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REVIEWS OF Rheinlander Bakery IN Colorado

Nate DeVault

I needed a gluten free cake once for a co-workers birthday. When they told me the price, I told them I just needed one. They said that price is for one. Grudgingly I paid and I almost didn't try it because I was so upset by the price. Then after everyone at my office had a slice, there was one left, so I gave it go. I couldn't have been more wrong. As I was chewing, it was as if the clouds had parted, the sun had come out, and cherubs were singing with every bite. I realized that for the amount of work that must have went into the cake, how cheap it was. I almost went back and bought another one that same day. Plus it's gluten free! When was the last time you had something gluten free that you didn't immediately know there was something different and terrible about it? Oh never? That's how good this place is. The term is literally redefine for me forever.

Erica Haugum

This place is great. The German chocolate cake is my husband's favorite! And ANY strudel is anyone's favorite. I am always stopping by for a pick up. It's a great addition to any party, get together, or anything at home. Traditionally delicious.

Michael Yeary

Delicious sugar free gluten free low carb cakes and pastries that are keto friendly

Nina Schauer

I had pretty high expectations as I'm from Austria where we eat a lot of Strudel! I have to say that I was pretty disappointed. The Strudel looked tasty, but for $4 you just get the tinniest slice. In my opinion it's too sweet and usually there is powdered sugar on top not granulated sugar. I wouldn't call it an authentic experience but if you have never eaten proper Strudel before, maybe you would still enjoy it. Cinnamon roll, however was delicious. I've found out that your best bet is sticking to local cuisine rather than eating knock offs from your home country!

Perry Watkins

We have ordered numerous cakes from this bakery, all have been amazing, however, we ordered a cake for our son’s birthday this past weekend and it was nothing like the others. The icing was hard, and thick, the cake was dry. We were very disappointed. Otherwise, this bakery has been incredible. **edit- after writing this review, the manager contacted me and apologized for the cake. I bumped the review from 3 to 5 stars because that’s great service!!

Silvana Smith

If you're looking for American baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, more cupcakes and more cookies), then try them. Otherwise, there's NOTHING traditional European in this bakery. We drove from south Denver because of the stellar reviews. The few deserts they have in the case which are supposed to be European, looked horrid. Oh, well.... the real European bakery search continues!

Katie Hallock

So many delicious looking choices that it took me forever to decide! Thank goodness the girl behind the counter was very sweet and helpful. I finally decided on two cookie sandwiches. The first had Cream Cheese Icing between two Oatmeal cookies and then the entire thing was dipped in dark chocolate. The cookie was super crumbly and soft in just the right way. The dark chocolate shell provided a light crunch and nice rich flavor. My second choice had Chocolate icing sandwiched between peanut butter chip cookies dipped in butterscotch. The icing was light and fluffy - closer to a mousse in my opinion. And peanut butter cookies filled with peanut butter chips? How can you go wrong?! The cookie had a nice salty flavor that paired perfectly with all the super sweetness from being covered in butterscotch chips. I would totally go back for another cookie sandwich for sure! But they also had some fantastic looking cupcakes that apparently have some delicious fillings inside...I'd probably have to try one of those, too!

Elspeth Senz

Super crowded and confusing to order but DELICIOUS

James Greer

Great sweets!! Gluten free and other options available. Strudel and more German treats that are yummy!

Rebecca McFarland

SHARK WEEK! WOO-HA-HA! Worth the drive for a tasty treat and a quaint view with super amazing treats in the case. LODI DODI, WE BOUGHT SIX BISCOTTI! AND AFTER MY MORNING COFFEE, I WONT BOTHER NOBODY. Yeah, I just made Snoop Dog lyrics and Finding Nemo reference in the same review. Its. That. Good.

Loren Litherland

This bakery continues to be my favorite in Denver! My favorite treats are the strudels!

Christina Skirpan

Second time this week I will be back soon. Lovely and unique pastries!!

Tony Walsh

This place is amazing, so friendly and a great GF selection. Everything is delicious!

Chrystle King

Magical place filled with goodies! Will definitely go back. It's a bit pricey, but authentic german baked goods. Its definitely worth the price!

James Collins

I've had their Americano, very good black. Cinnamon and raspberry buns are incredible.

Jerri White

Love it! Having a German heritage this is the real thing! Will be back for more strudel!

