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REVIEWS OF le' Bakery Sensual IN Colorado

Michelle Kaufman

So talented and lovely people! I'll refer and return for sure!

Rachel Makinen

I've been going to this place for over 2O years... whether it's for an x-rated cake for a birthday or going-away party or just for any others zany event. It's always super fun to look around there too.. They also have the best outrageous greeting cards and knickknacks for bachelorette parties and birthday parties! The owner, John Spotz, is almost always there working away on the cakes and always super friendly. This is definitely a one of the kind place in Colorado and it's not just for x-rated stuff. He does very creative cakes with any kind of theme in the world that you can think of. They're absolutely gorgeous! But the x-rated ones are still my favorite! :)

Victoria Noe

Love this place. Everything about it is amazing. Xoxoxoxo

Chemene Maldonado

Dareen Mustapha

THE WORST BAKERY EVER!! I ordered my daughter's 1st birthday cake, cupcake, and smash cake from this bakery. First I requested IN WRITE VIA E-MAIL WITH PICTURES that I wanted her three tier cake to be made with buttercream like that picture. The cake looked like the picture but it was made with fondant, which automatically upped the price he quoted me. Then the cupcakes which I requested to be have them pink came red, even after I called to make sure they would be pink. Then the worst part which ruined everything was I requested to have a ladybug cake for my daughters smash cake, I even sent a picture and said I WANT IT JUST LIKE THE PICTURE. THe owner goes "oh we will give you the smash cake for free" Great, I did NOT want a free cake I wanted the cake I sent a picture of. The smash cake was a small round white frosting cake that looked NOTHING like the pictures I sent. When I called in upset about the cakes when my husband brought them home THE OWNER GOT MAD AT ME!! He said he did his best and its NOT HIS FAULT I WAS UNHAPPY! He didnt even try to fix ANYTHING!! I was in tears crying how he ruined a big part of my daughters 1st birthday because it was important to me. The company did not do ANYTHING right and did NOT CARE AT all! Thank god Child's bakery came in and saved the day giving me the cakes I asked for! Surprise I sent them a picture and they gave me cakes LIKE THE PICTURES. NEVER GO TO THIS BAKERY!!

Roni Martinez


RUDE! I called to ask about a birthday cake and the man that answered was very rude! Sounded like he was in a rush, not sure but each customer is important!!

Lexus Williams

Lotte Bowman

I loved the nice service and the Cupcakes were fabulous!! Thanks

David Cottrell

The best damn bakery I've ever been to by far.

Julia Lane

Great selection of pastries both savory and sweet, and delicious bread. They have great options for vegan/gluten free birthday cakes and pies . I highly recommend it

Smith Smith

Omg..... You guys did it!!! After my less than organized, frantic phone call, my last minute attempt to make something special happen for my sister's baby shower that urgently had to be moved up a full week due to her pregnancy progression, You did it!!!! Y'all made my night and the mommy to be could not have been happier with the artwork and FLAVOR of the cake!!! We all died and went to heaven while eating the cupcakes and main baby shower cake! So at 2 o'clock, I will be sneaking back over to my Parent's house to steal a strawberry cupcake as it was the only one I did not get to try but the butter pecan and the carrot cake killed it! ☠

Milena Aguirre

Quick order with great ideas!

Amber Rowe

Carrie Hankins

A Denver Institution for sure! I feel like this place has been around Denver my whole life! I remember attending a bachelorette party in my twenties and being fairly shocked and fascinated by the incredibly lifelike penis cake, which was also freaking yummy! They do so much more than erotic stuff too. They are amazing artists and can create pretty much anything you can think of out of really delicious cake. And that's the key. Not only are the cakes beautiful and unique (and sometimes a little racy), but they taste really good. You can't go wrong. They also sell little things like cupcakes!

David House

This company did an absolutely fantastic job on my partner's birthday cake. Of course it was X-rated but that is what I ordered and that is what was created to my exact specifications. If you want something completely different that will awe the person in which the cake is designed for; that is what you will get. Definitely more than something to eat; but a work of art to cherish. David House Highlands Ranch, CO

Shannon Harper

Really fun bakery. The artists are talented and friendly!

