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323 S Governors Ave, Dover, DE 19904, United States

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Where is La Baguette Bakery and Catering?

REVIEWS OF La Baguette Bakery and Catering IN Delaware


Fantastic as always. Great service, willing to go above and beyond for you. Also, try the Fig and Goat Cheese Macron. I know it sounds weird to most, but it's so delicious.


Kim Adams

Miss Portal

Dorinda Marks

My favorite place to get Sourdough Bread

Janice Cassello-Winkler

Love this place!! The food is presented nicely, and it tastes as good as it looks!! My daughter and I can't wait to go back!!!

Jamie Mack

Love this little Dover gem. Parking can be tough, but if you can find the place it's worth it. The breads are fabulous with lots of variety. Sandwiches are great for lunch. My daughters favorite are the macarons, but all the desserts are wonderful.

Patricia Zeitler

Amazing from pastries to service

Amanda Little

Staff is pretty friendly but the cases always seem to be bare. Even early in the morning there is barely any selection to chose from. Also, consistency is lacking. I really like the cookies, but they are different from day to day. Some days they are soft and moist, other days they are dry, hard, and over baked. The flavor varies as well. Also the cases need to be cleaned more often.

Simon Willetts

Best bread

Herb Konowitz

New French Bakery and Catering. Outstanding presentation by Chef Ludovec Bezy with his wife Anita

Su Webb

I purchased a birthday cake for my boss at this location....The customer service is top notch and the Pear Cake was delicious! They had samples of different breads readily available too. I can't wait to try the sandwiches!

Marita O'Dell

This place is sinfully delicious. The.pastries are to die for! You have to try it!

Gerald Ball

The best, I drove all the way from Washington DC to get the best pastries I've ever had. Keep making them.

Warlord calithar

A nice small place with vary good eclair and other baked goods

Jennifer McHenry

Christopher Peters

Lela Ilic

Best bakery in town.

Leona Mulhern

Great food and desserts. Very friendly staff.

Dave White

Fresh bread. Pasteries

Ashley Burris

Omg! This place is a well kept secret. Google helped me find it!]!

P Cunningham

Thomas Helms

The sandwiches here are amazing, as is the bread. So glad I stopped in to check it out. Will definitely be getting some bread to bring home as well.

Laurie Lane

Best bakery in Dover hands down. Love the buttercream on the cakes. So creamy and sweet. The cruffins are work fighting someone for

Laura Castillo

Daniel Walchli

Very bad experience! I was going to try this place for the first time but the owner was SUPER RUDE! WARNING ⚠️ Bad customer service! Taking my money some where else.

Tracey Auterson

Awesome food

Allan Cooper

Fresh and delicious bread and pastries

Lynne Schwab Schaefer

True French bakery that also caters...just opened.

Jerome Verdier Jr

Their the best in Dover!! I've had birthday cakes made there and they nailed our costume designs. Not only that, the cake tasted sooo good!! I stop by there once in a while and everytime I'm there I am treated respectfully; their staff is awesome, just as friendly as the owner. When you go there, try their corn bread


Get there early.. it's a very popular place.

Kamillah Lewis

Great pastries. Addictive though!! So watch out! If you go you will definitely return.

Ratna Widjaja

Good french style bakery

Dee Ann Widder

Mark Whitsett

Really great baked goods , specialty sandwiches , very clean , friendly. Love it!

Traci Kochaba

Always amazing food. You can never go wrong with whatever you choose.

clayton srock

Debora Foor

The crab quiche is soooo good. Lunch sandwiches are also very tasty, quality ingredients.

Will D

Ann Marie O'Donnell

Love this place

Joseph Sanchez

Great sandwiches. Friendly service.

Janis Chester

A gem. Start saving up your calories, it's worth it.

Holly Messick

Lovely ❤️ Such a friendly staff, warm atmosphere and delicious food! I highly recommend the parisien chicken croissant sandwich, and literally anything from the bakery case. Though, I am partial to the chocolate chip cookies

babygirl 1603

Amazing food, nice and friendly staff. Love this place.