Lara C5280

This place!!!! A HUGE selection of gluten free and vegan offerings. I bought a gluten free lemon and raspberry torte for a party and it was delicious! I tried to tell people it was gluten and dairy free but everyone thought it was just a fabulous cake. Plus, the woman who helped me was very personable and gracious. What a fabulous find!!! Come here and buy stuff!!

Nick Weyrich

Awesome bakery. Food allergy aware.

Carly Kuhtz

Rheinlander is my go-to place whenever visitors are in town. Their desserts are AMAZING and perfect for any special occasion, or just for a morning treat. They have a ton of options for dietary restrictions as well. Love this place!!

Matt Schmidt

A magical place.

Sarah Boettcher

This place is amazing. Their selection is impressive, even their variety of gluten-free treats. I'm a big fan. Today I was able to reserve a gluten-free cake over the phone, with less than 24 hours notice. It was a huge success!

Nancy Verdugo

Tons of gluten free options! We had a GF chocolate eclair and a devils food torte which were delicious! Patricia was the sweetest lady and even recommended an awesome engish toffee coffee. Definitely going back

Randy Meyer

Wonderful deserts.

Tisha Hines

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Plenty of options including gluten and sugar free. Friendly service.

Julie Godard

The best in Denver that I have found. Lovely cakes, sugar free gluten free and daury free options. Lovely cakes and lovely family and staff. Varied flavors and styles, it's a true delight and an experience to visit.

Patrick Nichols

Such a great, mindful bakery in a nicely redone neighborhood. My fiance is lactose intolerant and many of the baked goods here are dairy free! And I cant taste a difference, which is rarely the case! We are both happy that they are so inclusive whereas other bakeries may scoff at a request for anything to be offered dairy free! Got an assortment of treats and they were all rich and delicious!

Richard Wilbanks

Best bakery in Colorado you will be satisfied

Michael Orcutt

I love walking into this place and smelling butter!

Carol Byerly

One word all around. Perfection.

Cameron O.

Fantastic bakery with a ton of options, a large, helpful staff, and a well-deserved reputation for quality. Their prices are pretty high, though certainly for good reason. This is more like a special occasion stop than an everyday kind of thing (for me anyway), but everything I've tried has been fantastic.

Cat Warren

Adorable heritage bakery with a huge selection of delicious gluten free goods and a coffee shop. Very sweet people.

Analisa Becker

Super delicious pastries and treats! Also a good place to get Cafe Du Monde beignet mix and coffee too! I’m glad I know that because the only place I knew that carried them prior was Cost Plus World Market on the other side of town. I’m not gluten free and I usually am not a fan of things that are, but they had a cupcake called a “peanut butter bomb” and it was GF, but with how delicious it looked I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did! It was amazing! The only thing I would have changed is the amount of icing they used. It was wayyy to much. Almost like a 4:1 ratio of icing to cake, but I will give it to them that the icing was delicious. I’d just be terrified to go in to diabetic shock eating all of it!

Austin McLean

Love this place! Been coming here ever since I was a kid. Always a great selection and service! Great coffee too. You'll never want to leave because of the smell. That's what heaven would smell like! Really good brittle to!!

John Doherty

Pretty expensive, but the quality is great, so it's what I find worth spending $s on.


So many good choices! They didn't have much for foods with protein.

Gators Back

Very cool place that is a fixture in the area, has great employees who are attentive to the customers even when busy, but the most important thing is how is the food? Fantastic! Easily the best bakery around! Get your baked goods here folks!

Yvette Hammon

I absolutely love this Bakery. Our favorite cake is the chocolate truffle! I buy our birthday cakes from here it was so good and the texture was never a disappointment. This is a magical place with full of goodies. Staff were excellent.

Tom Stokes

Great place to satisfy a sugar fix and drop a couple of Jackson's.

Stephanie Kennedy

So many yummy treats, it’s hard not to buy one of everything!

Mollie Crampton

I am fat because of this place! Everything is so good! And the counter staff is down right delightful!

Christopher Netter

Try the "Drunken Bavarian Apple" strudel.

Kate Molieri

Really love this place. Great gluten free and vegan options. The rose cardamom cupcake is amazing!!!

Jen Lofgren

Very popular old German bakery. On a cute location in old Arvada with a wide variety of options, including gluten free, dairy free, and vegan! Carries cakes as well as individual pastries.

Bret Hicks

Such an awesome bakery with super friendly people! They have so much to offer, I will have to go back just to look around more. The kuchen looked amazing, and the strudel (caramel apple) was very, very good. They also have the really good drink flavor syrup!