Tabiathia Billard

Love it

JK Campbell

Shira Mailes

An awesome bachelorette party was brought together because of their awesome cake!!!

Linsey Sherman

My husband and I asked Le' Bakery Sensual to make our wedding cake. On our wedding day they called around 3pm that the delivery guy dropped the cake in front of our venue. (Not a good thing to call the bride and telling that they dropped the cake) Anyway they called to ask what time we needed the cake. They were gonna make the cake again and they promised it would be there on time and they did. The cake was there even earlier than we needed it. It turned out amazing and it's was so yummy. Thank you so much for making it happen in only a few hours. Great service!

Keia McSwain

I ordered my fiancé’s birthday cake from this company. I emphasized how the taste meant a lot even if image of the cake didn’t meet my standards. Now, generally I’m a pretty happy and satisfied customer. Trying not to be the rude or dissatisfied customer is who I aim to be so when the owner showed it to me, I didn’t tell him how bad it was and that I was pissed. I politely paid for the cake and left. (that’s on me). Once I get the cake home and my fiancé cuts it, it’s so hard, and dry, and frozen, and it doesn’t even have the detail I specified and requested. I think if the cake looked almost up to par I could’ve excused the taste of the actual cake. It was bad all around.

jill b

My boyfriend got me the PERFECT cake here for my birthday. He actually had gone somewhere else first but they botched it up so bad he decided to just drive around and found this place on the fly. Delicious and beautiful! It was so hard to eat it I didn't want to stop admiring and photographing it. Thank you so much for making my day even more special!

Uriel Vargas


Great cakes that make an occasion fun

Lysha Renee

Le bakery made a cake for my baby shower and let’s just say my guest took more pictures of my cake then of me. It was so beautiful I did not want to cut it, but I’m glad we did because it was delicious! I give this cake an A+++ I’m never doing business anywhere else. Thank you Le Bakery Sensual for a wonderful and memorable experience!!

Healthy, Not High

This place and John Spotz have been rude to me for the last time. Their cakes were very sloppy the last two times I've ordered. They used to be beautiful artistic creations. I've bought about five cakes there per year since 2009, spending easily over $4000 supporting the business? (5x8x$100=$4k). And I've never been anything but completely polite, cordial and thorough every single time I order/pick up. This last time John, the owner, didn't appreciate that I didn't want to pay for an extra person he accidentally put on the cake (which he charged me for anyway) because his staff clearly misread my email order (which I pulled up to show him). This is not the first time he has been rude (for no apparent reason), but it is the first time that I said anything about it.

robert rivas

*Note: Google is acting funny and you can't see Coraline image below, but it's been uploaded to business' phonebook. Now, for the review!: I can't say enough about John, his team, and the edible art they produce. They astound with their impeccable work and customer service. This time around we requested a Coraline-themed cake and, besides providing a figurine to incorporate into the design, we offered little guidance. True to form, John's design absolutely floored. If I can get them to upload, the images will speak for themselves. If not, I urge you to check out my Yelp review--the photos are both on there...I'm also including pics of a Harry Potter themed cake he did for us a while back. In both instances, John took the time to attend to the smallest details, and in both instances, the quality of the cake was top-notch. Usually, when you get themed cakes it's all design and the actual cake suffers for it. Not so with le Bakery Sensual! They do great work, and their cakes will surely usher your special occasions into the realm of the truly memorable. Thank you, John & co...until next time!

Reece L

Gwen Gladman Smiley

Always a pleasure to get cakes from here. Tasty and creative with great service every time.

Lindsay Mitchell

I ordered a Vegas birthday cake for my mom's 60th birthday and with little notice, direction or budget they made it happen and it was spectacular! It made her birthday so special. They are so talented and friendly! We were all blown away!!

Veronica Favela

Kelsey Sailsbery

Daryl HUNT

Amazing cakes

Erik Mathias

Service not so impressive at this business and prices are very high. Cool product, but pretty irritable staff I'd say.

