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REVIEWS OF D Bar Denver IN Colorado

Kristin Johnson

Just love this place, it never disappoints. We sat at the dessert bar which was fun to watch them make the desserts. The food is always good and the service is nice. Today we got the breakfast burrito and short rib hash. Dessert was the D's Nuts and Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal. Everything was delicious, as always.

Kevin Petrilli

Food was really good but service was good but not all that friendly

Rodrigo Gerardo

We sat at the dessert bar and were very impressed. Perfectly executed bread pudding made with croissants which softened the texture in a unique way. The flavors and textures in the chocolate lava cake were so amazing that we couldnt tell it's gluten free. Cocktails were a little too sweet for us but I guess we were at a dessert bar so maybe that's the point.

Joe Wurst

Have heard great things about the food at this place. Unfortunately the service was terrible. We came here for our sons birthday and when we walked in, the hostess was standing behind the bar talking to the bartender. She made clear eye contact with us and then walked into the kitchen. When she finally came over to seat us there was no apology or anything. Once we sat at our table, we waited for over 10 mins and no one even came over to greet us or give us water much less take an order. We got up and left and went to the Mexican restaurant across the street. Sorry but if your service is this subpar you don’t deserve my business.

Sean McGrane

Great place. Easy walk from RiNo area, good service, solid dinner. Of course the dessert was amazing.

Amber Peterson

D Bar is truly a gem. Not gonna lie, my love for Food Network shows is what originally brought me here many moons ago. They never disappoint when it comes to the food and the service you receive matches. Even when dining during Restaurant Week, everything was on point. When someone asks me what my favorite restaurant in Denver is............and seriously, how does one choose any more?...............D Bar is always one I mention.

Marie Bougourd

This place might be your favorite cheat day spot for your diet. Desert plates were bigger than expected. First time we went there with my husband we ate before going and totally regretted, not being able to finish it. It is scrumptious tho. Specially around Christmas time they have a lots of specials. So if you have a sweet tooth and a big appetite THIS is the place where you want to go. They also have regular dish as well...

Jake Mendenhall

I can't believe the comments the staff made to my wife. They told her that she couldn't eat the food she ordered or she would ruin her "figure". If they left it at that one comment I might be able to let it go. However, they proceeded to make crude gestures toward her and then held up a piece of paper against the kitchen window with more body shaming comments. We have three kids and And my wife doesn't often get a chance to go out with her friends but D-Bar found a demeaning way to ruin her night. I am writing this review as she she is crying to me on the phone outside the restaurant.

Luai Qubain

Not worth your time, money or the calories you’re going to regret after eating there. Their desserts remind me of the ones available at King Soopers or Safeway. They also gave away my Gucci scarf to some random person, allegedly, and I cam back for it literally less than 5 minutes after I left.

Levent Hanson

They have an excellent selection of desserts and I would recommend going just for the desserts.

H Hackney

Great food and deserts and great place just to relax and enjoy yourself!!

Keven Kaddi

Fantastic lunch menu to compliment the strength of the dessert bar.

Carlo Gonzo

Great place to have dessert! Try the cake and shake! Excellent place for big group as well. Highly recommended.

Matt Schnitzler

Great food, great desserts. We went for restaurant week, but it was a great experience and we'll be back after for sure!

Kacy Maez

This place was awesome! Jason our server was so great!

Hannah Alexie

I want to like this place. I’ve just had too many experiences with sub par food and not-worth-it desserts, though. A restaurant that is trying to make its desserts a main focus should at least try to master them. It’s always such measly options. A few cupcakes, some icy ice cream. They have few options and they really just aren’t that good. I did once have a great meal here- a burger and fries which was delicious, but the next couple times I got a burger it was dry and had some weird things mixed into the meat. I wish D Bar was consistent with their food and always had a bountiful array of good desserts.

Skip Hastings

Ordered Crispy chicken wings. They were soggy and had no crispy. Good news is burnt sweet potato fries made up for the crisp. Would stick to salads or desserts if I ever went back.

mail grh

We stopped in for a late Friday evening dessert. The staff is great, but the wait to get seated and then to get food on the table was incredibly long. And while the food presentation was good, the taste definitely left us nonplussed - not worth the long wait.

Brian Ray

Really friendly wait staff that makes great recommendations and really terrific food (especially Mac and cheese if you like that sort of thing) also the desserts are fantastic. Pretty reasonable prices for a ritzy sit down place too. Sweet or savory you can't go wrong here!

Anne Conklin

Good food, good service. Very noisy!

Haylee Grubbs

I hesitate to give this place 3 stars. All around it was bad service. Came to Denver on vacation from out of state and did a lot of research before settling on here for a birthday dinner and dessert with my boyfriend. We went shortly after 6 on a Sunday night and the service (from the hostess to our waitress) was all pretty poor. Everyone was in such a rush that their was no hospitalality at all. We had to ask the manager who our server was after sitting there without being taken care of for a good 10+ minutes. At the end of the meal they did give us a free box of macaroons and 20% off of our ticket. After everything I’ve seen of this restaurant from Pinterest and the internet, it was a slight let down because the service was so poor. While the food is good, it’s not good enough to make up for the bad service. Loud environment. Hit or miss really.