Cynthia Jasmin Accime

Friendly staff and the creme brulee cupcake is amazing!

Vincent Ortolani

Food was good, price was a little higher than expected but still fair. Owner was very nice and helpful.

Shelby Everline

My sandwich was very good. The sweets were out of my league. They looked very good, but way too sweet even for this sweet tooth. Love the cupcakes!

Joan Palmero

They have the most delightful pastries, I have tried many of the different choices, but I always go back for the Lemon muffin, the salads are a little on the small side but it leaves room for a lemon muffin!!!

Brenda Shiells

Yummy goodies. Excellent staff

paul kuntzi

Like 7 or 8 dollars for a sandwich with 4 slices of ham. Would not recommend. Sorry.

Veronica Thoroughgood

It's like being in France at your favorite little bakery and the owner and staff are great. Try the cheese cake and the chocolate mousse. Just two of my favorites. Yummy!!!

christina Lolley


Hector Luis Osorio

Nice place

Judy Zimmerman

We had an absolutely wonderful experience. The food was both beautiful and delicious. An experience worth repeating! The owners are gracious and attentive. A must Go!!!!

Terry-Ann Richards

Best cup cakes ever!!

Shelly Hosten

Wonderful and Delicious desserts

linen p

ABSOLUTELY DEELISH!! i've eaten half of their pastries so far....and ALL of their sandwiches and crepes!! SOOOOO GOOD!!!

Luann Taylor

Best bread in town! Everything is delicious!

Dan Paulson

I was trying to get a bacon egg and cheese somewhere in Dover, I've never been here, slim pickins. The cobblestone cafe was under renovation when I walked up so in my dismay, I began walking around playing Pokemon go. I had dropped a lucky egg, and was gaining Mad XP points, when I Stumble by this place. I walk in, unsure of what they have had a bakery that I could eat for breakfast that wasn't full of sugar. Well, most of their Bakery stuff is full of sugar obviously, so I chose an almond croissant. Then I noticed they had sandwiches! Dope. I asked if there was anything with egg in it, she said right away, I can make you a bacon egg and cheese. I was like no way, she was like yes way. So she offered croissant, brioche, or a hard roll. Like four different kinds of cheese. I was stoked. So then she rang me up. A bacon egg and cheese, an almond croissant, and a coffee. $5. Not kidding you. If I'm ever back in Dover I'm going straight here and getting a dozen of whatever pastry looks good and bringing it back to my friends and family. The coffee was delicious bt-dubs.

J. Gately

The best of the very best cakes I have had in a long time

Codi Canasa

Ok, so I don’t even know where to start! Firstly, let me start by saying that I am absolutely a BAKERY FANATIC !! Every single city I go to, I always search for a local bakery! I have always been intrigued at how different areas have different tastes, but there are just some classics that you will find at EVERY bakery! And La Baguette is no exception! They carry all of the faves !! Cookies, pies, macaroons, cakes, THE WORKS! But I think my favorite part absolutely has to be their fresh breads! First of all, in 33 years of existence and metro roaming, they have the BEST croissants I have EVER had! Mind you, I have been to dozens of bakeries in NYC, Los Angeles, and even the Philippines! And none compare to the quality, texture, and flavor of La Baguette! Secondly, their fresh breads are absolutely to DIE for! Their name says it all, BAGUETTE! If you love Panera, and thought their baguettes were great, YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE once you try a fresh baguette from here! NOT EVEN IN THE SAME GALAXY! They have crepes, breakfast sandwiches, lunch specials, like literally EVERYTHING !! Lastly, their staff is amazing, the owners are passionate and full of love for their craft! And you can taste it in each and every bite! They love their lives and love what they do! They also recently donated hundreds of cookies to our local church event, which shows they have giving and kind hearts !! Thank you La Baguette for bringing such great pastries and great vibes to Dover !! Keep doing what you are doing and God Bless !!

praveen reddy galigutte

Cakes and bakery items are the best and tasty

Steven Short

Just absolutely delicious and very community minded

Oana Casmir

Perfect breakfast/lunch spot. Amazing pastry. Such a talented chef! Will be back every time i’m in Dover!

