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REVIEWS OF Julia's Bakery IN Connecticut

Christina Koukos

The service was very thorough, pleasant & sweet! There is nothing in there that is not delicious! The staff is always a pleasure, such sweet girls!

Dana Faugno

Great service. Wonderful baked goods.

Carrie King

Awesome breakfast sandwiches! Beautiful display of baked goods. We will be back to try EVERYTHING

jason ross

try to make a cake want money upfront herbal service do yourself favor do not go there terrible people

Jim Messina

Michael Kraus

Very good bakery. Pleasant staff, good selection.

Josh Williams

The chocolate chip cookies were loaded with semi sweet chocolate chunks! Very delicious!!

David Ouellette

Great apple fritters

Edgerton Martin


Robert Granoth

pink pink

John Bodnar

As soon as you enter this bakery you notice the smell of fresh baked goods.Then you looked @ all the inviting baked goods and you do not want to leave.All the items are reasonably priced and delicious. As for the staff,they get a solid five gold stars.Why because Lyna and Olivia are dedicated to outstanding customer service.I use a wheelchair and they make certain I feel welcomed here.There are no barriers here because the dynamic duo will take my order and bring it to the table.The dynamic duo , of Lyna and Olivia, could write a book on how to treat the customer.


Sandra Derbacher

Excellent customer service and baked goods


I've been going to Julia's for years. And the selection on pastries is unlimited. An original

Michelle Ramsey

Sherice Isler

Christopher Boyle

Nicole Edwards

What happened to this place?

debra coles

The best☺

David Kraus

Excellent bagel breakfast sandwich! Friendly and attentive staff. Great selection. Only the oatmeal/grain bagel was disappointing, but just my taste (fyi, they put rye in the bagel). Tastey donut too. Good jobs folks.

nahid farhad

Sylvia M

Great sandwiches and baked goods!!

Han-Earl Guhm

lissette toledo

Margo Bivins

Overpriced just okay

Jasmine Ramirez

The people are okay there not really nice the cupcakes arent good but try there brownies. Everything else is okay.

Maricela Magana


What's not to love. Try 1 of everything.

poka dothundo


Lorrie Rivera

Great sandwiches and coffee and wonderful pastries, cakes and cookies! Also brownies and doughnuts are delicious!

h ussh

Corey Díaz

First time going to this bakery; my good friend Danielle introduced me to this bakery and it was a good first experience. I enjoyed that there were many options to choose from; I decided on a huge Chocolate Chip

Mary Griffin


babak ejlali

Michael Asmerom

This place is overrated the bakery items are good. But I went there yesterday for a cake and the associate was not the friendliest and the cake was Terrible. I could had something better from ShopRite. This was the second cake I tried from this place and both was a disappointment.

Tracy Glass

Alberta Vitale

Food was great, very reasonable price..

Alka Asthana

I ordered cupcakes for my daughter's Christening. I carefully reviewed the type I wanted while placing the order - and I even paid extra for frosting to get the look I was hoping for. When I picked up the cupcakes, they all had the same 'smooth' icing look. Which basically looked like bird's poop. The manager's excuse was that well it said 'smooth icing.' I tried to make her realize that a) I'm not a baker so I'm not sure what the correct terminology would be, and b) I spent two hours carefully showing what type of icing I was going for while placing the order. If you write down smooth, I will believe you this is smooth. Who am I to contest? At that point, she claimed she couldn't do anything and ice all of the cupcakes all over again. Nor did I receive a sincere apology or credit. Extremely disappointed. The cupcakes tasted alright - I could have just as well purchased them from Stop and Shop. I ordered red velvet, vanilla with choc frosting and choc with vanilla frosting - again, mediocre. Save your energy and go elsewhere.

yaser yousef

This is my first time in this bakery and we got a plain small cheesecake and it was one of the worst cheesecake I ever had, not sure if the one they gave us is bad or that's how they do it... it was a waste of 20 bucks

Audrey Davidiuk

Andrew Schur

James Earley

Everything is very good. I wanted to buy one of each baked good for sale

Mark Borodkin - Oldakowski

Great bakery with wonderful service. Check out their gingerbread house for Christmas.

my princes linda bb

Me encantan sus tratas de fruta y el pastel de plaatano

Danielle Blackstone

Keitha Salemme

richard queen

Julia's will never let you down. Whether it's a loaf of bread or a grand cake for that special day...Julia's will never let you down. Their quality and customer service from ALL of their associates equals great customer satisfaction. Its that simple. can get better pricing at the supermarket or discount club, BUT you will NOT get a better product (cake, pastry, roll, etc...)

toy wrestling and more

Suzy Defrancesco

Great baked goods but pricey

EmAgain Love

Kaushik Alakal Prakash

Ney Rod

my wedding cake was sooo pretty and delicious!