J' Zee

Love the cakes from here, always a hit at parties!

Julie Adame

Bob Bauer

Beautiful cakes but you will pay a pretty penny for them.

deanna famber

Nikia Hall

this is an excellent bakery.. I got my son 10th bday cake here. They made a brooklyn nets basketball cake.. it looked amazing and tasted soooo good. there was nooo cake left after his party. I still have people asking me where I got his cake..

Chyna Doll

Love this place

Gwen Smiley

Great service. Great artwork and TASTY!

Nickie Dyer

Awesome job! I read that they produced great work, but I was highly impressed with the final product! It was the highlight of the party! And it was tasty too! I will be going back!

itasca Reedy

Wonderful I love to get our family celebration cakes made here this place is fabulous!!!!

Angela Brandt

Just had le' Bakery Sensual make a gender reveal cake for me and I cannot WAIT to go back to them for future cakes! Not only was the cake beautiful, it was SO delicious! One of the best tasting cakes I've ever had! They maintained the secret of the gender (my husband and I did not know until we cut into the cake) and just made for a fun experience! Definitely recommend!

Rebecca Fetsch

mia cole

Anthony Thiros

Amazing cakes of the sexual variety! Amazing for a bachelor/bachelorette party or a birthday cake!

Adam Sattley

We had a great experience with our order of naughty Saint Patrick's Day cupcakes! The ambiance, creativity, customer service of the bakery were all top-notch! Not for uber-conservative. ;)

Alice Gardner

I ordered a specialty cake for my 8 year old's birthday party, and the day I was supposed to pick it up John called me and told me they had a mix up and got the wrong color. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but 8 year olds, especially mine, is super particular in which star wars character is his favorite! The folks at le Bakery Sensual were so apologetic and understanding (even though the cake they made looked amazing!). They went above and beyond to make sure I felt ok about the cake; they discounted the original and made a new, mini cake of the right character free of price. These guys are super talented and take excellent care of their customers.

Kristy Rowe

Great experience working with the staff to get a farewell cake made. They took my order quickly over the phone, called to confirm pick up time, and were a real pleasure when I picked up the order. The cake looked phenomenal and tasted fantastic. It was a real hit at my event!

Mackenzie Gwinn

We asked Le Bakery Sensual to create a cake for company's ten year anniversary, and it couldn't have turned out better! Thanks for making it so special!

Desrick Gurule

Not only did you guys make it quick and easy for me when I was being very specific on what I wanted, but you guys were able deliver exactly what I wanted done and it was amazing at that! Called about 6 other cake company's and you guys wer the only ones to make it possible for my son! He absolutely loved his zombie cake and it tasted amazing! You won me over. #customerforlife

Claire Schlamp

I never write reviews, but I have to say a big thank you for the perfect cake these guys did for my daughter’s birthday! They have done six other cakes for us as well...all so beautiful and DELICIOUS! Everyone who works here is friendly and helpful too! You owe it to yourself to check them out!


I got my baby shower cake from them! It was adorable and DELICIOUS and worth every penny. You won't be sorry to choose this bakery. I recommend the chocolate cake!

Isaiah Martinez

J Harner

Yes! Love this place. This man had the only available chocolate cake for my boyfriend's birthday for miles! And he personalized it in about 5 seconds...the credit card receipt hadn't even peinted yet! He was super awesome and made the birthday perfect! Tahnk you guys!

Aj Khan

I had a custom Twin Peaks birthday cake made from the amazing team at Le Bakery Sensual. John and his crew exceeded expectations for me as a first time customer long time admirer of their awesome cakes that are famous in Denver, CO & beyond. John was very helpful and patient as we were coming up with a final idea for the cake and went over details every step of the way. The recipient of the cake said this was by far the most memorable cake he’s had. And for flavor the cake was a great red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. As Dale Cooper would have announced if he had tasted seen & tasted this cake, This was a damn fine birthday cake.

Mercedes Baker

The football cake wasn't shaped super perfect & the University of Northern CO bear was suppose to be yellow & NAVY blue (not baby blue) but the cake tasted DELICIOUS and my bro loved it so!! Even the mocha fondant was good (like chocolate marshmallows) two thumbs up!!!!!!

