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REVIEWS OF JCakes IN Connecticut

Abigail Lynne Puscus

JCakes did a wonderful job with our wedding cake! They were very professional during our tasting and had wonderful flavors to choose from. The cake we went with came out great, and it tasted amazing. We were so happy with the way the cake came out, and so many of our guests commented on it as well.

Rose Bradley

I have been going to J-Cakes for years! I can always look forward to enjoying their Lemon Cake and tasty Butter Cream Frosting . Their Chocolate Ginash Cake will melt in your mouth. I have purchased many different cakes as far designs such as a lipstick cake, a purse cake, a rainbow cake, a shoe cake, etc. J Cakes has never disappointed me, and I look forward to my next cake. The staff is friendly and very efficient, and will assist you in making the right choice. If you are ever dissatisfied with your cake, they will rectify the the problem, and turn that frown into a smile

Kim Casto

JK Cakes are amazing! I went there to order my parents 50th wedding Anniversary cake. I was really impressed on how well they could truly duplicate my parents original wedding cake. In addition, the customer service was excellent. Everyone in there is very personable, kind and genuinely interested in making my family event a wonderful one. Plus the cake itself was totally delicious! I’ll never go anywhere else!!

Kaila Richardson

We had our wedding cake made here. White birch tree with our initials carved in and beautiful flowers throughout. It looked AMAZING, and tasted even better! Best Cake Bakery Around!

Deanna Scozzari-Kilbourn

JCakes did our wedding cake back in July of 2015 and I've ordered a cake from them for every occasion after that! Love their cakes! The buttercream is awesome, and I just love the berry filling! Can't say enough about them!! Awesome!!


Hebe Prieto

Excelente cake sabor y presentación, muy buena atención 100 % recomendables

Darlene Candela

Absolutely delicious and beautifully made

Lee Barraco

I ordered a baby shower cake from j cakes it was fabulous. It was so beautifully decorated and moist. The butter cream was not overly sweet. Everyone raved over it ! The owner Will accommodate your cake to whatever you want. Absolutely my bakery of Choice !

CT Krav Maga & MMA

Awesome cakes and cupcakes!!

Rheannah Wendel

Delicious, and exquisite wedding cake, that was raved about by all.

Lisa Antonecchia

I have had the pleasure of not only referring J-Cakes for 10 years to my Wedding Planning Clients, but also ordering my very own cakes from them! I cannot thank them enough for all the amazing work they do and the delicious desserts they create! If you are looking for a specialty cake or cupcakes for ANY event do not hesitate to contact Hope and the team at J-Cakes, they are simply the best!

Manda C

So I don't like to give bad reviews for ANY business, but we were so horribly disappointed and embarrassed. I saw the great reviews on many websites and saw all of their cool designs so decided why not give them a try for my husband's birthday cake. First thing, everyone I spoke to seemed very annoyed and acted as if my order was not as big as a priority as other people's. I'm sorry but if I'm spending $70 on a cake (which is a little ridiculous for a 10" cake to begin with) I want the customer service to be attentive and at least a little more respectful. I really felt like I was a big inconvenience to them and I thought maybe it was just busy or they were not having a good day when I ordered, but even when I picked it up nobody even said hi to me. It was just another money maker for them! Sadly for some businesses its all about the $$ and not the customer service. Second, we asked for a cake with fresh strawberry filling, this is the worst part of the whole experience. We cut the cake and we couldn't even see any strawberries. Nobody even realized it was a strawberry cake after cutting it. It was so minimal you couldn't even see or taste them..The most we got was maybe 1 strawberry that looked shaved and bits and pieces of stringy strawberry were put into it, it was disgusting. The pic of the cake on the site had big slices of strawberry in the cake, not even close to what we got, seems like false advertising to me. Third, we asked for a custom design with an image and the image was good, but on the cake it looked all bubbly and very rushed. I have gotten completely better cakes and service at my local bakeries who are at least personable with their customers. I like to give different businesses a chance and to try them out, but this was the worst that I've seen and tasted. I had just gotten married 2 months ago and the cake came with our wedding package from another baker and their service was superb and felt so family orientated compared to this place. I think they should stay strictly to wedding cakes if even that, yes they make cool looking cakes but it seems like that's the only thing they got going for them. I really wouldn't recommend them to anyone especially my friends that are getting married in the future. Don't let the pictures fool you on their website. There are a lot better places out there trust me, I never thought in my life that I would have to throw a cake out.

