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REVIEWS OF Vinh Xuong Bakery IN Colorado

Kub Lauj

They really Americanized this bakery. Its no longer a "Viet" only place now. Modernized the menu and added dining area. My wife really loves the place and the sandwichs.

Rosemary Williams

Love your Bahn mi sandwiches! They are so full of fresh, crisp veggies and flavorful meats and the rice flour roll, which they are served on is top notch, crusty on the outside and soft and tender on the inside! Yummy!

Tyler King

Great Bahn Mi, recommend the grilled pork. Sesame balls and other baked goods are good also. Quick service, even during busy lunch rush. My favorite sandwich spot in Denver, hands down.

Matthew Norris

This place is fantastic! The prices are low, the service is quick and friendly, and the food is excellent. I had the Spicy Tofu Bahn Mi, and my wife had the Spicy Avacado Bahn Mi. I also had the Iced Coffee. All three were excellent. It's worth the drive for us, and we'll definitely be repeat customers.

Jim W

Love the ban mi! Pretty good coffee too.

matt larson

Love this spot. The sandwiches and pork buns are deeeeeelish.. and i#vvv'b

Lauren Webber

Delicious. Seriously. Try a banh mi, a bun, and one of those dessert cup corn things in the fridge. For real. You won't regret it.

Zachary Schmalz

Fantastic Bakery. I have been there a number of times and I have never been disappointed.

Moana Sato

Cheap sandwiches with plenty of flavor and texture. A lot of options for appetizers at the counter, an espresso machine, unique desserts, and fresh baked goods. Interior is very clean, bright, and stocked with spicy things to soup up your sandwich before you chow down.

Darwin Alvarado

The best sandwich in Denver

Hannah Leigh

Cute little family run store

Dan Hannigan

Vietnamese Iced Coffee. That's pretty much all you need to know. But really, after you get a coffee, get any of their tasty pastries or sandwiches. Really great prices and friendly service - I will gladly drive across town to visit this place on the weekends.

Ryan Nicholl

One of the best sandwiches I've ever had hands down. Awesome iced coffee and super nice staff. Love it.

robert scott

Not necessarily the most authentic Bahn Mi I've had in Denver but the flavor is good and the portion size is an amazing value. Most of the local shops along Federal the sandwiches are a snack at best this place the sandwiches are a full meal I'm headed back for the 2nd time in 3 days for the grilled pork.

Alli Suns

Yummy good ole bahn mi sandwhich shop. I felt they were pretty much the real deal It's a plus everything is really inexpensive but you do get that reflecting quality Still really tasty tho Good tea options and they have baked goods authentic to Vietnamese cuisine Not much options for food food to choose from but like I said it's a good ole bahn mi shop

Hoai Song Nguyen

I was a bit hesitant to pay $5.25 for a banh mi since all the banh mi shops I’ve been to has always been around $3.50 but now I know why it’s that price. The banh mi is huge with twice as much meat as a regular banh mi. I got the grilled pork and bbq pork banh mis and the meat is flavored very well. Their banh tieu and sesame balls great as well. The che desserts are good. I usually got my banh mi at Baker’s Palace but I’ll be frequenting this delicious place as well.

Holly Seeber

Best! Best! Tofu bahn mi!!

Lindsay Willis

Hands down best banh mi I've ever had and overall best sandwich in Denver. I already want another one.

Anthony Kuchem

Everything about Vinh Xuong is amazing. The sandwiches are amazing and unbeatable at $5. The coffee is to die for. (Get the iced coffee without condensed milk!) I go here about twice a month and am never disappointed!

Iouri Lebedev

Delicious, prices are good, and good atmosphere! Got my Banh Mi in a clear rice wrapper, which was a low carb option. It looked like a burrito, as all the fillings fit into it!


It's hard to give a review to a business that was highly recommend by friends, but due to the employee's poor hygiene, I tossed the sandwiches as soon as I walked out. Just to clarify, the staff put gloves on, started making the sandwiches then realized she needed a certain ingredient; grabbed one of the sandwiches, went in the back and came back holding a bag in the other hand, while pushing the door with the sandwich in hand. Although I told her I wished she changed gloves, she nonchalantly said - "it's okay, we do this all the time". Both the other awaiting customer and I were a bit puzzled by the remark, so rather than make a fuss and ask for a refund, I simply walked out and tossed the sandwiches in the trash.