Mark Whitmarsh

Yet another fantastic meal at Dbar. I had a reservation on 7/26 and brought friends from TN to my favorite restaurant. Great food....great service and was hoping to chat with Keegan as I had just met him at his dinner at Studio Kitchen Colorado. I didnt have a chance to chat w him but he bought our meal....simply amazing

Manali Torpe

This place has an amazing ambience, it's very spacious and is great for groups as well as for a date! Went for late night dessert and place was buzzing with people. Very yummy desserts, especially the chocolate souffle which was very light and not too sweet!

NickiJoBill Svoboda

Food and service were outstanding!

Denise Connolly

The salad was excellent and the dessert was divine. They have some seasonal options and some year round options as well. Excellent service too. Colton was a fabulous server attentive, charming, and knowledgeable.

Dima Playz

Delicious food! Nice comfortable atmosphere and beautiful place! Recommend y’all to try this place out!

Elizabeth Nakahama

Have been here several times and love it! The desserts are always amazing! The food is fantastic, although the portions are a little small for the price, but here you pay for the quality of food, not the quantity! Happy Hour is great, they have pretty good deals on drinks and small, sharable plates!

Sommer Shearer

Quite possibly my favorite restaurant. They have great food, no matter if you get the sliders, the chicken and wafflers or their mac and cheese. They have something for everything. The real reason you need to stop by though is their desert. It is to die for. The creme brûlée is melt in your mouth amazing. On top of that you can sit at the desert counter and watch as deserts are made. If you aren't feeling a full meal, you can just stop into the sweet shop to pick up macaroons, or other tasty sweets. Great for a romantic date night or a birthday celebration!

daniela fernandez

Difficult for them to make an order to go. Seem to be confused about ordering more than 9 pastries.

Kimikiwi Andersen

Fantastic Desserts!! I will definitely come here again!

Chelsea Lewis

Incredibly tasty and creative menu. Several gluten free offerings for those of us who must avoid (I have Celiac), which is just incredible for a dessert restaurant! I also love their drink and dessert pairings. Quite an experience and so worth the visit!

Nicole Hoerster

D bar is the best place in Uptown period. Fabulous deserts and great food--everytime I'm in the area I want to go here.

Nikkeria Murphy

The food was great we had the fried chicken and waffle; however service could be waaaay better! We Reserved a booth but we got there and weren’t seated for about 20 minutes and still didn’t get a nice seating area. Once seated, it was a while before anyone came to ask about drinks... skip the end of the night we went to get desserts from the little pastry side and the girl helping us was absolutely terrible. Midway through starting our order she asked someone beside us “well are you ready to order?” RUDE . She took many sighs and her overall attitude was poor. Maybe she had a long day I don’t know but customers shouldn’t be able to easily read that

Matthew Spaniol

Had the service been faster this is a 4/5 star establishment. Went for Monday happy hour which lasts from 3pm to close. Great atmosphere, great cocktails. Took 10 minutes for our server to come to the table, but after she got our order the drink, food, check came real quick.


Very slow kitchen, waitress was great and fast though. Food was excellent.

Stephen Bauer

Top notch every time we go!

Rae Armijo

I’ve always been a fan of the D Bar from savory food to the delicious desserts. I just ordered a cake for my parents anniversary and it was beautiful and easy to order. The customer service was excellent and I will definitely be ordering all my cakes from here from now on. Thank you for making our celebration special.

Moriah Chandler

This place is an awesome place to go! The pastry chef, I believe her name was Nicole, was the star of the night. Thanks for the great service!

Mandy D

Best Easter brunch ever. The fam and I had a great waitor, Martin. And we were not disappointed. We will be back!


My friends and I have visited DBar for Denver Restaurant Week two years. They offered 3 course meal and everyone has something to choose from. The deserts were the most have. Wonderful restaurant and tasty food. Loved it....

Sofia Fernandez-Garcia

We were a party of 6, and our hostess originally told us it would be a 15-20 minute wait to be seated. As we waited, many other parties were sat down. 45 minutes later, we asked the hostess how much longer our wait would be and she said 5-10 minutes. She apologized and said the manager would send over some snacks for our long wait, so we decided to stick around. The manager came out with 6 mini macaroons- one for each of us. A kind gesture, but we we’re starving and had thought the “snacks” would be more of an appetizer rather than a single cookie. My grandma has diabetes and couldn’t wait much longer to eat, so we left after waiting for an hour and 20 minutes.

Luis Palenzuela

The food was horrible, but the waiter was friendly. I am not going back anytime soon. We ordered the steak and Friets and it was pretty much a side of fries, 5 small pieces of steak with fries..