Alex Kalish

Fantastic bakery, you have to get the stuffed cruffin. It's a croissant muffin combo that tastes amazing. They rotate their flavors, but all are great with some being knock your socks off good. I haven't had a bad sandwich there either, some of the best in Dover. All the workers care and the hardest part is parking, but don't be dissuaded. It's worth the trip!

Sedelia Cordero

Amazing pastries at good prices! Very hospitable!

Michaela Rose

I used to stop by quite often and I enjoyed the staff. The owners are not anywhere near as friendly, in fact they are extremely RUDE. I will never return to this establishment because of their condescending attitudes and insulting remarks they made towards me one morning. I would suggest they work on their customer service and learn from their employees if they want their business to last.

Greg Reed

Nice bakery!

Harold Baines

Everyone were very helpful and pleasant, and the muffins are very good. Be blessed.

Paul DeForrest

This is a very special place. I could never grow tired of spreading the word about this incredible bakery. Always a pleasure to stop in and let my eyes find something new to try. Between the unique and fresh sandwiches, quiches, salads, and wonderful baked goods(actual baguettes which is the best bread I've ever had) I never get bored. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful food and terrific staff that are always willing to help any guest with any request. Anita and Chef Ludovic are doing something very worthwhile and important for Dover by providing such comforting, excellent cuisine and treats. Only people who are passionate about what they do can create food this good.

Letitia Schuman

Great folks with a passion for their products. Reasonably priced.

Evan McHenry

An awesome place to walk in and get an extremely well priced professionally cooked French meal. There are refrigerated meals that are quick to pick up while on the go, as well as French pastries that are ready to go. A great new addition to downtown Dover that everyone should check out!

Katia Foret

Un vrai trésor in Dover. Quality of the pasteurs, cakes, cookies, and bread is outstanding. They use natural ingredients. They have menus for lunch . Oh, the staff and the owners are fabulous and very friendly. You won't be disappointed. Take it from a French girl where you feel like you are in France when you get there for atmosphere, music, decor and treats.


Cindy Konowitz

Always a yummy selection!

Annie Hall

Christian Giraldo

I could write a book about all the reasons this place will rock your world. Every single item is expertly made with love that you can taste with every bite. Also the owner Anita is wonderful and always has a great recomendation.

Purplefairy2012 .

SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! This is the multi fruit tart & let me tell is AMAZING!! I also got a few other items today & they were all so good. One of the items I got was a ham & muenster cheese sandwich on sourdough bread...MMM MMM MMMM!!!! Haven't been to La Baguette yet? GO! SOONER THAN LATER! I promise, they won't disappoint.

Matthew Fisher

Came here for lunch after seeing an ad in the paper. First impression was good, a cozy eatery with nice decorations and ambiance. Although there was only one person ahead of it took some time before our order was taken. Finally got our order in; 2 sandwiches, 1 salad, 2 tarts and 2 Macaroons...came out to $30. The desserts were phenomenal, highly recommend the tarts and the frommage bread was cheesy excellence however the sandwiches and salad were disappointing. Portions were way too small and significantly overpriced. This is not an eatery I would recommend for lunch however it’s a great dessert spot for a date or afternoon treat.

Craig Anderson

Bought a chocolate croissant, a couple of cheese danishes, a few baguettes, and a loaf of country french bread. Everything is excellent. Fair prices, great bread and pastries, and friendly service. Highly recommend!


Nice selection

Constance Price

Great variety, a culinary overload for your tummy.

George Schuler

Quaint French style bakery, good pastries.

Deborah Ferrell

Not impressed, dark interior is not inviting, selected German chocolate cake,for a gift. I went late so selection were few. Will try again earlier.

Becky Gaffney

amanda contreras

The cruffins are out of this world delicious.