Andrew Choi

Good staff but the coffee and spring rolls were not up to my expectations. It is good but it can be better. The coffee can be of better quality.

Kathie Anderson

Had a delicious pork sandwich! Can't wait to go back

Neil Batkis



Possibly the most heavenly meal between the most perfect French bread ever. Can't recommend this 3rd Generation Bakery enough so good

Morgan Roddy

Best sandwiches! I've never tried anything else there. The tofu banh mi is so so good. Even if you aren't a vegetarian, I highly recommend it.

Karen Pattyn

Great sandwiches for great price

Dennis Duffy

Long wait, stale product from kooler. Best to go to original location on Federal

Edro Slice

BOMBSTICGITTY since day one. Truly an A1 FROM DAY1!

Fllame 120

Mango Smoothie was super delicious. The strawberry and cream flaky bread could have used some more filling.

Manjula Panakkal

Reasonable prices, great food and even better BEST boba tea

Amanda Mogab

Best Banh Mi sandwiches in Denver.

William Burke

Great food, just dont go in anytime near closing. Always outta pork after 5 it seems, annoying when it says closing at 6. Just close at 5.

Absinthe Algaier

Super delightful sandwiches-melt in your mouth bread. They played an entire Smashing Pumpkins album while I was there last and it transported me to my youth.

Eric Werner

Friendly with great Banh Mi!

Brian Macey

I hadn’t been to a bakery like this before and went here based off of the reviews. The grilled pork bahn mi was as good as everyone said it was and for $5.25 is tough to not side with being a great value pick if you’re in the area looking for a nibble. I also enjoyed a latte, they were using huckleberry roasters beans, and was slowly enjoyed while I relaxed.

Jason Takahashi

Best bahn mi and beats around

Jeremy S

It's hard to imagine better food at a cheaper cost. The spicy duck bahn mi was incredible. Definitely coming back to try everything else!

Bethany Sikes

Great food, love the coffee and banh mi sandwiches. They offer an avocado smoothie but you can't put regular tapioca balls with it anymore so I don't come here as often. They have a good truck too!

Jen Lofgren

Amazing prices for amazing food!

Mike D

Love their coffee offerings, spicy avocado bahn mi is off the hook amaze balls (with or without some pickled jalapeños and hot pepper oil added for extra spice), my son loves their steamed pork buns (with quail eggs) and I really like the owners and staff - fast and friendly service!


I love this place. Great banh-mi sandwiches, bread, pastries and coffee drinks. Great value, quality place. You should go.

Susan Duran

Quick service. Good coffee and sandwiches.

Kayla Mitchell

Best Vietnamese iced coffee bahn mis around. I drive from Aurora because it is worth it. Make sure to go on a Sunday and get a specialty sandwich, you won’t be sorry! Great staff and great place!

Bryce Laird

Fantastic banh mi, pastries and milk boba tea/smoothies. Prices are very affordable and everything is fantastic! My go-to for lunch.

eva Urias

Very nice place.and fresh.

Doug Martin

great food and really reasonable price

Kenny Lanza

Great food at an amazing price. About the best Banh Mi sandwiches I have ever had. Coupled with the prices, you can't go wrong stocking up here! Love the Roasted Pork sandwich!

Juliann Doessel

The tofu sandwich is soo delicious for a vegetarian option! I like to substitute the mayo for avacado to make it vegan. Plus they have great beverages like aloe water and vietnamese coffee and tea with nondairy milk :)

Deborah Campbell

Delicious grilled pork sandwich at a very affordable price. Atmosphere is relaxed; its a refreshing place to stop in for a coffee or lunch in the area. The staff is kind and efficient.

John Garcia

Phenomenal food. I'd eat here every week if it was by my home.

Hong Pham

I love their bánh tiêu here but recently discovered that they have the best giant croissants ever. Only at this location though.

