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935 Grand Ave, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

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Where is Lucibello's Italian Pastry Shop?

REVIEWS OF Lucibello's Italian Pastry Shop IN Connecticut

danny toce

the best of the best, Wooster st is known for the best pizza and if you go to New Haven for pizza you should also be heading a block over to Lucibello's for anything in the Italian pastry world. I'll give you a heads up, they are NOT one of the hipster spots for 9 dollar cupcakes. They are an authentic bakery with high quality pastry and service. wish i had a single item to recommend but its an easy and sometimes not so easy pick when everything is so good!!


Yum! The raspberry Italian ice was OMG! Kinda feels like creamy and refreshing. I can finish a pint of given the chance. The pastries were also great! Got an assorted dozen while waiting to finalize our cake order. They make look simple, limited though enough range of products, and no fuss, but it's very very very worth getting their eats.


Great pastry good prices, well worth the visit

Ernie Taddei

Lucy Nuzzello

Best in CT. .

Dawn Birdsall

Its absolutely TASTY!! Delicious

alexander ferraro


Adrienne Geddie

The best Italian pastry shop in New Haven

Cecilio Rivera

Alyssa Garrett

A nice variety of Italian pastries and cookies. Got a box of the mini pastries, each one was excellent and delicious. It was hard not to devour the whole box in one go.

Jennifer Cormier

Great bakery! Really good pastries, cakes, etc. Family friendly atmosphere!

wesley burket

Vicky GK

Neha Garg

Canolis were amazing

linda cray

Soooo good!!

Darlene Candela

Absolutely delicious will not go anywhere else for cakes cookies and pastries

cats onthemove

Staffs are very friendly!

Patricia Roche-Mackay

Love the Italian pastries I come from Newark New Jersey and they had the best this Bakery comes the closest to what I grew up on

lesley tamulevich

OMG. What a throwback to my childhood. I brought my brother there after his being away for years. He stood in the entry way and just inhaled deeply and commented how the delicious aroma has not changed in 50+ years.

joaquin arias

Really good and I recommend it!

Yadira Ayala

This place is way to expensive

e mazz


Leyda Caliz

Love the bakery

Scott Sams

Just gotta say I freakin love this place. Everything is just amazing. Yeah price is high but beats all the other pastry shops I have ever been to including New York. Lucibello's is #1

james Pesticci

Lucibello's is a shop that takes care of its own where people really care about people and proud of their pastries never had a complaint

Bart Connors Szczarba

The best Italian pastry period

brendan gardner

Justina Sullivan

Nicole R

Yummy pastries, cookies, everything is yummy

Hec Cha

The best pastry shop in New Haven..the canolis are amazing.

Ha Luu

Good rum baba and cookie. Little bit expensive comparing to its competitor even though there isn't that much difference in the taste

Raymond Nelson

Have been a loyal customer of Lucibello's for over 30 years. Their pastries are always outstanding as they use the highest grade of ingredients. No other pastry shop comes close. What a treasure.

KD Nixon


Cristina Lima

This is a great place as there is no other real bakery near my location

Francine Monocchi-Vermiglio

They are the best...... There is no contender near or far to the quality and authenticity of Lucilbello's. Peter is immaculate, meticulous, and stands true to Italian tradition. You will have to go to Amalfi for anything even CLOSE

Michael Notaro

Exquisite Italian pastries freshly made. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Jacqueline Monsalve

Only good place to go for good Italian goodies

William Barone


Tammy P

Still the Best Italian pastries.

Waleska Mendez

Our long going delicious familly bakery. We allways ordered, all our familly funtions celerbration cakes. The best.

m jordan

Ram Lou

James Maclin

Delicious pastries. Expensive

William Donahue

Zsuzsanna Adorjan

Simply THE BEST pastry shop in entire Connecticut!!!! We've been faithfully coming here since 1982!!!!!!

Marthina Manick

Authentic Italian pastry! Stop reading this review and try it!!

Richard Richter

Same as 50 years ago

Christopher Benjamin

Lovely cakes, reasonable priced, very nice staff. Style? Think: a good quality cake made by your grandma.

Kian Sing Low

Great pastry offerings and fair prices

Bae-Hoon Kim


Dila Fonda

Always love getting my cannoli filled cake for the birthday parties. One of the best Italian pastry shops around.

