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2321 Bott Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States

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Where is Wimberger's Old World Bakery and Delicatessen?

REVIEWS OF Wimberger's Old World Bakery and Delicatessen IN Colorado

Samuel Fowler

This bakery is amazing. Personally, I got the cherry strudel. Also, I got the raspberry jelly wafer cookies. The cherry strudel was the best strudel I have ever had. It was glorious. When I am writing this review, I have not tried my raspberry cookies yet, but I look forward to eating them. I am also looking forward to returning to this lovely German bakery.

Glenn Lints

I love their selection, and the various fresh breads are ALL amazing. You can't go in their store without coming out with an armful of goodies.

Ronald Houghton


Barry Dunlap

So great. Giant pretzel, Kaiser's, German deli case. So good

Richard Mccomas

Best bread around. Take six loafs home to Texas. Keeps in freezer.

Marta Szarka

Friendly people, fast service! Love the deli and the baked goodies!


Friendly and has everything I could ask for. Happy to find a place to get a taste from home.

Sawyer Parham

I absolutely love this bakery. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a little German nostalgia

Natalie Labandter

Best German bakery! They have great bread and pastries! Love this place! Would highly recommend to all.

David Chasteen

Awesome bakery with fresh bread, rolls and pastries I was especially impressed by the 10 inch round cinnamon rolls for less than $2! Great looking deli though I didn't take the time to look much. Definitely a place to check out on a visit to Colorado Springs!

Michelle Yarbrough

We love that they have some of our favorite German foods. The staff are always kind and helpful. I've never been disappointed here. We had "schnitzel thursday" and we'll worth it. If I lived closer it would be baked goods every morning!

W Stranko

Wide selection of quality German and other international foods and divine bakery items. Excellent customer service.

Mike Tabacchi

It feels like home when I go in. They have all the things that I love to eat and it takes me back to when I was a small boy going to the bakery every morning to get my pretzels

Richard Morris

Always a great buy when I go.

joseph Kocsis

The best place to get German deli & backed breads!

Sharon Carter

Staff is very friendly and wonderful selection

Marilyn Lorimor

Always do love it. Really good & always fresh.

Helen Kinsey

Great variety of fresh baked breads and pastery daily. Wonderful deli meat.

Dennis Pagano

If you want the true flavors of traditional German foods then this is the place! Small, quaint, but well worth the trip.

Christina L

Wonderful selection of great German treats

Benjamin Bindewald

This is a beautiful German Place, with very friendly staff. (Her name is Jennifer, she is a german)

Pam Zunk

I love this place, my Mom being German always shopped here.

Eric Basco

The best place for brötchen! Wimbergers has been my family's go to for over 40 years now. Every weekend.

Richard Gohlke

Get ready for Octoberfest had everything I needed.

Claire Wilson

I love this place! When my family and I lived in Germany we fell in love with the culture, the history, the people, but most of all the amazing food. When we found out about this place we were like kids in a candy store! They have the breads, the meats, the condiments, and of course the candies! We were greeted by a very friendly staff and will go back all the time!

Amanda Skolnicki

Love this place! Decent prices and love getting my bread daily

Cody Yocom

Delicious authentic German food

Angelique Manley

It's a fantastic shop! Not only do they have amazing fresh baked breads and rolls (the pretzel rolls are to die for!), but they have a variety of German deli meats, cheeses and prepared sides. If you're looking for essential authentic German groceries they've got that covered herbed vinegar, jarred red cabbage/sauerkraut, curry ketchup, gravy mixes, various canned fish, baking supplies, snacks and of course chocolates & candy. And, everything is reasonably priced. I was most impressed by how welcoming, friendly, pleasant and helpful their employees were...even the youngest ones! My only "complaint"... I wish they had a location in Denver...even if only during December. Until they do, I'll be making an annual pilgrimage from Denver to Colorado Springs to give them my money! Worth the trip!

River Wilde

Try the vegeloaf! It's baloney with veges and sunflower seeds. Best stuff ever! I love grabbing kaiser rolls, meat, cheese, and some beverages before heading up the mountain to hike. Perfect picnic lunch!

