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REVIEWS OF Cannon's Custom Cakes And Bakery IN Delaware

Sheena Harris

Still unprofessional! I just bought colored icing (black) not even a week ago. I go in today and now they don't sell it. That guy with the glasses has horrible customer service per usual

Peace Love Motivation

Clean place, but there were't many options (although I did go there in the afternoon; maybe there'd be more in the am?) The Napoleon pastry I had had BEAUTIFUL flaky layers, and it was huge, but it was maybe a tad too sweet for me.

gary haigh

Great family and great place for birthday cakes. Its nice to see local people still operating a quality product. Our grandsons 1st birthday cake was a hit! And those gluten free chocolate chip cookies were the best and I don't have a gluten free intolerance!

Ore Williams

Susan Amato

Do not use this bakery if you have any other option. They are rude and do not standby their product! We ordered a small two tier wedding cake with frosted flowers. The frosted flowers on the lower tier were to heavy and fell off taking a big part of the cake with it (see photo). The bakery claims the damage was caused during transportation and was therefore our fault and would not do anything to help out or make this right for the wedding or afterwards. However, an hour before the wedding reception, while we were trying to repair the cake we found three cellophane wedges in the cake that had been clearly used to try and prop up the flower decorations (see photo). Clearly the bakery knew there was a problem with the flower decorations and had used the wedges to try and keep them on the side of the cake (obviously unsuccessfully). The stress that was involved on the day of the wedding cannot even be described. An hour before the wedding we found ourselves trying to repair a wedding cake we paid good money for. We feel this bakery had trouble while they were decorating and had to come up with something to try and keep it from falling which obviously did not work. They should have never tried to do such a large decoration in the first place, we believe they knew that this was going to be a problem. They refused to repair, replace or reimburse the newlyweds for the cost of the cake. They were rude on the phone and could obviously care less what impact this had on such an important occasion.

Mike T.

I go to this bakery every year because my wife likes the cakes taste but I almost always encounter a problem that makes we never want to go there again. One year I asked to have the cake the shape of a penguin but they were unable to do it. So instead of calling me and asking if I still wanted it, they had me pick it up and explained why they didn't give me WHAT I ORDERED. This year the printer is broken that prints images on the cakes so the cake will most likely not look like what I want. I ordered it anyway because my wife likes the cakes. I have seen other reviews that claim they are either rude or racist and have had similar experiences. I will not give up on finding a different bakery that my wife likes so that I never have to go there again.


Have been a customer for years cakes are moist!

Kevin Hopper

Great fresh cakes even better than the cake at the wedding in Florida.

Emily D

Cake is no fresh. Takes worse than super market cake. Everything looks premade. Go to Bings

Ed Wilberg

Super helpful staff. Quality of cake....TBD. But Easter Bunny looks good!

Kelly Macq

Went at the last minute before Easter looking for hot cross buns. The place was jamming, but they had what I was looking for! Hot cross buns were better than I was expecting and service was friendly even though they were so rushed with holiday orders.

David Belleman

Great bakery with friendly people and skilled workers

Mary Kaye Nickel

Victor Elia

If you like regular sheet cakes then this place is for you. This is not my kind of bakery with all fake ingredients. However, the cake supply store is top notch in my book.