Carlos Rodriguez

Buen producto ,sabroso ,buena precencia

Amanda Morale

I absolutely love Hope and her staff ! Super friendly and the cakes are amazing I won’t go to anyone else for cakes !! Her stuff is absolutely amazing her chocolate mousse is to die for! We absolutely love JCakes

Dylan B

Trieu Xuan Uyen

5 Foxon Rd


What a disappointment. The most disappointed I have ever been ordering a baked good from a store. I wanted to be so delighted about eating something from JCakes - they had pictures of amazing cakes and had such good reviews. I ordered pumpkin cupcakes for Thanksgiving. The service wasn't that friendly; I asked about their whipped cupcakes, but got no response. So I just ordered pumpkin cupcakes.They were very pricey, so I thought, well, the cupcakes should be good. Not only was I disappointed, but I was embarrassed. I brought them to a Thanksgiving gathering of friends. The cupcakes, besides being spongy (and not light) with frosting that was heavy, tasted like carrot cake. In fact, another guest thought they were carrot cake. They were hardly eaten, the rest going into the trash. There must be something to their cakes, since they have received such good reviews, but I wouldn't order their cupcakes again. An update: I'd adding a star, because of an excellent follow-up by JCakes. Hope contacted me and apologized for the disappointment. She graciously offered to refund the price of the cupcakes, but some were eaten so I didn't think that was fair. In lieu of that, she offered a variety of cupcakes to try instead. I took her up on that offer, and will bring them to another gathering of the same friends before Christmas. Again, there has to be something behind so many good reviews of JCakes, and I will look forward to joining others in enjoying JCakes' baked goods.

Kayla Chasse

The team at JCakes is so FRIENDLY!!! They are always working to create not only the best tasting and most satisfying cakes, but also design your cake exactly to what your envisioning! I recommend JCakes to all of my friends and family ALL THE TIME!

Omayra Rivera-Filardi

The cake did not only look amazing, it tasted as great as it looked!!!! Every guest at my husbands surprise party was in aww of the cake. They couldn't believe that this was a cake and that it was all edible (except the can of course). The cake was light and all of the fruit in the filling was fresh. It truly was a pinnacle part of our event and did not disappoint!! I am so grateful to Hope and her team for their hard work. To see my husbands face when he saw the cake was worth everything. J Cakes is the place to go for any and all cakes. I will be a customer for life.

Mijael Huaman Maravi

Edward Miller

Great customer service. My wife and I got our cake here when they were still at their other location, but everyone was easy to work with. The cake tasting went well. My wife and I actually just had our topper for our one year anniversary a month ago, and it was still good (granted I did a good job of preserving it in the freezer)

Anthony M

David Mc

The hardest thing to do at Jcakes is pick a flavor. Whether cupcakes or wedding cakes the flavors are really good. Hope did a great job on our wedding cake. We got just what we asked for and the prices are good.


We had an oreo cake for our wedding and our guests are telling us it was the best cake they've ever had! It was delicious and gorgeous and we couldn't be happier. 100% would recommend!

Jay Duncan

Don't know where to even start but here it goes, I had the pleasure of meeting Hope and her JCakes staff approximately 4 years ago after my mother told me she attended an event where all she had a JCakes and all she did thru our whole conversation was praise and rave about this cake she had from JCakes. I was like okay, Ma, you always say that and after her continuous praising and preaching, I decided that I had to check out this JCakes place. I called the next day and on that day I remember Hope picking up the phone, I told her my mother had told me about this amazing cake she had and we all know when Mom speaks you listen so I told Hope what I wanted and explained that the event was more than a year away. I think at one point she laughed or chuckled probably saying a year and a half but after being so persistent I was able to make an appointment for consultation. Once the consultation appointment was made and I met Hope and Katie I couldn't have asked for anything better, and the nicest/coolest people you will ever want to do business with. Hope was more than attention to detail she got her pencil out I told her what I wanted she put it on paper, sketched and it was done. I knew without a doubt this was the place where I would be getting my cake for my event from which happened to be my Wife's 50th Birthday Party so beyond huge. Also keep in mind I did not schedule a taste testing just on my mother's word. I could review JCakes for days but trust me if she has any negative views don't listen to them, Hope and The JCakes staff will go above and beyond.. she just did my 50th Birthday Party and my cake looked so life like people were trying to open it (Jordan Nike Shoe Box) there is not any special occasion/Holiday that there is not a JCakes present (NEVER-EVER) I have had it all from custom cakes, regular cakes, cupcakes. Hope's cakes are a labor of love and you will know that immediately when you pick up or have your cake delivered and once you have one bite you will be checking you calendar to see who you can order your next cake but you don't have to order a year in advance!!! I love you Hope and The Cakes staff thanks for always make the best cakes for me and always memorable and people and guest asking where you get that cake.. I just tell em, go see Hope @ jCakes!!!!

Austin Tancredi

Made a delicious AND beautiful wedding cake for my special day. Highly recommend!