Alan Williams

Awesome foods, wonderful people!

Dawn Anon

Best German deli I've been to in COSP. The meat and cheese selections are high quality. This is the only place I go to for my headcheese. If you don't know what that is...don't worry about it. If you do.. Try this location. Be sure to pay attention to their hours of business and you may have to contact them about their holiday hours. The market is a bit tight but it's well worth the trip and the wait. Reasonable prices.

Matt Holmes

Absolutely the best bakery in town. Wonderful breads, cheeses, and deli meats. Everyone is always helpful and nice, and very clean.

Nelson Reps

Awesome place with amazing pastries! Staff is the best and always manages the crowd quickly!

Sara Supinski

My family loves this place. Everyone is nice, it's super affordable, and it never fails to please!

Mara Wright

Love this place!

Rick Holt

Awesome place, will definitely make this a regular visit

LMJ Hall

Enjoy the atmosphere, feels like I am back in Germany..☺

Paige Anderson

This place is amazing! Everything from breads and cakes to meats, and cheeses and everything I'm between. They are even able to accommodate to bigger requests like weddings and events!

Ed Srader

I love this place. Anyone who has ever lived in or even visited Germany should shop here. Flashbacks galore. I shop there once a week even though it's 15 miles from my home.

Juliet Rizzo

I make a special trip for the cinnamon rolls!

Peter Rueckher

Love it would shopping more if it would be closer !

G.Marianne Quast

Best goodies in town, fast service. Wouldn't know what to do without Wimberger. Everything fresh and great tasting.

jonathan olin

The real deal . A great bakery and more.


Busy on a Saturday. Has a deli section with what looks like delicious meats and even more delicious baked good. Turn overs, croissants, etc. And buns and bread. Recommended.

Donna Goodrum

great bakery with a wonderful deli

Rick Rosenkranz

Such a professional store I love going into wimberger's everything is so clean and organized and the people are always so helpful always willing to help somebody find something couldn't find a bigger store or better people thank you so much


Everything is very fresh, Partially expensive, Friendly service, Good selection of products for such a small store. I will go again

Martina Padia

Been there many times. Love this place. Has good pretzel rolls,pretzels, rolls and a variety of luchmeats and cheese. Plus other things. Saturday's is one of there busiest days. I recommend going during the week since it's not so busy. People are very nice there. I recommend this place.

William Sumner

Great selection of products and a really wonderful staff.


Love this place!! If you are looking for German foods, this is the place.

Daniel Rivera

Fresh Brotchen, and a deli with all the German Staples. This is by far the best place in town for your German food needs,Zoo Ilove this place.

Dan Colbert

The best place to get all the old world stuff.

Toni Kesterson

The service is outstanding!!! The Deli is wonderful and it reminds of Germany!!!

Frantisek Trenkler

This place is the best. Absolutely delicious baked goods, great selection of meats and cheeses and tons of sweets and goodies. Every visit is a treat!

james n mary montoya

Best deli meat and baked goods. Very friendly staff.

L.E. Kemper

awesome. from the locally grown veggie stand out front in the late summer and autumn, to the authentic german food to the gourmet, hard to find ingredients, this is the place.

Dale NeSmith

Excellent place, authentic German products; A must for all of our family's special occasions.

Patricia Johnson

This place always makes me feel like I'm back home. I love the hospitality, the service, the products. I wish the hours were longer, and I wish they weren't quite so expensive, but I am glad they exist.

Jeri Zimmermann

So wonderful a place with so many delicious foods and completely authentic German! Pasties to rave about any time of the year!

Margarete Chubbuck

Yummy and awesome! Love german breads and meats :)

john lytle

This one of the first places that my german wife and I have found and the best so far.

Daniel Shumac

I love Wimbergers! They take me back home every visit

Iris Worrell

Being from Germany it's my favorite place to shop. Great food

Connie Schatz

I love this bakery more than anything. Everybody there is super friendly and helpful.

Paul Davis

Best place anywhere!! Real German stuff!!

