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Thea Molly

The Cuban cakes and pastries were the best in the area. I love the smell and taste was perfect. I really love velvet cake it was just my only favorite good thing that they have it. I have sliced on it at reasonable price. Staff was friendly and well mannered. Great place.

John Perry

Always amazing... great food, friendly service... best empanadas west of Miami... you are cheating yourself if you do not try it

Mia Inez

The plates of food were spot on delicious but the pastries seemed as if they were sitting in the case quite a while due to the way it was as if I could taste the case they were in.

Jason Strong

Great food..great service... and so much food for your money

Jeremy Solomon

Great food and staff is friendly

Keith Detherage

Best of the best! I miss you guys and still think you should open one in Pueblo!

Miguel Estrada

They have one of the best cuban sandwiches around! Great guava and cheese pastries. Closest thing you will find to South Florida. My daughter destroys the pork here everytime! She can't help it, the Cuban in her takes over!

Rafael Sandoval

I came in and ordered a Cubano Sandwitch and it was delicious. The customer service is absolutely amazing and was greeted with such a sincere welcome. I love the music that plays inside the restaurant and everything from the desert to the baked goods all look so dang appetizing no matter what time of the day it is. I highly recommend this place for lunch and dinner.

Kyle Bundy

This place is

Olga Meraz

Delicious! Pretty affordable

Mindy Fenton

Love this place. It doesn't get more authentic than this! Local family business with delicious food. Never disappoints!

Stanley M

My Cuban sandwich wasn't made with Cuban bread. Little let down when the photo on the wall clearly made with cuban bread. It makes a difference. The plantains were amazing though.

Sweet Fabula / Catalina Vasquez Glesige

This place has given me such joy!!! I accidentally found it on Google Maps while I was driving somewhere else and I went with my husband to try it out. All I can say is WOW!! The pastries, the meat, all the savory things that I miss from back home. The flavor is amazing, the service is wonderful, everything is made in house... It can't get more authentic and more delicious. Congratulations for this place!!!

Amanda Knox

Something different for me. Was like eating at home. Big portions of home made food. And reasonably priced too!

Juana Gonzalez

Great food and pastries.

Prudencia Robertson

Love the people, new place, the music and their amazing food!.

Lindsay Krasniqi

We visited just for the pastelitos and ended up leaving with a #cafeconleche and a custard with strawberry jam. There was a food line with different varieties of meat dishes and rice, really wished I hadn't already eaten! The #pastelitodeguayaba (Guava Pastry) was delicious and the cafe con leche was just ok. My son enjoyed the custard pudding but the edible chocolate cup it was in, didn't have a good flavor. Almost like it was old. We would love to return again to this #CubanBakery when we visit #Denver again.

Dan Kiel

My first experience at a Cuban Bakery/Cafe. Delicious! I ate good I've never had and loved every bite of it. They had lots of options on the board and in the cases. Everything is made there, and fresh! I'm already looking forward to bringing my wife there, so she can experience this wonderful gem, as well.

Trina Legans

The staff was awesome, the prices were reasonable, you definitely get what you pay for which is great quality food. I will definitely be back.

Jeremiah Ramos

Delicious sandwiches, great pastry selection, and very generous portions.

Olga Mead

Tastes like my Puerto Rican grandma's cooking. I'm so very thankful this restaurant exists here. Delicious!

Jorge Saez

Real good Cuban food coffee

Jaime Hernandez

I love the hot foods, never an issue... but what the heck is going on with the pastries? They look amazing but when you take a bite... a mouth full of funkiness... I can't put my finger on the flavor but they taste like they're stale and plastic leeched into every pore of the pastry. Super yuck. It's a shame. For that, they get 3 stars... until they can fix the funkiness...

Alex Bergland

What an amazing find - great spot for lunch! Stopped in to grab a quick snack and wished I was more hungry then I was. The line was long but moved fairly quickly. Everything we had was delightful (although my friend said thier empanada was a bit dry) and was amazed at the selection. The price was good. A bit hard to find a table. I'll absolutely be coming back.

