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REVIEWS OF Perkins Restaurant & Bakery IN Delaware

Cynthia Ruiz

Love. Love, love this place. Food is great, prices are reasonable, and have always had great service.

Rick Ott

Great for breakfast. 5+ stars. Lunch or dinner food is just ok.

Lorraine Bishop

Always the best!

Larry Williams

Good variety and the baked goods are awesome.

Jennifer Kinsey

A wonderful dinner that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have the best French Toast in Delaware. Many varieties of dessert pies, muffins, cookies ect. to take out after a great meal. Plus a great relaxing place for the senior citizens.

Mary Kaye Nickel

Decent food at a good price. Have BOGO on Wednesdays for email members. Has a lot of seniors. Do have a early bird special menu but I have never gotten it. Serves breakfast anytime.

Arlene Katcher

Excellent as usual. Good prices and quantity.

Travis Peerenboom

Generally good food, decent prices. Good service. Good selection.

Sean Maguire

Great breakfast food and service!

Michael Casper

Best breakfast you can get!! Excellent staff!!

Gary Oliver

Its perkins, on par with every other perkins

Michael Gracia

Excellent food service and price

Morton Fox

This Perkins is in Liberty Plaza / Possum Park Mall on Kirkwood Highway. This restaurant is insanely busy on weekend mornings and the restaurant staff do get a bit harried and start making mistakes, but I found that they'll try their best to correct any slip-ups. If you don't like a crowd and if you don't want to drive all over the strip mall looking for a parking space, you'll do a lot better visiting this restaurant on a weekday evening. For the most part, their breakfast food is acceptable in quality and reasonably priced. I prefer to order from their breakfast menu, even at dinner time, but that's mostly a matter of taste. Service is decent. I notice they often have UD college students working the tables and register.

Ben W

Lovely folks, adewuate food. Often the baked goods are a bit dodgy.

Tom Brown

Excellent early bird breakfast specials.

Sam Gale

Quick service, good food.

Mike Woodside

Great food and huge selection. My kids love coming on Tuesday nights for Lucky the clown to make them a balloon animal of their choosing.

Kevin Corbin

Excellent customer service

Shawn Connors

Friendly staff...perfect server..meal was awesome

Trisha Collings

Ashlyn, terrific service, thanks!

Peter Fusco

Worst customers service I ever experienced in 40yrs

DeBo'rah Williams

I was disappointed in the service, lack of knowledge in getting order correct, waited extremely long time for service.

McCray, Robbie

Quick service and they were willing to make a custom salad for me, unlike some other Wendy's restaurants around.

Pranav Hegde

Amazing place

Syreeta Lambert

Perkins has the best pancakes. IHOP CAN'T COMPARE!!!!

Matthew Driscoll

Good breakfast

Walt Johnson

Breakfast is awesome!

Micheal Davis

The food was good will return again service was great

Jimmy Brown

Well being new to the Newark area I have to say that this place has really good food I've been to Perkins a few times and I've had different servers each time I think ones name is Heather and ones name is Teresa they was really good with service fast, friendly, and very attentive The manager that was on duty I think her name was Kim even though it was very busy at the time she was good with the customers & helping the servers with the tables my food was hot, delicious and didn't take that long I will be going back for more.... When I go back to Perkins I will be requesting Heather or Teresa to be my servers I suggest anyone that likes breakfast food to stop in and do the same if you want excellent service

Mary Elliott

Nice staff reasonable

Virginia Vaughn

Great food and gracious staff.

avi warlock

This is a good affordable spot to eat. The waitress I had was hilarious and checked to make sure we were good. I loved it

Wendy Reverdito

Great food and service.

Jes By

Very friendly and fast service excellent food

Kara Leonardo

The food is not bad and the wait staff are decent, but not great!

Eric Kennedy

Good food, great staff, moderately priced. Check out the pies!

Battalion Deliverance Assembly Church

Great spot for breakfast.

Kirby Rodgers

Great place for family and friends

Curtis Weigand

Food is good service is great

Kathleen Norman

I am always impressed with the family atmosphere and the delishous food at Perkins. Eggs Benedict and Pancakes can't be beat. Large portions and tasty. Price is very good.

Christopher malmstrom

Perkins is one of my favorite places to sit and have s relaxing breakfast. It reminds me of an old school family restaurant with friendly staff, good food, reasonable prices and a comfortable atmosphere. The only downside is that you're likely going to have to wait for a table, but the wait is rarely more than 15 to 20 minutes (no matter what they tell you when you ask). By the way, make sure to try something from their bakery. Their muffins, cookies and pies are delicious!

