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601 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jean Pierre Bakery & Wine Bar IN Colorado

Stephanie Iannapollo

Must visit Thursday Flight Nights! Shared 3 wine glasses, 3 cheese pairings, and basket full of bread with my sister. Our server was fantastic, bubbly, sweet, and accommodating. Price was decent for flight nights and received a variety of complimentary cookies. Great ambience, highly recommend!

Mike Forstner

Wasn't really impressed at all. Two coffees and croissants for about $23. For that price I'd like a warm flaky croissant that should go down easy....this one didn't. The mocha I had was average at best and took forever to get even though the place was empty. On a better note the interior decor is really cool to look at.

shelly barnes

Lovely French bakery and wine bar, singing at the piano bar.

Darilyn Vale

My favorite cafe mocha in town, just lovely with a croissant and jam. The staff is always wonderful and I adore the live piano.

Parcher Archer

I love this place. A different and delious menu.

Matt Werkhoven

The pastries were quite good but incredibly over priced. If you go to the best bakeries in Paris, London, Tokyo or New York (all far more expensive and equally touristy cities) you will be charged significantly less for the same or better products. I understand why they don't have their prices clearly advertised.

Esther Abeyta

Pastry and coffee delish as always. Nice to have the staff play the piano.

Emily P.

Really horribly overpriced dinner and lunch that literally tastes like canned food from the grocery store. The pastries are great but that's all anyone should stop in for. If someone is going to spend $40 for an entree, there are plenty of other restaurants in Durango that provide immensely better quality for lower prices (e.i. Eolus or Red Snapper). The other five star reviews must be only for pastries and wine, or must be out of their minds and happy to lose money on sub par dinner.

Michael Harris

beautiful. Pastries

Katherine Leaman

Yummy pastries and fresh squeezed juice. Needs to improve customer service

Jorge Sotres

Great French place. Merci Peter

Kate Star

Good pastries, but ridiculously overpriced. We got 3 croissants, 1 eclair, and 2 lattes for 37$. The lattes weren't good.


Nice atmosphere and decent baked goods, but they need to learn how to make a latte, i watched them make the latte for a while, and it came out really watery and warm (not hot), I had ordered 2 so was dissapointed to say the least.

James Bowkett

Tasty meringues to make Eton Mess.

Truck Trailer

Shocked and lost, how this place doesn’t have beer ,


Great French bakery, love the piano player on Saturday morning, I believe he is about to retire.

Jennifer Samson

Pricey - excellent selection of sweets!

Caz Bevan

The bakery items put a smile on everyone’s face as they come in, grab it, and go. But the people sitting down for breakfast are unimpressed by the simplicity of the meals (few are actually French) and the price paid for them.

Rick Green

The atmosphere was authentic French. Their breakfast was really good, and their pastries looked even better! Next time we are in town we will have to try dinner!

Chris Bernard

Wonderful experience. Great wine, great food, and terrific atmosphere

Lukas Filler

Nice baked goods but not amazing. Very nice atmosphere though.

Kim Berghall

Don't eat lunch here. The Caesar salad was the worst ever, no croutons, no dressing, no Parmesan cheese, plenty of chicken, but rubbery. Other salads equally bad. The other stuff they sell looks good, but eat lunch somewhere else.

Gregory Bohuslav

Great atmosphere, great pastries. They seem to have someone playing the piano (at least on the weekends). Dine in, or take a pastry or two or three to go.

brett internet

Pricey for small town if you’ll indulge me naming Durango small. However, this quaint bakery offers the best breakfast in town. It’s a taste of parochial Main Street charm that you ought to experience with the morning paper and your choice of a fresh pastry. The orange juice has explosive flavor (even amidst our national plight of citrus greening) and sine qua non to this baroque cafe.

Brad Pearson

Wonderful place...perhaps the best breakfast in Durango.

Mary Ames

We went in for to-go pastries. It is more of a sit down and eat place next so my review is based on take out. My family ordered one pastry each and all five of us agreed that they were good but not $6.00 each good! We were really surprised at the cost for 5 pastries....over $30.00! It looks like a very inviting, warm place, but too expensive for families!