Jeremy Adkins

Authentic Cuban cuisine at its best, the best sandwiches you've ever experienced, fresh made hot food, and of course Cuban coffee. They have daily breakfast specials, everything fresh and made to order, and the desserts are authentic and made with all natural sugar and ingredients.

Kyle Aulow

Was very excited to finally have a Cuban bakery where I could get all the delacacies of home. The baked items all looked delicious and the chicharon was made to perfection. Unfortunately I will not be returning, it seems this establishment has an issue with food standards as displayed by previous reviews. I wanted to like the food, despite the baked goods tasting on the older side and the chicharon though cut perfectly being stringy and tough to eat. Through and through I would have returned to get my Cuban fix, if not for the violent sickness which hit me later in the night. I would warn against consuming anything here as you will probably be cramping up, puking uncontrollably, with water viscous fecal eruptions, as well as the fever and chills that come with food poisoning. A message for the owners, go to Cassavana in Miami or even a Publix, I ate Cuban food for years and never got this sick.

Jordan Pont

Love this place, grew up in South Florida and they are as legit as it gets. I come at least once a week 10/10.

Brent McCue

Absolutely incredible service. The empanadas were amazing and the cafecito was perfect.

Treason Terminator

Excellent recreation of some of the Cuban dishes I used to eat at Cuban Restaurants in Miami, like Picadillo, Ropa Vieho, Maduras, etc. !!!

Tristen Hust

Already returned once. Will definitely be back for more!


Only authentic cuban place in denver!! Truly great food. Love the pastelitos. Pan con lechon always hits the spot.

Rev. Ryan Bob Givens

Some of the best food ever. Friendly staff, lots of variety for food both savory and sweet, breakfast, catered meals, and awesome Cuban style coffee. I've been coming here for years for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I have never been disappointed. Thanks for the good memories and full bellies!!

Haley B.

Traditional Cuban food and pastry, oh my! Oh yeah, Cuban coffee too! The smell is so delicious that it's hard to leave with just one thing!

Liz Pacheco

People friendly and helpful with all my excellent.. full of flavor

Gabby A

This is the best Bakery and Cafe ! Their baked goods are delectable with really delicious Cuban coffee. They also have a variety of mouthwatering sandwiches and a small flavor packed buffet. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed my time there. Edit: The place has gone through a remodeling and its beautiful! Go and enjoy some delicious food and coffee while viewing iconic snapshots of Cuba!

Victor Morris

Nices, island cake just like Puerto rico

Jose Vieitez

I can’t believe I just found this place. Every pastry I He was delicious. They definitely have a legit Miami-Cuban vibe inside with salsa playing and faded out menus on the wall. Love it! Don’t forget to get some Cuban coffee, too; you’ll be wired all day.

Nick Booker

Delicious food and great coffee!


Ludicrously unfairly delicious. Try everything. Everything is amazing. Always busy, but always super quick with the service. Did I mention everything is amazing? I live for the spinach empanadas and the coconut cheese pastries. It's the only thing I miss about that end of town, and anytime I get anywhere near it, I have to make sure I budget some extra money to stock up on amazing food, and then I eat it all in two days and wish I had more. HEY CUBA BAKERY, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE open a location on the west side somewhere!

Lorren Lee

This place is amazingly delicious! Good prices, good food!

James Bright

Loved it within the first bite. The flavors are amazing. The staff were all very nice and recommended some great items. I already know I’ll be craving this place weekly! Better than Cuba Cuba and I’m a big fan of theirs!

Mary Clark

Great Expresso/Cuban coffee and yummy desserts.

Jacquelyn Rivera

I have been searching for an authentic cuban restaurant and finally found it. If your homesick this place will bring you back. Their staff were really friendly, helpful, and polite. I look forward toward my next visit again.