Betty Curtice

Gigi's Light

It truly makes me sad, that I have to write this bad review for Canons Bakery. However, I believe it is necessary to warn other customers out there. It doesn't matter how popular a business is, ultimately it is how they treat the humans who are the customers that matter. I started ordering cakes from canon in 2008 when I was a college student at U of D. I have graduated, gotten married, had kids, moved from the area and returned to the area and the whole time I was still ordering cakes from there. (I would ask family members who still lived in the area to pick up my cakes and bring them whenever they came to parties at my house or deliver it to my loved ones for me. The truth is I don't eat cake However, I am really into party decor and uniquely designed cakes. I have had some friends and family complain about the taste of their cakes and I've had some who loved it. I honestly never cared about the taste. So after ordering cakes from them from 10years!!! (I can name all of them by name, from Brandon and his mom to Nikki and Kathy and they all know exactly who I am.) I probably should NOT have lasted 10 yrs with them because there was a day Brandon himself spoke rudely to me, I put him in his place and told him that I owned a pizza store not too far from him and would never treat my customers that way. He immediately switched up and even joked about me bringing him free pizza. I let that slide and continued to do business with them. and I did a lot of business because I am the "cake girl" amongst my friends and family - I order cakes for everyone on their birthdays. Anyways, 10 yrs later, I call them today to order a cake and Brandon tell me that there is a note somewhere that says they can't take orders from me, which is a lie in itself. Brandon has decided he won't take orders from me! no note anywhere! but Why??? The accusation was that I never picked up a cake they had made... Here is what happened. In March 2018 I ordered a cake for my mom who lives in NYC and was supposed to come to visit for her birthday. she found out a day before her birthday that her mama was sick and so was unable to visit me. I called Canons and told them I no longer needed the cake, and asked them to store it for as long as the cake was still edible. (hoping that my mom would visit sometime within that time frame.) She didn't, I did, and due to my busy schedule completely forgot to pick up the cake when I went to visit her in NYC. Coincidentally Kathy called me the day I was driving to NYC, I was honest with her that I was on my way and had forgotten to pick up the cake, and so would send someone else to pick it up even though we weren't going to need the cake... I didn't find anyone to do that for me. *review continued on the next review.

Mark Bleazard

Waited 10 minutes for somebody to help while people worked in the back had to leave without purchasing anything


I found the customer service at this place to be excellent!

Ben Hambleton

Cake was good.

Annette Berge

The best tasting cakes in the entire area. Always order from Cannon's Bakery for special occasions!

Darren Paradissis

Mariceli Morales

DeAnne Wimbish

My husband ordered a round layer cake with 45 yellow roses for my 45th birthday. We cut the cake that evening for our after dinner dessert. Upon inspection, I noticed the cake was only one layer....okay not a problem as I was looking forward to enjoying it. However, when we cut and served the cake we noticed that the single layer top and bottom were almost burnt. So burnt such that the bottom of the cake adhered to the cardboard and the icing along with the thin top layer immediately fell off of the top of the cake. The cake upon taste was poor at best. I wanted to bring the cake back but I knew it would hurt my husbands feelings. What a disappointment.

KC Colon

Susie McCreary

We just had an R2D2 cake made for my son's Star Wars themed birthday party, and it was excellent! The cake was custom cut and put together, and due to the heat, it started to come apart when I brought it home. However, they told me I could bring it back, and when I did, they fixed it lickety split, and it stayed. As far as I'm concerned, this is a 5 star rating in my book. Things can't always go perfectly, but it matters 100% how things are handled when situations arise. It was handled courteously and quickly, and that's all that counts! It looked awesome, and everyone was impressed! Wish they had a Yoda cake though ;)

Mike Wilsey

Food is okay but the people can be kind of rude

Alicia Rodriguez

Nicholas Amato

My wedding cake ordered form this bakery fell apart, and you can read more on that in a different review. I would also like to add that the 11 dozen cupcakes I ordered along with the cake, a few of them had egg shells in them. I hope this review deters anyone who wishes to purchase any type of baked good from this bakery to rethink their options and look for a better bakery. I wish I did.

Brandon Byerly

Josie St John

Went in to order my twins a birthday cake. Ordered a dozen petit fours as well, a few of each on display. One was a white chocolate covered carrott cake. I don't even like carrott cake. But I'm pretty sure that is what Heaven tastes like. Amazing is an understatement

Google User

Love it!

DrinkIn Wilm

To be honest some of the reviews almost turned us away - but we're glad we didn't! Cannon's was able to quickly help for a custom birthday cake. We sent several pictures and combined the best features. Maybe ours was made the day of, or the day before, but the cake tasted freshly baked and was moist - not dry like other reviews state. Worth a shot in our opinion compared to alternatives. We will be back.