Franklin Thomas

Love this place! Very French. Expect to take your time and enjoy life!

Marion Gates

Great atmosphere, intetesting furnitures, but greatly overpriced. Food is great tasting but $8 for a dinky croissant? Also, non of our knives cut anything, my croissant got shredded. Also service was not great. We needed to answer the drink question before we even sat down. We got the bill after the second bite of food. Let me say, at 9:15 a.m. on a Monday morning the store was empty. Needless to say we felt rushed for no reason. Being trained in thw hotel/waiter business in Germany myself, i was disappointed in this and i won't come back. Also, for this kind of etablissment I expect cotton napkins abs real silverware. Not cheap dormroom metal and paper napkins like in a fast food store.


DELICIOUS Pastries! Tried raspberry croissant, pecan & cinnamon rolls, coffee. Yum! Lovely restaurant & takeout!

Becky Solorzano

Best breakfast on weeklong roadtrip, great omelet, croissant. French toast, pastries, espresso. Bought extras to take in car.

Meghan Mulryan

Such a great find! The prices are a bit steep but totally worth it. I just had coffee and a croissant but it was delicious. The butter and jam were amazing as well. I was greeted immediately and the service was great throughout.

MaKayla Hood

The croissant is ridiculously amazing in every way. Soft , flaky and buttery . The portions are huge which makes the high prices acceptable in my opinion ! Will com back her for sure

D Marchetti

Great coffee and pastries, either no AC or just wasn't working.

Fran Coloma

Fabulous pastries and incredibly warm staff. We got there just before closing, headed that evening for Mesa Verde Nation Park, and they made the effort to pull out the last remaining croissants and loaf for our breakfast. Amazingly wonderful friendly people!! It was all delicious.

Danya Alrawi

I feel fancy without needing to dress up or act so. Really tasty baked goods but the highlight for me is the dining area. The ceiling is high and the building feels old and grand and is nicely sunlit. There is interesting decor everywhere you look and there is usually a nice man playing the piano while you enjoy your baked goods and coffee near a big window. I just love it

BLee Fun

Excellent food. Table service is with young inexperienced servers.

John Hiller

Love the croissants

Angela Hess

Great coffee!

Sean Gainey

Youd think they would carry more ham and cheese croissants seeing as theyre always sold out...

Andrew Carroll

The pastries are great as is the service. The breakfast was so-so. I would get croissants to go. Haven't tried the wine bar.

Loren Beaver

Our favorite place to eat in Durango. Excellent every time we've been there.

Connie Jones

Perfect cup of tea and delicious pastry. Great ambiance in this historic building.

Neil Spingarn

Good food but very expensive. Breads are excellent.

Bob Ivy

The atmosphere was nice and the croissant was good, but that was about it. The food took 40 minutes and when it came out I didn't get the omelette I ordered. The bacon and onions were burnt. I would have sent it back but I didn't want to wait another 40 minutes. Not impressed especially for the price.

Kyle Nyce

The best dessert I have ever had in my life. The lightest and most sophisticated creams and custards. This is how dessert should be.

Anthony Garcia

Over priced even for a tourist trap

Evett Dunkle

Great food and AMAZING orange juice!

Kim Zuccarello

What a lovely authentic French restaurant on Main Street, Durango. I love the beautiful dinning space and the food is amazing! No better place for breakfast and dinner... haven't tried lunch...yet!

Robert Johnson

It's a little pricey but really great ambiance with a piano player when we showed-up for a late breakfast. Ask for Adam; he is an excellent server who is attentive but doesn't hoover. Everything was piping hot just the way I like it.

Mark S.

Pastries are amazing. Get here early if you want the chocolate crossaint. Also finally ate breakfast here and it was lovely. Always a great place to come visit and to grab a snack or dessert.

Stef Steff

The desserts look amazing but they don’t taste as good, I love sweets and some of them didn’t even taste like anything. I would prefer a donut than spend 7$ on 1 pastry.

Joseph Matney

Food was very good but the lunch menu is very limited. The ham/Swiss quiche was expelled and my wife enjoyed the French dip. Prices were higher than we're accustomed to.