Rich Mallory

Affordable, great food and the best service I've ever had. This place is a gem. Word is out and there is a crowd but it moves

Donald Gallagher

Perkins - best omelet & pancakes around! Place is always busy, plenty of parking, often a line, but worthwhile to wait a few minutes. Comfortable seating.

Marlon S McNeill Sr

My best place for breakfast on the east coast hands down! Would recommend to family and friends.

Lorraine Bingham

The staff was friendly and the service was fast. The meal was prepared nicely and very tasty.

Val A

Love, love, love this place we come here at least twice a month.

I am good Carr

Good food for fair price

Alan Knystautas

Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns.


I went here a few days back not really expecting much more then a local diner but i was completely suprised. First thing i have to do is mention the staff who were incredibly polite the entire time and were honestly enough for me to be willing to come again. The food was perfect, they cooked my burger perfectly and the caramel apple pie was just plain terrific. The meal its self was well priced with a lunch for two people only going a little over twenty with everything being served at a nice comfortable pace. Honestly if you are just looking for nice place in the area to have a sitdown meal perkins should easily be among your first choices.

Ryan Moore

If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon and felt the awe and grandeur of staring down into the abyss, you’ll know what it’s like to be confronted by the Big Country skillet (see photo). In a word, breathtaking. The line purple mountains majesty in the song America The Beautiful should be changed Gravy Mountain Majesty (see photo).

Paul Rizzo

Good service and overall good food

Sandi R

Great food and awesome staff

Mignon Manning

Great breakfast specials..Friendly staff

Gene Pennewell Sr.

Great place to go with the family and friends to meet and greet with Great food and service prices are very family friendly.

Wayne Wynn

Pumpkin spice pancakes are outstanding!

Honey badger Dont care

The service is very quick and the waitress was very attractive

Mark Milanese

Got my 1st 55+ meal - a delicious breakfast served by a friendly waitress that tasted better because it was so inexpensive. Hostess told me 55+ is 20% off EVERY Monday!

Jen Field

Friendly staff. Fast service. Consistently good food exactly how it's shown on the menu!

John Young

Family friendly

John Hightower

Good food lots of choices

SL Troupe

Good food and great baked goods. Mostly crowded at breakfast time. Brings in the college kids. Only downer is that the Mac and cheese is the boxed kind and not homemade. Was a little disappointed. Waitresses and waiters constantly ask you if you are OK or need anything...too many times.

James Roth

Not my best visit, got the chicken pot pie and they reduced it in size to the mini pot pie and never told us. My daughter said the burger had a weird aftertaste. Had a buy one get one free and they would only take off a third item that we bought that was the lowest price

Iris Dargan

Food was good

jamise brown

Has a home cozy type of feel.

Karla Woods

Always yummy and if ever an issue customer service bis so good that it is quickly taken care of

Britney Keen

I work here.

Debbie Stone

Best Pancakes in DE!

Elyse Barnes

Great food. Great atmosphere

Sharon Kinney

Best place for breakfast. Pancakes and omelets are fluffy, muffins are large and fresh and everything is tasty. Lunch and dinner here is also very good. And the desserts....yum!

Katrina Balmir

Great food!!

Scott DeBar

Food was great service was good however when I checked my bank statement I saw Perkins took the liberty of over charging me by $67.25. So glad we have such wonderful people out there that would just put the screws to you when they have the chance. Never ever go to Perkins.


They serve breakfast all day!

Kristin Grant

Best pumpkin pancakes I have ever eaten!

Brenda Barber

This place is the best . My family have been coming for over 15years. Not only is the food really great But the people are the best. What more can I say. Try it you will not only like it, but you will become a lifetime member. John and Brenda Barber.

Cyndee Peluso

Good food. Good service.

Robbie McCray

Fast friendly service, good food low prices on the specials.

kimberly jackson

Great food! Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Never had a meal I didn't like!

Susan Caputo

Love place. Food hot, fast turnover. Front hostess area was empty when we were trying to order bakery things..

Kris Schilling

Great fresh southwest avocado salad. Service could have been better.

Shannon Diehl-Guerrero

We are regulars. They are unique because you can get fresh baked muffins split and grilled with butter with your breakfast, they have chorizo for omelets, and they offer tots instead of hash browns. And their benedict sauce is pretty good. Love this place! Not a five star since it is a chain and though really good they can't beat a good home cooked breakfast.

scott whitmarsh

The best place in Newark to eat breakfast

Anne Cody

We have been coming to Perkins for quite a while now. They know us. We have not had a bad meal ever. The servers are great. Highly recommended.

Mike Cooper

Food was good but ticket time was long. Service was ok. Waitress forgot items on three of five dishes. Wife and in-laws love the place and go there every week.