Victoria Bolding

Very authentic German the food is great the workers are great they're always smiling and always willing to help you even if your German isn't all that great

J.D Roland (Roland Investigations)

Drove down from Denver and it was well worth it. Reminded me of home back in Stuttgart.

Tim Alberry

Amazing food as always. Gotta get the early if you want stuff though.

Ave Sala

The customer service is awesome, two different workers took time and explained different items to us. We definitely will be back. The best sauerkraut and Liverwurst.

Daniela Bright

My favorite place to shop for German goodies, easing home sickness, especially this time of the year! I'm so happy to have an authentic German bakery with deli and much more!

Lars Schürmann

Awesome German store with lots of authentic foods.

Beverley Lopez

Love this place.. I can find things from home that other stores don't carry

Dale Reber

They have all kinds of authentic german style food . The apple turnover and blueberry danish were exceptional. Friendly workers that I actually heard speaking in German.

Joe Rongish

Really excellent pastries. Great stop for some breakfast.

Rebecca Godinez

Everyone was super friendly, and the food is AMAZING! We will definitely be coming back here often! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!

Unitronics PLC

Awesome little shop, phenomenal bread and pastries.

Carlton Mercer

I'm so happy today. it's been 15 years since I've been in Germany to visit Oma. I got to visit this morning by stepping thru the doors here. Sie haben alles! Wir kauften Brötchen, Speck, Käse, Salami aus Ungarn, Gummis, Curry Ketchup. Wir kommen wieder und das Wochenende hat eine größere Auswahl. introduced my nieces to German meats and cheeses. they both were highly impressed. Speck is the best thing they've ever had they said. the youngest loves baby Swiss but she thinks Leerdammer ist besser. I have missed German breads,meats, and Cheeses but not anymore. This is the best Milka selection I've seen in awhile. so many Gummis Aber sie sind nicht zum tielen lol. but the frog gummies because it's the best flavor of gummies you've never tried. kids picked two milka told them that they would blow away any Hershey bar they ever had. they both agreed kuhflecken was better than any Hershey's bar. Dad said the dark chocolate was the best he ever had ate the whole bar and he doesn't like sweets .We knew that already it's Milka. I gorge myself on three salami Brotchen it had been 15 years. I love it and they speak German too.

Jenny H

Best place to get German foods. Between candies, Dali's, bakery they have it all! Taste better than anyone else in town. Plus they are clean! Some places I've been are dirty & gross!

George Bahr

truly authentic breads and baked goods. only real european bakery around.

Yvonne Mc Carthy

Love it, great customer service and always very helpful

helmut huhn

Great stuff, not enough parking and a little expensive.

Russell V

Great place with a German atmosphere, friendly people, good selection of meats, and cheeses. Try the giant pretzels or some of there sausage. Really good food.

Ides March

Love this place for all the German goodies you love. The Pastries are always fresh. The red curry sauce is delish over some good bratwurst

Dan Shelley

Amazing baked goods and some of the best meats in town. Nice dry goods and candy selection as well. Look at their hours and plan to go early for the best selection. It is worth the effort.

Gary King

Genuinely nice people make each visit a pleasure and great foods from other countries make it healthy. Jams with real fruit and sugars, not genetically mutated, sprayed with Round-Up and agent orange is a real treat. With health problems I began to look at what we are doing to "food" in this country and began looking for clean sources for nutrients. This place has plenty of healthy choices.

Gary Wendorf

Such great pastries and deli! You will love it!

Linda Davis

Great place!! Real German baked goods.

Jackie Rieger

Such a great find! Great market. Get here early for choice pics. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Kimmie Randall

I love how friendly the staff is they have a wonderful selection and some of the best quality candy we can find.

Jay Bonds

Best german place in town most authentic reminds me of my time in Germany

Rita stott

Great place in the springs for German food. Wide variety of choice deli meats and cheeses not available at the local markets. Fresh made breads and rolls. Candies not available anywhere else in the area.

Jude Malloy

The German rye (brown bread) is just like you get at the local bakery in any village in Germany. It's delicious! The cold cuts, cheese, dried goods everything is just really great. Do yourself a favor and go.