Julia Cooper

Food literally amazing, and the staff went out of their way to make sure my dad and I had a good time. We were visiting Durango on our road trip and needed somewhere good but quick for lunch that also allowed dogs on the patio. Because of the potential rain, the waiter accommodated us in a covered area. The veggie sandwich and French dip sandwich was quick and utterly amazing. They provided water for my dog without having me to ask first. We went back for dinner and I asked Zach, our waiter, if we could buy their house made balsamic vinegarette. He said no one ever asked that but he would see what he could do. He returned with a glass bottle of Evian and said we could buy the water and he would put the dressing in it. Now we're on our way back to Texas, and I look forward to eating salads, ha. Additionally, try the macarons. They're as if you were in France. The building itself is charming, about 200 years old and has wooden beams in the ceiling from an old mine in Telluride.

Ashley D

I really wanted to like this place. Others have reviewed the staff positively, but that wasn’t my experience. Two people working there for lunch, both were high, one was too interested in watching TV. The price is about double a comparable restaurant. The salad was nothing more than lettuce. The French dip had two slices of meat and was all bread. But these weren’t the worst of the attributes... the restaurant was completely filthy. There were bug droppings all over the front area, cobwebs in the windows and there were tables which remained uncleared for over an hour. I would have left had I not already ordered my food. They say they’ve been open since 1969, but I can’t imagine it has always been this poor.

Melissa Nissen

Pastry was very dry, had the feeling of being a day or more old. Deffinetly very high priced. I understand it's a tourist town but deffinetly wasn't a $5 pastry. Friendly staff though so that helped.

James Leisa

The food is great but pricey. The bread is to die for.

Lydia 12302


Jill Brooke

Such a lovely French cafe and bakery. Pricey for breakfast and they need to ditch the logo coffee cups. But wow, so delicious!

Tyler Ball

Spent New Years here. Great place, could hear each other, fantastic wait staff.

Lance Garcia

Good service. Decent french toast. Need to hire more staff

Steve Corich

Really an eclectic place. Beautiful bar and quaint dining areas. Great pastries. Hope to have breakfast or dinner here soon.

Jessica Pool

Wasn't impressed with my lunch, but I have enjoyed my breakfast every time with my family. The bakery options are really yummy too.

Kaylah Kolasinski

My husband is always looking for a good ham and Swiss croissant so we decided to eat breakfast here. I was a little sticker shocked at first: 2 small croissants, 1 small black coffe, 1 cup of hot water and a packet of tea was $18. However, two bites into my chocolate croissant made every penny worth it. Absolutely delicious! If we are back in Durango, we will definitely support this business. The outdoor seating was perfect on a sunny, cool morning!


Fabulous restaurant. I cannot say enough about the decor and style of the interior. It definitely takes you back in time. My boyfriend and I came in for breakfast, and they had a piano player playing some lovely tunes. A great place for French style breakfast foods. Their croissants are delicious! A great, cozy place for coffee beverages, as well. I highly recommend.


Pricey, but quality breakfast. The Eggs Benedict is perfect, my wife’s breakfast croissant was delicious and then we had to have a fantastic pecan roll...

Octavio Dolor

The service is very French. Is that bad? I think not. Prepare to sit for hours with gorgeous French wines, strong espresso, and pastries that cannot be obtained anywhere for hundreds of miles. You're in SW Colorado! Sit back, enjoy the rich decor, and understand that life is meant to be savored.

Jim Gray

Tonight we simply had pastry and coffee and was charged $4.50 plus $.80 for caramel I didn't ask for but might have helped the cup of coffee as was one of the worst cup of coffee ever. My Folgers at home is much better. To top it off, the coffee wasn't even hot. You have to do better folks.

Hannah Wacasey

It's by far one of my favorite places! The location is great, the building its self is beautiful, and the food is the best part. The mimosas are spectacular and I love to have one with one of their amazing quiches. It is worth the price so give it a go!

Nora Montoya

Excellent croissants! The apricot and cheese are the best!!

Antonio nash

Scrumptious desserts, quiche, and coffee!

