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REVIEWS OF Harvest Bakery Inc IN Connecticut

Laurie Hall

Service is great for such a busy place. Always friendly and courteous and everything taste so great.

Rebecca Russano

This place is the best! They whip up cakes on short notice and everything I've eaten from here is incredible!


Harvest Bakery has just about everything associated with pastries and breads and has been a favorite of mine since we moved here over 20 years ago. If you're a Bristol native you've probably been fully informed about the Rye bread and Onion loafs since birth and if you're not the local people will beat it into your head upon meeting you to go here just for those items, which I have but return often because of the wide selection of goods they have. I have never been disapointed, I always come here for cakes and cupcakes for birthdays as they are made fresh everyday along with everything else.They are dense, moist and actually taste like the flavor the say they are. I have never been a fan of frosting but since theirs is light, almost airy and is not incredibly sweet (chocolate frosting actually tastes like chocolate and not sugar) none of it is left over on the plate :) I have tried just about everything else at this point too and it's all been made fresh from scratch - Pies, brownies, bear claws, muffins, cookies (seriously they have it all) rolls of all kind (make sure you grab fresh rolls and not from the 'day old rack'!) butter cookies (soft, yet slightly crumbly and not too buttery ) magic bars (some of the best textures and flavor put together into one bar) I have even seen a few vegan options as well. To my surprise their donuts are fantastic as well, they are perfectly fried on the outside, soft pull apart on the inside shell or ring donut with again, frosting that is overly sweet. I also want to thank my server Colby because I came in on Fathers Day looking for donuts expecting their inventory to be low (which it was) but she told me they had just made empty donut shells in the back so she took a few minutes to fill, frost and decorate the ones I wanted! Just so you know- the "Reverse Boston Creme" has butter cream go for the Custard filled donut if you want a traditional Boston creme donut. Amazing everything and great service I would definitely recommend coming here if you're close by!


Best. Donuts. Ever.

Roger Ouellette

This is a bakery that still makes crullers the old-fashioned way. If you don't know what crullers are, you've been deprived long enough. Go to Harvest.

phil gerardo

Best eclairs in the world.***


Great place, delicious pastries.

Arianna Schlegel

Scott Akerley

Ben going thre for years great place!

Greg Walsh

Always the perfect choice for breakfast. Friendly service. Great food. Everything on the menu is excellent, but I can't seem to order anything other than the eggs benedict- wow. Bakery A+. Lunch great too. Don't drive by this place. Pull over and relax.

Christopher Perkins

Awesome and very friendly great food

Carl Jorgensen

Love this place they got the best bread and pastry and very nice people

Luis-Meg calderon

Love the sweet pastries

Tony Waldron

Excellent quality goods combined with prompt, friendly service... and for incredibly fair prices. My family and I are first-time customers who are soon-to-be regulars. Highly recommended!

Paul Dinoia

Keeping the tradition going. Since 1941 we have been dedicated to serving the Bristol-CT area and beyond with delicious fresh baked products.

Beth Gaughan

Steve Roman

I love their eclairs they're huge and delicious

Andrew Davy

Its the Bakery in town

Shawn Varela

Place is always busy. Fresh bread every day. Staff has their on and off days. The earlier you get there the better selection you will have.




Cheesecake is delicious. Some staff could use a training on being nice but I just ignore them and order my treats.

Garlic Toast Jr YT

The best bakery ever, fresh cakes fast service nice employees love it

Jerry Albert

Always fresh. Service is top-notch. In and out quickly. Daily specials and gormet coffee available.

Timothy Lambert

Amazing Bakery! Good food and good coffee. Also has gluten free options. Friendly staff that is very accommodating.

Joe LeClair

Matthew Carlson


Kimberly Bishop


Jessica Robinson

Old-fashioned treats made like only a expert pastry chef could create. The smells of fresh out of the oven breads and delectable desserts grace your nose as you walk in the door. We order small bread bowls made out of their Italian bread during the winter for soups, chili and chowders. I really do not think there is any other bakery in the state of Connecticut that can compare to all the amazing delicious treats and creations that Harvest Bakery makes!! The staff is always friendly and willing to assist you in any way they can. If you don't see what you want, chances are they are more than happy to custom make it with a few days notice!