Athena Lietzau

If you're craving German baked goods, this is the best place in The Springs! Plus other meats, cheeses, and products you probably won't find elsewhere.

Tiffany Donnelly

So good! Their baked goods are amazing and I wish it was closer so I could go every day!

Michaela Totten

This place is awesome!

Melanie Allen

Exactly what you would expect from a German bakery ...amazing goods.....amazing friendly staff ....and good atmosphere

Monika Card

This is the best German goodies place in town. The meats are authentic. I should know, grew up with it in Germany. Love it

Rolf Arnold

Best German bakery in Colorado! Great deli and good selection of German grocery items. Go early in the day or else you may find your favorite item is already sold out !

Kym Hardy

My favorite bakery ever

James Cummings

Best German store in the Springs area. Fresh bakery (delicious, freshly baked every morning pretzels, pizza snack, pastries, and bread), great selection of delicious meats, cheeses, and chocolates. The staff is veey friendly and helpful.

Jeff Baker

Literally everything in this store is amazing, coming from someone who grew up in Germany, I can say I haven't experienced anything below amazing! Food and service!

Mark Galle

It is like stepping into an old world German bakery and delicatessen!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

Dee Transplanted

great German deli with all the right fixings!!!!

Rita Jeffries

Great rolls, meat, cheeses love this place

Don Freeman

A great German deli...with Fresh baked bread

Sabine Wegert

Lot's of yummy things..... Great selection of German food and grocery

Mayo Nouns

You might have a good rating but you're closed on Sundays. So there's no way to find out.

Katherine McCray

Super yummy baked goods!!!! Nothing was over dry (which typically happens in our desert climate). Lots of pantry items and sweets too. This time we shared (and by "shared" I mean fought over) a cinnamon roll and cherry pastry.

Cheryl Bennett

Love the fresh made baked goods!! Also found some German goodies we love,!!

Caleb Fowler

Fantastically flaky and sweet-tart apple raisin turnover, the best pastry I can remember having. The pretzels were also great.

Michael F Dapelo Jr

Always great German food and baked goods. The children love watching the fish in the pond.

Nathaniel Williams

This is a great place for German style deli meats and breads. They also have Sauerkraut, deli cheeses, German chocolate, curry sauces, and German seasonings. Their hours just make it hard to get there during the weekend. But, they are open until 4 during the week.

Karin Bowers

Best lunchmeat And bread

Nikki Rea

I just wish they'd make more pretzels everyday ☹

LeRoy Rugg

Great place for all things German! Get there early for the best selection of baked goods. Really like the all veal bratwurst! Can't find that at home in Pittsburgh.

nettle gettle

awesome stuff here. best bread, sandwhich meat and cheese around. gave 4 stars because the hours are terrible. make sure and look before you go if you are off work they are probably closed.

Ralf Tollkuehn

It took me 22 years after moving to america to find a place with real Broetchen...there are many German Stores (or so they think) but this place is as authentic as it gets.

Owen Fowler

I am a professional bread baker, and I enjoy visiting local bakeries when travelling. This place is fantastic. The staff were kind, welcoming, and helpful. The pastries were exceptional. The pretzels made a great snack on the long drive home. We got a large round loaf that had the most amazing flavor and crust. The selection of German treats and grocery items was great. Oh, and the deli counter. Wow. Next time we visit, we will be stopping here first to shop for a big dinner to share with family.

Dawn Denver

Best, magnificent, beautiful pastries! Awesome German atmosphere

Kathy Anderson

Wimbergers takes me back to the bakeries and deli markets I frequented when living in Stuttgart, Germany! The pretzel rolls have the perfect chew to go along with their fleishcase. Don't hesitate to visit, you will not be disappointed!

Jerry Shay

Best pretzels east of Philadelphia !! Kaiser rolls best in the US. German potato salad is most excellent if you can get it. Sells out fast get there early!!

Linda Lau

First time and DEFINITELY not the last!!

Robert Fowler

Best bread ever!

Roselyn DiGiacomo

For my first time there, is was a very warm place to be. The people are very friendly, and the smell just pulls you in.