Sri-Nic Sanford

The food was SO flavorful and tasty! Added bonus of being inexpensive!

Shy Lev-Ari

I was supposed how much i enjoyed the sandwich! Also, kiwi smoothies r awesome!!

Luca T

Pretty ladies serving on point banh mi. Make sure to lace yours with some house made pickled jalapenos and chili sauce from the condiment stand.

Joseph Maxwell

Favorite banh mi. Duc, the owner, is an awesome guy - everyone I’ve met here have been great people

Crystal Kingsbury

The banh mi here is great! Best in Denver in my opinion. Just wish this place wasn't so far away from me. But I will make the trek across town for it for sure!

Justin Duncan

Great food, friendly staff.

briana boyd

Love this place so much!! We have been coming here for years and cannot even wait until they open their new location closer to our house!!!!!

Natanael Flores

A must stop and dine Bakery. HIGHLY recomend the grilled pork sandwich. Staff is VERY friendly. Clean enviroment. Recently expanded to fit more people and meet the demand.(since it is very popular in the area.)

GFX Protege

Best bahn mi in Denver! If you go on the weekends, the have a spicy duck sandwich. The coffee selection is pretty great too, lots of brew type options (aeropress, chemex, etc)

Warren Schaefer

Bbq pork banh mi sandwich is stellar and Expresso! Cool atmosphere and music too. Friendly staff.

Bruno Navarrete

Love this place!

Brad P

Duck banh mi. Eat it.

Adrian Wright

Best sammy of all universes. Cozy and bright happy environment , sick dj, very reasonable price!

Casey Monson

Very cheap and delicious Vietnamese sandwich.

Jason MacFarlane

This place is to die for! Outstanding fresh baked goods and banhmi. I love bringing people here for the first time. Prices have gone up but it's still a good value. The staff and owners are always wonderful! I highly recommend the pork.

Brian Camarena

BEST Bánh mì sandwiches in Denver by far. Simply outstanding!

Ethan Valentine

I am addicted to this place. Absolutely love it. The food is amazing and the prices are outrageously low. I usually go in and get two grilled pork and it comes out to 9 dollars even and I have food for half the day. Highly recommend it.

Rawss LeBlanc

Pretty disappointed with our last visit. I was really looking forward to a chemex coffee and sandwich, but they no longer do chemex. Although there is a chemex chilling on the shelf with pricing info. Ended up getting a straight espresso. Could have made a better cup at home. So that's a bummer to pay for. The sandwich was pretty good, but definitely not as good as last time. Either they were having an off day, or the magic is gone. The manager or owner was pretty short with the employees; there are less demeaning ways to all for a subordinate to unlock a side door. Shrill voice and entitled attitude would explain the lack of cheer of previous visits. Used to be a really nice coffee and sandwich joint.

Bob Andrus

Try the pork ....amazing!

Demetrius Ollie

Have come here frequently over the last few months and am amazed every day by the quality of service as well as food ! Highly recommend the duck on the weekends!

Zarra Keith

One of my favorite places in Denver - great vegetarian options!

Troy Taylor

This is my go to place for a “fast food” experience. The grilled pork sandwich is huge and absolutely delicious. Make sure to pile on some of the pickled jalapeños the have available, as they’re not very hot and have tons of flavor. For $5.25, you just can’t beat it. Make sure to try the coffee if you don’t mind it a little on the sweet side, it’s excellent as well!

Lyzzi Hahn

The tofu bahn mi's and chili oil are to DIE FOR!

Alex Spangler

I love their bahn mis seriously the best around town

Pamela Infiesto

Great food at reasonable price!!

Hannah Duggan

The best EVER!!

Michael Schreiber

As always the staff is amazing and the tofu Bhan Mi sandwiches are the best in town. They also sell their sandwich bread. I always also get their Cold Vietnamese Coffee

Davin Yoshida

Awesome cheap bahn mi

Natalie Greenberg

Best bahn mi in town

David Graham

Tasty banh mi subs at this location. My order was prepared quickly and the dining room was clean and quiet. It was busy on a weekday and their prices were reasonable compared to other Vietnamese sandwich shops nearby.