Amy Eastburn-Escobar

Over the years I have gotten many things and am very happy with their products and service but Nov 2018 -I ordered a birthday cake for a friend 1 layer chocolate 1 layer vanilla and both were dry dry dry. For the price I paid I would think I would get a fresh cake. We also tried the croissants with chocolate and cherry they were just ok. Where is the Cannons I used to love? I remember buying many cakes here and the car smelled so good for hours after picking it up. Guess it's changed sigh-UPDATE I did talk to the owner who was very pleasant and a wonderful guy. He was nice enough to offer me a gift certificate to come back and try them again. I will update this once I have ordered another cake and I look forward to get the Cannons cake I so loved.

Phinon Woodside

They only partially decorated our birthday cake. We initially ordered 2 of the exact same cakes. I picked up the cake for the first party, checked it out in the shop and brought it home only to discover that the back half was not decorated. When I called to make sure this wouldn't happen with the second cake I was told that I should have requested the entire cake be decorated, and that if I wanted the second cake decorated all the way around it would cost significantly more. I canceled my order immediately and went to Bing's Bakery. Bing's cake not only looked better, and was completely decorated, but it tasted significantly better and cost less. We will only be going to Bing's from now on.

Gonul Macara

Ordered strawberry shortcake decoration was okay but cake didn’t taste good. Like come on I paid 100$ it could’ve been better!

Alty Rohel

Everything is always perfect with our cakes from Cannon's. No matter how simple or complex the cakes are always more than we expected. Thanks

Kathleen L.B.

Sharyn Voron

Dru Fawcett

I thinl think they have the best cakes. I have been buying cakes from them for about 30 years and have never been disappointed.

Dinakar Chandolu

Blueberry muffin first time tasting it. It was awesome we have never tasted that in our country. It was great.

Richard Keith

Linda Mines

Edward Ippolito

Connie Edwards

Nicole Riley

Everyone here is very nice and helpful. High quality cakes that meet expectations for appearance and taste. A little pricey but you get what you pa6 for.

Roxane Smith


camesia vaughn

They did a shopping bag cake for my sister's sweet sixteen and it was beautiful...Not to mention how amazing it tasted..I will definitely be going there again..thanks for your amazing work guys

Gordy Lamanche

The cake was moist the filling was tasty and all we hoped it would be.

ayesha McCargo

W. E

***This is a continuation of Gigi E's review *** UPDATE**** It's literally 15 minutes after I posted this review and the owner has called me to tell me how I've ruined his day and how horrible of a human being that I am. And then HUNG UP on me !!! Guys he really hung on me, I was shocked, I kept asking him can I talk to you? He said he didn't want to waste time or money on me. So there you have it, he just proved my point that he is rude and does NOT know how to deal with his fellow humans, not even the ones that spend money for his business to run.*** Read below for the 2nd half of my review. (It is nothing but the truth, I even talk about the things they do right.) So upon my return from NYC I called them and asked if I could just pay for the cake (because I understood that they were running a business and didn't want them to run a loss) they informed me that I could NOT pay 1. because it had been taken out of the system and 2. because they don't allow people to pay for cakes they don't plan to pick up. I was a little upset but I told myself "ok, if they don't want my money I guess I'll keep it." I decided then I wasn't going to do business with them anymore because they seemed upset and not empathizing of the fact that we were dealing with my grandmother's illness which as an update resulted in her death. I have been out of the country for some time and so haven't had the need to order cakes. It is now September and after researching other cake places (and even getting quotes) I felt a little guilty that my relationship with Canons was ending so I decided to call them to order a cake for my son who is turning 5. And that's when Brandon rudely informs me that he will not take orders from me! I do understand that i did not pick up a cake I ordered, but I don't understand that I was willing to pay for it anyway, they refused my payment and turned around to make me look bad. I want anyone reading this to put yourself in my shoes, if your grandmother was sick on her dying bed, would you care about a $60 dollar cake? would you expect the baker you have done business with for 10 yrs to be empathetic towards you? Think about these things before you order a cake form Canons Bakery. Because as I said at the beginning no matter who you are, it is the way that you treat other human beings that matter! In addition, think about how rude they can be and how dry their cakes can be as well. (Some other reviews have confirmed this.) However, if you don't mind these things (mentioned above), then go ahead and order from here. They will make the cake even on short notice and that is a big reason I always went back. Just being 100% honest.