Margarett Tisdell

Dave Cotullas

The finest place to get really wonderful French food in Dover and probably the whole State of DE.

Jewel Hopkins

Went for their monthly dinner gathering. It was a great evening. Cost is usually about $60 per person. But everyday pastries and breads are wonderful and fresh. Other customers recommended to try their weekly meals, quiches, and sandwiches.

Garry Quell

Very good food and pastries

Justina Brinkley

Fresh pasteries, bread, clean environment. Great prices

Rachel Carmona Hughes

Love this place! Super delicious food, no matter what you get.

Joe R

Their sandwiches are amazing, and the bread they use is as fresh as you can get.

Ronnie Martin

Went to La Baguette for the first time today. Cute shop, friendly staff, affordable prices and delicious food. I recommend the pear alsacienne and the creme brule. Will return in the near future to try more delicious things. #

Gretchen Peck

Super charming, exquisite little gem in the heart of dover! French food at it's a best


Desserts Always a little line,but moves fast.Great place for fresh desserts

James Crider

High end exquisite treats. You definitely get what you pay for. The owners know their French treats and run a top notch establishment.

Leslie Mannering

Owner very friendly and helpful. Blueberry muffins, cruffins and the cinnamon raisin bread was absolutely delicious. I will be a return customer. If you need an event catered, go here!! Have used them 4 times and each time was amazing!!! The bread, the pastry, the service, all awesome! Have used several times for catering. Happy with the food and the service!! Try the Gratin potatoes, they are amazing!!

Andrew Hooven

Great baguettes!

Matthew Neiman

If you get here early, I hear you can get some great baked goods. My wife and I showed up very late on a Saturday afternoon and I could tell the quality of the food from the few selections available. I will say that I'm from the Washington DC region and these prices are closer to what I'm used to at home than what I expect when I visit Dover.

Ash Pab

Absolutely delicious bakery goods made fresh daily! Parking a not the greatest but omg the macaroons are to die for!

Ken Andris

Michael Tholstrup

The food here is great! The variety, flavors and changing selection gives me the opportunity to try new things every time I go. Haven't been disappointed!

Rodney Dickerson

One taste and you will agree

Sandy Passwaters


Anne Mild

The sandwiches are very tasty. We tried the Croque Monsieur, which was decadent and rich, and the jambon and beurre, which was simple and delicious. The eclair was the best I have ever had. I also liked the pear tart. We tried two flavors of macarons, the rosewater (very very light and sweet) and the Earl Gray (a bit bolder)-- they were good but next time I will stick to the eclairs! The only thing that could make this place better is more seating to eat your lunch, but it is a small space so I guess there's not much room to put any more tables.

mnhshew mnhshew

A bit pricey and the quality and flavor of the items were inconsistent. Paid $4 each for several cupcakes and they had the worst grease aftertaste. They were inedible and a total waste of my hard earned money.

sandra santiago

Love the bread here and the cakes and the people are so nice

Sheryl Smith

Wonderful Cream of Broccoli Soup!! Yummy

Blaq N Angry

Truely authentic French fair

Moe08753 B

This place is a gem! Hands down the best bakery around! Everything is freshly baked daily on premises . They offer a variety of French delicacies both sweet and savory options available such as croissants au chocolate , galettes Bretonnes, quiche , soups, salads, sandwiches (hot and cold) and an assortment of breads . They sell Magelines macarons which are sold there exclusively in Delaware! My favorite bread is the baguette

Donna Marie

Nancy Cushman

Best pastries in Dover. The outdoor seating area is gated so little ones can roam about safely.

Greg Burg

A very nice selection of breads, pastries and lunch items! Prices are very reasonable and the staff was cheerful and courteous.

Renee King

I love this bakery! I have been here several times for their cream of mushroom soup, great with a fromage roll. I have also enjoyed their cruffins. They have a different flavor every day and they are so flaky and delicious! I heat mine up in the microwave for a few seconds. Their sandwiches and crepes are also great. A must try in dover!

Judith Schaube

Love this bakery. The sandwiches are great and the cream of mushroom soup is to die for!!!