Leah St. Charles

The noise in the restaurant was so loud that it was difficult to carry a conversation or even order. The server first approached us and said they might not be serving real food anymore. We had a reservation for 8:45pm and came from the Springs, nowhere did it say they stop serving real food at a certain time. I explained that and he went to ask. They let us order, but we had to rush and hadn’t even ordered drinks yet. Then he got the order wrong. He brought too many orders. He forgot completely about my daughter’s coke float and when I reminded him, he brought a root beer float instead. Which the menu said was $7 and we were charged $8.50 for. She just drank it because it was nearly impossible to get his attention. He didn’t seem apologetic or to care. I still tipped 15% because I’m a decent person, but he definitely didn’t earn it. The prices are very high. I got a lobster roll, which was yummy, but put me back almost $25. My glass of house Cabernet was $14. The desserts were good but not amazing and the prices on those are very expensive too. I would rather go to a nicer place for the price, with better service.

Doug Lindsay

Always interesting folks. Say hi to Jeff the bartender (mixes drinks with perfect ratios) Chris is another one of the Good Fellows working here. This is one of those little places that you only find every once in a great while...

Leatha Wilson

Had the special "Lamb" very tasty and tender. Served with potatoes and I think was cauliflower and a pomegranate sauce - good. Dessert was just okay ; creme brulee.

Michelle Huey

I've never eaten anything but dessert here and it's absolutely worth it. A mix of classic desserts (cake and shake) done better than you can make at home ever even if you tried really hard plus stuff you wouldnt have thought of and couldn't make without a pastry chef (souffle with creme anglaise #omg). Dessert. Do it.

Sue Perez

Customer service via email sucks. Went to the "contact us" and asked a question about the menu...because the menu online did not distinguish what I needed. The response, yes we have these options look online at our menu. It was a waste of my time but at least I know not to go.

Chrissy Nichols

Would try everything if I could!

Kel On Earth

Lovely cocktails and delicious food. I just wish they offered the full menu Saturday afternoons so I could have the9r exquisite mac for lunch. Too bad

jennifer smith

Best service. Thanks Andrew. Best high tea. Amazing flavors. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

Suzi Watts

D-Bar is delicious. This has been a favorite of ours since they opened at their previous location. Today we popped in for a sweet birthday treat for my daughter. We sat at the dessert bar and met the dessert chef who was marvelous. It is cool watching the various desserts get put together, including all the fancy flourishes. I had the lava cake with pistachio ice good! The flavors paired so well. My daughter got the funfetti cake (she turned 29) with a mini sundae and a beater with frosting. Yes, like being a little kid and mom lets you lick the beats. Total nostalgia moment. Her cake was absolutley not a box cake, an elevated funfetti cake. The chef also treated us with some tastes of other treats. I completely recommend D-Bar.

Luke Paulin

One of my favorite places to go downtown. Their desserts are amazing, and their vanilla bean lemonade is to die for. In my opinion, the best dessert is the cake and shake (with a raspberry shake). We also love getting the Pre Fixe, where 2 of the 3 dessert courses are a surprise

Duncan Clark

Love this place. Great service and small decadent dishes, that are to die for. Also has great desserts to go!

Eric Alvarez

This place is just great, the food and service is outstanding and the desserts are fresh and elegant, I love this place!

Hunter G

If you have a sweet tooth then this place is calling your name. If you're bold enough stop by solely for a milk shake or oozing chocolate molten cake at their old school diner bar. If you're really hungry than their dinner plates are equally delicious. Decently priced but on the more expensive side of average meal costs in Denver. Service is impeccable.

Daniel York

Easily one of the coolest restaurants in Denver. Awesome food and atmosphere. Everyone is extremely nice. Their dessert section is also phenomenal. I rarely end up saving myself for dessert, although I always want to. Portions are good. Unique dishes, but they are ALL so good. Me and my fiancé's favorite place to dine currently.

John Figueroa

By far one of our favorite places to go for weekend brunch. I love that they change the ingredients for some of their items. Make sure to leave room for dessert.

James Sondag

Awesome desserts and super solid drinks. My friends and I like coming here for happy hours during the week, but this place is also great for late nights on weekend nights. I haven't had anything here that I didnt like. Service has also always been very very good. Thanks, D Bar and keep up the good work!

Owen Diver

Fun bubbly place with the best desserts available in denver

Lyn Edwards

I had a lovely Mother's Day brunch here with my family! We started with dessert appetizers of cheesecake filled beignets + churros - blew my mind. I usually don't like things too sweet, but it was perfect. I had the avocado salad with a die lobster tail which was fabulous. My husband and kids had waffles - each with different toppings. The whipped peanut butter on the chicken and waffles was outstanding. They even sent me home with 2 truffles for Mother's Day - we will definitely be coming back!

