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REVIEWS OF Serpe & Sons Bakery IN Delaware

Tater Tot

Been getting cakes here every occasion for the last 8 years. Disappointed since I called yesterday to order a cake for today get all the way there and they don’t have the cake. It was placed in the wrong bin but with the correct date on it. Upset because I travel led all the way from Maryland just to return home without a cake.


A great family bakery!

Izzy Izzy

The cake was to dark, extra icing to make up mistakes crazy stuff suppose to be a first class bakery and this is wat im suppose to get

Sally Wein

This is the only bakery I've visited in Wilmington that knows how to properly make Italian bread. It's the kind of bread, that as you drive back home, you tear into and crunch the crusty outside and ends. Excellent! It's also the only bread to get when you're having soup! Oh my!

Keith Chubbs

We have been using Series for over 30 years. Today's experience was VERY disappointing. I ordered a cake a week ago. It was supposed to have a Harley emblem and happy birthday message. The logo itself didn't look bad, but it was lopsided and completely off centered on the cake.... and they spelled the name wrong. When i complained they said I didn't have to take the cake if I didn't like it. I had an hour until the party!! I was forced to take an ugly cake with a misspelled name, and had to pay nearly 50 bucks for it. Very disappointing! Their standards have clearly been lowered.

Victor Elia

Gross, just gross. This is not a bakery, not even close. It is a detached grocery store "bakery". Not a clean place. Terrible baked goods.

Mark Freeman

Jermaine Knotts

Steve Costello

Everything from cakes and cupcakes to tomato pies. Everything is delicious!

Rose Emily Santiago

Pete Curcio

The best bakery in Wilmington!

Nicole Catalina

bill giles

My time at serpe&sons was a great time and workers were great I will come back all the time


THE BEST TOMATO PIE IN THE WORLD..........................

Satan's Goddess666

Robert reichelt

Friendly staff. Great food. Fair price. From small nibbles to large trays they do it all. I have never been disappointed. Ever ;)

Renee Stewart

Donna Schrader

Great local bakery. Tomato pie is excellent.

Judith Kijowski

maylene williams

Celeste Macklin

Serpe made the cake and cupcakes the way I requested at a great price. Everything taste great.

Mary Weatherlow

linda clifton

Great desserts

Celeb InstaFinds

If I could give zero stars, I would. This is my first and LAST time coming to this bakery. When I initially walked in, I expected to smell icing, buttercream, cake, etc. (like any normal bakery). This bakery reaks of spoiled milk when you walk in. The employees are extremely rude and rush you to order and pay while you are still looking. They act as if you’re bothering them when you ask questions or for prices. I came for lobster tails, and their lobster tails are the smallest that I’ve ever seen in any bakery. They have a small size, which look bite sized to me and what they call “large” lobster tails were EXTREMELY small. The filling in their lobster tails were very hard, gritty, and smelt sour (almost as if they filled it with bad canoli cream). Normal lobster tails are filled with FRESH custard. Their pastries are not fresh! The cakes are sitting on display in plastic wrap (God knows for how long). The cakes feel hard and were baked days before. I will stick with Bing’s Bakery in Newark, DE. If you’re looking for a good bakery in Delaware, with fresh Italian pastries, please go to Bing’s. I drove 30 minutes and tried this bakery because Bing’s was closed. This bakery is a joke and needs to close if they’re going to continue to rip customers off.

Tanya Noble

Good sweets!!!

earl bradley


Joaddan Jean


Serpe & Sons is something special. The tomato pie is phenomenal- about the best I've had, and tomato pie is one of my favorites since I was a kid. I also tried the sausage filled bread, which was just perfect. All of the desserts were delicious as well - tarts, carrot cake, and of course cannoli! I was raised in central PA in a small town that was mostly Italian. We had 6 or so little Italian bakeries and I grew up eating their tomato pie. It has been so many years since I've left that area, but this took me right back. I went on to live a majority of my adult life on Mott St in New York's Little Italy and the sweets at Serpe & Sons bypassed the expectations they set. Although I live 2 hours from Serpe & Sons, I will be back, and I'll be back often. A friendly team and a great experience.

Jason Mirabile

Aleasha GvK

Best Italian bakery in Delaware! Their tomato pie is the closest to the pizza strips in my native state, Rhode Island! Very friendly and helpful staff. I will be returning many times with family in tow !