Chris Naylor

Haven't had Cuban food in years this place is so good and the oxtails on Saturdays are the best


What a nice surprise. Sort of a hidden gem, which is my favorite. Very delicious sandwiches and desserts. I definitely will return, with others to share my experience. I recommend it

Don Eberle

Best REAL cuban food in town! Have can eat there too, Delicious

Marco M

Hands down the best Cuban food in Denver. The closest thing I've found to an authentic lechonera or panaderia, they've got a great lunch buffet with all your favorite Cuban/Dominican/Puerto Rican dishes, just like abuela used to make! The pastries and coffee (and bread) are delicious, too. My favorites are the sandwiches though; huge, and soooooo good (try the Media Noche!). Great value here, prices are low for the amount of food you're getting. Come hungry!

Jennifer Varga

Amazing. So much quality food for the money and some of the most beautiful pastries I have ever seen. Freindly, refreshing and unexpected. Thank you!

Maricely Veryser

I went today cause Im pregnant and Im craving some puertorican desserts (Im from PR) I thought this was going to be pretty much like home... however... I was very disappointed when I got to my car and tasted them... they tasted like if they were old and sitting there for a long time.

Juan Carlos Vazquez

Sandwich was so good. The hot dessert was good. The cold dessert was not. Ordered the carrot cake, could not eat. Seemed like it was in the chiller for weeks it was so dry.

Noah Geisel

Legit Cuban food, from the baked goods and empanadas to the traditional lunch served cafeteria style with rice, beans, plantains and choice of meat. I LOVE this place.

Stephanie Brack

Love it here! Food is great and authentic! Service is quick!

steven guerra

My wife and I absolutely love it!!!.

Shanita Mingo

It could have been great. But the delicious looking desserts, humble atmosphere and authentic food was not enough for the lack of flavor/seasoning, raw fried plantains, high prices and a 15 minute wait for a sandwich. A sandwich that was all bread.

Don mead

Wow, pleasantly surprised. Very good sandwich, lots of other foods that looked great

Andrew palacio

Authentic very delicious and people are amazingly friendly

Mari Clarke

I LOVE this place, moved from Miami last year and this place has traditional Cuban Food, sandwiches, pastries, etc. The Cuban Sandwich is my favorite. Everything is authentic, fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is like being in any cafeteria in Miami. The service is outstanding, super friendly, the music is great and the coffee is strong! What else you want

Corey Farmer

This place is the best Cuban place I've eaten at that wasn't in Florida (never been to Cuba). Their Cuban coffee was fantastic! Between that and the media noche I'd eat there every day if I had the money. Also, their staff are fantastic people that are always super welcoming!

Maritriny Sotolongo

Nice place for authentic Cuban pastries and sandwiches.

Luis Reyes

Very good food, and they serve you big portions.

vanessa Shelby

First time and it won't be the last, had the Cuban sandwich it was delicious, we also had a flan and red velvet cake delicious as well, can't wait to trytry more.

Juan Varela

I'm from miami, I grew up eating this food. When I want some of that home town taste I come here. Great pastries and great plate lunches. I come here at least once a week. I recommend if you want some authentic Cuban food.

Christy Kucera

Hialeah in Colorado. Delicious pastries, croquettes and sandwhiches.


Great home-style food and amazing service.

Becky Hudson

I saw an article in a local newspaper about this place and having been to Cuba many times decided to try it. The reviews I read all spoke to how crowded it always is. Much to our surprise when we entered we were the only ones there. Another surprise was that 5 minutes later the line was to the door. The sandwiches we ordered were very tasty and huge. We could have split it. Both of us finished about half. The menu of ropa vieja (which is a Cuban dish) as well as others looks great and we will be back.

Bryan Horspool

Huge portions, very tasty. Variety of options. Large pastry selections. The lunch plate is a great option. Can easily be shared between two people.

Irva Lewis

Food was delicious. Service came with a smile.

Richard McCulloch

Amazingly affordable prices for hand made, high quality food. I ordered the Guava and cream cheese pastry, and wished I had ordered more. Highly recommend if you are looking for some good baked treats and cuban food.

Robert C.

This place it's simply awesome.

Bobby Kakkad

Great food! My grandmother's, aunt's, half-brother's, wife's, cousin had Cuban food once in El Paso, Texas and we've been trying to find one like that ever since! Hats off to some real El Paso style Cuban food!

Elsa Vicent

Excellent food and service!