Crystal Johnson

I do enjoy this establishment immensely. I have not had a dish I have not enjoyed!! The Crispy brussels and the D Bar dates are amazing ! The flavor profiles are sometimes odd to the mind, but always a delight! A few of my favorites for lunch are the BACT Sammy, Southern Fried Belgian Sandwich , and the chicken salad sandwich (they did change to spiced=curry still good, but if you do not like curry it is a no no) Desserts are heaven to the taste buds regardless of choice. Service is very good most of the time, I have had some exceptions, but I must say that we all can have bad days! Over all = <3


Nice atmosphere, strong drinks, great staff, and good food!

Jordan Pierce

The chicken and waffles are amazing! Great atmosphere and food. Wait time was a little long but definitely recommend! Worth it!

Lily Marie

Really lovely ambiance, elegant feel but not too formal, either. Love this place for special occasions, and it’s not as expensive as a lot of other nice restaurants, especially in the area. The reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is literally just because the menu has a lot of complex dishes, rather than a majority of crowd pleasers. Picky eaters MAY avert, but I would recommend anyways. I personally enjoy it every time, as I’m an avid eater!! Love

Matthew Jason

Great place to come and grab some ice cream. I have never sat at a table, so not sure about the service. Although, they have great ice cream selections and deserts. Definitely worth checking out on a hot summer day!

Benjamin Gadbaw

This is probably my favorite breakfast spot in Denver. #2 is One Fold. #3 is Olive and Finch. It’s delicious and healthy (if you want it to be). The desserts alone are worth the visit. Casual but nice decor. Perfect for anything but the fanciest of occasions. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

Mariela Morales

Delicious creme brulee! Love the calm but fun environment!

Victoria Culbeaux

The best place to consume all your caloric intake for the day in a few bites the most delicious way. A perfect place for a Valentine's treat.

Kat Gor

Best dessert in town!

Jared Wiltshire

Very slow bring out a single dessert, when it arrived it was not what I expected, I was still waiting for the cheesecake to come out. If you're going to serve a deconstructed desert mark it as such. It was more carrot cake than cheesecake. When I told the waiter that I was disappointed he remarked "well it looks like you still enjoyed it". The ice cream was extremely average, had ice chunks in it like it had melted and been re-frozen.

Seema Kapoor

Great food and drinks! Came here for dinner on a recommendation and did not regret it. Staff suggested one of the specials to me, a short rib dish with roasted vegetables, both were executed perfectly. Reasonably priced as well, if I'm back in Denver, I would definitely come here again.

Joel K

Save your money and hit a better, and cheaper, Uptown restaurant. The noise level, rude servers, and mediocre food make this place a no-go. A very “trendy” aka expensive for poor quality restaurant. If you’re looking for just dessert, head down the block to Frozen Matter.

Emily Willey

Very delicious and great atmosphere. The French Macarons are amazing! We tried one of each flavor and o highly recommend doing that!

Scott Ryan

What a disaster. This place used to be so good. We loved the atmosphere and the food. The deserts and drinks were so yummy and creative. The last 3 times we have been there the bar has been 75% empty and many tables 20+%empty. We were told there was over a 30 minute wait We waited a while and no one showed up. The take out is a small subset of their normal deserts and are obviously not made at the restaurant but more likely Cisco. It was such a great place but either horrible management or they can’t keep staff. A sad end to an exciting place. Needless to say they have lost many customers

matt hubbard

Sadly D Bar is on the way down. What was on a hand full of spectacular deserts, is now a full menu of medctity. Even the service was slow. Our drinks took forever, the butter cream frosting on my American Dream beater was grainy, so was the ice cream. It tasted like cost cuts vs. the wonderful splurge it used to be.

Alexander Barnes-Tamari

Really enjoyed my dessert from D Bar! Nice relaxing atmosphere, upscale feel. My dish featured mousses, meringue, sorbet, and macaroons that centered around a rose/lychee/raspberry theme - outstanding use of texture and flavor! All served with smiles and friendly suggestions. Happy to have this joint in town, lookin' forward to another visit soon.

Brian Kwan

We were seated immediately during happy hour. It took about 10 minutes to be acknowledged by staff, at which point we were given our water and told that our waitress would be with us shortly. It took another 7-10 minutes before the bartender came over and asked for our orders. She apologized for the wait, and said that everyone else was asking for things at the same time. No big deal. We ordered, and when the food finally arrived, my order was wrong. I asked for the Nashville hot chicken waffle sandwich, and only got the chicken, and pointed it out to the server immediately.. It is unusual because I pointed to the chicken waffle sandwich on the menu and there's not even an option for just the chicken, so I'm not sure how that happened. The bartender came up and made it seem like it was my fault saying 'It's ok, not a big deal, it is a very easy change.' I had to wait another 15 minutes for my order and by that time, everyone else was wrapping up their meals. With that said, we all agreed that the food was delicious, but the service needs work.

