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REVIEWS OF Mr. D's IN Connecticut

Sean Park

I got a $5 gift certificate and it was enough to get the things I wanted! It’s fun to be there! Near Choate, and students go there for a snack or ice cream! Candy and arcade games make it extra fun! Would very much recommend!

Janelle Gauthier

We love the desserts here, especially all the gluten free options! My daughter has celiac and it's great to have a place to go get a yummy treat! (Picture isn't gluten free- lemon raspberry cupcake with a scoop of lemon raspberry ice cream)

Portia Amendola

Craving answered! Tons of variety, fun atmosphere and friendly staff make for a great family treat experience. Hot fudge sundae over a delish gluten free brownie - check!

Corey lees

Just had 2 simple sundays. They have butterscotch. Good quality ice cream.

Dola Dola

We enjoy both the treats and toys. Also a fun filled atmosphere permeates the place.

Heather Welliver

A great family owned candy and cocoa shop.

Elizabeth Byrd Carlson

Michael Barron

Amber Mclean

Brian Yurczyk

Cassie Beth

James Kloter

A small store with a huge selection of candy and ice cream. The staff here was great to meet and talk to as a friend and I enjoyed our treats!

Dafina G

When people say "I feel like a kid in a candy store" they're referring to Mr. D's. I mainly go for their cupcakes but they have so much more to offer. It's a beautifully colorful place with plenty of candy, treats, cakes, and toys for kids of all ages. The staff I've encountered each time so far have been rather pleasant, aside from one person that seemed to be having a less than enjoyable night however she was still polite if a little court. I love coming here.

James Ngugi

Very good ice cream

Kelly Stutzman

Joyce Nitkin

So loved Mr. D's Cupcakes. Truly were the best I have ever tasted in my entire life. The cupcakes themselves were moist and delicious and the fillings and frostings were an absolute treat. I also was impressed by the enthuastic employees....who were very patient with us when we were trying to make our selections. The shop is an obvious labor of love and the cupcakes are "to die for". We have been back many times and it only gets better!!!! Joyce Nitkin, Cheshire CT

Mark M

Love Mr.D's great atmosphere and the cupcakes are the best I've ever had!

Adam Salvati

This is the only place my family gets our ice cream cakes from

Matthew Bardoe

Ben Smith

Donna Grossman

There ice cream is very fresh.

Imani Howard

Edward Czerwinski


Joshua Flewelling

Everything is delicious.

Kris Waldron

Dana Reig

Huge selection of old fashioned candy, the styff from way back you just don't see anymore.

Jocelyn Roy

Liberato Pelosi

Michael James Max

Attitude problems are the worst...

Steve Frank

Ms. Nancy Papa

Cupcakes are SUPER YUMMY and big! So many flavors! I always loved the lemon, vanilla, and chocolate the best! It's a fun place!

Dexter Wang

Ice cream, candy, cup cakes galore! What's not to love

Mike Schuler

Elisha Biega

Love the cupcake options, ice cream and iced coffee. Its like candy land

Don Wood

kathleen book

althea unger

Great little candy store. Has hard to find candy. Candy sold by lb bags.

John Bau

Candy shoppe in the front; ice cream and cupcakes in the middle, retro toys and party space in the back...all in the heart of the Main Street business district of a 350 year old New England town. Are you kidding me? Love love love Mr. D's!

Joe Planeta

Just was not that impressed with this place

jonah locke

Very nice i love the style and everyone is so nice.

Eric Bickelhaupt

Food is great!

Mark O'Hara

This place has a lot of freshly made treats using premium ingredients. If you need your sweet tooth fix, go here.

Nitzely Torres

Nice place to bring kids to

Christina Maria

Great candy store and ice cream shop. Has some unique candies that you can't find in the more common stores. Wish they had a little more variety in certain items, but still an awesome place for sweets

Beckett Hamilton

This place is so cute - they have loads of sweet treats to choose from, and even an old arcade cabinet in the back.

Bobby Hannafey

I’ve changed this review to a one because of RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I came one day to get a ice cream and the high school girls looked at me annoyed for asking for ice cream! If I were you manager, get new employees that will make me happy for once!!! Not some snotty girls!

Matthew Ross

Wonderful deserts and a fun store accompanied by a wonderful staff make Mr.Ds a great place.

Melissa DiLauro

BEST funfetti cupcakes ever! Love this place!

Heather Dufresne

Everything was so good!!!!

Angela Martin

Great ice cream and cupcake selections daily. As well as a fun place for kids to make up their own candy bags. Highly recommmend checking them out!

Scott Adkins

Shayla S

Mackenzie Marquardt

K Lenihan

C Gorman

We love walking her for a sundae or cupcake. A fun atmosphere- looks like an old fashioned penny candy shop. The cupcakes are the best around (& I've tried a lot of cupcakes!) ... Mostly a dessert place, fun for kids or the end of a date

Carol Pires

Greg Tary

Felecia Marottoli

The ice cream is delicious, especially the Beez Kneez. The reason I'm giving this place 3 stars is because of the staff. It's a bunch of high school girls who are clearly annoyed to be there. When you order a certain size ice cream, you never know how much you're actually going to get. Sundaes are unenjoyable because the toppings tend to be dripping all down the sides making everything a sticky mess. Also, plan on getting there at least 15 before closing time because closer than that severely limits your options since they start cleaning/closing up so they can basically leave at close. They will not give you a milkshake if it's too close to close, which is a bummer when you've been looking forward to it after a long day.

