth waiting in the long lines. Born & Bread would benefit from developing more empathy for customers. Keep the line moving! Disappointed in my last visit and will not return.

Paul Reyes

We needed for a long time a place like this in LAKELAND. I hope they begin to open daily soon.

Christgen Catena

Love going here on Saturday mornings! The line looks long but it does move very fast but totally worth waiting. The baked goods are amazing and the coffees pair perfectly!! The staff is always so friendly and cheerful and you see the owner there working just as hard as her staff. Totally teamwork family feel there.

Pauline O Connell

The pastries are phenomenal. Queues around the corner from 10am onwards. The bread I didn’t enjoy, was too chewy for my liking.


I'll keep this one short and sweet (no pun intended). I've lived all over the country and this is one of the best bakeries I've ever been to. If you don't get there by 7:15 on a Saturday, you will be waiting in line for a while. Those cruffins that they have are absolutely insane and delicious as well as the savory items. It's an amazing place for breakfast. I can't wait for them to extend their hours.

Chris Givens

Long lines and amazing pastries. Worth the wait.

Zach Skidmore

The owners and staff only add even more value to the rest food and service you acquire during your visit. You’ll notice a HUGE line of people waiting for the opening on each Saturday, and once you bite into a cruffin you will understand. They are so meticulously made and contain so much flavor it’s unlike any breakfast pastry you’ve had. Part croissant part muffin, wow. Make sure you go and buy in bulk for family and friends

Lillian Tirado

First time here today!!! OMG! I was transported to Europe!! Everything we tried was amazing! You can even buy fresh bread to take home, Four cheeses, Sourdough, Multigrain. Loved it! Will definitely go back!

Douglas Frankow

Simply fantastic experience. You have to make this stop as part of your bucket list.

Mario Mugrace

An amazing bakery with some of the best pastries and breakfast sandwiches I ever had. Great service, low prices and truly amazing quality. Virtually no parking in this downtown location but worth the walk.


OMG! This little place has such big personality and flavor! They're only open on Saturdays and the line is always out the door and down the block. But it moves along pretty swiftly. The flavors of the croissants are uniquely different. I tried a sweet maple bacon pecan. Oh so sweet and savory! There was actual real, smoked bacon...chunks, not bits! Also tried the guava croissant. Not at all artificial flavored but real, delicious guava. They've also added a couple of very yummy breakfast sandwiches. There was one croissant that had grits and sausage! There was everything from chocolate chip delites to biscuits to traditional smokey bacon and eggs on a sandwich. My sandwich was made fresh and served hot. Too much to finish in one sitting though.The atmosphere is quaint and friendly. The owner stopped by our table and chatted with us. She's planning to add another day open... possibly Wednesday or Thursday. An absolute must try! You won't be sorry.

Bhaumik Patel

Very very good place. Best bakery in the state. Everything made perfectly with some of the best ingredient and everything is fresh.

Tammy Roberts

This place was awesome!

Jason Hindenach

You should offer free pastries to the neighbors if you are going to wake everyone up behind your establishment EVERY Saturday with your “business” before the sun rises.

Johanna Lainez

Very delicious & fresh!

Ethan Hansen

You may see the rating for this place and think it can't actually be that good. It's real. This is a 5 star bakehouse, you need to go here!

Candy Hart

My favorite place for Saturday morning breakfast pastries. Delicious food, and friendly staff.

Michael Fronda

I wasn't expecting much but when I saw the line (on Christmas eve) I knew I was in for something good! These are definitely how pastries are supposed to taste! Light, flaky, not overall sweet or salty if you like savory! Definitely try the cruffins! That was my absolute favorite. The service was super friendly and we waited about less than 5 minutes for our orders. Great experience and great pastries!

Cara Moccia

Easily one of the hands down best bakeries in the US. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff and the croissants, sandwiches and cruffins are simply to die for. Wish they were open more often. Will definitely be returning.

Robert Ferguson

So delicious. So easy to buy more than I came in to buy.

Ashley Daigle

Part of the fun of this place is waiting in line for the doors to open. The official open time is 8am but I've seen them open as early as 7:20. The food is amazing. The baking skills are worthy of the wait. Check the Facebook page for the menu which rotates. You won't be disappointed!

Kurt Williams

Absolutely, hands down, one of the best establishments I've ever been to, or will ever go to. I don't think I've ever gotten anything there that I didn't LOVE. It's a perfect little addition to Lakeland's up and coming food scene. Their best breakfast sandwich is Benton's bacon breakfast sandwich, and my favorite cruffin is the Berry White. Just try it once and you too will keep coming back every Saturday morning.

