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REVIEWS OF Reunion Bread Co / Bakery IN Colorado

Maria Alesia Sosa

The golfeados are the best thing you’re ever going to have! Love this place, the food and the people! Highly recommended

carlospereirat .

I grew up eating great pastries and bakery (Portuguese family). This place is the new best bakery in town. It is worthy the drive ! 1 word = Wonderful!

Daniel Hall

I was walking around the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market yesterday, and I noticed a gentleman giving samples of his bread. It was olive bread, which I don’t personally enjoy but my friend does - so she tried it and after all the OMGs coming from her mouth I had to know more about their products!!! I was introduced to their almond croissants, and a sweet/savory sticky bun. Amazing crusty sourdough came home with me as well, along with banana bread. I think I have found Nirvana!!! Reunion is old school baking - with top notch ingredients. Really delicious and fresh. I can’t wait to visit them in RiNo.

Collin McDougall

I have bought so much bread from this place now. The reason: why would I buy bread anywhere else? This place has the most friendly bakers and the best bread by a mile (no Colorado elevation-based baking pun intended, I swear!). And if you like baked sweets they have so many wonderful and delicious creations. I almost didn't want to write this review because I want all the delicious bread for myself. You're welcome.

Kate Schwartzkopf

I LOVE REUNION! First of all if you've never been to The Source you NEED to check it out. It is such a cool place with everything your heart could imagine. Restaurants, clothing, breweries, and a dope little bakery called Reunion Bread Co. I had heard through the grapevine about this new little gem in Denver and decided to make the trip to go see what all the hype was about. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Such delicious baked goods with simple ingredients which is what I love! Ismael, Matt, & Katie were so welcoming and really made me feel like I was special. I walked out with a full tummy, some granola, and a banana bread. I can't wait to come back and try more. Reunion Bread Co is a company that makes every loaf, croissant, and baked good with love and I believe that is something that we could all use more of :)

Bailey Atkinson

Highly recommend checking out this new local bakery. The sourdough was perfect as my morning toast or with my dinner! And you will want to try one of their croissants with your morning coffee!

Andrew Carlson

Went in to browse and walked out with a 1.5 lb Banana Bread and some Almond Croissants after tasting them. So good! The banana bread is vegan too which is nice since I'm lactose intolerant. That being said the prices are absolutely insane.

megan frank place is AMAZING. not only for the quality and taste of the bread, but also Ismael is so nice and friendly and invited us back to look around and even let me take home some sourdough starter!!! definitely a winner and will be coming back!

Isa R-M

Best croissants, bread with olives, and golfeados I have ever eaten! It is heaven... an oasis! Thank you Reunion!

Monique Jauregui

Take the trip. Whatever you need to do, come and try this bread. Unreal bread and incredibly passionate bakers.

Michael Wagnon

Their Golfeado (Venezuelan Sticky Buns) are fantastic!!!!!!

Vanessa Fernandez

“Good bread” is not enough to describe how AWESOME it is! Not only the high quality bread and pastry but also the service and experience of the making. Love it!! I really doubt you can find another place like this in Denver or around. Go and check it yourself! :)

Vania Zamora

Ismael makes the best Venezuelan Sticky Buns (Golfeados) in Denver!! Loved trying this place

Chris Levy

Insanely good pastries. Try the Venezuelan buns - full of sticky sugary goodness

Alexandria Marcus

Just WOW. I bought a loaf of sourdough this morning as I was waiting to meet family. I’m always down to grab a loaf of bread from a bakery I haven’t tried, but THIS...This is the best damn bread I’ve ever had!!! Baked to literal perfection. Perfect crust, perfect crumb, perfect flavor, AND it was still a little warm. It is now 4 hours later and I’m tearing through this thing with no end in sight. I neverrrrr go to the source, but now I fear I won’t be able to stay away. I think I finally found my bakery. Thank you for baking such goodness and warming my bread-loving heart.

Marie Rando

The best golfeado ever!!!!! Great expiernce!!!