David Mason

5 stars every time. Great appetizers and entrees. Phenomenal desserts!!


This was our third visit and unfortunately our last. We came twice last year for special celebrations and had great experiences. Tonight was a very different experience. The kitchen was slow all night. We ordered nibbles to start which took too long to arrive. We were advised our side of chicken would be right out but it was delayed, as were our drinks. We ordered our meals right when our appetizers arrived, but our dinner was even more behind than our appetizers. They brought out 1 meal (There were 6 of us) When we explained to the manager that only one of our meals had arrived and we were still waiting on the rest he promised to take care of us. When the rest of our food arrived two of the five meals were incorrectly made. We explained to the manager we didn't want to wait for replacements as it had taken so long for the first meals to arrive. Again he promised to take care of us an offered to comp dessert. Total we spent almost 3 hours here. While some of that was because we were celebrating most was waiting for our food. When the check arrived the manager had only comped our dessert and was no where to be found. Disappointing as it just further showed they didn't care about keeping us as customers. After this disappointing experience we won't be returning.

Shakira Khan

Love it, amazing food and amazin dessert.

Jeff Altman

Very good food. Service a little haphazard. Fun buzzy vibe.

Chris Conley

Woo Hop! This was the best (and only) D Bar I have ever been to. I will definitely come back to visit this place again at least one more time within the next 20 years. Didn’t try the food only got dessert and drinks. Tried the chocolate beignet - you should too!

Mattie Owens

First time here. Celebrated a birthday dinner and desert. Had a table of 18 and ordered the southern fried Belgian sandwich and the molten cake thingy that everyone has (yes,that is the name of it) for desert. They have an extensive menu for both. I noticed a ton of young folks there celebrating all kinds of occasions. The chairs are very kind of sink in. The room is very loud because it's full of people having a nice time eating and chatting. The food was excellent! BEWARE: Parking is a pain!

David Riposo

Just wanted to have dessert with my family. Ordered a decaf coffee before 9 pm. It didn’t arrive until 9:20 after EVERYBODY else had their desserts and had nearly finished them!!!We asked about it when the other desserts were brought out too. And again. They still took 10 minutes. For coffee. That should have been served 10 minutes BEFORE the food. So my cherry pie, which was warm, got cold, and my ice cream melted. So I never got to enjoy eating dessert with my family. They didn’t even offer to remove my uneaten pie until after we spoke to the manager. Just lost a customer.

Estefania Bautista

I wish I could leave a negative star!! Even though we had a reservation for 6:15, they made us wait until 6:45! It's like, what's the point of the reservation? Then we sat there for 25 minutes without service. None of the waiters talked to us until we were putting on our coats. As we were leaving, the host gave us a half-hearted sorry. Too little too late, I'm never coming back!

Monty Burns

D Bar is far by one if my favorite restaurants in Denver and maybe ever! The environment is amazing, the staff is friendly, and the service all-together is superb. Great place to bring friends, family, or anyone looking to have a great dining experience! Thank you D Bar Family!

Mittar Khalsa

Great brunch, we had the churros and the lox on croissant, best lox I've had. Fantastic flavors and plenty of salmon.

Makena Neal

Such. Good. Dessert.

Blair Wendt

Delicious chicken and waffle sandwich and great happy hour prices!

Franke Gentile

Lauren made our wedding cake and it was gorgeous. It was everything I imagined. During tasty my husband who claims he doesn't really like sweets finished all the cake and wanted to schedule another tasting because he had so much fun. Lauren gave us our options and told us some of her favorite combos. We ended up going with vanilla cake, passion fruit filling and blueberries for two layers, chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and crushed oreos for the second layer and funfetti cake with chantilly cream and raspberries for our final layer. All three of these flavors were different but so delicious. Lauren took pictures I had as inspiration and together we came up with a design. I love sprinkles and Lauren suggested a layer of cake with sprinkles however she dusted the sprinkles gold so the cake would still look beautiful! And it was!!! I know the cake was delicious because at the end of the night most of the cake was gone. I was so happy to work with Lauren and appreciate all her hard work!

dj bruner

Great food better dessert

Introspect Incorporated

Food is good. Prices are a little higher than normal. Decent selection. Staff is super friendly and the place is very clean. Great for a special night out.

Julia Michaels

D Bar Denver is located just a short walk from the Convention Center and the 16th Street Mall. When we came, we got a friendly greeting. Service was great and the food was tasty. The only two downsides I noticed were little space between tables and high-level noise.

Elliott Koegler

this is the perfect date night I definitely Recommend it to anybody it is the perfect experience

Rebecca Edlund

Such a delightful end to our evening!

Linda Washington

Service was downright fast. I love the cocktails. Looking forward to spending some time here during happy hours. Their atmosphere is cool. Love their dessert menu. Made me drool just by looking at them and imagining how everything tastes like.

Anne S. C.