Lisa Tomlinson

We stopped in to get some desserts to go. We chose four French Napoleon pastries. Unfortunately, we neglected to ask how much. When she rang us up it came to $30.14!!!! We should have said “forget it,” but we took them home and ate them right away. They were absolutely awful. Such a disappointment. We will not make that mistake again.

Chris Gibson

Very good and a fun place to go

Lance Gollihugh

Crusty french bread. The way it's meant to be... And deary, if you cant find happiness in good bread, wine and pastisserie... Well theres no hope for your happiness!!! Tre bon

Jennifer Tab

The best French bakery I have ever visited. I've been to a few. This place has amazing sweet cream croissants, butter cookies are yummy. They have gotten extremely pricey in the last few years. But still a great find to splurge a little.

Allison Reynolds

Service was excellent and the croissants are the best I've ever had.

Toby Horton

All talk and no walk. $15 bacon and eggs with, two paper thin pieces of undercooked bacon, a tiny, not crispy at all, croissant. Ordered over hard eggs, got rare eggs... For this price and for all the hype, we expected more.

Jamie Pichcuskie

Delightful French bakery on Main with delicious coffee and the best macarons I have ever tasted in my life. The croissants and other pastries are as beautiful and light just as you would expect to see in a French patisserie. The atmosphere was glamorous and relaxed with the kindest employees.

Laurie Morgenstern

My coquille st. Jacques was bland. For $30 I expected better.

Adrienne Villere

The baked goods are out of this world. Nice staff. Wonderful coffee. Unique, historic decor.

Mucio Carlon

Absolutely wonderful! The waiter was courteous, informative and on the spot. Jean Pierre was a joy to meet, wonderful host, the bread, jam and omelette were fantastic.

Mia Peterson

Currently my #1 Eggs Benedict from Jean Pierre’s kitchen

f grundvig

Eggs Benedict was delicious!

Bob Magruder

Very poor food. French Onion way over priced, and have had much better. French dip consisted of dried up beef with au jus flavorless. Quiche no flavor. Not a pleasant experience. Would never go back.

Jessica McAvoy

Wow, overly expensive even for a tourist town. I read the other reviews about how expensive, but I'm from NY and lived in HI for a while so what most people consider high I don't. 4 pastries and 2 cappuccinos cost us a whopping $36. I will pay 5 to 6 for a good pastry but this was meh at best. Ambiance was beautiful, and staff super friendly, but the cost is not justified if the quality is subpar.

Christopher Joe

The people are nice to be around. They have a really nice baby grand piano and let me play it.

Shane Buck

Must hit spot for croissants every time we are in town!

Cynthia Kane

They need to change their website. I called to see if they were open on monMon which they are not so checked website for Sunday which we thought was right. Got there and place closed at five but web site said open to 10 pm on Sunday, and was opened when we checked. So went a few blocks down to seasons which we enjoyed our wine plate and bottle of wine was much better. Gave them 5 stars.

Angelea Drennan

Take a trip to France in the heart of Durango, Colorado! This bakery is authentic. I always make sure to stop by for a croissant and jam breakfast and again for wine and cheese. Get bread and pastries to go. They even have packaged cookies that travel well. Great for gifts or taking home. The only downside are the frequent drifters that often take over their outdoor tables for naps.

Courtney Carver

Great french onion soup and they brought our food out right away after ordering.

Kathy Berkes

The croissants we're good but 2 for $9.50? Not that good.

Roxana E

Great place, delicious egg Benedict, baguettes,croissants, the gentleman playing the piano enhanced our experience to the top!

Pete Smith

Cozy place with at least a day old, overpriced, dry croissants. Espresso tasted like instant and cappuccino had no foam and was disgusting. Don’t fall for this trap! Looks nice, but worse than dog food.

Ken VanWye

Always go to Jean Pierre's! Incredible food and atmosphere. From the husband of your Chilean friend Sandra.


Visited early one morning for breakfast while on vacation. I’d describe the décor as French / Mountain America a peculiar mix which really works in the location! Their eggs Benedict was fantastic, almost the best I’ve ever had. The staff were very good. Recommended.