Celia Palmer

Wow I love reunion bread! I stopped by on a sunday afternoon with a couple friends and Ismael invited us behind the counter and ended up giving us a full on baking lesson. We got to roll out 5 lb slabs of butter for croissants and shape dough into loaves, and the whole time Ismael kept pulling bread and pastries off the counter for us to try. What a dream. Probably goes without saying that it's all delicious.

Rafael Gandolphi

Definitely the best bread in town!

Karla Alismelia Marquez Valente

Reunion Bread is awesome! The bread is delicious and the people is fantastic, can’t wait to go again!

Elle Bowen

Best in town

Montana Bass

Unbelievably delicious bread and beautiful presentation. Ishmael and Katie are so welcoming and eager to tell about their process. So generous with sharing tastes and knowledge :)

Diego de la Nuez

Amazing place! Reunion Bread is one of those places you will love to have near you. Try it, you will not be disappointed at all.

Jeff Campbell

Amazing gem in Denver. Show up early ready to enjoy some of everything. The golfeado is absolutely mouth watering just writing this review. 10 stars!

Matt Mohler

Andy Giesen

Absolutely fantastic bread! It's nice to walk 20 feet away for some cheese and wine for a perfect Sunday dinner. Highly recommended!

Leyah Terrones

AMAZING bread and AMAZING people. The owners pour their heart and soul into what they do and it definitely shows. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by the bread, the place, or the awesome people working there

Zulay Jancarla Urbina

Highly recommended! I was looking for a place to grab something delicious and healthy and randomly I found this wonderful treasure... But I am not selfish so I am going to share this amazing place with you, guys! :) I had a delicious artisan brown bread

Seth Juris

Skillfully crafted and purely delicious breads. The croissants are to die for and the staff is so friendly and welcoming. A must visit gem in the Source for sure!

Carolinam Mayoral

Nothing we can say it can be better than just going there and try 1 of the pastries! And then you can't content yourself. Indulge yourself! Finally Real bread & pastries bakers came to Denver!

joana squad

excellent I recommend them, the golfeados, churro croissant, almonds croissant, the most

Alejandra Aviles

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Adriana Vegas

Alejandra Camargo

This is the best bread in Denver! the croasaand churros and the golfeados are amazing!

Claudia lopez barahona

I just tried a Portuguese desert, it was incredible. I’ll be back for sure!

Ernesto Javier Negrin

Wow. This Bakery is awesome, I was amazed by the different types of bread, so many flavors and textures, just follow the smell of Freshly-Baked Bread

Aaron Lindgren

Soooo Happy to have the Babettes Artisan space filled with a young baking team! Out of the to a really good start. They still have High Quality Hearth Breads with plenty of that live sour yeast flavor! I stop by this Spot whenever I come to Denver. I can't wait to sample the product of them honing their skills and CONTINUING the legacy of great bread from that space!

Courtney Sparks

This place is amazing! The staff is super friendly and their bread and treats are AMAZING! I highly recommend! If you are in the area do not hesitate to stop and get something from their shop!

Kyle Tambornini

Excellent bread and sticky bun.

Keyla Da Silva

I had the chance to try it and you can feel in each bite, how they care to give you the best quality! Without a doubt, Reunion Bread will catch your hearth and belly! Thanks for give us a new favorite pastry, the best were the golfeados, for sure we will come back for more!

Carlos De Fontes

Reunion Bread has the best bread you will ever eat! Great bread, nice place, awesome people, good vibes, enjoy it!!!

Laurel Streng

Randomly walking by/taking photos when the guy working the counter offered a sample. Fantastic croissants! I had to stop by the next day for more. Love this little bakery/bread shop and will be sure to stop by next time I'm in town

J Law

My wife and I were enjoying cocktails at the bar right outside he bakery. When all the sudden Ismael shows up the a tray of left over bread/ pastries he was giving away as they closed up shop for the night. My wife picked a piece of sticky bun, and I as I looked over the tray he suggested I try the almond croissant. Oh my goodness, it is by far the best croissant I have ever tasted. Every bite silenced everything around me. It was just me and the croissant. Even minutes after my last bite I was still savoring the flavors hanging on my palate. I immediately jumped up and walked over to the bakery where they were cleaning up for the night,m. I declared to Ismael how amazing it was. His response was short and simple, “I know”, reflecting a man who knows well, with confidence, the craft he brings to the table. Thank you sir for the treat!