D burger was tasty but a little to salty and oily

Paul Wagner

Great lunch spot! Tons of flavor. Nice portion size. Deserts look great! Have to try them on another visit.

Cassie Gonzalez

Changed their menu up a little bit but their tomato soup and crispy brussel sprouts are THE BEST!

Abigail Meisenheimer

The three stars are for the food alone. I went here for a friends birthday. I've heard great things so my expectations were high. Our server, Colton, was hands down one of the best servers I have ever experienced. Attentive, funny, engaging, and knowledgeable. Atmosphere was fun and lively. I ordered an avocado salad with a side of salmon. The salmon was perfect and everything tasted great. However, if I'm spending $12 on a salad I want more on my plate than a handful of romaine and tomatoes with a nicely sliced avocado. I'd expect that from a $$$$ restaurant not $$. The dessert.... if you are going to name your place the D Bar I'd expect everything on that menu to be top-notch-cant-go-wrong-with-any-choice. I was already put off that I spent that kind of money on a mediocre salad I wasn't going to spend that on a mediocre dessert. I opted for a pistachio macaroon and a hand made chocolate. Coloton highly suggested I get something else, especially when it came to the chocolate. I ended up just getting the macaroon and a port. He was right. The macaroon was blah. The port was okay. I would go back to get a "better dessert", but I won't be returning with such high expectations this time around.

Matt Lindeman

Awesome dessert with a fun atmosphere... and even better service!

Jay Kim

Pretty neat concept (dessert centered restaurant) and good execution. Great French press coffee too. Cant remember the name of this dessert but it was earl grey mousse with blood oranges and sponge. Was very balanced and not super sweet.

Geno Lopez

Heavenly delicious yet devilishly decadent desserts!!!! Outstanding world class service by entire staff. Smart and classy world class cuisine without the stuffy or stuck up unnecessary seriousness expected of a world class execution on fresh from scratch ingredients... My favorite happy hour vice. Spiked milkshakes? Hell yeah!

Tony Bixler

Food is amazing! Staff is super energetic and friendly! Awesome place to eat!

Jason Richardson

I've been to D Bar Denver twice and both times food and service were amazing. The chocolate cake was delicious, just out of this world! I really like to try other dessert items. From now it is my go to place for desserts.

Tiffany Rodriguez

Excellent food!!! The atmosphere was great and the wait staff was friendly.

Adam Timaji

Brunch was fresh and super flavorful. The Crue fries were surprisingly really complex but still craveably delicious, they were gone immediately. Dessert afterwards was more but better. The beignets were the best I've ever had, warm and fluffy. Our server was attentive and helpful and kind. Will be coming back. Repeatedly, probably.

Maria Monica Beltran

The service is very poor and the food is good, but not THAT good to mask the inadequacy of the customers service. I have had this experience twice already, but I am not going to ever go back to DBar because I got the impression that the lack of attention to detail and willingness from management to address our concerns had to do with the fact that we were a group of black and brown women, because the table next to us received their food on time and outstanding attention from our server. Nope. No time for that.

Steve Cohn

This is the last time we'll go. We've gone many times over the years, but the service has consistently declined. We interacted with three people and none of them could even pretend to care. The food isn't as good as it used to be. One of the bartenders appeared a little intoxicated. Normally, I'd enjoy that, but instead of being a friendly drunk, he was sour and nearly dropped several glasses while we were there. The hostess was unpleasant.

Anthony Ortega

I have been anticipating my visit here, when we arrived Keegan himself was outside meeting with his staff. The space itself is really nice as was our waiter. I ordered a burger and it was served raw! The waiter took it back no problem and sorry this and that.... when they brought the "new" one back out it was the same piece of ground beef I sent back. WTF? What a shame that this would be an acceptable practice for D Bar.

Jeff Ferron

Enjoyed a night out with the wife.

Peaches Thesordid

Good atmosphere, delightful coffee. I ordered the Fall AF and it was absolutely amazing.

Lalita Boonnoppornkul

I ordered a salad with chicken for togo. I literally had to wait 20 minutes for this small serving and they charged me ~$14!!! When they charged me this amount I thought to myself “oh! Itll be a bigger salad” but nope they gave me a salad for ants!! AND a 20 minute wait for them to cook basic chicken breast?!

Raluca Huelskoetter

Really good food for happy hour! Great atmosphere!

Derrick Sandoval-Martinez

Such great desserts. Very tasty. The Cue fries are dank. Great place to bring new friends.

Karmen Mallow

Great food and drinks! Came here for dinner on a recommendation and did not regret it. Staff suggested one of the specials to me, a short rib dish with roasted vegetables, both were executed perfectly. Reasonably priced as well, if I'm back in Denver, I would definitely come here again.

Braden Lawson

My partner and I come here quite frequently, and each time we leave pleased and full. The staff is always very nice, and the food is even better. The menu changes occasionally, and we love trying the new items. The great desserts are truly a work of art here, and always delicious.