Peter Kuhn

Ok, I like cake. Most people like cake.. but I really, really like cake.. so years ago when my friend Hope made me taste the Strawberry Shortcake.. holy cow, I was in cake heaven. As time went by I've sampled several other flavors - including the Chocolate Mousse (oh, my, god), red velvet, german chocolate, peanut butter mousse cupcakes, and more. I've never thought "hmm, i've had better". It simply does not get better!! And in gorgeous, gourmet cakes, no less! So often at weddings, etc, you end up with a cake that is too dry / too sponge / too bland, or has some other affliction. JCakes cakes not only look outstanding (seriously, check out the photos), but the flavor really wins for me!! And working with the owner is "a piece of cake" - she's awesome, and fulfills almost any request you can come up with.

Adriana Rizzuto

Dave Brennan

Just wanted to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” The Commissioner loved the cake you designed. We understand how difficult it sometimes may be to meet a customer’s expectations, especially with weird requests or difficult instructions, but you exceeded ours. The cake was delicious and exactly what we ordered. We were very pleased - great job! Thank you again.

Livia Greenbacker

We got a beautiful - and most importantly, delicious - wedding cake from J Cakes! We wanted something simple and elegant and they absolutely delivered! We ordered a vanilla cake with canolli filling and buttercream frosting. Everyone told us how much they loved the guest told me that it was the best wedding cake he had ever had. They gave us a call a few weeks before the wedding to confirm all the details and definitely put my mind at ease. I would absolutely recommend them!

Theresa Voisine

I've only had the pleasure of enjoying Cupcakes from Jcakes, and I'm anxious to order a Cake soon. You can tell the Cupcakes are made with Love, not only do they taste delicious, they look very inviting, and are worth every calorie!!! Each cupcake had a filling inside them, which added to their deliciousness! The frostings are also very good, nice & smooth, just sweet enough, and each of them have different little garnishes on them, that go along with that particular flavor, like a miniature Oreo cookie, a pretzel, a cherry, chocolate shaving and lots more! While I was there, I got to meet "Hope", who I'm assuming is the owner. She was very nice, and I could tell She takes pride in the delicious goodies that she makes! This is 1 Bakery that you must make a point to stop in, and enjoy a Cupcake!!!!

Kaitlynn Blyth

Amazing wedding cake, beautifully decorated, and very reasonably priced compared to other bakeries in the area. I crave my wedding cake all the time - it's too bad I like in NYC! Whenever we're in CT, I always stop in and get a cupcake of the same flavor :-)

Kat Serrenho

Our wedding cake was wonderful and now every year on our anniversary we order a small cake. They have always been delicious.

Freddy Ramirez

Very hard for me to select a favorite one ... I really try all ... and I still like all the cakes !!!! YOU ARE REALLY THE BEST !!!

Gail A.

Hope and her team at J Cakes are nothing short of AMAZING! I came to her with a vision for a “Desperately Seeking Susan” cake, and she executed every single detail to absolute perfection. The JACKET, the boots, the train case,necklaces, lips, sunglasses...everything was better than I could have imagined! And the cannoli cake tasted as good as it really was the centerpiece of the 80s themed costume 50th birthday party! A HUGE THANK YOU to Hope and J Cakes (and John Mac for the hookup!) There is NO OTHER place to get your cake than at J Cakes...I am a fan and a customer for life!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

John DeFrank

L Mass

The buttercream frosting taste and look like crisco, so many people took a bite then threw their whole peice of cake away, spent a lot of money, with much disappointment. To make matters worse the manager Hope didn't even return my call. Disgusting.


I wanted to let you and others know how pleased we were with the wedding cake that you made for our son's wedding. I can honestly say it was the most delicious cake I think I have ever had. The decorating was just the look the bride wanted. We received many compliments from guests that attended. I do not usually offer reviews unless I know I can be sure others will be happy that consider my opinion. In this case I am sure anyone who receives the same product and service that we did will not be disappointed.

Nicole Snow

Charles Giangrande

We ordered all of our children's baptism and first communion cakes now graduation cakes with extended family!! Always a classy job best ingredients!

Hannah Jones-Gordils

We had our wedding cake done here and it was amazing! It was decorated beautifully, and it was absolutely delicious!

Jill Emmons

The most beautiful and delicious cake i have ever had!!! People who don't normally eat cake, take one bite of this and realize it's amazing. Not like bakery cakes( and you all know what I mean ). It's the way a cake should taste. The basket weave is beyond beautiful <3

Venkat Subramanyam

We used JCakes for an event this past weekend and couldn't be happier with the results. The vanilla cake with Oreo filling and buttercream frosting received universally positive reviews from our friends and family. Hope and the rest of the team were extremely accommodating when it came to our cake tasting and allowed us to even purchase our own cake topper. I would definitely go back to them for future events.

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