Angelique Martinez

I git a cake for a birthday party.. It was soft on the inside but the outside was very hard and dry.. I went to them and they debated with me for 15 mins before they offered to replace it, mind you there were o ly 2 pieces taken from the cake and they werent even eaten.. After they replaced the cake we thought it wpuld be better, it was slighty, but still very hard and dry.. I will never go back.. Hope thia helped..

Calixto Vazquez

Literal heaven on Earth. Fantastic baked goods.

Dell R

I ordered a cake,it was suppose to be 3 books stacked diagonal with whipped cream but that didn’t happen instead I received a dry 3 tier cake with butter family and I don’t eat buttercream,the pastry told me that I didn’t ask for whipped if I had the lady that been working for him for 15yrs would had informed me that the cake can’t b made with whipped cream,basically the whole cake went to waste .He was not customer friendly !!! Oh $158 down the drain

Jon Miller

Great cake. Over priced and awful customer service

Lydia CorreaRivera

I ordered a cake requesting specific colors to be pick up at 1:00pm, my 4th year ordering cakes for our marriage conference and this time had to wait as the colors on trim were not right. After complaining the young lady corrected with the color I order in the beginning. I suggest that if there is something that is not clear to call customer My activity is at 3:00 and at 2:10 was still waiting for correction.


darryl johnson

Amanda Kilby

Love this place!! And the lady we had waiting on us was so friendly (even though she wouldnt give me a free cheesecake lol).

Rina Hoffmann

The sales girl was extremely helpful and cheery, always love coming to Cannon's!


Great cake always! Will be back. Thanks!

robert kanowicz

Amazing cakes at reasonable prices! Will definitely be back

JoAnn Pullin

The mermaid cake for my daughters baby shower was beautiful and delicious!

Della Collins

Extremely unprofessional service for a "candy class." Buyer beware: The candy class is not well prepared for! Signed up for a candy making class at Cannon's for today, March 31st. Made the hour drive with my friend for a fun girls afternoon. Arrived to the store at ten minutes to one. Class started at 1 p.m.; the store is completely dark. Doors are open but everyone is walking around the store, waiting for the class to start, IN THE DARK. Finally, 24 minutes **after** the class is supposed to start, we are called in. We then clearly see that they're still not prepared to teach a candy making class; the mise en place is scattered about. The instructor then proceeds to tell us how she's always late (then that should tell you something, lady...) and how she's taking care of her father who has crohns and dimentia and had "a mess." Sorry, I paid for a class....not your life story, k? And, TMI. Then we heard about a $1500 bridal gown. Now it's 1:35 and we **still** haven't started. I got up and walked out. If you can't respect my time, I won't support your business. I know if I ran a "business" like this, it wouldn't have a good reputation. Sadly, the lady next to me said her class last week was EXACTLY the same. I will be calling for a refund!!! Oh, and here's the thing. The candy making room isn't in a commercial kitchen setting....and as they're preparing chocolate, no gloves are worn. And there is Wawa and Dunkin Donuts coffee cups in the prep area. No thanks!!!! Gag!

Cheyenne Abbott

We ordered a cake for my mother for her 50th birthday, and it turned out beautifully! It was also the perfect consistency of not too moist, not too dry. It was really a gorgeous cake. And the price was really reasonable as well!

Lindsay Gist

I bought a paw patrol cake for my son's 3rd birthday party. Confettie cake with Oreo cookie filling. The cake was moist the filling was tasty and all we hoped it would be.

Sarah Hurd

Unbelievable! Went in on Friday to place a cake order, came in on Monday... CAKE WASNT MADE! No apologies given, no communication on what had happened or what they were doing to fix it since I was on a time schedule (which is why I put in the order days ahead to just pick it up) and they gave me an attitude as if I should wait. It wasn't a small cake that can be made in 10 minutes. Won't be going back to place another cake order.

Bonnie Stover

Alicia Pilotta

J Rosado

Im giving three stars for the reason of rude service. Besides thats the cakes are awesone, just need improvement on customer service.