Josh Yost

Fantastic service, fantastic food. Our favorite place in Denver BY FAR. The food menu is unique and perfectly executed. Same for the desserts. Open late. Loved coming here for dinner, and another visit for a night cap and dessert. A must visit for any Denver trip.

Abhimitra Alampalli

If you like sugar and alcohol, this place does a perfect blend of both for you. There are some tasty fries and the happy hour menu is not too bad. Cheers to all the calories you'll be consuming when you're here :D

kym ray

Great dessert menu and nice place. 3 stars because we felt completely ignored by our server. We sat at the table for 15 minutes before our server even acknowledged us although she visited the table right next to us twice. Once we received our food we only saw her again to deliver the check. This was not my first time here, but my first time receiving poor service.

Jelani Patterson

Would have been nice if they told us the kitchen is closed for meals after 10, after we got there at 945, and waited 45 minutes to get seated, with weary and hungry guests from another state that wanted to enjoy a meal and dessert. No one said anything so we waited for nothing. Whoever came to “apologize” lacked empathy and I won’t be back anytime soon.

Natalie P

This was the first time my husband and I came here - based off the recommendation of a couple we met on a plane (Shout-out to Bekah and James!). We had such a great time. We split the southern fried chicken sandwich (to save room for dessert, duh) .... I believe I remember the description said a chive waffle and cheese- DEFINITELY try it. I had a salted caramel martini and we each had creme brûlée. To be honest- wasn’t the BEST creme brûlée I had, but my husband definitely enjoyed his. To top it all off... our server Brittany was the BOMB! She was so sweet, genuine and gave us impeccable service. She was the best. Thank you, Brittany, for an amazing experience!!!

Chris U

Great atmosphere, great food. Fun time with was great!

Mike Reiszner

Great customer service, great atmosphere and great food!

Jaspal Hothi

We came here on a Sunday evening at approximately 5:30 PM. There is a parking Garage which is right next to Jill’s restaurant and it is free parking for about two hours. TheRestaurant itself is kind of upscale but with a very casual vibe. I would definitely recommend this as a restaurant for a very casual couples dinner date. Since we came during the happy hour we ordered some nibbles. We got the crue fries, A slider and bacon mac & cheese. I also ordered the T-bar margarita which was pretty good. The only thing that you ordered from the main course was the berry and Camembert salad, To which I added the grill salmon. We unfortunately didn’t have time to try out the desserts in the house but did take an order off the beignets to go.Overall the food was delicious and the preceding quantity for the price. I just feel like the music was a little bit too loud for this setting. I would definitely recommend this for a new couple is looking for a whole weekend before dinner or dessert.

Melissa Masek

Bacon wrapped dates are fantastic! I was too full on dates to try dessert, but my mouth was watering each time I saw one come out. Will definitely have to go back to try dessert too!

Max E. James

I did not have much, and I only went once, so far, so the rating is higher than I believe they deserve. However, I had no issues with the place, so they do not need a lower rating. The place is in a good part of Denver, the food is presented in a fancy way, and the pricing is not bad. I thought it would be more but it was inexpensive. I like the variety of desserts, and the quinoa salad was really good. Not sure if this is the place for food, more for comfort food such as dessert and tea. The staff seemed nice, but do some to the table more than one wants. Do wish to go back and try their desserts.

James C

This was our third and likely last visit. It was my wife’s birthday so we got a sitter and came to celebrate! We had a reservation and were a little before the dinner rush but it still took 20 to get water and another 5 before our waiter showed up. When our appetizer came they didn’t give us any plates. When we asked for some, the wait staff seemed annoyed At the request. 15 minutes later the plates showed up. The entrees came in a reasonable time afterwards. My wife’s salad left a lot to be desired. It certainly didn’t live up to the description and would not qualify as a salad at most other restaurants. My order was not correct and when I asked the waiter about it, he responded in a snarky tone, “I don’t know, I didn’t cook it”. All in all, we were not impressed with any of our food. We had planned on dinner AND desert. Based on the quality of service and food, we opted to skip desert. We stopped at Frozen Matter a block away. A small trendy ice cream shop where both the simple service and quality of food were far superior to our dinner experience. I say, skip the D Bar and head to Frozen Matter.

Kelly B

Food is always delicious! I rarely have had a good experience with the service.

Hope Martinez

They truly know what you want for Dessert. They have amazing selection from a slice of funfetti cake, creme brulee or macaroons. An amazing selection of cocktails and a staff that will help you decide what you want. Be sure to make a reservation if you are in a hurry but definitely a must try.

Natalie Blanco

Delectable! Greatly suggest the seasonal desserts. Our waiter Koltan was a doll, everything he recommended we loved.

Kami Tei

Ate at D Bar a couple of weeks ago. A waitress at another restaurant recommended it. We really enjoyed it!! I had the pizza salad sandwich, my mom had the chicken and waffles sandwich and I had the Strawberry Fields (I think it was called) which was delicious!! I also took some cookies to go. Will visit again next time we are in Denver!