Stevie S

A true gem. I live in another state but visit Denver frequently, and every time I'm in town a stop by Reunion is a must. The croissants are to die for (so unbelievably flakey!) and the banana bread is my all-time favorite. It's absolute perfection and loved by everyone who tries it- in fact, we always bring some extra loaves back home with us for family and friends. Stop by and share the love! P.S. My husband and I found out about Reunion when staying at The Source. We shared an elevator with two young women who were each clutching a gigantic loaf of bread. "Have you been to Reunion?" they asked us. "No..." my husband and I answered. "OH MY GOD YOU MUST GO. IT IS THE WORLD'S. BEST. BREAD." Magical words to a fellow bread lover. Thank you young women for your excellent advice!

Taylor Trask

The baked goods are great but the retail experience is awful. No transparent pricing anywhere, they advertise coffee but don't sell it and the music blasts right by your head so you can barely think let alone order anything. Hopefully they can improve this moving forward...

Roxana De Sousa

The most amazing bakery made by people that are passionate about making good food and making people happy. You can feel this in every bite you take!

Jeff Goulet

Hard to imagine the product could be as good as the service, but its true. Amazing. Engaging conversation from someone who truly has a passion for what they do. Asks what you are looking for, not trying to sell you out the door. Willing to discuss and sample a new bread thats being toyed with. All around great experoence. Get something. Anything. Zero chace to be disappointed.

Anna Murphy

Giselle Cesin

Absolutely yummy. The “Golfeado” - Venezuelan sticky bun - is to die for. Best bakery in Denver for sure.

jhoanna rivas

The best bread ever!!! totally in Love!!! ❤️❤️❤️ you must to taste this!!

Miranda Gonzalez

Lorin Shimonek

You have to check out Reunion Bread! The bread and other baked goods are out of this world! The location is a fun place to spend an afternoon! Ismael’s passion is obvious in the quality of his baking and his interaction with his customers! I will be back!

george castillo

What a great place and customer service 200% recommended !!

Nicole Pacitto

I was at The Source eating at one of the restaurants last week and couldn't help but smell bread baking as we walked past. I stopped by Reunion Bread and the owner was nice enough to give me samples of the bread he was making even though the bakery isn't open just yet. The bread was AMAZING. Thanks Ismael, we will definitely be back to buy more once you are open :)

Melissa Cole

Best beer bread ever!!

Anika Bernstein

Reunion Bread is a sweet little spot hidden in a cozy corner of RiNo’s The Source. Their pastries are absolutely AMAZING! They sold out before I could go back for another one. They just opened and this place is poppin. I need to come back in the early morning so make sure I can stock up on goodies for the week! Ismael, the founder, is such a sweet guy and is happy to talk with you about his process and his story. He’s really interesting, so give him your time and attention. The sweet croissants are to die for!

Crys C

I picked up a Sour Dough baguette. Crusty and Fresh. Lovely.

Marjorie Dangla

Life is about taking chances- Go & try this new bakery! It won’t disappoint! The fresh ingredients of every bite, will leave you wanting more & remembering about don’t hesitate & check em’ out!



Jennie Brand

Finally, a true artisanal bakery in Denver! All the rustic breads and pastries taste superb! I used to work in a bakery and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s so cool to see all the bakers working and rolling croissants. Also, the granola is a tasty show stopper; definitely worth the trip for the granola alone.


Absolutely the best thing I have ever tasted! Will definitely be coming back for more!

Mada Mada

Houston Leifester

Likely the best sourdough rye I've ever had. They have dope hats too.

Benjamin Grass

Ishmael and Matt are just starting up but this place is going to be amazing. We were in the source and these guys just invited us in for a tour and gave us amazing pastries and bread. They are clearly mission focused and pumped on being the best. The Golfeado pastries were absolutely next level. My girlfriend worked in a bakery and called it the best pastry she has ever had. Highly recommend you check them out.