Thomas Scott

Really incredible desert

Tork Slanter

If their baked goods are as good as their hot chocolate, then I may be visiting quite often in the weeks leading up to the diet I'm thinking of starting.

Andy Montgomery

Delicious, beautiful, hometown bakery in Arvada, CO. Quick tip...don't visit this place if you're on a diet!


Oh my god what a lovely place to get cake.

Patrick Caustrita

If you are gluten free you must try this place.

Holly Mckee-Huth - HC

This place is great. I had two baby showers and Rheinlander Bakery made the cake for both. I have gestational diabetes and we were hard pressed to find somewhere that could accommodate my dietary needs. Not only was the cake sugar free, but it looked and tasted amazing. Thank you for helping us with our special occasion.

Daniel Schlegel, Jr

I've been in several times and talked to different people but this place is consistently friendly, fun, and delicious. I get something different and have never been disappointed. I ordered a gluten free item and couldn't tell the difference it was so good. Highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Karissa WithOurBest

A must visit if you're gluten free... Or not gluten free too! Everything is well labeled with dietary restrictions and prices. No surprises. Gorgeous cakes! The chocolate classic eclair is my favorite, but I have never had anything that wasn't above par. Homemade, quality and worth the price (yes it is pricey, but you won't regret it). Tonight we showed up just 3 minutes before the close time and the staff was incredible, accommodating and welcomed us to take our time. Excellent customer service!

Noble D. Harrison II

Just incredible. Wonderful smells. Wonderful food.

Cathi Herrera

Took an out of the way detour heading north, just to stop here! Held the box on my lap until I could stop to enjoy. I was so disappointed as I tried to bite into my rock hard desert, the Napoleon, not even a fork was an even match! The layers of “puff pastry” were so stale they wouldn’t even crumble, nor cut. As for the layering of “creams” they were almost dried up. Went into the trash. Not sure how this old dessert even got sold for over $5???

Katie Hernandez

Huge selection!! The staff is almost as sweet as their treats. As soon as my friend and I walked in, we were greeted, and they answered all questions. They have gluten free items (a ton of them!!), pastries, cupcakes, EVERYTHING!!! Highly recommend!

Quinn Sena

Really good stuff wish I could eat it every second: 3

Neil G

Stunning. Amazing. If you have no food allergies, you'll be in heaven with the German pastries. If you do, their gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan selections are the best I've seen anywhere. SO many choices and flavors. If you're GF/DF, you MUST visit.

Linda Patterson

Fantastic bakery. In business a long time. Very good variety. My go to place for all baked goods. Serve Dazbog coffee!

Bishop Hahn

The greatest sweet and prefect to try out with the family and friends!!!! We had a blast trying so much and buying so much!!!

Yashay Deane

Just yestetday, I enjoyed a gluten-free, mini-boston-creme-cake. Chocolaty-smoooooth with creamy-vanilla. I then paired it with a Daz Bogs Dark-Roast. (See photos) I WILL BE BACK!!! Goobled all this down, at street side, umbrella-covered, table. Selections are easy because: They bake everything, as in German style. Two-thumbs up. Make sure and take some home for tomorrow moring.....if they last that You'll soon be back for more tasty experiences.

Wendy Turner

Find gluten free and sugar free deliciousness

Solito Sumulong

Community bakery, ostensibly specializing in German pastries. They have smaller versions of the traditional German cakes. Biscotti and King cakes are deviations from the German, but also very well done.

Samantha Terry

Never disappointed with their baked goods :) Bought our wedding cakes there, now birthday cakes, and random nights out for dessert. Yum!

Peter Santillo

Very Good!! You dont find bakeries where we moved from (Alabama) at all! It was a treat especially a German Bakery

Stephanie Sumulong

We've been looking for an authentic German bakery that isn't two hours away from home. Rheinlander fits the bill! The strudel is delicious and I can't say enough about the kuchen. They have such an amazing variety, including gluten free. Customer service is the best I've had anywhere.

James S

I owe the owner an apology. Google provided directions to a competing coffeehouse down the street. I feel bad for providing a negative review for an establishment for 24 hours, when in fact I didn't visit. I will however suggest everyone give this a try and will back for a second shot myself in weeks to come. My apologies again!!

Jennifer Lonnes

Although staff was quite young, they were professional and attentive. Youth has been a knock against others in the service industry, but not here - keep up the good work! And of course, the food here is delicious. The lemon tart with coconut frosting was terrific.