Lady Bird

Popped into the bakery one time visiting and was not disappointed at all. The baked goods are really flavorful. I prices were around as expected. Coming from Europe myself it's priced similarly than the changing dollar into euro. Highly recommend this place and it's a little piece of France. Great helpful knowledgeable staff as well.

Josh Liles

Great staff , awesome food.

Travis Bower

Very good. Steak was done perfect and the cheese cakes are to die for. Its been around for 50 years and hasn't missed a beat in 5 decades.

Rae Ess

So I came here for dessert and an espresso. The espresso was great, but the Crème Brule was not the best. The macaroons are pretty good. The desserts aren't the best. The most wonderful thing about this French restaurant is the decorations an the staff. They're friendly. I think they could do better as far as food quality goes. It's French owned, come on.

Elizabeth Maixner

Great French bakery and restaurant. Wonderful atmosphere and staff.

Volodia Cottiaux

Not worth the price

Natalie Kofler

Disappointing and pricey

Brian Talmadge

The coffee, if you can call it that, and the sourdough bread we purchased were both very poor quality. We won’t be visiting again.

Ginny Smith

Excellent on all levels. Bit pricey but more than worth it.

Helen Griffis

We loved this unique restaurant not just for it's excellent pastries and breakfast, but the young man who served us should be honored for his excellent service. Dark hair, young and thin. I had the crepes and my husband had the eggs benedict, wow!!! So fresh, bursting with flavor profiles. This will always be the place we go to when visiting Durango!

Cindy Lance

I will return because the cake delivered was delicious.

Manike Pipkin

The macaroons, tarts and croissants were fantastic.

Leonela Nelson

Sarah gave great service, very friendly and attentive. We went on Thursday so it was Flight night. Economical and delicious.

Estevan Gonzales

Everything you would expect from a gourmet bakery. The pastries are elegant and a task to choose from, so don't - just try several. If you don't want to be surprised with the cost of a one of a kind custom pastry ,then just ask. But either way you get More than you pay for. The eggs bendict was savory, filling, and big enough to share due to the richness of the dish. Joshua was our Host not just our waiter and demonstrated kind hospitality.

Julie Whiteley

Amazing. Real French, nice staff. I had eggs benedict. Chef made it after breakfast was served. No American muffin here. Awsome. Delectable holandaise.

Ted Graham

Very Nice Breakfast & Accommodations

Heidi Kimball

Best croissants ever... At $4.50 also the most expensive we ever had...

Nate Plants

Delicious French Onion soup!

Bryan Bishop

Amazing pastries. The young gentleman who helped us was very knowledgeable about the pastries and very friendly and helpful.

Carlos AircraftMechxnic

Tasty treats! My wife was itching to visit Jean Pierre and pick up some treats. She has been here before but it was my first time. The array of treats is enormous. The decor is very comforting, beautiful and elegant in its own way. This place will be a must stop for us in the future.

Brad Reimer

Just horrible. Do not waste your money. It was $23 for 2 coffees and a 2 bagels, which would have been fine if it was good, but the girls working there have no clue what they're doing. The coffee was horrible and the bagels were dry and tasteless. I ordered a mocha for myself and it tasted like warm milk with a squirt of Hersey's in it. Like totally nasty. I didn't even drink it. My wife ordered a latte. She loves good coffee, but doesn't do well with too much dairy, so she simply asked for a double shot of espresso with a small amount of frothed milk in it. Pretty simple, but no that was wayyyyy to hard I guess. They handed her a large glass filled to the brim with burnt milk. My wife went back in to ask them to remake it, and they got super rude with her, and said she'd have to pay for another coffee. She insisted as she had clearly told them she only wanted a double espresso with a small amount of milk in it. After being super snotty and rude, they finally made her another one, and we watched and she only filled the portafilter halfway full, overtamped it, watched it come out like water, then filled the cannister full of milk again and steamed it til it was burnt and poured it in the cup. She didn't even take it. We just walked out. It was absolutely ridiculous. They don't have a manager or owner that works on site. There's just 3 waitresses who don't give a s*^% about customer service or quality control. I feel bad for the owners. They're going to run that place into the ground. On a plus side, they had really good music playing and its a beautiful building.

Brandi Lee

Always love their pastries and a la cart items. A little expensive but is worth it for the experience.