Charlotte Powers

Very pleased with my cake. It tasted as good as it looked! I will definitely be back for more.

k carter

Wow - FANTASTIC! I called this shop the day I needed a very unusual present. John, while in the middle of a very busy holiday weekend, made the most amazing cupcakes with a broken arm cast on top for my niece. The cast was all the right colors to match her cast, complete with the appropriate colored sprinkles. She was thrilled and so was I. HIGHLY recommended!

Zhenya Noble

If you need unique cake... they have it!! And people working there are amazing!!

Nadia Archuleta

This bakery is busy -- so busy they're willing to turn down customers. I've gotten birthday cakes from here for YEARS. But recently I was told the only way they could accommodate my special order was with a cake baked on Tuesday that I'd pick up Friday. Sorry, that's a hard no on $65 4-day-old cake. I've been satisfied with their cakes & service in the past, so this isn't meant to be a fully bad review. I guess I'll just have to remember to order at least a week in advance next time -- and specify I want a fresh cake.

Jessica Previch

I ordered a small 6" white cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting for my anniversary and it was both delicious and beautiful! The cake is very dense and moist! Very satisfied with how it turned out and the service I received over the phone when I ordered the cake and in person when I picked it up. Will be back! Thank you!

Dan Vanderhorst

Cute place, quick, good looking special orders. Helpful staff.

Lauren Leighton

The cake that this bakery made for our rehearsal dinner was UNREAL!!! Not only was the design incredible but the cake was absolutely delicious. Our guests could not get over how beautiful it was and how good the red velvet cake was. John was so helpful with executing my vision and a pleasure to work with. If you want a cake that will impress, go to Le' bakery sensual!

Bryan Peterson

Absolutely love the cake design! We've seen and had countless cakes from here over the years, and every single time they have been amazing and well done. I would absolutely recommend John, his creativity, acceptance of themes / topics, and dedication to the craft.


NSFW Beautiful cakes designed for all ages. The have adorable cakes to raunchy vulgar cakes. Very affordable gift for bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Nikki Kroner

ZERO BETTER PLACE TO CUSTOMIZE A CAKE FOR AN EVENT: 40th b-day, baby shower, wedding, retirement, any special life event. You don't have to have a creative bone in your body-- just the desire to knock someone's socks off and make them feel like the most celebrated person on their special occasion. The staff will listen to your vision, ask questions, and come up with the most spectacular piece of art you will ever see. The cake we just did over the weekend was so meticulously done that I knew the b-day girl would be mortified to cut into it. I proactively took a picture, blew it up and framed it-- so the party-goers were able to eat it with abandon! So-- if you have a vision or even if you don't, you will be in the best of hands. They communicate regularly during the design phase and are prompt to respond to emailed revisions, etc. I am COUNTING down the days until my next life event to celebrate so I can run over and have another work of art created. I am SOOOOO happy they are in Denver!!! Your mind will be blown with the finished product. HANDS DOWN!

cheyanne Ibarra

The cake decoration was fairly awesome but had some rough spots that looked like I could of Done myself. We asked for marble cake and got something else and no one at the party enjoyed it..and it was super pricey. I was quoted one thing and then quoted way higher the next time i came in for the same cake. Overall I was not satisfied.

Christopher Kellogg

These bakers and designers are true artisans. They created for my friend's birthday a cake design of a turntable. They even placed a real vinyl record on it. And it was delicious to eat too. These guys n girls rock. Go to them, you will not be disappointed.

roy keane

Shannon McBride

Absolutely Amazing! I provided directional details on what I was looking for and they exceeded my very high expectations. True Artists! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. You will not be disappointed. I rarely leave reviews but I had too - my Cake is jaw dropping! Give them the creative freedom and you will be amazed!!!

Aubrey Cain

Excellent treatment all around and great cakes made from scratch with AWESOME artwork individually done according to your wishes. Or cakes ready to take home, as well as cupcakes , fun greeting cards, and other party favors! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Jeff Irving

Donuts since 1933, a good year. Fresh glazed from the backroom. Fresh stuffed with all the fruits. Treat yourself.