Jesus Garcia-Mancilla

Great food and friendly staff

Jesse Aheran

The absolute most authentic spot I can find in all of Colorado, coming from Florida there's nothing more authentic than this place. Love everything about it.

Jonathon Apodaca

Affordable. Real. Food.

Beulah Holmes

Two words: cheese pastries! These flaky, filled with cream cheese delights are topped with sugar and just melt in your mouth. The last time I was here, I also enjoyed a beef empanada and chorizo empanada. Both were highly flavorful and quite filling. They offer a wide variety of desserts (I keep coming back to the cheese pastries though) and they also have a steam table full of (what looks like) delicious food (haven't yet tried any of it. I live out of town, but next time I come here, I'll make sure to try something new).

S Gleason

The only legit Cuban cuisine I've had in the states outside of Miami, where I grew up. Other places have tried, but they seem to dumb it down. This is authentic perfection!!!

Kimberly Talana

Wow! Felt like I was back home in Miami! Only a few lunch options (2-3 per day) but it always tastes like home cooking. Portions are big enough to share. Coffee is good too. Haven't tried the sandwiches or pastelitos yet but they all looked tasty.

laly d

Best cuban sandwiches

Deborah Stoner

One of my new favorite places to eat in Aurora. I love the meats, cant wait to try the bakery treats

Jo Butler

The portions are enormous enough to feed two people. The Cuban flavors are perfect. The prices are reasonable. The staff is delightful. And the dining in area is being doubled. Try the Cuban sandwich and coffee, so good!!!

Morgan Gibbard

If you ever get a chance to est here do it. The food is absolutely amazing and it's a great hidden gem.

Delgado Rod Onil

It's authentic cuban food. Good taste and decent prices. It's a popular place! So expect a little line but it's worth it. The service is great.

Gervacio Vielza Garcia

Love their food. Their rice and black beans.

Jack Murphy

The minute I walked into this restaurant I felt like I was back home in South Florida, Naples-Miami areas. The Cuban Sandwich and pastries are my favorites. Delicious and the smells, music, and hustle is what I miss about home. Best little restaurant in Aurora. The ladies at the counter are super friendly, very helpful, and Proud of their hidden gem. Fantastic!!!!

Bruno Selmo

Authentic Cuban food that made me feel like I was back in Miami. Friendly staff and tons of delicious food.

jhax jewell

Omg, cant say enough about how awesome this place is. From the food to the pastries it's all good, can never decide on what to order cause I want it all! And the staff are amazing, willing to answer any old silly question whether your new to Cuban food or not.

Rick Piz

Good food and pastries...will definitely go back when I'm in town...

Heather Hagarr

I was almost in heaven when I went in there to order some sweets. They look amazing but they tasted horrible. Someone wrote that they tasted like funkiness and that is completely true. I can tell you what it is- it’s from the freezer or refrigerator. There are other odors that are getting in the desserts that are making them taste bad. I know they have potential. Whoever the baker is really needs to figure this out. Use baking soda in the freezer and refrigerator and throw out old desserts!

Ian Firth

Best espresso and sandwiches in town.

Melissa Mendez

Best Cuban pastries in Denver. I promise.

juan ramirez

Really good food , good price end sweet pan!

Wendy Akers

Best Cuban food in Denver an amazing pastries

Trisha Buskey

I love to this place, always crowded and but for all the right reasons. The desserts are delicious, along with the large plates of food! It’s worth it to eat here! I wish they could get a better system to pay quicker or easier. I just know the staff have a problem checking out more then one person.

Joann Johnson

This was by far the best ribs I have ever had in Colorado. Nothing at this place disappoints. From the amazing prices to the large amount of food that you get and to top it off... the most delicious thing you have tasted. This place by far exceeds 5 stars. I will definitely be coming back!

Anibal Martinez

Recently renovated. Comfortable and great food. We are lucky to have such an authentic restaurant and bakery.

elmar montenegro

The best cuban fud in denver

Chris Live

Place has great food and clean facilities. Definitely my new place to eat.

Dwayne Carrington

Great food! The deserts...heavenly!!