Izzy Reis Portfolio

Great variety of cakes. They make personalized toppings. Awesome. Good taste too

Danielle Perry

I was a long standing customer of cannons and recently was unsatisifed with my order. I provided a picture of a two tiered birthday cake and made two trips into the bakery to go over the details of what I wanted. When I picked up the cake, it looked nothing like what I had requested and they forgot to put happy birthday on it.The cake cost $180 and when I asked for some type of refund, they offered my $10 off. For such an expensive cake, I did not feel that was adequate and indicated that I was a loyal customer for many years that purchased at least three cakes a year from them. The manager told me they do not keep records of "things like that" and that if I chose to no longer use them it "would be unfortunate". Successful businesses to not sustain or grow when they have poor customer service! I will no longer use this bakery.

Dani Goosey

They have the best cupcakes!

Ellen Aparicio

The customer service at this bakery is the best I have ever come across. They made us a beautiful cake for my daughters baby shower and it got damaged when I was driving home with it. I called them the next day and they told me to bring it in and they would fix it right away. They understood how bad I felt and that this cake was to be the centerpiece. They have my business for life. Thank you so much for going out of your way to fix a problem thy was not your fault. You made my family's day!

Sherri Rapposelli

mad max

Ordered cupcakes for my daughters birthday. It was exactly what we asked for and we love your pastries!

Amanda M

Jeanna McGinnis

Megan Ferguson

We've been ordering from Cannon's Bakery for over 5 years now. We started with my son's first birthday cake. Since then, Cannon's has created our perfect St. Patty's Day wedding cake along with delicious Guinness cupcakes and Irish Cream Puffs as well as numerous other customized occasion cakes. Their cakes stay decadent and moist and their icing is fluffy and the perfect sweetness. Give Brandon and his friendly team a call for your next dessert order!

Anthony Bingham

Deirdre Gibbs

My cheese cake was delicious.

Adeyimika Adepoju

Cannon did my birthday cake and it was amazing. My family has been going to there for years and they simply are the best!

Dimple Patel

Sreehari Sarat

Bought a birthday cake from there and it tasted very good.

K Garrison

Cannons Bakery did a wonderful job on my daughter's birthday cake. The cake was moist and delicious. Kathy was so much help. She's the best. She worked with me from start to finish. It was exactly what I wanted!


Very nice staff beautiful cakes , haven't tried it yet though

A Google User

Excellent I love Cannon's Bakery

chloe maher

after the disrespect at the front desk you would think the cake would at least look decent .... but no a missed spelled THREE letter name & a very sloppy ornament. Used to LOVE cannons.

Mary Bowen

On 9/28 I get a rum cake it didn't have the rum flavor and I was poorly decorated.. So I write a review on 10/2 in the morning I received a call from Nikki by that afternoon I explain the issues I had with the cake she was very understanding and offered to make me a second cake which I picked up on 10/4 I get it home cut a piece to see how it tasted the flavor was definitely there but now I have 2 more issues the first layer was over cooked and pulled away from the second layer so I'm thinking ok i put my fork into the second layer and pull out a strand of hair.. So I called Niikki and explained to her what was going on she appolized and told me that she made it herself and said she had a hairnet and a hat on i told her I was happy that she tried took the effort to resolve my issue with the first cake and gave me a second cake but this time with different issues so I'm sorry to say that I will not be purchasing anything else from them.. I do give her an A for her efforts..


The staff was really polite and the cake was fluffy.


Neka Beal

Jessica Baynard

Got a last minute cake for my son's birthday and it was Ok. I also bought some cupcakes. The coconut and lemon cupcakes were good just dry. They service was great tho and they were very friendly.

Daniel Diaz

I order a cake to a photoshoot for my daughters 1st birthday. I was very careful with the cake driving to bye bye baby on my 2017 Toyota Sienna very stable minivan and when I open the box the frosty around the cake was completely falling off and had fallen off on one half of the cake. The top layer of the cake was falling apart. I took a video and pictures and wanted the refund but they didn't care at all. They are very nice when you go and buy there cakes but don't take responsibility when they messed up. Also the frosty and cake tasted old and probably the reason why it fell apart. I want to upload the pictures but it is not giving me the option to. One's I can I will upload them. They just offered me a 20% coupon for a future purchase. Not good enough for me. I will make it my hobby to take as many customers away from this place. Horrible!!!