Amy Cordova

AMAZING FOOD!!!!!! literally some of the best food in Denver! Every time I eat here I leave with a giant smile on my face! Great staff and seriously phenomenal food!

Pam Phillips

7 of my friends joined me here for lunch today. It was my moving out of town and going to miss the food and friends party! The food was delicious as always. The Milk Tea with Lavender, was SO DELICIOUS... The Vietnamese egg rolls, the grilled pork sandwich and the pistachio cake with Bavarian cream rolled in it. Was a huge hit with everyone! Thank you for not letting me down. I had lived in this neighborhood all of my life, the food in this neighborhood is so diverse and most is yummy beyond words! This place is one of a few places that I'm going to miss VERY MUCH when I move to the mountains. I would give this place 6

Brian Manion

Amazing place and atmosphere, it was my first time coming it and best believe I will be returning, I got the grilled pork and a couple of egg rolls and they were very tasty especially the egg rolls. It’s fairly priced unlike some of the other bakery’s in town. Service was great thank you! Can’t wait to bring my friends here.

Valerie Koch

Some of the best banh mi in town. Roasted pork rolls are my go to, though they are on the sweet side. Also try their lavender milk tea if you're up for a sweet treat.

Heather Graf

Good, quick food. Nice staff. Answered all my questions to help me make a decision as to what to easy with all my allergies!


$5 bahn mi. It was good and fresh!

Urban Resistance

Ate here yesterday had to come back the next day. This place is amazing the atmosphere is chill, the people working there are super nice. The sandwiches are outstanding you get a mix of sweet, little spicy, great mix in flavors, the meat is awesome i have no idea how they make it so damn good. they put lots of veggies on it which I love and it’s only $5 for a sandwich. Definitely recommend the tea with the milk in it.

Alba Ziane

Best French bread ever


Good Banh Mi, but it is a little pricey. Not the best that I have ever had though.

Dan Wood

Hands down best banh mi in Denver!

Hilario Garfio

Great service! Love the milk teas and the sandwiches are so toasty and yummy!

Gregory Avedikian

The best banh mi in Denver, along with killer Viet iced coffee and other tasty pastries and bao. Even have a tofu banh mi for the veg heads. One of my favorite spots in SW Denver.

Mb K

DELICIOUS, I'll be visiting here frequently.

James Chung

Ordered 2 avocado bahn mi and discovered that they used avocados gone bad. The flesh of avocado was clearly black and I didn't like that they assembled the sandwich in the kitchen and brought them out, instead of making them in front of you. I read good reviews about Vinh Xoung but I would not go back.

Katelin Champion

Best bahn mi in Denver! Staff is friendly, location is neat and modern, they have great coffee options, and I love picking up a sesame ball and steam bun for the next day lunch. It's also in a great location for other Vietnamese shopping (there's a Vietnamese grocery store across the parking lot). We go there pretty regularly -- it's always good and the prices are amazing.

Kyle Ross

Definitely the best Bánh Mì I've found so far in the area. They make them fresh so they are delicious. Get the grilled pork! Their other menu items such as the pork bun are awesome!

Cole Schmitt

A solid Bahn Mi for a good price. Great for a quick call in on lunch break or grab a coffee with a friend. A nice selection of Asian baked/sweet cakes. I find myself always coming back and getting something new.

Rayna stem

SOO GOOOOOOD. I recommend the iced coffee

Katie Webster

I am lucky to live nearby. Vegan-friendly spicy tofu is the BEST whether you are a meat eater or not. Everything from the bread to the pickles is homemade, and it keeps the price incredibly low. The coffee is Wonderful, I only wish it opened earlier in the day so I could get here sooner.

Atomic Gringo

Excellent sandwiches, coffee and service!

Lina Gentile

The sesame ball was amazing and I loved the lavender milk tea!

Kyle Yamashita

Really good, inexpensive banh mi with a variety of different fillings. They also sell a few different kinds of bao and desserts as well. Nice staff and casual atmosphere.