D&G Garcia

Amazing pastries

Alfredo Flores

The food was in so great

Brian Winarsky

Absolutely delicious breakfast and pastries. The smoked salmon was divine, buttery smooth and melt in your mouth and the piano player was amazing. Must visit place in Durango!

Helen Catanese

Good, but pretty pricy for what you can buy. A 4$ croissant had better blow my mind, but these were just standard good croissants.

Yana G

The servers were all high. They kept laughing for no reason and were super slow. Got a Cesar salad and it was 12 dollars for nothing but lettuce not even enough dressing. Terrible. The French dip barely had any meat on it. Would never come back again.

Andrew Pietraszkiewicz

The best eggs Benedict and one of the best breakfast places and the bakery goods are exceptional.

eid lliw ouY Milk

It maybe a little pricey like it's not worth it a lot of the time but the food is good

Colton Vick

Ambience is as good as the grub.

Ryan Sciorilli

This place was recommended to me by a friend , so we stopped here on our way back from a ski weekend. And we were not at all disappointed. I especially recommend the raspberry strudel, or the chocolate eclairs.

Daiane Laidler

5 stars to this place! Lovely place and ambience. Their macaroons are to die for, but the big deal is to go to their wine bar, have a bottle of wine and getting an amazing cheese platter for FREE! Their crew are all kind, nice and very sweet people and they had a very talented pianist playing in the evening, a must go in Durango for a date night or if you like European style places.

Alan Kovacs

Good food and drink. Morning service is a little slow but very friendly for sit down breakfast (but worth a well prepared meal). If in a hurry, baked goods and coffee at the bakery counter.

Madhumati Ramesh

Rare gem. Bakery and cafe. Delicious. Rustic. Charming. Very polite staff.

Sylvia Young

My mother was French born and raised. As such Jean Pierre's has always been a regular favorite. I took my family who had never been there telling them that their Eggs Benedict was second to none. We ordered 3 and an egg over medium. My grand daughter's egg was well done but she was hungry so I didn't say anything. All 3 of our orders the poached eggs were hard and had not been drained of the water before plating. They took it back. They were raw and pure water. I asked if the cook was new they said they didn't know what was wrong. He'd been there a long time. The manager and waitress were very accommodating and took off our orders and 20%. There is no excuse for bad food if he has been there forever. Perhaps he suffers burnout and needs a vacation. I will never stop going unless the next time is more of the same.

Zane May

Great authentic French food and friendly staff. I highly suggest grabbing a bowl of lobster bisque and dipping their amazing baguette in it! If you are in Durango it is a must-try.

Jay Cismaru

I give 4 stars for delicious croissants however the pastries seem like a frozen product old and dry and over priced. We went in February and it is uncomfortably cold. With there super high prices you would think they would run the heat!! Went for dinner a few noghts later BIG MISTAKE Dinner was 1 star hence 3 stars over all. Again ridiculous prices for terrible food in a cold atmosphere I returned everything I ordered. The owner came in to eat with his dog and the dog sat in a chair at the table and the waitress petted the dog and I can assure you did not wash her hands before serving us. I wanted to like this place but in the words of Sully UNABLE

Gary Keating

It is one of our favorites when we come to Durango. We enjoy the bakery and the drinks.

Bethany Gleason

The atmosphere alone in here would make you want to stay, but the food is excellent and the staff is friendly. They are also supportive of the community, which I love!

Gary T

Overated! There were 5 in our party and 4 of the meals were poor. Ceasor salad is no more than lettuce and olive oil. Service miserable. $$$$

Thomas S

Pretty good brunch, but SUPER overpriced.

Cassandra Yazzie

Nice place to get a treat and friendly hometown service

jim smith

Pretty good food and nice atmosphere.

Marion Sansing

The baked goods are authentic and very good, but over priced and the place has lost it's charm. The atmosphere is touristy

Jacob Bates

Unbelievable pastries and excellent customer service. We went in to peek around for a quick second. We were greeted by a gentleman who was quick to inform us on anything we saw. We ended up buying two personal sized cheesecakes. As we were eating them we reviewed the place on a different website. We were giving a 10 out 10 and someone heard that we were reviewing them highly. The gentleman who assisted us, over hearing me mention I wanted to get a baguette on the way out of town, brought me a fresh baguette outside. He said that he appreciated out review and the baguette is on him. Totally blew me away... This will be my first recommendation for anyone who travels to Durango and certainly my first stop when we come back.