Jennifer Ukers

Love this place. They have to die for cheesecake and hard rolls.

Don Frye

We love their pretzels! The pastries we tried are also great! Cheddar jalapeno pretzels are best. Good Coffee

Beth Shaknaitis

Absolutely love this place!!!! I can't say enough about them, everything I have ever gotten has been fabulous, everyone on the staff is great and they are very gracious when you make a mistake on your order and have to fix it.

Kari Wright

I was wondering how I would go about getting a order delivered to Poughkeepsie NY?

Sarah Seeley

Best Italian bread you will ever eat.

Ken Bosse

Excellent baked goods.

Kayla Brown

Sarah Simmons

Zachary Jones

You can't go wrong with anything from Harvest. Everything is made fresh and has that homemade taste and feel to it. I strongly recommend trying the Toll House squares and Boston Creme donuts

Joan Santacroce

I absolutely love harvest bakery. My Dad has been coming here for years and always brings treats to our holiday gathering from harvest. My son adores the cupcakes.. I love the cherry nut roll and my fiance loves the cannolis. But I have to say one Christmas my dad bought over a mint chocolate roll and that by far was amazing. He asked if they would special make one for me for my birthday which is in june and they did so thank you for that and thank you for making our holidays even sweeter

K Genovese

Regardless of how good the product is, it's no excuse to treat customers rude and all but ignore them! Bagels were ice cold as though they had been frozen and forget asking a question - first time and last time there! Wasted $40 -

Kirsten Podolak

Susan Pelletier

Love .y mom had a cake from there when she was little I called a asked if they could make the same cake they said yes and it made my moms day

artur marques

Great pies, staff very friendly

Lauren Nicole

Pies are outstanding! Their boston cream donuts are the best I've ever had as well. Never had anything from Harvest that I didn't thoroughly enjoy!

Darlene Guccione

The staff are pleasant and helpful. I enjoy their baked goods, they are reasonably priced and have a good selection. Last but not least they give back to the community-THANK YOU for that!!

Elizabeth V

Best. Donuts. Ever! And they have such an array of baked goods. So worth the 45 mile drive. And less expensive than the chain donuts!


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Sally C

Hard rolls were so dry. I’d return them but three of us made sandwiches already. Do they sell them after they’ve been frozen first??

Bruce Edwards

Outstanding service, breads and pastries. Been going there since the 90's.

Charles Cannell

Delicious food

Jessica Haynes

Ordered a cake and specified severe allergies so those items could NOT be in the cake. Cut into the cake and both allergens were present. When asked for a refund we were denied and offered a percentage off our next order.

Dillion B

Amazing bakery with the best to offer. I go here for everything

Kevin Shaw

The "pumpkin squares" had enough clove in them to kill a horse. The squares were just a bad pumpkin pie cut into squares, that the dog wouldn't even eat. They don't make their own pastries (cannoli), which is sad, for a bakery. They get a second star because the staff is VERY nice.

James Michael

Exceptional. 70 years in business. We know why.

Nanette Johnson


Bob Carbonell

OMG, best bakery ever!!

Kelly Fisk

World's best rye bread.

James Zanni

Lexy Nope

they couldnt do what i wanted yet there a bakery

Paul Amatruda

Great deserts

Steve Barichko

Ed Jabs

Always great and excellent selection

Jerry Duncan

Love there breads!! GO there every holiday morning at 5 am to get dinner is PACKED.& ITS FUN. Great crew.10 stars

Jennifer Chizinski

daisy duke

Had our wedding cake from there and it was delecious!! They were super friendly and priced right !

Diane Macklosky

Always good

Brian Soto

Great tasting pastrys and they even carry vegan cupcakes I absolutely love this local spot.