Forrest Mendez

Wanting to try Julia's Bakery for a long while finally got the chance to today ....... Must admit the staff is very young and not at all experienced with what there selling.......anyway got home just tried a couple of pastieries not what i expected but the lemon cake was good .....I will be going back one more time for the cookies .......

Sheila Gibson

Rude service from behind the desk.

lain galion

The donuts are amazing

Bryan Rauch

Hidden gem for breakfast sandwiches

Emily Rose

So disappointed in this bakery. The prices are outrageous and the baked goods suck now. The macaroons were like taffy, short bread cookies were soggy and everything lacks flavor. Disappointed and money wasted.

Jason Armell

Ordered a cake a month ago, bought and paid for it up front as I was confident that I would get what I was promised and paid for, not the case, my wife and I explained what we wanted and the time that we needed it also the day, we were assured that my daughters cake for her very special day would be complete and ready to go, well we arrived at 12:00 pm to get the cake and to our surprise the cake was not completed, upset not the word for it the cake was supposed to be ready to go at 10am I as assured it would be ready. So we get the cake finally after waiting for 40 additional minutes and being extremely late to her baptism, we look at the cake nothing what we expected it was completely rushed and sloppy we paid over 130$ for this cake, when I approached the management at Julius the answer was what would you like me to do about it, last time I will ever look at the bakery I will take my business elsewhere. They need new management in the place I have ordered many cakes from this place but never ever again, really think about this Julius is not what it once was. It’s a real disgrace!

Krunal Jayswal

Amazing place to buy bakery items. Their cakes are so creamy and yummy you have to finish it right away and the pastries are so yumm looking and delicious it melts as you put in your mouth l. Only one complaint they should start making more variety in cakes.

Stan Chometa

Chandan Nuckched

Really nice cake and staff were friendly. They didn’t have samples before buying.

Michael DeCarlo

OMG! Best bungalow cake ever!

J. Clemens

Best donuts I have ever had . . . and I have had more than I care to admit. The kettle ones are my favorite.

LT Karnauchov

Bought a cake out of their display for kids birthday. It was a few days old, tasted and felt “heavy” and frosting was about 1/2 inch thick. The kids didn’t like it and peeled it off in sheets. Not only was it not fresh, it was outrageously expensive and not big by any means. I went to bjs the next day and sampled their sheet cake. It was amazingly light and frosting wasn’t overly sweet and lightly applied. Their cake was about poster size and only $18. I should’ve gone that route instead. I’ve never been so disappointed and upset on how much Julia’s cake cost in relation to its size and quality. It also appeared as if the price was made up last minute and it felt as if I was being discriminated against when I was handed the yellow sticky with a penciled price. will not go back there again.

Jason Gagnon

Frank Brunke

Amazing bakery. Have not found something I did not like.

Russ Hamilton

Awesome bakery, doughnuts to die for!

Michael Dillman

Very good bakery, help is great

Jeffrey Dickinson

Absolutely delicious and a vast spread of choices

Chris Owens

Awesome the staff was excellent

Todd D

Justin Burt


Best place to Get a cake

Bob L

My family has been patronizing Julia's bakery for many years. However, in recent years the quality has gone downhill. The last few cakes and cookies have been extremely stale. I have tried speaking to the management about these issues but they become defensive and annoyed. Prices are high and portions are small. Costco offers you a huge, fresh cake for a fraction of the cost. Julia's has lost steady, long-time costumers.

Lynn Anderson

Sandra Miller

There cake was great and delicious my friend enjoyed it

JoAnne DiCicco

Great bakery. Highly recommend.

Raeghan Steelberg

Deli and bakery are both delicious. Definitely would recommend the cannoli.