Dylan Iovene

Melissa Sharron

Old fashioned candy store. Delicious cupcakes. Fresh Ice Cream!

Eric Ridel

I was basically blown away when I accidentally stumbled upon this place. After looking around inside and ordering some cupcakes and cocoa to, we bumped in to the owner and it happens to be a friend of mine that I haven't seen in years. So awesome to see such a one-of-a-kind business running as wonderful as it is. Way to go Bill DeFusco!

H Moreno

Chiara and Brianna Show

Geoffrey J Miller

This bakery is the kind of place my kid's dream about. It's colorful and filled with kids toys, games, and snacks. They have great customer ice cream sandwiches, apple crisp, and a variety of baked goods.

Zach Daniels

Lots of wonderful cupcake and bag your own candy options.

mark Grossman

Steve Drumheller of Conquer Reality

Mr.D's is amazing! They have the most delicious ice cream as well as fresh baked goods such as cupcakes and cookies! The staff is also very friendly and patient with picky children.

Charmed Dee

Marianne Uhlan

Scott E. Baylow

Great Cupcakes

Deanna Katz

Great cupcakes, ice cream and amazing root beer floats!!!! Greats staff as well.

Clint Walker

This place is great! Delicious ice cream, pick your own candy, cupcakes and great surroundings.

M Simon

Adam Zezima

Gluten free options here are amazing. My wife and thoroughly enjoy the vanilla and the carrot cake.

Michelle McNulty

Gabrielle Comeau

Elizabeth Borkowski

Doreen Butler

Sylvia Morehead

This place has the best whatever flavor cupcake you want

Melissa Ferone

ABSOLUTELY delicious... fun environment and great staff... definite must go in CT...

Christian Petrarca

Old tyne candy store. Cupcakes, candied apples, neck wafers oh my.

Erica Sellers

I loved the ice cream and the other desserts looked divine! The salted caramel ice cream was amazing!

Christopher D

Incredibly pleasant staff and beautiful shop.

Adrian Walsh

Joel Hernandez

Ruocheng Wang

Sandra Jackson

Love the treats!

Babur Rabbani

Excellent quality but pricey

Karina Martinez

Nice candy shop

David P

Antonia Perez

Sandra Harrison

Mary Hildebrandt

I love it here. Owner is a hard working man. His team is dedicated and helpful. They offer a huge variety of delicious everything. Its a candy store, a coffee house, an ice cream parlor, a bakery. Excellent place. their ice cream pies are my favorite.


Michael Schuler

Good ice cream, lots of candy that no one else has!

jeffery king

Christian Schunmann

Laura Battiparano

Love there milk shakes

Michael Penton

This is a small town cupcake shop that also has candy, ice cream, coffee, and other assorted treats. All their cupcakes and treats are made on site, and are really delicious. The shop is in a cute area of downtown Wallingford. Definitely a great place to take the kids for a treat, or go for dessert after hitting up.some of the restaurants in the area.

big mos

Old candy lost but now found. Need to recycle old gum ..

Justin Raymonf

Travis Coppola

Shamila Zubairi

Mr. D's is a great place for local school kids to meet. I like their cupcakes, and usually go for the decadent chocolate ones. I celebrated my 43rd birthday on one of those cupcakes with my son. When students from China were visiting us, we took them to Mr. D's while we were showing them around Wallingford.


This place is an old fashioned candy store with cupcakes and ice cream. Kids love it.

Theresa Press

This place has the best raspberry truffles, and a great selection of treats!

Jonathan Carothers

Really cool old school candy shop with great ice cream and treats.

Amy Sward

I enjoyed my coconut & coffee Oreo ice cream in Oreo dipped waffle cone.

David M. Eckerson

Interesting place. Have Vegan cupcakes as well as regular cakes and ice cream. Friendly.

Sandra Arroyo

April Dawson

Absolutely love these cupcakes

anna_loveNALU grady

Love this place!

Joseph Bracone Evelin

Maria del Carmen Williams

Nadine Siering


Tor Keating

Very happy with my daughter's party we had there.

christina costa

Amazing gluten free cupcakes and frosting! I love red velvet and tis cupcake was delicious!! I must go there and see all the rest of their delicious menu choices, quite a selection. They also have vegan options as well! Definetly recommend checking this place out, even if not in area! They do cakes as well but need advanced notice. Thank you Mr. D

Angela Bowe

I was at a Mothers Day brunch given by brother Chandler Ray. We had your desserts. Love the size and flavor and moisture of your chocolate chip cookies, brownies, sugar cookies, oatmeal raisins. YUMMY

Matthew McDonald

Tyler Haggerty

This place is awesome! They have vegan and nondiary optionan too! And a large selection of candy. Love it!


The same fingers that handle cash have handled the cupcake I purchased, leaving noticeable fingerprints around the perimeter of the cupcake top. Imagine eating that. :( ... Pretty good place, otherwise.

Pamela Cole

Len Morano

Mr D's and Hannah are awesome- Made a truck cake for my grandsons birthday and it was awesome. Thanks!

Scott DeRico

Cake was very dry. Have not tried other options there and won't go back because of that.

Brittaney Obienu

A Thousand Lives Art Studio

Debra Leherissier

It's ok; just ok. The chocolate covered peanuts were staled ($10.99 lb.); the cannoli cupcake was dry and not worth the calories.

Chhai Meas

The go-to family friendly candy shop and dessert store in the county in my opinion.

Rosamir Torres

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