Peter Reinhardt

I grew up loving German, French and Scandinavian bakery in the Midwest, but Lucibello's blows my mind. I've told many people, this pastry shop is one of the best things about New Haven. I love their cannoli best because it is not too sweet and has a fresh dairy taste. This place is a gem. It can go toe-to-toe with the best of Boston or New York Italian bakeries. I'm sure their cake is authentic, but sadly it is not my cup of tea.

charles kenney

excellent Italian pastry, pies, cake and cookies.


Atienden con buenas manera

Ed Rascati

The absolute best

Elvira Kaminski

Very organized and a great staff we were in and out in 5 min

Mark Zoom

Alex Frank

Their profiteroles are the best desert in New Haven and cookies to die for.

bianca Bowles


Tyler Chipman

Good pastries, lemon ice.

Michellece Revill Cufone

Have been going there for over 30 years. When I visit from RI, it's a MUST go! And just went "home" again. Had to load up! Again. Lol

javier Del Rio

Anthony Nevico

It's like grandma's kitchen. Great selection of Italian cookies and pastries. Also cakes made to order.

picasso v

Tom Swifty

Sal Ferraro

It's a very nice place

Franco Lemos

Best Italian pastries in the greater NEW HAVEN area and a wonderful friendly staff. Our family has been going there for many many years. Hats off to them!!!


One of the best

Howard Yocum

Michael Paradis

Very good pastries.

Deme Glover

Good place to go

Joseph M. Busher

The best

Dan Carbone

Great pastries always

Joseph Cimmino

Patricia Briley

Please try out the vanilla cook

Gina Dandrea

Your only choice for Italian Pastry in New Haven

James Earley

The best Italian pastries. I don't go anywhere else

Felecia Marottoli

One of the best Italian pastry shops in town. Reasonably priced and they have delicious Italian ice! The only way thing is I wish they had anginetti.

Mark Richter

The best Italian pastries on the planet ( or at least the Northeast). Great staff, always great selection of fresh, delicious pastries. Cakes made to order and are always excellent.

Sydney Colon

Carmen Castro

As always very nice and corteus very clean will always go there

Kevin Glaser

Best Italian pastries

Jim Buonocore

VERY good Italian pastry & cookies. NO bread.


This place is the best Italian bakery around. The staff is very helpful and super friendly!

Joe Iannotti

Simply the best

Shane Jacobs

Authentic Italian pastries, cookies, & pies. We had their ricotta pie and it was amazing! Can't wait to visit again!

ed glor

The best of the best!

Benjamin Ginsberg

Best Italian bakery in the entire New Haven area. Great selection of fresh cookies. Wonderful cannoli. And my personal favorite, the rainbow cookies—not overly wet/falling apart when you bite them like some bakeries, but most definitely not dry either. I’d rather go here than any place on the North End in Boston or even down in NYC. Staff are always so friendly too. This place is unassuming yet a staple.

TapSnapOrNap 203

Great place . Bad neighborhood lol.. But worth it.. I go every year..

A.J. LaPlant

Edward Dealmo

So many grat things to choose from. there cookies are Legendary.You must go there and try something different each visit. I cannot think about it without craving there many treats.

sierra brown

(Translated by Google) Best center anywhere !!! (Original) Best canolis anywhere!!!

Manuel Otero

Great place to eat best pastries

Anthony Scierka

Jonathan Cohen

One of the best Napoleons, order the Napoleon cake for a birthday; you won't regret it.

marry merkato

sweet stuff always! and the rolls of pep... and broccoli is off the hinges!!!!

Ericka Diaz-Joseph

My favorite since the 80s when I shared Napoleons and called them squares

Dolores Morse

Love lucibello's for delicious pastry. Old neiborhood. Thanks to Uber

anthony constantinople

Best pastry in New Haven county. This is the place where the locals go. Although some people go to Wooster St. for pizza locals know to go to Modern on State St.. Same is true for this place. A short walk from Wooster St. but it's worth going out of your way for it. All our special occasions end with a Lucibello cake or pastry. Family owned and operated. Great friendly people.

Burton P Vitale

In the tradition of Italian bakeries and restaurants in the New Haven area Lucibello's ranks right up at the top. Friendly and knowledgeable staff answer any question you could possibly have. Walking into Lucibello's brought me back to my childhood and the sight of all the cakes ,cookies,and treats of my Italian upbringing....God I miss those days. I know now how to revive those memories at a moments notice, take a trip to New Have and Lucibello's.

D. DeCristoforo

Love it

Pete Carletti

Delicious pastry GREAT people!!

Marco Joan Caiani

Brendan Dooley

We sought out Italian bakeries all over the area and Lucibello’s is absolutely the best. Amazingly delicious baked goods, delicate and complex flavors made with love, care and high quality ingredients. This is now an official stop whenever we are in the area. Meraviglioso!