Stephanie Smith

Delightful and delicious, don’t miss it.

Todd Johnson

What a dump what a joke for service and what an excuse for foodYou think you were in France or something everything about the place is rude!

Sarah Jacobsen

Absolutely delicious....stop in every time I am in Durango....

Red L

Visited Durango Colorado and stopped here for breakfast. Wow do they have a selection for goodies! I loved the old time saloon feel. Building has wood floors that creek as you step when you 1st walk in. My eyes were drawn to the beautiful ceilings. Their ceilings are wood with vigas across the top. When we entered there was a gentleman playing the piano and we were greeted with a " Good morning, breakfast for two?" Which we replied yes please. He advised us that we could sit where ever we would like...the restaurant was pretty empty as we were there early. We chose to go into the second room off the right of the entrance which seemed a lot newer because the floors were time however the wood ceiling still continued in here. This part had quite a bit of tables along with a little bar you could sit at if you'd like. We sat near the window in these chairs with huge backs.. the kind you picture in the tv show Game of Thrones

Gregg Curtis

Excellent. If you are a french cafe fan...the food is excellent. Service genial. Atmosphere magnifique

Douglas McCarthy

We love dinner here for that special night out.

Michael Sickenger

this is the best French food I have ever tasted but is the closest place for me but it is real and authentic and the service is awesome would definitely come again.


This place is amazing what's not to love here .

Rhonda Waterhouse

Great pastries! Lovely service! Cute atmosphere!

Kat Haggerty

I joked about the price of the quiche BUT I later took it back because the piece you receive and the flavor you get it well worth it. Adam was a great server and the gentleman that played the piano was so kind. The food is delicious - be sure to swing in here, it’s well worth every penny!

Mark Eades

Great Ham and Cheese Scone, Cinnamon Roll and Pecan Roll. Good service very friendly. We were there first thing in the morning before we took the 8:00 Durango Silverton Train. Nice stop before the trip.

supreme Vlogzz

Delicious!!!! ❤

Elaine Bowers

If this had a 10 star rating, that is what I would give it. Met the owner, so sweet. I would eat there everyday until I had eaten everything they have. And then I would start over.

Carl Grove

Excellent food. Much more than a bakery. The dinners are exceptional. They are very willing to work with someone with a restricted diet.

Shawn Asmus

I enjoyed a course of escargot and beef fillet topped with lump crab meat. The food was awesome and the service superb. This is a more expensive restaurant, so don't be surprised by the prices. There is a good selection of food and drinks on the menu and it's a casual, laid back restaurant.

Gene Mashburn

Very pricey but exquisite desserts. About as close to France or Belgium as you can get while in Colorado.


Absolutely stunning We were only there for a pop in but we were waiting for somebody so they seated us down and heated our pastries. And the service was phenomenal as the waitress was so accommodating

Kenneth Adams DO FAOCO

We have been going to Durango since 1989 and despite passing this Cafe and Wine Bar on hundreds of occasions we only recently discovered this culinary gem. We have had lunch and dinner there in the past month and it is wonderful. Jean Pierre frequently greets guests. The meals were terrific. We are members of the Chaine du Rotisseurs and former members of the Conferie des Chevaliers duTastevin therefore feel we have some experience with French Cuisine. Jean Pierre is terrific with great ambiance and delightful service. The escargots in the shell are terrific!

Betsy Vrudny

Overpriced lunch..their bakery items are wonderful but very overpriced. It was my birthday and I took a friend as it was her birthday also. It was noon and we were the only ones in the restaurant. My french dip sandwich was poor. The baguette was delicious but the roast beef was very tough and hard to chew. Since it was our birthdays they did give us a free dessert. I wont return again for lunch, only bakery items. Service was good and place was clean and atmosphere was nice. Save your money and go some place else....for lunch.

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