Anna Perez

The bahn mi is delicious!!! Best I've had since I Duong Phong in New Orleans!!

Soka Neung

Nice cute clean place with amazing sandwiches and super friendly staff. I’ve visited twice and it makes me wish I live in Aurora. Thank you for the great food!

Tim Stein

Order here many times(20+), calling in our lunch order was placed on hold for 10+ minutes. No reasoning or apology offered, went just down federal and saved a bit of money. Will no longer place our office Bahn Mi order here. Has happened multiple times and now I am just over it.

Nakai Corral

Best sandwich I think I’ve ever had. Was only 6$! WOW!

Jerson Malaguit

This place has been on my radar and I finally got in a visit. The menu is no frills but delicious, and did not disappoint.

Hash Ventura

Everything here is amazing! I love this place.

Justin Servantez

Spot is bomb, best vietnamese sandwiches around.

Nate Wilkins

Best bahn mi I've ever had! So delicious and refreshing. Their ice coffee is soooo delicious as well!

Carter Isberg

Wonderful food

Amanda King

Best Bahn Mi and Seasame ball I've ever had!

Lawrence Valdez

The recipes seemed to changed. I really didn’t enjoy the taste of the meatballs this time. Super disappointed, this is the first bahn mi sandwich I couldn’t eat.

Simon Jones

Holy smokes! A delicious Banh Mi in chill surroundings. The constant stream of customers is a great indicator how good this place is. We'll definitely be back!

Remy Loet

Amazing bahn mi and good iced drinks. Great lunch spot with a chill vibe.

Jeremy Gunderman

Bahn Mi paradise. Avocado and Tofu options for the vegetarians and an assortment of meats for the carnivores. Offer Duck on the weekends. Also sell a good variety of pastries and other baked goods as well as coffee and tea. One of my favorite places to eat in Denver.

Jason Cox

Yummy Banh Mi sandwiches, exotic pastries, and great coffee!

Jesse Gross

Best Bahn Mi in town. But was turned away stating they ran out of bread, when a bag of at least 50 baguettes were laying on the counter.

p Lore

Great bahn mi

Sonia Saxena


Thomas Luong

We love this place for the fresh fluid they offer. Good spring rolls and some of the best Vietnamese sandwiches you can find. A place to find good little Vietnamese treats you grew up with.

Brandon Rith

The BEST sandwiches! Amazing!

Jeff Diem

Better than the Banh Mi sandwiches I had in Vietnam. Very good coffee, friendly, and quick service too. I may end up a regular here.

Marie Giezendanner

I almost don't want to review this place because I want it all to myself! Great banh mi, great prices, great everything.

Brad Bogus

The best sandwich in Denver, no contest. Also probably one of the cheapest sandwiches too. The bread is perfect. The coffee is connoisseur level. I LOVE this place.

Doug Bright

A well-made banh mi cannot disappoint. They make it very well. Great Vietnamese iced coffee too. Kind service.

Patrick Ayres

One of the best banh mi sandwiches in the Denver area can be found here. Vinh Xuong also has plenty of side items and baked Vietnamese goodies to accompany your sandwich. Although all the sandwiches are stuffed with a wonderful blend of marinated veggies and cilantro, I think the most flavor is found in the pork banh mi. Still delicious are the chicken, meatball, and pate selections. They even make a vegetarian sandwich with avocados, which I enjoy when I want something light.

Joanne O'Hearn

This place is delicious! Meatball sandwich is the best. Pleasant surprise of toppings on the sandwiches that make them slightly sweet and crunchy, which include pickled dikon and pickled carrots. Iced coffee is also very good, great coffee flavor and a nice sweetness to it that is very smooth. Pastries are also delicious! You just can't lose. :-)

Madison Smith

I wish I could give this place a 10! definitely the best sandwiches I have Had next to a few I have had in new Orleans but it's hard to find good seafood in colorado. the menu is a hand full of sandwiches and and all of them are amazing. my favorite is the meatball and the grilled pork. the spring rolls are fresh and they have a few unique drinks and deserts. my most recommend restaurant in this part of town.