Stephanie L Napier

Love the cupcakes

blanca ardon

Sandra Robertson

Awesome cakes and awesome service at this place!

Deidre Cornish

Kimisha Ibrahim

Would give a 5 star for their service it was amazing and easy to order. When I went to pick up my cake, they couldn't find it. I found my own cake right under their noses. Got to theat eating part and eww. I don't recommend getting a novelty cakemail with any color other than white. It was nasty for 36 dollars. I gave 4 stars because I had a better experience coming here for cookies and cannolies, they were tots yum!


Cannons is a fantastic bakery!

Tina Shockley

Confused Looks

Before finally placing my cake order, I had been to the shop twice before to explain what it was I wanted, to get pricing, and the second time I purchased 2 cupcakes to get a general idea of their product. I placed my order (which took a long time to do because the girl working was new and didn't know what to do) and thought all would be good. Ultimately I ended up with the wrong cake and the only resolve offered was bringing the cake back. It was 30 minutes before my son's party so that was out of the question. After going back and forth, and them not understanding what I was trying to explain about my cake ordee, I was told I'd be mailed a 20% coupon. I never even received the coupon. Definitely a lesson learned.

AJ Jones

Asjad Azeez

Good cakes, but custom cakes take a long time to deliver.

Ruthann Mcvey

John Mayle

Best bakery in town!

Crys Morgan

Canons is the best bakery and always has top notch quality. I have been coming here since I was little and they always deliver the best cakes!

Sherelle Wilcher

Karen Nestor

Got a cake yesterday for my sons graduation and it was so good! The moistest cake I have ever had and the decorations were beautiful.

Desarie Dennis

It seems as though all the reviews that are not so good have an excuse by the bakery. Just apologize your a business and human it's alright to make a mistake. I don't know one business or any human in fact to have been perfect and without mistake, EXCEPT Cannon's as we see from all the reviewsthat they do not like. Can a customer not like their product??? I use to shop here for years and other than the customer services at times I always enjoyed their cakes. It does trouble me that the not so kind reviews are handled the way that they are. It's like thinking well if your gonna negate what a paying customer has concerns about your basically telling them they don't have a right to dislike what they want. Why not respond to the good reviews telling those customers don't say that you don't have the right to say the product is good how dare you. Like I stated previously I have been purchasing cakes from Cannon's Bakery since 1994 and have always had good tasting cakes and cupcakes. I haven't been back in about 10 years not because of the taste but solely how I was treated. The message that I am trying to send is everyone has an right to their own opinion and are human NOT ONE PERSON IS PERFECT. There is to much hate in this world to have disputes over batter..

annemarie brown

I have been ordering cakes from Cannons for the past 30+ years! I have never had an issue with them. Their cakes are out of this world and the decorating is amazing!

Ashana Davis

Got a cake for my baby shower. Allison was super friendly and did a great job with making recommendations that fit my budget. The decorations were spot on and the cake was moist.

belle cushing

Got a cake yesterday for my sons graduation and it was so good! The moistest cake I have ever had and the decorations were beautiful. Just the handwriting alone made the cake!

Tami Williams

Good customer service. Cake batter needs tweaking

Henry Kline

Great baked goods .. could use a little more help

kaylynn fries

Jakeob Hicken-Bailey

it has the coolest and tastiest cakes

brey blevins

Here's our cake its great! I stole this off the Facebook page because we didn't get a picture before we cut it. Cannon's always does a great job and comes up with great ideas. they have been doing our cakes for many many years and there always over and above what we think they will be. we won't go anywhere else and its so moist!

Robin Berk

Lou Olvera

I Have ordered from cannons for the last 14 years. I host special events and I use cannons for their large group cakes and I have always been pleased. Their seasonal pumpkin roll is AWSOME ! I get it every year. I often have request for special decorations and Cannons always delivers a high quality product.