Elizabeth Holland

Evolution Payroll Services

Christine Kohler

Customer service is wonky. Its either great or absolutely horrible. Why wear gloves to touch baked goods, then adjust their hair or take my cash while wearing the same gloves! I love their petit fores, but as of late they taste like refrigerator. Disgusting. I was considering purchasing a small sheet of their peanutbutter slice cake but the woman said it would be about 65$ for 1/4 sheet cake!

Arnold Kemp

Tiff Bee

Rebecca Williams

kevan tice

Javier Feliciano

Ordered a Birthday cake for my Daughter more than 2 weeks ago.. was supposed to be a Disney Princess theme cake which they had a picture of and they confirmed that they were able to do the cake as shown.. go to pick up the cake today July 7, and the cake looked nothing like on the picture.. There was no scene on it at all.. the only thing disney themed on it were the candles.. so they basically to a generic cake and slapped some discandles on it.. Now I get it.. mistakes happen.. but they should have tried to make this right.. and they definitely didn't.. all they did was offer to remake the cake, which was impossible because the party was just in a few hours, and they knew that. The manager never even offered to at least discount the cake.. been coming to this bakery for years and were very disappointed.. Will not be ordering cakes from here again..

fred larino

Hey victor your a moron people like you are just trying to ruin peooles lives this an awsome bakery .you should shop in your neighborhood getto

Aaron A. Wallace

A great bakery in Elsmere, try their sandwich Rye or Pumpernickel, the pastries on display are excellent, and they make a fine boston creme. Recently reopened!

Dmytro Shevchenko

Jessica Laudenslager

I love serpes!!! The cannolis are insane!!!! I'm currently on hold to place an order. Little disappointed at the amount of time I've been on hold. 15 mins and counting! But, like I said the cannoli cream is the best around!!!! I also am having them do my wedding cake. BTW I'm ordering more cannoli cream!!!! The other day was he first time my fiance had it. N it was gone in the same night. I had to get some colored siger cookies cause they are amazing as well. He was disappointed cause i ate mine to quock to share Haha!!! Sooooo glad they are reopened, u gus have been missued dearly!!!! The store looks amazing. I do wish we could place orders online. Hopefully soon.

Kammie Radcliff

I have been on hold for almost 15 mins not very good customer service

Pamela Patone

Great people, amazing pastries, you have to try the petit fors and pound cake, support your local, family owned business Serpe's Bakery is the best!! You cannot find tomato pie like theirs, it is yummy!


Excellent. Authentic. Well worth the stop

Samuel Yoder

Be careful of the Serpe's driver who drives the Red, Black, and Yellow Serpe's truck. He is not at all Profesional he will speed behind you, tailgate you and if you're lucky not hit you in the rear of your vehicle.

Amy Teresa Comperatore

Everytime I come back to Delaware this is the bakery I visit every single time. The tomato pie is to die for! If you like garlic in big chunks you will love the tomato pie. It is Sicilian style, and the sauce is out of this world. I've never seen another bakery, and I've been to a lot of Italian bakeries, that does tomato pie quite likes Serpe's. I can never get enough of their polish chrusciki. Once my mom got me a chocolate cake that was entirely made of chocolate fudge from here, and it was the most delicious ever in life! If you really want an Italian delight you must try their cannoli and their pizzelles. There are pizzelles in every imaginable flavor possible and they never disappoint!

Keith Mulrooney

Deanna Bredbenner

Got some tomato pie was good a little to much garlic for me. Also got some sugar cookies and pitzzelles. Both were good.

Holly M

UPDATE: About a week after the response I received here, I decided to email them as they asked (I had to figure out how I wanted to word my email, which is why it took me a week to reach out to them). They told me even though I said I would not change my mind about not having my wedding cake done there, they would still like my number so they could have the owner reach out to me. This was on 5/30/19. It’s now 6/21/19. Well, unless they called from an unknown number, I have yet to receive the phone call from the owner. No voicemail has been left on my phone from them either, if I had missed the call. I also discovered that the person I had such a bad experience with in the store is part of the group of owners (whether she is a manager, or married to one of them, I do not know for sure, but she was featured in a news article with them). Needless to say, I am still very disappointed by how everything was handled in my experience I wrote about below, and now how I still have yet to receive the phone call they were so adamant I receive. So, I am not changing my rating. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I went to just ask a few generic questions about a wedding cake - how long in advance to place the order, if they have red velvet, and if I could look at pictures. They didn’t use to require an appointment with a $20 consultation fee, and because my wedding wasn’t a month away, the lady couldn’t be bothered with me. She was very short, rude and after finding out when my wedding was, ignored us for a good 20-30 minutes. Then when she finally acknowledged my fiancé, best friend and I, she did so with an attitude and talked down to us like we were wasting her time and stupid for looking for potential bakers more than a month from the wedding. I’m sorry, but who waits till ONE MONTH BEFORE to start tasting at bakeries, etc. One of my friends got her wedding cake from here in 2014 and the experience then was amazing. I was COMPLETELY disappointed with the service I received, how I was talked down to, ignored and then later rushed when we wanted to buy cupcakes as we left. I will not be ordering my cake from here and I’m definitely not coming back, nor recommending this bakery to anyone else. Such a shame.