Lauren Butterfield

Best spot for desserts in Denver! Friendly staff, all food is delicious.

Jim Ilg

Have been here 5 times in the last couple of years, never particularly overwhelmed, I expected the food quality to be reflective with the prices but feel that they misaligned. I had the rosito, rice was crunchy, still had the alcohol flavor in it because it was not cooked out. The Chocolate cake frosting tasted like one of those manufactured cake frostings, and nobody at the table liked it. All 4 of us did not like the mousse from the S-more dessert and it seemed topped with jarred marshmallow, that is a guess but it looked and had the same texture and taste as the marshmallow from a jar, and the mousse had a bland flavor and odd texture. Again I will be back because it fits the bill when we are in that neck of the woods, but it is not the first choice.

Maggie MacKinnon

Had afternoon tea there and all I can say is WORTH IT! It was all beautifully prepared and decadent. Savory & sweet to satisfy all your needs.

Chermetra Keys

Went into D Bar today and was helped by Marilyn. She never greeted us when we walked in and overall had and nasty attitude with us. She wasn’t very informative nor helpful and by then end of the visit I really didn’t want anything from this establishment... This will definitely be my last visit.

Chris Stephenson

Dessert is my favorite meal of the day since it's the only time when I feel like I get to indulge myself for finishing the day. The best place to get my dessert fix is D Bar. I like everything from the dessert menu, but my favorites are the cake and shake and the churros. Seasonal items keep the menu fresh so there's always something new to try. As much as I love the dessert here, I actually love the D Bar burger. Whenever I come here for dinner I always go for the burger medium well and it always comes out with the perfect temperature, tasty and juicy.

Keith Fuicelli

Per my 8 year old daughter, great food. Loved the Mexican coke!

David Ford

We ordered a lot and enjoyed it all. Chicken and waffles was unique and the friend chicken was cooked perfectly. Corn bread waffles were a little sweet and very delicious. I was overall unimpressed with their sliders, meat was juicy but overall a little bland. Fry's were great but they use organic ketchup (if that's not your thing). Service was slow and our server wasn't up to date with desert menu. He didn't remember the 6pack price or flavors of the macaroons or bonbons and then forgot to let me know after asking him to find out. The macaroons were about the size of a quarter - super tiny. they tasted how they should, but their flavors were very subtle and I would love to try more if they weren't so expensive for such a small cookie. We didn't end up getting bonbons - even though I had planned on it. It was a fun brunch but really nothing special.


The manager Charles at this facility offered our table some of the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. We had a kissing bug (a type of beetle) literally walk off of our Chocolate Cake and on to our table. I told Charles about the situation, that we lost our appetite, and were concerned with the cleanliness of the restaurant’s kitchen. He proceeded to argue with me and still try to charge us for our dessert. Charles has a lot to learn about customer service! The owners of D-Bar should be very concerned with a manager who represents their facility in that way. We will not be returning.

Tiffany Bowie

Amazing food, drink, and dessert menus! The ambiance of the restaurant is lovely, as is the staff. Happy hour was great for us as we wanted to try smaller dishes from multiple menus. Our waitress gave excellent recommendations when we couldn't make up our minds! Well worth the wait if you walk in, although most would recommend reservations made a couple of days in advance. We will definitely be back next time we're in Denver!

Akiko Imamura

I had a dessert plate for my birthday and I liked it.

Maggie Craig

I attended a bachelorette that kept expending as more and more people arrived. The staff was so personable, hospitable, and accommodating. They did everything they could so my group could have a fantastic experience.

Selene Figueroa

Good happy hour specials and delicious dessert

Megan Howard

Wonderful experience! The atmosphere is hip but still classy, the wait staff is so friendly and the food is to die for taste wise AND presentation wise. Their salmon ravioli is to die for and for dessert they have tons of beautiful selections from gelato to tarts! Overall experience makes you feel fancy while still staying affordable! Definitely going to be a regular returning customer.

Steven O.

This is easily one of the best (d)esert bars in Denver. We went on a sunday evening and was seated immediately. We were taken care of by very friendly staff. When i bring friends out to Denver i will be sure to drop by and get some fantastic food.

Noah Tomlin

What a nice place to meet friends! Their menu is creative and fun, the desserts are memorable and delicious. This time we came at happy hour and enjoyed the prices. The service was terrific and the general atmosphere is great. Highly recommend visiting this spot!

Michelle Britton

I have been here many times before this and have always enjoyed grabbing ice cream and cake from the pickup/to go area. Tonight, when we first walked in the cashier was very rude and short with us. She shoved the ice cream into one container when we specifically asked for the flavors to be separate. And lastly, the ice cream had ice chunks in it and did not taste/have the same smooth texture that it usually does. It used to be our go to dessert spot, but I'll likely have to take my business elsewhere.

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