Espresso Yourself

We got: Lemon coconut torte, chocolate raspberry torte, oatmeal raisin white chocolate cream cookie, snickerdoodle cookie and every bite was absolute deliciousness! My all time favorite bakery!

Gary Dean Reynolds

Great gluten free bakery

Talla Talyai

Thank you so much Lindsay for your help today! You were great to work with and we really appreciate your help! You are a great asset to this bakery!

Zach Meyer

Need the best baked treats in regular, gluten free or sugar free? Look no further than this Old Arvada staple. Been going to it for years and it never fails to amaze and delight.

Mary Lowe

Delicious strudel! Their vegan pumpkin pie mousse was a huge hit this weekend! This is a regular place for me and get excited to visit every time. Thank you for having such great dairy and egg-free options, I am never disappointed.

Jen Welte

I have been coming here for years. There are tons of choices, everything is always delicious! The staff are incredibly helpful and accommodating. We stopped in and got an amazing chocolate Torte for my father-in-law's birthday.

Adam Turley

This hidden gem has been located in the Arvada area for over 30 years and remains to this day one of the best bakeries in Colorado. Everything is made fresh daily with love. The coffee bar they installed is a great edition to their amazing pastries. You have to try their strudel, basicly ANY type and you can't go wrong. You can also purchase a half order of the strudel(I guarentee one bite and you will hoped that you went will the full order). Lastly, one thing that set's this business aside is their connection with giving back to the community.

Nina Sampier

I bought a bunch of cupcakes for a work event. Best flippin cupcakes I've ever had in my life! I tried two different flavors; red velvet and the gluten free, dairy free one with rose petals crumbled and sprinkled on top. These cupcakes were super expensive but worth every penny. I wish they were as healthy as eating spinach so i could eat one everyday.

Allie McCarthy

Go there now. Don't ask questions. Go, and get a cream cheese roll. Or anything really. Just go. It will be the best decision you've made today. Unless it's election day and you voted. In that case, pastries will be the second best decision you made today.

John Harbin

Best King Cake I've had since having moved from the South. Kids loved the selection and taste of the cookies, too.

Leyla Eraybar

Amazing bakery with tons of gluten free and vegan options. The best bakery I've been to in the Denver metro area.

Katie Carlson

Ordered a gluten free cake for my wife's birthday. It was absolutely beautiful and delicious.

Emy Dunfee

Amazing amount if vegan options!

Echo Rivera

Really friendly staff and they have delicious vegan options!

Ron Cole

Parking is an issue!! The bakery does have it's own parking located on the N side of the building. Greatest bakery in Arvada possibly the whole North metro area. I know that's a strong statement but go there and you WILL be a believer!!!

Amy Stoehr

Authentic German pastries... cool little corner shop in old town. I like to take my family here when they come to visit, it's always a major hit! I'm partial to cherries and blueberries and I can always find a delish Kuchen!

Adrian Estrada

My fiancée brought me here because of her love for all baked goods. What a pleasant surprise. I don’t care for German food at all but this bakery is the bees knees, bro. The sticky bun saturated in caramel and sprinkled with nuts was my indulgence. My wife got the infamous strudels they’re apparently popular for, which didn’t disappoint and remains worthy of such title. Everything is affordable so don’t think it’s some extravagant luxury. The same amount you spend for one coffee at a Starbucks is around the same price for a decadent piece of heaven around here. On top of all the aforementioned and my blood orange Italian soda, the women were super friendly and knowledgeable of their craft. We visited twice to ensure we had treats to bring back on our way to New Mexico.

Allison Beecher

The s'more cupcake was sensational! It was huge, so I had to eat it with a fork, but still delicious. The cupcake wasn't overly sweet and the marshmallow buttercream was delicious. Next time I'm in town, Rheinlander is going to be my first stop!

Evonne Wallace

Just stop by to have some coffee and pastries. Staffs were welcoming and super friendly. If you were looking for a gluten free or dairy free then Rheinlandander Bakery is the best for you. It's totally worth it. Highly recommended.

Morgan Chapman

This Bakery!!! Stop what you’re doing and go get the best tasting freshly baked/made desserts in the Arvada/Golden Area! Lots of Vegan/Gluten Free opinions ❤️

Sean Holt

This place is as good as a bakery as you will ever find. It is the best bakery I have been to in the last 20 years. For those that want gluten free, this place has a really great selection for you.