Jo Aman

My friends and I were there for hours and the staff was so kind. They did not push us out at aThey made our order correctly and the strawberry smoothie that I had was to die for.

Helen C

They make one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. Hands down. I come here at least every other week because I can’t get enough. Honestly the best sandwich in all of Denver. Their house made chili oil and pickled jalapeños are out of this world. The bread is freshly made and tasty AF. If you have any hesitation about coming here, drop it ASAP. Your life will be changed forever after having one of these sandwiches.

Ian James Chapman

Great sandwiches and coffee. If everyone in the world had a great sandwich every day or two there would be world Peace ;-)

Taylor Keaten

Great food. Service was a bit cold but the food was excellent and reasonably priced for a quick lunch spot. Spring rolls, grilled pork sandwich and avocado smoothie were fantastic choices. I'll be back for more exploration

Nancy Nguyen

You get a beautiful filling meal made in front of you with freshly baked French bread and authentic ingredients. There are vegetarian options. Never disappointed. Small, cozy with great service.

Sergio Reyes

Pho banh mi and Veitnamese Coffee! Its for real!

Elizabeth Dalbotten

Great sandwiches!! Its really cozy and refreshing inside.

Andrew Plunkett

Best deal around for amazing food!

Emily Parker

Vinnie X is my favorite place in the world. Love them so much they even catered our wedding! Any sandwich they have on the menu, they can put in a wrap to make it gluten free. Their sesame balls are out of control. I can't get enough of their Vietnamese iced coffee! And the che and jellies are amazing. Yes, yes, yes.

michael mase

I have enjoyed everything I've ordered here!

Charles Young

Wow. Best bahn mi of my life. and I have eaten plenty of them.

Kathy Gibson

Yummy! The sandwiches were super fresh, service was fast, friendly staff. I would definitely go back!

steven coker

Everything they have is great, hard not to go back daily

Larry Y

The bread is a little crusty but that's my only complaint about this place. They're far from your usual sandwich shop; they actually experiment with new things and offer authentic Asian snacks that are way better quality than the Asian grocery stores. None of the food feels like it was churned out by a machine.

Eric Filley

Great bahn mi sandwiches, traditional vietnamese baked goods, & coffee. Hard to go wrong at this place. Grab some fresh baguettes to go for your own homemade sandwich creations before you leave. Several of the food trucks that operate around town buy their bread from Vinh Xuong if that tells you anything about the quality of their bread.

Charles Walker

Best bahn mis in Denver!

Steve Nam

Love everything here, seriously try everything and you won't be disappointed! Service is so friendly and positive too.

Brian Hawkins

I just think the grilled pork is about the best damn sandwich I have ever had. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Walton Yeung

Came late Saturday afternoon to try their special duck bahn mi: they were out of bread but the rice paper wrap version was just as good! Also sells Asian bakery items like mooncakes, niangao (年糕), and even youtiao (油条).

Avraham Ancel

I drove my hummer stretch limo "Avi Limo" for a vietnamese wedding Saturday. The groom wanted to stop for some food before the reception - they bought me the duck sandwich! I am from Israel and never have had such a good sandwich in my life. I came back Sunday but they were closed. I already told some of my fraiends and will be back for sure.

Mike Nguyen

Pretty tasty overstuffed bang mi! Had the grilled pork bang mi and I wasn’t disappointed. Not bad! They also have other snacks such as egg rolls and pate chau (pork stuff puff pastries) which were decent as well.


Pork Banh Mi is delicious. Highly recommend it.

Bee Dee

Great Bahn Mi

Joel Stewart

Grilled Pork Bahn Mi Is Incredible

Brent Tryon

The best Banh Mi sandwich in Colorado. Do the research yourself. None of the other places in town even compare. Mom knows her clients and always has a great smile. Her son's place by Pacific Ocean market is so awesome as well. 20+ years I've been eating there, never a drop in quality!!! All the other sandwich places are amateur.

Samuel Laker

Bahn Mi is fantastic! So good!

Brandon Hickman

Best bahn mi in Colorado

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