Madison Czerepak

They had unique pastries. I like that they allow students to train. However, their scones were a disappointment.

Dee watson

Amazing place fo every Sat

Todd Schoeberl

Great eats and worth the wait. Plan on getting here early and waiting in line.

Andrew Heneen

Absolutely delicious...the almond croissant was buttery, just like a good croissant should be. Visited for the first time and at 10am, there was a long line out the door. However, it moved fairly quickly (inside there are about 5-6 people to pick out your order) and I was through the line and out in about 20-25 minutes. There's a parking lot across S Florida Ave that says "Bakery parking".

Caleb Powell

Amazing bread, great atmosphere, female run bakery, couldn't ask for anything more from a bakery.

Bernard Dean

One of the best bakeries in Florida!! So many different options and there something for everyone no matter how picky. Friendly staff with a hometown feel. Seating is limited and there's usually always a line but it is well worth the wait. This place is a must try for anyone that loves cookies, cakes, bread and sandwiches.

Katerina Phillips

I would give it 100

Taimoor Bajwa

in all reality this is one of Lakeland’s finest establishments. Expert level style, seasoned veteran level baking. expect a line because the secret is out.

Ryan Hendricks

If you don't know, now you know. Best bakery in the area. Why are you reading this? You should already be in line on Saturday morning. What are you still doing? GO ALREADY!

Terrod Philpott

Omg! This is the most amazing bake goods that I have ever had. You have to try any of the cruffins. Simply heaven sent.

Nicole Brown

AMAZING pastries!!! Parking was less than ideal though.

Sarah VanLandingham

The best bakery we have ever been to. They make the highest quality food ever! Since the first weekend we went, we have been back every weekend since. It’s THAT good.

Nicole Miller

Amazing! If I could rate this 10 stars I would! We got the chocolate sea salt cruffin, lemon blueberry, samoa croissant, a lemon croissant (I don't remember the name of), ham and goat cheese croissant, and a couple other savory croissants that were to die for! So good and fresh. Only open on Saturdays, so my mom and sister and I drove up from Sarasota early Saturday morning to come and try it. Definitely worth the drive and the wait outside. You can tell it is a popular place! The staff was so friendly and kind, and super hardworking. Can't wait to come back!

Roberto López-García

This bakery is AWESOME! The pastries were so delicious that I am still licking my fingers. Friendly staff and we made friends with fellow customers too.

Johnathan Riedel

Amazing bread. Amazing atmosphere. Honestly was disappointed with the line to get in since it was only open on Saturday. It was well worth the wait however. Would highly recommend.

Meagan Forss

Cant say enough good things about this place!! Everytime we go there is a line but it moves so fast. The first time we went they missed an item from our order but made up for it the next time and took care of us. Totally worth the wait in line. The only thing I can say is that it's hard to know what items you should keep cold and what you dont need to.

Melissa Cross

Oh my goodness soooo delicious

Kristin Nicholson

Best breakfast in lakeland!

Sara Garcia

Dont worry about the line length, it goes by quickly and the wait is worth it.

May Pach

Worth every minute of the line. These pastries are works of art, and taste as amazing as they look.

Rebecca Hayden-Fields

Amazing baked goods. Nothing like this in the area. If you like sweet stuff definitely buy a cruffin, it is the love child of a croissant and a muffin with yummy creamy filling. Show up at least an hour before they open especially if you want something specific. Be prepared to stand in line but it is totally worth the wait.

Tisha Riley

Love this place with all my heart!

merav nissim

The almond crossiant is to die for!!

Marissa Sabatino

The breakfast sandwiches and pastries are astonishingly delicious! Be in line no later than 7:30am.

Max G Fit

I'm giving 5 stars on customer service alone. The baked goodness is astounding!! Go check it out! Get there early because lines are long!

Diana Marotta

Went for the first time tonight with my family. All my family got their food 20 min before me. they were giving people who ordered after me their food. Asked them what was going on and they said sorry about that and gave me my sandwich as well as offered me a cookie. It looked as if they forgot to call my name and left my food laying on their counter inside the kitchen. After all that, I came across a hair in my sandwich. My mom also thinks she might have swallowed one. This really ruined our experience there and would not be returning here. The baguette was tough and chewy. They really need to start using hair nets!! All the girls have super long hair and not one of them has a hair net on.