Allison F

This place is truly the best and a regular go-to when I'm in downtown Arvada. Their peanut butter buttercream filled cookie is to die for! They're known for their strudels but honestly, anything you get there is amazing quality including their coffee. They always have unique seasonal flavors. Have a visit! You'll have trouble deciding what to get!

Nathan Willkom

This place is the jam. Nutty sticky buns are excellent!

K Gabriel

Fantastic choices in desserts and breads.

Melinda strickland

Love this place. I buy strudel every year for our firm's annual Oktoberfest party.

Kelly Sobanski

Best gluten free desserts EVER

Cyndi Hauptman

LOVE LOVE LOVE Rheinlander!! My family has been coming here for years and I have been sooooo happy with all the amazing vegan items they've added! I've been a vegan for almost 30 years, and it has been wonderful to enjoy so many yummy things! Thank you so much Rheinlander for thinking of us vegans!❤

Jon Barton

Great selection and very reasonable prices. The employees are very friendly. I have purchased several cakes from here and recommended many people.

Courtney App

Like walking into a confectionery dream. Able to accommodate most dietary needs. All cakes are amazing and they have the only gluten-free cake I have ever liked. Very friendly and welcoming staff.

Joan Jones

Enormous selection of pastries beautifully displayed.

WDFA Designs

Authentic German pastries, excellent service

Danielle Hicks

Awesome gluten free selection. They even have Gluten Free King Cakes for all the king cake needs!

Jon Lyons

An incredible selection of breads and rolls. It's a buffet of wonderful smells to walk through the door. Every item I've had has been of the highest quality and tasty. The staff and owner and friendly and helpful!

Hayat Chick

Absolutely one of the best bakeries I have ever been to, if I could give 10 Stars I would

Chuck Howard

Fantastic gluten free cake selection on hand. Quite a variety if baked treats in general. Great customer service


Excellent pastry!

Stephanie Rothmeyer

Love this bakery! Especially for all the dairy free options!

david s

this place is amazing. The sticky buns are the best but everything we've gotten has been excellent!

Boa Jean Register

Great little selection of vegan pastries!

Paulina Las

Always the most helpful staff. The staff informs you about products and helps to accommodate your needs. They have a plethora of fresh baked goods that range from dairy-free, gluten-free, to even sugar-free. Overall, very impressed every single time I go into the bakery. Have been going in several times a week.

kizzy sena

Large variety of gluten free treats, hands down best bakery

AJ Schwarz

Love this place, been coming here for over 50 years.

Brandy Miller

Excellent selection and excellent service! They have a whole cooler FULL of different gluten free pastries and desserts, and alot are even vegan. Impressive!!

Dave Boudreaux

A treat for the eyes and the nose and especially the taste buds! Great fun to go there and experience some delicious cookies and pastries. Miss their everyday breads is the only negative.

Armando Gonzalez

A very profesional and caring bakery...very out of the ordinary!

Kimberly Graham

Unbelievably delicious! I had no idea that such gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free deliciousness existed! We will be back on our next visit to Colorado!

Joy Mapes

So delicious! The hardest part is choosing what to order. I got a cherry-sour cream strudel slice and a dobash (mini cake with layers of yuellow sponge and mocha frosting) on my first visit. My boyfriend preferred my strudel to his peach one, but the pastry was delicious on both, which I think is more important than the filling. On our next visit, I got a raspberry streusel sweet roll. My boyfriend got the cherry variety and an almond bear claw. They were all good, but I preferred the strudel slice I had gotten previously. On top of all that, I got a black forest torte for my birthday. Sooo good! The cherry is tart enough to balance the sweetness of the buttercream frosting. However, a small piece will do you. A 7-inch cake can feed several dessert-lovers.

Michael Evans

It's family owned in the people know the history around them. Good people good food, That's a get good place to buy small Presence that taste great!

Eva Perry

Handmade, terrific variety; be prepared to spend a lot, or practice self control! LOL

Frequent Diner

Fantastic little gem in Olde Town Arvada. This decades long family run bakery has a plethora of offerings, many from old family recipes. Several gluten free options & coffees also available.

Lauren Holiway

This local bakery has a HUGE assortment of delicious pastries, cookies, cakes, tortes, and other specialty sweets. They also have fantastic coffee drinks if you are craving a coffee with your delicious pastry. For those with gluten intolerance please know they have an entire case filled with gluten free goodies. Recommendation: try their chocolate raspberry mousse torte, it's a must!