Robin Graves

The only thing I don’t like are their biscuits, something about them were... I can’t put my finger on it but, not for me ( just my opinion) everything else my family and I have tried is delicious. I absolutely love their coconut cream pie, oh my goodness! It is so good! Every waiter/waitress we’ve had has been extremely nice and hard working. Haven’t had one bad experience. You know they’re good when there is always a wait to get in and you don’t mind waiting.

Margaret Parsons

A friend and I went there for an early dinner yesterday. We asked for a scoop of chocolate ice cream for desert. When it was delivered by the waitress it was the consistency of pudding and tasted very bad. I questioned it and the waitress apologized. I was charged for it and she asked if I wanted to see the manager. I said no. In the past couple of years of going there this site has had freezer problems and it should have been addressed by now. I won't order ice cream there again and any containers should be removed and tossed in the trash. It caused me some stomach problems.

Betty McCarthy

Staff always Friendly and helpful. Enjoy our visits there. Good food and service.

Kaldur Skipper

Perkins is one of the only breakfast places to have more syrup than the obviously fake maple. The pancakes and waffles are delicious, the eggs are too. Dinner is also good so you'll enjoy yourself no matter what you get.

Gypsy Goddess

I LOVE Perkins!!!! ❤

Victoria Althoff

I love Perkins honestly. It's decently priced and the amount of food you get is good. The service although sometimes slow is very nice and polite and even at the busy times its pleasent to eat in. Being a bigger girl the space in the restaurant is a bit small and for the older generation walkers/wheelchairs are a bit difficult to manuever through the tables. But over all it is a nice place to grab a bite.

Larry Reverdito

Have breakfast a couple times a week with friends. Great food and great service. Great shout out to Melanie, best waitress in Delaware. No music playing at this restaurant, what a pleasure ! You can actually have a quiet conversation with someone without shouting

Debbie Mossop

Very friendly and great service.

William Saunders

Great place for us seniors food is fresh and the servers are excellent management is very good also The morning and afternoon and evening specials are very affordable less than $10

James Sauls

Wasn’t our favorite restaurant to eat breakfast. The food was hardly warm when it came out. The waitress did a good job.

Marilyn Washington

Good old home favorites.

Eileen Holtz

I’m in love with Perkins! Never ending coffee and entrees that defy description! Everything is delicious and makes you feel full, never hungry after you eat.

Geezus pieces 302

Good service from a girl in there named theresa she is so nice and will have your food out to you fast with a smile on her face Kyle the manager is one of the best Jack is the best cook they have


Dont try to get a job there unless you are the following. 1. Mexican: cook 2. Women for the mexican manager 3. Faguts for the district manager Cooks cant make french toast, Most of the servers are airheads, dope addicts, ect good luck getting your coffee within 3-5 mins. Sorry, the place is only as good as the cronies running it. Hope this helps you understsnd if your a normal human being why your not getting a job or why your service sucks. Oh and dont call corporate either! They will eye you down everytime you come in!

Pauretta Banks

Food was great and Sue was awesome. Thanks for the great service Sue.

Randy Kobetich

Caitlin was wonderful. Great service and good was good and hot

Frances Gonzalez

The whole service was very friendly. The food was delicious.

Rebecca Lewis

The staff is very nice here and the food is really good.

Liza Grant

Great selection and fast service. Usually a wait though

Roy De Kler

Breakfast doesn't get better than this. Lunch & dinner also very good. Service is great, especially considering how busy this place gets. Prices are very reasonable. Just be prepared to wait for a table, but it will be worth it.

Benjamin Palumbo

Good service and food

wally ajaj

HORRIBLE. Customer service was trash. Food was horrible and our cups were very dirty. Waiters were fighting in the kitchen arguing about who’s section the waitress is taking care of. Cursing very loudly in store. Highly unprofessional. They were talking about me and my table when they walked in the kitchen because we told them that our cups were dirty and we had joe on our food. I confronted the waiter and he apologized and said he wasent taking about us while we were the only people in there. I would’ve slammed him if he said something smart. Never again.

Dennis Marshall

Best tasting pancakes in the city. Eggs over hard are never scorched. Prices very reasonable. My favorite restaurant for breakfast.

Jeff Stephens

Great food and staff.

Ike Bayless

It's been my favorite since I was like 5. Greatest pancakes ever.

Denise Legates

Blueberry muffins heated with butter. And they have over 30 kinds of diet soda.

Douglas Maloney

Great breakfast. Best in Delaware. Lunch and dinners are very good, try the beef stroganoff, and their prices are very reasonable. Dinner for 2 w/dessert for under $30.00.

Laura Spahn

They serve breakfast there all day very good!