T Lake

Best Tomatoe Pie Ever! Also love their Spinach Bread and Pepperoni Bread! You really can not go wrong with anything they sell.

Angela Marie

Usually love their products, but today I picked up a cake that was not what I ordered at all. Very disappointed but I was in a rush to make a big fuss. The associate who took my order wrote everything correctly, but whoever decorated the cake did not look correctly. It was a last minute cake so I’m appreciative that they made the cake for me, but disappointed it was not what I wanted at all.. Paid a decent amount too...

Marisel Vazquez

Caroline Mcguire

Alway get my rolls and desserts for Christmas here. After this year, I will go elsewhere. My order which was placed 3 weeks in advance was MIA. When I opened the bags of rolls, most were scorched on the top from being baked too long. Also they were not all the small size that I ordered. I ended up with cookies that probably were from someone else's order and not at all what I ordered.

Victoria Garrett

Marie Betts

U was in serpes today asked do or 8pieses of pizza&there was a tray about may 12 pieces they were picked over,scarred I asked why they were like they were she said she didn't no but were ok but they were no OK very thin &small for the price 130 a slice..

Christian Perez

Bad customer service

Miriam Torres

I ordered a tier cake July 8 for July 22nd they requested a picture of the cake when I came back with the picture they couldn't find the cake order apparently they lost it. I spoke to a young man he helped out told me to take a picture of my order and text to his phone. He said he would make sure he would take care of it the next day. Yes he did follow through. (Cake is already prepaid almost 200.00) when I picked up the cake on the 22nd it looked nothing like the picture the colors were not even close to the pic and the tier was leaning the top tier was not centered. One layer was supposed to be custard the other chocolate mousse barely and filling it was all cake. I was very disgusted with the service the cake and the price for what I got.

Brian Butcher

Lov the yeast rolls....

Keila M Ortiz

I would not patronize this bakery if it were the last bakery standing in all of Delaware ! Aside of the reports of how dirty they are they are the worst when it comes to customer service and satisfaction! Placed an order for a cake my sons 13th birthday, obtained a receipt, and confirmed the order a week later over the phone all a month in advance ! Go to pick the cake up with receipt in hand...they did not have the cake ! It was never made ! Then they proceed to tell me they don’t have the theme for the cake...which they confirmed! The decorator never came out to apologize and the owner was not sincere about their mistake At All! They put together a cake for me as I waited and it looked absolutely horrible ! When I asked for my original receipt back that I came in with an hour prior for pick up the owner claimed it was misplaced ! I wouldn’t recommend this bakery to anyone ! Ever ! Go to Cannons or Cakes by Kim ! They aim to please and Never disappoint !

larry klair

Pizza and Danish , any thing left over at the end of the day is frozen after being out for sale in the case all day. They heat it up the next day and put it out as fresh worked there four years I know FYI.

G Mendez

They recently remodel this place, is nice and clean inside, and the people are nice in there. Very good customer service.


Looks like they had a fire and are repairing until late spring of 2016.

Anne Marie Di john

Robert A. Kerr

Great rolls and a friendly staff. Picking up rolls there on Christmas Eve is a family tradition.

Debra Lyon

Kristen Nicoletti

I came here late on a Friday morning and was a little surprised how many people were there. It was my first time here and I just wanted to get an idea of the food so I ordered a mini cannoli, a chocolate covered donut and a sticky buns. Everything was good but, but we need to talk about the sticky bun. It was giant. Like 8 inches long giant. What I thought was 6 rolls ended up being one. One that only cost $4 and ended up being 3 days of breakfast.

Faith Marie Gracia

They didn't have cake for birthday party.

Femisis R

Roberto Manilla

Maryanne Miller

I had ordered 6 cheese Danish out of the case on a Sunday AM. A nice kid named 'Mango' was in the process of getting my order when an older employee comes over and says ''I didn't get mine' ... Mango tells her I ordered them - she continues to set it aside and says something to the effect, there's only 5 now. It was most ignorant client facing experience that I have had in a while. Sad when the teenagers show more customer service and grace then the tenured employees (named- Pauline or Paulina). Did I mention it was my first time in the the bakery ?? I won't be back.