Jessica Medina

I always come here to get sexy cupcakes for birthday gifts. They box it up real nice and will add a happy birthday plus the name and a single candle. Tastes great and looks great! Always a hit!

Judit Gardner

The slice itself was close to $5, which in my opinion, it wasn't worth it, since the frosting was ridiculously sweet. I couldn't finish the whole thing. It was good, but it did not blow me away.

Suze Beatty

I have to give massive credit where it's due - if you need a delicous and beautiful cake, look no further. This is your place. I came in on a 48 hour notice with a slightly ridiculous birthday cake request (my fault, I should have ordered sooner but I dropped the ball) and they handled it smoothly and holy smokes the cake was gorgeous and sinfully yummy. I will be returning and I very highly recommend this wonderful bakery! *the price was also shockingly low. For a rush order birthday cake for 15 people I was literally quoted $495 at another local custom cake shop. I paid $140 for the beautifully done, last minute request for a cake that can feed 20 at le' bakery sensual. I wish I could include a picture here because it really was stunning!

Amanda Rubio

Mike H

Friendly and fun staff. Amazing cakes that are truly unique and taste amazing. I'm not a chocolate fan but I would return for their chocolate cake.

Amber J

It was the most awesome and delicious cake I have ever had. The design was top notch and the case was freaking amazing. Def worth ever penny it cost. I will forever go here.

Jenny J Taylor

Sam made an amazing cake for a pig roast that we had this past weekend. It not only looked exactly like a roasted pig but the red velvet cake was moist and amazingly delicious. It was a hot at the party and we really appreciated the detail and effort they put into our cake. Highly recommend for any occasion!

Jonathan Drake

Let Bakery Sensual was Fantastic! There service was awesome! They made a Roblox Birthday for my 10 year old son. He loved ! I will definitely use them again! IMG_1159.jpeg

james hall

Great cakes for all occations

Dar T.

Mr. Christopher

Great staff! Adult & custom cakes, cupcakes and sweets. Thanks Cortez!

Mara Kinney

I cannot recommend le'Bakery sensual more! They've made 3 cakes for me and each one was incredible - in looks and taste! They are talented, professional, affordable, and delightful to work with. I've told all my friends to go to le'Bakery sensual for birthdays, bachelorettes, and other celebrations. Can't wait to get my next cake!

Jeremiah Adams

Ian Christopher

After calling 6 bakeries who couldn't help me and with only 3 hours notice, John put together a fantastic birthday cake for one of our employees. And it was delicious. Put this bakery in your bag of tricks for that special surprise!!!

Chenyl allen

This bakery made my son's first birthday cake (nemo theme) i went to pick it up and one glance at it had me in tears it was sooo perfect and beautiful, thank you guys so much for making my son's 1st birthday special and I didnt forget about sending you's Jovan's support bracelets things have been busy but you'll get them soon :)

Gia Capellini

I cannot explain how grateful and satisfied I am with the cake I received from Le' Bakery Sensual! I had asked them to make me a cake in the shape of a turtle and gave them a picture off the internet as the idea I had in my mind. The cake I received totally blew me away. It looked exactly how the picture looked... but better! Everyone that saw my son's cake were going on about how amazing the cake looked! I hated cutting it! The inside was delicious and moist! I just did the marble cake with Bavarian cream. What a delight! I would highly recommend this place. My son's first birthday cake will be something we can remember for years to come! Definitely well worth the money! Thank you all so much!

Brandi Parkhurst

You guys are awesome. When it came to my cake I knew I was going to be picky but Le Bakery sensual made it exactly on point. When you can make a little girls dreams come true when she's older that's amazing and you guys deserve all the credit in the world. You made my wedding day wonderful.

Mary Peterson

Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job on my husband's birthday cake. My guests were amazed.

E Dias

Good cakes.

Paul Wagner

Needed 24 cupcakes. They had cupcakes. Good value for great taste!

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