Gloria Queiroga

Their prices are out of control and they don’t have a great selection

Gorky Todd

We had a great experience getting our wedding cake here! Julia’s was the contracted vendor with Omni New Haven Hotel, and they made it super easy to do the whole process. We went in for a tasting (so fun) and made some initial choices. Then last-minute (not even a week before the wedding), we were dying to change our choice to something with a floral pattern because we had decided against cake flowers. All I had to do was stop by and change the order - it was the easiest thing possible! They handled everything, and it was entirely seamless. Plus, it was delicious!

Nick Scandiffio

Deborah Bartlett

Very good selection. Nice display. The rye bread with seeds is the best! Makes great toast! They have such a nice selection of butter cookies. The girls working there are friendly, polite and helpful. I highly recommend Julia's Bakery.

Neish Sledge

Wonderful service, I went there with only what color(purple) I wanted the cake to be. The lady who took orders helped me. Together we made a wonderful cake. The cake is moist wonderful , frostion not heavy or too sweet. The only reason i didnt give them a 5 stars , cause certain things cost more. When you make a good cake put it on a nice cardboard which was 10 dollars more. Or when they did the design why charge extra cause you used a diffrent tip to make a design.

Juan Sanchez


Janice Plass

Everything is there, except tiramisu

Maciek amer

Great variety of cakes

Claire Benedetto

Very very good baked goods. Couldn't be better. Just so expensive. 1 cupcake $3.35 WAS the best cupcake I ever had tho.

Traci T

Donna Walker

Everything is delicious, although very expensive!! Si I treat myself occasionally

Kevin OConnell

The most tasty Bungalow cake we've ever had. Wonderful bakery!

Usman Shabbir

Noah Raids

The staff looked miserable and very unfriendly.

Imraan Sookia


James Murphy

Very friendly staff and the food is delicious! Just simply the best!

Greg Kenney

Great bakery with a large staff. They have excellent lunch sandwiches as well!

Michelle gilkes-melgar

Chris Zirker

The staff is super friendly and the place is nice and clean with beautiful display cases of the various pastries. However, I'm underwhelmed with the food itself. It's fresh for sure, but I don't find it that tasty. For the price, it seems like one ought to be able to do better.

Glenys Salas

Aug Gonzalez

Best breakfast ever!!!!!!! Everyone is so nice...all pastries and fresh baked bread etc... are delicious!!!!

Safaa Talib

Chuck deNicolo

Jeanette Marulli

Lots of choices. Everything was tasty.

Ryan McGuire

jennifer Power

Alicia Alfano

Worst customer experience EVER. The managers and owner Jeffery are unbelievable rude. So dispointed..I would not trust them to take care of your special occasion.

Belinda Lozano

Deliscious cakes

Steven Bishop

The donuts from Julia’s bakery were delicious!!!

Kaitlyn Sengphilom

Very disappointed as a first time customer here. I ordered a customized Louis Vuitton cake for my mothers birthday and got something that I could’ve decorated myself. I’ve seen their cake designs and we’re impressed, so I was expecting them to be more creative and put more effort into the cake. But all I got was a childish LV symbol on brown fondant. They only gave me two options for the kind of design I could get, and this was the best one. Very sad because I had to present my mom that cake

Simone Chambers

The cakes are not what they use to be. I got a cake for my daughter's birthday and it was so dry we had to throw it away. I guess I won't be buying our cakes there any more. I was better off buying a cake mix instead of spending $33 for a cake that's dried out.

Kathy Baker

The sandwiches are SOOO good! Try the pastrami/corned beef. Just delicious!

H Qureshi

Corn muffin was not good. It tasted store bought like Stop and Shop not authentic bakery quality that Julia's is known to have.

Anastasia Christoforidou

Lindsay M.H.

What happened to Julia's? I've been going here since I was a child and it used to amazing. It's been going farther and farther downhill in the past few years. We just returned from buying 2 tarts - one a Chocolate Brownie and one Cannoli. They are so incredibly stale we can't get through the crust. The mouse is dried out and inedible and the wiped topping tastes sour. Will not be returning.

Christine P

Loved the canoli cake and birthday cake that I ordered. Excellent baked goods here!

Michael Fitzgerald

An easy 5 star.. absolutely elegant.. there are tables to enjoy their good eats.. very friendly staff.. they have a sandwich area bakery area.. my friend Mindy told me about this gem.. a great experience is promised here . I bought a couple of marble bagels and like wow.. I now love this place.. you will too..

Doris Tew

Great desserts

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