Michael Rossi

This is a wonderful bakery! The people are very pleasant inside and the food is absolutely perfect! I have noticed that the price has gone up a bit, but the quality remains the same. I would highly recommend this bakery to anyone in the area.

Jessica Winkler

It’s rare I go to Olde Town and skip this bakery. It’s worth the smells alone. It’s also one of the only bakeries I know of that caters to a wide range of dietary needs. They have everything from gluten free to dairy free to sugar free and vegan. And it’s all amazing! I’m particularly partial to their strudels with an accompanying coffee. Regardless of your diet preferences you won’t be disappointed. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They know their stuff and have no problem digging into ingredients. I highly recommend stopping by, during any season for coffee and a pastry.

Alesia Schwenke

The moment I walked in I started salivating. If the sight isn't enough to capture you, the smells will. I spent $20 but it was worth it. A German bakery in Arvada? I had no clue. It was definitely a great find. The owners are super friendly and also donate to good causes. I can't wait to try more of their delicious treats!

Terry Hubbard

Only place to really get German deserts.

Allen F

The smell from 2 blocks away is a true testimony of how delicious everything is.

Gerald Klein

Excellent service and goods! The cake we bought was incredible and I'd defiantly go again! It was fun to look at all the baked goods!

Renford Brevett

They have multiple gluten free and gluten free-vegan options. The staff is very helpful also.

Brian Anderson

What a little treasure in Arvada. My boss tipped me off to this place because she is aware of my affinity for pastries. Let me tell you this place does not disappoint from strudel to cupcakes to cookies and cakes they've got you covered

Worst Friend Ever

First of all, I imagine this is what HEAVEN smells like. It's amazing! The products are amazing but the people are superb! They make you feel welcome and answer any questions you might have. You should go here!

Maitea Lucero

Many beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies and plenty of other things to get. I love the smell when you walk past! Everyone is always so friendly and kind.


Pricey, but we'll worth it! Very friendly staff! Bad parking options on busy days!

Felicia Cedillo

I absolutely love this Bakery. Our favorite cake is the chocolate truffle! I buy our birthday cakes from here and I am never disappointed!

Mariel Hjermstad

Delicious gluten free treats!

Tara Senter

Amazing desserts and coffee. Worst part is picking just one item. Staff is really friendly. Always take out of town visitors here.

Judith McKee

I ordered a cake for my daughter‘s baby shower. It needed to be sugarless and gluten-free and serve 30 people. She wanted a jungle animal theme going with it and it needed to be chocolate and it turned out absolutely perfect. All of those 30 people kept asking what kind of a cake it was and who made it. It looked amazing and it tasted the same

Forrest Culp

Feels like I’m back in the Motherland.. Amazing


Found out today this place has been donating to charities since Katrina hit my home state of Louisiana. The staff is so nice but won’t bother you while you’re looking unless you ask!

Winfield Hancock

This is a one-of-a-kind gem that the Denver area is fortunate to have. If you ever wanted to have something like an Austrian konditori in your city, this is it. Everything I have tried (and I have tried a lot) I found to be excellent. I will make a special trip just to stop by the Rheinlander.

Mounica B

Must try place for some delicious desserts. They have many flavors in regular and gluten free as well. Service is excellent. Definitely recommend this awesome place and will be back.

Gotcha Event Photography 303*918*1344


Christine Keri

I love the owner, she’s so sweet and kind to her customers.

Roland Parscal

Good food, good smellls

Jesse Bryan

Best German chocolate cake I have ever eaten will definitely buy another one soon

Andy Stone

Amazing bakery. Their gluten free items are very hard to tell they are gluten free

Clarissa Beloff

First time here. The smell was amazing as you walked in the door. Overwhelming selection. Good luck getting out the door with just one pastry!

Kelli Danielle

Got a small cake for my wedding and some pastries. They all treated delicious!!

Patricia Roberts

I just love this bakery. The cream horns, streudel, sweet rolls, etc.are all delicious.

Cabaret Dude

Great place to eat while in town.

Chris Webb

Great streusel and elephant ears! Wide gluten-free selection. Friendly staff. If you show up early, see if their open. They’re bakers, i.e. early risers, and often open the doors before the posted time. Limited outdoor seating and self-serve coffee. Streusel had a mound of delicious topping. The elephant ear had great caramelized flavor.

Edward Cirolla

A great local bakery with friendly staff! They have a large selection of sugar free and gluten free options too. During peach season in the fall they have an amazing peach strudel which I highly recommend.

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