John Guzman

Best line to wait in while visiting Florida.

Jim O.

Even better than the line out the door advertises. The line moved quickly and the food is delicious.

Jessicia Barone

Everything here is AMAZING! Do not let the line outside keep you from coming in, it moves fast and the food is well worth the wait!

Hallie Hull

SO worth the wait, which really wasn’t that bad at all. fluffy pastries and very reasonably priced! very friendly staff as well, they’re efficient at keeping the line moving. obviously there will be a’s open one day and extremely popular-don’t let this deter you from the delicious treats and fun atmosphere! cant wait to come back!

Justin Hinton

This is a must if you are looking for fresh baked cruffins, bread, or croissants. Downside is that it is only open once a week (Saturday mornings) and there is usually a line that is about a half a block long. They do a great job at moving the line along and the staff is very organized and friendly. It is worth every minute of the wait. I highly recommend the Benton's Breakfast Sandwich. It is one of my favorite items to get from Born & Bread.

Jared Pike

Get there early. They run out of the good stuff quick

Carolyn Rowe

Great coffee and the best pastries!

Masters Way

Not knowing their hours, we went when they were about to close. Even at the end of the day the staff were all so pleasant and professional! They didn't have much left but the cookie and pastry we purchased tasted like they had just been made. This is an awesome bakery!!!!

Christine Hicks

Got there at 6:30 am Loved this place .Me and my daughter went ,our first time Even made a new friend while standing in line Everything was amazing !!! So doing this again.

N. Beytour

Amazing for breakfast or deserts. The pistachio croissant is my favorite, the coffee is amazing...

Carmen Yancey

Amazing and a welcome addition to the Dixieland area!

Dan Farrell

Great place for bread. But only open on Saturdays

Sue Sumrell

Was first in line this morning. Lots of goodies to pick from. Wanted the peach bostock but it wasn't on the menu, maybe next time. One of my favorites. Everything is to die for!

Frank McLanis

This is the best bakery in the world

donald Phillips

Delicious, everything, somehow the review system said I had only given 1 star that was a big mistake

Jensen Roth

My family and I drove an hour to get there. And, stood in a line of 60 to 70 people, just to get in the door. This is the BEST bakery I have ever been to! So very worth the drive from anywhere you may be in the central Florida area. You are not going to be disappointed with anything you get there!

Cody Mowatt

Wonderful local business, the food is phenomenal. The cruffins are delicious. There was a line down the sidewalk this morning and an employee brought cold water out on a tray for those waiting in the heat, which was very thoughtful.

Mimi Jackson

Great pastries! Best place in town! Get there early at least by 15/20 mins, the line gets very long....

Joy Coisnard

Get the early... but even though the line is long, it moves fairly quickly! Everything I've tried from there had been delicious.


Although it was really packed, the line flowed well. Service was outstanding and the food is delicious.

Ossama Ansari

Everything is great from friendly smiling faces of the staff to the pastries. Just sucks I end up spending over $25 each time. But it's worth it. This is the Lamington croissant - limited release -- filled with mascarpone & raspberry, dipped in ganache, and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Jay Wat

Great here early for the best selection! Best pastries in Lakeland!

Robin Korb

Our first time there and apparently it was their first day of their new ordering system. We got in very quick considering the line! The girl taking our order was the most pleasant person, even though I know she's had a crazy busy morning. There was a mix up and at first because they thought they had sold our breakfast sandwiches to someone else (the last ones). During the confusion, the girl offered.cookies in the sandwiches place, which I agreed. Then, I questioned another woman because our cashier had specifically asked if they still had our sandwiches before she would even ring them up. At that point the manager/owner (I'm assuming) came to ask how they could make it right. She offered a full refund, other food or anything else I may want. I explained that we wanted breakfast food sandwiches (not sweets) and she went to go see if she had eggs to accommodate my request. Right after she walked away, another girl found the bag that had our sandwiches that were set aside from when our cashier asked if they still had them. Everyone throughout our first experience was extremely nice and professional! Huge kudos to them for offering anything they could to give us a happy experience! It's rare to find managers and owners who still care they way this one did. We will return time and time again because of how well this mix up was handled. Great bakery too!

Isabel Garay

I love this place so much. It's turned into a Lakeland institution.

Kayla Goetz-Padilla

AMAZING BREAD! Long wait but well worth it in the end! I wish they would open for more days but they are only open on Saturdays and its first come first serve. Cannot make a bad decision when ordering as everything is delicious.

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