Wanda Conkey

Get service!

kim a

My favorite place to go for breakfast. Im glad I only live 5 minites away.

Connie Hall

Food and service was great!

Kevin Parker

Best breakfast in Newark! Friendly service. Reasonable prices.

Denise M.

BEST pancakes!!! Consistent, great service and good coffee!! Wonderful breakfast deals!! We go there often!

Lilian Guevara

Good food

E Lin

It's a challenge finishing my plate, but the food is too good to stop eating

True Genius

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet good bite to eat, and want somewhere a little step-up from a Denny's or a greasy spoon diner, then this Perkins is it. It's quiet, with good waitstaff and good food. Prices are about 10% more than Denny's, but food quality, and customer service are much better than 10% over a Denny's. I'll definitely add this to my list for quick lunch spots.

Leann Jeffries

Love the breakfast menu. Great place to enjoy cup of coffee and good deals for seniors too.

Victoria Moffa

Grwat food as always

Sophie Martinez

I got food poisoning!!!!!!!!!!! Horable

Shana Pearson

Love the service

Jennifer Ferrara

Outrageous Muffin of the Day....Choc/pb...yummy


Good food Great service. Always enjoy going here for breakfast.

Raina Sutton

Went here on my lunch break to get breakfast. Service was great however when I hot back to work to eat food which is only 1 min away food was cold French toast was done very mushy. Meat was burnt and my potato (home fries) had no taste. Very disappointing..

Richard Sun

I love their breakfast. Large portions.

Olen Holcomb

Sunday morning breakfast was great. Melanie my waitress was very friendly. Like we was lost friends. The service was great. Very good food and lots of it at a very good price. One of my favorites for breakfast now.

Christopher Calloway

A great restaurant that I need to go to again. Haven't had the time to take the family here but last time I came, it was great. Been way too long and I'll be sure to make a trip to Perkins sometime soon.

Deniz Tezcan

I always enjoy coming to a Perkins. Very good food. Excellent baked goods. This particular location has great service

CeeCee Phone

Always good food and service

Karen Smith

Good breakfast, served quickly with efficient service by our waiter.

Alice Scott

Good food and service but not tjrvlesnrst plavr

Ellen McNeeley

Good Prices. Crowded for breakfast...great baked muffins

Mallory Masuke

Food is mediocre, I got hot tea and the pot was disgusting. The tea didn't even specify what brand just "special". The people are very sweet though.

Heather Cherry

Yummy!!! Always busy but great service nonetheless

Desiree Forehand

My husband and really enjoy coming to Perkins on Saturday or Sunday. They have our names down by time I get in the door and always ask about our grandson who's been coming scent he was in the carrier ...

joseph sanchez

Good service good food polite employees

Virginia Guin Reese

Breakfast is always wonderful.

Carolyn Mack

Good dinner. Sort of scary now that the calories are posted. The Cobb salad was very good.

Woody Woodruff

Good food... great prices..

Barb Moore

Perkins is typical diner fairbut there baked goods are awesome.

Samantha Binns

Won’t go wrong here food is great always packed at this location. Food gets out fast. Service is wonderful come check it out highly recommend for breakfast and pie

Katy B

Went early afternoon on a Saturday and the place was packed. It's a little run down on the inside but the service was quick and everyone was very polite. It had been a long time since I went to Perkins and I was craving their chinger finger melt. Unfortunately it is suppose to come with pepper jack cheese and they screwed up and gave me American. Just wasn't the same but still ok

Beth Stevens

Great food very affordable

cherie finn

Very nice people. Same waitress two days in a row. She was nice and did not rush me. The food (breakfast) very good. The sticky bun was awesome.

Brenda Sheets

Had a great dinner at Perkins this evening. Way too much food to eat and our wait staff was so sweet and helpful. Thanks to D.J. and Vanessa. I was visiting my aunt and cousin and we had a lovely time.

Amy Quillen

Good service lots of good options for food.

Carmen Hall

They have a good menu, there's an assortment of bake goods. Wi-Fi and the staff adds to the calm atmosphere.

Melanie Jones

Mondays is not real crowded so your meal is more relaxing. They have changed the menu to a Summer menu. They have fresh fruit and yummy chicken salad.

Dina Byrd

Good food always fresh and well cooked.

Terry J Bristow


Kevin Lehman

Very good service, food was good and portions big

Murat Tamer

Pro waiters, fast service, decent prices. Wish it was cleaner. Does not mean dirty. Still 5 stars I'm going to update my review as it was cleaner last 2 times. 5 Stars and a Plus.


My favorite breakfast place hands down. Their food is delicious and the prices are reasonable and their breakfast special menu is cheap.

Loretta American

The food was good,and the waiter was very friendly.

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