Robert Santoro

Thanks for being open on St. Joseph's Day

AJ Gemmell

Mary Denny

Best Italian cookies & pastries

Phillips Roger

There's no other place around where you can get delicious Italian cakes, cookies & pastries than at Lucibello's! My favorite is their sfogliatelle! I'm long over due for a visit!!

Toni Nixon

The Italian ice is phenomenal!

Haninah Levine

Best cannoli in New Haven

Ralph Amodei

Christine Youn

We like owner, they are very much friendly and appreciate our business with them. they need to be more creative. but still I love this bakery.

Christofer Carriuolo

New haven legends of Italian pastries. If you are in New haven, Ct and in little Italy district its a must !!!

zachary harris

My favorite

Diana Gil

I always go Rum pineapples cream cake with whip cream for every birthday it's out of this world that how great it is. Today I'm going to order some cake for my husband's birthday.

Jacqueline Considine

Love everything about this place! Delicious

Big Vinnie

I have been coming to this pastry shop over 40 years it's the best in New Haven County and possibly best in all of Connecticut. This is the cleanest Bakery I ever been in. the owner and the staff will go out of their way for you. It's a must try and worth a drive from anywhere

david dobuzinsky

I have never eaten a pastry, but I have bought them for others. They have the best pastry in New Haven, says my family. I did have the Anginetts and they were delicious.

Rolando Melendez

Best pastries in CT

Bill Lodovico

dan freeman


Kelvin Jones

The pastry is delicious

Rene Zelkin



Korlis Pettee

love it

John Britton

Lucibello’s is the best Italian pastry shop in New Haven. The sfogliatella is an old-world treat that shouldn’t be missed.

Daniel Farkas

Friendly, great selection, many people swear by them.

Ralph Pickup

Kevin M

If you love Italian pastries, you're gonna love this place. Friendly staff and fresh made goods. Closed on Tuesdays.

Marilys Lugo

John Acampora

Best Italian pastry around

Paula Catalan

There pastures are the best you should go there every day

Sharlene Wong

Have been shopping at this store for over 36 years. They have the same great pastries, cookies, and cakes. Sometimes I find the counter help to be lacking in good customer service and that's why I only gave them a four star rating.

Hae Jun

Renee Caciopoli

Love them

Victor Hernandez

Best pastry every day. Nice people.

Magaly Vega

I look forward to all birthdays. Any kind of celebration just to get a cake. So delicious.

Delta X

Patricia A. Saunders

I grew up eating the pastries since my sister lived on Artizon. I have since moved to California. it's one of my stops every time I return home. I bring a box back. the staff is very friendly. I wish I could clone everything and have here in California. my favorite is the ricotta muffin

Carmen Mendez

Lucibello's is a wonderful bakery. The customer service is terrific and they go out of their way to make you feel happy and satisfied with your purchase. I always order my cakes from Lucibello's. I've never regretted it. Luke624gm

The best Pastry is the best so fresh and good l like people who serve you

Jennifer Lo

The pastries here are just okay and not worth the hype. Knowing that Italian pastries are sweeter to the palate and also being a frequent customer to New York's Italian pastry shop and cafe Ferrara, the pastries here left much to be desired. We ordered a box of variety of pastries. The pastries were much too sweet and some were dry. My favorite is usually the eclairs but they were disappointing. One thing I can say was good was the service. The girl working behind the counter was very knowledgable about all the pastries and was quite friendly.

Vin DiGioia

Simply put: Lucibello's is the best Italian bakery you will find. Don't go there looking for cupcakes or cake pops or other trendy baked goods, but if you want quality Italian pastry and cakes, this is the place to go.

Anthony M

Delicious pastry. Thank you for staying open after closing.

Anthony Micarelli

Have been going for almost 60 years. None better.


An old standby for delicious Italian pastries

Peiwen Lee

Beth Louise

Same as it was I was a little kid, the best pastry in the world was then is now have to try it if you haven't yet.

Dominic Izzo

Excellent Italian pastry!!

David Grubb


Christopher Cuthbert

Ordered cookies. They were excellent. Staff was very pleasant & helpful.

Albert Dagliete

Great pastry and cakes

Patricia Rivera

Zeppoli's...chocolate, vanilla and my favorite..Ricotta!!

janel collins

Fantastic pastry and very friendly staff! A must when in New Haven.

Binta Reid

Great service. Great cookies!

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