Loreen Rogers

Loved Cuba Bakery. Prices were good & food is excellent. Next time we r in Denver this will be one of our stops


I love the Cuban sandwich here. Also flan was delish. Not to mention they serve my favorite (and kinda hard to find) drink, cola champagne.

Travis C

Fantastic coffee and pastries. Love the coffee and ham croquettes.

Hubert Murias

Take it from a Cuban.... This is legit and as good as it gets. The pastries, the food, the experience, the variety, it's on point. I was very disappointed by several others in Denver (except for Frijoles Colorado) claiming to be Cuban restaurants. Glad to have found this gem on this side of town.

Drew Tobler

Great authentic Cuban food with some amazing pastries! The prices are really reasonable, definitely recommend.


BOMB! and prices are good

Honey Batesole

It's a little piece of home so far away. They are always friendly and helpful. It's hard not to buy one of everything because it's all delicious!

Tony Barrera

In a pretty secluded corner of a shopping center stand a place with booming culture and cuisine inside!Yes! A taste of Miami, here in Colorado!!This Cuban cafe & bakery will always have a place in my heart as a taste in my palate. The music playing as you enjoy your cup of coffee and delicious sandwich will want you to just dance!!I love you Cuba bakery

Rickey Payne

This place was absolutely awesome. Even though we arrive 10 minutes before close they still made sure my entire family sat down and didn't rush to eat finished every single bite that we had on our plate. While I was sitting and eating I noticed the baker giving away free treats to kids that were in line which was awesome because they were super excited to get sweets from a different country they never tried before.

David Kaufman

Insanely great food, and a lot of it! You WILL be taking a plate home with how much they feed you. More than 5 stars!

Ivette Irizary

The empanadas are amazing!

M Okamoto

Order the chicken empanada for an amazing taste experience!!

Rick Bojeck

Awesome hidden little cafe. Cubian sandwich is the best I've ever had. Must try. Highly recommend.

Michael Harper

Ate here two days in a row, and it was great both times. You better bring an appetite though as you get a LOT of food!

Angela Borges

Very good!! My husband is Cuban from Florida and this took him back. It was so good we made sure our return trip home we passed by to eat there again.

Ivan Ruesta

Absolutely delicious food.

gerry furukawa

The desserts are amazing but then so are the main entrées!

Danniel De Jesus

Absolutely love this place. Highly reccomend, especially to others that are Cuban descent. I feel like I walk into a Miami/New Jersey Cuban spot.

James Vance

Man this place has delicious Cuban food. Unfortunately I didn't get to try the Cuban sandwich this time because they were making more bread. I'll definitely be coming back to try it though.

Dee David

I have been patronizing and dining at Cuba Bakery & Cafe in well over 5 years, as a matter of fact, since they opened for business. Anyway, the most important part of this review is that they provide and serve great delicious authentic Cuban food that is tasty, well seasoned, that consist of varieties of mouth watering choices. I suggest and recommend this Cuban restaurant to anyone that enjoys good food. Also, varieties of Pastries, Cakes, Cookies, Expresso Cafe, etc. are available at this popular eatery. The Servers and attendants are very friendly and courteous. Have fun and enjoy great food.

Britany Hoppes

This is one of our favorite spots. The staff is friendly and the decor is amazing. Large beautiful pictures of Cuba display love for the country. The food is amazing and well priced. Highly recommend to anyone.

Tristan Robertson

When I visit Florida one of the main things I look forward to is the abundance of amazing Cuban food. Now that I know about Cuba Bakery & Café I no longer have to wait to go on vacation for this. Their Cuban sandwich is on par with anything I’ve found in Florida and they have a great assortment of pastries and other baked goods. The service is super friendly as well.

Eugene Renn

It is a hidden gem where you can try authentic Cuban style food. Sandwiches are very tasty, deserts look great too. The ladies at the counter are super friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend visiting!

Mona Robertson

Great food. Wonderful service.

Angie F

This place is absolutely phenomenal! Best Cuban sandwich I've had in my life. The bakery is amazing too!