Corrina Youngs

Customer service is great and the food is amazing

William Travers

Very good bakery

Mary Bell

Sarah M

Sawyer Berrie

Great tasting sandwiches. A little pricey though

Jihad The Artful Barber

Best Bakery in town and it's not even up for debate. This place is absolutely incredible! I wish I could help franchise and make more of them so everyone could have some.

Myna German

Marilyn Lombardi

Amazing made by hand breads and pastry. Amazing sandwiches. Yummy

Sabrina Hollis

People are so nice...yummy food

Vicki D

First time there and everything was amazing! Will be returning!

Kelly Moore

Ronald Parker

Amazing food and service! I ordered a 10" round chocolate cake for my office and everybody loved the cake! Some said it was one of the best they had ever had. I ordered this cake on Monday and it was ready by Wednesday - they did a great job on such a short notice!

Don Lloyd

Live music & fresh food on this Saturday morning. My breakfast was delicious. Very nice atmosphere! Been before and will return.

Lakeisha Warren

Thanks for your very generous donation of cookies for the New Life Family Worship Center's Harvest Fest 2018. The cookies were delicious and humongous too! We are so fortunate to have La Baguette in our community!

Corydon Thomas

Always a pleasure to visit!

Tracey Miller

Julia M Pillsbury

Great food!

Anthony Salazar

Place is crud. How do they call themselves a bakery but dont allow you to call in and have something baked for you... isnt that what bakery is? But I guess not. Then they offer these crèpes and they arent crèpes. It's hot garbage.

Matthew Reinitz

Great new bakery, chocolate cake is fantastic

Terry Otis

Yum Excellent pastries and a helpful staff Pricy. But so worth it.

John Petro

The food is really good. The chef has a great talent in delivery of a visually appealing food selection. The girls in the store seem a little distracted at times, but you will not be unhappy with anything you get from here.

Latricia Thomas

Awesome chicken salad and bread. The cookies are delicious too.

Heather Staelens

Amazing bakery and place for lunch. Staff is friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this bakery!!!

Naomi Wichlinski

It's a cute little bakery with delicate little pastries and delicious breads and sandwiches

Jason Blendowski

Awesome staff! Made a special order for my expecting girlfriend and it was beautiful! She loves it! Beautiful and tasty food made delicately and with great deliberation. I appreciate having the ONLY great bakery around right here in Dover, DE! Can't wait to go back again!

Hemanth Reddy Sankepally

Nice bunch of people run this. Interior is cool and pleasing. Didn't taste much other than danishes and a freshly made chocolate chip cookie.. they're good, for a moment I remembered the delicious taste of home baked cake..

Kimberly Cahill

Fatima Gaskins

Barbara M. G. Walstrum

Loved it! Went with my daughter and my 2 grandchildren on a Saturday where a small group was playing music and singing to go along with the excitement of the brand new day. Delightful!

Virginia Guin Reese

Love the pastry selections

sheila Lynch

Amazing food. Great shop!

Austin Jay Toniolo

Love this place. It reminds me of classic European-style bakeries in Argentina. The staff is lovely, friendly and has an incredible aptitude for customer service. Their stuff is freshly made and you can’t beat that homemade flavor with anything. You must give it a shot, you’ll become addicted to the atmosphere and quality food.

Don Hass

Excellent food by great people. Everything we have tried so far has been superb. Our family will be returning for more incredible food finds.

Nathan Franco

Pastries and bread. Pretty good but a little pricey.

Sarah Collins

Great experience, every one was very helpful, I will be back, thank you.

Anna Isip

LOVE that Pear cake! Yes, Love is a strong word but I'm using it.

Nathaniel Mathis

Awesome place great food parking is an issue but not a lot can be done unless they move.

Dariana Grimán

Iziah Sample

Good service

Kenneth Bradley

Bob Hartman

Outstanding bakery. These folks know what they are doing and their customer service is so much better than the bakery that resided there prior to La Baguette.

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