Denise Schimpf

Dangerous place, food is soooo good.

Angela K

This deli has the most fantastic imported meats and cheeses and amazing fresh baked breads! Everything is as good as what we get in Germany!

Tirza Fogle

As always a true treat! I have been visiting this store for years and always make time to stop here when I'm in town.

Susan Taylor

Unique. But missing. Needs a few tables.

Susanne Chenard

Great service and great food

Kurt Foy

It's legendary, that's all you need to know. Schmeckt gut!

Anja Alston

I wish I could move to Colorado Springs just to be able to have real german food, german candy, etc.

Alex Mc Dowell

I definitely will be coming back to this bakery. Their locally hand made kaiser rolls are delicious. I definitely recommend this place to everyone

Steve C

What an awesome place my lady is from Germany she totally loves it

Denise Flinchbaugh

Busy for the holidays it is always but wonderful Bread and all things German

Kevin Pepper

best German deli in town

Bethany Huff

I love this place. Great food. This is why I have fat jeans. If you have never had there salami and cheese pretzel bread that is only available Friday and Saturday mornings, then you are missing out. There are only 2 negatives. 1 is that they don't make enought of them. I get 13 and its still not enough to last the weekend. 2 is they are a little pricey for instance their marzipan crescent cookies are costly but they are delicious.

Hanna Nocon

The. Dei and bakery. Is just like being in Germany. Love it

Andrés Duran

Love their fresh pretzel buns. Also their deli meat and cheeses great variety and pretty yummy stuff! Plus more can and package stuff! I need to try their sauerkraut looks good I just have not tried yet! I do recommended this deli bakery shop!


Great people, always friendly and helpful. This place takes me back to my childhood and shopping in a little German town on Saturday mornings with my Oma.

Britta Ward

Awesome selection of fresh lunch meat and cheeses. Seasonings, coffee, candy and freshly baked original breads, rolls, pastries. And not to forget the chocolate. I love this place. Always have. And the associates are friendly and helpful no matter how off the wall your question or request may be.

Sarah Milteer

Very reasonable compared to trying to buy similar items at regular grocery stores, particularly the cheeses and smoked sausages. Rolls are fantastic as are the breads. Great selection of Swiss chocolates. Highly recommend!

Terence McKenna

If you like good German cusine, then this is THE place in Colorado Springs to get your groceries!

Darren Waltman

As usual, I was planning beer brats and beer cheese so I went to Wimberger's for some salt sticks. As I had some friends with me we got some sweet things as well and a jar of sauerkraut and a beer mug full of German mustard. Everything was divine but when we went to go to the register they handed us these.

Jeremy Locher

Awesome! Love this place.

Larry Renner

The best German Bakery/Deli/Grocery store in southern Colorado.

Heather Renee

This place is super cool and friendly staff!


This has been one of the few but best German deli/bakery. The Kaiser rolls and basically everything is nop notch.

Ellie S

Their baked items are really good. Had a piece of apple strudel that was just lovely.

Richie Fredrick

Being from Germany, this place is very authentic and reminds me of home. Good place to get the best food and spices! I love it!

lisa crespo

Love going there!!! It's really crowded but it's worth it;0

Connie Novak

Old fashioned German like my grandmother used to make. Will definitely go again.

L A.

Amazing , delicious !

Daniel Thomas

The best Braunschweiger I've had since I was a kid. Love the struedel and pretzels as well!

zi yan lim

Love the ham!! And the free samples

Pam Williams

Wow what an amazing place! The workers were so helpful even though it was very busy. Delicious food!

Jerrie Montoya

I really love everything thing. The bread, pastries there Deli everything is very good. Everytime I visit Colorado Springs I go there very fortunate and the people are exceptionally nice and friendly

Mr Williams

Come on Saturday. Can get the great German brotchen and then hit imbiss truck for a doner or curry wurst. Great time today!!

Barry Cogen

Amazing selection of both imported foods and fresh baked breads. An incredible array of meats and cheeses- second to none! Super friendly staff, plenty of parking.

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