Istar D

This places bring me back home!!!! After many years out of my island this is the closest I am from the culture and food!!!! Soooo good highly recommended and the staff super nice, humble and polite... definitely bringing business here no doubt! BTW the Cubano Sadwich BOOM!

Alexandra Holman

The pastries and sweets are real good when they are fresh. But I think they keep them on display too many days even when it's not fresh and then it just doesn't taste good. Their lunch and dinner plates, the ones I have tasted, are really good.

Martha Latch

Good coffee. Nice bakery. Large hot food bar.

Nicholas Bunch

Amazing! You HAVE to get a Cuban sandwich and a dessert while you're here. You wont regret it!

Shaun Panton

Good authentic Cuban food. The staff is also very nice. 100% recommend.

David Quiram

Authenticity never tasted so good. Every bite is infused with flavor and spice that will satisfy your soul.

Adam King

Great sandwich. Deserts looked too beautiful to eat.

Natasha Raine

I moved to Denver from Florida a couple years ago and this is the one place that takes me back home. All their food is made with love and the customer service is amazing. This is the most authentic Cuban spot in the Denver area. I highly recommend everything but the quesitos and potato balls are my favorite.

Delia Rivera

Awesome service great food

Tay Osorio

I'm from Miami my mother is Cuban and father is Chilean. It was hard to find good authentic Cuban food out here until I found this place. Amazing people who love to help and great home cooked meals. I love it every time I go in there.

Coco Brown

Excellent food! Excellent people!Excellent prices! So happy love it!!!!

John Donohoe

Very tasty from sandwiches, to ox tail, to delicious bakery items yummy

Eugene Negron

Loved it! Great caribbean food!

Mark Stazzone

The food here is always fresh, tasty and great. The people are always friendly. I no longer live in the area, but I try to visit when ever I am nearby, even if that is just a cortada and pastry.

Athena Evans

I love this place! The closest food to my abuela's food and hometown food in Miami. Cortaditos, pastries, Cuban sandwiches, and other foods are soooooo good. My kids also love this place.

Jose Freixas

This is the best Cuban bakery I have ever visited. Fresh pastry, awesome service and delicious tamales. Will be coming here every week.

Dani Smith

Amazing food, friendly staff, and well priced

Amberlynd Gottschalk

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this place. The bread is so fresh. The empanadas are the best. I could eat here everyday.

trejon reddick

Very nice ppl. Great service. Really good food.

Dixon Allen

Delicious food at a very reasonable price. I like the Havana Sandwich and roast pork. It's a small place very casual

Victor Rodriguez

Nice clean place good food always and nice people attendees gracias muuy sabroso

Marlon Parker Sr.

J Jones

Great food and big portions

Jerry Tamayo

The food was delicious, I am planning to take my son's family there for his birthday dinner

Che Goldie

What a wonderful addition to the Aurora food scene this place is. The coffee is amazing. I also got a selection of pastries and empanadas. They were some of the best baked goods I have ever had. If you live in the Denver metro area and like bakeries or cafes, you need to try this place.

Tom Johnson, Realtor

Love the food here!!! Awesome coffee to.

Felix Vaughn

Nice service great food

Michael Holstine

I come in for a sandwich and leave with chichirones, pastries, cheese bread, flank steak, and a sandwich, Because it's all so tasty.

Lygale Ivery

Ladies were very nice & the food was amazing & mouth watering

Gregg Harper

Pastries and food sooo good

Misty Elliott

This bakery is a hidden gem in the shopping center on the corner of Chambers and Mississippi where King Soopers is! We have been exploring more of the neighborhood we live in. We typically venture to Havana or Denver for some good eats but discovering so many places walking distance to the house.

Jason Hill

This place is a hidden gem! I absolutely love the Cuban sandwich and espresso here. Friendly staff and unbeatable prices. Would highly recommend visiting.

Luis Pagan

Great food, great service A++

Jeff Schumacher

Great food, huge portion! Well worth my money. Thank you.

David Young

Ridiculously good, I can never remember the name of the dishes I always get but it's killer. The staff is super friendly and my Cuban friend that I took there said that this is the real deal. A must go to!!!

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