Joe Skarz

The breads and pastries are so delicious! I enjoyed everything I tried

Richard Nguyen

Stumbled into The Source with my friend during our last day here in Denver from a recommendation and saw Ishmael working the beginnings of the croissant. So we asked how can we try this. He recommended we stay to get a fresh taste of his workings. After some time, I went back to see if the croissants were done and although he fed me with some granola to hold my hunger, the wait was well worth it. I took my first bite into the fresh croissant and the crisp outer texture of the baked goodness was what I expected out of that bite. The inside and overall taste was super delicious. Ishmael then gave me a surprise baked good of one of his signature baked goods, which was his take of Golfeado. Wow, this was like a sticky bun had a baby with a croissant filled with cheese, it blew my taste buds away. You must try this place is you like delicious fresh baked goods in the morning, I broke my 30 day carb free diet for it.

Josh Hoke

The bread and pastries were amazing. My wife and I were blown away with the quality and artistry in their food. We'll definitely be back!

Nathalia Gonzalez

Best bread in the market. Freshly made and a great team and staff.

Mark Montoya

I have enjoyed all the breads and pastries that Ishmael has had me try. I will be returning.

Michael Wang

AlfaSports Nutrition

By far the best bread I’ve ever taste.... and beautiful place!! Very good costumer service!!!! Really really recommended.... You ned to try it!!

Daniela Vasquez

Wow! Reunion Bread is fantastic!!! Woke up early and brought the whole family to get a taste of some great Venezuelan (and beyond!) flavors. The golfeado!!! WOW, tastes like home. The olive bread, we are currently enjoying at home with some cheese (although, it tastes absolutely delicious on its own). Well worth the drive. The source is a pretty cool spot and worth exploring. We will be visiting often. Thank you Ismael and team, for your friendly service and quality products. 10 STARS!

Isabella Villalobos

When you visit Ismael’s bakery, make sure to try his Golfeado - a delicious Venezuelan version of a sticky bun. You will not regret it- or maybe you will, cause you’ll be addicted! Also, make sure to ask Ismael about his trajectory.

Mayerlin Akras

I haven’t had a Golfeado in years! And wow it was impressive! Thank you

Luis Viera

The best bakery in town!

Ligiana Aurrecoechea

Fascinating flavors of luscious pastry

Antonia Montgomery

Beautiful bread, even better people! Best place in Denver for an almond croissant!

ezgi deniz yilmaz

Best olive &zahtaar bread I evet had. If you are in denver, this is the hot spot for delicious bread and croissant❤

Matt Sherman

loi droza

I was waiting for them to open, and it was worth it !!! The best bread and incredible service... 100% recommended

Katie V

Reunion Bread is not good's the BEST bread you will ever try!! You can definitely taste that the bread is made fresh and with good ingredients. The staff are very friendly and it's a cool place to hang out and watch them make the bread while you're there. I definitely recommend trying their olive and banana bread!!!

María Elisa Villamizar

Clara Rosa Martinez

The coolest bakery in Denver!!

Diego Arroyo Gil

(Translated by Google) Awesome! I loved! And the owner is as good as everything they sell! (Original) Awesome! Me encantó! Y el dueño está tan bueno como todo lo que venden!

Sonia Gonzalez

Wow, my first Golfeado and it was incredible! The flavor is indescribable, just delicious. The croissant with dulce de leche was very good, the caramel flavor was sweet and delicate. The artisan bread were unique and delicious. The people who works there take pride of their work, I love that because it shows the passion for bakery and you can taste it!

Mari Sol

Amor a primera vista, literalmente. De todos los panes artesanales que he probado en Denver, Reunion Bread se lleva el premio mayor. La calidad del producto y servicio al cliente son sin duda los mejores. Gracias Ismael por hacernos sentir en casa. Keep the good work up

Raphael Chitwood

Mariano Franco trujillo

Burn servidio


Amazing people, amazing bread, to die for pastries! You can't find anything else like this in Denver, this place is truly something special.


I would give this 10 stars if I could. This place was absolutely incredible, the croissant & sour dough bread delectable, and the owner was super friendly and knowledgeable.

Roxana Montanez

Everything is simply delicious

Patricia Gomez

You have to try the Golfeados at this bakery they are amazing and everything else! The croissants, the banana bread, the granola... can’t say enough!

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