Amanda O

Michaela Beato

Rashun Davis

Great bakery. I always order my wife's birthday cakes from here. They're really detailed and the butter cake is amazing. You can literally smell the cake as soon as you walk in the room. I've also had the tomato pie and it was good.

Tami Williams

Very clean courteous service

Tammy Webb

Mia J

Great place for cakes, rolls and Tomato Pie!!

Terri Coleman

Great service and the cakes are delicious!

Corey S

Vishal Saxena

Strawberry shortcake was awesome

Ankita Pandey

Toni Senior

I've used this bakery on several occasions. Most recently, I received cupcakes from here, for my birthday. They were SUPER DELICIOUS and the cake was the perfect consistency. I will definitely be using them, again. I definitely recommend these folks to anyone, especially for special occasions. If you want it done right, get it from Serpe's!

kevin litka

Cannoli excellence transcends lousy customer service. Delicious.

Jared Stone

Fresh baked breads and delicious sweets in local neighborhood shop. Coffee and lunch specials offered too.


Noemi Boyrie

First of all the young blond lady that took my order was very rude. I asked for fairies cake with the purple decors. I put my order in three weeks before my daughters birthday. I call several days before to make sure everything is good and the lady tells me that they cant make the decors purple and they apologized. I told her that the lady who took my order should have told me that instead of her being rude. The lady told me that they have alot of complaints about that lady and thats she is sorry. So i wasn't charged for the decors and the spray painted the cake purple. In short i have tasted better cakes than here. I will never step a foot in that store again.

Amanda Hendrix

It saddens me to write this post about a long established bakery that has been through a bad year. Yesterday I went to a 75th birthday party for a friend. He wanted a Serpe's pound cake with whipped icing. It was ordered. After TWICE asking if a deposit was required and TWICE being told no, the shop called two hours before close the day before the cake was to be picked up and told him a 50% deposit was required or the cake would not be baked. Deposit paid .... he goes in to pick up the cake and was not pleased with the $48 1/4 sheet cake. He had to beg them to put a few more flowers on it. The clerk agreed the cake was lopsided and it was not a good decorating job and got pushed aside by a manager with an "I'll handle this one." No offer of a discount on that or the other baked goods purchase (several dozen rolls and rye bread). Well, the cake was AWFUL. Couldn't even cut it with a fork it was so dense. I could see the cake through the icing, there was so little icing on it. EVERYONE at the party threw away their piece after having just a few bites. My friend will probably not go back to complain because of the way he was treated when he picked it up but he will certainly never go back there again for anything. There are way too many bakeries who believe in good customer service and have just as good, less expensive and better baked goods. I'm sorry but Serpe's needs to come into the 21st century of customer service

Paul G

Serpe's have been in business since 1960 and have been very generous to the entire community. If there was any merit to the recent News Journal article they would have been closed down. They were not. Also all of the issues in the article were addressed and fixed weeks ago. The News Journal did not mention that did they??

Kelly Widdoes

Tom Turcol

We had a huge family gathering for the July 4th weekend. The barbecue was fine, but the big hit of the day was the tomato pie, strawberry shortcake, canolis and various other pastries we purchased from Serpe's Bakery. Everything was outstanding and made a great day even more enjoyable. Those of us who have been going to Serpe's for years were not surprised. We are used to the delicious food and family atmosphere at the bakery. But our friends from Philly, who live close to some pretty darn good Italian bakeries, raved about Serpe's So to Dominic and everyone over there at the Elsmere shop, keep up the great work!!! .

Lynn De Luca

A lot of great items to choose from. They created my sons Eagle scout cake perfectly!! I've always had a great experience from them!!


Best tomato pie!

Traci B

We went here for our cake tasting for our wedding. The cake was dry and not very good. They only had a very limited selection of cake flavors available to try as opposed to the vendor we are using who gave us tons to choose from. On top of this they didn't give us enough forks, didn't offer us a drink or anything and charged us $20 for the tasting (which to be fair we knew up front---but other vendors do not charge you). We are using Cakes by Kim and couldn't be happier. Delicious cakes, free tasting with complimentary coffee and they really made me feel like they cared about us and our wedding. The good thing I will say is we got a black and white cookie on the way out and it was very fresh and delicious.

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