Charles Steele

Great baked goods

Alexis Ayala

Great place! And prices are incredible.

Joe M

Joe Budonaro

love the pastry

Matthew Gillis

Soooooo good!

Eric Norton

Best bakery on the planet

Gary Bell

Whats not to like!! Cake and bread!!

gina marandino

I have loved Harvest Bakery for years! They have wonderful varieties of Breads and rolls cupcakes cookies lobster tails assorted pastries everything is spot on everything is delicious! I've never had anything bad I have to especially recommend the cream puffs they're phenomenal!!! The Big E's got nothing on these! The other thing that I have to point out that especially wonderful is that they have a large variety of sugar free products. They have cookies, cakes... Everything is absolutely delicious!!!

Angel Ortiz

Sugar free options available

Kathy Gagnon

I purchased a 1/4 sheet cake the cake and frosting was hard it was not fresh very disappointing . It has changed chocolate chip cookies, m and m bars and donuts are hard sometimes . Some of the help could use some customer service skills and I am not talking about about the young people who work there it’s the older ones.

Joyce Ferony

Great bread and baked goods. Love the jalipino cheddar pretzels but you can only get them on the week end.

Mrs. Tuninsky



My #1 favorite place in the world. ❤️ Just go to see for yourself

Edward Poole

Harvest Bakery has an amazing selection of baked goods and breads. Many sugar free items as well.


brandon taylor

If you want treet's donuts cakes not open Monday

Jeff Zampaglione

Delicious pastry !

Kathy Tedeschi

It has better babka than the bakeries in New Britain!

Chris Cerniglia

A hometown favorite with great products especially their breads. Have purchased under cooked donuts so beware.

Alyce Fowler

Delicious goodies. Great breads!!

Shae Nuh

So impressed. $1 donuts. Freshly made, perfectly fried exterior, soft fully cooked interior. Tried the PB&J and the blueberry lemon donut. Jelly fillings were the perfect sweetness not overly sweet. Lemon topping was tart and full of lemon flavor. PB frosting was perfectly smooth, not grainy and had a delicious peanut buttery flavor. All of the other baked goods looked fantastic as well. Also really reasonably priced. There were pastries, cake slices, whole crumb cakes, cupcakes etc. Also my coworkers are there daily for coffee and muffins. Will definitely be back!

william gordon

My moms a diabetic and Harvest Bakery is the only bakery that offers sugar free items I order my mother's birthday cake here every year and they always aim to please they get a 10 star rating but it only goes to 5 and they deserve a 10 star rating

Gary Thompson

Edinelis Vega

The bread the sweets are on point.

Katharine Ahlgren

Nathan Peabody

The best bakery in the area. Large selection. Fantastic rolls, bread, donuts, cakes & more. Friendly service. Family owned and operated.

Terry Bryer


Michelle Ganley

The donuts are amazing. Offered the 2 kids I had with me cookies. Very nice people.

Donna Green

amazing! Best bread cakes and pastries

Kelsey R

The best bakery ever

Xavier Amos

A classic Bristol destination

The Nieks

So delicious!!!! Try the crumb cake

Eddie Vendetti

In a word, delicious!

Jason Paradis

Great little bakery. Breads are awesome and be sure to treat yourself to a doughnut or 2 or 3 or 4... enjoy!

Alec Cleveland

Best bakery I've ever been to

Christine Yuschak

I placed a large order of custom cupcakes for a work event. The cupcakes had company logos on top and several frosting colors and they did an awesome job! I heard lots of compliments from my fellow co-workers. Love Harvest Bakery!

Paul Pierson

Old-school mom-and-pop style Bakery. One of the few survivors

Rick Hill

Justin Eldred

Jeanette Cruz

I love their pastries and cakes

Holly Maerz

Harvest Bakery has always been the best and always will be they have the best pastry, cakes, bread, rolls Etc..., I've been going there since I was a kid nothing better than that

Amber Construction

Quality and price

Anna Curtin

Delicious cakes, cookies!!!