My family buys cakes from here for all our event which are always fresh and tasty ... however when I order my wedding cake from them it arrive crooked and when I called to speak to the manager he sent me pictures of the cake from the front view which were not crooked .. but when I arrived at church and looked at the cake from behind the cake was tilted to the right ... I spoke with the manager back-and-forth back-and-forth and I told him that I was leaving for my honeymoon and I will have to get back to him when I returned. But every time I call he would not return my calls .it's just upsetting because we spend a whole Lotta money on our wedding cake. But my mom and dad still buy cakes from cannons all the time so . I did want to say that our wedding cake was beautiful and it taste great only problem was it was tilted

Craig Thorpe

Deniz Tezcan

Excellent pastries. Delicious cakes at reasonable prices. There's a reason why most people go here for their wedding cake

sam a

My wife and I were traveling through and we both felt like getting a was an alright cupcake, but the creep working there started hitting on my wife in front of me! This guy has a huge problem.

Kalea Rosario

It was a horrible experience I scheduled to pick the cake up at 1:30, but they weren't even close to being done with the cake so I had to wait another 45 minutes. And when the cake came out it was NOTHING like I ordered. And when the cake came out it was nothing like we discussed the colors where off I asked for a tan background , they gave me a light pink. It was the icing was sloppy. I will NEVER go there again .

kevin Supplee

James Roberts

Ordered a custom cake for a special occasion. It was finished on time exactly as promised. No complaints with the price.

Rayray duce

Pamela Howard

Beautiful cake and delicious-who could ask for anything more?

Hi Thanks

I ordered a cake for easter, along with other items. Ive been a loyal customer for years. The cake i ordered was dry, old and tasted stale. I contacted the store and ask for a manager. She informed me that the owner (he) isnt available and just stops in. She said she would mail me a gift certificate. I contacted the store again after 3 weeks passed to be told that the owner never looked at the customers complaints and all she can do is address it again. As a business owner myself customers help make your business run successfully. Ive dealt with this company for years and i am very disappointed that they have not handled this issue. It shouldnt take 3 weeks or longer to address a customers problem. You just lost a loyal customer.

Caitlin Heuler

The baked goods are pretty tasty, I was a little disappointed with their selection of cupcakes, seemed mostly like things you could buy at any grocery store. The store itself is pretty dark and dated. It took almost ten minutes for us to be helped, the sales associate was not very friendly or knowledgeable about the prices and specifics of the products. Overall the store, associates, and selection were unimpressive, but the food we did purchase was good. Not that I bought a cake, but the display cakes looked like something from any grocery store and the designs were tacky or shoddy.

Rachel Rossetti

Catherine Dougherty

Spent $30 on cupcakes and they were not fresh whatsoever. They had no flavor & seemed like they were a week old. I understand I didn't order them specifically but shouldn't the ones in the window still be fresh? Also bought a red velvet cake slice in store and it was so stale & gross. Seemed like it's been in the window for a week as well. I won't ever return, I expected so much more!

Patricia Gray

I posted my cake on the site to see. Cake was dry, overall appearance was nice but mid section was on the uneven side. Was to have fresh strawberry filling, I never saw a berry and the filling was scant and not evenly across the full cake. You can do better someplace else.

Chanel Darling

The employees are extremely rude. They clearly saw me waiting for service and literally bypassed me and asked other guests that weren't even by counter if they needed help. I finally said hello and the girl walked away and rolled her eyes. I was in tears and so offended that I just walked out. They were blatantly ignoring me because of my head covering. Often, people mistake me to be Muslim but I'm in fact Roman Orthodox. This is not the first time it has happened. When I asked to speak the manager via phona, they wanted to "take a message"? Little do they know, my family and I have been big customers of this family owned business for over 10 years, however, you have lost our patronage. Even when I was a child, I took baking classes there. I am absolutely appalled and deeply offended. I highly suggest less nepotism and more qualified employees with a little more tolerance for diversity.

Jason Mossop

Took daughter to bakery for first time. She loved it. Staff was friendly and her favorite was the charmander character cookie.

Selina Jones

They have improved over time!

Ashley Kilmer

Tried to schedule a consultation to have a wedding cake done with zero success. I called on 05/23 and someone took down my information and said someone would call me back. I then called back on 05/28 and said that no one had called me back and asked if I could still schedule a consultation (I decided to give them another chance). I was told the person who books the consultations was on the other line and would call me call. Apparently this bakery doesn't need to make fortunate for them. They have definitely been crossed off the list. A terrible first impression.

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