Bill Lodovico

Best bakery in town, best Kaiser rolls.


Fresh baked pastries

Marie Janowski

Nice old time bakery

Linda Cutone

Donna S

My favorite bakery anywhere!

Lisa Hudson

Love the donuts and the fruit cakes

Rob Somma

Jamie Cugno

Harvest Bakery is wonderful great desert, lots of options , no long line and if there happens to be one when you get there they are really quick to accomodate. A few months ago they seemed to really change the way they treat customers so now im always treated nicely. if you have a special order or customize something they are happy to please and accommodate your taste buds.... After you become a regular they like to treat you as family and my son loves to go in and see his new friend one of the wait staff. The prices are never too high and the desert is i believe the best around. We go here at least once or twice a week. Great job Harvest.

Pamela Radner

Rye bread extraordinaire!


Wonderful place with lots of awesome baked goods! Their food is awesome and fresh.

taylor Lafferty

The Best! Go every week faithfully.

Sandra Ballard

Best fake reallowance everything's delicious that special cakes there they will fantastic never disappointing


Great product great prices

ted K

Still the best bakery around.

richard demerchant

Good stop for breakfast. Service was good and the bagels were great

Lynsey Wilkins

Delish and prices are amazing.

Malibu Beach house

Fabulous bakery. Appreciate the lovely customer service from all the staff.. very friendly & nice, & the Old Fashion Italian Loaf is perfect. Thanks: )

Betsy R

lin jo

this bakery has been in business it seems like forever. i can honestly say that everything they bake is delicious. my favorite DONUT is the boston cream. but everything else they have is outstanding

Louanna Desmarais

Harvest Bakery is one of the best bakeries so far in Bristol I love the stuff that they have I always go back for more and more

Paula Andrzejewski

The best hard rolls

Diane Bowen

Always have the best food

Google User

Been going since childhood. New owners and some things have changed like the cherry nut roll has DEFINITELY GOTTEN SMALLER. Too bad.

Erica Perry

The best bakery I've ever been to, from the great customer service to the mouth watering foods it makes it hard to leave!

Theresa Fair

Yummies galore.

Jammy Davies

Favorite hometown spot!

Roger Levesque

Great pastries special hard rolls the best

Marcia Patnode

Harvest Bakery has an outstanding array of goodies. It's hard to pick what you want,as you want everything !!!

Justin Tacchi

Fresh and consistently delicious. Not fancy pants but always good. The staff is great and super friendly.

Geoff H

MaryAnne Volpe

Excellent Donuts..Breads..Desserts..Everyone that works there are very friendly and helpful.

Ronie Phone

Great customer service and great baked goods.

Daisy Falcon-Arthur

Best Bakery In Bristol

Michelle St. Pierre

Delicious as always

Doug Grant

ed kissner

Best hard rolls.good pastry selection

Gerald Cote


Elaine Blackburn

All the breads and pastries are great..just miss Marty!!!

Debra Johnson

The owners and staff are down to earth, friendly, nice, hard workers and family oriented. They have generously helped Gloria Dei Caring for Kids throughout the years by donating their delicious shortcakes to us for our annual Strawberry Festival & Craft/Vendor Sale, taking place June 2nd this year.

Diana S

Donuts are SO delicious, especially the filled ones! They have twice as much filling as Dunkin Donuts donuts. Plus the donuts are cheaper too, you get a lot for what you pay. They have an okay selection of coffee but it's still good and fresh.

Geralyn Montambault

Laureen Bendza


Jeff Cerniglia

The best in the area for bakery items, excellent!!

Sherri Woodin

Lovely staff, always clean, and everything is delicious!!

calvin deBourbon

Very professional bakery with timeless recipies and above average service

Wendy Warner

Mark Wolak


Steve Konopka

there is no bakery better. anytime I am in Bristol that a mandatory stop

Kyle McClelland

One of the best bakeries around!

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